Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE NINfl FEDERAL TAX HITS HOG MEN TOO HARD SAYS FENTON MAN A Penton, May 15—(Relatives am friends 'here were shocked last week Wednesday evening, whei word came that Harold iBorchardt 14, had died suddenly at the Kos suth hospital, Algona. Harold was stricken witlh appen dicitis a week ago Sunday, an w as taken to the hospital, whcr an operation was performed. Af ter the operation his condition wa regarded as good till Wedncsda noon when complications set i and Ihis young life soon ebhc Operation Fails to Save Harold Borchardt, Fenton BOY ONLY 14 '—-"••---" ' ~= - " ^^— SUCCUMBS TO APPENDICITIS On tlu! Farm ]nig<> last week .hero was a clipping from an iOin- net.shurg paper ;ibout a I'alo Al,» county farmor'H expcrii'nc.c with .ho processing tax on hops. Don M. Slilfts, C. II. Klamp, Ticld Kcporters W. .1 Payne, Contributing Tax Sale Halted at Estherville by Holiday Group Enjoy this garden freshness lien Kinder livn,s a mile (it Wesley on No. GO, which A fow weeks ago Dr. J. T. i graveled a year ago and is now Waitc, Fenton, shipped IIOKK to Chicago and the Chicago Tribune published an account of lii.s experience. It was intended to reprint, the. clipping here, but it WOH lost and did not turn up till Fri- ^BBier't&ou.eettught A , he had no tele- toe, Be «n across field. _1, neighbor', to tele- Lone for help. The hou»e 1 ,..,..,v,v)—fhe mln» |»» Harold was 'the oMest son of Otto and Rosa -Borchardt, and was horn November 16, 1919, in Fen»ton township. He was .baptised in. lent infancy and later was confirmed market p dn the Lutheran faith. In sclhpol, isignment. n .confirmation class, and in Bible) instruction lie .proved himself an apt pupil, and at home was a wiling Ihtilper to his parents. He was a ifreshman in high school, where he was active and a favorite. Besides the .parents, two sisters and two hrotlhers survive. Funeral .services were held at St. John's Lutheran church, Fenton, Saturday, the Rev. R. AV. Kabeflitz officiating, and interment took .place in tine Lutheran cemetery north of town. Last year's confirmation class, of which Harold was a member, sang the old confirmation isong. iBaJllbearens were Eugene New-el, .Edward Lindsey, .Raymond Schmidt, Lloyd Kern, 'Harlan Kramer, and Fer- irandes Fauerhy, classmates of Harold. Fenton Woman's Club Meets— Mrs. E. K. Johnson and Mrs. Ernest Votteler were hostesses to Woman's club last week Tuesday at tlbte Johnson home, south of town. Eighteen members responded to roll :,oall by naming famous mothers; Mrs. E. C. Weds- hrod read a paper on the origin oi mother's day. "Is the Home Losing its .Influence?" was discussed by Mrs. J. A. Schwartz, and Mar- .Jorie Johrison. gave piano selections. TJte last meeting of the year will *e held Tuesday, Juno 12, at Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod's with a covered dish luncheon. day. 'Because farmers may still bo interested in it, it is now reprinted, as follows: "Dr. J. T. Waite, a veterinarian • t, • -- — — of Kofwuth county, Iowa was .stag-1 two -tractors and also works a lot ' • ••• • nf horses. Most of'.his grain is fed. to be KuniHliard.surfacod. We found him planting corn wit.h a hor.se drawl) planter, while. Oils oldest son. was planting with a throe-row tractor planter. Tilio boy certainly known how to handle a tractor and planter. At the end of a row 5ie| turns about as fast as a cat. Bert who farms on a big scale, was planting 400 acres to corn. He haS •around only two days when we. called. Her left side was partly paralyzed, but is getting better. The ,baby 5ias been named Lylo George. There are two more boys •in the family, Larry, 9, and Lewis, five. * * » « gereil to find that llhc processing tax on 41 Vi tons of IIORS fae marketed here this week was equiva- to i>l