Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1934 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 31, 1934
Page 4
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Stomach Gas One dose of ADLERIKA quick- 9 ly relieves gas bloating, clean* out BOTH upper and lower bowels, allows you to eat anc A sleep good. Quick, thorough ac^* tion yet gentle and entirely safe, George Ferstl, Qldtimer at Wesley, Is Dead HAOOrO OII tin A \/ .,."7 ~~~ 4rftn HTTP II ft the brain. The Rev. Mr. Lelnbach H II X V P« X VllUllflV mm - .^.___ ^LB* ______ At. . _ I l«l IB I II I I h U II o^na/ita In fill Mm v,,,1r,lt navt Him- SCHOOr, 3fFX—Do you want to mnke sonic rral money this summer? We have something big enough to challenge your ability —. with almost unlimited possibilities. Full information will bo mailed without obligation. Write United Consumer Inc., Liberty Bide., DCS Moines. VOTE FOR El d, J, DUDLEY PASSES SUNDAY AT 77; FUNERAL HELD TUESDAY Twenty Years Ago Weslev, Mnv 2!»- ., i... .... Fifty-seven seniors were to re- 1 driven cattle across the creek, C.n-0 diplomas from the high (which as the result of rains was school. Up to that time this was (nearly .15 feet deep. He then fol- tlie largest graduating class in the I lowed on his horso, but in mid- history of the Algona schools. i stream was thrown off. The body i nio _ nev - Charles E. Medburjr, ; was found a half mile downstream Ferstl inT V ^ceased, then W'tor of the 'next day, reisu ; Des _ Moines Christian church, was 1500 ATTEND TOWN PICNIC AT LU VERNE Lu Verne, May 29—A between 1200 and .1500 attended the Democratic Candidate for COUNTY RECORDER Second Term _ -,• , —• ".I* JTti \vcott. '.Vary Garrnan and Mr. Ferstl was Moore, Edna Sorenseu, X,UUH UI ^farmer until he retired 22 years'Fehrm, Zada Grovcr, Milla Jasper-!J t^Kt). ! son t Glen JonV** ric "" v ' t ' 1 ^f" « T«t*. i Funeral services will be held at : I.ee Nugent, .the St. Benedict Catholic church at ''airy. Emily f - o'clock this week Tuesday morn-; Hutchison, r* ' 1 RosewaTl 5 T i AVa ker Dorr, me, the Rev. A. J. Wegener, Wes- thy Hutchison, Olga Carlson ley, m charge, assisted by the pas- Alfred Kresensky, Aileen Sander- tor of the St. Benedict church. son, Mabel Pratt, Robert Danson Mr. I-erstl was born at Beaver i Blanche Kinyon. Cora Ferguson' . m ' Wis - November 13, 1856. He Doris Mitchell,'Florence Quarton' Your vote will be appreciated ! IS surv 'ved by three sons George Rennie Lischeske, John McFarland' jJr.. Max, and Richard, St. Benedict, i Fred Geigel, Marguerite Moe Zita iilnrl nnn rln.tnUt ^ r T . . f/-v..: -. , *-."\-, ^vjlcl at (lie Call theater at 11 a. m. I T!io program started at 30 May 30, followed'by the parade to!o'clock with a band concert by a here, now a'baud. This was followed by an excellent speech on law enforcement by Attorney Robert Blue, of Eagle Grove. Then came the picnic dinner with small groups eating together, Township road levies in almost as a general picnic dinner would all Kossuth townships were to be |' JC almost an impossibility with s° and member of the new !' old age pension board, was to give a short address at the cemc- R a. = land one daughter, Mrs. Laura 'Quinn. Louise Magnusso'n," a"nd Eva : Richter. A\ esley. His wife and five ; Peterson. j children preceded him in death.; ...» I Three sisters and one brother are • postal clerk, died of heart disease. Funeral services were held here at on j V'. ree s , lstel 's and one brother are' Katherine only dauehtpr nf TUr M 7 services were held here at All I rfc A fVTC ''!