Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 9
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" t» robn " lonn ,, " 1Y | th seasonable ALGONA, IOWA, MAY 24, 1934 12 Pages Number 36 orsland Confesses so and 3 Others Implicated. t week's Garner ["the story of the* I near Woden and „ ' 3 of Anders and Garner Leader oftheEisenman . _«*! rtntra fllO Leader re- man rob.,„ the con- Tliorsland, gave 'ollows: . , a[ 8 o'clock the evening o£ |l5th day of March, 1933, Mr. lifts. 0. J. Eisenman, who re- La'bungalow two miles north Lest of Woden, were seated in [dinning room of their home. „ drove into their front yard. , the lights locussed on the) se Soon after the car stopped, .edne rapped at the rear door Re home Mr. Eisenman opened ir, and as .he did so, was or- lo "throw up his hands." i refusing to dp as he was j to do, Mr. Eisenman was lt ,i over the head with a tire finally overpowered, (bound I binder twine, and left help- though not unconscious, on ['floor of the 'home. loot $7000 or $8000. .. Eisenman was forced to tell [hereabouts of hidden money, I after the robbers had secured [loot she was bound with twine ) chair, ter the robbers left the place, and Mrs. Eisenman succeeded atricating themselves and hur- 1 to the home of their son 80 ,s away. Ir. Eisenman estimated the robs got away with .between $12,000 ', }15,000. According to admis- is thus far secured from par! implicated it would appear [amount was closer to seven or (it thousand dollars. of Anders Confession. olloiring is a confession by Ea- R. Anders secured by Sheriff t Hanson May 3, 1934: 1 first heard of the 0. J. Eisen- i place through Joe Thilges. i talked that he got the informa- ii from a party who worked for enman, a young fellow who liv- Boiir or five miles form there. 7 met Joe Thilges, Leo Bestdh, I Ole Thorsland in Bode in the |rnoon. We got to drinking and ~*1 the Eisenman job. We Ief1 4:30 in the Joe Thilges' car at east to gravel road, then west of Algona, then east jmvay No. 18, and then north- t to Eisenman place. Joe Thil- drove the car, furnishing at t sun and one automobile, Leo ch had one gun. We drove by the Eisenman ». and I heard Joe Thilges Leo Besch say they had been i before, but the only time I £tee was in the afternoon be•> night the job was pulled !*s Planned Itobberies. SL"!?^' we <?rove around came in tire, t n t <*t up to the house. Do K atth6 Shed an * ' old got the There -e had to . to a tip-off a DlaoVff 65 ' Bun at the ] f^ewhenthe job was 6 ° man. I PUll- Confession. frora 16 "that of ? , substanc e 'nlfitto nders - Ole the About the once wise '^h^™ ""^Wi2: Btew Part 'faded' i wa ari, ° maha from mov e ' ^d lost It ° Ut ia chick - he UB to the"?? man of JOIN OUR BABY CONTEST HE OFFICERS gjOLTH'KUS of all the ages who have given yourselves up to the making of history, we bestow upon you the ever- blooming wreath of laurel which has been the symbol of heroism from time immemorial. You did not fight in vain, for your cause has Avon, and we know that your spirit is with us on this day, in hoping that peace will forever shed its radiance over this earth. t ^-='S r '' is accused of several torture and holdup jobs, among them the torture of Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, near Algona. A robbery in the Wihittemwre territory ist charged to them, as well as similar jobs near Mallard, in Palo Alto county. Thilges and Itesch Involved. Anders and Thorsland admit having had a part in all the crimes enumerated here, and contend that Thilges, Besc 1 !!, and Schumacher participated in the robberies. No confessions, however, have been obtained from the other three men. Anders, Thorsland and Besch will all be used as witnesses against Thilges and 'Schumacher •when the men are brought into court in Hancock county to answer for participation in the Eisenman robbery. •Leo 'BescTi has recently been brought to this county from ,the Fort Madison penitentiary, where he is serving a term on a rape charge. Tip-Off Man Unidentified. The identity of the "tip-off" man, whom, according to Anders' admissions, Thilges had to pay money, has not been revealed Anders and Thorsland, as well as Thilges, Besch, and Schumacher, will have to answer to Kossuth and Palo Alto counties for offenses in those counties as well as thi one committed in Hancock county. The rounding up of this gang was begun when Anders was arrested in Illinois for check forgery. He had secured a number of Forest City Cooperative society checks, and at intervals would use one of them filling in various names and amounts. How Anders Was Trapped. After his arrests, Anders