per cent of the market price on this ihugo con- rnment. "He sold 187 hogs weighing 83,730 pounds for a total of $3,300. The tax amounted to $1,884. Peo- ,. pie don't realize what a tax made 1 adminstration means until it strikes home, he said., "'Where else in the world is there a 'product under taxation as heavy or as unreasonahle as this one? I would be well ratified to make the profit on my hogs that the government is getting." "Dr. Waite's (highly improved arm, or hog factory, as he calls Ben has for many years been widely known stock breeder. * • • • When we called last week Wednesday on Leo Bleich, who has a gurago on the soutlh side of main street, Wesley, he was repairing n automobile top, and it looked to us as if he were doing a good job le has been at this garage two years and does a good business. * * » » Leo Goet/, \Vz miles north, the same distance east, of Wesley was in the house last week Wed nesday, it being windy outside When we asked whether he ha At L. F. Brethorst's, -a mile east nd a mile- north of Sexton, corn vas being planted Saturday in a. \<f dust storm. While we were at ,he house Mrs. Brcthoi-fit looked out of the window and said, "I d.m afraid the chickerihouse will jlovr over," and she lhardly finished the remark when it lilted it up over a cow which was lying be- Pcoit some farmers more than the wnrica (or* lifetime. turns out about ogs annually." 1GO tons of any news all he could think of wa that the country was rattier dry Farm Holiday violence is not yet out or the picture, according to the Estherville News, which reports thnt 50 members of that organisa- tion gathered at the courthouse last week Monday to halt an Emmet county delinquent tax sale. Two of them carried ropes. No interference was offered when the treasurer called for bids, but that was perhaps because it was known that no bidders were present, having doubtless been scared away. The treasurer ad- ourncd the sale till June 18, this >eing the third adjournment. The Saturday before the Holiday group had advised the sheriff that a foreclosure sale set for last week Monday would be resisted but trouble was avoided when the hind it. )ut the The cow was chicken house not hurt, was toad- mortgagee and mortgagor effected a saltlement. ,y wrecked, and the chickens were left sitting on tine ground. William Martinek, a mile east and three miles north of Sexton, has a lien which adopted four kittens. The Martineks cooped Iher up away from the kittens four days, but when she was released she went right back to them. Wlhen we called Friday they had again had her cooped up a week, hoping itlhat she would forget her strange He farms 160 acres and has lived on this farm six years. Leo Bleich is his landlord, the farm being part of the Bleich estate. * * • * William Meyer, 1% miles north and two miles east of Wesley, was ".blind-plowing" his .'orn laat .brood. -u Verne Juniors Hosts to Seniors; Dine at Humboldt V U ^ G T'^ May ^~^J^l blowing "it away. He farms 1.60 ^IT*. ttrS^ftaS «», and ha, lived on this farm John P. Hilbert, two miles north of Wesley, was disiking a 40-acre field for corn when we arrived the other day. He keeps his horses Thursday to keep away. the wind from He farms 1.60 'riday evening at the Humota Col onial tea room, Humboldt. The heme was a Japanese flower garden, and decorations were Japanese lanterns, tulips, white chrysanthemums, and lilies of the valley. Thirty-six guests were seated at an u-shaped table, and between courses the following toast program was given, with Vernon Lang as toastmaster: Lighted Lanterns, Hazel Leupold; Toric Gate, Eileen Neal; Forget-Me-Not, Richard Niver; solo, A Maid from Japan, Mrs. Opal live years. There are two boys and four (jirlF in the family, auo five of the children go to whs.1 they call the John Weilaud