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Birmingham Post from Birmingham, West Midlands, England • Page 4

Birmingham Post from Birmingham, West Midlands, England • Page 4

Birmingham Posti
Birmingham, West Midlands, England
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THE BIRMINGHAM ROST FRIDAY DECEMBER 11 1925 MOTORS AND MOTORING AFTER-EFFECTS OF THE COLD SPELL REPAIRING ENGINES AND COACHWORK Deliver your Goods in British Vans It looks better! a great wave of interest in British Goods One Firm in Birmingham never gives an order to a traveller who uses a Foreign Car This idea is spreading No business can succeed against public opinion Play Safety use British Transport! And buy through a firm whose idea and are entirely British Colmore sell only British Cars an idea too good to be confined to the police1 officer and the road patrol for the A A scouts are similarly equipped when directing traffic The white glove should be used by every car driver omnibus driver lorry driver and motor-cyclist for the benefit and safety of their fellow road-users when light is fading or uncertain The wearing of a white glove on the driving or signalling hand is a graceful and kindly act that marks the driver thus equipped as an exponent of the gospel of give and take Such gloves are washable durable and cheap Their use is to be warmly commended If one wishes to give hand signals that can be seen at an even greater distance than the white glove it is now possible to obtain a special red reflex lens for clipping on to the glove in the centre of the back of the hand A combination of white glove and lens should prove satisfactory under all conditions of driving Another direction in which road safety is being increased is through the adoption in the road centre of white lines that are permanent instead of chalked or painted lines that soon disappear The latest permanent white line is that laid this week in the Strand London It consists of thousands of small porcelain plugs let into the wood pavement The visibility is good in all weathers but wheel spin follows if a car happens to stop with a driving wheel on the line of studs Miscellanea The absence of the customary salute by AA patrol or RAC road guide can often be explained at this time of the year by the badge being obscured by the radiator muff The Birmingham branch of the Roads Improve' ment Association is investigating the question of bridges in the district which require reconstruct' ing with a view to communicating with the Ministry of Transport On the grounds that a motor-cycle competition for which an open permit had been requested of the Auto-Cycle Union by the Southport Motor Club held on a Sunday would prove extremely unpopular with the general public the union declined to grant the permit The news that oil resources will be exhausted in the next seven years at the present rate of consumption will accelerate the movement that is now afoot in the United States to build smaller engined cars the advent of which will be welcomed too in Amorica in that smaller cars mean less traffic congestion At the Chamber of Commerce New Street Birmingham on Monday evening next a paper entitled Sleeve Valve Engine will be read by Mr Ferrler Brown before the local centre of the Institution of Automobile Engineers Cards of invitation to the meeting can be obtained on application being made to the secretary of the Institution Watergate House Adolphi London WC2 The founder members of the RAC now numbering only 100 out of the original 300-recently celebrated the 28th anniversary ef the foundation The speeches were reminiscent of the very early days of motoring when the public regarded most of the drivers as lunatics and the motor-vehicle as a fantastic atrocity The founders of the RAC were the pioneers of the movement and it was their enthusiasm in the face of bitter opposition that pushed motoring forward until to-day it has become one of the prime factors in modern transport and a source of healthy recreation to tens of thousands One of the Good British Makes THE THE THE TONNEH" Chassis With Lorry Body With Tipping Lorry Body With Van Body With Do Luxe Like a Magnet in a Spring Mattress 'HPHE way the car holds the road is extraordinary I A have driven 7 makes of car but in none of them did I get the same sensation of pleasure and indeed some other sensation I cannot describe that I got when I felt this little Standard like a magnet in a spring mattress With the needle on 40 she seemed to settle right down into the road like a bed tfT The 11 hp Knowle is a 4-seater 4-door body Ji Adjustable front seats with hinged backs Choice of 3 colours leather Equipment includes scuttle ventilator speedometer clock dashlamp driving mirror ash tray screen wiper petrol can and carrier Dunlop LP 27 in by 440 reinforced tyres Standard 11 hp 4-SEATER £225 QUICK DELIVERY AND THE RIGHT TERMS" At oil time you cau inspect and bare