was placed in jail in Illinois to await the arrival of Wi nne ba£° county authorities to bring him to Forest City. During this waiting period, he confided to a fefllew prisoner, (placed there for the purpose of gaining" his confidence) that be had taken part in the Eisenman robbery. From this beginning, Sheriff Hanson, with the cooperation of peace officers of nearby counties, .patched together a net of circumstances which developed into apprehension of the entire gang. Algona Youth Gets U. S. Forestry Job Darrell, son of the Floyd New- villes, left for Wyoming Friday, and will be employed in the U. S. forestry service in the national forest near Yellowstone park. He has ttpent two summers In the west and this year was released from school at Ames early to take up the work as his studies at the college were satisfactory. Resigns as Marshal. William Ricklefs, marshal at Tl- tonka and candidate (or the republican nomination for sheriff, has resigned as marshal in order to devote more time to Us campaign 3 TOWNSHIPS HAVE- ASSESSOR BATTLES In 20 out of the 36 taxing dis- :ricts of the county there are candidates for assessor. In Irvington township there is a three-front primary election battle between A. L. Greenfield, Mrs. A. L. Benschoter, and Leslie Jenkins for the republican nomination. There will be fall election contests in Plum Creek and Cresco townships. The list of filings for assessor with names of incumbents in boldface, follow: Plum Creek—H. L. McEnroe (D); Hollis Benschoter (R). Cresco—Chas. H. Lindhorst (D); Mrs. Eleanor Potter (R). Hebron — Oscar Frandle (R); Maynard Sohn (D). Lotts Creek—Andrew Elbert (D). Wesley—Henry C. Nelson (D). Ramsey—Arthur Cogley (D). Greenwood—Clarence Yaske (D). Riverdale—Thos. K. Crahan (D). Whittemore—James llogan (D). Garfield—Henry Klepper (D); Ed Edwards (R). Irvington—A. L. Greenfield (B); Mrs. A. L. Benschoter (R); Leslie Jenkins (R). Seneca—J. W. Bolllg (D); Chris Dahl (R). Burt—]{. P. Hawcott (R). Fenton—Fred C. Wegener (R). Sherman—E. C. Green (R). German—Herman Ubben (R); John A. Sleper (D). Lu Verne—Edw. Chambers (R). Portland—E. M. Harsch (R): Roy Mann (R). Ledyard—L. H. Junkermeier (R). Credit Loan Rate is Reduced to 5 Since the Emmetsburg Production Credit Association was organized there have been two reductions in the interest rate. Originally the rate was 6 per cent. Later it was reduced to 5% per cent, and now to straight five per cent. This is only on new loans. This association operates under government auspices and serves Dickinson, Clay, Emmet, Palo Alto, and Kossuth farmers. It loans against chattel security for production purposes. The money comes from a federal intermediate credit bank at Omaha. H J. Bode, Plum Creek farmer, is a director of the association, and Kossuth farmers desiring loans may consult with him. W. M. Townsend, Emmetsburg, is secretary-treasurer. ^ Lu Verne Celebration Planned. Lu Verne, May 8—At a community club meeting last week Monday a committee was appropriated to meet with representatives of the woman's clubs, Churches, schools, and other orga-mzations to plan a community picnic, ine initial meeting was held Saturday evening, and plans are now under way. LAKOTA GIRL IS MARRIEDJYIAY 1ST Ledyard, May 15 — Elizabeth, daughter of Mrs. Keller, Lakota, and Edwin, son of the David Dav- ises, of Given, were married at Sacred Heart church Tuesday, May 1, the Rev. Peter Sturm officiating. The bride was attended by Catherine Brannon, a classmate, and the bridegroom was attended by John Keller, brother of the bride. The bride wore an ankle length dress of white net over satin and a veil of white net. Miss Brannon, bridesmaid, wore an ankle length dress of copen blue pringle crepe with white accessories and carried pink carnations. The bride lived tiere many years and was graduated from the local high school. Later she was graduated from the Mercy hospital School of Nursing at Des Moines. The bridegroom is a graduate of the Eddyville high school, taking a two-year course In business at Penn college, Oskaloosa, and was later graduated from the Carpenter college of embalming, St. • Louis, Mo. He is the mortician at the F. S. Stewart funeral home at Leon. After a short honeymoon they will be at home at Leon. Boss Defendant in Landlord Case LOOKS LIKE FULL PROGRAM HERE ON FOURTH^ OF JULY Secretary E. L. Vincent, of the county fair, has been quietly lining up one of the biggest list of attractions over offered here at a Fourth of July celebration. To date some 20 acrobats, gymnasts, comedians, and contortionists have been dated for the big one-day event. The list includes