school. Merron Paulson, Wesley teaches this school. iLeo Heinen and his sister Josephine 'live on a Julius Kunz farm a mile west and 1 mile north of Wesley. They toave lived there Frieda Knopf Wed to Henry Zweife Lu Verne, May 15—Freda, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Knop and Henry, youngest son of Mrs Augusta Zweifel, were married a the Knopf home Sunday_ atternoo at 4:30 by the Rev. L. Wittenburg The bride, dressed in pink silk crepe, was attended by Florence Hinz, who wore green organdy. The bridegroom was attended by George Knopf. After the ceremony a wedding dinner was served by Carmen Hesse and Sylvia Becker. Only immediate relatives and close friends of the couple were present. Mr. Zweifel is employed by the "Frcsh from the Gardens' We Specialize in Dwelling and Household Goods INSURANCE Automobile Liability and Collision Insurance. Iowa Motor .Road Service Included. j Long Haul Truckers and Cargo Insurance. ~ : Iowa and Minnesota legal requirements (Special rates). . Fidelity Bonds—Surety Bonds—Beer Bonds. Bonds written at our Algona office. Our Policy Writing Connections and Company Contracts Permit Us to Write Your Insurance and Bonds at the Very Lowest Bates Consistent With Reliable Service. Brokerage Business Solicited. „• ,<*] Loans—Real Estate—Rentals—Investments. , THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 55 C ' * LB Ba *** Office located on ground floor 1st door North of Iowa State Bk. tin, UIMI~» —* • —,,,.*,. j iv,--,, Mr. &weuei i» eLuyiujcu »j ••««• feeling good, and Ihe had three, Transfer company. The cou- hitched to a regular four-horse w(U Uye in the houge owned by disc. Last week one day, when her}. „ .. M was using four, they ran away with Dhe disc, and one horse was badly hurt and was out of commission a few days. Some damage to •the disc was done. Mr. Hilbert had <xne 40-aore field of corn itlhat was; up and looking fine, also a field of oats that was put in first and was also looking fine. It toy to knew that help }"ti only a telephone ctttt. |* AN ACTUAL KS.FBR1KMOB TOLD TO tS BY A FABXJEB VOTE FOR J. DUDLEY .Democratic Candidate for COUNTY BECOKDEB Second Term Your vote will be appreciated Four-H Girls Meet Saturday— The Fenton Forwards 4-H clu' met at Alice, Alvina, and Rut: Dreycr's Saturday. Roll cMl wa recipes for serving favorite veg etables: program: Fresh Air an its (Relation to Good Looke, Jun Wetsprod: demonstration, MflHin Vegetable salad, I «.»^i«. , and Ella 'Dreyer;| Value of Raw Vegetables in Diet,, Alvina Dreyer; music, Form of the), Symphony, Virginia Frank; poetry, Ella, 'Lorena, Alice, and Ruth Dreyer. _ Former Fentonites Celetoratft— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jaco.b, Algona, formerly Fenton, celebrated their tenth wedding anraviersary at ttoe I. O. O. F. hall, Algona, last week Wednesday evening, and. SO families attended. From Fentoit •were: Messrs, 'and Mesdames Ohas. Newel, W. V. Yager. E. J. Frank, George Jentz. Fred Jentz, Arthur Jentz, and Walter Krause. The evening was. spent at dancing, atter which refreshments were served "toy Mrs. Jacob. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob received a purse. Party for MrsTITw. Meyers-Saturday evening Mesdames Bay Stoeberv Harry Widdel, Howard Reeder, and Clarence TheeafieUJ entertained at a party at the .Reeder home honoring Mre. S. w. Meyers. The evening was spent at putting jigsaw .puzzels together and at guessing games, .prizes going to Mrs. Fred Newel and Mrs. James Mueller. Twenty-five women attended^ Picnic at State Pork— Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod Ella Dreyer. and Marorie. Bailey attended the last 4-« training eonoc season at Algona last week Sweeney, Ames. At 4 p. m. « of the local 4-H club ff""lfi to Algona for a picnic ?»