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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, May 31, 1934
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ALGONA, IOWA, MAY 31', 1934 10 Pages Number 37 or Part of Corn jnderSealCanbe Released. , fly H. J. B° dc ' L fo nty AVarclmuse Board. P C !> of "*e unu.ua! con"tin" many bortow- ! corii find themselves c , rn tor .-; 1cii ^j c0ewt [" ' th: they by hch fo" n .<! r , s DEED RESULT OF HOPELESS POOR HEALTH Foils Family Interference by Going to Outhouse. Jens Peter Ruberg, G4, retired Lu Verne farmer, ih.anged himself with his suspenders and a belt ir* the outhouse adjoining his. Lu Verne home Wednesday morning at about 8:30. Mr. Ruberg had been suffering from a tumor at the base of the brain which was causing slow paralysis, and he had attempted suicide the night before and again earlier that morning, but Iliad been frustrated both times. Members of Mercury Climbs to 106 in Record Beaking Heal Wave A.scorching lieat. wave which I months. The other months haro forced up the mercury to 101 do- recorded only fractions of normal. Practically the only snowfall of the winter fell in March. Reports from the country show crops suffering, and unless rain falls soon they will be burned out. Many corn fields, however, appear to an inexperienced observer to be Ki-ccs hero Tuesday and 100 de- grocK Wednesday continued today (Thursday) when at 2:30 o'clock the 105 mark was reached. The high marks wore reached as he month of May brought to an situation .it may to await instructions secretary at Des "Wa*ington. The "agriculture, when „ informed me that this was considered and that some i could .be expected from iington immediately. How to 1'ay loan Off. ien a borrower wishes to pay r all of his loan, Ihe should the procedure outlined in 'regulations, Sec. 17, and , BU1 d get in touch with the bank f lending agency through, which was negotiated. Sec. 17 ["A producer may obtain the >re- se o fall or any .part of the ,,lateral pledged upon ihis re- rest in willing and payment of amount due thereon together accrued interest and proper end one of the hottest and dryest jKi'owing in spite of lack of rain. Mays on record. jCorn in places is eight or ten inch- During the month the rainfall , os high. was only .60 inch, while normally May has a rainfall of 4.58 inches. The total deficiency since last Oc- .ober is now 0.04 inches. The records of rainfall since Sep- Grass is dying under the fierce sun, and farmers report no pastures. Use of city water still remains at a high and dangerous rate of consumption. City officials are .ember 30 compared with lollow: October 2.43 the family were keeping a watch on him to prevent another attempt. Mr. Ruberg answered a daughter's call wlhile he was in the outhouse, and when he failed to answer a later cal.l she and a neighbor investigated and found the body. Doctor Corbin was called but the man was dead. Mr. Ruberg was born November 2, 1870, at Hjoring, Denmark, was in ibis 64th year. He came to this country about 30 years ago. He lived on a farm .near Lu Verne more than ten years, but moved to town last March because of poor health. There are five children, Mrs. Mabel Holmes and Peter Ruberg, who live at Lu Verne, and Cora, Anna and Ohris, at home. Mrs. Ru•berg ibad left the house for a short time when the suicide occured. Dr. R. A. Evans, county coroner was called and pronounced the .84 .40 .71 .49 ,.15 2.41 1.17 .60 March was the only month to register more than normal in eight Movember 1.55 December 1.14 January 1.07 February 1.21 March 1.77 April May norma l | willing that water be used for new shrubbery, but use for lawns and Normal Rainfall gardens is forbidden. Temperatures for the last follow: May 23 68 May 24 71. May 25 89 May 26 83 May 27 86 May 28 !)3 2.96 4.58 May 29 May 30 101 106 FIRST CHECKS FOR CORN-HOG FARMERS HERE Nearly $13,000 Sent for Distribution in Kossuth. Checks for GO early-pay corn-hog contract signers were received Friday, and were distributed early in le week. Tihe early-pay contracts re those in which 1 authority was iven by the signers to the coun- y allotment committee to change :ie figures without consulting the ontractors. Changes