Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 3, 1934 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1934
Page 12
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PAQE POtTR KOSSiJTH GOPNTT APVANCB, AMONA. IOWA THURSDAY „.,, Burt Plans Community Day Celebration as School Closes ' - „ , v. a~» ">Q T.!n- fin hu. $27™ WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, WILL BE GALA DAY Big Sports Program to Be Feature of the Event. Women of Irvington F. B. Study the 1934 Kitchen Rich Point, May 2—Members of the Irvington Farm Bureau Auxiliary attended an all-day meeting ait tilie Legion hall, Algona, Tuesday. The lesson was the 1934 kitchen, in charge of Miss Gannon, a home management specialist from Ames. Farm Bureau women from Cresco, Riverdale, Sherman, and Lu Verne, also attended. Titonkian in Boxing Bout- George and J. A. Johnson, with. Haivey Johnson, Plum Creek, and Howard Clark, Sexton, were at Livermore last week Tuesday evening to attend a boxhie match in which John, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Cosgrove, Titonka, nephew of the Johnson brothers, took part. Girls Hero Attend Picnic— Norma Raney and Mary Black attended a picnic at Algona Saturday evening, a get-to-gether of the normal training class graduated from the Algona liigih school last spring. Other Rich Point News. The S. J. Devines, Ray Devine, and Mr. and Mrs. 'R. H. Skilling were Sunday visitors at Mrs. 'Mary Burt, May 2—A big community day celebration is planned here for Wednesday, May 23, last day of the school year. The purpose is to provide a day of clean fun, entertainment, and sports for everyone in the Burt community. ' Community day wil be sponsored Jointly by the Burt creamery, the business men, and the schools. All events will be held at the schoolhouse or on the school grounds. Program in Forenoon. The morning, 9 to 12, will be taken up with a variety of games, races, and contests for persons of all groups. The program for the day follows: 9-10—Baseball, Fats vs. Leans. '.Anyone with a belly-band measure 36 inches or more will be classed as a Fat. Billy Boettcher will be captain of the Leans; Geo. P. Hawcott of the Fats. 10—Horseshoe pitching contest. Qualifying round of 12 shoes to reduce number of contestants to i eight, and these eight fight it out[ for the championship. j 10:10—Barrel race—Ride 'em cowboy style. 10:10—Wheelbarrow race of boys young and old. 10:20—Egg race for women, any age. 10:20—Potato race for girls, any age. 10:30—100-yd. dash, free-for-all. 10:40—3-legged race, free-for-all. 10:40—Rope-skipping contest f°rj Algon a" __ __ $40,463.83 girls. | Bancroft 5,456.81 •: 10:50—Sack race for men. Burt - - - 365708 10:50—Shuttle race for girls ten ! corwith""""I - 3,028.21 girls on each team). iFenton 4,714.38 •• : 11:00—100-yd. dash for boys, any| Lakota 3,814.38 'Ledyard Cons. 10,753.33 Lone Rock 5,115.90 Lu Verne 4,610.56 younger , Swea CUy 8,297.38 Wesley 2,639.55 Whittemore 5,347.93 West Bend 4,405.32 Ottosen 663.72 Buffalo 11,215.20 Buffalo No. 7 366.78 Buffalo No. 8 466.78 Muffalo No. 9 516.02 Township Schools. Burt 3,607.01 12:00—Big cafeteria dinner at Cresco 2,879.30 noon, each family to furnish cov-| Eagle 1,693.03 ered-dish and sandwiches, with Fenton 2,573.97 SCHOOLS AND TOWNS DRAW BIG TAX WAD County Treasurer Duffy reported Tuesday that county funds in the sum of $238,650.36 had been assigned to the school districts and the incorporated towns, as follows: Independent School Districts Devine's, Humboldt, mother of Mrs. Skilling and Mr. Devine. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesiusl were called to Livermore .Sunday evening by news of the sudden death of Mrs. Edw. Capesius. Mr. and Mrs. John (Erpeldrng entertained a few friends last Thursday evening. •Bcrnice Burlingame, who is •spending several weeks at Algona with .her aunt, Mrs. Seeley, spent the week-end with 'her parents, Mr. and Mrs. .B M. Burlingame. The Carl Hutchins home was quarantined for scarlet fever last Thursday. Carol, eldest son, senior in the Algona 'high school, has the disease. Rich Point neighbors are grieved to learn of the serious illness of Mrs. Henry Lichter, Algona, a former resident of St. Benedict. Mrs, Mary Meurer, Whittemore, and iher son, Lucian, sipent Monday at the Frank Capesius ihome. Mr. and Mrs. Harry .Seeley visited Mr. Seeley's parents at Whittemore last Thursday. Edna Mae Sill spent last week as a guest at the Rev. A. S. Hueser's, Algona. Mrs. 'Roberta Skilling spent the week-end with friends at Wesley. WHITTEMORE CLASSES TO STA6TSALLY LOU' Whittemore, May 1-^-The public school juniors and seniors will give play, Sally Lou, at the Academy hall next Sundny. Characters are: Sally Lou Corastock, angelic miss, Alvera Behnke; Dot Reynolds, debutante, Lydia Meyer; Mrs. Reynolds, Dot's mother, June Wehr- spann; Flossie Blaine, sweet young thing, Lillian Kuecker; Elsie, a maid, Ruth Vaudt; Charlie Allerton, interested in the beautiful but dumb, Edwin Malloy; Jerry Wilson, long-suffering young man, Leo Dogotch; James Bradley, Sally ,ou's uncle, John Mosbach; Percival Weymouth, uplifter of gangsters, George Taylor; Lefty Dillon, 'of the profession," Rudolph rlahn; Riggs, lawyer's clerk, Wil- )ur Roeber. Between acts there will be: song, Neapolitan Nights, freshman and sophomore girls; dialog, Ezra, Mar- hy and Hiram—Ezra, John Fish, Harthy, Myrtle Barber, Hiram, Rex Swanson. Years Ago age in school. ' 11:10 — Ball-throwing contest girls and women. • 11:10 — Relay race for for •; 11:20 — Shotput contest. ; 11:20 — Centipede race for young people. ! 11:30 — Nail-driving contest for women. 11:35— Pillow fight on a pole, boys. 11 : 40 — Tug of war, Burt vs. Portland, ten men on a side. Noon Cafeteria Dinner. plates, cups, silverware. •i Coffee will be provided by business men and cream will the Garfield _. 3,089.98 German 4,183.01 be Grant 4,306.75 furnished by the creamery; lemon- | Greenowod_ __ 1,599.13 ade by the business men for all not " " " caring for coffee. Ice cream will not be donated, but persons desiring it may buy cones from a stand on the grounds. Each family will pick up its own dishes and wash the same. Turner is Expected. The entertainment at noon will consist of music by high school Harrison No. 2 475.16 Harrison No. 3 413.72 Hebron 4,106.75 Irvington 5,163.18 Ledyard 1,998.97 Lincoln 2,367.43 Lotts Creek __- .__ 5,175.38 Lu Verne 4,116.66 Plum Creek 3,580.07 Portland 6,087.69 There was a large picture of Joseph B. Hofius on the front page of the Advance. He had died following a two months sickness which started with the grip and ended with complications, including an operation to drain an abscess in one of his lungs. The M. & St. L.'railway agent reported a telegram that the Mex- cans had fired on the battleship Arkansas and the Americans had anded at Vera Cruz and taken the city. It was feared then that war ,vould break out with Mexico. • « « * A former railroad worker, with wife and child, had been trailed from Canada for a murder two months ago. A former acquaintance entering the train at Livermore recognized him and