Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1934 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 17, 1934
Page 3
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^a^ian^ — rtflWD ^SS^^^ M CROWD I VISITORS m TALKS risers. Roy Bud, Frances Budlong j- ^|lg Woman's Swea City, May fj ..««. >-.» uj t .«««. j j. u—- Aim new Samuel Rystad drygoods store waa ** by the S^^rXl- ( Thursday, which was i att- ly The lesson, which music ''(/South America. A arum followed: solo, *T dance by dhildren M Twe"^ members' the following ,as aes Lenore Schrain, nirwert, Sadie Denton, LaSn Faye Callies, Mona fccker Martha Bonacker, Mar- Iftvken, H. C. Schweppe, R. IL. ITflownce Eeaser, Ann t Ann Sehenck, Addle ' Y Reitorman, J. Johnson, Harry crowded all day for Its formal opening Saturday. Right clerks were kept busy from early morning till late at night. Three hundred and fifty carnations for tho women fell far short of enough to go around. Swea City had for some time been without a drygoods store which was a strange fact in view of the, town's size and large trade territory. Recently the local business men's organization undertook a plan to find a dealer, and the re™' 1f "'"" Mr. Rystad'a 'location «st, Harold n niir"''" ov*««"*'"—i ( none Bonacker; also LIN £ and Beryl and Gladys m in IVoofls— Scouts and their >lead,. Fremont Faul, Ihiked a Rev. Fremont _. woods west of town on tha I to Burt late Friday night, Imnt the night there, and got ••Tsl hefore hiking home next .. n« A ii»c it! tho nnrhv ware to Scouts in the party were Cailies, Sherma Hlcklefs, Russ Larson, Earl e FauJ, and Junior Han Scous Cailies, Sherman Kelley, t Hlcklefs, Russ French, iSclweppe il Etents Next Week— mt "skip day" will be next to and uie 18 seniors expect tend the day at Olear Lake Bason City. Their sponsor, Al|. Johnson, will accompany L Class night will be observed Stigh school auditorium next lly and the commencement! ses are dated for next week suit was here. Blaze at Rohlin Farm- Fire destroyed farm buildings on the C. A. Rohlin place last week Monday night at 9 o'clock. An empty corn crib, a shed used for a garage, and a Pontiac car were complete losses. Tho farm is tenanted by James Docoy. Mr. Doocy does not know what started the fire. Siemens Delivers Baccalaureate— Baccalaureate services were held last week-end at the high school auditorium Sun- Bravcnder, D. day night, tho sermon u ~'— lr»i/i«"i~*. - -* preached by " LONE ROCKER IS MARRIED TO BURT GIRL Lono Rock, May 16-A pretty n ' 1 ' 1 — was solemnized at Watson Sbicks Sunday afternoon at B'30 liter of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar of Burt, and Charles, only Ron of Mr. and Mrs. Shick' married by tho R cv stono. — were Glad- Ti "• ""7- "~" > - a- f , attcn dants were Beu- returned Sunday" ^"ians Honored— " ""' at Swea City this two sisters, Irene season win hn i,,, i 7 l * lnls tlielr father. to Ydshea ])oin BS _ -feday night. The speaker •be from Iowa City. is Class Entertained— [ Mark Bacon entertained the a Sunday school class of the ist church at her home east n Friday afternoon. Attend•ere Mrs. Henry Jennings, •UKeil, Mrs. Lee 0. Wolfe, jC,Heifaer, Mrs. Earl Blak- Jta. John Pink, Mrs. Earl I Mrs. George Higgins, and 1 Fremont Paul. A Jovely | was served. •in Tiro Brooder Houses— week Wednesday night at :k the John Rippentrops taiso and GOO baby .J were burned. The cause of [caused the .blaze? Doubtless 16 from a stove in the brood'«, The Rippentrops live of Titonka. Mark Bacon's .' ta&e caugiht fire Friday hut le discovered the blazel ? to save it. Iffoilen Honse Here— f Hagan, who a few weeks ought a house west of Wo- H also the lots south of Mrs. [rAskln's, moved his house " lot and is now excavating PUT Tin «..~ L , - mens, of the Baptist church. Music by a mixed chorus and a .)