are made necessary by bange in the county allotment. On regular contracts the contrac- ed acres and -hog quota for each igner must be re-checked by thet armer and bis local committee and the farmer's 0. K. secured. On early-pay contracts this for- GRAVEL CONTRACTS LET TO OUTSIDERS EX-ALGONIAN 29 GRADUATED BY ALGONA ACADEMY; THEOBALD SPEAKER Note to lie Heturned. | "If the'release of all collateral d; tlie producer's note and i agreement, with the farm taretouse certificate or certifi- ptes securing same, will he trans- to an approved bank with tructions to detach the note i the loan agreement and de- both the note and thei warehouse certificate or ificates to the .producer, or his Igtnt, upon the payment of the rant due thereon with accrued iterest and proper charges and return the loan agreement to deatlh a suicide. Funeral servces will -be held at the ihome tomorrow, CIBARET SETS FIRE TO BEHLMER AWNING Paper Day Late; Vacation Taken At St. Cecelia's Academy Sunday evening more than 700 persons- attended the third annual commencement exercises. The Rev. Father George Theobald, St. Joe, congratulated the class of '34 on having readied another milestone in its educational career, also the parents who made t)he sacrifices necessary for their children to have a Christian education, the faculty which guided the class to higher ideals, and in particular Father Davern who by earnest efforts has done much for the furtherance of education in Algona. Pupils who received diplomas for completion of the academic Because Memorial day this year fell on Wednesday, which is the busiest day of the week for weekly papers, the Advance is one day lute this week, or, rather, is printed the night of the regular issue day instead of in the night before. Tapers will therefore not reach subscribers in the county till Friday morning, and papers going to most points elsewhere will arrive a day Inter than usual. The new lights on the kittenba The awning at the Behlmer Al course were: John Baker, Gertrude diamond will be initiated tomorro KITTENBAIi TOMORROW NIGHT UNDER LIGHTS mmodity Credit tfasliington, D, C. Corporation, I "Where such paper is sent to an, iptoyed bank for collection in- •uction will be given to return paper to the sender if .pay- t and release are not effected Mu 15 days. All charges and ses of the collecting' bank i be paid by the producer.' Partim Mease Allowed. 'Partial releases of collateral made on the same basis, ill . ._ f taept that the certificate or"cer- ites desired to he released? • cover separate cribs or struc- 3p and will be sent to an ap- ived bank for delivery to the xlucer, or Ms agent, upon thd "Bent of the amount loaned ween, together with accrued in- est and proper charges. The iflucers note will he credited iby ri i, < r unodity Cred it Corporation m the amount of such -payment : received. L a producer's 3 directly to Commodity Corporation, and he desires the release of any oi« "lateral upon payment he should notify the gonquin confectionery caught fire Saturday. It is thought that someone threw a cigaret on it. The blaze was discovered by Alice Behlmer, who was in the confectionery. The fire was put out with buckets of water, and the firemen were not called. George St. John, fireman who clerks at Moe & Sjogren's, helped to put it out. The loss was covered by insurance, and it is expected that it will be replaced this week. It was new just before the Fourth of July last year. A small fire was put out at the George Lee home on south Minnesota street a week ago without the aid of the firemen. Rubbish in the furnace caught fire, and because the chimney was clogged the smoke couldn't get out. Oscar Anderson, fire chief, was called and put the fire in the furnace out. The only damage done was from smoke. W. B. Williams, Dakota City, and the Paul Construction Co., Fort Dodge, were successful bidders for gravel jobs in Kossuth county at a letting held by the board of supervisors Monday. Mr. Williams will have the graveling in the south half of the county at a contract figure of $14,897.55, and the Paul company will have the North End at $15,487.35. There are 45 miles of graveling in this year's projects. Only Kossuth labor secured