caused his arrest. A Canadian mounted policeman had been following him. * * * C. L. Genrich, Lu Verne, Bert Bedell, Irvington, and Henry Steussy, Sherman township, were candidates for the Supervisor H. J, Thompson job. The first two were republicans. J. W. Sullivan's nom- nation papers as democratic can- iidate for representative in the legislature had been filed at Des Moines. • + . • A mistake in the number o£ of ficial townships in the county was responsible for a shortage in motor tax refunds that year. The fact that Algona is a township has nev,- er been well known. • « • * A damage case against Humboldt county was being tried here. The county was being sued for damages which arose when a threshing machine fell through a bridge. musicians and a short speech by! Prairie 4,187.58 one of the candidates for the gov- |Ramsey 2,638.78 ernorship, probably ex-Governor 'Riverdale 3,635.73 Turner. i Seneca Cons. 7,226.58 1:30—Junior high school ball, Seneca No. 7 612.96 'Seneca No. 9 820.59 LOANS .(Continued from page 1, Sec. !.)_ An 8-acre tract of Edw. Studer's adjoining Wesley on the west had been sold for $4,000, or $500 an George Prema, Wesley, was g-mr>, Burt vs. Bancroft. 3:00—Ball game, Burt high vs. St. John's Parochial, Bancroft. F. L. Pratt, local pharmacist, will Sherman 4,621.24 Springfield 1,693.03 Swea 2,605.99 be general manager and master of ; Union 3,116.66 Wesley 3,330.39 Whittemore 3,162.42 Incorporated Towns. Algona $13,481.54 ceremonies, and Edw. Thaves will be chairman of entertainment. There will be no admissions of any kind for any part of the day's entertainment. Everyone in the Burt community is invited to attend and to join in the celebration whether they have children in school or not. H. S. Athletes to Enter Estherville ; ; Invitation Meet .Bancroft 2,370.00 jBurt 1,191.00 i Fenton 422.00 Lakota 1,628.96 Ledyard 942.00 Lone Rock 725.00 Lu Verne 750.00 Swea City 3,970.56 Titonka 799.00 Wesley 1,295.00 Sixteen of 28 cases for trial at he April term of court were drain- ge appeal cases. Judge Coyle was o be on the bench. • • * • W. A. Barry had sold his inter- st in State's Cafe to F. D. Mathes. * • * • Four homes were quarantined or smallpox: J, F. MoFadden's, W. C. Dewel's, J. H. Morgan's, and " 'B. Johnston's. Duane Dewel had he disease. , Two members of a show com- 'any at the Call were married jetween acts on the stage. They were John C. Gibson, Chicago, and Eleanor Gerth, Winona, Minn. Coach Kenneth Mercer to taking 11 high school athletes to an Estherville invitation track meet Saturday. Schools from northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and eastern Sovuth 'Dakota will be entertained. Boys going from here will be Cretzmeyer, Guderian, Sarchett, Bruns, Stoackelford, Dick Post, Sands, Sigsbee, Monlux, Devine, and McCuullogh. They will be entered in all events with the possible exception of fthe high 'hurdles. , Guderian will see .his last participation in toigh school athletics Saturday for <he becomes overage next Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre and Mr. and Mrs. G. S Buchanan spent (Monday and Tuesday at Desl Monies, where the men attended to business matters. Whittemore Burt Fenton Lincoln L,u Verne Sherman Harrison Buffalo —. 