The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 20, 1954 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 20, 1954
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 20, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Failure of July 20, 1944, Putsch Costly; Added Year to Fighting By TOM REEDY BERLIN (AP) — Ten years ago today a Prussian nobleman, crippled by war wounds and disillusioned by Nazism, placed a briefcase against a pillar in Adolf Hitler's Rastenburg military headquarters. Count Claus von Stauffenberg had worked hard to reach a position of confidence that made his "briefcase" visit possible. No one noticed, when he left the headquarters in East Prussia, that he had left anything behind. As he reached the outer barriers of the tightly guarded area, a giant explosion rocked the building and the walls of the Hitler hideout belched smoke, dust and flame. The deadly bomb contained in the briefcase had gone oi'f right on time. But Hitler Was only wounded in the left arm. He lived to compel Germany to struggle on another year with a war that already was lost. Had the July 20 putsch succeeded A, government headed by honorable anti-Nazi military men would have taken over Germany and sued for peace while the Allied nations were still outside its border. A million lives would have been spared and the Soviet Union might not now be planted solidly in central Europe. * * * Despite this, in Germany today there is still argument whether the men who planned and executed the attempted assasination were heroes or traitors. Aside from the physical danger involved in bucking the dictatorship, a moral principle was involved. All of them had at one time sworn the traditional military oath of fealty. In their secret councils they decided, however, that the Fuehrer had prostituted the war rather than directing it toward the interest of the country. The West German government ha« taken its stand definitely on the side of the band as patriots who thought of their nation first and their personal lives and liberty second. But die-hard Nazis had sticklers lor sworn oaths, regardless of the implications, still regard the attempted putsch as treasonable. History as it is being taught in the German schools does not pin down th« decision either way. However, lowed smashed the nation for many The mahupring* of the plot were senior officers trained for years to know when a battle is won or lost. Top man was Col. Gen, Ludwig Beck, former chief of state. With him WAS Col. Gen. Fritz Oster, his boon companion. Adm. Wilhelm Canaris, head of Hitler's military secret service, was executive officer. Another, high official connected with the group was Field Their plan had one gigantic flaw: no one was assigned to seize Radio Berlin. Propaganda M i n i s t-e r Goebbels capitalized on this weakness immediately. He quickly took to the air and told the German took to the air and told the German well and presented Hitler's voice Jta a recording. This turned the tide in a revolt that conceivably could have succeeded even, without Hitler's immediate death. Beck took the Prussian officer's traditional way out. His pistol beat ter of hours. Three of his closest associates in the old Wehrmacht headquarters on Bendlerstrasse were hauled into the courtyard, lined up against a wall and summarily shot without trial. The headquarters now Is a refugee center. A bronze statue in the center honors the conspirators as men who fought for liberty. 36 squads in various parts of Germany mowed down several thousand suspects, again without Tonight! See And Hear United States Senator JOHNL McCLELLAN on TV Memphis Stations Tune-In To Your Ne*rett Television Station and Be Sure And Consult The TV Listing* In The Piper For Correct Time, Fol. Adv. Paid BT Pat Mradftma, Cfci* 30-OAY ItMMZATVHE OUTLOOK : t>,S, WfATHtR &VR€AU Q^atim^nt o* C FORECAST MAP — These maps, based on information furnished by the United States Weather Bureau of the Department of Commerce, indicate temperature and precipitation outlook for the next 30 days. (AP WirephotoMap) trial. The toial had been estimated at slightly less than 5,000. Witzleben, Leipzig Mayor Karl Goerdeler, Canaris and Oster were jailed. Hitler ordered a trial and put in charge the notorious "hangman" of the people's courts, .Roland Freisler. There was no doubt about the trial's outcome. Witzleben and five lesser figures in the plot were hanged in Ploet- zensee prison as "examples." They were strung up with wire nooses on meathooks. Motion pictures were made to be shown to Hitler later. The Fuehrer chuckled with sadistic glee when he saw them. Canaris and Oster were