Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 14, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 14, 1934
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ALGONA, IOWA, JUNE 14, 1934 10 Pages Number 39 IT LIBRARY by Secretary ...ce, Tugwell On Shelves. New Labor Union Plans books of udents of the high new ives the fundamentals of the i recovery program. ir is "Statesmanship and if ]S .J" •nrnllonA. . b y Henry A. , treats of various Wallace. new GET-TOGETHER IS ANNOUNCED AT PARK HERE 2 Speakers Coming to Tell How Union Operates. A mass meeting next Sunday afternoon at one o'clock at Blackford park has been called by Archie Dodds, president of the new local of the Independent Union of Call State Park Favorite Place for Dances, Parties The Ambrose A. Call state parkland tonight the local D. A. R. chap- lias boon the scene of a number of jter will have a party at the Shcl- cvcning parties in the past month ! tnr Houso - Ncxt Monday the Meth- On May 5 the Hayfleld Junior-Sen- i [^ ^^tn™* ^^ W ' U mCCt ^ ior class banquet was held at the same 'evening 'the Rotary club will park, and on May 8 the Mid-Con-1 have a weekly meeting and picnic tinent Oil company held a district i there meeting at the Shelter House. ShtectiYOS and connects them £o ideals. Mr. Wallace |relgh e° b ook some thoughts he intended to deleate till , made him feel that they | not be omitted. Book by Tugwell. i third book was written by B IU» W , __ •, ^..~Hf . On May 18 a party was given by the Simeon Leighs for Cresco township neighbors, and on May 21 the Next week Thursday has been reserved by the Stephen Losses for. a Cresco township party. At a number of the parties there have been dances in the Shelter Humboldt junior college had a!House, and cards at other parties. ... discussed—and cussed— [Rextord Tugwell, and is en- »0ur Economic Society and iblems." This book is said been in preparation ten . ganders submits brief notes ier new books, as follows: It Yonder is an Ozark chron- j Wayman Hogue. From the page the reader enters a for| world in the heart of Amera world where the artlficiall- jfhlch go to make up our ex- are utterly unknown and id. jkson Gregory's new book L Courage, has the action, colo All Workers. The meeting will not be closed, and the public is invited to attend, 'wo speakers from out of town nd a local speaker will explain he workings of the Union and give xpositions of the aims and objects f the organization. There are now more than 100 members of the Kossuth organiza- ,ion, which plans sub-locals at ev- ry town. Efforts to obtain work or the unemployed are under way with the organization's backing. The question of employment of ocal manual laborers and truck irivers on the contracts recently et for graveling roads in the coun- ,y was taken up with members of the board of supervisors, but the contractors had already started work, with bonds posted, and under a program which necessitated ;he used of machinery in the pits. The changes desired by the Union would necessitate higher costs and new understandings with landown- fadventure characteristic of al iries, A Worlc on Economics. i Economy of Abundance, b [it Chase, is no.t a plea for an j ol reform. It is a concret |ysls of the changed social an< nic pattern forced by th jtr age. The author make r some unsuspected change |ii have taken place and others i will have to come. The book [able and contains some party at the park, which was followed by a similar party the following night given by the junior college at Britt. On May 23 the Mike Losses entertained friends. This week Tuesday evening the Young People's class of the Presbyterian church gave a party for this year's high school graduates, Ordinarily the park is closed at 10:30, but special privileges are permitted for party purposes upon payment of $2 to Custodian Paul Wille. The custodian's residence at the park is being redecorated this week. The painting is being done by Bert Deal's men. MASON CITY GROUP HOSTS AT KOSSUTH RETAILERS'DINNER NEW LIQUOR STORE ROOM IS COMPLETED Remodeling for the new liquor '.store iliere was completed Tuesday ers for their shares of the increased expenditure, and besides the present contract with the contractors could not be set aside legally. The contractors are now using local trucks and