Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA Board Proceedings Name Judges and Clerks for Primaries June 4th Board Proceedings May 1, 1934 Auditor's Otfic<.. May 1, 19:!t. Board of .Supi-rvisorK of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment •with all members present. On motion Hoard proceeded to audit I Reck coal Co., sup. Richardson's Furniture Store, sup. West Disinfecting Co.," sup.Ill Nelson Hardware, sup. ,)enklns-l''ergeinan Co., sup. K. U. James, sup. Pratt Electric Co., sup. Burroughs Adding Machine Co., sup. John E. Keil, assessor \V. C. Stamer, assessor Clarence Vaske, assessor E. Ogren, assessor 118.13 4.35 si;, at : 7.15 ! 11.06' J. V. Klbert, grading Proj. No. 8 181.44 J. V. Blln-rt. grading proj. No. 31 192.33 V. Elbert, grading proj. No. .6") I 4 - 132.08 Dr. l.OS i C. & N. W. (R'y Co., frt. M. T. McGuIre, grading proj. Dr. 16- Paul N. Loomls, auditing _. Dr. 18- Paul N. Loomls, auditing __ Dr. 24- 1'aul N. Loomls, auditing 6.84! No. 9 6S.43',M. T. McGtiire, grading proj. 64.52: No. 10 29.20[M. T. McGuIre, grading proj. 85.181 'No. 11 Motion by cossrove and seconded by 2.25 103.81 2C0.17 102.44 age Districts to pay assessments lev- led on the public highways within the various drainage districts: Drain No. Amt. 6S $108.00 102 40 105 105 105 91 91 91 91 8.001 oj m G. VV. Blelch, trustee mtg. sm Edw. Drocssler, trustee mtg... 8.00| 20.00 7.50 Andrew M. Hansen, trustee mtg. -'t'^n Frcd A. Diekmann, trutee mtg. 13.00 £nn H - J - Sherman, trustee mtg... £miL. A. 'Boleneus, trustee mtg... (M.UU j f-\|_ T«- Ti»|»,._, tr.<i<>*nn mf rr 10.50 " 25.50! Va SO J - ... T , trnt , t,.,,,,.,,,. ! Alb ,V Vlolcom b { i) t(\ J. "11. IIUILUIIIU, i -.50 Township Bee. Road—Lu Verne to Bee. Road—Ledyard to Sec. Road—Buffalo to Sec. "Road—'Whittemore to Sec. iRoad—Prairie to Sec. Road—Wesley to Sea Road—IrvinBton to Sec. Road—Plum Creek to Sec. IRoad—Wesley to Sec. Road—Portland to Sec. Road—Plum Creek to Sec. Road—[Buffalo to Sec. Road—[Buffalo to Sec. Road—German to Sec. Road—Lincoln to Sec. Road—.Ledyard to Ayes: All. !j. H." Eraser, trustee mtg. Motion by IBuvlgeman and seconded John Frideres, trustee mtg. by Coagrove that 'School Fund Loan o. A. Jensen, trustee mtg. of Lewis V. and 'Ray S. McWhorter be Axel Erickson, trustee mtgT renewed for five years. Ayes: All. peter Elbert, trustee mtg. Motion by Balgeman and seconded K. G. Ewoldt, trustee mtg. by Heiken that B. F. Burtis be given Geo. Hagge, trustee mtg. a refund on 1932 taxes Lu Verne Inc. i p. H. Alescher, trustee mtg" and that County Treasurer be In-'j 0 hn Kohlwes, trustee mtg. J. W. Bolllg, assessor""!"" 137.25 M. T. McGuire, grading proj" 18S.M — —"...". 258.72 ' ig proj. 801.14 ig proj. 115.39 9.00: H. M. Smith, engr. 6.00; Don T. Nugent, salary ._ 3.00! Milton MaFadden, rodman P. E-lbert, labor C!. B. Risk, truytee mtg. Noah Reisner, trustee mtg. John Hellman, trustee mtg. ___ \V. A. Schram, trustee mtg. _ ! A. B. Lappe, trustee mtg. 9.00' Francis N. Elbert, labor"13.20 Dr. S2r 3.001 Walter Elbert, labor . "• ~~ "-••' 3.0010. A. Jensen, rd. inter."!..!! Paul N. Loomls, auditing ._ Dr. 31- Paul N. Loomis, auditing Dr. 4o— Paul N. Loomis, auditing Dr. 68— Paul N. Loomls, auditing Dr. 61- Botsford Lumber Co., sup. Dr. GO— P. F. 'Rhodes, labor E. G. Stenstrom, labor •Bud Hanson, labor Dr. 76- Paul N. Loomis, auditing ._ Dr. 78— 'Dick Baade, labor 215.00 Dr. 79— 140.00 Paul N. Loomis, auditing .. 63.60 Dr. 81— 13.20 _ Paul N. Loomis, auditing .. Thos. Akre, prov. --10.00 Mrs. Johanna Koch 4.00 I A. F. Connelly 4.W 10.00'Long's Grocery, prov. _. I Lewis Elke ID - W 10.00. C. S. Johnson, prov. ...... I Mrs. Klein J~jJ> 10.00 Amy Johnson 10.JO ! p. G. Hiuicnsleln 4.00 10.00' C. K. Johnson 6.CO 'Cut Rate Grocery, prov 10.00! Lottie Wlltse !••?> | F. Hamilton 6.001 Joe Platt F. Spier .931 John Helmers Frank Devlne 13.60' Lewis Olson 22.00 Mrs. Vern Kutledge — 1.50 -Harvey Graham Tom Juchem 10.00 H. 'Cook 14.00 16.00 32.00 25.00 l.ft) 2.50 i!oo 2.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 9.00 6.00 9.00 10.00 10.00 Ole K. Flom, trustee mtg. 10.00 Northwestern Bell Tel Co A 1K i:»r*t »-«i t •» t t-ti at ui. m ( tr t lYl * _t «> •*•••• ^u., 21.30 Paul N. Loomls, auditing .. 7.30 Dr. 8315.20 Paul N. Loomls, auditing .. notices ---11"."-..r.'."-' K!.52 Paul N. Loomls, auditing .. R 'S. Norton & Son, sup. 51.00 Dr. 85— Elbert Garage, storage .."" 20.00 Paul N. Loomls, auditing .. IGeo. Looft, labor (Vdvance Pub. Co., pub"not|ces Whittemore Champion, pub. IROA.D MAINTENANCE FUND 3.001 tel: - ^ Aug. Gutknecht, trustee mtg.i: \M ! ^S^Sg^Sr^^^ 16 |g 7 in'sn, 1 ?; p - Hansen, trustee mtg. ... ?.00,eity of Alsona. llirht "tfnd "wnT: Ray A. Marquis, labor ,„ Dr. 86- i<v- «« ! Chris Brandt, trustee mtg. J**** O. «fl> ' j r tQ«..*i-.n tin * nil t?t sin .