«>«•* «Ne Ambrose A. Call state park and a theater party. , Morrison; Chrysanthemums, Phyl lis Llchty; Mt. Fujiyama, Otis Far rell; Mlkados, Supt. Evans. 1VJL1* J^F^O ii» v »••»»"> ••— -•- --- --y«ar at Swea City. They are milking ten cows and will- have- more fresh cows soon; also they are feeding six baby .beeves, ten heavy sows, 52 fall pigs, and 60 spring Dust Storm Blamed for Auto Accident August Seimer, who lives a mile soutfa, of Wesley, came to that neighborhood 30 years ago from Dyersville. He told us a story about Frank Knee whom many oldtimera will remember. northern Iowa. _. own he went to the depot, bu he train had just left, so he tele Arthur dU et B torm as she was re- from town, accom- M F. Meyer, 4V4 miles souflhi and a mile east of Jfenton, Has four .boye, Victor, Edgar, Eldpn and 'Paul. The family is 'arming 160 acres at .present, but M. * thinks he .will need a larger farm . when tinse boys grow up. The Meyers (have lived on tins farm sax years. panied by Mrs, Wlllifcni Voight. The dust was Mowing so furiously that they stopped. Derwood, son of Carl Kern, was driving in the same direction, and, blinded by the dust, ran into the Voight car from >tflie rear. Mra Arthur Voight suffered a severe bump on the head from a cream can that was in the rear seat of the car, and was otherwise bruised and Shaken up. \^ & ^ to Derwood suffered numerous cutd fj rs t yv».~. •on ttie face. Mrs. William Voight He does his farm ------- were m ostly alone. >He Edw. Meyer, 1% miles north o Wesley, was getting ready t plant potatoes Saturday The fiel< joins a field where he planted! corn a week ago, and the com w, up wherever it bad had a llttl moisture. The Meyers .bought this, acre farm 32 years ago and Mr. Knee was ft Once in a small -»Epidemic Closes Schools. Fenton, May, 15—Due to a scar-1 et fever' epidemic th« Fentoni schools have been closed for thd rest of the year, two weeks earlier than the regular time. A number of cases have been reported, and are under quarantine. The teachera will remain this week toj make out report cards. NOTICE To All Landowners, Occupants, and j Persons in possession or control of lands, including railroad lands •within Kossuth county:. You and each of you are hereby and Mr. Knee said, "I am the ipar- j ty." Mr. Knee weighed' nearly 400 pounds. The following mention is taken • • * • Now all . Lois Schenck is Fair Tour Guide Lois Schenck, Chicago, will be tour manager for Prairie Farmer- WLS Century of Progress world s fair conducted tours which will start May 26 and continue every ?Surth day thereafter till October She is on the editorial staff^ of Pirairie (Farmer, Chicago, sisted similiar tours last when 2,000 people saw the fair the Prairie Farmer way headquarters this year will be the Webster hotel, which fronts on Lincoln park, Maud Schenck Mln- ^ Mr M^yer'feeds 18 young euSra which look like tihey get good care. We had a short*visit Friday with John Youngwirth, three Barters of a mile north of Wesley. The family m £ved from the Lu Verne- neighborhood six years, ago.^ to^ Eflk UO tr.Hlll UAU juot> *tfcfc| wv *»v *•«•— j. vi* ****** »***^*» w*. * — — —— — Kraohed to the next station to notified that the Board of Super- lold ttoe train for .big .party. ThenlyiBors O f said county have by reso- he hired a livery team and drove i u tion duly entered of record, or- o the next town, where the train 'dered all noxious weeds to be de- waa waiting. When we entered the| 8troyfl d at the time and in the man- coaoh the conductor wanted to ner se t out In the following sched- know where the big .party was, ule:] — „ . _-;o ,,r — 4.i,~ ,«<,*.-, j That all weeds growing in the'highways shall be cut at least twice during the growing season, the first cutting to ^between .