drivers when possible, and trucks owned by the contractors are being driven by Kossuth men. All local trucks available are being used. An effort will be made by the supervisors to find sufficient work for the unemployed during the Nearly 300 Kossuth retailers were entertained by "Mason City manufacturers anil wholesalers at a banquet at the Algona ihigh school gymnasium last Thursday night. Invitations had been extended to store owners who are patrons of Mason City jobbers and distributors. T. H. Chrischilles, president of tile Algona Community club, gave a welcome talk. Lester Milligan, secretary of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce, responded, and .introduced Lee P. Loomis, .pub-/ Usher of the Mason Gazette. is now ready foi are protected b> eter Fleming, author of Brazil- jAdventure, has spent much of IB in remote parts of the This book differs from 1 books about the interior of zil, (or it may be read for its nation or for its value as en- Inment, for it is an amusing 1 travel record. iment of Youth, by Vera lain, is, a new kind of war It is told in the first person \ woman who served as a nurse lospltals in England, Malta, and 1 front. She depicts the hor- i of war and its effects, but " the reader the revolting do- About the Gay Family. Gay Family, by Ethel Boll- Is an English story which is plaining and full of action. The 'Cters are clear cut, and the ;t is deeply interested in the titee young people meet the Henge of modern life, while [talented mother endeavors to ~ipathetic and understanding. n » Great Companions, by """ Finger, is the story of ad- i among the masterpieces great literature, our own. He tmade reading itself an advent- isummer. -4- NEW ALLOTMENT IS ANNOUNCED FORGGG Supervisor W. E. McDonald, in charge of Civilian Conservation Corps work in the county, has received notice from state headquarters at Des Moines that a new allotment of men will be made July 1. Mr. McDonald requests that all unemployed persons who wish to community singing. Mr. Loomis said the purpose of the meeting was to let retailers in Kossuth county become acquainted with their jobbers at Mason City. He said he wished it had been possible to invite everyone in Kossuth communities, [but explained that because of limitation in the number that could be accommodated the invitation list had been limited to customers of the jobbing group. . The value of personal acquaintanceship in business was stressed by Mr. Loomis as a means of ironing out difficulties and creating a better feeling on iboth sides. This is becoming an era of cooperation, he added, and more and more personal touch is required to make real progress. 'During tlh.e banquet, which was 1 served by the Methodist Aid, the Rusty Binge quartet, Dr. R. F. Kunz, Editor W. Earl Hall, Earl M. 'Dean, and Floyd Fraser, all. of Mason City, sang and also led and the place occupancy. All windows 'heavy wire barring attached to a frame yale-locked inside. In the basement the only man-sized opening is a coal shute, and this is 5 protected by an iron door which I locks, and there is added protection in a heavy ohadn which securely bolts on the inside. A cash register arrived Monday. Other furnishings were en route, scheduled to arrive in time to be Installed yesterday. A .hot-air heating plant will be installed lat- City Globe- er. Electrical fixtures were installed Tuesday and yesterday. HERRING ASKS DATA ON FARM FORECLOSURES Thought Planning to Show Corn-Hog Cash Needed. A total of 68 foreclosures now n process of suit were cour.itecl by District Court Clerk E. J. Mc- 3voy in response to a telegram from Governor Herring Monday. The telegram follows: "Please send me promptly a complete 'list of farm foreclosures now on record for court action. Please state name of creditor and debtor in each case, also date action, was started and amount of claim." No intimation of the reason the data was wanted was given in the message. It is reported, 'however, that Governor Herring is planning a plea to corn-lhog authorities in Washington to rush payments of B. & L. Assn. Will Erect a Model Home The building and loan association plans to start soon on construction of a model Algona home. The committee in charge is H. U. Cowan, M. G. Norton, and M. 1*. Weaver, and locations wore beiiiR investigated