Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 24, 1934
Page 7
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He's /eek-End dais lies, iTea, JOc J9c 25c •IQc _23c 29c 35c 49c Farm Debt_Hdp Received JtOggUTTT COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE BHVffll Pliable to n HTK, I III! l,(,j, l> for travel Jusiic.fi n. tax collector |.( Algona post ma Twenty-eight secondary roal Hulled. Tbc board woLs ;i W wk from Monday to county roiid u "-•- .ludgOK and clerks '1, have been chosen. $1,394,800 LENT BY U, S, IN KOSSUTH AH But $107,000 is Used to Refinance Farm Loans. A total of ?l,3fM,800 in Federal Land bank and Land bank commissioner's farm mortgage loans was made in Kossuth from June 1, lf)33, to May 1, 1034, according to the Farm Credit administration and H. D. Hutchlns, secretary-treasurer of the Algona National Farm Loan association. $351>,000 for Hank Debts. Of this total, farmers in Kossuth used approximately $1,287,'100, or 92.3 per cent, to refinance indebtedness. By refinancing they obtained new mortgage loans which they used to pay old debts, and thus as a rule reduced interest chadges. In a number of cases scale-downs of indebtedness were made in connection with the new loans. These and other advantages benefltted farmers, and creditors benefitted from cash or bonds in cx- liange for obligations. Of the loan money used by farm- rs In Kossuth county for refinanc- ng their debts, about $359,900, it | live in the Fen ton vicinity. What County Supervisors Have Been Doing in May Won M. Slilcs, C. It. Klamp, Field Reporters \V. ,T I'ayne, Contributing •««l> a" awi-cemcnt. with C. o. illl(1 T , m . v M Fj , imSsfis" """"' f:OI '" lln liiml ''" Soncoa town: have boon cstab- receive bids for for the;irimary election Monday, June n . ll !'. ccll ' lllcou » m aU°™ have received the board's and the usual lont; list of hills has been allowed. at- Tho ISO-wore f;inn .1. M. Dale, of Bodo, belonging lo throe miles north and a mile east of Bodo, is tenanted by Melvin Johnson. Ho lias bnon on this .same farm for the past seven years. Mrs. Johnson has about ffOO White Leghorn chicks CJroscnbacli, teacher, will not teach this school next year. Etta Hacon, of the Union neighborhood, will be the now teacher. Alberta will leave .soon lo join her folks, formerly of Sexton, who now live near Grin- noil. She has been teacher here for which Him hatched from eggs from!the past two years, and will be IIPI- own chickens, and although the missed by her pupils who were very jcbioliH are now about a month old attacher to her. she lias had practically no loss. The Johnsons have one child, Howard, 7, who attends school at Bode. id 6% SAVINGS |THTBSAFETY ASSOCIATION Inc. 1917 llntliorlzed Capital {1,000,000.00 [years this Association has id.to pay not less than 5% i shares and 6% on in- t shares. Inuous record since organ(good earnings, all very secured through first e loans on Algona property itively appraised and in- i Invest in a lump sum or i of $1.00 per month ; paid January 1st and I each year. HENCE AND CARE IN i swings of hundreds icrs in this Association to- rith a continuous record o igs is your proof for ' of this organization. IGONA BUILDING AND f.OAti ASSOCIATION Jctors and Officers. wan Presiden ... Vice Presiden i Barre .. .Sec'y-Treasure Counci A. L. Peterson W. B. Quarton 40TH WEDDING OBSERVED BY FENTOH PAIR Fenton, May 22— Mr. and Mrs. August Meyer reached their 40th wedding anniversary Friday, and the children gave them a surprise in honor of the occasion, 6 o'clock dinner being served t.o DO. The Meyers have 10 children, and all Fenton S. S. Class Holds Picnic Here Melvin is a good farmer and farm shows it. * * * * We note by the Titonka Topic that the Ben Beenkens, north of Ti- O n aunt, a Mrs. Clinton. The wind did||T» Jj JB T* •.