Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 21, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 21, 1934
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ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 21, 1934 10 Pages Number 40 fe RATS IN ARE REAL SCOURGE cription of L i f [Given by Harold Quarton. Lovrien that country last Thurs- club. it even though pro- td use of words be in- Foreigners are expected " 50 and natives make no at„ to learn another language. i Sanitation Bis Problem. „ of the big problems of the T which is a primitive jun- many parts, is sanitation. Dittoes a year a big rat-klll- is staged In the. cl- NEWSPAPER AT SPENCER SAYS HE'S IN RACE Will Ask Nomination for the Seat Now Held by DeLand. One of Algonn's attorneys Is also being talked of favorably ns a candidate for judge, and may be in the field at the convention. Announcement in Spencer Reporter , but the rodents are too pro- i to be killed off entirely, and K are commonly seen. I, Quarton had the patio (inner •ard open to the sky) of the 1's home entirely screened llnst the rats and cricket-like which come out of the jungles i rainy season. Eats Bring Plague. Lls bring the Asiatic or bubonic ie which still breaks out at j' but is gradually being ight under a semblance of con,, Smallpox is common, and ugh quarantine is required by r many cases are not reported s disease becomes epidemic K"of the big reasons for lack •sanitation is the fact that the nent has not pursued a con- lent policy. With each change I the administration there are iges in the regulations. Crickets Are Pests. ! rainy, season starts in De- [aber, and is heralded by an in- i of millions of crickets which i In everywhere, efforts 'to i them out being almost use- Mr. Quarton's screened - in ilo was not a 100 per cent suc- •9. Mr. Quarton killed 96 crlck- \ la the patio the first day of the lal invasion after the patio was eened io, 'he first day is worst. The bugs [arm to lights, and in the streets rare killed by thousands and eup like snow. In former years >er boots were necessary for fvel on foot during an attack. iens on windows-become so cov- iwith the bugs that the light is |nt out. Do Not Live Long. fortunately the crickets do not last week's that former judge F. C. Lovrien is considering candidacy for the office indicates Five Miles of Paving South on 169 Planned This Year Paving on Qnarton. (Continued on page 10.) |o Allotment Yet, McDonald Reports ) allotment has yet been made f C, C, C. workers in Kossuth »«ty, and probably will not be I next week-end, W. E. McDon- . m charge of county CCC em- "~nt, reported yesterday. Men ive worked in CCC camps a |ar cannot enter again. Mr. Mea has received a number of a ions and will take as many W. Picking from the group let the county allotment. Assistant for Davern. 1 Rev. c. A. Ahman again that the 14th district judicial com en- tion at Emmetsburg Wednesday, July 11, may not be the customary cut and dried affair. The Reporter's story, which appeared under 'j a first page Jt streamer, f o 1lows: F. C. LOVRIEN Kossuth Support Claimed. Fred C. Lovrien, Spencer attorney and former district judge, will i>e a candidate for nomination to a judgeshtp at the republican convention of the 14th judicial district to be held about the middle of July. That is what those on the "inside" are saying. Lovrien, tjues- tioned this week, stated that he had been giving the matter deep consideration and had reached a decision, but did not care to make a formal statement on the subject before at least the end of the week. He stated that he had been visited by delegations from, Kossuth, Buena Vista, and Humboldt counties, and had been assured support of the delegates from those three counties should he decide to become a candidate. To Oppose DeLand. Two nominees will be selected at the convention to succeed Judges DeLand, Storm Lake, and George A. Heald, Spencer. It is expected that both DeLand and Heald will be candidates to succeed themselves. Lovrien's candidacy, should it develop, probably would be aimed against DeLand. In 1930 DeLand won nomination over Lovrien in the convention. Lovrien charges that DeLand was nominated by a vote-trading deal. . 