yesterday. The plan of the association is to show what can be done vin use of its resources. It is understood that the house will be modernistic and will be built on a price limit of $5,000. Algona business houses will be called on to furnish it for exhibition purposes. Everything was to be . in readiness for opening the store today ger and assistants had been nam- ger -and assisants ihad ibeen named and no liquor had arrived. A large supply of liqour is on hand at Des Moines, and some of this may be shipped to the store ihere, or the stock may come direct from distilleries. It was anticipated that tlvs 'Store would be opened June 15 when the contract for the building was let. This would have made a> little extra money for the liqour commission, for all permits purchased tlhis month will expire June 30 and a new .permit at the same price, a dollar, would have had to be purchased July 1. benefits to Iowa farmers and that he is .securing the data to convince the corn-hog section that the money is badly needed. Prevention Law Failure. The legislature is not in session iand there could be no action now to prevent foreclosures ;by a new law unless a special session was called. Action of the legislature a year ago in postponing cases by law where there is a contest lhas not worked satisfactorily to prevent almost wholesale foreclosures. Thist is because in most cases the .party holding a mortgage comes to an agreement with the debtor wthere- by the case is not contested, and in such cases a decree can 'be entered. :No deficiency judgments are being taken except in isolated cases where a 'sufficient reason exists. Most cases are brought "in rem," which means that they are against the land only and no personal judgment against tihie debtor is 5 asked. Suits Aggregate $810,000. The 68 foreclosures represent a SEVEN 4'SOMES IN FIRST BROOKSIDE GOLF TOURNMENT Members of the Brookside gol club held their first tournamen Sunday afternoon. The tournamen was between players picked by the B, & L, LOANS NOW POSSIBLE OUT OF ALGONA Territory is Enlarged and Share Limit Increased. The articles of incorporation of the Algona Building & Loan association were amended at a special meeting of stockholders last Thursday. The object is to permit the association to make loans outside of Algona but within Kossuth county and to increase the number ERROR FOUND IN VOTE FOR LIEUL-GOV, ..-., '"j^ Cress of Mason City Given 9,000 Votes ; Too Many. »• Thirty president's side, which won by the close score of 824-817. president and secretary, members played with the 4- total of $812,341, and the Equitable Life Assurance Society heads the list with 23. The Metropolitan Life Seven foursomes made the rounds. President J. E. Mason and Secretary Claude V. Smith had played seven holes when they were called off the course to tabulate results of the tournament. Playing were the following foursomes, first and third names on the secretary's side, second and fourth on the president's side: First foursome: Henry Douglas, Lyle Reynolds, L. A. Winkel, Jesse Reynolds. Second foursome—Harold Blinkman, Homer Tuttle, Ira Kohl, Dennis Becker. Third foursome—Carl Walker Earl Griffith, Pete Waldron, Rus sell Maxwell. Fourth foursome—LeRoy Davis Sherwood McDonald, Milton Dahl Paul Black. Fifth foursome — Mr. Martin Hugh Black, Leslie Samp, Pan Leaverton. Sixth foursome—R. H. Valentine, Lee Hopkins, Mr. Hesley, Ben Knoll. Seventh foursome — Burdette of shares one person may hold from 45 to 100. For a number of reasons these changes will be advantageous to the association. At present there is a surplus of money, for which there are two major reasons. One is that the local bank recently ceased paying interest on deposits, which forced depositors with large sums to look for income from oans. The building and loan in- erest rate is attractive, even after .aving been reduced recently, and he officers have had opportunities o use a good deal of new money rom this source. New Territory Necessary. Another reason for the surplus is hat with the revival in business .here is a tendency for capital to become available again. These developments have had a two-edged effect on the association. Because the share limit is 45 shares, or $4500, people with more than that amount in cash have had to look around