™* ;TMrs - Martln Rahm and Mrs-Sand Mrs. Jos. Paxson was mirried Ilcahome ' but the body was taken A L. L. JL U A IN a ! (T • M- Immerfall, St. Benedict, Mrs.; May 28, 1914, to Frederick B! Shaf- P6nCe '' f ° r buria1 ' You can now secure a loan 5300.00 or less at our new low rate . Minn., Joe j for, of New | mediately for Indianapolis to at- ttiilclrcn'.s Day T'roprnm Planned— i™,? h national automobile races. Our new plan will mean a sub-i Plans are under way for a Chil-li bnde s r °°m was to practice fetantial saving to you. jdren's day program at the Metho- New HamDton The Federal offers you the most: (list church, tbe second Sunday in I * « « * complete loan service in the State.; June. The Sunday school superin-1 C " Bf Hut chins and C. W. Hop- Various loaning plans. ; tendent, K. R .Rowley, has appoint-i kins were re PUblican primary can- Reduced payments. | ed a committee to prepare the pro- i diuates for supervisor in the Al- As Jong as 20 months to repay, 'gram and have charge of practice j6° na - Un i°n-Plum Creek district. WHY PAY MORE THAN OUR • The Preparatory membership class Mr- Hutcflins sent a personal letter NEW LOW RATES? | a bright and earnest class of 15 to every voter saying he had been If you need monev for anv our- ! members - will meet at the church, ]1 years in Drainage work, ten pose ' ' ; as us ual, at 7:30 this week Friday I years as count y surveyor, and six See i evening. The Study class which |years county auditor, which he H. N. Kruse i has Ephesians for its subject will \ tllou g ht qualified him for the posi- meet at the church at 8 o'clock this I' 1 ?"' He added that " Phone 125 Federal Algona week Tuesday evening. There will be an official board meetine at thp ' Moines p a MORRIS CANDIDATE FOR RE-ELECTION (Two to Church Gathering— Anna Flom and Ada Simpson ;went to La Crosse, Wis., Saturday, I to attend a convention of the j Young People's societies of the j Evangelical Free church. The Wes- i ley girls accompanied a carload of Has served Fourth District faith- : Ct ° UI f g P e °Plo from Britt, anoth fully and well and seeks re-elec-JThe Rev. Mr. BeTnsten'is pastor^ ;those two churches; the Wesley | church, also in his pastorate, is friend of Mr. Hopkins tion on records. s trict have cause to be grateful to Mr. Morris for many reasons. He has probably been one of the hard- Lrects Monument for Husband- Mrs. A. J. Andrewson, widow of a for mer feeloved pastor of the E ------ i e est working men ever to serve on F. churches at Britt and Wesley the Board of Supervisors. Weather came to Br Supervisors. Weather conditions have never meant anything to Mr. Morris and when a blizzard has been raging he was usually to be found riding a snow plow and doing his bit along with the men that usually attend to such work. On drainage matters he has been very attentive to duty and road work has been handled in a most satisfactory manner. The past year or so, all supervisors have had more or less to contend with in regard to handling the aid for the poor that has been far from pleasant in many instances. Mr. Morns has not shirked this line of duty and in most cases he has made satisfactory arrangement whereby everyone has been please at the action taken. The Fourt District is not only a large one bu Is in some particulars a difficu one to serve with satisfaction t all. Mr. Morris is well located t handle the work of this distric and demands on his time have bee numerous and constant, still he ha served with a smile and a willing ness seldom equalled by other me m like positions. The voters of th Fourth District will do well t cast their ballots next Monday fo Chas. Morris. (This advertisement written an paid for by friends of Chas. Mor fa.) Devoe's Gives Lasting Results! The quality of Devoe's 1934 paints assure durability of color and of coating. A complete variety for every indoor and outdoor purpose. Use Clean-All to clean your walls and woodwork, and Devoe's Paste Wax for your floors. You will marvel at the results. BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. JEtt POOL, Mgr. Phone 256 came to Britt Friday, her errand being to put up a monument for her husband in the Britt cemetery where he and his brother, also a pastor of these churches, lie buried. Mrs. Andrewson was brought from her home at Chicago by a daughter and the daughter's husband. She was to remain until this week Friday, and return by train. Ten Parochial School Graduates— The parochial school closed this week Tuesday. Graduating exercises will be held at St. Joseph's church next Sunday. Graduates are: John Weig, Mark Studer, Mathias Erdmann, Duane Sherman, James Cruise, Dorothy Youngwirth Alice Forburger, Lucille Hildman, Ruth Muehe, and Thelma Opedahl. Teaches Extra School Week- Marion Paulson, who taught the Henry Swanson school in Orthel township the last year, finished a week ago last Friday and then, to permit Mr. Naeske, the teacher of the Lolling school, just north, to get off earlier, he taught the closing week for him, completing the term Friday. Mr. Paulson was a professor in the Minneapolis Bible Institute; his wife, also a profes- he was a and would not have filed had he known that Mr. Hopkins would run. The latter was nominated and elected. * « • « Henry. 