3erman Whittemore arfield — Total $238,650.36 Change in Newspaper. Ward Barnes last week announced sale of a one-third interest in t!he Eagle Grove Eagle to Mr. Crabbe, who since 1929 ihas been in the employ of Mr. vertising solicitor. Barnes as ad- 1,003.00 35.00 30.00 50.00 50.00 50.00 75.00 100.00 40.00 20.00 40.00 Want Ads DISTRICT MANAGER—WILL BE selected to take charge of exclusive district for over 30 factories on new merchandising plan spanning the country like wild fire. Radio advertising bringing hundreds of inquiries. Iowa corporation will help finance right man who can finance himself up to ?1,000.00 which will bring Immediate large returns.—Write full details to Moines. 312 Liberty Bldg., Des 60p33 THE BANCROFT BEAUTY SHOP the public to come and see the new Eugene Reverse Spiral Permanent machine which has been installed this week. Tola Is the newest method In croquignole waring and the customer la assured of a beautiful lasting ware with natural ring- lit ends. The newest method of water sachet does away with tie dry ends and in addition to this the customer really enjoys a ware given ou this machine. Come and try one of these waves. JESSIE STEBRITZ, Proprietor PHONE 64, BANCROFT ere. uyer. 518 'bu. $233 David C. King, Sec. 13 Cresco, 1800 bu. $810 David 'C. King, Sec. 13 Cresco, 900 bu-.- $405 Eagle. Wm. Tobin, Sec. 2 Eagle, 250 bu. .. $113 Fenton. W. E. Laage, Section 22 Fenton, 750 'bu. $338 W. iE. Laage, Section 22 Fenton, 1400 bu. $630 Win. H. Jentz, iSec. 9 Fenton, 400 bu. $180i Garfield. T. P. Kisch, Sec. 25 Garfield, 1'SOO bu. $675 Bankers -Life, iSec. 36 Garfield, 800 bu. $360 Edw. Edwards, Sec. 29 Garfield, 1100 bu. ?495 German. Henry Meinders, Sec. 11 German, 1000 bu. $450 Henry Meindei-s, Sec. 11 German, 500 bu. $225 Grant. David Farrow, Sec. 11 Grant. -1300 bu. ?585 Des Moines Stock Land Bk., Sec. 8 Grant, 550 bu. $248 Greenwood. A. F. Fotb, Sec. 10 Greenwood, 1350 bu. .__, $608 Harrison. August Helmke, Sec. 30 Harrison, 55 bu. $26 August Helmke, Sec. 30 Harrison, 375 bu. $169 J. W. Jordan, Sec. 36 Harrison, 880 bu. ^ $381 Frank Dontje, Sec. 25 Harrison, 525 bu. $231 J. W. Jordan, Sec. 36 Harrison, 1000 bu. $45i Hebron. Wm. E. Oldenburg, Sec. 10 Hebron. 300 bu. $13 Irvington. J. ! L. Bedell Sec. 32 Irvington, '5500 bu. $'2475 Christian Jensen, Sec. 12 Irvington, 1500 bu. $657 A. E. Clayton, Sec. 19 Irvington, 400 bu. $180 Lincoln. Julius Jensen, See. 11 Lincoln, 600 bu. $225 Leonard Seibolt, Sec. 9 Lincoln, €00 bu. $270 Leonard Seibolt, Sec. 9 Lincoln, «00 bu. $270 Bankers Life, Sec. 2>5 Lincoln, 400 bu. — $180 Bankers 'Life, Sec. 25 Lincoln, 400 bu. $180 Calvin Rippentrop, Sec. 12 Lincoln, 300 bu. $135 Calvin 'Rippentrop, Sec. 12 Lincoln, 300 bu. $135 Calvin Rippentrop, Sec. 12 Lincoln, 300 bu. $135 Calvin Rippentrop, Sec. 12 Lincoln, 320 bu. $144 Calvin 'Rippentrop. Sec. 12 Lincoln. 360 bu. 3162 Harm Dorenbush, Sec. 23 Lincoln, 430 bu. — -— ? 194 V. K. Johnson, Sec. 10 Lincoln, 1900 bu. -— $ 865 .. K. Johnson, Sec. 10 'Lincoln, 650 bu. $293 L. K. Johnson, Sec. 10 1/incoln, 650 bu. $293 'aul Hertzke, Sec. 15 Lincoln, 800 bu. $360 Ledyard. Carel Jensen, Sec. 16 Ledyard, 1000 'bu. $450 varel Jensen, Sec. 16 Ledyard, 600 bu. $270 Carel Jensen, Sec. 16 Ledyard, 400 bu. ?1SO Carel Jensen, Sec. 16 Ledyard, 400 bu. ..., $180 Carel Jensen, Sec. 16 Ledyard, 400 bu. .