for good loans which ordinarily would be made by Announcement from Des Moines last week following tabulation of unofficial primary returns that. Geo. W. Patterson stood fourth and last in the republican contest for the nomination for lieutenant governor was discovered Friday to be in error. In the unofficial returns Cress, of Cerro Gordo, was ranked first, hut it was found that a 9,000-vote ; error had been made in the returns from Scott county, in which Davenport is located. Cress was credited with 10,570 votes there, got only 1570. This reduced but his fead 9,000 votes and reduced him to- third place. Nelson High Man. Other corrections benefited Patterso, who rose to second place. The unofficial returns now stand, as follows: Nelson, Decorah 67,402 Patterson, Burt 63,088 Cress, Mason City 61,913 Thompson, Muscatine 61,330 No one received anywhere near the 35 per cent necessary to nominate, and the nomination therefore goes to- the state republican, convention. As is often the case as concerns state candidates below governor, .he primary results on lieutenant- ;overnor are inexplainable except on the theory of blind voting. It was at first thought that Mr. Patterson's stand against liquor might have cut a figure, but in Lea county, which is notoriously wet. tie was high man, and no evidence- PW Algona Firm ">f Lawyers Opens Law Office Here card in the Fc-n.? a ^ rs ls ' that of Parsons - lawyers. The senior ' H " Par 8ons, for the take advantage of this opportunity register with him at once. Persons already registered are requested to repeat registration. Persons who have already had a full year of CCC work are not permitted to re-register, so many new registrants are expected. Mr. McDonald says the allotment for this year will be larger than that of a year ago. Up to 25 or more men may be used. Last year's total was 18 regulars and two specials. CCC work pays $30 a month, all necessities furnished. However, of this $30 a total of $25 must be paid to dependents, which leaves a balance of only $5 to be spent by the worker himself. The age requirement is 18 to 23 years both Inclusive, and applicants must have dependents. Persons' who have : hac less than a year's service In CCC camps may reapply. *- tt» ™ ee superintendent of *». n*r wjnsrinienaeni 01 wea City schools, and for ten 1, °™ *M superintendent '»?> i J umor Partner is, L Dm L C ° yle . HunAoldt. un• Parsons studied law itted to the practice. L wl !i^ e J w ? «»]y. part i Judgi firm ' s is n t * Basket Grocery. Mr. Par- EEC TW graduate of Lutiher rah ' and has taken Work «* *ott». low* A stringed quartet from the Mason City high school, Annabel Wilhite, Dorotlhy Evans, 'Betty Lou 3rowell, violins, and Ruth Ann O'iNeil, cello, played Curing Dhe •serving. Coast Girls Hold Revival Meetings Louise Webster, evangelist, and Viola Duncan, soloist-pianist, will open a series of tent revival meetings on the lot at the corner of east North and north Moore streets tomorrow night. This is across the street south of the Bryant school building. The women have hem meetings at Swea City, and plan to be here three weeks. They are from California, and they preach the Four-Square Gospel advocated by Amie Semple McPherson, with whom they are personally acquainted. The meetings are scheduled to open at 8 p. m. each even- HEAVY RAINS FRIDAY BRING DROUGHT'S END A heavy rain which fell last Thursday night, amounting to 2:19 inches, definitely brought the drought to an end in this section. Altogether since June 1 the rainfall has totaled 3:83 inches. With the rains the weather has become cooler, temperatures this week falling below 80 degrees. Cornfields and other crops have shown great improvement, and it is now expected that a good corn crop will be realized. Temperatures for the last week GOLDFISH, FLOWERS STOLENJBOM PARK Someone must have wanted some flowers and goldfish badly Saturday evening between 8:30 and 10, for Custodian and Mrs. Paul Wille, of the Ambrose A. Call state park, discovered Sunday morning that a large number of flowers in their garden had been taken and many others trampled down; also ten of the best and most expensive goldfish were missing from the fish pond back of their home. Tracks of both a man and a follow: June 3 (.32 In r. f.) 92 June 4 (.16 in. r. f.)