Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 7, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 7, 1934
Page 7
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let m the Breeze f Keep your feet comfortable in Champion venti- , at cdshoes.Unlined vamps and perforations let your feet breathe in this well- jtyleJSummershoe, COTJNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA PAGE] BIUVW turn h, Oskaloosa to loach in the UK: Advance, and later for a time •in, nut will spend the summer at """'• published the Lakota Record. He Keiioficlf, (iiivl Betty Laird entertained Hie ! relative; measles lasl week. rado. Louis Ilinlz, who has boon sick, Dr. F is reported improved. Leon Dehncrt spenl lasl week at Minneapolis, visiting John Mangan. Mre. Gerald E. Hartshorn went to Des Moines Monday night for a few weeks with her father. poinlK in Colo- K. Sawyer, Dr. John N. IX SIlllIlHVJI.V, returned Sun- Lake grew up in (ho Burt neighborhood. Mi', ami Mrs. A. II. Niehmdpr, of i Mrs. W. I). Howie and her daugh- \ alley, Minn., their daugh-iler Ileverly left this morning for '••' Huth, and their daiighler-in- ] Chchalis, Wash., lo visit the for- i-iw, Mrs. A. II. Nielandor, Mobile,; merY, mother, Mrs. Lorclta Bow- Ala., went home Tuesday, after airing, and sislcr, Mrs. K. T. visit since Sunday willi Mr Nio- lander's sister, Mrs. J. T. riiris- ''•''>' "'Kill from ». week at Winil(l ''W>*liiK]i in northern " "' ' rllcv report the MAN." That means genuine calfskin leather and skilled workmanship. It's Champion in value. Edgar Finnell Is expected home ' Mr ; . ! !" (1 . Mrs - S ' K - McMahon Saturday from Ames, where he is a' student at Iowa Stale college. Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Ogg lefl Sunday morning for Lake Koronis in Minnesola for a week's fishing. Dr. and Mrs. J. 0. F. Price wore Mrs. Win. K. Ferguson left Tties- ,'liiy for Washington, I). ('., where | she is spending ;i month w mi Mr. Min-L, K1IK " M !IIU| " 10 K '»i William. Mr. l-ergiiRon is in the nirc documents division of Hie Library of f'ongros.s, fishing is emplovcd bv the ' Sunday al Storm Lako wilh, ,.,„,,„,,„ ho' ± Kl "? r ,' M r K ' "• R SC " mi "' I I'l "omon Woo.ls.nck \\ilo was cplobrnI in f n iiii.ti.ri.... 'HI>.IKI, *VUI>UM.O(,K, un i.i,n.iii,u.inf, ,i mrthday Himiii M,™ in-law had honor. surprise parly in her guests at a dinner party Sunday loShono'exchJuige;'^'' 1 " "'' Ul ° given by Dr. and Mrs. II. J. Shore, Fort Dodge. Mrs. T. P. Harrington and son H. J. Harrington brought the daughter iJernicc home from Grlnncll last Thursday. The Rev. P. J. Branor left Tuesday to attend a northern district Kossuth sister Minn., snout Memorial day with their mother, Mrs. M. J. Quinn, and oth- oniployod in a lumberyard at Woodstock, and Philomena keeps been a j house for him. hospital medical patient! Mrs. Lottie Kain, now of Iowa , ..- Mri) - ' llfr °''<l Franc, jClty, was bore on business from of U,e manager of Ihe Algona Friday till Tuesday. She and hor Lawrence. They will also visit Mr. Howie's sister, Mrs. C. L. Brown, Soal.1 lo, and will return late in AHKU.SI. Karl J. Merrill, brother of L. M. Merrill, was an Algona visilor from last Thursday till Monday, lie has boon farming in South Dakota 30 years, hut has decided that farming there is a waste of limo, and ho now hopes lo locale near 'Algona. He went from here to Perry for a visit with his parents. Mrs. Klla Grant, Elgin, Mary which is being dono by the federal Sunday morning, following a short overnnient. He is a graduate of! illness with complications from Iowa Slate college, where ho stud-jlcclhing and Ihe extreme heat. The od forestry. Ho was at one time'baby fell sick Friday. Services j Moats, Sterling, all hotel, underwent a minor lion Tuesday. opera- J. 0. Clapsaddle, Burl, lay. son William have lived his ms Monday afternoon. at City since last fall, and William and; has allcndcd Iho slale university. and Lucille in Illinois, Saturday to visit Mrs. Mary Runchey. Monday they inspected the Wesl Bond grotto, and Tuesday Ihe two last named went home, Mrs. Grant remaining for a longer with her sister-in-law, Mrs. W0 ° k ' 8 Brltt Lutheran pastoral conference Junel lilst - Thursday from 5-7 at Marcus. wore A.gona visitors' Mrs. Kal'nT™ also" lake o k in f^T ^ ^ ^ ^W Wa ? - • • '•• • W " IK m I leaving Long Beach, Calif., June 1 I to visit hor daughter, Mrs. D. J. Dean got home j the univorsil; Coo Glen Raney, assistant postmaster, will be at work again tmoor- row morning, after a four-day vacation spent at home. The Baptist Aid meets with Mrs. whoro 1. has finished'his 'Sffi da^Sl'^on, '£„** £™> ^ Thorpe, Seallle, Wash. --- i .