-»-» considerable damage at the Walsh KGQliCSCI £%. Q. IBS farm a week ago Saturday. It blew the hen house over, but no chickens were killed, though setting eggs were strewn about, all ruined. Several large trees near the house wore uprooted. The Walshes have a fine farm and a capable set of children. Two boys are at home, helping with the farm work. his , tonka, lost a brooder house and 700 chicks by a fire a week ago last Friday. The Titonka firemen pre- We called on J. F. Cunnnigham, vcnt cd spread of the blaze to other a mile east of St. Joe, last week. | buildings. There have been more He was caring for one of his hors- brooder house fires and chicks lost es, a fine four-year-old, which had hv flre tuis snrin S than e ver be- ranunod a stick of some kind intoi foro - Tho Ion 8 sne11 of dry weath- hor shoulder. Dr. Williams, of Lu cr Ilas Rreatly increased all kinds was caring for the horse. Verne, was caring for The loss of the use of this mare spoils a team which is needed in the" fields. The Cunninghams live 2'—Mrs r*coreo nn a 133 - acro Cunningham estate n" d V " ,|farm. They have five children, two - her Sunday school Sunday for a jric- Fenton, May Ilocttdicr took class to Algona nic at Hie Ambrose A. Call state park The girls were Mary Jane Kigler, Ruth Woisbrod, Ruth Mae Kybl, Edith Wolfe, Vivian Voight, Irene and Elvira Laabs, Francos Kc'hutt Helen Kern, Ruth Weis- of fire risks, particularly on farms where the protection afforded in towns is not available. * • * Robert Schmidt, oldtimer two miles south of Lone Rock, was an | lirrid and Laura s estimated, repaid debts to banks; 609,500, debts to insurance com- anies; $5,600, taxes; $1,400 debts o merchants; $311,00, debts to thers, including private mortgage enders, mortgage loan companies, etired farmers, and many others. A total of some $107,400 was used or purposes other than refinanc- ng. The sum of $39,100 was used o purchase land and equipment; n construction or improvement of uildings; and for general agricul- ural uses, including provision of apital. The rest, $68,300, was used or the purchase of stock in na- ional farm loan associations, loan ees, etc. Interest Rate 5 Per Cent. Land bank loans made through Boettcher. by Mrs. They F. II. ational farm loan associations arry an interest rate of 5 per cent, iut there is a reduction to 4% per cent till July, 1938. Loans made direct by banks carry a rate of 5% ler cent, but there is a reduction o 5 per cent till 1938. The rate on commissioner's loans is 5 per cent. Till March 26 land bank and commissioner's loans were made in cash. Commencing on that date .hey were made mainly in the government-guaranteed bonds of the federal Farm Mortgage Corporation. These bonds are exempt from all ederal, state, municipal, and local taxation except surtaxes, estate, inheritance and gift taxes, and are guaranteed as to both principal and interest by the United States government. In a relatively short period after they were issued, they sold above par and met favorable reception from farmers and creditors. * In attendance were the William and Eniile Elmers, William and Martin Meyer, and Merle Culbertson families, Lydia Meyer, Algona, and Arthur, Ferdinand, Selma, and Alma Meyer, at home; the Walter Krause, Fred .lent/. Jr.' and Robert Schmidt, families, all of Lone Rock; the Rev. R. W. Kabelitz, his family, Messrs, and Mesdames Ernest Rosseisen, Herman Krause, Albert Wolfgram, Hugo Mittag, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ohm, son Martin, John Eimcrs, R. C. Hohmer, Tom Frankl, Mrs. Henry Elmers, Mrs. Fred Meyer Sr., Mrs. Theodore Blcckwcnn, her family, Mrs. Mary Mittag, her granddaughter, Marion Hint/., and Bertha Kressin. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer received many gifts, including a set of dishes from the children. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Klatt celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary the same day, and all their children and the families attended except the son Ervin. Present were the Arnold Klatts, the Emile Shoemaker, the Leo Schmidts, and the boys and three girls. One boy and i Algona visitor Monday, and said one girl are in school Mr Cun-i that he and his wi£e > with Robert ningham says his hog quota is! Jr " would leavc Tuesday for two rather low. He has nine Hamp-l wcoks in Jefferson county, Wis., shire sows, and one has farrowed I whore tne clder Mr - Schmidt was six pigs. His wife has 600 white ™ ai ' od ' Robert Sr - used l ° drive a IJring in Your Wool. Pull market price and liberal grading. JOE GREENBEIIG- Phone 118 ALL LOANS You can now secure a loan of $300.00 or less at our new low rate . Our new plan will mean a substantial saving to you. The Federal offers you the most complete loan .service in the State. Various loaning plans. Reduced payments. As long as 20 months to repay. WHY PAY MORE THAN OUR NIOW LOW RATES? If you need money for any purpose See H. N. Kruse Phone 125 Algona' Representing Federal Finance Co. DCS Moines Louis Mueller's, ner was served. Six o'clock din- [good hat deserves 1 care. We are ex- to handling pan- Let us clean and your hat. Dirt the best panama. LK eaners- Tailors 380 Gilbert [ a *greaves Sheriff the ^publican ticket 1'oiir , Bu l>l)ort will be appreciated. V OTE FOR • DOOLEY Candidate for RECORDER Second Term ifl iitiii . 1 appreciate Wife of Minister Has Broken Wrist Lakota, May 22—Mrs. F. O. Johnson, wife of the local Methodist pastor, suffered a broken right rist while she was roller-skating t Interlaken Friday. She was tak- n to Doctor Miller at the Fair- lont hospital, where the wrist was ut in a cast. The Rev. and Mrs. ohnson left Monday for Knoxville visit Mrs. Johnson's parents, trs, Johnson taught music, citizen- hip, and typing in the schools ere during the year just closed nd was spending the day at Inter- aken with her pupils. Battle Dehorner Accident Victim Irvington, May 22—Oran Hudson is suffering from a badly infected right eye which developed from a vound, received while helping de- lorn cattle one day last week. The animal he was working on tossed lis head, and knocked the hand- es of the dehorning clippers against Oran's ihead just above the eye, cutting a deep gash. Monday :be eye was tightly closed, and the wound .had to .be reopened for drainage » Dinner Honors a Continuant— Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Johnson entertained at a Sunday dinner in honor of their daughter Marjorie w-ho was confirmed that day. The guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener, Algona, and Mrs. Elsie Johnson, grandparents, of Marjorie; Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Johnson and the Lester Johnsons, Bancroft; Mr and Mrs. Truman. Johnson, Joyce, and daughter Lila; the Charlie Newel*, the Clarence Wegeners, and the Rev. and Mrs. II. D. ' Stahmer and their daughters. Thirteen Children Confirmed- Sunday morning at 10 o'clock at story, The Mortgage Lifter, by Mrs. W. P. Woisbrod, and a duet by Mrs. Weisbrod. and her daughter Isabelle. Florence Weisbrod, Dea Moines teacher, joined Marjorie Elliot, Webster City, at Fort Dodge, and they came on to Fenton for the week-end with Miss Weis-brod's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Weisbrod. The girls are former teachers at Sheldon. Mrs. S. W. Meyers entertained the Hook & Needle club last week Wednesday, and among guests were Mrs. Kenneth Stephenson and Lucile and Adris Peterson, Algona. Mrs. Alviii Zumach entertained her lowing club the same afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Weisbrod recenly entertained at dinner Mrs.. J. C. Kresensky, the A. E. Kre- senskys, and Raymond Kresensky, all of Algona, and Isabelle Weisbrod accompanied her grandmother home for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Weisbrod visited at Madolia, Minn., last Thursday. They were accompanied as far as Fairmont by Mrs. Viola Mitchell and Pearle Haase, who visited Pearle's mother, Mrs. Carrie Haase.. The Fred spent the ....... i* .;-,,,, iii.j i» itv> *1H,O (J