1C!) south from Algona is practically as- Huied or approximately five milos, Supervisor W. E. McDonald sinn r Prlda y whcn he call = d at the state highway commission offices at Ames. Approximately $80,000 of new federal emergency relief funds will be allotted to Kossuth county for road-building purposes, it is expected. No. 16!) is already in almost complete condition for paving. Unly a little work preliminary to laying cement would have to be done. It costs approximately $20,000 to pave a mile of road, so ordinarily $80,000 would be only enough to pave four miles. However, the work already dona cuts the mileage to a point where five miles can be laid for $80,000. The new stretch will extend the paving from the present cut-off at the fairgrounds corner to a point a mile or so south of the intersection of No. 1C. 1 ) with the road cast to Irvitigton. When work will be started depends on conditions yet to be made known, but the federal grant has already been appropriated by congress. It is estimated that five or six weeks work will be supplied to Kossuth unemployed by this paving project. NEWSPAPER TEtLS HOW EX-IRVINGTON YOUTH WAS KILLED BAND CONCERT TONIGHT Frl- as assistant priest of parish. p at her Ah- home is at 3 at Sioux City Columbia college. Du- Lovrien was appointed judge six years ago by Governor Hammlll to fill out the unexpired term of Judge Coyle. Serving two years, Lovrien went into the convention and was defeated. May More to Algona. In case Lovrien is a candidate, and his friends declare he will be, and is nomlaated and elected, it Is probable he will move his residence to some county where there Is no judge. In all probability this would be Kossuth county, the largest county in the district and one which has not had a resident judge for years. Counties in the 14th judicial district are Kossuth, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Palo Alto, Emmet, Dickinson, Clay, and Buena Vista. Delegates to the judicial convention will be picked at the county conventions which will be held on June 30. The judlplal convention will be held about two weeks later, The Great Falls, Mont., Tribune- gives the following account of the recent accidental death of Herbert' C. Gerber son of Mr. aird Mrs. D. N. Gerber, well known south Koa 'SUth farmers: Herbert Chester Gerber, 20, an employe of tilve Kuglin dairy, was shot and instantly killed at about 12:30 Monday afternoon, June 4, clue to the accidental discharge of a 22 caliber rifle. Gerber was playing with Junior Kuglin, 10, when the accident occurred. Gerber had been employed at the Kuglin dairy, wiliich is located near iFloocl, seven miles southwest of Great Falls, for about two years. He was Showing the Kuglin boy how a bayonet was placed on a rifle when the accident occurred, according to authorities. As -he bent over the rifle, the gun was dicharged in some manner. The bullet struck Gerber near the heart and death was almost instantaneous. j Genber and the boy were in the kitchen of the house when the accident happened. Sheriff E. L. Shields and Dr. B. A. Place, county coroner, were immediately notified and conducted an investigation. At ian inquest Iheld Monday evening, a coroner's jury found Gerber "died as the result of a gunsih'ot wound in the (heart from a 22 caliber rifle, held in his own hand." Gerber has no relatives faere. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Gerber, reside at 'Irvdngton, la. The 'body was shipped home and funeral services took place a week The Algona Military band's program tonight follows: March. Royal Scotch Highlanders March The Booster Overture Trumpeter of the Fort Popular number. Fantastic O'Belle Nuit TRAMP STEALS | GENE WRAY'S WRISTWATCH Evidence Hidden and No Arrest.—Tramps Numerous Here. Eugene "Wray Jr., who works for his father at. the Wray oil station on north Jones, let a tramp shave in the toilet at the oil station Tuesday morning ,and the fellow walked off with Eugene's wrist watch, which had been left on the window sill when he washed his | hands earlier in the morning. I Marshal Green and Constable Mewville visited the hobo jungle at the junction of the Northwestern and Milwaukee tracks at noon and found the tramp, but failed to find the watch in a search. The tramp denied taking it, but It was missed after he had left, and no one else had been at the station. Tramps Numerous Again. The tramp, hobo, and bum situation here has become increasingly hard to deal with by local officers. ate for Judae m mm BY uiv ivr juuyv mmm GIRL PITCHER COMING SUNDAY March Cyrus the Great Selection Zampa Popular number. Selection . .Songs of the Old Folks March Hour of Victory LIQUOR STORE MANAGER STILL NOHPPOINTED Nothing new has developed in connection with the Algona state liquor store, and the opening now believed delayed at.least is till July 1. Fixtures scheduled to arrive last week