Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ' • THURSDAY, J BNB , SPEAKING OF GAS IN WAR, HERE IT IS Employes of the Algona Ice Cream rind Tandy factory were forced from the building Tuesday, when ammonia fumes from the freezing machine escaped after a gasket blew out. Someone by accident turned a faucet which drained the water out of the coil, and the machine got up to a pressure of nearly 300 pounds, which blew out the gaskets. The ammonia fumes escaping in the basement were so strong that no one could get in to turn off the machine. City Supt. Kelly was called to cut electric wires leading to the building and turn off the machine in that way. However, one of the employes got a gas mask and managed to get in to the switch and turn it off. The employes then opened win- 'dows and the fumes were allowed to escape. The fumes were so strong that grass and dandelions growing outside the basement windows were killed. As soon as the basement was filled with fresh air the gaskets were fixed, and more water put in the coils, and before evening the machines were running as usual. The factory has two freezing machines. The largest is in a separate building, where commercial ice is made for sale. The machine •which caused the trouble Tuesday •was in the basement of the main building, and cools the storage rooms where ice cream is frozen. * Alton Priest Has Served 25 Years Sidelights ®n the Election Returns H. W. Miller for county attorney received the top republican vote, 2563, and Sheriff Dahlhauser was high for the democrats with 1687. This is a difference of 876 votes, which may be the normal majority to be overcome by democratic county candidates this fall. * * * State Treasurer Wegman received good support from his former neighbors here, with a county total of 1364. # * * * Congressman F. C. Gilchrist had a total of 2457 republican votes, and was second high man on the republican ticket. * « * * Governor Herring is popular with Kossuth democrats. He received 1356 votes; Finch, 156; Zylstra, 117. • • * • Greenwood, as usual, cast a thumping democratic vote which upset the apple cart for some aspirants for office. An unusually large republican vote of 102 was also cast in Greenwood. • • * • The antipathy of some male voters for women in office is in some quarters believed responsible for the small vote received by Eleanor Rahm. Expression of the idea was heard before the election. Harrison, as usual, was the county republican stronghold, casting more ballots than any other republican precinct. « • * • Turner's 1767 vote, with three •opposing candidates, is considered a remarkable endorsement of the former governor by Kossuth republicans. Colflesh was expected to cut a larger figure; his Gii7 votes were not far ahead of Knutson's 510. Short, of Sioi-x City, carried Garfield, Hebron, Ramsey, and Springfield, but was blanked in Prairie, Riv- erdp.le, and Sherman, * * * * Turner carried 31 Kossuth precincts, including all of Algona; Knutson carried Lotts Creek; and Colflesh did not carry a precinct, but was second man in most precincts. * • * * Supervisor nominees in the fourth and fifth were fortunate in that the 35 per cent rule does not apply in their case. * • * * Lieut.-Gov. Kraschel apparently did not suffer much here from the charges brought against him last winter. He received 1333 democratic votes in the county. * • • • There was a hot race in Palo Alto for the democratic nomination for representative, and P. H. Donlon, incumbent, was defeated. Causes of his defeat are not known here, but he was a prominent supporter of the old age head tax and of the sales tax. * * * * if the question in Monday's! election had been more rain vs. t'.ll candidates on both ticket!; the candidates would all Invo boon snowed under so deep that they would never have dug themselves out. * » » * Among republicans Kossuth has been a Turner county ever since his first campaign, and he also stands well with democrats who are not hidebound. There will be a pretty race in Kossuth next fall between Turner and Herring. * » » • The D. M. Evening Tribune Tuesday reported 1979 precincts casting 