— $180 lieodore Swalve, Sec. 1 Ledyard, 700 bu. $315 'lieodore Swalve, Sec. 1 Ledyard, 500 bu. — $225 lieodore Swalve, Sec. 1 Ledyard, 300 bu. $135 Lotts Creek. Wm. J. Besch, Sec. 9 Lotts Creek, 600 bu. $270 rank Meine, Sec. 27 Lotts Creek, 500 bu. $225 Carl Albright, Sec. 15 iPlum Creek, '500 bu. $225 Arthur R. Zumaoli, Sec. 3 Lotts- Creek, 900 bu. $405 Lu Verno 'eter Christensen, Sec. 33 Lu- Verne, 1700 bu. $765 !. C. Scharlach, Sec. 4 :Lu Verne, 850 bu. $383 . C. Scharlaeb, Sec. 2 Lu Verne, 1500 bu. $675 George F. Grimsehl, Sec. 27 Lu- Verne, 1400 bu. $630 Prairie. Thomas F. Kain Sec. 35 Prairie, 2400 bu. $1080 George E. Cummings, Sec. 24 Prairie, 1200 ,bu. $540 Edw. J. Studer, Sec. 25 Prairie, 2500 bu. $1026 \Iattie F. L. Winkel, Sec. 33 Prairie, 1000 bu. $450 Amelia Wemiersen, Sec. 33 Prairie., 1000 bu. $450 Plum Creek. Mary Zeigler, Sec. 32 Plum Creek, 1000 bu. $450 Ramsey Will Farrow, Sec. 15 Ramsey, 1000 bu. $450 Nels A. Nelson, Sec. 34 iRamsey, 425 bu. $190 Riverdalo. H. M. Thilges, Sec. 4 Riverdale, 60 bu. Alex Erickson, Section 9 'Swea, 350 bu. _., Alex Erickson, Section 9 Swea, 350 bu. M. J. Kennedy, Sec. 33 Swea, 550 Harvey Knudson, Sec. 750 bu. 31 Swea, $338 650 bu. Swea. Lester Harner Sec. 1200 bu. , Alex Erickson, Section $293 10 Swea, .— 5540 3 'Swea, Sherman. K. L. Kohl'haas, Sec. 19 Sherman, 1150 bu. __________________ $518 Eleanor J. Mitchell, Sec. 9 Sherman, 550 bu. ------------ $248 Eleanor J. Mitchell, Sec. 9 Sherman, 1750 bu. ------------ $788 John B. Reding, Sec. 18 Sherman, 2000 bu. ------------ $900 John B. Reding, Sec. 18 Sherman, 2000 bu. ------------ $9001 Paul Blumer, Sec. 16 Sherman, 650 bu. __________________ $293 Seneca. Carl M. P. Mortensen. Sec. 19 Seneca, 425 bu. ---------- $190 . W. Van Dorston, Sec. 5 Seneca, 625 bu. ________________ $281 . W. Van Dorston, Sec. 6 Seneca, 750 bu. ______________ $338 J. W. iBollig, Sec. 16 Seneca, 950 bu. ______________________ $423 Roy H. Jenson, Sec. 35 Seneca, •500 'bu. ._. ...... ---- •_____ $225 Union. R. F. Donovan, Section 6 Union, 680 bu. __________________ $211 R. F. Donovan, Section 6 Union, 380 bu. ____________ — • ---- $171 ilarence Reibhoff, Sec. 3 Union, 340 bu. ... ________________ $163 F. G. Thompson, Sec. 24 Union, 440 bu. __________________ $198 A. Geilenfeld, Sec. 29 Union, 200 bu. __________________ $90 Mary Keefe, Sec. 23 Union, 600 bu. ______________________ $270 F. A. Drone, Sec. 25 Union, 400 bu. ______________________ $180 Whittemore. John Gerber, Sec. 24 Whittemore, 1600 bu. __________________ $720 George BrueMinan, Sec. 24 Whittemore, 340 bu. __________ $153 Jalin Gerber & George 'Bruellman, Sec. 24 Whittemore, 1600 bu. ______________________ $720 W. H. Pressley, Sec. 16 Whittemore, 900 bu, ____________ $405 W. H. Pressley, Sec. 16 Whittemore, 1100 bu. __________ $495 J. P. Steiner, Sec. 20 Wiiitte- more, 325 bu. ____________ $146 Martin Duffy, Sec. 19 Whittemore, 1080 bu. ____________ $486 Martin Duffy, Sec. 20 Whittemore, 1400 bu. ____________ $630 L. O. Potter, Sec. 24 AVhittemore, 350 bu. __________________ $158 Wesley. John 'Carlson, Sec. 17 Wesley, 1200 toll _ $540 slarence 'Dornbier, Sec. 12 Wesley, 600 bU. ._ $270 Adolph Girres, .Sec. 19 Wesley, '550 bu. ... ^ Special Announcement PUBLIC SALE At the Kiddle Sale Pavilion in Algona, east tracks of v fl0r 'l me8|j SATURDAY, MAY 5, AT 1 0'CLOCK good horJ The usual amount of livestock includiiiK also hogs and chickens. A number of good ice boxes will be sold TP I ice box now is the time to get one cheap All kin, . nee <l| All kinds of machinery, P ' kluds <* AunlJ Terms are cash. No property removed until R »tn A , I C. O. Riddle. Auctio, ' HALLIGAN'S PURE QUILL COFFI 1-lb. Vacuum Packed n , Glass Pantry Jars 351 Also in large fancy glass jars, 3 Ibs. for * ? Each pound contains 1 coupon, 10 returned ei VM , 1 pound FREE. • 7 empty jars returned gives you 1 pound FREE Pure Quill "extra fancy" green tea, packed in j a 1-2 Ib. pkgs. Pure Quill regular green Japan tea, 1-2 Ib. pkg 2! -"Richelieu" Peanut Butter in glass jars or bulk 1st best ever. We- nave