via. the federal reemployment office over the Iowa State bank, will be used, and all but highly specialized' help which cannot be replaced must work a 30-hour week. It is anticipated that the two concerns will work ten hours a day with two crews, splitting the week in the middle to meet hour requirements and using each crew half time. One-fourth of graveling costs is assessed against property contiguous, and the rest is paid from the county road construction fund. Both contractors have done much work in Kossuth, and for a time Baylor, Wesley iflehlmer, Joihn I night, when a triple-headed kitten Bestenlehner, Marita Bestenlehner,)ball series will start at 8 o'clock. nality is done away with, and the committee immediately adjusts contracts to the required figures, ind the decrease, if any, is taken out of future payments. Fanners Wio Get Checks. First payments totaled nearly $13,000, hut the amounts the farmers received are being kept secret in accordance with orders of tiha national administration. The list of early-.pay contract signers and their townsihip designation, as given by official publication some weeks ago, follows: Burt Township—Edward Bier- steclt, Wm. Carl Boehm, Karl G. Ewoldt, 'Clarence E. Householder, P. W. Kollasch, E. J. Laabs, Jothn Long Jr., !R. H. Ortman, M7 O. Riahards, 'Stoutenburg & Jones, Albert G. Volentine. Eagle Township—O. W. Berg- 1 gren, Julius Rohlf. Thirteen at Fenton. Fenton Township — (Ferdinand Bierstedt, W. J. Brass (2), E. H. Dreyer, J. W. Gross, Wm. H. Jentz, G. B. Johnson, George Jentz, Katie Menz, Chas. H. Newel, Ralph C. Priebe, W. J. AVeisbrod, W. H. Mr. Williams headquartered here KIDNAPERS' GO-BETWEEN Kidnapers in Gettle Case Send Demands Via A. E. Fox. Attstin E. Fox, former Algona boy who is a son of Mrs. M. E. Worster, has written his mother, and other relatives here about the! Gettle kidnaping in California, in >wihich he -played a part when the kidnapers made their ransom demands through him. Mr. Fox and Mr. Gettle -both of whom live at Beverly Hills, Calif., are intimate friends, and it was on that account that the kidnappers telephoned their, instructions to INTEREST IN THE RESULTS AT LOW EBB Herring Safe in the Demo Camp; G. O. P. Has Battle. I Kossuth county goes to the poll* next Monday for one of the quietest primary elections in years. Es> cept as regards local offices thera is little interest. There is practically no contest a» regards the democratic state ticket. Governor Herring is opposed by two candidates, George FincB., Sioux City, and Chas. Zylstra, Ha— warden, but Herring will carry thia- Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox Beared Here. Mr. Fox was reared on the old County Auditor E. J. Butler will hold "open house" at his offices next Monday till 1 a. m. while returns arc coming in from the primary election. A. radio will be installed to bring state returns. Thomas Bestenlehner, Irene Capesius, Joseph DaMhauser, Lucilo Dole, Rita Dooley, Adeline Erpelding, Emilia Erpelding, Laur-a Hansen, Wade Hansen, Raymond Jen- •nett, Omer Kelly, Mabel Kohl, Vernon Kohlhaas, Elizabeth Loners, Joseph Lidhter, Margaret Liohter, Bernadine Mahoney, Michael Matern, Anna Schick, Catherine Selzer, Donald Skilling, Leroy Stoffel, Catherine Streit, Francis Winkel. The program was as follows: processional, orchestra; salutatory, Raymond Jennett; Alma Mater (vocal) Class of '34; Presentation of diplomas, Rev. Fr. Day- era; address, Rev. F. Theobald; A Perfect Day (vocal), chorusi; valedictory, Lucile Dole; Star Spangled'Banner, ensemble; recessional, orchestra; .•. The first game will be between Skelly and Phillips; second, Hub vs. RCA; third, Sinclair vs. UDM. A charge of 15c will be made against all but school children who will be admitted free. This charge is made to defray expenses for the lights, etc. The regular series under lights will start next week Monday night, with two games each on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, starting at 7:30 each night. There is no charge for admission to regular games. The German band will play tomorrow night for the opening, and H. M. Vinson, Vaughn Rising, Erne Godfredson, and Philip Hemphill will be officials for the games. Widdel. Garfield Township— John Faber. 