Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 14, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSSUTH COTJNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA SENEGEANS TO SERVICES FOR SO.JAKOTAN Seneca, Juno 13—Airs. Anna Osborn, son Earl, Mrs. Jennie Jonsen, son Vernon, the P. H. Jensens, Mr. and Mrs, J. H. Jensen, .son Teddy, Mrs. William Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, and Mrf. George Jensen attended the funeral hi.it week Tuesday of Aria, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hakenstad, Garretson, S. D. She was born January 8, 1922, iand died Saturday, June 2, following an illness of five weeks from a ruptured appendix which developed into peritonitis. She was taken to a hospital Tuesday preced- her death, where she was operated upon, and was recovering when death came from a blood clot. She was a granddaughter of Mrs. Hans Jensen. College Students Conic Home- Pearl Sande, attending St. there Mrs. Fandel's father, M. W. Brennan, and Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Maguire, accompanied them to a Spencer hospital to call on Mrs. Fandel's brother-in-law, Tom Mueller, who had an operation for appendicitis there. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fandel, of Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fandel, Ladysmith, Wis., drove to Remsen Sunday to visit Father Edward Fandel. Lloyd Roth, who spent the weekend with his mother, Mrs. Sadie Roth, returned to Iowa City Sunday to finish a course in pharmacy. For two weeks before coming here lie was at Fort Snelling, Minn., taking army training. He is a second lieutenant in the army re- Olaf's college, Nortftfield, Minn., returned last week for the summer with iher parent?, the Rev. and Mrs. S. 0. Sande. Lavon Madden, attending Coe college, and Eldora Struecker, attending the State Teachers college, are spending their summer vacations at home. Seneca Has New Store— The C. O. Baileys, Rockwell City, have moved to Seneca and opened a store in the building occupied till now by A. A. Nelson. The (Nelsons 'have moved their stock into the Nels Christensen building a few fe-Jt west and will live in t!he teachers' cottage this summer. Beynian to Summer School— Supt. H. A. Reyman took his •wife and children to Larchwood serve. The Oilers and the high school soys played kittenball last week Tuesday evening, and the Oilers won, 4-3. The annual academy alumni banquet took place last Thursday evening at the Kermoore hotel, Em- netsburg, and after the banquet here was dancing at the Medium ake pavilion. Mrs. Kern Elerick and Mary \nita Cairy visited June Thomson, "wea City, last Thursday. Postmaster and Mrs. John S. Culen's son John Jr., -who attends a St. Paul seminary, came home one day last week for a short vacation. Mrs. Louise Nissen, who had visited her sister, Mrs. Emma Voss, Lu Verne, returned to George Meyer's last vfeek Wednesday, but the same evening went to her daughter Mrs. Nick Looft's, Armstrong. Mrs. Martin Eischeid entertained at two tables of bridge last week Wednesday. Attending: Mrs. John Uhlenhake, Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Ray Oliver, Mary Veit, Mrs. Herman Maahs, Mrs. Pete Schumacher, and Mrs. Ray Burdine. The Martin Meyers, Garner, visited at Henry Lauck's last Thursday, and the Meyer eldest son James remained for a few days. Darole Keller, Kasson, Minn., has been visiting at Elmo Barber's. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker, Mrs. George Schultz, and the lat- RUSSELL BAMSEY, MRS. RUSSELL BAMSEY, HORACE BAMSEY, ETHEL WALKER, C. P. WALKER, HELEN KARNIS, MIKE KARNIS, ARTHUR BAMSEY, FRANCIS HORTON, ARTHUR HORTON, BEULAH MILLER, FLOYD MILLER, KATIE BRIDLE, JAMES BRIDLE, ETHEL OWENS, EDITH OWENS, Defendants. To Each and All of the Above Named Defendants: You are hereby notified that the petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled cause will be filed In the office of the Clerk of the District Court of the State of Iowa in and for Kossuth county, alleging that plaintiff and defendants are the owners of the following described premises, to-wit; Lots Five and Six (5 and 6), Block Thirty-one (31), Original Plat of Algona, Iowa. That the same cannot be partitioned in kind; that the parties cannot agree upon a mutual division thereof or a sale thereof. The plaintiff is asking for a partition of said premises, for a sale thereof by the Court and division of the proceeds and for an accounting. Also for a judgment for costs. For further particulars see petition when on file. And unless you appear thereto and defend before noon of the second day of the next term, being the September term of said Court, which will convene at the Court House at Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 24th day of September, A. D. 1934, default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered thereon as provided by law. Dated this 17th day of May, A. 7th day of July, 1934, at ten o'clock a. m., visit said premises and proceed to appraise said damages at which time and place you may appear before the Commissioners, if you care to do so. KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. By MAURICE C. McMAHON, 38-41 County Attorney. IN KQUITY. NO. 13780. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AUTHORITY TO REI.KASE CERTAIN LAND FROM THE LIEN OF CERTAIN .lUDOMENTS In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth County. D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. Kossuth County State Bank, Algona, Iowa, Defendant. To all Depositors and Creditors of school fund loan on SEW Sec. 32-95-29 and that new mortgage In the amount of $4500.00 bo recorded and filed In County Auditor's office. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded C. S. Johnson, labor Graham Co., sup. „ Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. 190 .95 9.34 bank, Bancroft, Iowa, as per depositors' agreement signed July 3, 1933. Ayes: All. •Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that Samuel L. Olson be --.given an additional J1500.00 permanent Kent Motor Co., sup. « l.to - -- — "" Kennedy & Parsons Co., sup._ .77 'Elbert (Garage, sup. . 33.32 Pratt Electric Co., sup. 5.10 Matt Murtlia, sup. 40.80 Nelson Hardware, sup. IJ.Go Kohlhaas <& Spllles, sup. 10.05 A. D. Tiveeten, sup. 37.05 HI UI lull U» IM.U-J-'LMlK.iU Ullll cn;*jv> •«."-« •«»• •*-" •" !•*-•••- — --i — "M--—— — — •• — — — — by Cossrovo that the School Fund Saathoff Service Station, BUJ>._ Loan of $3,000.00 In the name of II. J. -Kossuth Co. Implement Co., Thompson be divided as follows: I sup, 12.00 H. M, Olson, dental work John Coon Kosauth Hospital, hosp. care John Johnson __„ 77m Lnrld & McCulloughV'ambif- lance eerv. Percy Kuhn B. B. OrlnneM, rent Jim "Mo- ^^La*. $2500.00 In the name of Jennie Thompson, iMamc iHoflus, Carrie Blossom, and C. H. Blossom, and $2oOO.OO In the name of >H. J. Thompson. Ayes: All. On motion Soard proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHHDUL/B OF OLA-IMS Hugh Post, frt. $ 2.38 Lone Hock Tel. Co, tc* .sorv... 8.42 Northern Lumber Co., sup, ... 4.95 Lone Rock ^Exchange Co., sup. 40.21 Jas. A. Smith Lmbr. Co., sup. 27.30 S B. 'French (Lumber Co., sup. 51.86 J. A. iRoberts, labor „__ 428.70 Central State Elec. Co., service light 1.48 H. W. Will, bounty'""'!"' 10.00 J. A. McDonald, envelopes J. A. McDonald, postage City of Algona, light service E. H. Beardsley, assessor E. H. Beardsley, listing names Beatrice Oslanrt, bounty z.a> J. N. Ludwig, listing names . 37.95 • - - - 75.00 66.04 45.CO 5.60 81.93 180.50" 178.16 - — ~~t, v —..*— , «..« w *.,v.».. v » u ~- uviaurice <-. AicAianon, exp. w>.v* the Kossuth County State Bank, j Helen Backer, salary 42.50 D. 1934. 36-39 BEDELL & BEDELL, Attorneys for Plaintiff. last week Wednesday, and they!' er ' s sons Norman and Charles will spend the summer there while drov . e to Ames Saturday for a visit Mr. Reyman attends school at Iowa City. League Program Next Sunday- The Seneca Lutheran League -will give a program at the church next Sunday evening, and lunch wMl .be served. Other Seneca ]S T ews. Pauline Osborn returned Friday from two weeks' fishing at Anchor Inn, northern Minnesota, •where -she went with the R. C. Goetsdhes, Fenton. Mrs. Jennie Jensen, Mrs. Annai Osborn, and Mrs. Clarence Osborn iwere guests of the Lutheran Aid at iSwea City last Thursday. The William Browns, Arm- Strong, and Bob Goetsch, Fenton, were dinner guests at Mrs. Anna Osborn's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen and Mrs. Fink, Ringsted, were supper guests of Mrs. Jennie Jensen Sunday evening. The Guy Griffiths, and Sylvia Jensen, Des Moines, were dinner gnests at J. H. Jensen's last week Wednesday. •Rosella Hoy, Charles City, wiGb had spent three weeks at William at the son Ervin's. The Roger Elberts went to Mason City Friday to visit the Arthur Lunsmans. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Fish, sons Fred and John, visited Mrs. Fish's sister, Mrs. L. E. Town, Balaton, Minn., a day last week, and Mrs. Fish remained for a longer visit. The Harold Kueckers and Harold Walkers, Delevan, Minn., spent the week-end at J. E. Walker's here and William Kuecker's, West Bend. They were accompanied to Delevan by the Harold Kuecker daughter Geraldine, who had spent a week here. Ed Huntingdon, Norfolk, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Roupe, Algona, visited the J. E. Walkers! Saturday. Mr. Walker and Mr. Huntington are half brothers. The Algona Sinclair kittenball team played a pick-up team here Sunday and the visitors won, 8-6. The Algonians then played the north of town "Farmers" and lost, OFFICIAL PUBLICATION To All Whom It May Concern: By direction of the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, notice is hereby given that on the 31st day of May, 1934, the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, passed a resolution approving certain plans, specifications, and proposed contract to be entered into by and between the City of Algona, Iowa, and the Fulton Iron Works Company of St. Louis, Missouri, providing for the purchase by the City of