28, son of Herman Tjarks, Titonka, was drowned May 25, 1914, in Buffalo creek. He had KITTEiTBALL LATEST RAGE ATLEDYABD Ledyard, May 29—Local men and boys are interested d n kittenball •at present. Four learns have b-'en organuwi with Jess OKeefe jack McDonald, Warres Lloyd and El- vm Carpenter as captains. La;-* week Tuesday, Warren Lloyd's team defeated McDonald's, 12-6 and last Thursday evening Carpenter's twiin defeated OKeefs's Governor's day was to be cele- •ateu at Burt May 2S. Gov George W. Clarke was to give an address. * » « » A new city well here 998 feet deep had been completed. • « * * Lee Nugent had honored himself and Algona by winning first in broad jump in a track meet at Des Moines. tbe same. Only ten had reduced i largo a crowd. Another concert the levy. was given by the band, several se* * * lections were sung by the high Frank H. Hendricks, Milwaukee!school E'rls' sice club, and Irene 'Swenson, accompanied by Mrs. Opal Morrison, played two musical saw solos. A program of sports, including a tug of war, a rolling pin throwing contest, foot races for people of all George agos n!ul sizes, and kittenball games, followed. Several eating stands were run by tbe committees in charge, and free ice cream was served to children of school age, and free coffee was served to all who desired it at jnoon, Diplomas Given Seniors- Social events last week mostly centered around school activities. The class play, Mrs. Temple's Telegram, was well given last week Wednesday evening before a large crowd. The characters were well chosen for their parts and the audience was kept entertained. The orchestra furnished music preceding the Play, and the little German Band, and a quartet, composed of Maxine Smith, Vernon Lang, Grant Jennings Jr., violins, and Wesley biiaub, piccolo, accompanied by Doris Genricb, on the piano gave Oairnun 1 •«..«. 1 * . » o« ' " the brain. The Rev. Mr. Lelnbach expects to fill the pulpit next Sunday, To Piny n't DPS Moines— Irene and Beruice Swenson left Saturday morning for a few (lays visit with an aunt at Canton, S. D. They were to return Tuesday and Irene Is to accompany Richard Nl- ver when he plays a clarinet solo at the national music contest at Des Moines this week-end. Former Tnstor Critically Ill- Mrs. Ray Stone was called to Cedar Falls last week Thursday by the serious illness of her father the Rev. 13. C. Schroeder, a former Evangelical pastor here. Children Hare Mnmps— School closed just in time for seven or eight children ns tha many came down with the mump Friday or Saturday. Loses, Wins. The Sinclair kittenball Played a-«ieknri *_. n ~. ...._ temore WWttemor-rwon.Ts. .F P'ckot 4-3, 18 gni "c %, I 1 >».:* Wm. S. and field Dr. and Mrs. B. A. Seeley had left for the Philippines, but it was going to take them till July 2 to get there. * * * * A talking moving picture was to be shown here. The machine was a combination of phonograph and motion pictures. It was advertised that the mayor of New York City would be heard, and this was thought wonderful for he had died some months before. 