-—90 June 5 ;~"ll June 6 (.80 in. r. f.) 87 June 7 (.06 in. r. M----" June 8 (2.49 in. r. f.)—83 June 9 June 10 June 11 75 76 76 64 67 64 55 56 57 57 51 59 SI woman were found in the garden, but no other clues to the marauders were discovered. The Wil'lea were in town when the theft took i»lace. The stolen fish were the kind hardest to grow but the most beautiful, costing 50c to a dollar apiece. The Willes have nearly 100 goldfish left, but they miss the more decorative fish. Mr. Wille has been successful at hatching fish eggs this year and now has a large number of small fry which before the summer is over will be large enough to put in the pool with the other fish. At present they are almost to small to Insurance company is second with 13. There were 14 foreclosures filed by corporations, insurance companies, and banks outside Kossuth county. Only 18 were by Kossuth institutions or individuals. The Equitable now has the largest group of petitions on file. A year or so ago the Metropolitan practically monopolized the foreclosure field, when most of its mortgages, given in the early part of the land boom, and renewed later, began to come due. No Willful Suits. The Equitable company, as well as a number of other mortgagees, has made every effort to keep ownership in mortgagors, and suits filed by such concerns are customarily where the owners desire to give up the land to escape their burden of debt. Most of these suits are "friendly" actions which merely make legal transfers of the lands covered. The 68 mortgages average $11,946 each, but one, which covers a section, is for $66,000. There are a few below $5,000, and many under $10,000. It is estimated that the Agard, James Moore, Tom Holmes, Bob Moore. The foursomes included guest players. Next Sunday a "contract" tournament will be played. The players will estimate beforehand their scores 'on each hole. The best score was turned in by Bob Moore, Mason City visitor, who made the course in 44. Before the tournament 12 members of the club went over the fairways with lawn mowers pulled on long ropes behind cars. A pow.er mower may be bought by the club. LAIRD & M'OULLOUGH BUY NEW AMBULANCE Algona has a handsome new ambulance owned by Laird & McCullough. The motor is a Chevrolet, but the body was built at Rock Falls, 111. Mr. McCullough and Frank Kohlhaas went to Rock Falls Sunday and drove the ambulance home, arriving Monday even- the association. Such loans have been made at about one per cent lower interest rate than the Building and Loan association's rate, which was the reason for the recent lowering of the association's interest rate. Capital Out of Hiding. The association is now forced to look for new territory in order to keep expanding. It would be possible to keep the association at its present level without difficulty. Building and loan associations do not have to accept money, and the practice here has been to accept it only when there is a place to put it out on a good loan. This policy has made the association one of the safest depositories for money, during the depression. Adherence to the policy of accepting only gilt-edged loans will be stringent on new loans outside Algona. Because local conditions elsewhere cannot be 'accurately known by the local appraisal committee, only unquestionable applications will be considered. of votes against him on this count could be found elsewhere. The candidacy of Thompson,- of Muscatine, is not taken seriously., He is a young man of 24 or thereabouts. In his own county he received only 735 of 3001 votes. Patterson Chances Good. Some observers believe that the Cress strength will evaporate. It isv believed that the main fight now lies between Nelson and Patterson^ Nelson is said to be a lawyer. What gave him the lead in the vote. is a mystery. One suggestion is. that his name may have won him. thousands of votes. Patterson made practically no campaign. He was handicapped by the fact that his hired man had ant operation for appendicitis, and thia compelled Patterson to take ovep- the hired man's work himself. Patterson visited Des Moineai. Friday and was urged by political friends to stay in the race and seek the nomination in the conven— tion. It is believed that his chances- in the convention will be bettetr total amount represent loans of $80 an acre, and