dreaonstrated lor you at Colrao any ol tho Morris Commariaai Cars Wo can giro you Immediate Dslhrory and quote you instalment terms which are is every nay convenient with complete equipment STATE OF THE ROADS Write for full particulars The Standard Motor Co Itd Coventry London Showroom: 49 Fall Mall SWl Agents everywhere INFORMATION FOR BIRMINGHAM AND DISTRICT MOTORISTS ass THEM ON THEi ROAD" Sole Distributing Agents for CARS for Birmingham and District: tHEM KUiNetfAt 8 ItOUSE son MOTORIST: Low first cost and low running cost THE sturdy Overland 1012 cwt Van now has a greater load capacity and even better engine performance Always regarded as a sturdy economical vehicle it Has jumped right into the forefront of 1926 values Let us tell you how much it will cost to run an Overland Van in your business we will gladly do so without placing you under any obliga-tion and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the result Other xellers Brougham Coupe each £175 Chassis £125 Magneto Ignition £10 extra on all models Exchanges Free Tuition Deferred Payments BIRMINGHAM Wires: Lytoar Birmingham" JOHN BRIGHT ST 'PltoMi Midland 2810 fw'AVAv AvAwmwvvAvmmw'MWiVwrvA'AwMmv JjC Main Distributors of Standard Gars for Walsall and District THE DARWALL GARAGE LTD Darwall Street Walsall Telephone 97 (From Our Motoring Correspondent) The recent severe weather has been responsible for many cars being put out of action The repair shops are particularly busy with cracked cylinder jackets and with damaged coachwork due to skids on frozen roads In these notes last week methods were described whereby the risk of damage to an engine by frost could be avoided reference being made to the use of heaters of various types and of non-freezing solutions for the cooling system It remains to add that in the event of the frost causing cracks to appear in the cylinder block these can be made good by oxy-acetylone welding carried out by a competent operator there being need as was formerly the case to purchase a new casting The job can be and a perfectly satisfactory repair made at a fraction of the cost of a new cylinder block Most of the cars that are in dock for body repair have damaged mudguards running boards or panels the result of collisions due to icy roads or fog The latter is not the cause of as many collisions as the former the reason being that in fog most cars are driven dead slow but the danger of icy roads is not so generally recognised thus some people drivo at speeds that cause their cars to become unmanageable when the brakes are suddenly applied on a frozen road with tlie usual result of damaged coachwork if no worse ill such as an overturned car befall The peculiarly greasy state of the roads that has followed the thaw has been very treacherous and has led to many Tell-tale Mudguards Mudguards are a particularly vulnerable part of a car It is distinctly unusual to find a well-used car in any garage that not bear signs of damage having been received by the mudguards at some time or other It may only be that a little of the paint has been scraped off the side of one or more of the fenders as they are called by the Americans on the other hand there may bo large or small dents due to minor collisions The former usually occurs when entering or leaving the motor-house or garage particularly if the doorways are awkwardly placed or cars are parked too close together If the mudguards are not actually knockod out of shape they can generally be touched up at home with a good enamel In any event it is desirable always to have at hand a supply of such enamel which dries hard in twelve hours in order to touch up any spots on the mudguards or chassis where rust is seen or is liable to develop Rust will work under neglected spots and cause the surrounding paint or enamel to flake away Dented mudguards are usually beyond the power of the average amateur motorist put right It often comes as a surprise to the new motor owner and he it is who suffers most from minor collisions due to his inexperience in judging to find how costly a matter it is to straighten out and re-paint a dented mudguard work that may require a car to be laid up for several days How Accidents Happen It will cost £2 10s £3 to put right a mudguard that a beginner crumpled up when reversing a few nights ago into a station yard The backing operation would have proceeded without incident but for the fact that just as the driver was at a critical stage of to difficult manoeuvre past a gate post a driver some distance behind switched on his headlamps The dazzling light shone into the eyes of the driver who was reversing momentarily blinding him and in that moment the car The fashion of extending the mudguards below the level of the running boards though it may help to keep a car clean may lead to damaged guards when negotiating difficult country The writer has seen such an extension crumpled out of shape by contact