9-8. S. S. Class Has 1'icnic Alethia Brock entertained her sor, is a daughter of Mrs Skow. Peter Father Baxter Memorial Speaker— The John Ormsby family will attend Memorial services at Britt this week Wednesday, Mrs. Ormsby's uncle, the Rev. Father Baxter, being speaker of the day. If the weather is pleasant, the program will be given in the park, if not, in the high school auditorium. Father Baxter will be accompanied by his nephew, Charles Baxter, Owatonna, Minn., and the two will stop here for the Wesley group. Minneapolis Preacher Speaks— The Rev. E. N. Rierson, president of the Minneapolis Bible Institute, conducted services at the Evangelical Free churches at Britt and the Jpper Flat Sunday morning, the Rev. Mr. Bernsten being away at a convention at La Crosse. In the evening Mr. Rierson held union services at Britt for the Britt, Up- Jer Flat, and Wesley churches. First Communion for 20— Twenty-nine boys and girls par- ook of first and Solemn commun- on at St. Joseph's church last Sun- lay morning, the service beginning L i ', oUi ohn Bleicli to Wed— Banns for John Bleich and Madene Sartor, Titonka, were called or the first time at St. Joseph's hurch Sunday morning. Sunday school cli.ss at a picnic at Woods Lake Friday night. The guests included her parents, and Evelyn Mayne, Howard Dunn, Cor* don and John Matzener, Jack Reece, Lewis Alver, Pryllis, and Jean and Marjorie Gable ,>and Marjorie Mayer. To Visit Dells and Fair- Evelyn Anderson deft Sunday to vsit the Dells in Wisconsin, tihen on to -attend the Chicago World Fair before resuming her work as a telephone operator in Chicago She had spent three weeks with ner parents here. To Enter Academic Tests- Henrietta O'Keefe and James Logan will represent the Ledyard school i n the academic tests at Iowa City June 4. Henrietta will write m algebra and James in literature. Free Movies Are Shown— Free Talking movies sponsored oy tlie Community club were •shown on a lot by the depot last week Wednesday evening. These shows will be continued for some time. Swea Cityansliell Poppies— Several members of the Swea City Legion Auxiliary were in town Saturday night selling pop- CLARA SCHWIETERT BURTGIRL, BRIDE Burt, May 29—Announcement has been made of the marriage of Clara E., daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. H SfCnwt i etert> to Melvin L. Hunt, son of Mrs. John Miller, Riceville, March 3 at the Methodist parsonage, Sioux Falls, by the Rev. J. P. Robertson. Mrs. Hunt had taught in the Dol- !iver schools several years, and Mr Hunt, a mechanic, was employed in a Dolhver garage Mr. and Mrs. Hunt will spend two weeks with the former's mother at Riceville and at Mrs. Hunt's home here, after which they will f? f ° s J e S°- N. Y., where Mr. Hunt had employment last fall and hopes again to find work Mrs. Hunt was honor guest at a shower given by Mrs. Stillman, Mrs Womack, and Mrs. 0. P. Stow Wednesday evening, May 16, at Dolhver. She received many gifts which were displayed on a fable decorated with orchid and several numbers between acts Thursday evening at the commencement exercises the orchestra Played. Richard Niver gave a clarinet solo, Ruth Smith sang Morning and Dr. E. H. Bell, of Lincoln, Neb. spoke on The Present Age "id Its Challenge to Youth. The class is composed of Wavne Lang, Edna Hintz, Eileen Neal Clem Snyder, Richard Niver, Roberta Masterson, Harold Millerf, and Marvel Davidson. Supt A C Ev ans presented the class, and' the diplomas were given by Mrs. J 0 Marty, president of the board. Other Lu Verne News. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mason and [laughters, of Clarion, spent Sun day with relatives. Jennie Mason ivho has been visiting at Clarion the past three weeks, returnee with her. Irma and Donna Mason are spending the week here. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Wermerson. Richard Carmen, and Bobby went to Huron, S. D., last week, Mr. Wermerson was to return Tuesday, but the rest of tho family was to visit longer at Wayne Dornberger's. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Huber have noved into their rooms above the pool hall again. Mrs. Huber recently returned from St. Louis, where she had been helping care for a relative who was ill. A lattice fence, made by boys in the manual training class, has been placed in front of the Kunz lot on Main street filling, a need long felt by many people in Lu Verne. Amber Rogers has returned to her work at Fort Dodge Mercy hospital after an enforced vacation of several weeks because of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Farley, Bristol, S. D., are spending their vacation at the parental Rev. D. Lang home. Mr. Partridge and Audrey, Owatonna, Minn., came Sunday morning to take Norma to her home there. Edythe Candidate f or County Treasm ou the REPUBLICAN Tffl would appreciate your support. First attempt for office. Thirty years a resident of K OSSuth countJ Teacliers Are Honored— school the five Gardner, Los Angeles, arrived last week to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Gardner. Little Shirley Kruse, of Arnold's Park, is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Toohey. The contribution toward the poppy sale conducted at Lu Verne Saturday amounted to $14 . The Rev. C. V. Hulse, of Algona, is to be speaker at the Decoration aay services here. Mrs. Susan Rollins, Silvus, 111., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jennie Le Vier. •« Coast to Coast Store! Week-End Specials FISHING BODS 49c to $1.05 Hods of excellent construction. Resilient and powerfully built. n not returning to Lu Verne f m as held at th e city hall as week Tuesday evening, and six tab es were in play, with Mrs. PC Lichty and Fred Graham winning C ° 6 crepe paper and a~ Targe "basket 0 lilacs in the center Mrs. E. C. Schwietert and Helen een Schwietert are giving a shower In The honorees, Mrs Morrison, Irene and Bernice Swenson, H aze l Leupold and Nor Off for South America. Burt, May 29— Mr. and Mrs. E. U Sanderson lately received word that their son Norman, who had been working in a lumber mill at Fort Gamble, Wash., a year, would sail sometime last week for four months inSouthAmerica. PISHING REELS 08c Fishing reel of rustless metal. Every type for stream and lake fishing. HOES 49c PALMOLITE SOAP Reg. lOc bar, 4 bars for _10c HARD WATER SOAP 3 bars 9c BARN PAH! 5 gallon lots, ga n 0tt HOUSE Ready mixed, $2 val, H 6ach by Mr - Graham, repre- the group of friends and each responded with a short talk A delicious lunch was served. Visitors Furnish Music— . The Rev. and Mrs. D. Lang en Other Ledyard News. Roy Link went to Omaha ' jveek Wednesday to aUend Oliver Tractor and Plow Co c vention. He returned Sunday and •brought home his wife con children who his had wife and two spent a spen a with her parents near Sioux M, " " Mankato last week Tues- and E 11 / 1 ,' % fter L10yd Havoraon £? Ed . Looft ' who had gone there to purchase an electric motor for , ° Ver the his brother Newton Lang his wife and daughters, of Wilton Mr and Mrs. N. Lang are both good BlngePB and furn ^ sn ^ e Jog music for the morning and evening services at the the Lang-Hahn will conduct quartette, which devotional periods 10. „«,,, over WSUI at 9:15 p. m. June Pastor's Daughter is Dead- who w,* , o was to have preached at the Pres byterian church last Sunday was unable to do so because of' Hulse is Speaker. The Rev. C. V. Hulse was LU Me- BAKE i J9c MOTOR OIL SAE 30, gallon 30x3% tires . 30x3% tubes 100 ft. 3-8 in. rope Car front floor mats'" 1 — • . . SEATCOVEBS Front, coupe and coach. Joe Bloom, Algona COAST TO COAST STORE ctv City. pies. Bridegroom is Cbari varied— Last week Tuesday evening Other Wesley News. The Lawrence Ricke family, o Williams, visited the Henry Rlckes and Charles Froelichs Sunday. Mrs Oscar Erickson, Elmhurst, 111. came Friday for a two weeks' visi with her aunt, Miss A. McPherson The Al Wagner family, Corwith spent Sunday here with Mrs. Wagner's parents, the B. F. Felts. Erma Ward, who taught at Mitchell, is at left for their homes: Helen Reimer, Edgewood, Candace Packard, Renwick, Margaret MeConnell, Mediapolis, Esther Beck, Bellevue Roger Willert, Reinbeck. The homes of Supt. Rowley and Margaret Looft are here. Mrs. Henry Kunz went to Minneapolis and St. Paul last Thursday to visit her son Clare, and daughter, Ivyl Marie. Clare has been sick, and part of Mrs. Kunz's errand was to observe her daughter's birthday Friday. The Theron Hansen family went l-nday afternoon to Washington, Iowa, where Mrs. Hansen's parents live. They returned Sunday evening, bringing Mrs. Hansen's brother, Merrill Johnson, who will re- Howard Maynes went to Al- •ic'ay to spanc t relaiives. Edith Logan ac- r a L auKns A ^nt Pe ?: erS w^ t.5 Sunday. There they .Slufg K. Sperrys, Renwick, for a .1 Mrs. George Thompson tanned Ihe Methodist Aid weiner roast last Thursday "even"- ing. A good crowd attended. Claire, Charles, Robert, and Will Parnsh all of Ramd citi 3? n-i J K.J =*jis*?