V VI YY JJH-ti I TV* 1 ] i and Barred Rock chicks, which |, ael they purchased from the Emory _ a _ rn€ Hatchery at Humboldt. * * * * Wm. Kesselring, a mile and a half east of St. Joe on the 360-acre farm of his of Huntley, T Ford, but he has never rned use of the new-fangled gear shift. His wife was Lena Ohm, and they have lived on their own farm ever since they were married in 1900. Robert had come They hundred acres of corn. Wm. 70 pigs farrowed from 14 sows, and has two more to farrow. The one child, Cecille, age 7, attends country school near their The Kessclrings came seven Minn. spend the rest of their lives here. * * * « L. H. Miller, who lives tl three boys and one has home. The married girl are at children are Leo, a mile south, Mrs. Arthur Riedel, near Fenton, Ben, on the old the , Legenhausen place west of Lotts home, creek, and Mrs. Martin Meyer, to Iowa Lotts Creek _ years ago from Granada, * * * * They like Iowa and plan to Mrs _ E . McConnell, who lives about eight miles south of Algona, on one of the John Capesius farms, seven has gone "chicken-minded." She miles north of Livermore, bought a has a large flock of laying hens, home in Lu Verne from the Lu and has 500 Buff Rocks ordered Verne State bank, and has moved from the Kossuth Hatchery at Althe house seven miles out to his gona. Mrs. McConnell has three farm, where he is setting it up on children: Ernest, 16, at home, help- a half section he owns, just north ing his mother; Bernice, 9, who of his own home place. Carl Swan- has just completed another grade son works this land for him and in school; and Le Roy, the eldest, one of Swanson's hired men will employed at the Harold Burtis live in the house when they get the farm, near Irvington. Le Roy said foundation finished. there would be a kittenball game . ' ' * * * T . . last Sunday at Joe McNeil's oil Newcomers to the St. Joe neigh-- station> Ipvlngton and st . Joe p i ay - borhood are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph in An ei ht , lon k of Kesselring and their five months beer was to be awarded to the old son, Merlin. Ralph brought his winning team by the losers . family here from Huntley, Minn. His wife was a Hanson girl from Baileys, Iowa Falls, week-end at A. H. St John's Lutheran church class of ten was confirmed by the Rev. R. W. KaL-elitz, pastor: Ar- Krause's: Elvira Krause, Garner, and Frances Bailey also spent the week-end at the parental Gus Krause and Frank Bailey homes. The Amos Finnesteds, Mrs. W. V. Yager, and Mrs. Dorothy Gerhard were shoppers at Algona Saturday. Mr. Finnested is driving a new Ford V-8, purchased at the Prank Weisbrod garage, Emmetsburg. Raymond, son of Mrs. Elsie Dreyer was repairing a fence Saturday, and one of his hands was caugM in a wire stretcher. Doctor Mueller dressed the wound. Mr and Mrs. Everett entertained at 6 p. m. dinner Suday, guests the Henry Schultes, the Clarence Wegeners, and the William Donalioes Jr. Mrs. Harold Stedman, Mr. and Mrs. George Gunder, two If you like fancy vegetable or fruit juice get them at 'i-**^>$Kii£iSi AKRE'S We have Richelieu Sauerkraut Juice, No. 3 tins, 2 for 38c Smaller sizes of Tomato, Pineapple, Grapefruit and Orange Juice at lOc "Richelieu" Squash,.No. 3 cans 2 for 43c "Baby Stuart" fresh Lima Beans, No. 2 cans 2 for 27c "Richelieu" Spinach, No. 2 cans 2 for 38c "Baby Stuart" Sauerkraut, No. 2 1-2 cans __2 for 33c Sweet wrinkled Peas, Sweet Corn, Hominy, Tomatoes, and String Beans, 3 cans 28c Big variety of Vegetables and Fruits in No. 1 tins at lOc HALLIGAN'S PURE QUILL COFFEE 1-lb. Vacuum Packed Glass Pantry Jars Our Halligan's "Pure Quill" Coffee is going over big —stronger and stronger every day. Try it— 35c for 1 11). glass jar $1.00 for 3 lb. glass jar «. .