« * (T oV John iBormann, trustee mtg. - I Henry Bormann, trustee mtg. 3.00 9-00 ,City of Algona, light "a'nd'wa't- ».w er serv. 3.00 Central Stafes" Dr. 90— Loom|s ' _. - . 3.00 3.00 4.6Q 4.50 3.00 3.00 Electric Co., light serv. 4.32 'Dick Baade, labor Paul N. Loomls, auditing Dr. 96— Dick Baade, labor _._ service Paul Simm~ons,~Tabor"II™III™ q «/• O.UO Etructed to abate same on 1933 taxes as per affidavit of assessor on file In auditor's office. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that Charles Schrader be allowed soldier's exemption for 1933 on E 1-3 and N 1-3 M 1-3 and N 1-3 East 10 ft. of W 1-3 of Lot (1) Auditor's plat of part of SWy. S\V^. 24-97-29, Burt Inc. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that Geo. C. Pettit be given a refund of OOc because of being over-assessed on NWi,i SEy. 23-97-30. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that surety bond of August A. Nelson for class "C M beer permit be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by <;osk'rove and seconded by Balgeman that Louisa .Stoll be given open ditch right-of-way exemption on Dr. H-K No. S-16. S\Vi,i SB 14 9-96-27, 4.03 acres, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933. RESOLUTION Be It TResolved on the 1st day of May, 1034, A. D.. that, whereas the County of Kossuth finds it necessary lor the purpose of obtaining gravel to be used on the roads within the county, and Whereas, the following land owned by C. O. Fish and Lucy M. Fish is suitable, herein above stated, and Whereas, the said C. O. Fish and Lucy M. Fish, owners of the land, have been offered a fair and reasonable, price for it by Kossuth county, atBfhaving refused to sell said land; ftHs hereby resolved that the land described as follows: Aft Jluit part of the Southeast Quar- of the Northwest Quarter Geo. D. Moulton, trustee mtg. Wm. Koestler, trustee mtg. H. C. Allen, trustee mtg. G. F. Chambers, trustee mtg._ Frank c'apsaddle, trustee mtg. A. A. Schlpull, trustee mtg. W. H. Rlcklefs, quarantine J. A. Devlne, brd. of review A. A. Droessler, brd. of review A. H. Fuchs, brd. of review A. W. Kennedy, brd. of review Karl iR .Hoffman, brd. of review G. W. Carmean, brd. of review Leo M. Saunders, brd. of review Henry J. Kohlhaas, trustee mtgs. A. W. Steussy, trustee mtgs. Simeon Leigh, trustee mtgs John P. Bormann, trustee mtgs. • Ely Anderson, trustee mtgs. Chas. Blair, trustee mtgs. Floyd G. Colwell, trustee mtg. Frank Jacobs, trustee mtgs. J. L. Lichty, brd. of review L. 'F. Smith, brd. of review Fred Schneider, brd. of review Harold P. Sorunsen, brd. of review Chas. Wolf, brd. of review" S. J. Devine, brd. of review IT. B. Frankl, brd. of review Henry Eischeld, brd. of review Carl Hutchins, brd. of review. Frank Bestenlehner, brd. of review 9.00 j Peter Peterson, labor 6.00 i Mike Baer, labor 3.00 Roy oilom, labor ~ '" 1 " * — -> - - •« "— — "•— ———-•— — — Dr. 116- Thompson Yards Inc., sup. Clarence Huff, labor I J. M. Weaver, labor W. T. Pllcher, prov. . 2.SO c. K. Johnson 5.01 H. Cook l.K. 10.00 Loren Brown, prov. _._ Mrs. Fred Klein 336 10.00 p. M. Stoner 1.68 Lewis Olson !•<* 10.00 Algona co-Oo. Cry. Co., prov.. i Nela Peterson 1-44 10.00, August Rosenau 1.32 I Mrs. Clara .Neitzel 3.36 10.00. jiax Meslng 1-6S I Joe Platt }•« 10.00 Mrs. Amy Johnson 1.44 21.00 J 0 e Mlsbach, sup. Mrs. C. K. 10.00 Johnson — -i Elbert's Garage, fuel Mrs. F. 10.00 Klein ''F S. Norton & Son, fuel 1.40 Mrs. E. Taylor 3.00 35.00 F. M. Stoner 4.50 II. Cook 6.S5 C. K. Johnson R.s> Theo Elbert 3.00 2.80 B . F. Jones 3.00 Mrs. Perry Thompson . 3.00 10.00 Ed Teomans 3.00 J. M. Godden 3.00 Jas. MdGee 3.00 Mrs. Neitzel 3.00 6.S6 6.30 10.65 2.45 1.47 40.20 9.00 3.00 4.50 4.60 4.50 4.50 C. c. Anderson, 6.25 6.50 2.10 2.40 3.30 StIPBR/VISOR DIST. NO. 3 — Paul N. Loomls, auditing 10.00'T. A. Wilson, prov. Mel. Abbas S. _Nelson, patrol patrol III™ >. Klatt, labor Charles 9. CO 1.00 Goodman iHundsness, ~p~at~r~o"f ™ l?'.io n^Vd- N ' Loomls ' l.w Bud Hanson, patrol SS'?K I-i « 2.00 Mi)j e Baker, patrol 4?'S E - G - Stenstrom, 2.00 Elmer Ewing, patrol""™ S7S5 ^ Bu ?,. Hanson - lab labor Mary Fasbender Groc., prov._. Mary Simons 6.22 Geo. Stell 1-98 .'Earl Stott, prov. Mrs. Edna 3.33 S.20 tween the 15th day of August and the loth day of September, 193-1. 4. That If the owner of person In control of any real estate falls to mow all weeds from the roadside as hereinbefore provided, or falls to cut, burn or otherwise destroy all noxious weeds during the period hereinbefore set out, the tustces, council, commissioners, or board of supervisors, as the case may be, will cause the highway to be mowed and the noxious weeds to be cut and destroyed and Iho expense of said mowing or destruction, including costs of serving notice and other costs. If any, be taxed asralnst the land and the owners thereof. 