with a projecting boulder at the side of the road The repair of such damage as that referred to above necessitates considerable skill if the mudguards are to show no sign afterwards of the treatment that they have received The guards have to be removed and either put in to a press or most carefully hammered back into shape An interesting new tool for garage use has recently been introduced by means of which small dents can be removed without the necessity for detaching the mudguard This should save time and expense though in most cases it would not avoid the naed for repainting the longest port of a mudguard repair job Radiator Mupf Experiments The sudden thaw led to many engines being overheated whereas a day or so earlier they had been in danger of freezing up -the reason being that motorists had forgotten to adjust their radiator muffs to suit the milder air temperature Most interesting experiments on the running of an engine can bemadejjwith the aid of a radiator muff rind a radiator thermometer The idea behind the experiments should be to discover the m-iff opening that gives the highest practicable working temperature in the engine When the weather is frosty it will be found that the radiator thermometer of the majority of cars running at normal speed and without a muff will indicate engine too cool" ie petrol is being wasted owing to excessive radiation If notfr a radiator muff be fitted and the central panel be opened to its fullest extent it will generally be found that the engine will warm up appreciably though not to any dangerous extent as long as the air tem-perature is in the thirties and oar is on the move Under these same conditions the muff may now be set to the half-open position when a speedy rise in the radiator temperature will be recorded on the indicator However unless one drives unusually hard the motometer should not give cause for anxiety as to the engine temperature But if one should not raise th- muff flap at all boiling will usually result from a cold start-in two or miles The writer has had this happen twice in each case the Boyce motometer gave warning or the engine might have been damaged The red line in the instrument rose quite slowly for a couple of miles then went with a rush up to the top of the scale Dangers of Steam on the Road An appreciable amount of steam was found to be issing under the car by way of the overflow pipe some even reaching the interior of the saloon and clouding the windows but the quantity was insufficient to be dangerous This oannot be said of the steam that escapes from many heavy coal driven lorries some of which it is most perilous to pass A few days ago near Bamt Green a steam lorry was overtaken on a long ascent Though the lorry driver was keeping to his proper side of the road mirabile dictu dense clouds of steam kept blowing across the space through which passing vehicles would have to proceed After crawling Behind the slowly-moving lorry for some minutes the wind blew the steam clear of the road for moment and the chance was taken to dash by But the wind did not hold its direction and the overtaking car was lost in the steam It was a most unpleasant experience bearings were completely lost and there was the possibility of a head-on collision with an approaching vehicle Luckily the car got through safely but all the glass was covered with an opaque layer that necessitated the use of the screen wiper In London this week there was a serious collision due to this cause between an omnibus and a lorry which subse quently burst into flames The omnibus vision was obscured by the steam from a wagon in front Surely these motor-lorries ought not to be allowed to belch forth steam as they do And not only steam but smoke and cinders Most motorists have had the alarming experience when overtaking a coal or coke fired lorry of finding themselves in a rain of red-hot cinders to the detriment of clothes rugs or ooachwork Clearer Hand Signals The latest method of increasing road safety is that suggested by Mr Stenson Cooke secretary of the Automobile Association in his recent wireless talk on The Road in Winter viz the Use of white gloves by motorists for the purpose of giving clear hand signals The police have already proved the value of the white glove when directing traffic in fading or uncertain light It is NORMAN REEVE 64 Broad Street BIRMINGHAM MID 3738 The House for Generous Service Bay your Car direct from Buy Guaranteed The World wants WHEELS WHEELS WHEELS WHEELS for MOTOR CARS BIKES PRAMS AND SCOOTER8 MUDGUARDS SPOKES AND HOOTERS We can make the machines you can make the money Have a MINT of your own THE LONG LIFE BATTERY ensures better starting and lighting on your MORRIS CAR for £5:17:6 The following road information has been com piled by the Automobile Association Central House New Street Birmingham from information received from road surveyors members and officers of the patrol