Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 26, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1934
Page 5
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PAGE FIVBl KOggUTH COUNTY ATlVANfTB ALGONA, 24—Town anci A?;; S hoclced by -news death of Charles N. o'clock Friday even, had some time, had had his doctor at Biytt, J S ft after crossing Xucted ,by pastor, Mr. and Mr* gr., was born near ch 7,1873. and The family moved A '. J ot "rr»serih's church KorciS and burial wad m "ir^nh's cemetery, St. Joe Veteran Discusses Payment of the Bonus Now lly John llcillng, St. Joe, "Itnck Private." There seems to be quite a little the bonus now?" argument about "Why uot i 11 to blame I had one man tell me we don't want in nnv n i cause the country is in too hard a ahape Are U,csVS, 8 "'"" '"' for the country being in the shape It's in? soid.cis I had another man tell no that, we at homo had l» do while "you fellows" were gone. I'll agree vou did ti,o\, i T I'",'", you do It to fill your own pocket, or dld°y°u7o ? l,!loipunclo"s,m' Another man told mo, "There Is no use p-ivintr ihpm r i, because they'll Just lose H gambling." Now P wL\ dh^o T wlui .your great big salary and your big prices during wartinip' IT still got It? Or did you lose it gambling and speculating'' X ° U Now, If you do not think tho soldiers' bonus should be paid whv not have some of you fellows that arc reaching out with Chli-in E to grab some sort of bonus Immediately? Why not have this bonus of yours made payable In 1975? And have some beneficiary, whether the onn /> ow mnir.n o|j ex-wife, OT probably some When I left home they were singing "Keep the home fires hum ing." They certainly did. Who stayed at homo to kTp t cse homo fires burning? It was some of our great bi men ™ great big men that UP ™ P rnnnv could not possibly afford to lose them. Old ks, wectneart, cHp" ies etc. remained at homo Lllrts ' CIlp before erection lived on a farm They moved to joVears'ago, and Mr. Loe- rted as town marshal many • Since retiring from that of- ie tod worked for the Bauer it company, and he kept busy at varied work, idleness. by a daughter, Mrs. Dorisi •eland a son Joseph; also toy Broilers, John, Envard, and M., all of Wesley, and Lismore, Minn. are live sisters: Mrs. Jcmrt ^mar, Colo.; Mrs. John . Buffalo Center; Mrs. iFred Hdora; Mrs Raymond Brock- Independence; Mrs. iRufue ,r, Corwith. relatives attended the funer- acept Mrs. John Doll, iFrank, Welter, the latter being i nephews were •pall-'bearers: red, Edmond, Victor, and j'lioelrig, Bernard Brockling, |i Raymond Huber. t New Babies Bora- was born Sunday to M Mrs. Elmer Johnson, and a Ier at Britt last week Wed_ y to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peari, who lived here for some time. l-Britt an 8'^-lb. son was born [day to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest , the latter having been ice Reno, Wesley. Twin sons' born Saturday to (Mr. and i. Robt, Kain, Mrs. Kain having i Verna Hildman, Wesley. iMj in Lu Ycrne Pulpit— ~sHev. and Mrs. I. C. McNul- the Methodist parson- e 4t Lu Verne last Thursday ' j, and Mr. McNulty .preaeh- | lor toe Rev. Mr. Baddeley. Fri- afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Mc- r visited near Hardy, where McNulty's aged uncle, Chas. ', is seriously sick. rtist Supper is Planned— i Methodist Aid will serve f sopper in the church basement Saturday evening. A and Daughters banquet II be served at the Sexton Meth- K ohrch this week Thursday "ing, and Mrs. W. G. Muhle- i Algona, will speak. ' Club to Corwith— i Sfudy club will e o to Cor- flus week Tuesday evening lew an exhibit of pottery and •"sculpture given by the Cor'" 's club. The local club i« i ™. MrSl Alfre d Erdmann week Thursday, and will elect pies, etc., remained at homo to keep this fire burning. When I returned I saw that they certainly did "fire " Tbo folks were badly scorched. Some of the sweethearts also have fooling with the fire. In other words it looked to me as old MUHLEMAN IS 60; EVENT IS CELEBRATED Titonkians Spring a Surprise Party on Algonian. Tifonha, Apr. 24—When the Rev. At The Call Theatre | A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. bis Plays Reviewed This Week— You're Telling Me Ulood Money (Bank Night) Riptide Previews— L—As the Earth Turns 2.