• -'•!-, -'-. * i win UUUUI JJtJHU, 111U., He plans to study medicine where ho attended Notre Dame uni- al the stale university. vorsity the past year as a sopho-' M,,,.,. _ , •• —•-•' l "^ i'ii.->i J-U.U us a sopno- hoon - n ° nn8lcltcr . who had: more. He is employed at the boon seriously sick with heart swimming pool this summer. Jos. tumble the past several weeks, isienh is the son of City Supt. and C. A. Samson this afternoon; Mes-j now al)1 ° lo he up several hours Mrs. J. w. Kelly. dames Reaper, Harberts, and Lar- °; vory dav - Ir ° is 73 years old. His j Mr. and Mrs. M. P Haggard ' ' (laughter, Antoinette Bonnsteller,| daughters Barbara and Mrs For- It. N., has been caring for him. I rest Twogood, and Mr. Twogood If !1 V tin n T.f «n .... Ta.. . i . . . ... . . .. o """ StyleNo.423 dames Reaper, Harberts, and Larson assisting hostesses. J. J. McEvoy, of Omaha, spent the week-end with his brother, District Court Clerk E. J. McEvoy. Ho went to Emmetsburg Monday. J. D. Lowe left last Thursday for a week of fishing near International Falls. He went with a party |B $1,95 AND $2,95 [£ HUB ICLOTHIERS Opening tse Ball iGame , ALGONA 2:45 p. m. nday, June 10 Bancroft vs Algona i. SScplus Ic tax PECIAL! anents at Bancroft Beauty Barber Henry Furst, whose shop is under the Sleelo sloro, his wife, and two sons wore guests Sunday at Mr. Fnrst's brother John's, near Lakola, and in Iho evening both ..„ L , families visited at the men's father of friends from Buffalo Center. Albert Furst's at Buffalo Center. J< ranees Messer, Humboldt, Hattie Wilson, Springville, and Ruth Krickonbaum, West Point, local When she came to attend the funeral, went iiome the same night. Ed Hill, who had visited friends lore several weeks, left yesterday for West Salem, near La Crosso, home with them Sunday night for a week with the Tiorneys and at Nashua with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Tobin. j Darlenn, 11-monlhs Wis., whore he has hcon employed j Mr. and Mrs. Win. 0. Ludwig, a :is an engineer In soil erosion work mile oasl. of Uie fairgrounds, died daughter of T AM MOST GRATEFUL TO THE volcrs throughout the county smploycd by the Hill Creamery Supply company bore. Frank Dingloy Nugent, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. William Nu- ;ent, Chicago, is sick with scarlet fever, and the family has been in ciuarantino three weeks. Jack, elder of two sons, was inoculated, was also sick several days. Mrs. Nugent and the two sons are expected here about July ] for a visit with Mrs. Nugent's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dingley. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Falkenhainer left for St. Paul Tuesday morning, and will make their home there. were held Monday at St. Cecelia's Catholic church, and burial was made in (lie Catholic cemetery. Four boys, John Kohlhaas, Kenneth Hargreavos, John Heiderscheidt, and Jack Hughes, were pallbearers. She was an only child. Algonians who allendod the first mass of Father James Duhigg, Emmetsburg, yesterday follow: Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon, Mrs. Nellie McMahon, son Roy, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Kain, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lorenz, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Wil- Hams, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan, Mr. Falkenhainer still travels for i Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herbst, Mr. and the Meyer Furnace company, Pe- Mrs *- G- W 1 . Stillman, and Mr. and oria, 111. The Falkenhainers have Mrs. G. D. Shumway. Father Du- Helen Dingley was in charge of the Wehler jewelry store early in the week during the absence of Raymond W. Wehler oil a honeymoon. Edward (Bud) Zender and George Kanouff got home last Thursday from Iowa City, where they attended the state university the past year. The Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Burrows, Dallas Center, went home wont to Virginia, Minn., Sunday, and Monday attended the wedding of John Haggard to Harriett Thurston. John is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Haggard. Kate Moses, who taught English in the local high school five years, leaves Seattle she will return to Brill. She had been with her son, Dr.'Paul T. Southgate, at Long Beach since her husband's death a few weeks ago. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Vincent, Cedar Rapids, visited from last week Tuesday till Friday with local relatives as guests of Mrs. Lela Donnoll. The Vincent daughter Jane, who has been teaching in a Chicago suburb, is to be married late this month to a Chicago man, and a number of Algonians expect to attend the wedding. R. J. Wilson, life insurance man left oral other friends here. who offices with " nE ' after sev : agency, and his L. Longs She was the wife en teachers, loft Friday for a week at i route to her home at Minneapolis their homes before enrolling for jfrom Rapid City, S. D., where she Shop. .95 and up ge of this offer to [superior wave, given with i high grade pads and solu- 1 this low price. Come in s us before you decide on wave. •T BEAOTY SHOP I'honc 64. yesterday, after a visit since Monday with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Wright. Harold Falkenhainer, who is cm- ployed in the offices of C. B. Murtagh, state comptroller, is recovering from an appendicitis operation performed at Des Moines last week Tuesday. Mrs. A. A. Lyon and her children, Craig and Joan, went to Danville, 111., Saturday for six weeks with Mrs. Lyon's mother, Mrs. W. C. Wright. Mrs. Lyon took them part way. Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Cummings, Des Moines, spent Saturday and Sunday here, visiting friends and looking after their local store. They were guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Hull. Mrs. B. P. Benson is substituting at the telephone office for Irma Hanegan, who is a patient at the Kossuth hospital. Mrs. Benson has been working since last week Wednesday. Evan Finnell and Stanley Greiner left Friday night for Cass Lake, where they are spending this week fishing. Evan is second linotypist for the Advance, and his absence is felt in the shop. Mrs. N. C. Rice got home Tuesday from a few weeks with her brother Earl and her sister lone at Cheyenne, Wyo. She accompanied her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Middleton, Eagle Grove. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Parsons, Des Moines, went home last Thursday, after a visit since last week Tuesday with the H. R. Cowans. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons are uncle and aunt of Mrs. Cowan. Druggist and Mrs. E. W. Lusby are in Missouri this week, attending a reunion of the Lusby family at Garden City, not far from Kansas City. Mr. Lusby expected to meet six brothers and sisters, Mrs. D. C. Mahan and her daughter Lynette went to Colorado Springs Monday to spend the summer. They have a house and a cottage there. They will also visit summer school at the state university. All will return in the fall. Janet Carroll, Des Moines, came last week Wednesday for several weeks with the Donald C. Hutchi- sons. She is a niece of Mrs. Hutchison, and her parents, with Mrs. Hutchison's parents at Cedar Rapids. arc off on a tour to California. Mrs. A. D. Lehman is expected home tomorrow from three weeks with her mother at Cullom, 111. She has been at Chicago since Saturday, and her daughter lola, Des Moines, spent the week-end with her, both atlending the world's fair. Mrs. Laura Backus and her Jaughters Beth and Eleanor drove ,o Des Moines Sunday, Beth returning the same day. Mrs. Backus and Eleanor will live there this year while Eleanor is atlending Ihe American Inslitute of Business. June Adele Overmyer, Oskaloosa, got homo Monday. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Overmyer, and Minnie J. Coate drove to Fort s now teaching English. J. L. Bonar spent Saturday at Dodge to meet her. She will re- Iowa City atlending a class reunion. He was graduated from the university law college in 1894. Twenty members were present at the reunion. Out of a class of !M graduates there are 56 living. This was the 40th class reunion. Mrs. Neal Smith and her son David drove to Sioux City Tuesday to attend commencement exorcises at Morningside college in which Harriett Smith was graduated with a B. A. degree. She majored in Latin and English, and will teach next year at Ware, near Rolfe. Mi\ and Mrs. R. W. Caldwell and their daughter Maxine left yesterday morning for a two weeks trip. They will spend some time at Lake Superior, also in Canada. "Bud" Zender, who recently returned from the state university, is helping out at the Zender & Caldwell store. Albert Bleich, linotypist for a Spring Valley, Minn., newspaper, and his father, W. E. Bleich, Burt, were Algona visitors Saturday forenoon. Albert once worked for Waterloo a week ago Saturday to visit their son, a druggist, and thence went to Chicago, returning Friday. Mr. Wilson found drought conditions in Illinois as bad as here, but the lake breezes were keeping Chicago cooler. Mrs. Stuart Hazeltine, Maderia Calif., arrived last Thursday for a visit till July 1 with her mother Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove. She is the former Lois Cosgrove, and was callec here by the death of her father Jos. Cosgrove. Mr. Hazeltine and Dorothy Lawson, niece of Mrs. Hazeltine, will drive to Iowa for Mrs Hazeltine late in the month. Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Laird, Sioux Falls, and their son Ray Jr. wen home last Thursday night, after having attended the funeral of Mrs. Laird's father, Jos. Cosgrove, that afternoon, Mrs. Laird had been here several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen Englund, also Sioux Falls, who degree. Mrs. F. rented the apartment they have jhigg was ordained Sunday at Sioux been occupying here to Mr. and | City by Bishop Heelan, of the Sioux Mrs. Raymond Wehler, who were;City diocese. married Monday, and the Wehlers will take possession sometime this week-end. The G. J. Gutknechts, who once operated what is now the Fisher cafe here, have ordered the address of their Advance changed to the Pattee hotel, Perry. They are for- ner hotelkeepers, and may be op- rating the Perry hotel. Mrs. Gut- tnecht, who was one of the Godden girls at Burt, is a sister o£ Mrs. 'red Ryther here, and G. J., onee )Uttermaker at Lone Rock, hailed iriginally from Lakota. The Bernard Tierneys, Mason ^ity, visited Bernard's mother, Mrs. ieorge Holtzbauer, Sunday, and attended Mrs. Tierney's grand- La Barre mother, Mrs. W. W. O'Dell's fun- drove to era! at Bancroft Sunday afternoon. Bernard's sister Lorraine, employed at the Iowa State bank, went Mrs. M. G. Norton, two children, Mrs. S. A. Worster, and the latter's two children went to Iowa City Saturday to attend commencement exercises at the university Monday morning in which Mrs. Worster's sister, Eleanor Norton, received a Eleanor and her -mother, S. Norton, who has been with her the past year, are expected home with the Worsters this week-end, but will visit at the A. C. Fergusons at Keokuk before coming. Mrs. Ferguson is another daughter of Mrs. Norton. Mrs. M. G. Norton and her children went to Tipton from Iowa City for a few weeks with two sisters of the former. who gave me their support in the irimary election, and I hope also o receive the same kind treatment' it the fall election. I thank all, ind if I am elected I will do my lost to repay with good service.— W. Pearson. 53 WISH TO SINCERELY THANK the voters and express my appreciation for the vote accorded ne in the republican primary election for sheriff. I will sincerely appreciate your support at the fall election, and will do my Dest to merit it.—Gilbert Hargreaves. p37 BABY CHICKS See us for new low prices Hatches every Monday and Thursday for the next two HIGH SCHOOL GIRL WANTS housework or care of children.— Martha Palmer, phone 602-W. 13u37 weeks Kossuth County Hatchery TIRE CODES COME AND TIRE codes go but you'll still find outstanding values at Gamble Stores. Here's one—a Crest Balloon Tire and a gallon of oil for less than you'd expect to pay for the tire. 37-38 ![liiE!lill!illlll!!i!i!llllll!llllllllllll!W New—Cool—Smart | Summer | Clothes I _Suits of grey and tan flannels ( and worsteds for comfort and g good looks g EST - IOWA - SUMMER - RESORT COOLING STATION E •Water-Sanitor —^ Its Always Comfortable ~" " M i in i HI.UMI, i| m ^u ^IM u ii ii ii • i mi m " " •' "— all Theatre June and Cheer" DUNN taofr Stinear r 8 »fC,mmar on And — again. on Oliver the Eighth" ~~AlgQ — Animal Serial ' Wallace anlmals u e le " Tuesday, June 12 Bank Deposit Night SPENCKB TRACY LOBETTA YOUNG in "Man's Castle" New Hearst News Comedy Program Wednesday-Thursday, June 18-14 DICK POWELL GINGEll BOGKBS in "Twenty 3Iillion Sweethearts Two Piece SUMMER SUITS $8.95 ..AT THE CHICAGO WORLD'S FAIR • Tired, aching "World's Fair Feet" going about for hours without proper support for the weight-bearing outer arch . . . they're ONE of the things that swung smart women over in thousands to Selby Arch Preservers. 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Sunday and Monday, June 10 and 11 money 1 wrong men. ak * e yNO^CU.^,o^ Comic Color e Krave Tin S Micky Mouse Ju Giant Land New News

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