Bert Clinton in a bar comedy; Billy Reed & Co. In Japaneze balancing; the Three Riskas, comedy acrobatists; the Four La Verns, contortionist tumblers; the Four Mountford Sisters, singers and musicians; and the Six DeCardos, comedy acrobatists. In addition to platform attractions Mr. Vincent has booked a Thearle-Duffield fireworks program. This company furnished all displays at the 1933 world's fair, Chicago, and also has the contract for this year's displays. Two "rides" are already on the grounds, having been moved here from winter quarters. The crews are headquartering at the fairgrounds. Mr. Vincent has received numerous inquiries from other concessions, and a full midway is expected. This sort ol business, like all others, has had a big revival in recent months, patronage being much better, especially In the mid- west. There will be races on the afternoon program, including automobile and running races. At Floral hall the annual Fourth of July dance will be given to music by one of the best orchestras in this part of the country. Mr. Vincent feels that the depression is over, and that Kossuth people will again wish to have a real Fourth of Jury celebration. The broken spirit of a year or so ago has been forgotten, and with this idea in mind he has enlarged this year's program. Bancroft Water Plant Repaired Bancroft had an unusual experience with its city water plant week before last. The pumps seemed to be working all right, but the water supply kept diminishing. For a time it was thought that the wells might be playing out. Finally L Mason City expert was called, md it was found that the casing tad rusted out. New casing was nstalled and the trouble ceased. Bring your child in for a new photograph and enter our big cash prize baby contest. You can buy as little as $2.50 worth of photographs of your baby and be eligible to earn one of the big generous cash prizes. Come in today or phone 181 for appointment. L.I . WAY, Photographer ALGONA ART STUDIO Phone 181 ALGONA The Home Investment Co., Estherville, has brought suit against the Estherville Hotel Co. and E. A. Boss for $5275 rent at $750 a month and asks a receiver. Mr. Boss, who owns a chain of hotels which includes the Algona hotel, claims that by an agreement made some years ago the rent should be figured at $625 a month. "POSITIVE AGITATION" Here it is: the greatest advance yet made in home cleaning science. LIGHT— FOR EASY HANDLING POWERFUL— FOB THOBOUGH CLEANING The new popular-pr;ced Hoover—one of the Sentinel Series . . . designed by famous stylists . . . streamlined ... beautiful. Witn its new light duralumin Dusting Tools, it is a complete home-cleaning equip- men t a jewel of efficiency for housecleaning — a marvel of swift and easy cleaning for day-by-day use. Built-in- Dirt Finder. Terms you'll welcome. Liberal allowance for old electric cleaners. Pratt Electric Co* PHONE 170 most important fountain pen discovery of this decade! C HEAFFER'S Feathertoueh... a silky O smooth pen point with platinum- covered channel—a new discovery that feives double - controlled flow and reduces writing pressure 76%. But these scientific facts can't begin to expres-s its wonderful new freedom in writing. Come in ... and let a Feathertoueh Lifetime 0 tell its own amazing story in your hand! Feathertoueh Lifetimes 0 from $8.75. Other Sheaffer's from $3. "Beg. a. a. Pat. Off. S ^•X HEAF FEE'S PENSrPENCIUSrDESKSETS-SKRIP ^^rfT A. H. Borchardt Jewelry A SIX COSTS LESS TO RUN Engineering facts prove It. Experience In building nearly ten million cars confirms H. And the record of over 3,000,000 Chevrolet Six owners removes any shadow of doubt about Its The only way to jet real economy fn a low- priced car Is to Instst on SIX cylinders and OVERHEAD valves. SIX cylinders—no moral—because extra cylinders mean extra cost for gas, oil, upkeep and parts. OVERHEAD valves—nothing efoel—for the same good reason that airplanes use them. And speedboats. And racing can. They get the MOST power out of the LEAST gas. That's why overhead valves are the choice of leaders —and champions. CHEVROLET MOTOR CO., Detroit, Mich. Compare ChnroM'i low dellvmd prlc** and •MyG.MJL.C.terini. A General Motor* Value . . . and the CHEVROLET OVERHEAD VALVE SIX is the most economical car in the world FULLY-ENCLOSED KNEE- ACTION WHEELS 80 HORSEPOWER-. 80 MILES PER HOUR '•"and you'll never be satisfied with any ther low-riced car . CABLE- CONTROLLED BRAKES I SHOCK-PROOF | STEERING BODIES BY FISHER Kohlhaas Bros., Distributors, Algona Service Sfotoy Co^ Bur* r;v •i-V tf -

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