—Stand tip and Cheer. FUNNYMAN W. C. FIELDS scores •*• heavily in a nonsensical flap- doodle called You're Telling Me, highlights of the is something con- one of screen. There H Sniulnv viciiniinr. „* rni* t BV;IU<J "- i ueru is someinmg con- v± ,,Z, V S U ? .L° n _ a A, rUon ! a - taglous about the whimsical humor l.o ro -uko,l lev Mo ot Mr ' Fields : hc day. Mr. Paul took due note and laid plans accordingly. The Titonka church i lot in on itonka church people were increas- casts his subtle We see Fields in the present production as a confirmed inebriate with a tor inventions, - , , aided the chict among which , 8 a key . hole **"** "* » hi social But now,listen, you big boys: I'll forgive you this terrific Just come and hand us our little bonus, and I am willing to shovel back tho ashes and turn over some now soil. firn heln Well, you politicians, if you really need a political football let in crnr n Tio«r Kn 11 "•»» *'-'' try to get a new ball. us [Editor's Note—Mr. Roiling is entitled to have his say. He served 11 months overseas, and saw some dangerous service, particularly in the Argonne Woods. He was once gassed while helping to check up the contents of a cave into which gas had crept the night before ] BRIDE-TO-BE HONOREB AT FENT§ PARTY (Femton, Apr. 24—'Mrs. Alvin Zumach entertained at a shower ihon- or of her sister-in-law, Lucille Zumach, last Thursday evening. Bridge was played at five tables, with Dorothy Gerhards winner of he high score, Lucille Theesfield 3Ut prize, and Verlina loerger con- lolation. Miss Zumach, who will >ecome the bridge of Floyd Torgerson, Bode, May 6, received many gifts. Parties Honor Lucille Zumach— Relatives of Lucille Zumach entertained atl a miscellaneous) shower Sunday 'evening at August Zumanlh's. Five-hundred was played, and Mrs. Herman Krause won. ihe high score and Mrs. Riehnold Zumach low. Tuesday afternoon Mrs. George Jenitz entertained at i kitchen shower in 'her ihonor. The ibride-to-be received numerous gifts ait botih showers. Club Guests to Graettinger— The BOO club and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Theesfield went to Graettinger recently rto surprise Walter Jeritz on his; birthday anniversary. Five-fliundred was played at six tables, Mrs. George Jentz winning high, Mrs Theesfield the travel prize. The Jentzes are former 1 drove to to see the daug. to Mr. and Mrs. Albert April 13. Mrs. Dorothy ."""ay with its ^"ennore H^**. a d meets this week 6. was cranking a Saturday. car a week ago Seneca Girl Will Teach— Paulino Osborn has signed a contract to teach a country soliool near Lu Verne next year. FEXTOX NEWS Mrs. John Kramer and her chil- Fenton people who a restaurant there. are operating dren, Leo, Harlan, and Beatrice, attended the funeral of Mr. Kramer's father, who was 86, at Bradgate last week Tuesday. Leo, Harlan, and four other grandchildren were pallbearers. Mr. and Mrs. William Kent, Omaha, and daughter Betty Jean came Saturday to visit at the parental H. C. Limlseys. Mr. Kent ia truck driver for a meat company, and he returned to his work Sunday, Mrs Kent and her baby remaining for a week's visit Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gade entertained the Robert Bells, the Clarence Gillettes, and the Warner Haleys, of Algona, the Edwin Gades, West Bend, and the Otto Bells, Whittemore, Friday evening. _ Mrs. Charles Weisbrod, Mrs. W. Laage, Mrs. C. F. C. Laage, and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz attended a recent meeting at Mrs. Henry Tjaden's in Plum Creek, of the Algona St. Thomas Episcopal Guild. Mrs Ernest Weisbrod entertained at three tables of 'bridge Satur- lay evening. Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod •von 'the high score, Agnes Goetsch ;he travel prize, and Mrs Charles Schemmel low., Mrs. Henry Reimers entertained VIesdames Henry Wegener, Frieda Steussy, Anna Nelson, and Anna Powell last week Tuesday. Mrs, Wegener and Mrs. Reimers are sis- tor brought the Rev. Mr. Muhleman's honor. Uif! Itirthday Cake. After having been taken to who played in the screen version of Trilby?) is able to marry a rich young man (Buster Crabbe) from the "the other side of the tracks." The climax in You're Telling Me parsonage a few minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Muhleman were escorted to ls the famous golf scene from the the church basement, and there Follies of 15 years ago. We shall were seated at a table of honor never forget that scene in a Chi- bcautlfully decorated and bearing ca B° theater, the only time we ever a remarkable birthday cake *""' '" ' by Mrs. George Bonacker. Pastors and their wives from' Tne screen version, registered in neighboring towns then began to a like manner with its Algona aud- arrive, and just as dinner was an-, ience - _ This is probably the fun- nounced the children's choir of the \ niest single scene ever shown on church greeted the guest of honor either Btage or screen; funny to with "Happy Birthday, Bro. Muhle- both S° lfer an d non-golfer, a gem made nat * '•° l cave a seat because of con- ivulsions of laughter. man, Happy Birthday to You." Every moment brought added surprise to Mr. Muhleman. Neighboring Pastors Speak, Mildred and Fern Krantz, accom- of subtle, naive humor. There are other high spots. The sequence on a train in which the unfortunate, discouraged Fields tries to commit suicide by drinking iodine but is stopped on seeing a panied by Gladys Bogges, played a!cemetery, is almost on a par with trumpet and trombone duet, and,the golf sketch . And there are Mrs. C. A. Hoon sang a solo. Visit- ng pastors were then called on for 60 seconds each of compressed ;ood wishes." The Rev. A. A. rlowe, Buffalo Center, the Rev. C. B. Mitchell, Burt, the Rev. Ralph 3aker, Woden, the Rev. A. H. Wood, Good Hope, spoke, and Mr. ,Vood read a poem which he had Lyle Weisbrod Has Birthday- Monday evening after school Lyle Weisbrod entertained school chums in honor of his birthday. Games were played, and refreshments were served by Mrs. Weisbrod. The guests Included Melvin Elmore, Gordon Graham, Harlan Holldorf, Maurice Weisbrod, and Herbert Krause. Mrs. Widdel Critically Sick— t Mr8. Chris Widdel. is seriously sick with pernicious anemia. She was not expected to live Saturday, and all children were called home. Dr. Edward Widdel returned to his ihome at Madelia, Minn., Sunday, 'but (his wife stayed to help care for Mrs. Widdel. Dinner Honors Grandchildren- Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nellis, Renwiok, daugihr ter Rosemary, and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Kern, Sexton. The occasion was the 'birthday anniversary o£ •both grandchildren, Rosemary and Delmer, White Family Will Leave— Mrs. E. D. White entertained the Hook & Needle club last Thursday. Mrs. White and her children will soon leave for Rockford, where they will make their home, and Coach White join his family at the close of the school year. Party Honors Algona Girl— Laurnetta Meyer, employed at Algona, entertained at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Adella Mittag, at the Martin Meyer home near Lotts Creek, last Thursday evening. The bride-to-be received many gifts, i, T. Waite is Sick- Mrs, J. T. Walte has been confined to her bed by asthma, and has been under the care of Doctor Mueller. Frieda Reimers has been doing the household work. Mrs. Wake's husband is the local veterinarian. New Girl for SUgmans— Mr and Mrs William Stigmani are "parents of an 11-lb. daughter, Marlene, horn at the General toos- •pitaJ, Algona. Tiis makes a family of four 'boys and two girls. Theater Party at Algona— Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ohm