Algona, Iowa, of the following items for the City's 300 and 400 H. P. type "H," Fulton Diesel engine, 6-5. The Reinhard Liebs, St. Benedict, visited at Reinhard Behnke's last Thursday. Mrs. Behnke and Mrs. Lieb are brother and sister. Th,e Albert Fandels, Ladysmith, Wis., have been spending a honey•Osborn's, went home Sunday. |moon with the M. W. Fandels and Merle Cooper, living at Roy Os- toorn's, is visiting his .sister, Mrs-. Roy Lee, Algona. TTae Melvin Norlands were iSun- day guests at Elmer Frink's, near •Emmetsburg. The Melvin Norlands spent Friday evening at Millen Jensen's. The Aid meets this week Thursday at Mrs. J. H. Jensen's. | Whittemore I Fathers Veit and Hyland, and John Cullen Jr. are attending a retreat at City. Trinity college, -Sioux Druggist and Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh attended a funeral Sunday of a druggist, John Anderson, Ruthven. Mr .and Mrs. F. Schumacher's son Herman celebrated a birthday by entertaining a few friends Sunday. Druggist and Mrs. C. L. Cava- naught spent Sunday evening at the latter's sister Mrs. B. A. Gotch's, Humboldt. Prizes at the Zumach meat market Saturday night were awarded to Louis Greinert, Ralph Koppen, and Harold Esser. Mrs. H. Butler and her daughter Beverly are spending the week with a Mrs. Larson at Forest City. Editor and Mrs. Ray L. Burdine's daughter Betty sprained an ankle one day last week. Melbourne Simpson has been doctoring a sore eye. Marian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Wm. Rusch Jr., Mrs. Theodore Keene, the Frank Murphy baby at Cylinder, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert .Voight's son William are sick. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Baas and their daughter Elda were Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of the son Harold at Algona. William McCaughly, Mason City visited at P. J. Fuchsen's Sunday "Buddy" and Mary Catherine Rooney, children of Mrs. Irene Rooney, spent last Thursday at Spencer with their uncle, Thomas Mueller, who is in a hospital there and were accompanied here by Gene Dickinson, Spencer, who went home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schmidt entertained at Sunday evening supper the A. D. Brogans, the Jos. Schmidts, and the Tony Schmidts Jr. in honor of the elder Mr Schmidt's 80th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Schmidt have lived here 56 years. Orley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Richard, Oelwein, recently spent a few days with his aunt and uncle Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Ringler. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sohriere Milwaukee, went home last Thurs day, after a visit with Mrs. Schrie parents, Mr .and Mrs. W. P sr, and Mr. Schrierer's sister, Frances Ringler, accoaipan 1934. ied them. Frances will spend mos of the summer there with her sister and her brother Hazleton. other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elbert, Garner, spent Sunday with Mr. Elbert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Elbert. Mrs. Thomas McDonald, Mrs. Nell Farrell, John Mosbach Sr., Irene McDonald, and Mary Anita Cairy attended a Benton county picnic Sunday at Clear Lake. Anna Capesius, Algona, spent the week-end with Minnie Elbert. Mr. and Mrs. John Steil, of Emmetsburg, were at the Sylvester Hayes home Sunday. They are parents of Mrs. Hayes. The Jos. Cullens and Cleophus Cullen, Minonk, 111., have been visiting the parental J. S. Cullens. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Blinkman, of Lu Verne, Minn., spent Sunday with Mrs. Blinkman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behnke's son Elmer, attending the Concordia iteachers coMege, Chicago, camel Sunday. He took a post-graduate course this year and will teach at Monator, Mich., in a Lutheran school during the coming year. Patricia Weir, R. N., who is temporarily at Lu Verne, spent last Thursday with her parents and attended an academy alumni banquet that night at Emmetsburg. Marieta Bestenlehner, Algona, has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Louis Duffy. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Jackman spent the week-end with Mr. Jackman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Jackman, Emmetsburg. Mrs. Frank Burke and her son John Edward are visiting Mrs. Burke's mother, Mrs. Mary Klen- feldt, Hampton. The Jerry Sullivans visited the Henry Folders Sunday. Mrs. Sullivan is a Felder daughter. LEGAL NOTICES Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strueker, the Walter Strueckers, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Struecker's daughter Elda were Sunday dinner guests at Martin Meyer's, Garner. The Herman FandeJs drove to Emmetsburg Sunday, and from No. 3841. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL State of Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In District Court June Term 1934. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of George Ferstl, deceased, dated May 6, 1924, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 25th day of June, 1934, is fixed for hearing proof of same at the Court House in Algona, Iowa, before the District Court of said county, or the Clerk of said Court; and at nine o'clock a. m. of the day above mentioned all persons interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, May 21, B. J. McEVOY, Clerk of District Court. 7—Cylinder liners, completely machined, and made of special alloyed iron, best suited for this type of casting, with necessary round rubber packing for making water seal. 7—Piston bodies, completely machined, with pins and oil protecting plates, all ready for installation. 7—Wiper rings. 7—Piston heads, completely ma- chined.with necessary studs. 42—18-in. diameter piston rings. Said contract price being about Six Thousand Nine Hundred and Nineteen Dollars ($6,919.00). Said plans and specifications and proposed contract for said 7-Cylinder liners, completely machined, and made of special alloyed iron, best suited for this type of casting, with necessary round rubber packing for making water seal, 7-Plston bodies, completely machined, with pins and oil protecting plates, all ready for installation, 7-Wiper rings, 7-Piston heads, completely machined, with necessary studs, 4218-in. diameter piston rings, being now on file in -the office of tha City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa, and by reference made a part of this notice. That a resolution authorizing and directing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into said contract for and on behalf of the City of Algona, Iowa, and authorizing the purchase of said accessories and equipment will be considered by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa, for passage at a meeting to be held on the 28th day of June, 1934, at eight o'clock p. m. in the Council Chamber of said City, at which time any person interested may appear and file objections to the proposed plans and specifications and contract, or for costs of said equipment, or the purchase of 7-Cylinder liners, com- petely machined, and made of special alloyed iron, best suited for this type of casting, with necessary round rubber packing for making water seal, 7-Piston bodies, completely machined, with pins and oil protecting plates, all ready for installation, 7-Wiper rings, 7- Piston heads, completely machined, with necessary studs, 42-18-in. diameter Piston rings, and said resolutions may at any time be amended and passed or passed as •proposed. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 12th day of June, 1934. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk of the City of Algona, Iowa. Algona, Iowa, and to Whom May Concern: You are hereby notified tha there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Cour of Kossuth County, Iowa, the Ap plication of D. W. Bates, Superin tendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Kossu-tl County State Bank, Algona, Iowa asking that he be authorized to release the following described rea! estate in Kossuth county, Iowa, towit: . The North Half (N&) of the Southwest Quarter (SW%), the West Thirty (30) Acres of the Southwest Quarter (SW%) of the Southwest Quarter (SW%), and the Northeast Quarter (NE%) of the Southeast Quar- (SE%) of the Southwest Quarter (SW>4), all in Section Ten (10), Township Ninety- five (95) North, Range Twentynine (29), West of the Fifth P. M., from the lien of two certain judgments rendered in the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, in favor of said Receiver and against W. B. Quarton, of Algona, Iowa. For further particulars you are referred to Application on file. You are further notified that the hearing on said Application will be had at the Courthouse in Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 20th day of June, A. D. 1934, at two o'clock p. m., of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an Order should not be entered as prayed. D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the Kossuth County State Bank, A-lgona, Iowa. By HARRY V. HUDL, 39 Examiner in Charge. I Carl iDnhlhauser, exp. E. J. McKvoy, office exp. [Board Proceedings May 28, 1934 Auditor's Office, May 28, 1934. _ 10 o'clock a. in. (Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. 'Board proceeded to open bids for graveling Secondary Road Districts iNo, 139, 155, 221, 232, 244, 256, 257, 258, 259, <2W, 264, 265, 269, 270, 271, 272, 274 27 0 , 270, 277, 279, 284, 285, 287, 289, 290 292, 293, in Kossuth county. Motion by Heiken and seconded by MoDonald that contract for graveling Secondary IRoad Districts No. 139, 221. 232, 233, 244, 256, 264, 265, 972 274 278 - . '' 6t ^Ll' 41° 253.95 10.24 J. M. Aloore, mileage 15.30 Kossuth -Co. 'Farm Bureau, appropriation 166.66 Maxtne Momyer labor 8.75 Win. Shirley, exp. 84.94 Ruben Pedersen, bty. Cecil Picht, bounty _. Ivan Cushlng, bounty Adolph Priest Jr., bounty Algona Uns. Agency, ins. 150.00 Dick Baade, 'labor 14.00 Barton-Warner 'C'o., sup. 2o7.07 J. D. Adams Co., sup. 267.75 Glbbe-Cook Tractor & Ekiult. Co., sup. 24.02 la. Mnchlnery-'iSrSup. Co., sup. 71.12 Ft. Dodge Machine & Sup. Co., qiii) 29,93 White Transfer~&"~S~torago"Co., Cords Pl8ton-fUn(feb"siip"I__ Central Battery & Elec. Co., sup. H. Channon Co., sup. DensOll Lubricant Co., sup. Sleg-Fort Dodge Co., sup. M.99 . 