-o June 15th and July 1st. 1934, and from Lee O. Wolfe's Titonka pa-' tne second cutting not later than per- "The Topic learned a few Sep t e mber 16th, 1934, and all nox- days ago that George Larsen. of ioua weeda stall be cut and de- Portland township, who a year or Btroy ed by the owner or occupant two ago launched into the poultry whet her on the property or on toe business on a large scale, has had aajomm g highway, between the blue prints made that when carried dates name d, to-wlt: ti,--, to a successful conclusion will 2 . Smooth Dock, Buckhorn, mean that his farm of 240 acres wild Mu9 tard, Quack Grass, Sour will be one solid phalanx of poul- or Curi ed Dock, Canada Thistle, try houses of all kinds. We learned Horse Nett ie, wild Parsnip, WUdl that he intended to launch a tur- Cairr ot, Russian Thistle, and Sow key ranch, .duck ranch, goose Tmst i e between the 15th aay• oi ranch, and perhaps a pheasant June an d the 1st day of July, 1934, and between the 15th day of July, J1934, and the 15th day of August, 1934 1 3.' Shoofly, Burdock CockleburJ ranch." , ago but found a Revival Meetings in Tent at Hurt Burl. M.y »' A "°'' 15—Revival meetings and the 15th day and between the ust and the 15th i 1934 1 They belong to . You are further notified ttmt .jm-\ The place MiS3 F. B. Woman's Club Meets— Th« Farm Bureau Woman' club met last week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Arthur Voight, and a mother's day program ••---„ Refreshments were served toyMn •Betel Berkland, and Mrs. Denm 'Hendrickson. Leo Wallace Critically _. •Leo Wallace has been danger DMpollB grade teacher, will be Webster hotel hostess for the tours from mid-June till September. Yeoman President From Livermore In connection with the appointment of J. F. Murphy as represen- SSTi to Livermore terrl ory the yeomen Mutual _ Lite ompany ran leit 'there where he would •so he told the truck driver who brought his goods that a would have to toe found later. Youngwirth toad come first, ever, and had rented a house at Algona. Then they were fortunate enough to get^this farm. W J Barr, south of Algona, -- Bosworth, two miles t drove to Mankato attend a Guernsey two said weeds to the hall several evenings. 4 Mrs Stahmer, Fairville, becomes necessary tor the weed _ nnssJE srai-a went to J OSB or damage to crops Saturday to cattle sale. Mrs. Stahmer, Fairvme, 'ww ••" loss or ua.ma 6 » *","?,',,„„*„• Cedar Rapids Saturday to attend from BUC h destruction shall.under •the funeral of the Rev. Mr. Stah- the statute, be borne by the own mer's grandmother, who died last' - - --' -»•*- erB of real estate. Thursday. • • * • Don Stiles, Advance farm editor, returned Saturday Gilbert Harg reaves Uobarton for Sheriff the Kepublican ticket support will b« appreciated. jjeo waiittto . u »~ . , - ousfly sick with pluerisy and_pneu monia stoce last Monday. Bocto monia Bdnce Mueller and McCreery are i charge, and Irene Foxsen as nurs Caae Searlet Feter .Louise Ruhnke, maid Theesfield's fell sick Friday ai JStSl to Andrew Kadmg It was reported t h( * sh .* £ aS slight case of scarlet fever. Mi*. Luedtke Consults Send $1 Take Postmaster Tests. Wesley, May 16— Mrs. John Ormsby and Mrs. Ihno Gerdes took - rms . examinations for the postmaster- Dat ed thiB Attest: Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. E. J. BUTLER, County Audltro. juice Publisher ^Candidate. T n Prewitt Forest City, c" w . is a daughter of Editor 0. Wolfe, Titonka tors. failure. , . , . At the Geo. 