Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 9
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WITH moo »'« beginning by showers ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 28, 1934 VOTE I THE BOARD ft tes to County nvention Here [Given Out. ,,d of supervisors has , W anvasslng the returns frecent primary election, 1 5 rf. prectact.com- commltteewomen, and ' the county conven- oim this week Satur- l noff available, •following list, prepared be- I Icial canvass, the figure the party name reprc- |,umber of votes cast and "after the word "dele- Blndlcates the authorized |o! precinct delegates:, Algona. First Ward. ats (35) — Committee, L. Neva Mason; delegates I Ceo. St. John, Charles I. E. McDonald, L. E. Lin- j,'j, McMurray. m (174)—Committee, G. »e; tie, Mary K. Sands, 'j. Larson; delegates, G. W. . Fred Anderson, Don [in, B. P. Grose, H. E. Bart- Second Ward. ,ns (238) — Committee, el, Luella Baker, Marie ; delegates (8), C. R. Lai D. Sheehan, Sara Geigel, fabeger, Luella Baker, W. , Bert Deal, R. P. Norton. rats (95)—Committee, L. A. Jllzabeth Holmes; dele i, L, A. Winkel, Elizabeth M Hammil, J. M. Moore, •er, tie between E. J. s. R. E. Kain. Third Ward. Items (156) — Committee, Irom and H. B. White, Mrs. owe; delegates (5), H. A. rs. Alma Nelson, Arthur I Eric Nelson, Robert Lels- rats (95)—Committee, Osian,Mrs. J. J. Dooley; deli), Oscar-Norman, Archie ?. J. Kohlhaas, Thos. Kaln, ftoy, Ed Goetsch. Fourth Ward. (130)—Committee, G. Coming for the Fourth '"pHESE ARE THE four Mountfor d Sisters, who will give a program •*• on the free attraction platform at the fairgrounds next week Wednesday. They are rated as the best in their profession. D. Shumway, Helen Dickinson; delegates (5), Pauline Worster, R. J. Harrington, Leighton Misbach, Mrs. E. C. Dickinson, M. P. Weaver. Hurt. Republicans (245)—Justice Wm. Davison, M. M. Chipman; constable, W. H. Steward, Henry Ewoldt; trustees, K. G. Ewold, G. C. Hanna, Wm. Koestler; clerk E. R. Woltz; assessor, R. F. Hawcott; committee, C. W. Patterson, Ella MacArthur; delegates (5), G. J. F. Vogel, Tom Trainer, G. C. Gray, M. L. Vinaas, G. W. Patterson. Democrats (55)—Justice, W. J. Davison; constable, C. H. Schrader; trustees, Matt Kramer, G. W. Bleich, Wm. Koetlat; clerk E. R. Woltz; assessor, R. F. Hawcott; committee—J. G. McDonald, Mary Smith; delegates (3)—K. J. Smith, Jennie Thompson, Le Roy Boettcher. Buffalo. Republican (172)—Justice, C. E. Thomas; constable, Clarence Cooper; trustee, Chris Brandt, W. A. Schram; clerk, E. P. Hanson; assessor, Ray E. Hansen; committee, W. F. Hamstreet, Mayme L. Petersen; delegates (5), Chris Brandt, Ray Bonacker, Mrs. H. A. French, Mrs. Lee 0. Wolfe. .^Democrats (95)—Justice, C. E. Thomas; constable, J. W. Swanson; trustees, Laurence Doege, Fred Boyken; assessor, Elmer Peterson; committee — Nathaniel Walsh, Clara Bruns; delegates (4), Nathaniel Walsh, Leonard Callies, Mrs. Clara Bruns, C. E. Brown. Cresco. Republicans (G8) — Trustees, Harry Sabin, Geo. Brown; clerk, M. N. Phillips; assessor, Eleanor Potter; committee, Alice Ditsworth, T. E. Harr; delegates (3)—George Hackman, Fred Parks, Gilbert Har- greavcs. Democrats (33) — Justice, Ben Dwenger; constable, Nick Wagoner; assessor, Charles Lindhorst; committee—L. A. Matern, Laura Dwenger; delegates (2), Joe Elberts. Eagle. Republican (85)—Justice, Emil O'Green, M. L. Johnson; constable, Jay