27.40 97.10 5.42 215.02 43.73 1.30 1.BO 2.80 .45 Wm. Kelly, sup. and labor 69.43 .40 .50 Glenn Larsen, bounty .50 Gustav Isenberg, bounty Geo. Alke Jr., bounty Ilo Rosa iBufflngton, bounty _ 1.75 Kenneth -Hanig, bounty Ben U. Meyer, bounty Maynard Wlegand, bounty Robert Kruse, bounty Kenneth Hardt, bounty G. N. Graham, bounty Lewis Glesklng, bounty _ H. 'H. Dreyer, mtg. P. M. Chrlstenson, mtg-. Aaron Steussy, mtg. Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe, assisting with exams. Pearl Winslow, assisting with exams Mrs. Irvin Chapman, assisting with exams Maude -M. Hanna, assisting with exams Mrs. J. H. Warner, brd. of'ed- ucation mtg. G. D. Hart, board of education mtg. Dr. H. H. Murray, board "of education mtg. _. F. J. Ludwig, mtg. Walter Vaudt, mtg. H. F. Schultz, mtg. Wm. Meyer, mtg. ! E. O. Mann, posting quarantine sign Mike Wagner, posting quarantine sign Millen Jensen, posting quarantine sign r. 'B. Johnson, brd. mtg. ~ P. J. Helken, brd. of rev." V. L. 'Nelson, brd. of review 3.00 u. C. Knutsen, brd. of rev 3 00 Fred Peterson, brd. of rev. A. J. Christensen, brd. of rev! ?Yed Krueger, unclaimed fee .70 .40 1.30 .20 .50 6.00 .10 3.00 3.00 2.78 E.OO 1G.20 5.00 9.50 5.20 3.40 0.00 3.CO 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.20 .50 G.OO 3.00 3.00 2.00 2.75 3.75 4.00 2.25 4! 25 1.00 3.15 7.25 IRtoyal "400" Oil Co., sup. 210.71 Standard Oil Co., sup. 161.15 Peerless Oil Co., sup. 100.70 Royal 'MOO" Oil Co., sup. 1448.44 Pestotnlk OH Co., sup. 4.08 It. A. Wessels, sup. 8.85 Concrete Materials Corp., sup. 41.58 Wilson Concrete Co., sup. 189.36 Wheeler Lumber Bridge & Sup- Co., aup. 751.72 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 4— F. X. J. I* Bonar, rent "M. C." SYand- een Vic Johnson, rent Bob"stoven Mario Bakken, rent Mrs Fred Klein Anna Bohannon, rent "Mrs" Wllteo Wm. .F. iBehnke, rent ~~Mr~s~ l.GO 10.00 20.00 10.00 6.00 Walt dellenfelt 2000 Mrs. Elsie Cady, rent ~67~ j" Stephenson ' Fred Corey, rent Stonor fam- H. W. "Post," ren"t"c." K7"john- 20.00 ftfl nri Mrs. Bmm-a-6Ison,"fe"nf~'vfoh'n 'Norton ct oil innn Lottie Madson, rent Max'TStes- nig Helena Koopke, rent August Rosenau IBertha M. Murray, ront'ciara Noltzel Chas. iRedemske, rent "John 10.00 2000 Hclmora ____________ 14 m Cut Rate Grocery, prov. 28 68 H. Cook ._• _________ "l6.1» Mrs. Francis Rutledge 6.00 D. 'D. IHentges ___ 1.00 Tom Juchem i oo Joe 'Platt _________ " 260 Ell Burbank _________ 1.53 Harvey Graham _____ ~ 1.25 Max Meslng ________ II 1.25 s « your are too Prom Present WA car f 0r and yoj BUSKS DIRECTOll R. A. Clark, prov. '23.50 Deitering, damages; olmd. J100 not allowe Northern Lumber Co., sup. Bud Hanson, labor S. P. Eckholm, registrar :. B. Wortman, registrar rt. H. Dreyer, registrar .. Ulce 'Grehen, registrar I" 3. A. Thompson, registrar " iVIlliam iBoyken, registrar J. H. Flnnell, registrar _, ,.„ Adah Carlson, registrar r> 7' Arthur Hot, registrar 5'oo Tred A. iDlekmann, registrar" 3.50 r. AY. Zeigler, coroner's fee _ 8.20 i. A. Evans, coroner's fee 27 AS Zlon Office Supply, sup. "" 1983 Typewriter Exchange, sup. 357 Western Duplicator Sup. Co" sup. 750 Metropolitan Sup"jfly"cb"'sup-." -ie'21 v. D. James, sup. ~ 3.73 iemlngton Band (Inc., repairs 2100 'ink Supply Co., sup. 1273 temington Rand Inc., sup G65 Sturdivant Pub. Co., sup. "" ^23 Frankl Carbon & (Ribbon M'tgl Co., sup. Y50 kelson Hardware7~sup7719 'leo. Holtzbauer, repairs i - 62 •ratt Electric Co., sup. n'gi Vest Disinfecting Co., sup 2825 ..ee O. "Wolfe, pub. notices " 45'&o Bancroft 'Regiater, pub. proceed., etc. Advance Pub7-Cb""pub7"pro- 123.79 279. '284, 2S5, 293 be awarded to W B L- ceed -- etc - -- ............ 13346 Willias, Dakota City, Iowa, and Sec- i '|J?, B f ard & Waller, pub notices 4449 ondary Road Districts Nos. 155, 257, T,', 0 ^ 0030 Leat Co., sup. 975.55 o« oro o», „„, ™ „,. ... _• * .1 1 B. C. McMahon, Attorney. 37-39 ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. HOWARD GIBSON, Plaintiff, vs. NOTICE OF CONDEMNATION AND APPRAISMENT OF LAND FOR THE PURPOSE OF SECURING ROAD MATERIALS. TO LUCY M. FISH, SYLVIA M. LANNING, SADIE M. JUNKINS, EDGAR K. JUNKINS, FRANCIS E. McCHANE, HARRY Mc- CHANE, LUCY M. RICHMOND, E. J. MURTAGH, and all persons, companies, or corporations having any interest in any of the following described real estate: You and each of you are hereby notified that Kossuth county, Iowa, desires the condemnation of the following described land, to-wit: AH that part of the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of the Northwest Quarter (NWV4) of Section Eight (8), Township Ninety-eight (98) North, Range Thirty (30) West of the 5th P. M., beginning at a point 33 feet North of the corner-stone at the Southeast (SB) corner of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of said Section Eight (8), thence