>oy' s Glee club was directed by Earl Josten, Esthervllle, with Miss Dahl at the piano. Deserve Officers in Ylsit— Alcorn Johnson, Lincoln Neb was a Sunday visitor at G. B Pear" son's. He is second lieutenant in the Reserve Corps and was on his way to Fort Snelling, near the Twin Cities, for two weeks of training. Mr. Johnson and Mr .Pearson are cousins. Sisters Here Arc "Icemen" Supt. E. H. Parsons, of the Swea City schools, and his wife, who are fn hft/>rtrw« Al -, ' c He expects to repair «and move into it as soon He is now living in """' '» "" * """ '"» wiiu, wno are to become Algoninns when Mr Parsons opens a law office after school closes, were 1 OFFICEiSslAifl FOR P.-T, A. GROUP AT FDURCORNERS Four Corners, May 15—The Union No. 7 P. T. A. held its last meeting of the year at Noble Mitchell's Friday evening. Roll call was on state institutions; Recipe for a Good P. T. A., Mrs. Cruikshank; election of officers—president, Mrs. William Drayton; vice, Mrs. Loyd Gross; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Noble Mitchell; program committee-Mrs. Maxwell^ Mr? Loyd Gross, Mrs. Edward Rich"' Durwood McArthur played on his ninnrt n stitmt.1 Inn „_ .1 , Other Swea City. riff , s were , a Qi r ? , and IIarold Gross - was from K , rom f ol , last yoar - and Mr s graduated from tho Lono Rock schools in 1920 M« TT - t" Al Kruc eor, Mr. an «i .. IIarlan Blanchard, Erse Blanchard, and Alex Kruoger. Nnlson Hoys Have Party- Mrs I. W . Nelson gave a part Saturday afternoon for her tw ' Tn°v ald and Harold. Attend . La Vonne and Merle Bacon Algona; Mary Jane and Eugenf Mao Hofius, Marshall Milllgan Kyrwood Qulnn, Billy Leepor Ha? " —t'Vl t J.O.IH Padgett, Claude -— Rogers, Gordon , and Luverne Schroeder. a n ,irpft«HddSnnday Baccalaureate services hold Sunday evening in Th school auditorium. The foowin he hl g followin Attend Teishca at Ames- "omc at. present at.e Shlckme Mother's Day Observed— L ° U Fairmon t, and have been H grade P U P !1 « en- Mo thr- d * hol r,niolherB in honor of Mother s day Friday afternoon. The 1 r °"ow8: Welcome, bo is Blanchard; song, o Mother- >ood the Beautiful, 5 h and 6th School Picnic This Week « -"-"in iruuK— ™* ^*\ I" 8 . 1 . d ^ of this school at stone attended a Kossuth ministerial meeting at the home of Mrs Casey Loss, who entertained for her father, the Rev. A. English, of Aigona, a week ago Monday. Roberta, Georgetta, and Bob Davison, and Pete Ohlert, all of Mason City, wore Sunday guests at Robert Dransfeldt's. Mrs. Margaret Davison, who has been visiting , here, returned with them family, Bacons, I. W . Nelsons, the and , . . esons, and Oeoge Sears, of Grinnell, were dinner guests at the H. J. Bacon's, Algona. It was a surprise dinner for Mrs. Bacon. Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. W. G •n.*' ^f S> , John s P rank - and Mrs.' illian Sigler, of Hurt, attended the joint Legion and Auxiliary meeting n Ju Dodge last week Tuesday. The Busy Friday club met with Mrs. Jack Quinii, Mrs. Prank Flaig assisting. The next meeting will be v,th Mrs Will Leeper, Mrs. Bmil Kraft assisting. ^ The E. M. Jensens drove to -rraettlnger Friday evening to at- end a birthday party for Doris Henningsen, daughter of the A. H Hennmgsens. Clarence Macumber, now in al J ° r J St City ' spent Sa tur- Sunda -y at the parental F They June Rahn, drove to Esthervllle Saturday and June consulted an ear specialist. Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Cotton and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen attended a banker's convention in Sioux City Monday. Henry Hartwell returned Mon- day from the hospital „ . where he received medical tion. The Mite society meclfl ffift yu-. ternoon with Mrs. Fred GcBikfl& Mrs. Jack Quinn assisting, ^^ Fred Flaig has purchased a BMt Chevrolet. * mer's parents, Jm , Soylor. Bornice Pearson cam e Sioux City for Mother's day ears" 1 '' 011 ' 8 ' Mr ' and MrSl Merlin Larson returned to Iowa State college Saturday, after hav infiT nfon nt li«,— ,. came from with Olaf * '"'s, luuuanon, Mother John Or aiiurnoon. TUn i ' ^viy iViotrier, Roy ** JLeaciicrs Ji)ncrac?f^fi on, Mother, Terrence 'Pap-ptt' t° r y in the inpi'i O nv,««i n ^J nis- Cradle Song, fifth ami «ivth ^' Crodlanrl ^^ L schoolg. Merlo _ boon at home a measles. week with Titonka Piano accordion, served. i unc]l Ben Becnken's brooder house and COO little chicks were burned Friday night, it is not known how the fire started. Tho Beenkens live north of town. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Sehenck, accompanied by teachers Lela B Stephens and Delma Henderson' drove to Minneapolis and spent the week-end visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Craven have f and recitation, Mother 0' Marlow; recitation, on, te June Rahn; piano solo, Vuanita Wegoner; recitation, Only One Mother, Leonard Rogers; Somebody's Mother, Dorothy Jensen^l ano solo, Mary Jane Hofius; song, , grades , fi " h and sixth recently moved into the"'Edward st °res Callies ten roster Winners Announced— ripm? Q^ gi °" Auxiliar y met at Glenn Sharp's Friday afternoon, Mrs G. A. Sharp, hostess. Plans are being made for the sale of pop- Piea May 26. The poppy poster i, 0n '^-sponsored by the Auxiliary in t e fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, was won by William Knoll, second going to Vuanita Wegener, and third to Wayne Tyler. The winning poster will be sent to Des Moines, where it will be entered in the district contest, local i These P be on display at the '•'Wife is Honored— "•Prise birthday party nnnntt «n •. , - was Mrs. Fremont _ - E ..«v Vlll H 111 honor of L b ul May Frida y «'sm. r/T sur P ris ed her were L ". Larson, Mrs, " Breen, and Mrs. rricd- in Picnlc- C arle s S 01 J g ' Ma rJorie raldi a Su ne «'' Ste i >hende «B uruns, and Faith & B. Club Met Yesterday— m K m C- Mothers & Daughters club will meet this week Wednesday with Mrs. Edna Mitchell, Mrs Jessie Elmore assisting. Roll call wVTt a . nswered with practical hints and descriptions of other lands - v A magazine article will be read by I va Witham; History of Flag Day, Lucille Rich. This meet- Ing was'scheduled 'to be with Mrs. Elizabeth Elbert May 17. Fanners Help Fire Victims— Many farmers in this community helped the Everett Broesders Friday during and after the fire, some staying all night and part of the next day. Other Pour Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Schmeling and their daughter Patricia Sue were Sunday dinner guests at the Parental Howard Witham's. j ... u ,v,u IJILU LUU il)U Will U Games tenant house, south of the Callies home. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Arnitt, of Minneapolis, spent Mother's day with Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Pender- gaat. The L. B. Larsons drove to Clarion Sunday to spend Mother's day vis it in tr Mi. « n,i -MT ,... TV- •, » ""••> ^ nijcim itiuuuirs aay cream factory Decker'^ mp- v.s.t,n B Mr. and Mrs. Remit Lar- the cement factory, old the Class Visits Mason City- Juniors and seniors, who comprise Supt. L. E. Godfrey's geography class, went to Mason City last week Wednesday and visited the telephone company, the ice cream factory, Decker's meat plant tlin Pmnnnf frtntn-ntr n «,i j.i j-i* « Other Lone Rock. div Otto Laabs family ™,i 7n. i ' u ' M "' uo J-^aaDS Trn^nn d r. 0hester H °PPes, all O f iruman, Minn., and R. G. Bor- chardts, East Chain nr;r>r, m, Chain, Minn. »e zuneral of Fenton, in th c all Rev. and Mrs. S. M. Bor- They " Glad- . rs here, were guests at Fred Gen- last week Wednesday even- Gordon Blanchard, student at Iowa State Teachers college <Ce*" Fa "f- s P e Bt Saturday and