that the 68 foreclosures covered10,000 acres. _ ing. see. Here Today Battle at Sexton Draws Court Fine en- to William Ramus, Lu Verne, tered a plea of guilty Monday the charge of disturbing the peace by engaging in an affray following a dance at Sexton Saturday. He was given a fine of $2 by Justice White and paid costs of $4.55. His argument was with Cecil Stoddard, Lu Verne, and it is understood that Stoddard has also plead- June 12 - — - 77 Boy Scouts Will Check Blue Eagle Boy Scouts under direction of P. A Danson will make a canvass of business houses in Algona tomorrow for a check-up on display of he Blue Eagle. This week marks the first anniversary of the NKA, and orders were sent out from national headquarters and fromi the state authority for the check-up. All that is desired is a count of stores displaying or not displaying the Blue Eagle. . Season Tickets for Pool to 309 A total of 309 season tickets to the municipal swimming pool had been sold up to Tuesday afternoon. At the pool adult tickets totaled 77; children's 10 to 15 years, 92; children's up to 10, 71; and family tickets, seven. Advance sales at the city clerk's office were: adults, 6- children 10 to 15, 33; and chil- ed guilty and may be like fine. assessed a to the Stag Picnic Planned. „ The Rotary club has voted i- change its meeting place for summer to the Country club clubhouse, beginning a week from Monday. Next Monday evening the pro- committee has set aside for a at the Ambrose A. Call state park. Bush for Licenses. During May County Recorder J. J Dooley issued 916 fishing h- censes. 73 hunting and fishing combination licenses, one 6-day non resident license and one non-re^l dent license good for a year, wo straight hunting licenses were issued. . M'Donald Commission Arrives. j A. M'Donald received hi been patronized every day was opened except last week Wednesday, when it rained most of the day. The record day for attendance was the opening day, June 2, when the temperature rose State Agent Helps in Auto Check-Up Harry Brown of the state motor vehicle department is helping Sheriff Dahlhauser go after delinquent Kossuth motor vehicle drivers this week. In this county there are 140 automobiles without 1934 licenses plates, but perhaps* many of them have been Junked or have been taken out of the stats without report to the county treasurer. Vehicles -which are be Ing used without license will he seized and will be sold at sheriff'^ sale unless the owners comply with the license law. Such own- era will not only have to buy a license tout will have to pay a $5 delinquency fine besides whatever sheriff's costs there may 'be. The fine accumulates at the rate of a The car has a wheel base of 142 inches, which gives it length for comfortable riding. The space for a cot and attendants is 86 inches or seven feet and two inches long, and is the width of the car, more than three feet. It is provided with a heater. The body is painted a battleship grey. Besides cot and two chairs in the back compartment there will be a first aid kit for use in accidents. Mr. McCullough plans to drive the new ambulance about the county to demonstrate the service :o doctors, nurses, and others in* ;erested. June Court Term to Be Opened by De Land Monday The June term of the district court will open next Monday with Judge James DeLand, Storm Lake, on the bench. This will be the first of the new mid-summer terms established a year ago to clear up the court calendar in summer months. In previous years there has been no court between April and September. There will be no petit or grand juries at June terms, and the only cases that will be brought up are such as are triable before the judge in equity or law cases where the right to a jury has been waived. There have been 58 new cases than those of Cress. either Nelson oit Primary Canvass ^ Reveals No Upset* Only minor changes were made toy the official canvass of the election made by the board of supervisors Tuesday. In the only clos» vote in 'the county, that for the democratic nomination for auper>- visor in the fourth district, 'there- is no change in the unofficial vote/ reported last week. The district vote follows: Thos O'Donnell; 175; Leo Delperdang. 