5. The County Auditor be and Is hereby directed to cause notice of the (making and entering of the foregoing order to be published once In each of the official newspapers of the county. Adopted this 10th day of May, 1934. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Cosgrove that following weed commissioners be appointed in the following districts: Algona Inc.—.Frank Gelg-el. Bancroft Inc.—Tony Doleschal. Burt Inc.—Walter Stewart. Lone Rock ilnc.—Jim Ackerman. Grant Township— Harry Curtis, Irvlngton Township—U. B. Frankl. Prairie Township—John Arndorfer. Sherman Township—Sim Leigh. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by 'Heiken that contractor's bond of J. V. Elbert for J3.691.00 and M. T. McGuIre for $15,480.75 be approved Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that a refund of 50c head tax be given S. M. Gladstone, Fenton township, because of having paid same In Lone Rock Inc., his place of residence. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that Cosgrove be appointed as committee to make necessary repairs on Drain 99 and 157. Ayes: Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that Heiken bo appointed as a committee to make necessary re 2.00 2.00 2.00 fi.OO 6.00 6.00 3.00 3.00 3.CO 3.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 auditing 10.00 J. E. Keil,' funeral exp. Frank J. H. Montgomery, pati'dl ltr». T Y-» >. ... . — — — — — Dr. 176- ta.w Paul labor labor . auditing --- ,Y.;;;- TL - Barker, patrol .I™" 47i50 Dr 177 Will Lceper, patrol 7500 ^ ,Tr -, J. F. Qulmi, patrol 75 30 n , 0 Loomls, auditing .. Alton Pettit, patrol 64'70 £ i XT T Alton Pettit, patrol w'o5 oV 1 " 1 *J' -Loomls, auditing .. Oscar Earing, patrol 112 SO ™ , Sf ?~" •F. D. Pruisman, patrol 7140 q ,f ha , Ul . N :, :Loom 's. auditing ... C. A. Lamoreux, patrol ss'45 r> i XT T Jav IGodden. natrnl WJE . Paul N. Loomls, auditing Jay IGodden, patrol M. L. Worby, patro"" Clifford Holmes, patrol Mrs. G. A. Helgens, assign". Fay Minard, labor . _ Peter Movick, patrol"" Lyell Miller, patrol Fred J. Coon, patrol John Hanselman, patrol "'- O. Ludwlg, patrol c, v. . . „ auditing .. Sub 4 of 3— ,,, „ Paul N. Loomls, auditing «-M Sub 7 of 3_uw Pau , N Loom | gi auditing Sub 2 of 4— Paul N. 'Loomis, auditing Sub 3 of 4— Paul N. Loomis, auditing Sub 5 of 4r- Paul N. 'Loomls, auditing . . , . I Kaufman _ 4o - ()g 200 J. A. Devlne, med. care Mrs. 1 BO John Everett's daughter 20.00 |R M. Wallace, med. care 'Exi- 5.00! gene Beenken 16 -W i'F. L. Adams, med. care Mrs. 10.00' Cad Robinson 17.0" it>r. Pierre Sartor, med. care 10.00! Ben Hayes lb .w I SUPERVISOR DIST. XO. 4 G '°° i J. G. Clapsaddle, med. care of Chas. Coffin 20.00 12375 10.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 3.00 i S D 3.00 | Ed 3.00 \Vm. (F. Gronbach, "patrol~~~ ter CNW14) of Section Eight (8), in Township Ninety-eight (98) North of Range Thirty (30), West of the Oth P. M., bounded .and described aa follows: Beginning at a point thirty-three (33 ft.) north of the corner stone at the Southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter (NWi-i) of said Section eight (8); thence North three-hundred seventy-five feet (375 ft.); thence South three-hundred seventyfive feet (375 ft.); thence east five hundred fifty feet (550 ft.) to the point of beginning. Containing 4.73 acres, be condemned for gravel purposes to be used on roads within Kossuth county, Iowa, and the chairman of the Board of Supervisors is hereby instructed to notify the County Attorney, Maurice McMahon to proceed with said proceedings as provided by Chapter 366, 1931 Code of Iowa, OHA.S. MOR.R.IS, Chairman. Vf. S. COSGiROVE. F. J. BALGEMA.N. P. J. HEf.KLEN. 'W. E. MCDONALD. Adopted this 1st flay of May, A. D. 1934. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that Walter Meyer, Whittemore Inc., be exempt from poll tax and that delinquent taxes against him be cancelled and abated by County Treasurer. Ayes: All. Motion by aioDonald and seconded by Balgeman that cash allowances be given Ida Newbrough $10.00 per month and Hllma 'Erickson, $6.00 per month beginning April 1, 1934. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COONTY. FUND Leo Guevdet, assessor $ J. E. Smith, assessor I..I E. C. Green, assessor Thomas Crahan, assessor I Household Paper Products, sup. Frank W. Elbert, assessor Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. serv. Wm. G. Flaig, assessor"! J. P. Cunningham, assessor" Matt Parrott & Sons Co., saip. O. W. Berggren, assessor R. 