staff Welshfool-Shrewsbury Fair Shrewsbury Whitchurch Poor between Prees Green and Prees Heath where road widening is in progress rest good Shrewsbury-Ludlow Good repairs in pra gress between Lebotwood and Dudgeley Shrewsbury-Bridgnorth Good to Creasage repairs in progress at intervals rest fair Shrewsbury at le Good to Wellington poor between Wellington and St road widening at St and Crackley Bank rest fair Welltngton-Ne wtort Fair Wellington-Whitchurch Repairs between Hodnet and Darliston fair to Hodnet rest good Wellington-Bridgnorth Poor to Dawley rest fair Market Drayton-Staeford Poor between Loggerheads and Croxton repairs in progress between Wetwood and Croxton rest fair Stafford-Stone Repairs in progress 5J miles from Stafford Stafford-Uttoxeter Road widening in pro gre3s between Weston and Amerton and 2J miles from Stafford Uttoxeter-Sudbury Repairs in progress near Uttoxoter Gailey-Brownhills Fair Erdington-Brownhills Poor road widening and repairs in progress at intervab AA diversion signs erected Stourbridge-Bromsgrove Repairs in pro gress at Holy Cross good to Hagley rest good Ludlow-Bridgnorth Fair to Burwarton rest bad repairs in progress at intervals Bridgnorth-Stourbridge Repairs in progress at Six Ashes rest good Bridgnorth-Kidderminster Repairs in pro gress between Shatterford and Quat rest good Kiddebminster-Tenbury Good repairs in progross between Stockton and Lindridge Wolverhampton-Walsall Repairs in progress at Bentley Wolverhampton-Stafford Repairs in progress 2 miles from Stafford re3t good Wolverhampton Stourbridge Repairs in progress at intervals Wolverhampton-Cannock Road widening in progress a intervals Repairs in progress between Whitbourne and Bringsty Common rest good Alcesteb Good to Dunnington rest fair Worcester-Tewkesbuby Fair at Shuthanger Common rest good Leominster-Bromyard Fair Lichfield-Burton-on-Trent Good repairs in progress 2J miles from Liohfield Lichfield-Weston Fair Birmingham-Worcesteb Road reconstruction in progress at Longbridge rest good Fair to within mile of Coventry where repairs are in progress rest bad Pickford Bridge Stonobridge and Sheldon Bridge under reconstruction Birmingham-Stratford Good repairs in progress at Pathlow Hill and Lapworth Hill Bibmingh am-W ar wicx Poor at Drapers Hill and Hatton Hill rest good Birminoham-Alcester Fair Stratford-Wabwick Fair Fair Shipston-Chapel House Cross Roads Good for 4 miles rest fair Stratford-Broadway Fair corner being widened at Weston-sub-Rdge Stratford-Evesham Fair Evesham Alcesteb Fair to Norton rest good Warwick-B Good to Gaydon rest fair Good to Leamington rest fair Southam-Dunchurch Fair Fair Castle bridge at Braunstoue under reconstruction Daventry-Stony Bad to Wee don repairs in progress at Towcester rest fair Daventry-Southam Fair Derby-Ashbourne Fair Derby-Bubton-on-Trent Fair Derby-Uttoxeter Fair Leicester Hinckley Fair Hinckley-Coventry Good repairs ia progress at intervals Leicester-Melton Mowbray Fair Starting afresh with a Car worthy of 1926 Local Service Stations DE LAVAL IGNITER CO 28 Charlotte Street DAGNALL LTD 420 Stratford Road Sparkhlll TURNOCK 41 High Street Aston BIRMINGHAM EXIDE SALES AND SERVICE DEPOT 5758 DALE END BIRMINGHAM The above can supply traders on trade terms The Exide Battery is Manufactured at Clifton Junction near Manchester The Largest Battery Works in the British Empire Let Zij's be your resolution for 1926 a car worthy of youself a car you will be proud to drive one that will add to your prestige socially and in business circles Such a car is the 1926 Bean But not only is it a car that LOOKS good It is built to live up to its appearance in performance and service and Bean owners the world over will tell you it DOES The Bean Twelve Range is far above the light car class yet moderate in price The Bean Fourteen Range offers a choice of models that vie with cars of higher rating and cost And in the Bean range there is a car to suit YOU Let us show you the Bean including open and closed cars and explain where these famous models excel TM machln will produce Wheal Rim trom the eoilad trip automatically measuring and cutting off ready to Welding or it win mabe Rim or Mudguard! iron Short length! bending tune upward! hr downward! at the one paaa raronnro epos ctmdihq loximrs MACHINES DANIEL SMITH LTD PEEL ST WOLVERHAMPTON ilAUIKi UJT" 01 ncMrsee) DANIEL SMITH MIMI Managing Dire ot or Talophowa 21 a There is only one Pluvex Roof Felt Its quality is guaranteed yard of it If you want a really weather-tight roof for your garden shed tool house fowl house or any other amall buildings be sure to use Pluvex No trouble to fix clean to handle a pleasure to lay Just clout nails and a hammer you have a roof that will last for years without attention No tarring no painting no Plnvex One roll (12 square yards) will cover 100 square feet and it only costs 59 Heavy grade 8 For your larger buildings use Starex Roofing Avoid