- ™-™v.S: T\ *i -- — — «»»v m i^jtJVr I OrK Death was caused by a tumor on picnic, enter- at a Rapid City PalTi9h ' ' Dak ' *T MEALTIME WEEK-END SPECIALS Coffee, THAN YOU CLAIMEI "Your claims for it were very mod**," write* Harold R. Boles of 1 about his 1934 Pontiac Eight Sedan. "I find that the car more than fulfill of I motor smoothness, ease of operation, speed, riding comfort and economy (I ml 16 miles to the gallon)." ... Mr. Boles U but one of hundred, who have written their praises of the new Pontiac Eight. Read what others wy: xr:«&? pound. main to work. home at Clarence Ward's for summer vacation. the Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis, Belmond, and Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Ward, Shell Rock, with their son Wallace, called on their uncle W P. Giddings, Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Davis and Le Roy are children of the late Arthur Ward, Algona, and they first visited the Wesley cemetery, where Mr. Ward is buried. The public school teachers have Supt. K. R. Rowley, with Mrs. Rowley and the children, left this we .? k Tuesday for a two week visit WI ' h Mrs. Rowleys parents, Mr and Mrs. Jones, at Atlantic, at the v,' , ' n visited friends here Friday Last week Wednesday the ^ Thompson. Worden yr Strand, and L. A. Nitz called on Mrs. Parish at Winnebajro n,ff?T 6 l, Weaver 's Bother, O f Buffalo Center, ; has been here th« is sick. 'L. W. Wiemer's niece, Margaret Pfiel. Radcldffe, and * friend" MiS da^here SP6nt Saturda y and Sun- The R^iDh Olsons and the Rev. „ ev F. O. Johnson were Sunday din- the V " A - Weslf retum to The Wm. Carman family, Wesley, and Mrs. Carman's father, W D Kearns, Burt, went to Webster City Sunday, to visit and decorate the grave of Mrs. Carman's mother the late Mrs. Kearns. Mrs. Olaf Funnemark will entertain the Phoebe Priscillas local Congregational Aid this week Thursday, and at the same time '•™! n A e !£ al S ^ e Seneca Lutheran The Catholic Sisters, six in number, will leave soon to spend the summer at their home convent St Francis, Milwaukee. M , " - s. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Carpenter left Tuesday for Keokuk to visit Superb Oats, large pkg. __ Dill Pickles, quart jar ___ Blackberries, No. 10 can __ Aid. Supt. and Mrs. Rowley entertain- w J JSenior cla ss last week Wednesday evening. "Anagrams" was the entertainment his •orotner, who is a dentist TlVlA M A >^. UCUUfct i,i*tA\3, me N. A. Pmgles, Mrs. Chas Hilferty, and Mrs. Arthur Zielskie were m Blue Earth Saturday Mrs. Ace Warner is spending two weeks at Fenton caring fol Mr. Warner's mother. The Elmer Andersons, Clarksville spent the week-end with tbe Gus Andersons. E.litU j ooft left last week Tues- her work as 2 Irg- pkgs. Sum-R-Aid, 4 ounce 23c, i/ 2 ounce Frute-Gel., asst. flavors, pkg. La Prance, dime pkg. Satina, per pkg. Tomatoes, No. 2 can I Green Beans, No. 2 can __ .19c - 15c 15c - - 39c or Kell. Corn 21 c ttfeSLWS" . *. CWef of Police i »» ™ at Des Moines. Sanborn, Cecil over the visited their son week-end. . Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Wiemer were m Des iMomes last week Tueeflav Marvel and Alvira Halvorson are visiting an aunt near Elmore Mr. and Mrs. Tice Brack were! at Eagle Grove last Tftureday. Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, Britt was here Monday oa business. ' Pork and Beans, large can White Loaf Flour 49-lb. bag Beans, mealy, 3 Ibs. -—______ Oatmeal, bulk, 7 pounds Salmon, 2 tall cans Marshmallows, lb. bag See H! Drive CHECK YOUR MOTOR CAR JQDGMEHT! Get this Come in and get your copy -it's 1 —- PONTIAC 8 FOR YOUR Klassie Motor Co. Algona, Iowa

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