'F. Hawcott, assessor _"" Leo H. Guenlet, assessor""™ J. A. McDonald, postage _™"I Chas. Clapsaddle, bounty ~_™ James Hogan, assessor ™ James Hogan, collect, poll tax Aim Eleanor Potter, assessor. R. E. Goddard, assessor Oscar Frandle, assessor III™ Leon Worden, assesor A. J. Seller, assessor "I Jay Graham, assessor I™"™ W. L. Reynolds, assessor C. M. -Erickson, assessor II™ Whittemore Champion, supT Fred C. Wegener, assessor City of Algona. light serv. D. C. Ellis, assessor _ "" Merwln M-jrloiv, bo tint"}" John N. Ludwif.', assessor Andrew filbert, assessor ™~ Andrew Elbert. col. poll fax_ Ray E. -Hanson, awicssor Ray R. Ilaji.son, col. poll f,ix~ A. J. Codify, iipsi-.ssur E. N. Tayli.r Ii,c. , nn-1 I Herman (.'hln-n. asm.. C. M. St. P. & Pac. R' y ;~e X ~- SO. 00 40.00 12S.35 84.00 11.25 82.8G 51.25 31.03 62.90 194.34 S4.55 92.25 31.00 9.00 6.50 140.C5 1.75 9S.2G 100.00 109.80 43.50 ir-ruo 7S.75 87.40 30.31 69.0) 105.50 50.52 68.6fi n.oo 124.50 102. '2~i ^.'lf> 139.10 I.CO 113.60 30.60 142.65 siilary Ti-1 Co., E. J. Bi adv. Mary K ___. .., . Helen L. Becker. Chas. Haas, assrj H. L. McKnro... MSS Northwestern ilit-ll tel. serv. Thomas CrahanT"assessor ~ Chas. JUorrjs, comm. and session W. S. Cosgrove,"™c"o"mm.~"and session TV. E. MeDonnfd. fOmmr~~a~nd session F. J. BaJgc-man, comm".~amf sw slon I'. J. Heiken, comm. and "session 1.11 20.25 75.00 G2.50 01.10 112.05 H. W. Geelan. brd. of review. Oscar Poirot, brd. of review \Vm. Roeber, brd. of review D .W. Ault, brd. of review B. W. Brown, brd. of review H. J. Braley, brd. of review.. J. M. iBlanchard, brd. of review P. M. Chrlstenson, brd of review Art Crulkshank. brd. of review H. H. Dreyer, brd. of review. JTheo Krueger, brd. of review. A. M. Gustafson, brd. of review John Haas, meetings Alex Krueger, brd. of review. Glen W. Jenkinson, brd. of review E. M. Jensen, brd. of review A. L. Kleinpeter, brd. of review 3.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 3.00 Joe Esser, patrol TS'QO Clem Goodman, patrol 64.50 Albert Wittkopf, 'drag. '. " g'25 A. M. Gustafson, drag. N. Loomls, auditing ub 1 of 5— .. m Paul N. Loomls, auditing £•«> Sub 1 of 9- N. Loomls, auditing P. V. Janse, med. care R. I. Simpson boy J. A. Devlne. med. care John Tobln 21.50 Pete Peterson 1S.50 Mrs. R. Hunt 1.00 Jeldhuts Bros. 6.00 Edna Johnson 2.00 Ralph Carroll S.M Clarence Nemmers C0.50 Aug. Schauberger ^ 61.M 132.00 168.50 r nn (Mrs. August Beitz, care Darrel "• w j Gelst 29.30 K m Hoods cash Store, prov. 'Mrs. I M. Doss 20.00 r no ' Krause Groc. and Meat Mar! ket, prov. J. iBriggs 7.G1 SO. 60 Paul N. Loomis. auditing Prank Riebhoff, drag Gust Nelson drac 3.00 B. H. Meyer, drag"" 3.00 |J. L. Intermlll, dm'g 1.00 M. J. Koestler, drag. ""I ----- 4755 "" ______________________ T. A. IReld, brd. of review C. N. Robinson, brd. of review F. J. Liidwig, brd. of review. Mat Laux, brd. of review A. M. Lease, brd. of review __ E. O. Mann. brd. of review and quarantine W. W. Ringsdorf, brd. of review E. B. Dittmer," brd"of "revfe'w" W. H. Schwietert, brd. of review _____________________ Chas. Morris, brd. of review Wm. Meyer, brd. of review Martin Molinder, brd. of "review _____________________ Harry Sabin, brd. of review H. F. Schultz, brd. of review. Emit Wester, brd. of review __ Arthur Priebe. brd. of review __ Walter Vaudt, brd. of review J. T. Waite, brd. of review _.I F. J. Welsbrod, brd. of review L. J. Welsbrod, brd. of review Chas. Welsbrod, brd. of review K. C. Fauerby, brd. of review A. U. Krause, brd. of review Alex Rad|g, brd. of review L. R. (Roderick, brd. of review O. L. Thorson, brd. of review Louia Anderson, brd. mtgs, H. W. Harms, brd. mtgs. Joe Schuller, brd. mtgs. R. B. Bernlnghaus, brd. mtgsT . , . Mike Wagner, brd. mtgs, L. C. Cast, brd. mtgs. .."Ill 0. R. Jensen, brd. mtgs. 1. F. Engesser, brd. mtgs. Millen Jensen, brd. mte.s-. II" John Karsten, brd. mtgs. ___ J. P. Mousel, brd. mtgs. _"III A. A. Fangman ,brd. mtg'sT L. J. Kockler, brd. mtgs. M. N. Phillips, brd. mtgs. Thos. Berg, brd. mtgs. U W. Ehrich, brd. mtgs" H. O. I^arson, brd. mtgs. H. C. Lunning, brd. mtgs. Bancroft Register, pub. proc" 3. CO 6.00 1.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 5.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 1.00 1.00 3.00 2.00 2.CO 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 3.00 1.00 4.50 6.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 5.50 5.50 5.50 , . Raymond E Peterson, "drag?" Dick Baade, labor Hllbert Severiens, labor V-K No. 35-89- Baade, labor 5.00 10.00 10.00 .90 33.00 POOR FUND 5-00 SUPERVISOR 'DIST. NO. 1 .J'QU 'Fullerton (Lumber Co., fuel 1400 Moslman fam. 13.00 o'/vi 'Frankl Broa, prov. iRay San'—-' 22.21 Leander Vaske, dragT John Kohlwes, drag. " Albert Kressin, drag. iRich Potratz, drag. 11' en Wllbert W. Rlchmond"drag"~ ' Fred iButterfleld, drag. _ John Simmons, drag. ~ ~ John H. Wilson, labor Wilbur A. Fisher, labor Central States Electric"~Co" light serv. Erve MansmithTTabor 625 'Frank Stewart " "$02 Edw. Rahmstock, labor 750 Pred 'Schldt _____ """ 14.83 4§5 B. K. Klnseth & Son, prov. 7 ' OT Moslman fam. j'jO Herman Wiee, prov. iFreo! g'go (Hamilton 7500 otto Neuman, prov. FredlHam- llton H. Ward . 