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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 4

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

SEPTEMBER 23, 1922. 4 MONDAY EVENING T' GDLDSTRIPEME FiSeeE'MiniLGr New Claremont Theater Will Be Opened to Public Tonight IEUIQS Fill DF STATE TO IK Intoxication Is Laid to Autoists Two' men charged with driving automobiles while under the influence of liquor were today arraigned before Police Judge, Ed-1 ward Tyrrell. Both the cases were continued until tomorrow The men are out Vn bail. Robert M. Kierrnan was arrested by Polioemen T.

F. O'Neil and D. H. Brown-at Apgar and Grove streets after he had collided an automobile which was driven by D. J.

Ferguson, ,434 Thirty-fifth 1 Sew Claremont Theater which opens tonight uith Thomas Mcighan in "The Bachelor Daddy" The portrait is that of Samuel A. Perlin, managing director of the theater. 0 I IE IK LESSOX NO. 168. SALT LAKE CITY Comes In as Clearly as SAN JOSE The "OAKLAND" Radio Set again outclasses all single tube sets under $75.00.

Including B. Battery and phones $42.50 ANY RADIO PART from 10 to 40 less. Buy here and save! OAKLAND RADIO LABORATORIES 425-120 Henshaw Bldg. "14th and Broadway Davis.) (Copyright by Edward N. i I Points to Kemember, Those' With Sets May Still Share in 'Stunt' Planned by Tribune.

Every Pot-t of Veterans of Foreign VT.ars to Work I For Issue. (All Rights Keserved by United Feature Syndicate. Reproduction Prohibited REMEMBER THAT: --T-Armstrong advise? that amateurs Law to be This means that practically all transmitting stations require license. Operators" of receiving stations are subject-to a fine -of $250. or imprisonment for three months or bothifor the disclosure oj the contents fany messages to other than the person for wheym the message 13 intended.

Licensed operators are required to execute an oath of secrecy before notary puhlle. street. He was arrested last night. The second alleged violator was Nick Simmey. He was "taken Into custody by Pplico, Inspectors B.

A Wallman and Tim Fly on Saturday night at Twenty-third street' and San Pablo avenue. become pot over enthusiastic, over his new super-regenerative circuit Every port o.f thV V. terans c-f and scrap their old equipment in JToreign wai or the I niton Mates i In, the, State of California -'has i. The hungry city of Moscow In Russia has a theater jnst for chll- order to install the new, system. It Is" very critical in adjustment and good results are usually obtained i i i onlyf by persistent and patient experimentation in connection with an understanding of the fundamental idea involved.

RadiotelenhOne stations Kronii- casting on a wavelength of 300 me ters can oiten De turned in on sru anil stations on 1450 meters can Plans for "Ttie Big Secret" the nw radio stmt The TRIBUNE is preparing ane rapidly nearlng and the list of amateurs in the Eastbay district who have transmitting radio stations, and wish to ttike part In the event, is growing each day. There is etill time left for those who have not done so, to enroll in the big event) which will be something entirely new in amateur radio, and vhi(fli will give the amateurs with transmitting sets a chance for some real practical work in' radio. While "The Bflg Secret" will appeal to everyone interested In the science whether they have sending or receiving" setsIt is necessary, before it begins, to have a list of all amatejurs In the Eastbay who have transmitting apparatus. If you have a (transmitting "station and are not a mtember of The Oakland TKIBUNH -Radio- Club, -for the benefit of hose members the stunt is planned, you canfpartlcl-pate anyway. Just fill tout the questionnaire cm this page apd Bend" it In to the Radio Editor with the notation that you 7want to become a mednber of the club.

Membership tin the O. T. R. C. carries no obligations, but it does provide a lot of benefits for those 'V It Thomas Mcighau In Bachelor Daddy" Chosen As First Attraction.

JilodgeJ Its P'lpport to the hond issue to be, voted on nt th general elecjicn Jn November for state farm and hoijie aid for ex-fervice men. it was announced lure today by Pari B. Sclx-rilo. yommandcr of he V. F.

V. "The Gold Stripe," men at a decent meeting c-f the State Council of Administration, at the Hotel program for taking up an active campaign In fcthalf -of thj bond ituo llor the benefit of the x-wrviee men and Iteport coming into Mate I headquarters pay Commander Fchertle indicate that the V. W. men are reepondimr to the call practically as a unit. At this meeting it also was announced that through the appointment of A.