did not show up, but were expected yesterday from Charles City. Nothing definite has been learned concerning manager. Several Algona names have been connected with' the appointment, but no official announcement has been made. It was reported yesterday that Jos, Bestenlehner had been appointed, but he said late in the afternoon that he had not even been approached. It is understood that the personnel of the store will be kept secret till announced by the commission at Des Moines. So far at the five stores openee in the state there has been no rush for permits. In Des Moines only 500 were issued during the firsi three days the store was open There is a similar lack of interesi at Mason City, though sales are being made in quantities, which sug- The number of knights of the road stopping off is increasing, and their attitude is belligerent. The influx of "kid" hoboes who flooded the country last year and the year before has receded, and the gang on the road now is much tougher. A hobo gang with a truck attempted to enter the Algona creamery Monday night, but failed, and the .same night an attempt was made'to enter the library. The men are after "chicken feed" change left in cash drawers. One night ast week the creamery was broken nto and 36 pennies in the till were aken. Officers Kept on Tump. Marshal Green and Nightmarshal Van Alstyne have of late been •cept busy in the small hours of the morning, rounding up tramps who oiter in downtown or residential districts and keeping them on the move till they go to their resort at he tracks viaduct. " . • .. , . ins iliauc lu iiuauiiiic>t3, wjut*ii au ago Friday at the Apostolic church ta poollng among purchasers, nortfawest of West Bend. ' County Has Safety Cave for Dynamite Used for Blasting A dynamite cave has been built near the county sheds across road from the fair grounds ALGONA Markets ' Pounds Pounds HOGS $2.80 CATTLE Uowis " --"=••» ,-$1.00-$2.00 ilp»i,,.~ $2.00 to $3.00 $3.00 to $4.00 , .„„ $2.50 to' $3'.50 m ;. " $3.oo to $4.00 Judges elected this office January 1. 4- fall will take the in which to keep explosives where they will be in a protected place. Heretofore such supplies have been kept in a shed. Caps, which are the primary explosive agent and are extremely "touchy," are being kept in a separate place. Dynamite alone, when it is not tampered with, and if there are no caps, is comparatively safe, for it needs the detonating shock of a cap to set it off. The caps are powerful. A last week's daily paper reported a boy - - - Election Bills Allowed. Bills in connection with the primary election were allowed by tlje hoard of supervisors last week Monday and appear in board proceedings published elsewhere today's Advance. print the ballots. It cost |831 M, J, RYERSON, BURT, PARALYZED IN FALL almost played disemboweled when with one which went off. The county uses a large amount of dynamite at times, and the average stock on hand is a ton. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Johnson are parents of a girl, born last Thursday. oats . corn . " EGGS 50c 35c 13c 9c 23c ««s over ' < ">s. an Ibs -9c ! OV( * 13c 6c 99 Burt, June 20—M. J. met with a serious accident wnue | he was helping reshingle the house of his soa F. L. Ryerson, n° rtl j l 9 l: town, Saturday afternoon. rne scaffolding on-whlch he was stand- Ing gave way, and he fell to me ground, a distance of about 12 feet. At first Mr. Ryerson did not seem badly hurt, and walked to tne car, but when he reached home his right side was paralyzed, and he has not been able to move or talK since. .. , The doctor is of the opinion that Mr, Ryerson may have had a stroke before he fell, and that the weight of his fall may have caused the scaffolding to give way. J. G- Bewick, who was on the scaffoiu- ing with him, caught hold of an eavespout and held on till a ladder could be got to Wm. It was thought there was a slignt improvement in Mr. Ryerson's con- dltioo Monday. He Is 78, but has been active and has had the pearance of a Trauger Office is 5th in the State The local National Reemployment office won fifth place among 15 district offices in the state during the month of May for number of job placements. H. C. Pfund, state reemployment director, was an Algona visitor with G. E. Brockway state field supervisor, last Thursday and Friday, and released the news. With T. A. Trauger, local office manager, they inspected offices at Storm Lake, Spirit Lake, and Spencer. Algona would have had a still better rank, Mr. Pfund said, if it were not located in a rural district