-,*£* Quality and prices right at AKRE'S Phones, 290-291. . . , Blue Earth. Besides farming 133 miles south of Algon a on No. 169, acres, which belongs to the Kos- and their you ngest son, Harold, suth County State bank receiver- left Sunday to visit Georges' broth- ship, of Algona, Ralph helps his er> Krim Gunders at Kalo, return- brother William with his work. He ing Tuesday. They found Krim's is milking eight cows, and has 44 W j£ e sick. pigs left from five sows. His wife keeps busy with the baby and her chickens. Dg White, Plum Creek, left Friday for Rochester, where he will ., spend ten days under observation Mr. and Mrs. Loren Brown, south at tne Mayo c ii n j Ci He has Deen in of Algona, and Loren's sister Mar- . poor health, for some time, garet, spent last Thursday in Fort Dodge on business. Edmund Krause, Irene Bleckwenn. Dreyer, Maxine Jentz, a/d nold Dreyer, John Struck^r, Ruth , Evelyn K'latt. At Che same time at St. John's Lutheran church at Fairville, the Rev. II. D. Stahmer confirmed three girls, Marjorie Johnson, Lucille Bleckwenn, and Dorothy Bruhn. Fire Destroys Fainille Harn— Fire destroyed a large barn on the Fred Olson farm a half mile north of Fairville early Friday. People coming home from an Emmetsburg dance first noticed it, but by that time the barn was falling in. Six horses, six calves, and a cow were burned to death, and grain and hay were lost. The origin of the fire is not known. Mrs. Luedtke in Hospital- Mr, and Mrs. Carl Priebe returned from Savannah. Mo., last Thursday. Mrs. Herman Luedtke Sr., who accompanied them there, remained at a hospital to receive treatment three weeks. Plant Sale is Planned— The Standard Bearers will have Or- for a mile south of St. Joe on highway 169 last week. Mrs. Thul was very interested in her flock of White Ringsted Speeder Runs Into Bridge Fenton, May 22—Ingwald Sand- stoe, son of the section boss at Ringsted, had a car accident on the bridge a half mile west of town 'Friday afternoon. From indications the driver was stepping on the gas too 'hard. When he hit the bridge the took the south railing with him and landed upside down in the ditch. The car was a total wreck, not worth repairing. Wind Plays a Trick. In the near-tornado of a week ago Saturday morning the roof of a cattle shed at August Bitker's, :'% miles north and a mile east of Ventura, was torn away, lifted high in air over a windmill and the house, and dropped in a garden. Checker Tuuruey Held. Britt and Forest City checker players had a match at Britt last week Monday night. There were seven players on each side, and J. W. Long, Kanawha, 84, played for a plant sale this week Friday, ders for vegetable plants and Decoration day plants may be given to any of the girls or to Mrs. J. T. Snyder. Girl for Ferdinand Bierstcdts-p and Mrs. Ferdinand Bier- of a 10-lb. Glidden, •and her son Norman are spending this week with Mrs. Stedman's aunt, Mrs. Dick Umsted, near Lone Rock. Dick Borchardt, who came to attend the funeral of his nephew, Harold Borchardt, has returned to Fort Omaha, where he is a U. S. soldier. The school two miles west of town closed Friday with a community picnic dinner, parents attending. Lucille Hantleman was teacher. "Bob" Goetsch, Gerhard Hantle- man, and Mildred Pettit went to Fort Dodge Friday evening to attend a 'Chevrolet meeting. Mrs, Carrie Haase, Fairmont, and her sons Gail, Clifford, and Bill visited at Herman Gade'3 Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Higley Jr. and Elma Kruger, Fairmont, visited relatives here Sunday. The Walter Warners, DeS Moines spent the week-end at the parental .Samuel Warner's Edward Dehnert and Jess Lindebak, Lu Verne, were Fenton visitors last week Wednesday. Mrs. 0. J. Ranney is sick, and Mrs. Kate Newel is caring for her and doing the housework. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stoeber were dinner guests at Howard Reeder's Sunday. Henry Schulte and Clayton Dits- worl'h went to St. Paul Monday on • * * • The Ferdiand Bierstedts, a half mile north and a half mile east We called on the George Thuls, o f . Fen ton, were happy Friday for a little girl had 'been added to the family last week Sunday. They have named her Eldora May. Rock chicks. She purchased 350 There are two other children How- chicks from the Kossuth hatchery, ar d, 6, and Doris Ann, 2. Tine of Algona, a month ago and to date Bierstedts have lived on this 16t) has lost only 11. She is feeding acre farm seven years. It is own- Nutrena chick mash. The Thuls ed .by A. J. Bierstedt, Ferdinand's have two children. The son Har- father, who also owns two other old is married and farms a 160-acre farms in the Fenton neighborhood, farm which belongs to his father * * * * adjoining his father's 160-acre farm Otto A. Borchardt, two miles to the north. Harold is the father north of Fenton, farms the Newel of a small son. Bertha, Harold's half -section, owned by an estate, sister, is at home helping her He has lived there ten years, and mother. George has about 80 must be a first-class renter to Used Cars CHRYSLER SEDAN FORD MODEL A COACH 1933 CHEVROLET COACH Gas, Oil, Batteries. Used furnace for sale. We have a complete line of Chevrolet parts, oils, and greases. Bring us your car to be overhauled. Will do a good job. j ^ ; Kohlhaas Bros. Garage — Algona young pigs. * • * • The Guy Stoddards, of Livermore, have an ideal family of six children—five girls and one boy. Zeeda, •have stayed so long. (Before moving to his farm Otto (had one of the late C. E. Heise's half sections across the road and a little from where he now lives. — . , 14 Bernard the son, age 12, Mary He is milking 18 cows at present. Ifl! Dolores 8, Alice 5, and Joan 3. 'Borchardts do .practically -all Mr. Stoddard is employed y the thelr own work. They have two county on the highway. Bernard ' D ? y , s and two . c 1 ^ 8 . and the oldest has been ill for the past four weeks £"^ Le ^°f' ls attending school at with a ruptured appendix. Doctor ^war iraus. Beck, Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, I Q V^ * , -r,,^ has been caring for him. Bernard W^ ™»_ cajled *. a * w « ek W -tf: was recoverine till last Thursday nesda V on Henry Miller, five miles he° V h e ad a" Beck was again called, but careful "'*• remem , Der a sDrine- when the attention and good care will pull p J j j Bernard through. He hates to miss He had o ^ y & amau j ield ^ to 'plow, iis other planting being done. The high wind of a week ago last Saturday twisted his wind General Tires school. George Borman, who miles west of St. Joe, Mr. stedt are parents daughter, -Bldora Mae, born May 13 at the McCreery hospital, wut- tejnore. They now 'have threo children. _ _ H. G. llcngel in Hospital— R. G. Hengcl was recenly taken to the McCreery hospital, Whit- temorc. suffering from a serious stomach ailment. ^ To Observe Memorial !>»>'— Memorial Day services will .be hefd at the Method!,* churcl! next week Wednesday, and the Rev. J. T. Snyder win be speaker. K. G. Hengfl to Hospital— R G Hengel was taken to M< Creerv hospital, Whittemore treatment Saturday. He has stom- business. Johnson & Wegener shipped three double-decks of hogs Saturday. B. J. Murtagh, Algona, waa a caller at Henry Lindsey's .Sunday. Kasper Kolilluias is 85. P. J. and Jo-hn Kohlhaas 'drove to the KohMiaas farm in Sherman township members 'Sunday, of the and with other family helped •their .father, Kasper Kohlaas, cel- birthday. Mr. and ebrate his 85h Mrs. Kohlhaas celebrated their the for Britt. to 70. , , Britt won with 94 points Lone Rock Lowell Christ, Ames, came Saturday evening to visit at Andrew Thomson's. Mrs. Bert Godden attended the funeral of an uncle in Swea City Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Gade, Algona, ach trouble. operation at the mont hospital last Tuesday. Other Venton The Methodist Aid met at the church Friday, Mesdauies J : _ . Schwartz, J. "' were Sunday Kraft's. guests at Emil brod. and 'esses uuwi*. Weisbrod, host- The^prograni consisted of a . golden wedding a year and a liali ago. They are still health. in excellent were Two Couples to >Ved. Wesley, May 22— Banns called for the first time Sunday at St. Joseph's church for Lucille daughter of Mrs. Ann Kunz, Wesley, and Raymond W. Wehler, Al- goua; also for Donna Cruise, Wesley, and Kenneth Dwyer, Belmond formerly Wesley.