entertained Misses Klelnheksel, Barton, WeJabrod, Kressln, and Smith at a supper and a theater party at Algona last week Tuesday evening. School ffftf is Given— The freshmen entertained the Sophomores last week Wednesday evening, and members of the high school faculty were guests. Woman'* Arm is Broken— Mrs. aaJme? (Lee suffered broken bone in her arm while composed the day before when he was supposed to be working on his Sunday sermon. Mr. Muhleman responded to everything delightfully, but insisted .hat instead of being 60 years old ie was in fact 60 years young. He also told of his happiness over such a surprise and the good fellowship thus exhibited. The birthday candles were then lit, and a birthday remembrance from the Titonka people was opened. Everyone Loath to Go. Lela and Vernelle Zweifel and Mr, and Mrs. G. Fishhook, Hollandale, Minn, sipent Sunday afl Mrs. Henry Weisbrod's. They were on their way to Arizona where they will make their home. Mr. and Mrs. Marion Loose, Lake Mty, visited tho Rev. J. T. Snyders last week Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Snyder is a sister of Mr. Loose. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, Fort Dodge, took pictures of school children last Thursday and Friday. The glee clubs had separate pictures taken also. Mesdames George Newel, Jos. Madden, C. C. Voight, and C. F. C. Laage entertained the Fenton Methodist Aid at the church Friday. The Walter Wegeners and Mrs. John Wegener visited Mrs. Walter Wegener's sister and daughter at Hampton over the week-end. Mrs. J. A. Schwartz entertained her sewing club last week Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Charles Schem- wel, Ringsted, was a guest. Mr. and Mrs. William Riemers are parents of a boy born Sunday, weight seven pounds. He has been named Donald Dean. Carl Walz, Estherville, formerly Swea City, called on the Robert Voettlers and other friends here last Thursday. Mrs. Maiiuha Chrisohilles had a major operation ot the MoCreery hospital, Whittemore, one day last •week. Editor W. C. Dewel, of the Algona Advance, was a Fenton business visitor last Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Fuller, Wm- dom, Minn., were visitors, at Fred Newel's Sunday. many other flashes—as, for example, the episode wherein Fields unwittingly demonstrates his bullet-proof tires on a police car instead of his own, with disastrous results. Ardienne Ames, sightly brunette, is excellent as a Russian princess i who contributes no little charm to the plot—if this riot of fun may boast of a plot. The dialog is fast and furious. "We have good news for you," says a man to Fields' wife. "What, is my husband dead?" she exclaims! This feature, with five well assorted shorts, completed a delightful Sunday program at the Call. TF WE WERE totally "absent" at •*• the Call two weeks ago, we were certainly only "half there' last week. In the peaceful lassitude that follows a long auto trek, we dozed comfortably through most 01 was music by a mixed quartet, Irma Campbell, Mrs. R. C. Ball, William Schram, and Harley Larson. The Rev. Mr. Wood sang "My Task." Such a fine spirit prevailed that no one wanted to break away. A call came for Mr. Schram to sing "Little Gray Home in the West," and still the folks lingered, loath to leave. In the midst of it all was Mr. Muhleman, his face more radiant every minute. The basement of the church was filled to overflowing, and a number of the young folks ate on the church lawn. More important than the size of the crowd was the spirit in which the event took place. ^jthe short subjects and stayed on through one reel of Blood Money .he limit of our endurance. The usual mob was on hand for Bank Night, but our befuddled jrain failed to register reactions of the crowd. Under ordinary circumstances George Bancroft, open-faced as wrist-watch, would have intrigued us in a role that seemed to fit him :o a "T"; but the vicissitudes of life have been barking doggedly at our heels of late, and