170; J. P. Mousel., 109; F. X. WiMielmi, 61. iled, of which five are vorces as follows: Elma William Soil; Ray O. Kahler vs. Harriett Kahler; Elmer Wright vs. Lillian Wright; Alma Pugsley vs. Claud Pugsley; and Merril Malone vs. Bessie M. Malone. 'hisl to 101. Four Permits to Wed. Four marriage licenses were issued last week by District Court Clerk E. J. McEvoy: Gunard E. Hedman, Leona Struck, both of St. Peter Minn.; Wilfred Coleman, Lu Verne, Uuby Koepke, Irvington; Leonard Mullins, Ethel Chambers, both of Cor with; John H. R^e. Corwith, Olive Kuth Boechholt, Kanawha. dollar a month from January 1. •4- , commision i from May 1, 1934. Girl Pitcher Will Play Here Sunday A girl pitcher will be a feature of a baseball game next Sunday between Algona and the Mason City Coca-Cola Cubs at the fari grounds. The girl, Patsy Lee, 20, and a good-looking 108-lb. lass, stands only five feet 2 inches high. She formerly played with a Hollywood All-Stars girls' team, and she will pitch for Mason City. A good game is expected, for Algona de- Kittenball Games Rained Out Twice The kittenball league was rained out of its last week Wednesday and Friday evening games and is doubling some games this week Tuesday evening the RCA woi from Skelly, 8-1, and Shell defeated the Hub Clothiers, 9-5. Monday evening Shell was defeated by UDM, 6-4, and RCA won over the Hub, 6-5. Last night Shell was to play RCA, and Skelly was to play Phillips. for Soil diva. Pheasant Causes Accident. Doctor Hoffman, Bancroft dentist, suffered cuts about the face and hands when a pheasant flew through his windshield while her was driving to Algona Tuesday night. Two stitches had to be taken to close one cut in the face« •4- Two Divorce Suits Filed Here Friday Two new divorce actions were filed Friday, the last day for filing for a term of court whioh begins next Monday. Merrill Malone is asking a divorce 1 from .Bessie Malone. The couple were married at Livermore in 1932, and separated last month. Cruel and inhuman treatment is charged, and Mr Malone asks custody of the 2- year-old daughter Ruth Ann. El mer Wright, near Algona, asks a divorce from Lillian Wright charging desertion in September, 1930. The couple were married at Prini- ghar in 1920. ALGONA Markets Chemical Burns Farmer. Peter Zeimet, of the Bode neighborhood, suffered severe burns on the arms early this week from a chemical with which he was treating seed com. feated Bancroft last good-sized score. week by a Boxing Match Called Off. The boxing program last Thursday evening at the I. 0. 0. F. hall Dutch Lunch Tonight, A Dutch lunch will take place tonight at 7 o'clock at the Country club clubhouse. Golf will be played in a "dust 'em off" tournament. Returns from the Baer-Carnera fight will be received. $100 Bank Night The deposit for bank night at the Call theater will be $100 next Tuesday night. The name of Evelyn Dodds, Algona, was called this Five Algonians Graduated, Five Algonians were graduated from Iowa State college, Ames, in annual commencement exercises Monday: Darold Newville, forestry; Maynard Stephenson, civil engineering; Julia Dearchs, household equipment; and Magnus Lich- Raney, veterinary •4- HOGS 140 pounds $2.00 160 pounds $2j5O Best med. wt. 160-180 Ibs— $3.0» Best med, wt. 200 to 300 'Ibs. $3.60 Prime hvy. Butch. 300-350 __$3.50> Best Pack, sows, 300 to 350 — $2.83 Packing sows, 350 to 400 —$2.75 Big ihvy. sows, 400-500 $2.00-$2.6<|. CATTLE Canners and cuttersi __$1.00-$1.54 Fat cows — $1.75 to |1.69 , Veal Calves <$.300 to $4.00 , \\ Fat steers $4.00 to $7.0(1 Stock steers $2.50 to' $3.59 Yearlings $3.00 to $4.09 Bulls $1.50 to $2.25 GKADf No. 2 yellow corn 4«o No. 2 white corn __ 49« No. 3 white oats 39flf ter and Hoyt medicine. N. 2 mixed corn — EGGS No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream — 28<* 130 90 tlttj " • V»M**O *" "V**V *• W »•*• * • **•»•** «—-»^^.~-,F — T—-V ---^"-T-T •** -"• • — was called off because of foeavy week Tuesday night, but she was rains that evening. l»ot present, .. * High School Band to The high school band, under direction of D Wane Collins, -will give an hour's concert at the swimming pool park next Sunday after-]Geese noon at 2:30, All heavy bred bens over 4 Ibs. _8cr Leghorn hens, 4 Ibs. and under _6« Cocks, 4 & Be Ducks over 4H Ibs. „...__.,—5xt Ducks under 4H lie. —— T - «%

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