11.30 Mrs. Kinney 14.90 SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 5 Fred Mlehe, digging grave Wm. iNorris 5.00 J. A. Devine, med. care Mrs. Harold Jorgenson 14.00 12.22. C. W. Lundqulst, med. care Wm. Norris 17.73 1.12 Mrs. J. !L. Shumski. care Staf- onskl girl 10.00 3D. CD. Schriven, Ins. Noel Ent- wlstle 15.90 G. J5. Curtis, funeral exp. Wm. Norrls 45.00 Art -Lester, rent 30.00 J. F. Faulkner 20.00 Frank Miller . 10.00 12.61 Mrs. Ben rent A. R. I Auia. -ucii .^vuaiiiuu, ICUl rt., XI. Patterson fam. C. E. Newel, Agt, fenf'Chaa 20.00 10.00 Mlno Behrends, labor 550 Mrs - °- Castleman"!"" 1.00 Kennedy Brothers Co.,""ass"ignT 23^00 Tne Saveway, prov. Tom Mol- K - - - -- — .--— - ^* •Xj«« t "-^Olfellt ennedy Brothers Co., assign Ben Gisch, labor 'Bush 3.00 Mrs. Mary Webster, "cafe~No"ei i m Benedict's Store, prov. 20.15 Entwlstle 45.00 •"—'- "' ' " " i Sidney Krosch, rent Ben Rlp- I pentrop 20.00 I (Harry Warburton, prov. Henry I 'Kline 2 55 5.90 Thaves Sisters, provT"™™"" 17'.84 ... _ MOU —, I (Mrs. Jergenson 19.34 John Gramenz, labor 7'oo Jennie Masters 26.29 James Malker 2.60 Clifford J. Johnson, labor 1250 Jerr y Schutter, funeral expT Sanborn's Cash Store, prov, Arnold .G. Klatt, labor o'63 Tom Humphrey 45.00 Mrs. Norrjs 2800 Nick Klein, labor ^'BQ Laird & MdCullough, funeral i Farmers Co-Op. ! E leva tor" ™Co,~ Herman Keaproth, Tabor 6 25 CXD ' Rose'ln I. Ix>ss 45.00 j fuel Will Norrls _. 5 20 Relnder Krominga, labor is'oo 'Emmet Hegarty, digging grave | GEN.ERAiL POOR T ~ l - Ormsby, labor ™IH n'.OO toss «rl 8.CO Charles Adams, labor 750 ffikSSS^.i^ 011 - «•» E S e .?i i_. G . ales ' «nt Wick ^^'Wllford Johnson, labor™I""I ?$ --- ----- _ 3225 a ™Phy __________________ ' Whittemore Elevator Co., fuel IGeo. Heddlnger, labor ~I e!62 Klein family 21.00 , _. Ernest O. 'Burch, labor " «» serving no- , labor A. 'F. Carter, labor Louis Conway, labor Albert Baas, labor H. C. Allts, labor " Joseph Cogley, labor T3I11 T !«...! ,_l . 6.25 giro 7.50 6.00 •H. Cretzmeyer, med. care . Sankey . 1.00 Marie Danlel"s"sew1nF'for~poor Tl>na " mcd - care Pet « „... Mra Evert Pannkuk, sewing 29.00 for poor Schmidt Chas. Dennis 4.25 Mrs. E, Zeutlau 1.50 , ... , . ?,"!.Ji os ; d V '? bor ~-- r —IIII tSO Dr. A. L. Spooner. fumigating nurse iLIchty &"Ros3,™m"at~erIaF !• G- A. Store, prov. H, ™H? i Pruisman Maurice H. Hanson, labor 14 00 Chaa. Helnkel house 8.00 O B Kuhn rent Ike Harm, labor 7'^ John 'Loss, transp. Roselln'Loss, w a' M«_»".'. Anthony Hllman, labor -" Clarence Hentges, labor Peter Heldt, labor Glen Leeper, labor"™!™ Clarence Nemmers Hhnp Max Sievers l^bor Otto C. Taylor Iab5? Henry Braun? labor " 5 Emil Kraft, labor ism n~I . *r_ ' ,_. -1O.W , F. S. Norton & Son fuXl"' clmd. $10.00 not allowed Algona Flour & Feed Co ."sup" 3U'PEiRfV-LSOR TOST. NO. 2 I Earl E. May iSced Co sup ?.50 E. 'Ross, rent Hugh Colwell, IM-».*.O -- ' 240 10.00 S.34 10.00 15.00 Robert Moore, labor etc. 102.64 HuKgard & Waller, pub7"proc~ etc. Advance Pub7 Co7,""pubr"proc" etc. Andrew Larson, lity.~~™"I™ 5.50 Art Mueller, labor 3.00 | Geo. Hanig, labor 3.00; P. H. Peterson, labor 3.00 Holmer Peterson, labor 'Hilbert Severiens, labor W. H. Rlcklefs, labor SJogren, sup. ' not allowed , May s - McWhorter, potatoes Slagle, rent Sandy Ste- l 0r °L s p ed - brltz, clmd $7.00 not allowed , bwlft & Co -- SU P'"""'' Koppen, rent Roy Lee, , | COUNTY FAIRJM *14.00 not allowed Frank L, Miller, light aerv E. Gunder, transp. Mrs. iJohn Hennlng, labor .,.„„. ...~., „,„„, 33 , ... ^, u "? er V-00 Pred Park, exp. ~ 3.CO Harry Elmore, labor 863 M -[?- WII Sl lr TS i' John ' care o£ I ^?'^ er Praser > med. care"MTs7 3.00 H. A. Brims, labor p K ' Myrtle St. John 32.00 ' 'Nyles ____ o nn non Wnr>io- inhn- "•'": Koasuth Hospital, hosp. care 15950 P. V. Janse med; care <t'nn Donald Mathlson 3.50 ,'Watkins Products, sup 3 -0° Jim Stacy 45.50 |R. A. Clark, prov! Mrs. Archie Dodds 43.00 T>,«» »i— David Hasz 33 50 Percy Kuhn HH 35.00 3.00 2.00 53.95 Matt Murtha. sup. 7.) 33 '•• ='^' '>-""" Kohlhaas & Spllles, "s"up"."IIIHI ' Vr V,.9 r , etzmeyer - 99.39, . , __ r . Pratt Electric Co., sup. 131.95 Kent Motor Co., sup. .70 Joe Greenberg, sup. I™ 1.10 C. S. Johnson, sup. -- Frank Flaig, sup. IIIIIIII™ .15 5.00 8.49 1.05 E. C. Fauerby, sup"" 1090 Kossuth Co. Implement "Co.7 sup. G. X. Graham, bty. I 5.7ijGeo. Holtzbauer, aup7" J. G. Graham, bty. i CO Deldutch Super Service""slm Kenneth Hanig-, bty7™"I --.-i« <, T .^ *— Myrle Cushman, bty. Ncls Swanson, bty. "" ~ W. J. Denton, sup. Ivan Cushing, bty. -IIIIIIII" DOMESTIC ANIMAL" Wm. G. Flaife'. listing dogs .SO Frank W. Elbert, listing dogs 1 30 W. L. Reynolds, listing dogsl s!i>0 Herman I'bben, listing dogs _I 12.S6 T. I!. ERADICATION FUND Dr. J. T. 'U'alte. vet. serv. 73.20 I'Jr. L. \\ r . Fox, vet serv. I 1 ' SO Otto J. Borehardt, cattle ™in- demn. m *-. Iiicob Zwlffel, cattle indemn. lorgen Hanson, cattle indemnu 1'om Tow, cattle indemn. __ Kmll C. Flshur, cattle indemn. 