J. McXSarry, adjutant of Astor Post of Uikland a-JtiAron officer between sUito headTjtSirn-rs the V. F. W. and the Unite States Veterans Bureau there has been a speeding up of adjustment ef claims of disabled iron and reports on file show a satisfactory eettlement and payrfnt of a number of claims wlvc id been hanging fire several i(ionlhs.

In addition to post commanders Of the twenty or more posts in the bay region and vicinity the meeting here was attended by Dan Is. Pohertle, state commander. Eugene K. Sturgis, state adjutant; Ktton C. Parker, state ehi-f of staff, all ef Oakland; J.

E. Mooney, department quarterniaHter of Sun- Fran-Cisco; H. M. Levitt, department ln-rpector of San H. G.

Leffmnn. Berkeley; John E. Rogue, Fresno; C. S. Hogan.

Sacramento, and J. L. Fritcbard. San Jose, m'-era of tha council of C. Entertainment For Church Succeeds RICHMOND, Sept.

2. The moving picture and vaudeville show put on by California tounfil. Ka. i1 i -The New Claremont Theater, Telegralph at Fifty-first who belong. certificate of tuned in a little above the 360 meter stations.

This is due to the presence of harmonics of the fundamental frequency present Jrt the radiated wave.y Good results can be obtained with properly utilized crvstal detector recoivlng sets. It was not unusual for a fliateurs in New York to hear the Naval station in Colon, Panama on crystal detectors on winter evenings In the days before the vacuum tube came Into general use. Best receiving is usually accomplished oh a clear cold night In the winter time, when there is ho static and distant statio.ns may be heard louder than at any other time of the year. Miniature radio sets are little more than novelties and usually lack many of the Important features Of a good receiving eet. For most efficient operation It is necessary a minimum size of coils, illre and condenser's, and smaller p.lrts thari these are found to materially affect the strength of the received signals.

The Federal Law requires that the operators of all radio transmitting stations be properly licensed and a license must also be secured for the radio station itself. The operator's license entitles him to operate any amateur station but the station license covers tne particular equipment, at the location given In tho license. street, will formally open tonight. It fas announced today by Samuel A. Perlin, managing directqr, Thomas Mclghan In "The Bachelor Daddy," has been selected as the attraction for the' opening dates, September 25, 26 and 27.

When the Claremont theater was purchased by tha management of tho New Strand theater several months ago it was announced that Improvements would be made in membership. be sent lmmedi ately following tihe receipt of worj from any radio ian who wants to Join. The purpose aind details of "The Big Secret" will not. be announced vintil the list ot transmitting stations Is completed. If you have a sending set, send in your name righ away, i 1 I am O.

T. R. C. Member No. will ni fnriKH.

Ajiplicnt ton was made today to the city building department for permission to construct the new St. James I'lcj liyterian church, a two-story frame structure nt Park lioulevarj anil Jlampel street. Tho structure will cost J28.000. I have a transmitting (spark) set. v.

My Call sT. (Send description of set on separate piece of paper) Name Address if'-'- City Phone Mail this coupon to the Radio Editor, Tribune, Oakland, Cal. i Amateur station licenses are issued only to citizens of the United States but operators' licenses are issued to anyone wliopasses the required examination which consists of a ten word code test and a written examination covering the operation of the transmitter artd receiver and a knowledge of the radio laws of regulations. Any transmitting station which is capable of transmitting messages beyond the jurisdiction of the- state in which it is located or which is capable of causing interference with the reception of messages from beyond the jurisdiction of tho state is requlrea Tiy the Federal Oftr-Knisht of 'Columbus, at the-Point theater Saturday night brought oit a capacity Iioumc. The Ripney raised was used for the ben- fit of Our Lady of Matey church Ths feature of Iho program was! tha well known Casey's glee club.

-hich favored with a number of elections. i The committee in charge of the how consisted of William Teunaiit, John O'Connell. John P. Doyle, John Dineen and Charles Mallory. In 1813 l.iSfiMi tons of enal wore pumped and dredged from aula river bottoms.

Durlrig-tVie the Austrian? nrrd Qsrmans niad, cloth out nf wood. The Oakland Tribune AMATF.l'R CALL 6XAJ Official, broadcasting Mulion llie rilv of Oakland unci for the OAKLAND YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OAKLAND, SEPT. 22 For the purpose of providing $50,000 for the work of the Oak-laud Young Men's Christian Association and In Consideration of the gifts of others, I promise to subscribe the sum of DOLLARS Payable October 15 and December 15, 1922, or will pay on United States Department of Agriculture. -J. In 7:30 (Icneral newi Here's Program For Inland and KZ Wireless Course: Cash Payment (If Any) this neighborhood moving picture house.