subHitulee and you avoid trouble Samples an reqmett Write at teimy PLUVEX ROOFING FEET Sold be Hardware end Builder Merchants everywhere SSt RIIBEROIO 66J Corporation St Birmingham The Twelve range includes open and Saloon models with front wheel brakestfour speed gear box and Dunlop tyres The four seat er illustrated costs The Fourteen range offers a wide choice of care embodying all the latest refinements offered at prices that show a decided advantage over many care of their class from £298 £395 HE BIRMINGHAM HOUSE FOR MOTORISTS rVAN arfontyotis Radiator Muffs with front to roll up In ono quality only-tho host 12 3 etch 189 20- 226 33 flva HI particular! and yrleaa to anit 250 wail known can XI your ia not Hated pleaae drive nr eend it cvr and hava a Mott tailored to lit "like a in 75 minutee THE hotel that combines a refined and home-like atmosphere with every up-to-date convenience and comfort For Tariff apply THE MANAGER HOTEL CECIL LONDON Telegrams: London Telephone Oerrard 60 BARRIERS OUTSIDE SCHOOLS John Bright St Birmingham Telephone Midland 2910 Telegrams Lytcar Birmingham at Hagley Road Stourbridge TO MINIMISE STREET DANGERS NEW DIOCESAN BOARDS OF FINANCE LOWER PRICES FOR BRASS AND COPPER io At a meeting of the Birmingham Safety First Council last night a discussion took place respecting the erection of barriers outside schools to prevent children rushing into the roads Alderman A James who presided suid in new playgrounds measures were being adopted bv the Education Committee to obviate this dangeT but the difficulty was to know how to deni with the matter in the case of some of the older schools Several accidents had arisen (Tiro ugh children rushing into the roadway on their release from schools It was felt the present was not ah opportune moment to ask the Public Works Committee erect such barriers and the matter was deferred FROST TROUBLES ENDED HO CRACKED CYLINDERS NO FROZEN RADIATORS Motor Glycerine (non-corrosive) Used as directed will guarantee immunity for the WHOLE Winter One 141b tin T' ts' Snfttohnt for any Motor-car or Lorry "JWe will send this to you lor Strong copper sheets have been reduced £2 per ton making the price £90 A reduction of a farthing per pound in copper tubes brings the basis to Is Id Brnss tubes are unchanged at Is Rolled brass is down a farthing to 9d and a like drop in brass wire makes the price VISCOUNT VICTIMISED BY SECRETARY Golf Club arc a nuisance in the car Much hotter to carry thorn in comfort In Cast 41 with plenty of room also for shopping parcel ote Illuatrnted Catalogues 31 and 3 describe The constitution of a Diocesan Board of Finance in each diocese is provided for in the Diocesan Boards of Finance Measure the text of which was issued yesterday This measure was passed bv the National Assembly and laid before both Houses of Parliament Each Hoard is to be registered as a company under the Companies Acts Power is given to adopt existing bodies as Diocesan Boards of Finance while each Board is to exercise its powers and dntie under the directions of the Diocesan Conference Provision is made for the transfer of property held by other diocesan bodies to the newly-constituted Board Motorists! Fit OAV Bsttrtj with Thrtaded Rubber ImntsUon uks sdrsntsn of the 90 dsy' free sKrice soheuie end obtsin ssttrtsrtion-CAV SERVICE STATION (S tics Lb sod Sons) Stsuape street Birminhsm Adrt those end other excellent ike luggage Trunk fitted Tea Kualc dancing taanla gait acutry etc IJ been tram Loadon by Southern Hallway Direct csanaeUcaa from Xortk and Midland! Booklet tree Bapt I Town Ball BacUaga Snaaax invention tin and Luncheon Case all really sensible and practical ---I yrifusEi 176 Carriage Paid ENEMY of Efficiency is Frlotion the Enemy riotion it Wakefield CASTROT Motor Oil-tho 'I1UUUII IS WMXUUSia VAOItVUI Jioipr uii toe Cash with Order of IS not of an all-British Firm Wakefield a Ltd tiheapeide London Adrt elution of the Chriitma motoring gift problem Wednesbury Road Works WALSALL Tot 751 Hugh Charles Harruld (30) private secretary to Viscount Gage at Firle Place near Lewes was sentenced to twelve bard labour at Sussex Assizes yesterday for forging three cheques on big employer' bank The prosecution stated that Lord Gage had lost about XtiOO through forgeries PEARCE Ltd (Dpt BP) eitanta 1 175 High Holborn WC 1 Telephone: Elldehegea Holb London llolb 453 and 6639 tt 4- Port Talbot coal merchants yesterday declared waf on the polliery proprietors in the district who are supplying coal from the pit head to the cellar for 80s a ton Local ffte" rs ref as to handle any coal unless pit bead prices are' dropped and overhead charges reduced Whan too la ru in collision air ha vesroidsble The "tn The seaside resort of Wallasey which includes New Brighton is making a special effort this year to cater for Christmas visitors representing th Liberal Social Council)

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