where placements are fewer than in manufacturing districts. Doctor Andrews Honored. Dr W D. Andrews has been appointed hospital committee chairman for the Iowa Society of Osteo- pathlc Physicians and Surgeons. The appointment was made by the president of the society. Beer Permit Granted- At a session of the board of supervisors last week Monday a beer FORMER BURT FARMER UNION SPEAKER HERE Paul Jamison, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Jamison, Algona, and Bert Godfredson, both of Austin, Minn., spoke briefly Sunday at a general meeting of the Independent Union of All Workers at the grandstand at the fairgrounds, to which place the meeting was adjourned because of the rain. A heavy rain Sunday morning and part of the afternoon prevented many men from attending. Plans are In progress for another meeting. The Union president and the president of the Moore county, Minn., local came with Messrs. Jamison and Godfredson. Members of the union here are now wearing a celluloid button with maroon background on which is a globe and the name of the union, Talks at the meeting dealt with organization of the local group, the value of such organization, and the Mr. Jamison once farmed near Burt. Men Are Ugly. The tramps, usually ugly, are mostly professional bums, the bulk of them between 35 and 40. They, are not the harmless, philosophical variety pictured occasionally in magazines or on the screen. A few are older, and occasionally an old man is seen. There are youngsters on the road, but they rarely come through this section of the country till the wheat harvest season clos"- es in the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Kansas. The younger tramps -are often willing to work. The daily papers have reported girl and women bums, but they keep to main transcontinental railroad lines and are rarely seen in this part of the country. 65 Blue Eagles on Display Here, Boy Scouts Find A survey of business institutions in Algona was made .Friday by boy scouts under direction of P. A. Danson for the local NRA compliance board of which T. H. Chrischilles is chairman. The scouts found 65 NRA IS PATSY, LEE, girl pitcher, who will start pitching the game here Sunday for the Mason City Coco Cola Cubs in their game with the local aggregation. She may also head the batting order. She is 20 years old, weighs 105 Ibs., bats and throws right handed, and coaches at first base. Hobo Duncan, who played with the local team some years ago, is team manager. Big Red Corrlck, formerly with the Cleveland Indians, is catcher, and Little Johnny Jones is at third. Arnie Meumline, pitcher who tried'out for the Des Moines Western League, is with the team. He pitched the last half of last season with Rock Island. This team was scheduled for a game last Sunday, but rain prevented the game, and it was rescheduled for this Sunday. 20 ENTERTAINERS COMING HERE TO 6IVE4TH PROGRAM Cupid is Kept On Job; Seven Permits Marriage licenses have been Issued by District Court Clerk E. J. McEvoy as follows: Paul Lester Errington, Ames, Carolyn Grace Storm, Minneapolis; Edwin Greinert, Lydla Meyer, both of Whittemore; J. H. Angle, Hudson, S. D., Decea McCormick, Beresford, S. D.; Mr. Melvin G. Bourne, Opal Morrison, both Algona; Glen Culbertson, Algona, Mary Ellen Marlow, Lone Rock; Lloyd Hutchison, Lone Rock, Emma Meyer, Fenton; George H. Leary, Cylinder, Eunice Strid, of Wells, Minn. Wesleyan in Jail. Lester Beard, Wesley, was given a 15-day sentence in jail by Justice White Monday on the charge of writing a bad check for $5.50 given to Edw. Juchem May 7 and cashed at the Benton filling station, Wesley. blue eagles on display, 25 .places wthich had toad the insignia but had discarded it because of fading color, or because it had become soiled, and ten which bad no blue eagle. The blue eagle given under the president's reemployment agreement, or "blanket code," is now outdated for practically all business, because "code" eagles arel now to be displayed. These can be •obtained by request to the codes authority in each industry. * June's Rain Quota is Now Exceeded Rainfall totaling .43 inches Sunday and .35 inches Wednesday morning brought the total for this month to 4.54 inches, or just over normal for June. With ten days more this month, the weather man seems to be making up for lost time last spring. Temperatures have for the most part been below 85 except on Tuesday, when the mercury rose to 93 in the afternoon. The temperature record follows: June 13 83 50 June 14 (.43 in. r. f.)