Among (hose who it Is onnoune-I cd. will speak, from the stage to-j night In connection with the open-I ing of the' new house, are Mayor Davie, Postmaster J. J. Kosbor- otigli, L. V'andcr Nailltn and Jlyman Fredericks.

I I.lstpr. the surireon. was one ef the grentept. originators of antlsep-I tin surgery, i Bav Broadcasting Signed Hotel Oakland Station. 6:45 to 7 (10 HrouaVastinu news furnished ly The OAKLAND TKIBINE.

Private Classes Western Kadio Institute nMim 7441, Hotel Onklun I'bone l.nkrildp 100 Following Is the daily radio broadcasting schedule for both inland and bay stations: (All stations not otherwise designated are Address INSTANT RELIEFI I Deep seated bronchial coughs following flu are relieved Instantly and permanently cured with that wonderful Joyner remedy. ASTHMADOL This marvelous remedy also ghes Instant relief In even the niot obstinate cases of Asth-mif. Get a fcottlc at onec and be convinced. The price Is only SI per bottle, but It is worth much more. For sale by all druggists or sent direct by Joyner Drug Company, Spokane, Washington.

Sold In Oakland AT AXL GOOD DRL'G STORES Make Checks Payable to Cha. N. Walter, Treasurer 9 to 10 Examiner. (KIJO) 10 to 11 Emporium. KSL) 11 to 12 Hale Bros.

12 to 1 Warner News. (KLS) WUd 1 to 2 Fairmont Hotel-Bulle tin. KDN) 1 to 2 Herrold laboratories, lift -m. Bsn Jose. (KQW) 2 to 3 Emppritim.

(KSL) to iTm liter. (KUO). 3 to 4 Kimball Urson, Sac ti i Ho (niaatan a Tvtf vfuinrvtiw The New lAXATIVK fYKi pick o' the- picruntO OF OAKLAND Ilk a- it w. mnnmEm mm jrjreateat "Acters" in the World! II Trio icasmgiy wiiai At all good Drug Stores. ramento.

(KFBK) 3:30 to 4:30 Hale Bros. (KPO) 4 to 5 Portable Wireless Telephone Stockton. (KWG) to 50 Fairmont Hotel-Bulletin. (KDN) 5 to 6 Gould. Stockton.

(K.TQ) 5:30 to 6:.4 5 The Examiner. (KUO) 6 to Kimball Upson Sacramento (KFBK) to 7 MoUcbto Herald (KXD) 6:30 to 7:30 Hobrccht-Eacra-mento Bee. (K.V'Q) 6:45 to 7 Hbtel Oakland-Western Badlo Institute. (KZM) 7 to 7:15 Fairmont Hotel-Bul-lelln (KDN) 7:15 ta 7:30 The Oakland TKIIMJNK (KLX) THIS EV KMSG, to 8:30 Kennedy Los Ahos (KLP). 7:30.

to 9 Modesto Herald I1 Until iil Vnilrrnon A Hurt HI-7V Ih'lclltl" 3 3 I'riuikljn A Inn lr V.Vi in "A Vaiolevi Me Surprise" 1 i 'ersoi 3 52 IIODMIT I JSfuillil! 9:62 i Mr' tliiek" Not only a nnithr-r jiiclure, hut a fatlier picture as. well that )u on your heart like a brnnlirtion. Ia-Mc 8 rbrenteVidor i. I PtJillunVH JI.U I MTH( VcrianAVafte Up' SworlJ! ti- The tar "I'licy pot lota of fun DECKER AND HIS i NtOPTIONI(TJ I 4 7 Mler Hf.i't little Something Vw" 1 0 r.o 4 Weekly New a 2ic. to 00c; Eves.

2.ric to Jl t5 i-vf mm mm (KXD). 8:30 Hotel- to 3 Fairmont a JrO THE RELIEF in the Stomach arid Bowels, Intestinal Cramp COLIC, DlARRHCEA -SOLD EVERYWHERE If you want to help the you can save your owntime as well as the time of canvassers who will otherwise call on you, by, filling out this blank now and mailing it to us. Remember this: The Y. M. C.

A. is a character-building organization and measures its success in terms of service to the boys of Oakland. Many phases of the work bring no financial returns whatever. Last year 3500 different men and boys were related to the work at the building, while several thousands more were reached by our program of community extension. This fall our policies call for an extensive, constructive and maintained effort to bring our program to the attention of the thousands of Oakland's young men and boys.