North 375 feet, thence West 550 feet, thence South 375 feet, thence East 550 feet, to the point of beginning, containing 4.73 acres and that such condemnation is sought for the following purpose, to-wit: For the purpose of securing same for gravel deposits to be used in surfacing highways. That a commission has been appointed as 259, 261, 269, 270, 271, 275, ->77 %S7 290, 292 be awarded to Paul Construction Company, Fort Dodge, Iowa Ayes: AH. •Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that J. J. Hyland, Whittemore line., be given a refund of 50c head tax because of being- erroneously assessed in 1933. Ayes: All. Motion by MoDonadl and seconded by Helken that Class '1BT permit be Issued to Algona Country club, Al- sona, Iowa. Ayes: All. ,, ., . ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUN1D J. A. Roberts, bridge i->/??£ ep S 8 - . bi i?«? ~"«~ 9990 Agt. C. -R. I. & Pac. R'y"(5o.7 frt. C. ,& N Vf:Wy~Co"trt. " C. & N. W. R'y Co., frt. ' Wm. L. Barker, labor Goodman Mundsness, labor Wm. F. Gronbach, labor """ S. D. McDonald, labor , 0 ,., Joe Helderscheidt, labor 7s'oo Fred J. Coon, labor ___' — — — — — _ 241.15 386.84 C10.71 66.00 G5.00 7S.30 78.00 , . . . --- ...... -„. On motion Board adjourned to nine Oliver Young, labor o'clock a. m. June 1, 1934. E. J. BUTLER. County Auditor. June 1, 1934 Auditor's Office, June 1, 1934 (Board of 'Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by iBttlgeman and seconded by McDonald that County Engineer be instructed to notify W. B. Williams and Paul Construction Company gravel contractors, not to pay any gravel haulers until overload license ls Paid to county Treasurer. Ayes: All, On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. On motion Board adjourned to one o clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—<Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Heiken that Cosgrove be appointed as a committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 80 and Dr. 90. Ayes: All Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that 'Heiken be appointed aa a committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 82-90-102. Ayes- All Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded by MoDonald that County Treasurer , b ° instructed to abate $198.95 from 1933 tax levied on J. IM. iBlanchard hardware stock, 'Lone Jiock Inc as recommended by town council, Lone Hock, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that a duplicate drain- | Albert Young, labor ......... 'Leroy R. Elbert, labor ........ Francis N. Elbert, Ibaor Roger P. Elbert, labor ..... Walter Elbert, labor " ...... John Kohlwes, labor ..... Sperbeck Printing Co., pu'bVno" 14000 tlce Wesley 'New3^Worrd~,~p~ub"~~no- tice _____ 'S e , n J°S rR ?' >orter "pub."notlce" Burt Monitor, pub. notice Wilson Concrete Co., sup Barton-Warner Co., sup ' "" Wheeler Lumber 'Bridge ~Co7, sup. Wheeler Lumber"'Bridge""co.: sup. 42.30 43.60 L'6.27 13.90 296.76 1466.20 953.56 603.65 ROAD MAINTEJNANCE""FUND Oliver Toung, labor 7500 Cheater Alme, patrol ........ " August Romer, labor O. <H. Duckworth, sup. ....... City of Algona. light serv:"" Peter Weydert, drag. — IGust Romer, labor ..... — o 81 2.78 17.85 78.00 78.00 C. & N. W. R'y Co "friTt" R. F. Donovan? ins.' I'"' "" Jfti "er"ce te P ° Wer C °" ~~"* K Eugene Meyers,"Tabor Hugo >Gade, labor Joe M. Esser, labor' ,„ .„ Edwin Baker, patrol KM John .S. Nelson, patrof KM klmer Ewlng, patrol __Igo'jjJJ J. H. Montgomery, patrol 7825 vrX T , San<Je rs, Patrol ... ~" &<$ Mike Baker, patrol . j^nn John fHanselman, patrof Clem Goodman, patrol M"T °xvH dwlg ' patrol ~-HIII ment and Tile Co. on Dr. 165 in of . , and indemnity bond . be approved. Ayes- All Motion by Melken and seconded by Cosgrove that $500.00 soldiers' exemption be given John H. Sprank for 1933 on lots 8 and 9. block 3, Lone Rock Inc. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded Sadle be i, 1D ,? oldle r's exemption on lots 16;«; ' , lock 6l lr vlngton township for ISMi Ayes: All. Motion by MoDonald and seconded by Heiken that a refund of 50c head tax be given Charlea Quinn, Greenwood township, because of being erroneously assessed in 1933. Ayesic All Motion by McDonald and seconded by Baigreman that T. A. Trauger be given J500.00 soldier's exemption on S% Lot 6 block 82, Original plat, Algona Inc. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Heiken and seconded by Cosgrove that following open ditch £l eh h? f " way exemption be allowed: Dr. 133— >Jo ne-res Prank Kuhn: a reS SB% 12-W-30 2.3 Ayes: All. provided by law for the purpose of appraising the damages which will be caused by said condemnation. That said commissioners will on the u and seconded that bond of W. B Williams for »U,173.15 for graveHnir roads within Kossuth county be ap? proved. Ayes: All. 'Motion by Helken and seconded by Cosgrove that McDonald be appointed as a committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 161. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by iCosgrrove that a refund of »200 be given Christ Anderson because of being erroneously taxed twice for doa In 1933. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded % £, r °2S nald that - ln accordance with H. >P. 257 pasaed by 45th B. A. in extra session, County Treasurer be author- zed to file claim against state sink- Ing fund in the amount of trust certificates Issued to Koasuth countv by 'Exchange State bank, Wesley, ftw/ and Farmers and Traders Savings S. 1 3. S. B. French 'Lbr. Co., suj>. ___ 6.1 Jake Keller, 'labor ___________ 22.! Lafe Simmons, labor ________ 30.- IPaul Simmons, labor ------- 17.1 Dr. 5— S. B. French Co., sup. ______ 2. Dr. 7— S. B. French Lbr. Co., sup. __ 4.1 Albert Young, repair work.. 15.( Ben 'Hopkes, labor _________ G.S iDlck Baade, labor _________ 31. Dr. 20- S. B. French Lbr. Co., sup. __ 2.1 Dr. 46- J^awrence Malaven, labor ___ l.( C. C. .Scharlach, labor _____ 5.0 Dr. 61- Henry Braun, labor ________ 17.3" Dr. 60- 'Northern Lumber Co., sup. _ 8.( Bud Hanson, labor _________ 31.5! Dr. 788. B. French 'Lbr. Co., sup... 1. Dick Baade, labor ______ _ 6.0C Dr. 82— Theo. 'Dorenbush, -labor 4S.C Ralph Miller, labor ____ 30.0 Dr. 84- John Ormsby, labor ________ 2.7 Guy Ash, labor ________ 2.8C Dr. 85— 'Bud Hanson, labor _________ 6.0C 'Northern Lumber Co., sup. 2.1 Dr. 87- Geo. Onken, repair work l.Oa Dr. 90— iDlck Baade, labor _____ 38.0C Theo Dorenbush, labor _ 42.0C S. B. French ILbr. Co., sup7 4.2 Dr. 91— •Geo. Onken, repair work 'S. B. 'French iLbr. Co., sup"! Dr. &>— • Abe A. Carter, labor Dr. 96— S. B. -French (Lumber sup. ___ Dr. 99- ............. --S. B. French Lumber Co., Co., 18.56 1.5 3 ofl 1 5 Abe A. Carter, 'labor 32 4C Wilson Concrete Co., "supTHI ----Abe^A. Carter, labor 4.8C John Ormsby, labor 3 75 Guy Ash, labor . ia Dr. 135- Theo iDorenbush, labor • 5400 Ralph Miller, labor III" 31,'s S. B. French Lumber Co., sup. " Dr. 166- 3.50 INorthern Lumber Co., sun i 2S H-K No. 2-36— •*" . S. B. 'French Lumber Co sup. ' PI-K No. 0.57 Prod May'land, labor i KR 'John Ormsby, labor '75 Chas. Anderson, labor i - 71 J 3 " 5 ' Ash; labor "";; J$ rl-lv No. 4-56— S. B. French Lumber Co., WC No.Y-87" U ° 'Hans Smith, labor 107" E-iK Jt. No. 2— •'"• Paul Simmons, labor Jake Keller, labor — 10.35 13.80 . Arnold Klatt, labor 4 m W-K No. 35-89- --------- tLoyd Slater, labor 07 E. W. Benson, labor i'ic " ...... iDick Baade, labor Albert Young, labor 'ra k % pOURT FUND I. B. White, J. P. 'fee Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff A. J. Boyer, witness fee jrank Geigel, wltnesa fee ->. J. Buss, witness fee '. A. Newvllle, constabfe"fee" •. A. Danaon, J. p. fee Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff Poland Smith, witness fee rjenry Ennen, witness fee « alter Hans, wltnesa fw — .76 .57 50.00 18.50 .70 .70 5.75 "Yfl5 , Hans, witness fee — 3 m ----- , Albert Bosma, witness fee ----Pearl Smith, witness fee ---Emory Smith, witness fee ---Laurence -Swift, witness fee — S" ln * ohu «t«. witness fee I" fee ... Mrs. Chas. Eggerth, witness J. 'H Wjfcomb7-wTfnesVfer — ' — 3.50 3.50 3.50 slso 3.50 4 0 - .. J. H. Sheridan, J. P. fee ...... C. P .Specht, mayor .../ ..... P. w. Green, marshall ..... Carl Dahlhauser. sheriff ...... ';j J - MoBvoy, clerk's fee ..... Mary Rosensteil, escort "" C «'™« sloer ro Clifford Holmes, P afro J. F. Qulnn, patrol Jay Godden, patrol Will Leeper,' patrol , . Chester Alme. patrol ......... Oscar Earing, patrol ........ Alton Pettlt, patrol .::"—- August J. Romer, la~bor ...... Eugene Myers, labor ..... , J. Vaske, labor' . , John Kohlwes, labor Loren Byers, drag. ' dras " allowed A. E. Gould, drae 1 " ,1P Loula Scott, drag. - ^ Peter N: Thllges, d?ag7 IM G. W. Gunder, drag , £ Edward Hagge. dS* "J W. F. McFarland. drag' ,'S? Herman Runksmeler, drag" iTo- Arthur B. Holcomb. drag ~~ H? John Rodmaker, drag ' ,;!'S Lawrence Doege, drag. $•$ J- -W- SwanBon, labor .,'l~ John Droessler, labor c?'^ Cecil -Robinson, Tabor SHI Bernard Brink, labor i . labor Kohlwes, labor , Abe A. Carter, labor G. Gronbach. labor Srnest 'Burch, labor .......... "bridge" C °' Audlto,7"K>pS? H " s 25 sup. 20.02 9.00 I """I ^''^user, aheriff's" tl'e' 36 4 ? v ^ lnkel - commissioner 30 }. £.. Moyer, witness ~ - t. C. Mediation, 6.09 10.00 Robt. Bowman "" S.TiO Augr. 'Rosenau 10.00 Lewis Olson 400 Mrs. L,. Campbell ~ 300 Mrs. Adeline "Richard 2.00 iFrancis Rutlcdgo 13.50 IF. M. iStoner 1.50 Moo & gjogren, prov. John Fox Long s Grocery, prov. Le w i a 'Elke W. A. White, prov7 H. R. Hays i~W Laura Campbell SQO Perry (B. Torino ..!!!!' 5.00 Mrs. Roy 'Haag ~ 2.00 'Wendell Duboskl __ " 2.40 Anderson 'Bros., provT" Mrs Lottie Wlltse ..... 150 C. S. Johnson, prov. " M'WI Mrs. Klein "Z" T li750 Amy Johnson ~ 1000 P. O. Hauenstein .II" 6.00 C. K. Johnson 3.00 Thos. Akro, prov. 13 p0 A. F. Connolly 6.00 Mrs. Johanna Cook " 8.00 H. .R. Sorensen & Co., p'rov. 6030 Wm. iBaker _ 4 60 ' T. iBHsborough ..!!!" SM M. C. .Frandsen _ 6.00 Dave 'Hasz 4 OQ Mrs. C. K. Johnson I" 9.00 Clara Neitzel 1600 Mrs. J. Seifert .."I" 2'.00 O. J. Btephenson 4 80 Supplies _. 