23.11 B.91 .25 3.37 92.52 2.87 8.29 11.63 25.51 25.2G 15.12 39.70 •X. A. Kailing, cattle indemn Henry Teasfield, cattle in- demn. Jut-. Trail, caTtle indt-mn". John infers & Son, cattr«""1n" deinn. rN'S.-VNE FUND J. McKvoy, cli-rk fees ico.se COURT FCTND 174.25 Mattlicw C. Grier, reporter i r T t.*" 14 * i,-. , — „ . . — — — Algona Flour & Feod"co™jsup" P. S. Norton & Son, sup. T l. H. Yates. aup. ~~~ H. J. Kittlcman, reporter I SI.Si Peter w. Dahlhauser, bailiff™ | I'. A. Danson, J. P. £ L -e ICG.33 Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff I Samuel O'Brit-n, constable" fees IT. IR White. J. P. fei 'V. H. .Steward, constable n 10 Raymond Itiddl?, witness i,r ,„ --- 16.20 Le IR()V Boettcher, wltnesi >Vm. W. SturfJivnnt. sup. 24 50 i lio >' Strong, witness T -u Verne News. sup. _ ' " Whlttemon; Cliarnpion, sup 'loone Blank Book Co., sup. " f,8 42 "och Brothers, sun. Maurice C. McMahon,"" office S.ll|F. 'W. Green, marshal "" 3.»J f'a-rl I'nhlhausi-r. sheriff~I"~ " " 42.06 _, „ -, 38.35 ' ax _Service <^o., tax serv. work 125.00 3;.. J. McEvoy. refund 1.50 J. M. Moore, mileage nnd exp7 21.52 Carl Dahlhauser. aherlff 174.32 n r m. Shirley, exp. I S9 73 )T. H. "n r elch Printjn~jr~Co7, sup7 Fidlar & Chambers Co., sup. r 'rescent Printing Co., sup. Koasuth Co. (Farm 'Bureau, appropriation 'Htonka Topic, sup. 62.53 John Hutchison, mayor Carl Johnson, marshal Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff 01.79 14.51 59.49 22.2S 15.75 51.85 9.00 9.00 3.30 8.30 56.00 30.00 21.00 35.43 -16.25 5.40 19.50 5.30 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.40 21.65 4.00 Implement "Co." Tire Servfce~Co7,"sup7"I Newel Hardware, sup. A. B. Tweeten, sup. ~ Botsford Lumber Co.7"sup". F. S. Norton & Son, sup. Anderson Grain & Coal ™Co" sup. Farmers Co-Op. Elevator "co.T sup. McEnroe Bros., sup. Ill Algona Ins. Agency, ins. 1C. L. Kohlhaas, labor 1.53 390.75 13^2 !55 4.08 . . care _ H. Bruins 60.00 Jas. Stacey 50.00 Myrtle St. John "" 15.00 Harvey Graham 2.00 Mrs. Keepher IIII 2.50 P. V. Janse, med. care Mrs. Archie Dodds 50."bo Mrs. Chas. Johnson~&"fam. G. E. Van Dorston . 1.50 "Mrs. Roy Lee 15.00 (David Hasz 26.50 119.50 Thos. Akre, prov. iHarry 'Keith, sup. Kossuth Co. Implemen't™ Co7 sup. ' 8.55 8.75 14.24 40.00 19.70 4.00 10.00 2.45 4.80 60.04 1.12 11.39 '.SO Pratt Electric™Co™sup7 Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. Botsford Lumber Co., sup" Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup. 'Nelson Hardware, sup 97.00 Clapp's Master Service, slip"" ! Matt Murtha, sup. ' " 4.00 iRlIchardaon Furniture"co","su"p" | Algona Flour & Feed Co., sup] ,, Laa Farmers Elevator Co.. sup. 21260 F. S, Norton & Son, fuel ™" lfl(5 22'44 8 55 3l'65 Alcon-, ,t Wo,* Algona 1st "Ward Algona 2nd Ward Algona 3rd Ward ................... Algona 4th Ward _, '»--, — „ Buffalo Township pairs on 'Dr. 3, 4, 35, 24, 60, 80, 85 129 Ayes: All. Motion by 'Heiken and seconded by Cosgrove that Balgemnn be appointed as a committee to make repairs on Drain 95, 116, and 1HK No. S. Ayes' All. Motion by 'MaDonald and seconded by Balgeman that the appointment of II. B. White as delinquent tax collector an made by M. J. Duffy, County Treasurer, for the year 193-1 and bond fo $2,000.00 bo approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Balgeman that MdDonald be appointed ns committee to make repairs on Dr. 61. Ayes: All. • Motion by McDonald and seconded by Heiken that pauper notice bo served on Joe and Geo. (Heddlnger, Delmar 'Benner, and George Davis. Ayes All. Motion by Helkon and seconded by Cosgrove that a refund of $3.00 be given Dick Steenhnrd, Ramsey township because of working and paying same In year 1933. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to 2 o'clock p. m. Two o'clock p. m,~ Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by Balgean that Elmer Hanson bo permitted to pay the principal of his taxes less Interest and penalty. Ayes All. Motion by McDonald and secondec by Balgeman that Elmer Hanson be ted establishing the following Secondary Road Districts: No. 139, 155, 221 232, 233, 244. 256, 257, 258, 259, 261, 26. 265, 269, 270, 271, 272, 274, 275, 276 277, 279, 234, 285, 290, 287, 292, 293 with the exception of Secondary Roac Dlst. No. 281 according to the repor and survey of H. M. Smith, County Engineer. Ayes: All- Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by •Hclken that May 28th, 1934, at 10:00 o'clock a, m. be fixed as the date o letting for graveling the roads within Kossuth county, Iowa, Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and secondec' by Cosgrove that following be appointed to act as Judges and Clerks .of Primary Election to be held June .4th. 1934: JUD<3<Ea OLERlKS .W. A. White Mrs. K3co. St. John E. W. 