executed in Flossenburg concentration camp. In most official circles today, the Beck-Witzleben group has a position of nonor ranking with the current victims of Soviet Communist dictatorship. The Reds, planted firmly from the Elbe to the Oder, have done more to increase public sympathy toward the victims of the plot than anyone else. Those who can forget or minimize the oath of loyalty to Hitler, sworn by every German, think with some bitterness that the Russians might never have Deutschland bomb succeeded. seen the soil of had Stauffenb erg's Grisly Story Of Murder And Cannibalism Told TOKYO ffl) — A factory worker told a grisly story yesterday of killing a woman, sawing up her body and eating part of it. Kyodo news service said the testimony cleared up an eight-year- old mystery of a woman's bones found buried in a Yokohama park. Hisanaga Sugiyama, 34, told police he picked up a cabaret dancer, lured her home while his wife was out, killed her with a hatchet and sawed up her body. He told of burying three main parts of the body, boiling what remained and telling his wife the human flesh was beef. He was held on a charge of murder. THcarth Teeth HASTINGS, Neb. (JP)—Reprimanded for not brushing her teeth twice a day, the little girl told her Dad "but I don't have enough teeth to brush them twice a day." She was going through the missing teeth stage. Read Courier News Classified Ads. Modern Traffic needs Concrete pavement Traffic has'increased steadily in weight and volume; Yet for mor« than a quarter of a century thousands of miles of concrete roads have rendered uninterrupted service while carrying most of the heaviest traffic; Concrete meets every requirement of modern traffic* It is moderate In first coir. It has lower maintenance cost and at least twice the service life of other pavt- ments. It is the safest pavement too. Its gritty surface grips tires firmly, permitting quicker stops in emergencies. ItJ light-colored surface allows maximum visibility at night. I/ you can't see you can't be safe. Mr. Motorist, your license fees, gas and other taxes pay for building and maintaining roads. Insist oo concrete to get the greatest pavement value for your money. PORTLANI CEMENT ASSOCIATION f U P«IU !M|., MUmphlt J, Tann. A national organization to improv* and extend th« us«f of portland cement and concr«t« through ici«ntiflc r«eorch end engineering fold work (ONCRW IS THE LOW ANNUAL-COST PAVEMENT Man Identified In Dresser Police Know Who Rented Room Where Girl Was Found INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (.#—Police said today that a former Indianapolis cab driver has been identified from pictures as the "Jack O'Shea" in whose hotel room the body of 18-year-old Dorothy Poore was found Sunday, crammed in a drawer. They said identification was made by a taxi driver and two elevator operators. Wesley R, Irvin, 23, said the picture was that of the fare he took from the Union Bus Terminal to three hotels Thursday — a man who he said "seemed crazy for a woman." Mrs. Ethel Fields and Mrs. Jean Meredith, elevator operators at the Claypool Hotel, pointed to the picture and said they had taken the man and the job-hunting aigii school graduate from Clinton, Ind., to his floor in the Claypool Thursday night. Police withheld the name of the 29-year-old suspect. A Claypool bellhop, Bruno Widmann, 30, dissented from the picture identification, saying the suspect's height of 5 feet 8 "makes him. too tall." Police set Irvin thumbing through photo files after he told them, the man informed him he formerly worked for. the Red Cab Co. here. Irvin looked at several hundred and "positively" identified O'Shea. "As soon as he got into the cab he asked me if I could get him a woman," Irvin said. "I don't do things like that." A man registered as Jack O'Shea giving a fictitious New York address, had occupied the room where the girl's body was found. HELENA, Mont, tffl — An estimated 170,000 voters start to the polls today after one of the quietest primary elections campaigns in Montana history. Campaigning was so quiet that incumbent James Murray of Butte did not bother co return from Washington to contest the two candidate opposing him for the Democratic nomination for United States senator. Jenkins' Nome On Tennessee Ballot KNOXVTLLE, Term. (#)—Ray H. Jenkins said recently he would not run for t the Senate, but his name will be on the Republican primary ballot Aug. 5 anyway. Jenkins neglected to give official notification needed to cancel qualifying petitions filed by friends after he gained the public eye as special counsel in the televised Army-McCarthy hearings. Jenkins could