'Harrison Township—'Barney Hesik. Seneca Township— .O. H. Hansen. HATCHERY CASE TO BE TRIED IN JUNE IN FEDERAL COURT The case against Maris E. DeWolf, Spencer, owner of a number of chick hatcheries, including the Kossuth Hatchery, Algona, is expected to come up for action in June in federal court at Sioux City. His attorney is a son of Judge Heald. DeWolf, whose case has attracted national attention, is chargec with having sold chicks at a price lower than that fixed in the hatchery code. He admits the sale, bu claims that it was only for a lim ited time to get rid of surplus chicks. Announcements of DeWolf's at torney indicate that it is planned to fight the case through to the federal supreme court on the. theory that 'DeWof is not engaged in interstate business and that congress has no power to control intrastate business. Generally speaking, this is deemed inescapable law, but some courts,' federal and state, have Chubb farm south of Algona, a son ot the late Frank Fox. 'Besides lis mother, two sisters, Mrs. Cora; Mrgin and Mrs. Cleve Stewart, live lere. Austin left Algona 32 years ago, going to Greeley, Colo., where he started a general merchandise department store. In partnership with J. B. Myars a chain of sudh stores which eventually ibecame second only to the stores was founded. J. C. Penny This chain. was merged with the Penny chain five years ago, and at that time the partnership had 156 stores in Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, and California. Now Lives in California. Since' the merger Mr. Fox foas lived retired at Beverly Hills, California and has paid frequent visits Ihere. His most recent visit wast last summer. Mr. .Fox was married to May Jones, daughter of the late W. W. or "Watt" Jones, a well known former Algonian, but she died when their son Don, now a junior in high .school, was iborn, and Mr. Springfield Township — Ted Gabel. iSwea Township— John Hansen. Many in Union Twp. Union Township—W. B. Broderson, William Drayton, James F. Devine, Arthur M. Gustafson, D. C. Gardner, Keefe Bros., (Louis' Lowman, H. McMahon, N. D. Mitchell, William Rath, John H. Rich, Kenneth W. Rutledge, Orlan Rutledge, Robert P. Sarchett, Oharles W. Scott, Louis Scott, E. B. Tur- ™ rve the or branch n. di . » J? resi des as above provid- 8 n °l? ms made Payable ° ther than Commodity court <» informa was an- ested Monday ltd it7 at ' OI V ned by Prank Gel - eged that he was h"e driv- he ran over he waa r eleas- New Booze Store Room Here Ready for Use June 15 The rooms for the new state liquor store are rapidly becoming finished. The first layer of flooring was laid last week, and Saturday and Monday the plastering was done. This week-end painting will be done and the final layer of floor laid. It is expected that the place will be ready a week or more before opening of the liquor store on June 15. The rooms are in the south section of the Kohlhaas Bros, garage building. The room will be arranged with a counter across the front, with two desks for registration. The back two-thirds of the building will have two rows of shelving the length of the space for display purposes. A large basement is provided tor storage. Rotary Dads and Sons in Banquet Annual Lutheran Festival is Held; Ten Pastors Here The Algona Trinity Lutheran church celebrated its annual mission festival Sunday, and a large audience, especially in the afternoon, attended. The Rev. G. R. G. O. P. Delegate Slates are Named in Ward Caucuses not suffi- to bind him over to and the case was for the state . and A. Van Alstyne. ere onlune 10th are here have B for several weeks Wat7° on «» local team are: ' J n e ° odl Edw ard Hill, B. anaidi °™° r Sc anlan. Gordon o.^r.^^ard. both ol and Omar Kelly "»er. Bob Clarence Sellstrom ' and George Kanouff e gra(Je8 - «• < out Tuesday. Fathers Algona speakei The Rotarlans held a nd Sons banauet at the otel Monday homas Lutman, gregational pastor, was .nd used as his subject If Seventeen Again. His talk was addressed principally to the sons, ana he gave his ideas on bow a young person should shape life to be a success. Individuality, health, merest In vocation, personality, use of spare time, moderation, and a game of speaking ability were some of the topics he stressed. High school students furnished instrumental music. nooiii uutunu^v*. - .