Brones, Sam Larson; trustees, L. Thoreson, Paul Cody; clerk, 0. H. Linde; assessor, O. W. Berggren; committee, Robert Pehrson, Jennie Berggren; delegates (2), M. L. Johnson, J. P. Peterson. Democrats (10). East Lone Rock. Republicans (59) — Constable, Henry Ewoldt, Walter Steward; trustees, W. G. Ewoldt, Will Koestler; clerk, A. H. Hanna; assessor, R. F. Hawcott; committee, Harold and Mrs. Harold Jones, Vera Roderick. Democrats (15)—Committeeman, Ralph Thompson, Julia Thompson. Fenton. Republicans (169)—Justice, Ja- cob Hcnol, Paul McFall; trustee, P. M. ; clerk, n. H. Dreyer; assessor, Fred C. Wegener; coral mlttee, Phillip, Mrs. Chas. Newell- delegates (3), Philip Wander, E. J Frank, B. C. Weisbrod. Democratc (31)-Committee, J. . Newell, Mrs. J. A. Schwartz; delegates (3), j. A. Schwartz, J. F. Newell, Glen Sharp. Greenwood. Republican (126) — Justice, C. Behrmann, Jake Wolf; constables, Jake Kellar, H. w. Nagle, Chas. Stouer; trustee, Geo. W. Nyman; clerk, L. J. Rockier; committee^ man, Alt Pearson; committeewom- ?,; ^ s - Gco - Car 'noan; delegates (A), Uias. P. Hanson, Ed Freder- ickaon; tie for third, Chas Kollasch, Leo Dolperdang, Geo. Nyman, Mrs. Jos. Jenks. Democrats (298)—Justice, Joe '-ogley, J. H. Sheridan; constable, Jake Keller, Tim Lattimer; trustee, A. A. Fangman, J. F. Coyne; clerk, L. .1. Kockler; assessor, Clarence Vaske; committeeman, J. H. Sheridan; committeewoman, Mrs. J. Fuchs; delegates (9), Mrs. F. Bradley, Leo Saunders, W. A Murray, Mrs. H. J. Guide, J. P. Mouse!, A. H. Fuchs, Mrs. J. H. Sheridan, F. X. Wilhelmi, Leo Delperdang. Grant. Republicans (63)—Justice, Christophel, Hall; Constable, Ramsey, Pederson; trustees, Ely Anderson; clerk; Colwell; assessor, W. L. Reynolds; committeeman, L. Ley- nolds; committeewoman, Eunice Newton; delegates (2), W, C. [Briggs, L. Reynolds. Democrats (20)—Justice, L. Reynolds; constable F. M. Jacobs; trustees, Engstrom, Newton; clerk, Colwell; assessor, Richard Anderson; committeeman and committeewoman, Kollasch, Eldora Anderson; delegates (2), Kollasch, Colwell. Garfield. Republican (36)—Trustees, Oscar Movick, H. Henricksen; clerk, John Coyle; assessor, Ed Edwards; committee, Peter Holt; delegates (2), Merle Holt, W. D. Kucker. Democrats (27)—Justices, Joe Schaller, Andrew Reding, Art Zinnel; constable, John Faber; trustees, Joe Lallier, R. B. Berninghaus; clerk, Mike Wagner; assessor, Henry Klepper; committee, J. P. Kisch, Regina Schaller; delegates (4), Matt Schaller, Mike Klepper, Joe Schaller, Andrew Reding. German. Republican (43) — Trustee, H. Dreesman; clerk, Fred Schmidt; assessor, Herman Ubben; committee, Mrs. H. F. Mayland. Democrats (15) — Trustee, R. Krause; clerk, John Boeckelman; assessor, John A. Slope; committee, Prank Milligan; delegates (2), John Sloper, Frank Milligan. Harrison. Republicans (373)—Justice, J. L. Vaux, Wm. Blomster; constable, Wm. Blomster, Paul Larson; trustees, Ole Kvamsdale, David Anderson; clerk, David Anderson; assessor, Dell Barslou; committee, J. M. Dye, Grace Eckholm; delegates (6), J. M. Dye, A. J. Christensen, K. Pearson, S. P. Eckholm, Henry Myhr, T. C. Dahl. Democrats (S3)—Justice, J. 0. Seylar, 0. W. Blomster; constable, Paul Larson, L. A. Haglund; trustees, Geo. Butterfleld, Joe Rahe; clerk, J. j. Anderson; assessor, Harold Carr; committee, D. \V. Fults, Ida E. Larson; delegates (5) —J. 0. Seylar, L. A. Haglund, Wm. Bovis, J. J. Anderson, A. H. Hundeby. Hebron. Republicans (83) — Trustees, H. A. Larson, L. W. Erich; clerk, Wm. Frankl; assessor, Oscar Frandle; committee, Wm. Franke, Chrisene Anderson; delegates (2), Gust Un- dehake, R. C. Baum, Manard Sohn, Oscar Frandle, Helma Wicks, Lola Elchorn. Democrats (10)—Justice, Marvin Thompson, Thos. Berg, Ward Richardson; constable Thos. Berg, Ward Richardson, Louis Wander; trustees, H. 0. Larson, Ernest Bush; clerks, Wm. Franke, H. 0. Lunning, Wm. Sohn; assessor, Maynard Sohn; delegates (2), Henry Madtzke, J, P. Larson. Iryington. Republicans (34) — Clerk, Carl Hutchins; assessor, Mrs. A. L. Benschoter, A. L. Greenfield, Leslie Jenkins; committee, Hugh Raney, Leota Geigel; delegates, Fred Geigel, Hugh Raney. Democrats (7)—Committee, M. L. Roney, Marguerite Schuffham; delegates (2), Robt. D. Skilling. Ledyard. Republicans (159)—Justice, O. Marquis, A. T. Schultz; constable, Max Nitz; trustee, Geo, Moulton, Aug. Gutknecht; clerk, Geo. Hagge; committee, D. A. Carpenter, Mrs. Ed Halverson; delegates, L. J. Worden, Geo. Moulton, D. A. Carpenter. Democrats (28)—Justice, J. J. McDonald, F. W. Beemer; constable, A. M. Lester; trustee, W. B. Leslie; clerk, 0. S.Nelson; committee—J. H. Mousel, Mrs. W. Flynn; delegates (2), J. J. McDonald, W. Garry. Lu Verne. Republicans (100)—Justice, Consuelo Hana; constable, Grover Rentz, Arnold Saunders; trustees, F. Chambers, A. A. Schipull; clerk, Ed Chambers; committee, W. Scott Hanna, Consuelo Hanna; delegates (4), Frank Chambers, Harry Chambers, H. C. Allen, A. A. Schipull. Democrats (23)—Committee, F. I. Chapman, Lulu Lichty, Anna Murray; delegates (3), J. L. Lichty, C. Hanna, Dr. Williams, C. H. Lichty, Frank Chambers, Wm. Ramus, I. Chapman. Lincoln. Republicans (48) — Constable, Henry Zingg; trustees, B. F. Edwards, Paul Hertzke; clerk, Bert Coder; assessor, W. H. Patterson; committee, B. F. Edwards, Mrs. Harriett Warburton; delegates (2), B. F. Edwards, W. H. Patterson. Democrats (43)—Trustees, Paul Hertzke, Henry Recker; clerk, Bert Coder; assessor, W. H. Patterson; committee—Aug. Melz, Mrs. Gust Koppen; delegates (2)—Bert Coder, J. A. Lee, Harm Dorenbush. Lnkotn. Republican (107) — Justice, 0. Marquis, C. R. Lewis; clerk, Oscar Nelson; assessor, L, H. Junkermeier; delegates (3), I. E, Wortman, W. E. Ley. Democrats (963—Justice, F. W. Beemer, J. J. McDonald; constable, A. M. Lester; trustee, W. B. Leslie; clerk, 0. S. Nelson; assessor, John Hartshorn; committee, A. C. Schissel, Delia Smith; delegates (4), H. W. Roba, W. J. Leslie, Wm. Baum, M. B. Pringle. Lone Rock. Republican (80) — Justice, W. Cameron; constable, W. G. Flaig, Fred Schultz; trustees, P. M. Christensen, Alex Radig; clerk, H. H. Dreyer; assessor, Fred Wegener; committee, N. L. Cotton, Mrs. W. J. Cotton; delegates (2), J. M. Blanchard, E. M. Jensen. Democrat (32)—Delegates (2), Arthur Priebe, Glen Sharp. Letts Creek. Republican (52)—Justice, Walter Behnke; constable, W. H. Meyer; clerk, John Kohlwes; delegates (2), Noah Reisner. Democrats—Trustees, C. W. Elbert, Peter Elbert; assessor, Andrew Elbert; delegates (4), Peter Elbert, Albert Potratz, Theo Pompe, C. W. Elbert. Prairie. Republican (19) — Justice, Al Rosenmeyer; .trustee, Geo. Gink; assessor,"J. W. Ludwig; committee, Alt Studer, Mary Daly; delegates (2), Al Rosenmeyer, H. E. Rockwood. Democrats (139)—Justice, Wm. Eich; trustee, Isadore Mayer; clerk, G. B. Ludwig; committee, Dan