277,840 republican ballots on governor, and 1821 precincts casting only 107,525 ballots on governor. That doesn't much look as if republicans had turned democrats in any great numbers since 1932. * * • On the republican gubernatorial nomination it was western and southern Iowa vs. the city politicians and eastern Iowa. It is evident that Colflesh was the choice of the politicians. LAURENCE RAMMER, 50, DIES FROM_HTROKE Laurence Rammer, Hock Rapids, Election _ and in three Algona wards. Thorpe of the late Mr. and Mrs. Igna- 1 polled 14 votes In Harrison his he spent a year. A year at Malmo, Sweden, followed, then two years at VIborg, Finland. Three Ycnrs in Ifnvntin. In 1922 Mr. Quarton was sent to Riga, Latvia, formerly part of Russia, where he served a year. The next two years were spent at Reval, Esthonia, another former 1 OUR. i''>wcr« is cent on .Inly >lnR Present Order RATR"" itc Mr. ana mis. i 6 »" pO nuu j-t *««•» -- vali Esthonia, another former! the hv tins Rammer, Algona, died Friday, j largest precinct, and Chubb l' olleu | sllce o f Russia. Then he was trans- j Algon? following a two weeks sickness. He nine in the _Flrsl_ward and Jive Jn fen . od , o Cob ienz, Germany, where ion. suffered a stroke from overwork during a hot day and failed to rally. Ho is survived by his wife and two daughters, Irene and Dolores, both at home, daughter died a year ago Mr. Rammer is also and I Falls; Another E. F. Griffith, B. Anderson, Lloyd Anderson, and II. N. Kruse also received votes. Lloyd Anderson, Swca City, received 38 votes in Harrison township for clerk and had support in and Third wards, the low a Huiltling dom, Minn.; Mrs. Anna Garglecler, Big Stone City, S. D.; John, Gregory and Mary, Algona. Two other brothers, Matthew and Ignatius died some years ago, Funeral services were held Monday morning at the Catholic church, Rock Rapids, and was made in a Catholic cemetery he served from 1025 till 1027. Three years followed at Havana, Cuba, before he was promoted and sent to Ecuador. Consuls perform a variety of duties connected with passports, commercial reports, collections of accounts due Americans, etc. They and In LCclyard and Riverdale. In| nro not in the diplomatic service, the second supervisor district but are under the direction of the - - • - '- J s tate department. Algona has always been Mr, Quartern's legal residence. For the first time since 1912 he cast a vote here in Monday's primary. Claude Samson and J. A. Raney led with eight and ten votes respectively, and H. M. Harris and John Kain Mrs. John Rammer, and daughter Evelyn attended. also received votes. Movement Widely Scattered. At Wesley and Lu Verne, and in burial ' l Harrison and Riverdale L. M. Morritt, Algona, received votes for coroner, Dr. McCullough, also receiving support. Laurence, who was a plumber, was born in Algona. He was 50, and he lived here till a few years ago. • Mrs. J. L. Daub, 20 E. college, will be hostess at a regular meeting of the W. C. T. U. next Tuesday at 2:30 p. invited. m. All women are BOXING MATCH ON CARD FOR TONIGHT ,, , -. „..,. Mr. and Mrs. Philip went to Alton Saturday, „ , , Schemel and on evening. Another boxing match will be held at the I. 0. 0. F. hall this Thirty rounds of boxing Tuesday attended a celebration at i will include a bout between Lewis Unemployed (Continued from page 1.) initiation fee and 25c a month dues for women. After organization a committee from the group found Supervisor F. J. Balgeman, Whittemore, at the county auditor's office, looking over election returns, and presented a request that gravel-loading be t __ u replaced by common labor, that the the" founding" of"the church' Father • and Arnold Fisher, West Bend, will i county guarantee the overload Schemel is a son of Mr. and Mrs.! box six rounds in the semi-windup. tru . ck "cense fee for men who can- the Catholic church there, the parish observing the 25th anniversary of Father Magnus Schemel as Wildin, Algona, and Jack Hill, Des Moines, in the main gp, seven priest and the 50th anniversary of rounds - Youn S Ostwinkle, Algona, Dick Paul, who obtained all Kossuth projects, that