occasionally Legion, Auxiliary- are Invited to Britt The Britt Legion post and Auxiliary unit have invited members of all posts and units In Kossuth to attend a tri-county meeting at the Britt Legion hall tomorrow night. A Hancock Auxiliary meeting will be held in the afternoon, with Mrs. Niggemeyer, department president, as speaker. Eighth District Commander James I. Dolliver, Fort Dodge, will be the principal evening speaker. Following the program there will be lunch and dancing. Cnllen is Appointed. Whittemore, Apr. 24—Postmaster J. S. Cullen has received a commission for a four-year term. He had been acting postmaster since last July 1. BURNING, KNAWING PAINS IN STOMACH RELIEVED Neutralize irritating acids with Dr. Emil'a Adla Tablets. Preyent serious stomach trouble, eat what you want. Adla gives relief or your money back.—A. H. Borchardt, Druggist even the cinemas stir us not a whit. We will therefore spare our readers further flightsjn the realms of Fancy and close the book with the somewhat vulgar but significant phrase, a brain-child of the talkies, "Skip it!" '"THERE IS NO BASIS for critl- *• cism in such ultra-sophisticated cinemas as Riptide. You enjoy hat if you are a Shearer fan, or if fou are not particularly interested n plots, but you go away.with a )ad taste in your mouth if you are n a critical frame of mind. Riptide opens with our two cen- ral figures (Norma Shearer and Terbert Marshall) preparing separately for a fancy-dress ball, The iVorld of the Future. Whea they neet we hear a one and two-word onversation such as folks in the upper strata of our social order are upposed to indulge in. The one word verbal repartee ollows, and is particularly Jncom- irehensible without a key: "Pun?" Much". "Glad"? "Um-m-m." 'Sweet?" Instinct." The two- word battle is a bit more intelligi- ile, but just as inane: "Want to?" Why not?" "Shall I?" "So what?" Such ornate phrases as "Pretty awful!" roll off Norma's tongue vith an assurance disconcerting to H who demand a semblance of ianity even in the movies. This is one of those stories which ceep your mind jumping from one hurdle to another. BEFORE the wife has sinned, the husband .hrows her out; AFTER she has :ommitted an indiscretion, he takes ier back. And when you are be;inning to wonder just how far such absurdities are going to take .he unhappy couple, he (the husband—yes, it's Herbert) turns against her again—only to clasp her fervently to his bosom when a little child joins their hands in happy reunion. Robert Montgomery, the third point in-the domestic triangle, flits n and out of the discordant proceedings with his usual demeanor; talks glibly of happiness and the shortness of life—the moonlight, the stars, the soothing caresses of drink. Carefree, happy buoyant, tie is the antithesis of the routine, secure, dull state of matrimony as practiced by—shall we say?—too many moderns? Riptide, then, is flashy, glamorous, unreal, beautifully photographed, well acted by a trio of favorites who have a large and faithful following. To this trio, we may add the name of Mrs. Patrick Campbell, who contributes the cynical angle so necessary to pictures of this kind. TT HAS BEEN OUR privilege to A pre-view two new pictures shortly to find a place on the Call calendar. The first, As The Earth Turns, is the story of New England farm life, realistic, drab, sordid, but so artistically photographed that its many scenes of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are superb, a delight to the eye. The second, Stand Up and Cheer, a new Fox musicale, is done with considerable gusto and introduces some breath-taking chorus and song numbers. It will not be shown before the first of May, and will be preceded by an elaborate publicity campaign—always a bad thing for any picture, because hopes are built up that cannot be realized. You'll enjoy Stand Up and Cheer, however, and we may safely recommend is as "just a good show," leaving the raving to the producers. FOR SERVICE Rugs, Draperies and Curtains We have installed new equipment for rug cleaning and can assure you a very satisfactory job. See us about repairing and cleaning your fur coats. FURS! FURS! We are representatives of the Cownie Pur Co., of Des Moines. Pur storage at nominal cost. We call for and deliver. Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE JOKES Everybody enjoys a good joke. I believe the Lord himself enjoys a joke, otherwise He never would let those fellows at Des Moines saddle that 2 per cent sales tax on us. Or it may be that the Lord does not have anything to do with that bunch. The most I ever enjoyed a joke was when we first moved out on Yankee Ridge. The good wife was very much enthused about raising a lot of chickens. She set 30 hens. They come off with 415 chickens, but 397 of them were roosters. , When I was a boy about 12 years old I did old man Door's chores all fall and was to have for my pay the first colt his old gray nag had. The old gray horse turned out to be a gelding. I did not enjoy that joke so much. Later on I found the world Js full of jokes. Wholesalers for a year have been telling me to buy plenty, for goods are going up. I sure have the store loaded. The store is as full as it can hold, and as much more in the basement. It is no joke. Under present conditions it is gambling. To get from under part of it is the reason I am running a sale this week. The profits this week will be like the colt that the old gray gelding never had. Just so I make expenses this week and get from under the load I will be well pleased. The Storm Lake Shoe Stock is now all unpacked and will go into this sale. Every pair is Peters solid leather shoes and slippers. These will be sold at a big discount as I bought them at a bargain. This sale ends Saturday night, April 28th, at 10 o'clock. Jimmie Neville The Shoe Map Algona, la. WHITE'S GROCERY Friday and Saturday No. 10 Fruit Specials Apricots 43c Peaches 48c Blackberries 48c Pears _89c Cherries, red 53c Cherries, white 58c Pineapple, crushed _58e Pineapple bro. sliced 58c Prunes 38c Raspberries, red 55c Raspberries, blk. 58c Lay in a supply now. These HUGS stay young! They're made of LIVELY WOOL, (It springs back underfoot) Made of wools chosen for their extra toughness and resilience—all rugs by the BigelowWeaverscanboastofthatspringy pile which makes them hold their beauty for many years—softer to walk on— easier to clean.... And we have a particularly wide and interesting selection. $19.75 and up for a 9x12 Foster's Furniture Co. A Real Buy! SHERWIN-WILLIAMS ENAMELOID COUPON This coupon and 12c will purchase a 27 can of ENAMELOID. Name — Address Quick drying — for furniture and woodwork. 22 bright colors. Reg. 27e can EventSpacial Limit—I can to.a cuitomer 12 S-W LINOLEUM VARNISH Dex restores and preserves linoleum beauty. Easy to apply. Dries overnight. Water-proof. I QT. DEX and VA INCH BRUSH $1.50 VALUE, SPECIAL S-W SCREEN ENAMEL 44e Prevents rust and warping. Will not clog mesh. Dries quickly. Glossy black. Easily applied 65c Qt. Can, SPECIAL . . . S-W FLOOR WAX No rubbing. No polishing. Apply S-W Flo- Wax to floor and allow IS minutes to dry. • I PT. FLO-WAX and LAMBS WOOL APPLICATOR. REG. $1.35 VALUE. EVENT SPECIAL .... 98. FREE! HOME DECORATOR 44 pages, 79 color schemes. 111 home painting suggestions by Betty Wood, interior decorator. Gat your copy at our star* today' SWP House Paint (Colors) . . K G.I. $1.85 S-W Shingle Stain ( ^'Wi&. • • G«'- $1.45 S-W Porch and Deck Paint . . . Qt. $I.OO S-W Floor Enamel • Pt .60 S-W Floor Varniih ...... PI. .75 S-W Liq. Roof Cement, Black P«r G.I. in «'• .70 NOW-A Wall Finish that can "Take It ft fli Even HOT GREASE Will Not Stain Setui- Lustre Th. Thrifty W«habl, Wall Point Now pastel shades are practical Finger marks and spots, all wash off. 12 fashionable tints for kitchen and bathroom walls. The correct amount for every need— no waste. 6Oc $1.00 qt, Lusby's Paint Store

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