Froehlich, L. Arndorfer; delegates (6), Phil Immerfall, John Arndorfer, F. Grandgenett, E. J. Rahm, G. B. Ludwig, Dan Froehlich Plnm Creek. Republican (58) — Justice, Ed Hopkins; constable, L. Gardner; lean (67)—Trustee, John W. H. Schwietert, E. B. trustees] A. Jergenson, H. Bailey; clerk, Wi Klamp; assessor, H. Benschoter; committee, G. Miller, May Fitzgerad; delegates (3), G. Miller, J. kain. Democrats (37)—Assessor, H. L. McEnrod; committee, J, E. McEnroe; delegates (3), J. E. McEnroe, H. J. Bode, C. Scuffham. Portland. Repub Koestler, DittmeH assessor, Roy Mann; committee, Ray McWhorter, Emma Trunkhill; delegates (2), John KoestlerJ Henry Smith. Democrats (22)—Trustee, Ranney Bleibh; clerk, Waif Waltman- assessorJ.W. R. Stewart; delegates, F. A. Riiigsdorf, W. J. Stewart. I Ramsey. Repubicans (33) — Trustees, -aw. Droessler, John Farrow; clerk, Jihn Hellman; committee, Jos. Reoker, Mrs. C. C. Freearks; delegate; (2), John Hellman, Edw Droessler. Democrats (35)—Trustee, Geo. Gnese, j?. H. Mescher; assessor, Art Cteley; committee, Anton Stork, Mrs. N. B. Schiltz; delegates (4)—A. IB. Lappe, F. H. Mescher, Anton Stork, J. W. Schiltz. Riverdale. Republicans (18)—Clerk, Douglas Wildin; assessors, Douglas Wildin ;. committee, C. R. Schoby, Effie Runchey; delegates (2) — Wm Runchey, Emmagene Wildin Democrats (35)—Justice, James Tmley; trustee, John Frideres, J. H. Fraser; clerk, John Bormann • assessor:, Thos. Crahan; delegates (4)—Pe^er Kayser, John Frideres, John Bormann, Theo Hilbert. Swea. Republican (86)—Justice, Fred Walker, J. C. Johnson; constable, • — • — — --— MUU, \rfVJil«l,t*WiC, J. O. Johnson, Fred Walker; trustees, Mffrtin Molinder, Axel Erickson; clerk, O. J. Thorson; assessor, Leo Gudrdet; committee, J. E. Harner, Lilir Larson; delegates (2), J. B. Hylef, A. L. Swanson. Democrats (16) — Trustee, Joe Kennedh clerk, John Blume; assessor, jRichard Krumm; committee, Joje Kennedy, Mrs. Will Krumm; delegates'(2), M. J. Kennedy, Will Krumm. Seneca. Republicans (69)—Justice, Chris Nielsen constable, Thos. Nielson; trustee,) O. R. Jensen, I. F. Engesser; clerk, Milton Jensen; assessor, Chris Dahl; delegates (2) — O. R Jensen, L. C. Cast. Democrats (55)—Justice, R. E. Saunde ser; assessor, J. W. Bollig; delegates Klein, j (3)—Joe Crowley, Henry Paul G •s; constable, Leo Enges- T. Paulson. Springfield. Republicans (78)—Justice, Lars Loge, Chris Gelhaus; constable ilhaus, Joe Berhow, Frank Nitz; trustees, G. B. Risk, Louis Anderson; clerk, Fred E. DuttonJ assessor, L. H. Junkermeier; committee, Earl Haas, Opal Haas; deli egates, L. H. Junkermeier, B. F... Sharp. Democrats (10). Sherman. ' ' >' Republican (20)—Justice, B. J« Sankey; trustee, Sim Leigh, H. J< Kohlhaas; clerk, John Bormann;j assessor, E. C. Green; committee^. Sim Leigh, Helen Blumer, Dorothy Phillips; delegates (2), Dean Kohl-' hasa, A. F. Curran, Lillian Wadleigh, A. W. Steussy, Sim Leigh, Geo, Merkle. Democrats (25)—Delegates (3)* Sexton. Republicans (42) — Trustee^ Henry Eischeid, S. J. Devine; clerk,. Carl Hutchins; assessor, Leslla Jenkins, A. L. Greenfield, Mrs. A* L. Benschoter. Democrats (23) — Clerk, Henry. Eischeid; assessor, A. J. Seller* Union. Republican (67)—Trustees, J. 