neither would use their own trucks as long as Kossuth-owned busy. trucks were not Herbert Gerber is Killed in Accident Philip Schemel. A. Schemel and their went to AHon Monday. Mr. and Mrs. E. j The main pl . e n m i nary w m be Mart i windell Jergenson vs. Red Behl- son The E. F. mer, both of Algona, for five Rahms. Des Moines, the Doctor j ro u-nds~"and Inis'wTffbe the first Schemels, Omaha, and Margaret (time in the ring for Behlmer. Two Schemel, a Sister at La Crosse, i other preliminaries are booked: Wis., also attended. i Gordon Worster vs. John Baker, land Dean Jergenson vs. Bunny Jones, all of Algona. »*. . . . yv j Baker put up an excellent fight IVliniSter IS LJeaa two weeks ago in his first attempt in the ring, and he appears to have not pay it, and that gravel contractors be required to lay off their Word was received hefe Monday of the accidental death of Herbert Gerber on a ranch near Great Falls, Mont., that day. Details are unknown here. The young man is a son of the D. W. Gerber, near j Galbraith. It is expected that the body will arrive today and that funeral services will be held at the ALGONA Markets The widely scattered support of some of these men, notably Anderson, Thorpe, Chubb, and Merrill, lent credence to the theory that a movement to nominate them at the coming county convention is under way. For Instance, Riverdale is one of the extreme south townships, and Harrison is 24 miles north. The tendency of First and Third ward voters in Algona to write in the names of out-of-town candidates,' who presumably would not be so well known as to receive such support without having been urged into the primary campaign, was considered significant. Want Ads WANTED—HOME FOR 10-YEAR- old girl.—Call Advance. 10p38 WANTED — USED BICYCLE. — James Brophy, 5F3, Algona. Sexton, phone 10p38 GETS THE CREAM—VEGA Separators, $77.50 Users biggest boosters.—See Bjustrom's, Algona. 12u31tf WE WISH TO THANK OUR RELA- tlves and friends for their flowers and kind expressions of sympathy during the illness and death of our baby Darlene.—Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 0. Ludwig. Former Lu Verne county. Some Machinery Necessary. Mr. Balgeman told the group that n many gravel pits machinery was lecessary, because the gravel is under water, in some cases several eet below the surface. In other i tomorrow afternoon at 12:30, with I church services at West Bend at 1:30. Burial will be made at West Bend. Lu Verne. June 6 — The Rev. E. C. Schroeder, former Evangelist a future if he trains. Tomorrow evening Wildin is en- pastor here, died Friday at 5:30 at I tered in a main go at West Bend pits large 50 to 100-lb. rocks as j the Dr. W. T. Peters home, Burt, veil as many smaller ones, have to last week Sunday, the Monitor re- be crushed by machinery before the ports. Mr. O'Connor was schools his home near C'edar Falls. Mr. Schroeder, who was past 71, retired several years ago, and had been suffering from the illness which caused his death for some time. He is survived by his wife and five children: Mrs. Krafft, and Mrs. George Wm. C. Wallace, Chicago; Mrs. Peter Messer, Sumner; Mrs. Ray Stone, Lu Verne; and Frank Schroeder, Oelwein. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at Cedar Falls. -*Wesley Farmer to Reduce Dairy Herd F. M. Wolf, a mile west of Wesley and himself two miles south, finds without sufficient pas- against Levinsky, of Fairville, for seven rounds. Arnold Fisher, West Bend, and Kenneth Haviland, Humboldt, will fight it out in the semi- windup, and Bud Munson, West Bend, and Wendell Jergenson, Algona, will fight in the preliminaries. There will be 28 rounds at West Bend, and other bouts are to be booked. Loyd Phillips will be referee at both Algona and West Bend. Two in Golf Tourney. Swea City had two boys in a recent state high school golf tournament at Des Moines. They were Roy Bravender Jr. and D. W. Fults Jr. Fults shot 72 holes in 159 which gave him a placing among the first dozen. ture and feed for his herd of Brown Swiss dairy cattle, and will therefore offer eight cows giving milk, a 2-year-old heifer with calf, four yearling heifers, three heifer and four bull calves under a year, all purebred, and his 3-year-old herd bull, Prince Victor Jim, 24,719, at public auction next Tuesday. Wolf will furnish catalogs to Mr. in- O'Connors Yisit Hurt. Attorney General and Mrs. E. L. O'Connor, Des Moines, called at gravel is suitable for road use. As regards use of trucks owned ago. >y contractors, Mr. Balgeman said I f hat the county, at the time the :ontracts were let, had an agreement with both W. B. Williams and superintendent at Burt 20 years The -Advance.