'L. Fox home, a^half Other Fenton News Harold Stedman, ol t for the next 5 mouths of The ATLANTIC MONTHLY n n U3 ° y wit, reading , the wls- .n8hip, the have made ^e At- seventy-five years, magazine. *1 (mentioning this ad) to 8 Boston Mrs. Stedman and the mained -for an extended The Standard Bearers met week Monday evening with «hen ,». Ruske - . s»;rr;«S ~*~ • j received BORROW At REDUCED RATES J^*» »™^" T-»Arru'e29 „ you need monger any purpose delay. n y< H. N. Phone 125 Representing Federal Finance Co Algona Des If you like fancy vegetable or fruit them at AKRE'S We have Richelieu Sauerkraut Juice, No. 8 _*^_ 2 _ Wc Smalter sizes "of "Tomato" Pineapple, Grapefruit ^ and Orange Juice at a~fn~r~48c "Richelieu" Squash, No. 3 cans ----—"—* J" „. -Baby Stuart" fresh Lima Beans, No. 2 cans 8 for 27c "Richelieu" Spinach, No. 2 cans ... *?* Se "Baby Stuart" Sauerkraut, No. 2 1-2 cans „>1 for 83c Swtet wrinkled Peas, Sweet Corn, Hominy, Tomatoes, and String Beans, 3 cans ^ c Big variety of Vegetables and-Fruits in No. 1 ^ tins at • , . HALLIGAN'S PURE QUILL COFFEE l-lb. Vacuum Packed 35C Glass Pantry Jars • • SurHalligan's "Pure Quill" Coffee i^goingj>ver big Quality and prices right at AKRE'S Phones, 290-291. Women Folks The ladles are o. k. They are coming forward in every line of endeavor. In the camfls and in tua cabinet, in the professions, and to the t rad f s ^^ are taking their place beside man and asking no to- vors but a free field. I wish our State House at Dea Moines was filled with women. Even if they did put in some time powdering their noses it would be better than a lot of men making foolish laws that aro burdens on the very people that voted for them. I like women because they keep the dollars roll* ing They know what to buy and where to buy tt< No financial'tie-up If you let women do the tigurmsi Of all the lovely women That adorn and cheer our path \ Mother-in-lawa we all admit The surest blessings hath. Mother-in-laws have gone through the school ot hard knocks and have learned that It pays to °« » good fellow. They rushed in last Friday and bought 137 pairs of slippers that were on sale at Neville A They know values and how to save.. Women not only do the buying and keel. tha wheels of Industry humming, but they also perpetu- B.t.6 llio Immtiiii rfitco* I lust got a letter from a friend Informing me that through the efforts of herself, her husband, and the doctor they had a nice baby girl. A baby picked Irom the wings of love and laid In the sacred lap ol m °- /am proud of her as a friend. Such things happen only in the best famllies-the other famllieB plaj with cats and poodle dogs. As a merchant I smile to myself when I hear the proprietor of some high toned store brag about the better class of trade AB a matter of fact he has the worst of it. His trade mentally and morally is several degrees below what they choose to call the common people. Very little milk of human kindness in our mgn- tone population, and as to charity, what they hare of it is as cold as Ice cream. My life has been spent waiting on the common people. I enjoy their simple honesty and their good nature. I even enjoy It when they cuss me, for even then I know they are for me. Neville's store is now, and always has been, run for the common people. They are the people I have to thank for their loyal support which has enabled me to have a home and support my family. I am now selling shoes to the fourth generation. Jimmie Neville THE SH9E HAN, ALGONA, IOWA NEXT WEEK WILL BE daraen (our( Beauty Week You ar« cordially Invited to a special showing of th« N«W Garden Court Toiletriw at our store during tho eomin(| week. It will be Garden Court Beauty Week, and with the pvr- chase of any Garden Court product at the regular price* which i$ 55 cents, you will be privileged to select any Other Garden Court product of the same value, and it will be given to you without charge, a» a compliment of the manufacturer. The Hne consists of many Item* for the dally care oil jh» •kin, such as Creams, lotions, Astringents, pace Powdt* •t<* ond oil are reasonably priced at 55 ?«nt» «a«h, Lusby's Dm* store

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