'Lusby Mrs. L. W. Keith Neva Mason COUNTING BOAJRED V. J. Sands Geo. J. TDlber' Paul Leaverton Mrs. Fred 'Corey C. «. Rellly .'Frank Gelgel Mrs. Root. Kaln R. W. Caldwell OBlanch Crose Elizabeth -Holmes COUNTtliNlG BOARD A. H. Stock Catherine BdCal Will Gllbride Harry Nolle Josephine Chubb .Tom Kaln . Helmuth. Huenholc A. E. Kresensky Mary Joynt Evelyn Potter COUNTING BOAJRD Oscar Norman (Frank Kohlhaas Bertha Johnson Stewart MaFadden Geo. Yager .Lelghton Mlsbach IGall Towne S. J. DeGraw Mrs. Gaylord Shumwaj Vallle Tribon -COUNTING BOA1RID W. H. Freeman May J. Harrington Otto Falkenhalner T. H. Chrischllles May Herman .Fred Boykcn E. P. Chris Brandt Wm. Boyken Andrew M. Hansen COUNTING BOARD Will Schram (Herman Rachut C. E. Thomas Wm. Stott E. 'R. Woltz Wm. Koestler OOTINTJNG BOAtRD ceo. P. Hawcott Lloyd Elston O. C. Smith IG. W. Blelch Eagle Township Harry Sabln Chester Robinson John P. Peterson (Lawrence Thorson CBurt Fenton Garfleld German Grant _ Greenwood Harrison Hebron Lem Marlow " Wm (Fred Welsbrod Gaylord Johnson Gus Krause COUNTING BOARD John Dempsey Fred Bohn John D. IF 1 . Slaughter Jess McDonald M. N. Phillips R. J. Stewart O. H. Llnde D. Simpson Karl Ewoldt Merle Richards W. E. -Laage W. E. Stoeber -Art Zinnel Herman Harms B. Bernlnghaus J. A. Schwartz Frank Elgler H. W. Balgeman Mike Wagner Winter B. H. Meyer John A. Sleper IR. Newton Ell Anderson lpi M - Jacobs Geo w Nyman John Karsten Jake Keller COTJiNTKNG BOARD Chas. Baker . Mrs. Roy Hutton Chas. Kollasch Herman Dreesman John Boeckelman Floyd Colwell C. H. Blair L. J. Kockler A. Fangman Paul Mra. Geo. Carmean J " J - Anderson COUNTING BOARD J. A. S_eylar G. B. Pearson Lakota OLedyard Rena Haglund Geo. E. Butterfleld -H. O. Larson Lewis Ehrlck Thomas Berg 1 -Fred Gelgel M". L. IRonev U. r ~ Ida Larson R. G. Baum H. C. Lunning Hugh Raney Alvln Weber 800 J. A. Roberts bridge ">->o '•>-, Mrs - Emma Olson, rent "John Steg-Ft. Dodge Co., sup7"I~~ 30e!92 • VY ""'"" "' "' W i llter J r '''S ser ' med ' care 11 -°° l RESOLVED: That the Counfv Audi- Mrs. R Sfolnman m ' tor Is hereby ordered anddlrected to „ « if 3 ," 6 Wai- rant3 for all bills allowed at 9.50 this meeting as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinbefore written as per vote on each Individual bill. Ayes: All On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. 'May 10, 1934. E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor, Mrs. R. Steinman . 5.00 Neva Palmer 600 R ' A ' E vans, med. care" Mrs. Jess Umberhauer 2.50 iFrancls Minard 5.00 Henry. Cook _ 2.00 II. M. Olson, dental Work Myrtie St. John ______ Marie Bakken, rent Mrs7~TYed 5.00 May 10, 1934 Auditor's Office, May 10, 1934. - ., , ^, . - AV.mj ,,«,,»,*, *. VlaOro Of ivOSSUtll J. D. Adams Co., sup. 7^7 Vic Johnson, rent Bob Stevens 10.00 i °°V ny i, met P" rs "ant to adjournment ........ w n 16 " 106 " present. Balgean and seconded by Gibbs-Cook Tractor & Co., sup. Wilson Concrete 149 39 •Norton et al .Lottie Matson, rent Max~Mes- 1. Grlnne!l,~renf~Jhn"McGee 10.00 10.00 5.00 10.00 . . ., . , H. Channon Co., sup. ........ 4444 Mrs. Elsie Cady, rent O. J. Barton-Warner Co., supT ...... 22632 Stephenson _____ .......... ^,i_,._ ,,.._, -------- „ „ — -— •"•<>- ' Globe Machinery & Sup. ~^5o" sup. Sargent Machine Co7,"sup"™" Balbach Co., sup. IIII Iowa Auto Market, Inc., sii[T Iowa Machinery & Sup. Co." sup. Wheeler Lumber BrTdge'&'SupT Co., sup. VI?Us? Transfer & 8~torage"'<5i5r St. Anthony's Home, care Alb. Davis children 45.00 Dorla and Wanda Taft_ 30.00 Mrs. Laura Campbell, care of 'Fred Henry H. R. Sorensen & Co., prov. ™ sup. Central States Kl?*ii Co7," sup. r Co,, serv. Interstate Power . light 2950.35 I C4.9S 8.10 Wm. Baker Torn Bilsborough E. Danner . L. Eike ™ O. Frandsen <,__I~I Dave Hasz .'jr"--;! I J. Helmers -IIIIIIIIII. , _ , „„ John Hutchison, mayor "_ 400 Curl Johnson, marshal I" 225 Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff ----- ' J. M. Dye. mayor "" . -. mayor II. T. Winter, marshal Carl 'Dahlhauser, sheriff"! mayor 3.50 1.75 4.70 3.00 31.68 i H' ^', Va " Als tyne, 7narshal 1.55 1254 Phyllis Parsons, clerk _ " 150 Carl Dahlhauser, serving "no- 166.661 tlce 4.00 3.60 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup. 212.63 Don T. Nugent, asst. engr 14000 KHpto Loose Leaf Co., sup. .. 938.06 H. M. Smith, salary ' "" 245'oo Royal "400" Co., sup. Standard Oil Co., sup."™" Ed Simser, sup. ™ E. J. Deiterlng 1 , sup. "" Vincent Lattimer, labor"™"" DRAINAGE FUND Dr. No. 2— Lafe Simmons, labor Jake Keller, labor Paul Simmons, labor Dr. 4- Lafo Simmons, labor ft. G. Stenstrom. labor iBud Hanson, labor ™ Jake Keller, labor Paul Simmons, labor Dr. 5— Paul N. Loomls, auditing E. Branch Dr. 6— Paul N. Loomis, auditing Dr. 7— Dick Baade, repairs Dr. 9— Paul N. Loomis, auditing auditing 3.50 8.00 2.00 6.00 3.00 3.00 •1.00 6.00 2.00 5.50 .00 4.80 1 40 Mrs - C. K. Johnson 490.15 E- F -,/ ones — ........ 3.25 Max , Meslng . .......... 