*~ — i j Juengel, Fort Dodge conducted forenoon services, and the Rev. Victor Kollmann, Royal, Preached in English in the afternoon. The choir and school children helped by singing. The following pastors besides the fest speakers attended, the Revs. R. W.Kabelitz Fenton E Fiene, Lotts Creek; I. G. KUz- mann West Bend; W. H. Dlscher, Whittemore; H. D. Stahmer, Cyl n- der; Louis Wlttenburg. Lu Verne, nnd W H. Schlie, Livermore. Teacher W. H. Behnke, Whittemore, wasjilso in attendance. Cue Expert Shows Trick Shots Here Tohnny Layton, ^world's cham- thiee-cushton billiard player, an exhibition at "<""•"'" Mon day afternoon At caucuses held over the weekend the. following candidates for delegates to the Republican county convention were 'nominated in Algona: First ward—G. W. Stillman, Fred Anderson, Donald Hutchison, B. F. Grose, Edw. Bartlett. Second ward — E. D. Sheehan, Mrs. Sara Geiegl, Mrs. Marie Habeger, Mrs. Louella Baker, C. R. La Barre, W. H. Godden, Bert Deal, and R. P. Norton. Third ward—Bertha E. Johnson, Mrs. Alma Nelson, Helmer Norman, Eric Nelson, Arthur Helberg. Fourth ward—R. J. Harrington, Mrs. E. C. Dickinson, Mrs. Pauline Worster, Leighton Misbach, M. P. Weaver. ner. Wesley Township—Ross P. Buf- fingiham, Bennie Eden, K, J. Fox Fred Girres, Leo Malecek (2), A B. Venteicher. Hebron Township—John Badje, Carl Beckstein, Thos. Berg, Oscar Frandle, Earl Haase, W. A. Hagedorn, J. R. Johnson, Louis Kaphengst, .Selmer Matheson, Wan Richardson, George Wicks, Car" Fjetland. handed down rulings which seemed o hold that in times of emergency he government must be upheld even if the constitution has to be strained. In the DeWolf case the prosecu- _ion will probably try to show that DeWolf was at all times willing to accept orders from outside the state, and has done some interstate ausiness. Whether the court wil lold that filling occasional orders from outside the state, where the principal business is intrastate makes an establishment subject to a law regulating interstate bus! ness presents a point which may be new. Here's Proof That Fish Which Gets Away Bites Again G. F. Towne, Dr. W. B. Andrews, and Harold Cowan returned Sunday from a week of fishing at Cass Lake, and Mr. Towne brought with him a 44%-inch, 30-lb. muskellunge. The fish was frozen at the Swift plant. A curious incident happened Frl- Poppy Sale Goes Over 2,000; Sets New Record .Here American Legion Auxiliary mem- ____________ bers had a most successful poppy day, when Mr. Towne caught a sale Saturday. Two thousand pop- fish i»hat Mr. Cowan had lost the T rti .__ J rt «ion ,,rn^o oM/I TVilt! -ma a tVio lorp-. L,_«««^i«w /lav Tt hart broken COW- * \*«1I<«AU 'ox married again. Tells Facts in Case. A letter describing Mr. Fox's' onnection with the Gettle casa ritten to his mother, follows: "Suppose you saw by the papers hat a Mr. Gettle was kidnaped :ere in Beverly Hills. Well, they ,re very good friends.of ours, and if course we were very much wor- ;ied about him until he was re- urned. "The kidnapers called me at 1 o'clock, last Sunday morning and old me where to go to get a letter 10 had written, demanding the 560,000. .1 was to get the letter and ive it to Mr. Gettle's attorney, which I did. Hansom Never Paid. "I found the letter at the church here in Beverly Hills just where he had directed me. Then he called again Monday forenoon on phone and said to get the attorney and bring him to our house, and he, the kidnaper, would call back In 30 minutes. "But he never called back, as the police -got him just as he was leaving the telephone booth; They got all three of them that afternoon, and found Mr. Gettle bound and gagged In a house about 15 miles from here.' He was unharmed and is fine now. "The kidnapers are in the pen at hard labor for life. It "was surely quite an experience. We were both quite nervous, but are all fine now." county hands down. The rest of the ticket is in the same situation^, with Leo J. Wegman, formerly St. Benedict, unopposed, and Ray Murray, Buffalo Center, having only weak opposition. These are tha only