'A*. leed, A. R. Cruikshank; clerk, "Wt \. Bourne; committeeman, Harry. Ward; committeewoman, Marguer* te Gardner; delegates (3), A. K* Wood, A. R. Cruikshank, Marguerte Gardner. Democrats (22)—Trustees, PeEfll Erpelding; clerk, R. A. Harvey; assessor, Robert Loss; comitteeman, Harvey Reid; committeewoman, Vlary Gisch; delegates (3), Mamie Winkel, Earl Taylor, R. A. Harvey* Whittemore. Republicans (78)—Justice, Adam Liuchsinger, C. Seymour, Elmo Bar- Der; constable, • A. Luchstngerfl ;rustees, J. W. Simpson, Wm. Meyer; clerk, Bertha Ebert; commit* tee—Carl Ebert, Bertha Ebert; del- igates (3), Carl Ebert, F. J. Balgeman, W. P. Ringler. Democrats (160)—Justice, M. ft McDonnell; trustees, C. C. Baas. Fred Kollasch; clerk, Walter Vaudt; assessor, James Hogan^ committee; J. S. Cullen, Mrs. Elizabeth Higgins; delegates (8)— James Geelan, John- Cullen, Mra* Tim O'Brien, J. M. Fleming, Elli Rockford, Walter Vaudt, C. C* Baas, Fred Kollasch. Wesley. Republicans (123)—Justice, I. £* Gerdes; constable, Carl Johnson;! trustees, L. A. Boleneus;. clerk, Fred Diekmann; assessor, Theron Hanson; committee, Robt. Welter,, Mrs. Julius Kunz; delegates (4), Julius Kunz, Robert Welter, K* Fox, L. A. Boleneus. Democrats (98)—Justice, A. ML Lease, Chas. Froehlich; trustees, H. J. Sherman; clerk, A. B. Yam teicher; assessor, Henry Nelson;! committee, Henry Sherman, Hazel Gerdes; delegates (5), Anton Goeta^ Henry Kunz, Henry Sherman, A. M. Lease, Wm. Cosgrove. ^ our Wonderful Response to our Friend Making Sale Event dreds and hundreds of friends from Kossuth and adjoining r ou folks found here in Algona a store with a heart where you are as welcome as in your own home— £" ce8 ' JUST AS ADVERTISED. And while our quantities were ample for the season ordinarily, E AGAIN FILLED IN. has accomplished eve] counties for this New -you found a store filled with new YOU COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED TO THIS STORE IS YOUR CLOTHING AND SHOE SERVICE STATION Leading the way in NEW STYLES, QUALITY AND FAIR PRICES. Read every item. You'll know why we are so busy. THIS—To close out the balance of many lines, we quote these SHIRTS AND SHORTS YOU WHO COULD NOT GET HERE LAST WEEK low prices are still open. Come and get your share. KNi ything desired—"Hun- Clothing Store." desirable merchandise at fair, hon- A FEW LINES. THESE LINES THE ONE THING WE REGRET There were times when we could not handle the crowds with all our extra help. For this we apologize sincerely. CK--OUT PRICES .hiru and oru<AUwant - MEN'S UNION SUITS Men's and Young Mens' Suits $|A.45 — 52 Suits to Sell Quick — New 1934 models in pure worsted fabrics you will be proud to own. Made by Hart Schaffner & Marx and other high grade makers. These are year 'round weights in gray, blue, and brown patterns. Sizes 35 to 46. the y last, broken sizes men's blue chambray work »hirt$ 39C !| >»«ie "Jackie" Jumpers for boys 2 to 8 year*. No shrink, no fade - - 59c Sox, 35c quality, all new pastel patterns (4 pair for $1.00), a pair 2?C Just a few of a Store Full of Real Bargains EN'S DRESS' SHIRTS 69c New patterns and plain broadcloths. Sizes are 14 to 17. Men's Seersucker Pants They are cut full and well made and come in all sizes to 42. 98c Men's Blue Rivet Comboy Pants _,__>- 75c Genuine Rockford Sox ___„,_9c Men's Cotton Gloves, knit wrist . , 9c Genuine RED FOX Men's fiincy Dress Sox .j.—• IOWA: We Are Here! THE HUB CLOTHIER The only old style here is—Old Time Square Dealing All the Time LEUTHOLD-WILUAMS-REYNOLDS ALGONA, IQWA ||

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