fancy and best quality crackers and cool ies and also cheaper ones. For fresh fruits and fresh vegetables—step in at AKRE'S KITCHEN MAID—ALL PORCELAIN Easy to Clean—Long Life Coal Ranges $67.50 to $89.50 Phone 290 or 291 and use our tern. own free delivery Paul 'Hertzke, Sec. 15 Lincoln, 800 .bu. $360 Cailvin Rippentrop, Sec. 12 Lincoln, 320 bu. $144 TERMS See Them BJUSTROM'S For Greater Values JUST ARRIVED 2 CARLOADS NEW CHEV1E Used Can One 1931 Chevrolet Coupe One good used furnace cheap One 1932 Ford Tudor. Dwight Parsons has taken over the paint i and would appreciate your business. He will do i der and complete paint jobs. We have a complete line of Chevrolet parts, oi] and greases. Bring us your car to be overhauled. Will do| good job. Kohlhaas Bros. Garage — Algona Mail a Want to Fill a Want Basket Grocery ALGONA'S FINEST FOOD STORE Everyone is picnic minded. A FEW SUGGESTIONS Van Camp's Pork and Beans, 1 Ib. can 5c Bulk Dill Pickles, large 2 for 5c Frankfurters, "fresh and juicy," 2 Ibs. 25c Bulk Marshmallows, per Ib. 15c • Sweet Pickles, small pickles, 10 oz. jar, 15c Oranges, Sunkist, large (sweet, more juice), doz. 88c Peter Pan Flour, 49 Ibs $1.55 Occident Flour, 49 Ibs. $2.12 Block Salt, 50 Ibs. white blocks 48c Because of the Advance's Is Inexpensive. Replies often In the same ui yon In thU paper i. exceptional* ,ro*aetlr.. At the «». thim ° C6Dt aptece ' *ote-Except Ion, «re.der*» «y kind of .drertWof to reat . e news Is a "want ad." Ton "want" to sell as well as buy, you "want" to traie, you "want" to take cows to pasture, etc. All such advertising J» called "want" advertising by newspaper,. Only 2c a Word Each Week No Insertion Less Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamp.. Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^"^^•"••••^•iMBHMMM^^^^^^^^^ MM lL^__^_^___^ _' '•*'."-"' i . . - ....- _—""" ^^^m CLIP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN SEC- NOTICE OF HEARING ON ESTABLISHMENT OF PEOPOSED ONDABY EOAD DISTRICT NO. 279 Notice is hereby given that th re has been filed in the office of the County Auditor of Kossuth county, a petition for the establishment of a district for surfacing the following described secondary road: Beginning at the southeast corner of Section 17-95-28 and running west (%) one-half mile. Said road to be surfaced with gravel. Said district to include the following real estate: Oowner — Description John T. McGuire, SE& John T. McGuire, B. 33.34 ac. Geo. W. Godfrey, E% NB% ............ B. R. Mawdsley, W% NE% -----------E. R. Mawdsley, E. 33.34 ac. EMs NW%. f= Your Name _ n ^ How many \v eeks is advertisement to S Note—Write plainly, one word to each B do not write name to form below but count iour extra worfla *„ S wCre."""* A * TanCe * M °' ClOCk Tnesda ^ ™*»™Xl£ Address. Amount enclosed $ name, address, and phonn. If you do not want your name to ipl it of keeping track of replies and forwardtof. AdTertlw" to regular want column > If received later It may appear ew SW>4- Sec. 17 17 20 20 20 Twp. Range 95 28 95 28 95 28 95 28 95 28 Said petition will come on for hearing before the Board of Supervisors at their office in the Court House in Algona, Iowa, at 2 o'clock p. m. on the 10th day of May, 1934, at which time all persons interested therein may appear and be heard in the matter. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 17th day of April, 1934. B. J. BUTLER, County Auditor, ^IHHIllillllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiJiiiiuiiiiiiiH

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