—80 50 June 15 : 77 64 June 16 80 * 52 June 17 (.43 In. r. f.)__75 63 June 18 85 53 June 19 „. 83 61 Blind Boy Stakes Mats. Frank, son of Mr. and Mrs. With 20 professional entertainers coming for eight big acts, the Fourth of July celebration at the fair grounds at Algona this 'year will be the biggest in history, according to Earl Vincent, county fair secretary. The attractions will include Bert Clinton's bar comedy acts, the Six De Cardos In two acrobatic programs, Billy Reed & Co. In Japanese balancing'acts, the Three Ris- gas in comedy acrobatics, the Four La Verns in contortionist tumbling, and the Four Mountford Sisters in a musical program. In addition there will be horse races, a Model T Ford race, a mule race, and a Shetland pony race. Two baseball games booked are St. Joe vs. Titonka and Bancroft vs. Algona. The fireworks program will be something extraordinary, Mr. Vincent says. It will be given by the famous Thearle-Duffleld Co., Chicago, fireworks managers of the World's fair last year and again this year. The midway will be larger than ever. Four riding attractions have been booked, and the ever popular corn games and other tent shows have already been assured. Attractions are springing up in droves now that the depression has lifted, and there will be crowded midways for both the Fourth and the fair this season. Bedell Convicted of Juror Bribery in Federal Court The case in federal court at Des Moines wherein W. B % Bedell, Spirit Lake' lawyer, former Irvington boy, .was. accused by grand jury indictment of complicity in bribing FOR 9 MILES Donald, 25, son of Mr. and Mr3< M. C. Weir, Whittemore, was in.* stantly killed Sunday evening; when he fell from a truck driven by Harlan Fish, also Whittemore*, Lee Howell, Kansas City, was also}: riding with Fish. Fish and Howell were held by;' Emmetsburg authorities till the ac-* cident could be investigated, bufe were released Tuesday morning^ and no charges were filed against them. Coroner Woodbridge, Em-* metsburg, held an inquest, and a, verdict of accidental death was re-* turned Tuesday by a coroner's, jury. Death Probably Instant. The three young men were ent route to a dance at Electric Parlt» ; on Lost Island lake, near Ruthven. Fish and Howell were in the cab on the truck, and Weir rode on thai platform behind the cab. The youth must have rolled front he truck, for his head was frac-- ured, which caused instant death. !t is believed that he fell on his lead from the rapidly moving; ruck. Fish and Howell did not misa Weir till they had passed Emmeta- )urg. When they discovered that; was gone, they turned around and drove back over the route several miles. Then they figured that tie had fallen off, but had picked, up a ride and would show up later, so they continued to the dance. Weir's body was discovered by a* passing motorist, and Sheriff Bert Montgomery, Emmetsburg, and. Coroner Woodbridge, were called. It was at first believed that Weir* had been the victim of a hit-and- run driver. On investigation the youth's name was found, and it was discovered that he started for the dance with the other two mem. Companions Are Held. Fish and Howell were then taken, into custody by Sheriff Montgomery at the dance, where they freely- admitted that Weir had started out with them, but denied that they knew of his death, though they knew he was missing and must have fallen from the truck. They said they had both talked with. Weir at times during the six mile ride before he fell out, but thai noise from the truck stopped conversation till they tried to attract his attention at Emmetsburg and found him missing. The holding of the two boys from. Sunday night till after the inquest was a matter of formality, and there were no charges against: them at any time. Funeral Held Yesterday. Funeral services for Weir were held yesterday morning at -th» Whittemore St. Michael's Catholic! church, and burial was made io. the Whittemore Catholic cemetery. He was single and is survived by his parents, six sisters, and at brother: Mrs. George Dhalke, Hanson; Mrs. J. Williford, Decaturj Mrs. Chauncey Dailey, Bellevuej Mrs. William Littleton, Carroll. Neb.; Mrs. L. Brenden, Whltlngp and Patricia and Thomas, at home*. Pallbearers were Harold Roth* Edw. Cullen, Herman Kollasch. a juror was tried last week-end and he was convicted. Some months ago Bedell served as attorney in the same court for men charged with liquor violations, and it was claimed that the bribery took place then, a juror being paid some ?200 to hold out for a not guilty verdict. The jury