— Carries a complete line of office needs and sales books. HOGS 140 pounds $1.50 160 pounds $2.00 Best. med. wt. 160-180 Ibs. $2-$2.20 Best med. wt. 200 $2.85 Prime hvy. Butch., 300-350 —$2.70 Best Pack sows, 300 to 350 __$2.30 Packing sows, 350 to 400 $2.20 Big hvy. sows, 400 to 500 — $2-$2.10 CATTLE Canners and Cutters —50c to $1.25 Fat cows $1.75 to $2.25 Veal Calves $2.50 to $3.50 Fat steers $4.00 to $7.00 Stock steers $2.50 to' $3.50 Yearlings $3.00 to $4.00 Bulls $1.50 to $2.25 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn 44%c No. 2 white corn 47c No. 3 white oats No. 2 mixed corn 43c EGGS No. 1 12c No. 2 Cash cream 23c POULTRY All heavy bred hens over 4 Ibs. _8c Leghorn hens, 4 Ibs. and under _6c Cocka 4 & 5c Ducks over 4Vfe Ibs. , 6c Ducks under 4 Ibs. 4c Geese , 3o Turkeys 8- Quarton (Continued from page 1.) consular service. In 1912 he was sent to his first appointment at Berlin, where he was vice consul five years. A year at Rotterdam, Holland^ followed. This was in war time. On leaving Rotterdam in 1918 he with -A 40-in. PAINT BRUSH 5 gal. or more of Gamble's Made hy Mineral, e y evaporatj,,, :i mi " crttl "atop f wells, Texas Price, $|. Ice creiun Fropzwa, 2 ,,|., 4 qt. size ] Gordon plows Garden linos ... KO ft. water Hose ... 1 »x!2 Gold Soul ling""" White H ()US( , Paint, gal", doors pure or outside house paint—barn paint. It's our sincere belief—you can't buy a better pain than Gamble's 100% pure paint. 35-38 IF A GIRL LIKES A BOY, THAT'S her business. If a boy likes a girl, that's his business. But if you want a Percheron colt, that's my business. — Phone Paul Palmer, 3F2, for Percheron service. We go when called. 40p37 NOTICE — PROPERTY OWNERS having sidewalks needing repairs are requested to make same as soon as possible. This will elim- and Steel Water Tanks 8.85, j,( Fly Nets $i i( Machine Oil, gal 1 Separator Oil, tit. GROCERY SPECUll Climalene, ]$, pkp, Magic Washer, lg. pk Double Flavor Coffee Sac, jl Dry Peaches 2 Ib.s ! Lg. Prunes, 2 Ibs Velvet Tobacco, 2 pk No. 10 ran Prunes I No. 10 can IHudicrrles ...I C. S. John Plain white Pique B 29c LfRRH Department Stores Patterson (Continued from page 1.) the state except in counties where the opponents were naturally strong because of home or near- home sentiment. Patterson carried every precinct in the county, and by handsome margins, except in the cases mentioned. Algona for Patterson. The combined Algona republican vote on lieutenant governor was: Patterson ------------------- 459 Cress 93 quirers. Col. H. S. Duncan will be auctioneer; the Exchange State bank, Wesley, clerk. Former Algonian Opens New Store Fenton, June 5—The C. 0. Baileys, Rock Rapids, have moved to Seneca, where Mr. Bailey is operating a store. August Nelson, who Thompson 25 was running the store, has moved his stock into the Nels Christensen building. Mr. Bailey has been working for the state banking department as assistant receiver two years, and prior to that was in a bank at Burt several years. He also once clerked in the County Savings bank, Algona. He is a Fenton boy, the son of Frank Bailey, who is also in the mercantile business. To Study J)raniatic Art. Isabelie Greenberg goes to Iowa City Sunday for six weeks of dramatic art for state high school players. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Greenberg and will be a senior in the high school next fall. She placed first in all local declamatory contests last year, but lost in a district contest. 