In this, we are having every encouragement. Our membership is larger tharl ever ta. our -history, more, men and boys are active in the work, and the religious emphasl is carrying its own appeal. With the help of our friends, 'among whom we feel sure we may count you, our financial problem can be met and we can make our Y. M.

C. A. a vital contributing factor in the advancement of the greater Oakland that is so splendidly -coming to be. Our workers all have prospect cards ytid will call upon everyone. Those who do not wish to take up the time of our workers will help the cause along by filling in and signing the TWO-! KM run Bulletin (KDN).

Girl Shoots Father As Baby's Parent LOS ANGELES. Sept. JS. Ac- NOW-IN PERSON EDNA WALLACE HOPPER "The Valley of Silent -Men'i. nh Aim mni.

Vj jvmi's oiiviit rlTtwooh HK1. KAVM in ill III'Mi l)f(V i i it 1 1 i iini i.i.i Frugriim ow I'lnylnic MONROE SALISBURY l'iliiiliir I'lt-ture Mat IN PERSON In an I. niitmil Ilrmiintle Iterltal The Four Bonisettis 5 OTJIEirACTS 5 3 Mum a Dny 2, 7 and 9 m. Heautjr. l2 s.

(. ii 19. CKALI.KS KAY In the Geo. M. C.t hvn i.

s. "THE TAILOR MAPE JOHN WHAJtEY J.tWI8' 0RCHLSIKA I l-4 end BfrOADWAV tJ M. I CONTTNTJOUS NOON TO 11 P. fused bj his own dauKhter of being the father of the baby born to her -in 116, Charles B. Williams, 63.

Is suffering today from three bullets alleged to have been fired into his body by the younn woman. The daughter, Mrs. Sylvia Row- lett, 26,, and her husband, Frank Rowlett, are in jail, charged with assautl to commit murder. The Rowlotts ar said to have driven to Williams' home Sunday afternoon with the avowed intention of killing him. When Williams approached the Rowlett auto, which had stopped In front of his home, Mrs.

Rowlett Is alleged have fired five timer Without warning, three bullets taking effect, one In the forehead, one In the rht thigh and one In the left hip. I have been married about three years and have a nine months old baby. The baby was with thenf when the shooting occurred. DR. BR KITH'l 1-SER SPF.AKS.

ALAMEDA. Sept. 25. Dr. Breit- 4RXALWAY 14 th t.

0 JACK M3 RUSSELL Oponlnit 1'roKruni of iEW ClAflEMOIJl Mat Trlritrniih THOMAS MEIGHAN In Hacheliir Muddy" MprelBl Orehratra tind MlnKrm. EUGENE O'BRIEN -in- Tlie Projdict'g Paradise. FU In tlir Munlin) 'oMiedy above. -card. NEW sttOW WEDNESDAY VAUDEVILLE Hevor if l.ntr aud "UNDER COVER" Bring Ihr hole KiimiIIj tuuiinuuui I'rrfuriuuarc Dallr.

MAIL THE CARD TO I'KK-W AH I'HiraS Use Ccticara And Watch NIGHTS iiJ.yi 30c MATINEES 20c PLCS TAX CHILDREN 10c ANY TIME PI.l'8 TAX I. I M. C. A. Campaign Committee R.

A. L.EET, Chairman Room 106, Hptel Oakland, Oakland, CaL Booth moit dclicloua piy SEVENTEEN With Lows "Lola Pratt." th "Bal-T-tallt InJy," and Stewart Wilion CeapiM-iaity fitfairedi a "Willis Neat Eunilay: "Tha Ni(thtcap." Plionn I.aknaiilo ,3. mMmm Your Skin Improve Nothing Ixtter to cleanse and purify tha ekin and tp keep It free from pimples nd blackheads than Cuticur Soap for every -day toild use. Assist with Cuticur Ointment when necessary. Cuticur Talcum Is also ideal for the skin.

tWialaahrrMbTMill. Aililma: CattairataS. aratarlM. lor, Uai4u4t.Maia." uldanry 8oai-2tc. Otntroant ainibn.

TakanKc SS5Cuticur Soop aharra without mug. of the University of was the speaker ot the first meeting for the reason of the High School Parent-Teachers' Association this afternpt n. His subject "Some Cases of Adolescence." A IH Si today, roMfarr ri.vAU- LAST TIME TOMWIT l'Rrch Men' Wives" with inn -an ft lileurg wurlh ATCH for MIX musical program was given under the direction of Mrs. E. R.

Allen. 'I tslett presided. A re Aaop' i-nblra and I'm (he -Nina ilf liiTiiviTt ABd Other 'Attractions ception to the teacher twuk PlaceT at ciock,.

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