was accordingly hung, but on retrial guilty verdicts were returned. What the penalty for Bedell will be had not been learned here up to yesterday. -He has been prominent state Legion circles and his wife as been a leader in the Auxiliary nd In politics. Pastor's Sister Married. The Rev. and Mrs. M. A. Sjos- rand went to S(. Peter, Minn., Fri- ay, and Mr. Sjostrand officiated at he wedding of his sister Mlllicent o a Harry Lee, Carlton, Minn., aturday noon. His sister had aught school at Carlton four rears, her subjects being English nd dramatics. The Sjostrands re- urned Saturday evening. Seneca. Young Colt Gives Milk. It Is reported that Peter Erpeld- Ing, St. Joe farmer, has a mare colt only two or three weeks old which has been giving milk ever since it was dropped. Frank Tietz Sr., who is a student at the state school for the blind at Vinton, is spending a summer vacation at the parental home and is making mats which he sells at reasonable price%. Bible School Program. A Presbyterian Bible school program will be given at the church tomorrow evening at 7:30. The at tendance of the public is Invited. Titonka P. O. Will Have New Quarters Titonka, June 20—Mr. and Mrs Charles Newvllle recently boughl .he Budlong building where the Jeck Rite-Way grocery and meal market is now located, and the postofflce will be moved there Mrs. Newville Is Titonka's new jostmistress. Mrs. Newvllle recent y resigned as secretary of the tel ephone company, and Tillie Falk has been hired. The postoffice i now in the corner brick building owned by the former. Newlj-weds Near Heaven I Good Hope, June 20—A wire re ceived by Mr. and Mrs. W. Bourne from their son, Dr. M. C Bourne, Algona, and his, bride, th •former Opal Sarcihet Morrison who are in the west on taeir hon eymoon, reads: "Top of (Pike (Peak. Everything tine. As beaven as we am get." WILDA BIN6AMAN IS JAILEDJOR ATTACH Wilda Bingaman was sentenced ) ten days In jail Monday by Mayor C. F. Specht on a charge of drunkenness and disturbing the peace. Bingaman, it is alleged, accosted Victor Hiserodt Sunday afternoon at the Cowan & Cowan shed on south Phillips street, across from the Northwestern freight station, and after an argument started to 3eat up Hiserodt. The latter ran into the Lichter yard, where, it was testified, Bingaman got him down and beat him. Two of the Lichter boys pulled Bingaman off and held him while Hiserodt started for his home on Bingaman into the south Minnesota, followed, chased but him house, and then pulled a hook on the screen door out in an attempt to enter the house. Sidney Spear, who lives near by, and Hiserodt quelled him, and neighbors called Marshal Green, who lodged him in jail. Raymond Neu, Le Roy Elbert, and, Hubert O'Brien. Donald was born November 20V 1907, at Whittemore. The elder Mr* Weir Is Whittemore's blacksmith, and Donald was operating a truck for a transfer company. Theo. Hutchison Speaker at State Bar Convention. . Many Algona attorneys were attending an Iowa State Bar •asi- BOciation convention at Waterlog today and tomorrow. On the ipro- gram is Theo. C. Hutchison, Algona; who speaks today on "The Parol Evidence Rule as Presented by- the American Law Institute's 1 Re- 'statement of the Law of Contract^ and Comparison with the Iowa- Cages." This will ibe the first afternoon event on the program. There will toe a banqut tonight* A feature of tomorrow morning"4 session will toe a debate on Resolved That the Agricultural Adjuafe- ment act and the National Industrial Recovery act illegally encroach upon the reserved power* of the several states. Grant Votes on School Addition* Grant township consolidated; school district voters are EoKdlnjf £ special election today to pass on a? proposal to bond the district for $15,000 to build a 46x82-ft. addition, to the school building, two stories high. The first floor would include a primary room, manual training; quarters, lockers, power plant, and; coal room; the second story, an. auditorium to seat 400 and a gymnasium. Much of the land In tha district is ownedjiy aon-restdent8> Eddie Seifert Hired. Eddie iSeifert. Algona's contrt- bution to the sawdust world, will appear with the iStanberry ishow. Fort Dodge, whidb will put on a>. June celebration at Cherokee tor morrow and Saturday. The 8tea~ berry concern toad charge of the* Santa Claus outfits' used (here ft% Christmas celebrations last year* land tine preceding year. Eddie* played with, tie same outfit f$ Mason City's recent May pl^y dajr,.

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