^ _ Wrestler's Brother Dies. Fred Gotch, Humboldt, 72, elder brother of the celebrated wrestlei Frank Gotch, died last week Wednesday at the Cherokee state hospital. 1'riest to Celebrate. Father Wessling, Pocahontas formerly Wesley, will celebrate the 25th anniversary of his ordination into the priesthood June 24. a ultivator attachment of Bowman lontage, of West Bend, which he P o1^ m ^* wheel, and he 'syas using a gas engine for pumping water. * * * * A. L. Finnestad, 2H miles west will use on his 420-acre farm. The of Done Rock) was . grinding feed Bormans have two children, Mary wnen we arrived last Thursday. Evelyn, 8, who attends school at St. He j s a i, ways Dusy wtoen we call. oe, and Roger, two. Because of He nas a tractor corn planter, and his new Farmall George believes he sa i<i he planted 170 acres of corn vill be able to do his work without this season, .but some of tluis was a hired man this summer. He has f ov neighbors. We noticed a new enanted this farm the past five p O rd car in the yard. rears . i * * * * * * * * I Harry Haase, a mile west of A new milkhouse is being com- Fenton, was out and "'blindplow- )leted on the L. W. Keith farm ing" his corn with a new tractor 'our miles southeast of Burt. cultivator Friday, and the inach- * * * * ine was doing good work. The 'hot Hiko Karels, two miles north of weather lately has been tough on St. Joe, has a fine family of eight toorses. Harry has a litter of white children, six boys and two girls. Spitz dogs which are as cute ad Two children are in school, the can be. It is great sport to see ;wo older boys, Carl and and one daughter, Agnes, home helping their parents. Hiko Leander 'Seefeld, a mile east lives on a 264-acre farm owned by and 2% miles north of Sexton, was Verne McCoy, of Eagle Grove. This cleaning and spraying his clhicken is his third year on this same farm, house last week Monday. This ist Part of the land is timber with Leander's first year at farming ,by some pasture. They are milking himself. Heretofore he has farmed six Cows, and two more will fresh- wiflh Ins father, John Seefeld. TAKE NO CHANCES Buy General blowout proof tires. General Tires are cheaper in the long run. I JOE GREENBERG Phone 118 Henry, the puppies play -and fight, are at USED CARS 1929 Pontiac Coach 1931 Essex Six Coach 1929 Ford A Tudor 1929 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Ford A Coupe Algona Auto Market Leander has been married a short tlme - en soon. The Karels moved to St. Joe from a 160-acre farm southeast of Webster Cty. They like their, _. „.,**!,* •„• -,-, -, present neighborhood. '.wJ^Sf ^STSS *£ ?£ mile north Roclc , on a 160-acre farm, which R A. Boettcher, "l . , , and a mile west of -Lotto Creek, the Walshes rent from an uncle, were moving a small building with Martin Watah, Chicago They have West of Courthouse It ,\ rj 4 • Wt31 C J"V* Yillfc, O, *J44J***» l^*«*\»»«--o ••( AVM J»T- 0 J.1 1 J. I a tractor Friday. It 'had stood in ^ ved J^ 1 ' f for ^ las * si * . .. a grove, and it was some trick trt Mr. Walsh spends most of his time puai it out in such a way as not to repairing pumps and windmUls, bit the trees. . aa(i also sells them. The Walshes ', , t „ have seven .children, five girls and The school year closed for pupils two boys. Eileen, 18, is attending of school district No. 4, Cresco Briar Cliffs college, Sioux City, township, Friday. A picnic held for the families of the dren in the Parsons woods. Alberts. was .this, being her first year. Rosalia, chil- 20, the eldest daughter, will leave for Chicago to work for JOHNNY LAYTON Champion of the world at THREE give an exhibition at CUSHION, Will BARRY'S, MONDAY AFTERNOON MAY 28, 3:80

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