candidates in which Kossuth voters are interested. One Courthouse Contest A. H. Bonnstetter is not oppose* for the nomination for representative, and Jos. J. Meyers, Carroll, who spoke here at the Roosevelt banquet, is unopposed for congressman nomination. On county offices there is only one democratic contest. Recorder- J. J. Dooley and Eleanor J. Rahm. St. Benedict, are : contesting tha nomination. Auditor Butler, Treasurer Duffy, Clerk McEvoy, Sheriff Dahlhauser, County Attorney McMahon have clear sailing. Looks Lie Turner 'Here. On the republican ticket ther* are a few scraps. The voters ar* taking a mild interest in the racft for the gubernatorial nomination.- between former Governor Dan " Turner, C. A. Knutson, of Clear: Lake, Wallace M. Short, Sioux City, and Robert Colflesh, of Dea. Moines. It is believed that Turnec will carry the county, thought Knutson had a strong following early in the campaign with hia gross income tax panacea. Geo. W. Patterson is expected ter roll up a good-sized majority foe the nomination for lieutenant governor. He is a home candidate, and republican voters here are ex-- pected to swamp the other.; threat candidates, none of whom is knownb, in Kossuth except G. E. Cress, oft Mason City, former sheriff .there.,' who has been here occasionally. The rest of the state ticket is & muddle of contests between uib- knowns, except on secretary . ot state, for which office G. C. Greenwait, Des Moin.es, is .unopposed. H« ie called, he j d the office preceding the 193S the tele- dem0 cratic landslide. ... Two 0. 0. F. Contests. There are two battles on th» county ticket. C. W. Pearson an$ W, §, Windell, both ; of Algona, ar» candidates for treasurer, and "•* bert HargreatjTsiVHbljarton, Wm, RlcfeVefSf"'Tltonka;-. ? 5ire '.<jand£- dates for 'sheriff; •;.A : H. r four" .ha^i made strong, "'campaigns'/ and ttt* result .in;ea(ai,"— J " — K1 - pies were sold. This was the larg- ng day. It had broken Cow- n MO . est number of poppies ever s,old. by an's line and made off with the plug which Jie was using, and the the local unit. Seen Over Algona At Lu Verne 128 poppies were I plug was still in the fish's mouth] , iT1 _ ton ~^ ' 29 _A tornado sold, and at Whittemore 133. The wne n Mr. Towne caught it. This L loud n j gn j n the air passed over total amount collected was $200.55, was a 12-lb. northern pike. Algona Saturday evening. Big which will be used to help disabled| Fishing parties have been .. nu -|, w hi r .i w i nas , nav e been prevalent in . :heinterested in a- contest'for 'constable in ,whioli Floyd, Newyille, and L. T, Grlffini incumbents, are opposed by Chas* R. "Miller and Ernst Thiel. Tip sam'e'''quartet, staged a hot battla two years ago. .H. B. White and P. A. Dansojivare not opposed fq* J. P. nominations. 13 More Cars Are Sold in Kossuth Thirteen more new car licenses have been Issued in the last week at County Treasurer Duffy's office, and this brings the number of new cars sold in May to 49. The new automobile licenses were issued to,: Fords — James Hansen, Britt, Henry Madetzke, Elmore, C. E. Niemann, Whittemore, W. A. Murray, Bancroft, and Dr. F. A. Bonnstetter, Wesley; Chevrolets—E. L. De- Zellar. Helen Seeley, - veterans and their families. merous in the last two or three v i c j n j,t;y recently. An oak post ALGONA Markets this system. Check Artist Sentenced. Edward Juchem, Algona, was sentenced to 80 days in jail Saturday on a bad check charge. Tne check was drawn on the Farmers State bank .Whittemore, May 22 for $6 in favor of R. L. Maxwell. Trial was held in Justice Panson's court. Committed to Cherokee. •Ferdinand Albright, Algona, was committed to the Cherokee state hospital y the county Insanity board last week Wednesday. Hugh Post and Mrs. Glen Roland, and 47 women took part. Mrs. Ernst Thiel, Mrs. T. L. Larson,! Mrs. G. D'. Brundage, and Mrs. E. R. Morrison sold the most poppies. | Scores. Last w Wednesday Skelly de- played tonight. yesterday afternoon, C. R. La- £JC1 Jd* > j.xw»w— ~ •• _^ Barre New Ulm Distributing Co., Algona, J. N. Wilger, Lu .Verne, Frank Grandgenett, St. Benedict, and Wagner & Johnson, Fenton. An Oldsmobile was sold to M. T. McGuire, Algona. Five Wedding Permits. Marriage