1153 F - Splker __ 6.32 ° J- Stephenson . ...... „ 700 Clara Neitzel _ 1600 i Sandy Stebrltz " 240 I Mrs. J. Selfert _ 3.00 „ ^ ' 'Mrs. V. Rutledge .. ~" 6.00 8.00 Moe & SJogren, prov.""" 6.00 H. oarroll 5"4« 6.00 ,B. H. Potte? ........... 600 »«.' Amos Kr °mlnga — .III 2.00 9.GO John Fox a RK 8.00 R. A. Clark 'prov 6.00 Robt. Bowman " ...... g"40 7.20 F. H. Stoner ..... 750 7.20 Frank Splker ........ i'oo ,AAA' 'V aum Campbell ..I™" s'.OO 10.00 - Aug. Rosenau I L. Olson 10.00 Wm. Vanderwerf ....... I Roy Lee ... 7.00 H. Cook ... " ........ I Joe Platt - ....... 1.75 10.00 H. R. Hayii'IIIIH ---- 250 I Jim Jones i oo 10.09 John Schmldt'IIIIIIIII l!» t , 10.00 ' ft i, otlon 75.00 "e'Ken that Algona Ins. Agency, Algona, Iowa, be awarded contract of compensation insurance for the year 1934. Ayes: All. 2.00 . Motion by Balgeman and seconded bv 71.70 by Cosgrove that the following resolution regarding destruction of riox- lus weeda be adopted: BOARD OF SUPERVISORS ORDFR FOR DESTRUCTION OF NOX- IOTTS VmtoW AiND'MOW- INO OP HiSltWAVS Be It Iftesolved by the Board of Su° f Kosuth c °unt, Iowa. 14.06 To^ng 6 '°"^.P ro , pe - rt y or on the 40.05 named. 1. That flll Weds growing in the " ay Sha " ¥ eut at leas twice ' Lincoln Ume Rock (Fenton Twp.) . Lotts creek Lu Verne Plum Creek Portland Prairie -H. W. Roba Aug .Gutknecht Earl R. Ogren COUNTING BOARD H. D. Mussman Mrs. Walter Rosenau John E. Smith .Geo. Moulton J. J. Rink J. H. Mousel COUNTING BOARD D. A. Carpenter John Hartzel Albert Brandt -Leonard Selboldt B. F. Edwards J. H. Warburton •P. M. Chrlstensen Alex Radlg John Geltzenauer •Noah Reisner Geo. Winkel Albert Potratz •G. F. Chambers Albert A. Schlpull > F. I. Chapman COUNTING BOARD F. K. Clapsaddle A. J. Eason Anna Murray •Henry Bailey Alfred Jergenson J. E. McEnroe •D, M. Stewart E. B. Dittmer W. H. Schwietert •John Arndorfer Mrs. W. W. Turley Art Lester Olffa Wortman H, H. Murray Ed. Looft Wm. Garry Alfred Schultz Wm. OPlynn Bert Coder Harm Dornbush H. H. Dreyer W. G. Flaig John Kohlwes Peter Elbert (H. C. Allen Harry Lichty Anton Stork John Frideres I. F. Engesser . . 6 00 ' 260 Wild the l.t day of ul.u and the 15th day ot August, 1934, and be- drvington Twp.) Joe Crowley A. J. Klrschtaum e , - • S. J. Devlne oherman ._ Henry ESscheld -" Henry Kohlhaas e „.„_,;, > Simeon Leigh Spl'.nBfleld .. A. W. Steussy G. B. Risk Louis Anderson Chester Johnson Jensen Arthur Hof J. -L. Lichty Walter Klamp Clark Scuffham B. O. Mann W. W. iRdngsdorf G. IB. Ludwlg Alt. Studer John Hellman P. H. Mescher John Bormann Wm. Runchey Millen Jensen J. W. Bolllg I/. C. Hutchins Chas. Aman E. C. Green John P. Bormann Fred Logemann (Fred Dutton O. L. Thorson M. J. Kennedy R. A. Harvey <31en Jenkinson Pred A. blekrnann A. dB, Sllaihga IT " lon — «'"-Kfumm I. orulkshttnE Wetil P W^ii P. By soil sle>r ^ A- M. Gustafsori O. K. Flom TJ. A. Boleneus A. L., Kleinpeter COUNTIN1G iBOARJD Mrs. Ann Kunz Hazel Whlttemoro Jtenry Sherman Mrs. Lester Lease I" 110 •*• Gerdes 'S; 'P. Schultz Walter Vaudt win. Meyer Wm. Baas Frank Ludwlpr COUNTING BOARD Mrs. W. P. Reimers Art. Fandel A VPS: All H ra - Wln Hlgglns Mrs. H. B. Wood°n motion Board adjourned to "*"* ' ""* ten lv " o'clock a, m. May J>8. 1S34. B. J. KtTTt.ER, County Audftorv Fi n •reatment. BUSING OIRECIll KOSSUTH Weekly Entered December 31 M Algona, er p ounj B. Quarter, ""on*,: Office 0«Mce phono 469-w' uuice 427, rw Algona, lojpj, J - T " DONAH i I. Vf. Sullivan , H«XAHI«| . B. Linnan Phones: „, 3. E. McM., 403. . IIAIUHNGTOH, B. J. Harrington Attorneys-at-Lad Phone 287 jjl Office over Postd " -4 B. J. TAN NESS, G.1V.8J Lawyers \ Office over Iowa State! Phone 213-W. •• * — t. D. Shumway BH0MWAT ft XBLJ Attorneys-at-Iatf effice In Qulnby; Phone 58 Atttorncy-at-Iaifl Office In Qulnby Bui Phone 180 —-' '• HIBAM B. \VH Attorner-at-ltv Office over Iowa 6tat«| Phone 206. P. A. DAHSOjJ Attorney.At-I»f| Office over Iowa State] Phones: Office, 460-J,; 1 CABBOL A. WiWJ Aftornejr-otUitf Office over PosU Phone 65 A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HI THEODORE C. HP Attprneys-at-lai. Quinby Building] Phone 251 DOCTORS JOHN N. KRNEF Physician anil 8ir| Office over Rexall 1 Office phone !Ml Rea. phone 111, I C. H. Surgeon and Office John Galbraitk I Phones 4«-3W,| klgona. P. T. JANBB.H.1 Physician and Sir) Office on South Dofcel Phones: Office, 666; reitf Algona, Iowa WALTER FBASEB,) Physician and Su" Office In Qulnby Bite., Phone No, 11 _ - - 1TELTIN 0. Physician and Sort Office In Postofto j Phonea: Office, »7j_" W. D. ANDBEWS,! Oiteopathlc Physician « Located In General Phonea: OfflcelJ DENTISTS Dentlit. Gas or novocalne traction. Located dver Chrlstei Phonea: Business 166, r Algona, """ Phonea We8t i. w. FOX j. U. WINKE VeterlnarlMH State Street, KOSSUTH comg rvarrn t nrK SU Orer $16,000,000 w< n force. A home secure. D- r MIMEOGg

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