1 Iliilsc (iocs Touring, The Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse, Nancy Remind, and Floy Horn left Sunday afternoon for a month's tour in the west. During Mr. Hulse's absence his son-in-law, the Rev. Victor Schultz, Chicago, is filling the pulpit at the Methodist church. Nelson ______________________ 39 Total _ 616 Patterson thus received 74 per cent plus of the Algona vote. Campaigned Little. No campaign of consequence was made by Patterson, and his defeat is in considerable part doubtless due to that fact, though in view of the returns it is doubtful that he would have won in any event. Patterson did not resign the sen- atorship and will serve in the general assembly next winter. Political friends regret the outcome in the primary, for they had expected that in case of victory Patterson would have been elected and would have been in a position to advance later to the governorship. This dream may be shattered now. Patterson and Turner, in case ol their election, would have workec together. If Turner and Cress are elected, harmony may not be so much the rule. Swimming Pool Popular. The swimming pool proved a popular place Saturday and early in the week. Many season tickets have been sold, 32 for children 10 to 15, '22 for children under ten, five to adults. " Because of rain yesterday the pool was closed. White's GROCERY Week-End Specials. * * • * 100 Clothes Pius 19c Stolen Car Found. An automobile belonging to W. H. Engelholm was found Sunday iBrooillS, Ollly ___________ 39C evening near St. Benedict by Slier- ] iff Dahlhauser. The car was a 1&31 Chevrolet coach, and was stolen at Fort Dodge Saturday afternoon at 4:30. No. 10 Blackberries 39t To Drain Gravel 1'it. /Dakota. June 5—Plans are under way to drain the large gravel pit east of Bancroft, and this is causing concern among many who have gone there for bathing. is clean and deep. The water No. 10 Pears 39c Macaroni, 4 pkgs. 19c Jell Powder, 7 pkgs. 25c Sugar, 10 U>s. 48t Dress Up In These Hot Weather | Wash Fabrics Summer Voiles. Many patterns and colors to choose from. Extra sheer—every yard perfect—choose your dress from this unusual showing of quality voiles at a lower price. HOLLYWOOD VOILES 40 inches wide New Fabrics for Sport Wear 39C dresses Printed Piques and Sport Cords Lovely wash fabrics for sport wash and wear so well. Swiss Gingham Novelty Sport Cloth. Plain color piques Take advantage of this opportunity to buy fabrics now for sport togs, street dresses, and afternoon dresses. These Savings Warrant Your Attention 29c 29c 25c ~t -*- • Men's rayon shorts, "colors" ' Men's shirts to match shorts _. Men's shorts, fancy stripes _. Seersucker pants, ~t f\fi men's sizes -*- •"" Flanneltex stripe wash pants' _• White caps, O f? _ men's, boys' &tJ\s Child's seersucker play overalls boys' shorts, 9^T/» fast colors &*J \s Boys' Swiss ribbed shirts Men's socks, fancy patterns Console mirrors, Tif- fancy gold frames Harvest hats, men's, boys' — 25c 15c 'as advanced to consul ered to Helsmgfors, Finland.where inate cost of sending notices Printed Batiste LEFT No. 2240—Bias cut with unusually styled high in front and decollete back neckline, a Sizes. 12 to 20. . Hot weather item Mesh CO A Gloves O«JC Colors white and eggshell. Miliury version of the shirt- maker frock of woven seersucker. RIGHT No. 2249—Made, of Lady Lovelace with standing collar of mirror pleated ruch- ing, edged in lace. Sizes, 12 to 20. New washable Hand Bags Complete with fittings. Chiffon, service weight 69c A special showing White Hats New styles just received. California-Bodice top Princess £ 4 f\t\ Slips 9 I -UU Trimmed with quality lace Children's Sheer WasJi Dresses.. In sizes 6 to 14 years Misses' Sport Misses Sport Dresses. . Seersuckers, piques, sport cords! 1.98 They're in demand now! Lace Brassieres New styles for summer wear. "Jackie Jumper" Seersucker Play Suits 59c aud 79c Hose Every pair perfect quality Misses' and women's Rayou Panties ade of quality fabrics. Fast color 80 square Print Cloth Good selection of patterns. Childs' Anklets Featured on tables Two groups 10c and 19c W Seeourspecia ing reel at the CaH ater this week, * e ing Wash Ores** Buy two or time! three at

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