Sun- ard's 6 Parental X M ' BIan <=ht,,™ rU ?T a . nd Ra y m °nd Priebe returned last week Tuesday from Sioux Falls, S. D., where they attended a refrigerator show Merwyn Christenson accompan- Charles if "We're missing a bet somewhere—A & P Coffee must be. good if more people drink it than any other. Why dou\. we try it?" . Discover for yourself that satisfaction in coffee does not depend on price—but on flavor and freshness. . Learn that the world's finest coffee is yonw at A & P' 8 economy prices—this week lower than tumg. to give you a special opportunity to get acquainted^' Lb.2St week-end at the ^rentaT S. M Gladstone home. The R. L. Padgetts and Mrs. Wil>™ Krause drove to Ayrshire _ay, spending the day at the Forrest Rouse's. Mrs. Will Leeper, son Roy, and MILD AND MELLOW RICH AND FUU..BOWED KOUSANDWfflBT Glo v •"wnjij, W.J.1U L11U VIlOUG" j Gazette newspaper. Others going Burt Cra- expect to to i s -s-ci 5 Willard Stow, working at Newton, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. stow. The Jess Thorseons have rented the old L, C. Smith house on Main street and will move June 1. The Henry Clinks and Laurence Dqeges, Titonka, visited Sunday at the G. C. Giddings home. Paul small.son of Mr. and Mrs A. 0. Blerstedt, is sick with pneumonia. Harry Holm had his tonsils removed Monday morning. j>r millions of rniles of testing by engineers iiivlb- t " . " . . - "9.- - ' ' in the hands of hundreds of thousands of owners '~'-\ «i^ Marl ...--——- 's confined to his with pneumonia. DEALER ADVERTISEMENT iifS eTu *8%. tlves -She W. H. Ricklefs Republican Candidate for Sheriff of Kos- guth County Your Support Will be Appreciate More Live Power per gallon means that your car will get off to a faster start, take tough hills more easily and hold high speed hour after hour without hard labor for your engine. How more Live Power is made available and usable in Standard Red Crown Superfuel is a more involved story. It is accomplished in the refining. Heavier, slower parts of an already excellent gasoline are converted into faster, keener fractions. .. But you are most interested in the result. And the result, as evidenced in your car, will be better performance—markedly better. May we suggest that you drive in where you see the familiar Red Crown? Make your usual outlay for a supply of gasoline—for Superfuel sells at the price of "regular". We believe this small investment will lead to a big return in your motor- &R& ing enjoyment this summer. K£ STANDARD RED CROWN STJPE RF" U E L — more live power per gallon "^ ^^ W ^^^ • r*,.^-«na4Ctn«»i.,.^rili<^*» IY do you suppose Chevrolet keeps repeating, in 'all of ^ its advertising, "Drive it only 5 miles"? Very frankly, here's the reason: Chevrolet engineers have tried out all the various makes of cars in today's low-price field. They have compared performance-on rough roads, in traffic, over hills, through Band and mud and water! And they have proved, to their complete eatisfac- tion, the same things that hundreds of thousanda of Chevrolet ownera are proving in their daily driving. The Chevrolet ride simply canH be matched by any other in the low-price field. That's why we urge you to "Drive it only 5 /mfes"-and that's why we promise, "you'll never be satisfied with any other low-priced car" .CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Compare Chevrolet's low delivered prices and easy G,M,A.C. terms A General Motors Value and you'll never be satisfied with any other low-priced car /CHEVROLET, FULLY-ENCLOSED KNEE-ACTION WHEELS CABLE-CONTROLLED BRAKES 80 HORSEPOWER 80 Miles Per Hour BODIES BY FISHER SHOCK-PROOF STEERING IT w ftuuiMD oil mnws «w> Copr.lWl. Standard Oil Co. WSTBIBUTORS OF ATIAS TOES SAVE WITH A CHEVROLET SIX Roderick Auto Co., Lone Bock

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