217 Postage II 2.S3 Loren Brown, prov. K ga Lewis Olson "gi Mrs Fred Klefn""III 3.3B 'F. M. Stoner i 68 W. T. Pllcher, prov7"III 7.98 'H. Cook 2~94 Mrs. C. K. yo'hnson 5M Graham's 'Store, sup. Lewis oi- Algona, W. B. Quarton Algona, i' 01 . E. Llnnan 1.48 2.40 . 22 36 o nn Goeders Co., su"p"A"my"john- son Hub OlothuTg-StofeTsup Clara Neitzel "2.00 iF. M, Stoner 26.00 KM Brownei11 ' SU P- Mr "s- F. K. D. 'Jamesi sup7 Mrs. Van Dorston I "22.1)2 R. J. Dutton 36 Emma Juchem, cleanfng'hou'se F. M. Stoner T SUPERVISCIR"DIST-."NO" s T ' Jpretzmeyer, med. care 24700 Joe Prosperl BOOO Carl Syverson 7500 iZelda Pannkuk I 122'00 John 'N. Keneflck, med. care TD ° rr children 66.25 J. A. Devlne, med. care Jerry 'Knapper • 2SfiO Kossutli Hospital, ifospVcarS" Zelda Pannkuk 11050 Joe iProspera . 4i'oo Donald Syverson" 8- J- Harrington j, Pbone 287 j . Office over Posto[f| M I.J.VAN _.,, Lawyers Office over A. WINKEl 9. D. Shumway B , . 8HUMWAT4KEUI Attorneys-at-law 0fflce In Qulnby Blotk Pnone 58 '.."•• . Office In Qulnby Bulldlul Phone 180 • --- — HIRAM B. WHITB Atlorncy-at-Iaw Offlco over Iowa State 1 206. Algona, I Laird & McCullough,—funeral Ase " r . Carl Carlson 75.00 Xu, Fuch s. funeral serv. Mrs. v,nris Anderson <K nn ^ Hanig rent KJSTHanTg" 10.W ierman Wise, sup. John Bahr 1.55 Cennedy (Bros. Co., prov. Jerry Knapper * 959 ..oeders Company, supplies e'oo imma Knudaon. transn. Wnlv. pr Lr Cnudaon, transp. _____________ R. M. Wallace, medT'care Mrs. Anthony Grand- "" genett John Bahr ' 2500 2850 63.00 u .. Eugene Beenken _. 2500 'Wm. Hutchison _ "2300 or? 1 ' Al 'QrandgeTTelt 15.'flO SUPERVISOR XUST. NO 4 \, 1Dev ' ne . med. care 1450 Mrs. Eugene Caylefs daughter 750 Mrs. ifred O*D~e~M dauiii" P. A. DANSOK Attorney-At-Lair Office over Iowa State ' _ Phones: Office, 480-J.; R«, | CAEKOL A. WAJTOEB Attornej-at-Law Office over PostoHlce. Phone 65 ilgoni,| i. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCBISflJ I - THEODORE C. HUTC Attorneys-at-Lair Quinby Building Phone 261 daugh- lcl — John SchnerJer""daugh- ter 2.50 1.50 Mabel l55aa" 300 Irs. Lewis •Larsen7"care"Marle IGodden 31 05 Irs. AuguB~ta"Beftz7~cafe".Dar- rel Geist _. 1750 Estelle 'BlanchardVcarVLyTa Olson »::z-—r--—.- 12-00 dem. cattle "in" indemn. 30.9. 27.85 5^35 14.45 27.68 1 „ BHPBR^ggk 1 ^ «o , MHH^ ?it - a ---- h - ?-- R 6.98 4.67 8.30 Benedict's Store; pydv.-KBtVw: N. 9.00 41.75 34.38 &6.EO 42.% 9.00 ^,W V' '£"^8,"" funeral" Verv" 'Helen Schneider 7150 ilchard Potratz, rent"Henry •Meyer ____ ' 6M Hood's Cash SlQTe"froY~~Sni Doss -_..__.__ 13 go ilerrlll 'Bro"B7,"pfov."A7 Bere,"""» ....... ________ 13.23 vrede & Krausa Groo., provT J. Brlggs .......... _ ___ 939 v. A. Murray, fuel ------ ™ Mrs Joe Kramer ____ 6.41 A. Koppen _______ 1003 Mrs E O'Dell ____ "_" 3.51 Mabel Doss ........... 4 , OT n. Uoller __ 1 58 A. Bergman _ 4 - g4 Mrs. Erickaon ..."!" i® J-dna Johnson 4 32 Mrs. Cayler 4^ mma Knudsen, transp." Everts girl .......... * l apaaddlo> med - cal- e !!! ed Lavrenz family 70 50 Marie Godden ... — 27.00 Mrs. Ed Sanderson . " l.oo Julius Brlggs ______ HI 6.60 •i.t ' 1 £ t ? ea - SUP- Mrs. Augr- usta Beltz -'-- DOCTOUS JOHN N. KENEFICS Physician and Snrfeon Office over Rexall Drug Ston| Office phone 300 Res. phone 321. C.H. CHETZSrETEB,M.D,| Surgeon and Physician. Office John Galbraith Block | Phones 444-310, Ugona P. V. JAN8E, M. D. Physician and Surgeoi Office on South Dodge SttMtl Phones: Office, 666; resides* Algona, Iowa WALTEE FEASEB, H. R . Physician and Surgeon Office to Qulnby Bldg., Roonll| Phone No. 12 JttELVIN 0. BOUBNB Phy«lclan and Snrgeoi Office In Postoffle* Bl«* Phones: Office, 197; residence 104.00 10.29 Garrj- Orain Co., fuel ..a.^u Jorgenson ^ 9,35 Benson '_ | ' * 3 93 6.00 45.00 1.26 66.80 12.69 s"Vr" "iLr.XV"'../'"''' 2 -W ,; *% MdNutt, spraying trees. 46.77 «. Coleman, labor g.oo Re-Einpioyment Bureau7 ei- S!?' G .V. n der7Ta7boF"""""" , aervlng noice. pester Hanson, potatoes . Cross sup. 24.80 16.00 7.25 \\iiiey, spraying "trees T fOTOTOy FARM * ¥ MIer> ^nt 8er v. — U.61 Henning, labor .. ».oo Wa ter Hunt Jr., hay ......... Hoa .Brown. BUP. .::::::;: tw . Akre, prov. 92 48 Graham Co. aup ~~"~ ....... 612 Misbach Clothing CaTsupi" — siss £• -V- James, sup. ___ 19.70 ' aup ~ ----- 6.56 sup. 4 20 Co.. aup. ------- 8.'20 Murtha, sup. ----- 7 34 " W.B. ANDREWS, D.O. Oiteopatlilc 1'lijslclan aid Located In General Hofl Phonea: Office 187. Re*, jv. DENTISTS DB. H. M. OWOS Dentist Oaa or novocalne u«<l traction. . Ixxsated over Christensen Phonea: Business 166, resl Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX J. B. WINKB1 Yeterloarlani West State Street, Algol* Phones: Office, awure. D. D. Mike ^oss7"oats"ir;i 220 90 Oelgel. ~" tor and directed to bills allowed at •• 'c — ,~r •••" "Schedule of 1 hereinbefore written aa per Au - on each Individual bin. Ayes: iM U ?? by McDonald and seconded " tb ' the 'oUowlng we the - the varlou8 ° m - Auditor's office ' , -» office _. 69 M Recorder's office ...... ' ...... On, motion Bosira adjourned Die. B. J. . County Auditor. MIMEOGRAPI ADVANCE

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