not be reached for comment, but his wife said, "Ray isn't a candidate for any office." Thome's Mother to Be Recalled CHICAGO Lfi — The mother of Montgomery Ward Thome will be recalled at his inquest to testify about her whereabouts on the day his body was found. This was announced by Coroner Walter McCarron yesterday. Meanwhile, stained bedding and other articles found in Thome's room after his mysterious death June 19 were turned over to a team of four pathologists for examination and analysis. Two housemaids, Elizabeth Lawton and Sheila de Leon, testified at the inquest that Mrs. Thome went to nearby Lake Geneva, Wis., to attend a dog show at about noon on the day Thome's body was found. They said she returned when they notified her by telephone of her son's death. The body of 20-year-old Thome was found in his $75-a-month room about noon and doctors estimated he had died about 5 a.m. Nine days before his death, Thome, heir to a mail order fortune, revised his will leaving three fourths of his estate to his sweetheart, M*ur«en JUfto, 11, and her mother, Aleen. His mother, who. WM iol« beneficiary under an earlier will, WM given only a one-eighth ihart. The articles tn* pathologlaU wfll examine include * bed iheet, mattress pad, a handkerchief, ft wid of cotton, part of » cigarette And a portion of what appeared to, bt a pill. One of the pathologists, J>r. Otto Saphir, said the articles "m*r b« very valuable evidence" in helping determine the cause of Ifeorne'i death. , . The inquest waf oontkttMd * July 26. Boy Dies from Sting GALVESTON, Tex. W — Doetott reported today that a jelly fish sting killed Allan Reevet, *, oC Dallas. They said it was the first known case ift Texa* Gulf oomrt waters. The jelly fish itung yottor Reeves in the foot, then laahed him across the arm. and eheet. Be died in a hospital. BEARLY ACTING—"That's not the wa.y," snaris Minnie, right, ' -a bear at the London, England, zoo, as she gives her a cub a lesson in how to get food from visitors, top. Minnie sits up on her haunches and shows her baby exactly how it's done, bottom. Acquitted Dentist Is Sued DETROIT GH--A quarter-million- dollar damage suit against Dr. Kenneth B. Small has been filed by the divorced wife of the man he killed, Jules M. Lack, New York businessman. Only last Saturday, the 31-year- old Detroit dentist was found innocent by reason of insanity in the May 29 pistol slaying of Lack, his pretty wife's suitor. The suit ,filed in Wayne County Circuit Court yesterday, asks damages of $250,000 *in reparation for the lost potential earnings of the shooting victim and as compensation for the "pain and suffering" of Lack's two sons, John, 9, and Andrew, 7. It was brought by Mrs. Jean A. Lack of New York, ex- wife of the late industrialist, and David C. Lewis. Mrs. Lack and Lewis are co- administrators of Lack's estate. Lack, 45, was shot to death by the handsome society dentist during a Memorial Day weekend rendezvous with dark-eyed Mrs. Edith Small in southwestern Michigan. Still in jail at Allegan, where the trial was held, Dr. Small said: "Seems to me that after the ruling of the jury they couldn't sue an insane man. Where would I get that kind of money? It sounds like baloney to me." Allegan Atty. Leo Hoffman, who successfully defended Dr. Small, said the plaintiffs would have a tough time trying to make a case. "They must prove that the trial verdict was wrong and that Dr. i Small was not insane when he shot j Lack," the attorney said. . ! At Hubbard's . . . Cook potatoes as soon as possible i after they are peeled. The longer i potatoes are exposed to air the more vitamin C they lose. IN THE PROBATE COURT FOR, THE CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MARY ANN HENSON, Deceased. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR Last known address of decedent, Blytheville, Arkansas, date of death j on or about July 8. The undersigned j was appointed Administrator of the estate of the above named decedent on the 12th day of July, 1954. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them duly verified to the undersigned within 6 months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. • This notice first published July 13, 1954. BYRON MORSE, Administrator % Mississippi County Abstract Co. Blytheville. Arkansas. Taylor ft Sudbury, Attorneys. 7/13-20 DOlUR-WtSE? MEN IT'S MAYTAG rOK YOUI 129.95 Adams Appliance Co. Inc. SHWTIT The BIGGEST selling job in town ... Here in Iht classified section of your newspaper ... you meet personally those people who are really in the market for what you have to offer. 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