licenses have been issued to: Arnold Hilbert, Whltte- niore, Loraine Combes, Cylinder; Donald O. Cronan, Algona, Viola Blelch. Burt; L. E. Rasmussen Pomeroy, Mary Fairbanks, Burt; Geo. O. Hahle, Rose Steil, both Algona- Raymond E. Wehler, Algona Lucille Kunz, Wesley. life Insurance Allowed. The Modern Woodman for June lists the late Dr. F. P. Klahr among certificate holders whose death claims have been allowed. --•—-" l *•*»-• — —— i « •» J*ll*|l* IJ *«*'' *^**** **J J.OW*rf**l,*J . ii"- uv*M. X" ~" « The local unit was divided into weeks, and all have told good nsn wag . recent i y picked up at the Sim two teams under direction of Mrs. | stories. ^ Leigh farm, carried a distance and I . • HOGS __ . ~~ S* dropped again. A stick was also uo pounds $1.50 Markets DOOm aS picked up from the ground and was 160 poun <is $2.00 Rn«r*»aU entl y P la ced on the top of a post. Best meo _ wt . 160,180 Ibs. $2.50 IVttgCJ* Old t i m e rs say that certain kinds BeBt " m(?di wt> 2 00-260 -$2.9ft . , «, i , of whirlwinds are signs of dry H Butcners ;; 260 to 300 —$2.7(1 _. . , . _ , All grades of grain in the local , wea ther, whicfc predictions are p ,* hvy Bu tch.,300-350 $2.70 Shrubbery IS Set markets have gained nearly a dime very discouraging to farmers here. _ t pac jj. gows 300 to 350 __$a.8S , f\ «.¥T J T in the past week. No. 2 yellow corn The oat cro is ractica , ny ru i ne d, -^ 35Q t 4QO j 2 .2ft Out Under Tower rose from S8%c to 48c; No. 2 white and it j g believed that an immediate, racKing sows< aou -- -- — —: corn, from 43c to 52c; No. 3 white ra j n WO uld gave only a small per- More than 100 shrubbery plants oats from 28c to 37c; and No. 2 cen t of it. Gardens have either have been planted in the grounds mixed corn from 38c to 47%c. failed to grow, or having been Canners and Cutters $1.00 to below the city's new water tower. in the hog market the lighter .j>i an ted early are now at a stand Fat cows $l-7o to The ground was first leveled off, grades fell nearly 50c, but in the , s tiu. Corn toas been growing rap- Veal Calves J£3.00 to hvy. sows, 400 to 500 __$2-$2.10' nd the shrubbery was planted ac- heavier grades there was a cording to landscaping plans. It is gain. hoped that grass can be started The cattle market showed a ten- this season and that the location dency to fall. Eggs and cash cream will soon be one of the beauty are the same. Light weight ducks spots. A drinking fountain may be gained a cent, but geese fell a cent, added later. dime | idly despite conditions, but now beginning to die down. is | Fat Steers T4-00 to . Stock Steers $2.50 to $3.0» Yearlings $3-00 to Two are Graduated | Bu118 ""^ft-* 1 - 80 to By Trinity School No . 2 yeiiow com _ No. 2 white corn -68<Sh The Trinity Lutheran parish No. 3 white oats Father Prosecutes Son. No Bepublicans Wanted? j Louis Lappe, Bancroft, was 6f «-* i h . , d f the The Monitor says the second ex- a 30-day sentence in jail Monday ^hool closed ror tne arntnation called recently for post- by Justice White on a charge of ™y ™« n * ^"^a" master at Burt will not he held drunkenness filed by his father, r** under the Civil Service act, but The defendant was paroled to Sher- B^a _ era duated Sun-l" 0 - a under an executive order issued by iff Dablhauser during good tHH™^±3^iKEtar h^h Cash cream The school VT of 20 pupils. No. 1 the president last July. havior. Lacy Store Change. The Republican reports that the I -*Mallard Bank Closed. The Mallard bank was closed day and received diplomas for higb »iwr»riiDv school. They vere Ruth Will and POUJ/TBY Aleen Bolllnger. The Rev. and Mrs. | Ml heavy bred 'hens Harlem Lacy store at Humboldt last week Monday. For a year or has severed its connection with the more it had been operating under Gamble chain organization. It was state senate file No. Ill, by which never a Gamble-owned store, but new deposits were segregated, and handled Gamble goods. I such deposits will be paid in full. p. J. Braner had charge of the school. •'I':'.' t •' ".".--• Turner to Armstrong. Dan W. Turner was Memorial day speaker at Armstrong. Leghorn bens Oocka .,, 1 Ducka over 4% Jbs. „.„, Ducks under 4 pounds r Geese Turkey*}

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