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Gazette News-Current from Xenia, Ohio • Page 7

Gazette News-Current from Xenia, Ohio • Page 7

Xenia, Ohio
Issue Date:

7 For FOH SALE Space right here, three days for 25 cents, to lei! what you have for sale. 010 FOLKS TESTIFY. The Ated and Ail Sons and DaofjhteiLS of Pfople in Xenia Should Ba Interested. FOH SALE-A good Short-Horn I Bull, corning two voars old. E. Liie, R. I). 4, Xenia, 0. Citizens phone. 2-8 For some time Sayre Hem phill, druggists, have been recommending to all aged people of Xenia their cod liver preparation, Vinol, to be the best strength creator in the world for old people. To all such the following will be of interest: Mr. A. Barker, of jncj writes: is no FOR or rent I of March, other medicine in the world equal FOH SALE- Two lots in city of Xenia, cheap, for cash. Ad-! dress No.ll3; Xenia, 0. a goon house of three rooms and porch, on lot 150 by 50 feet. Address Box 33, Xenia, Ohio. 2-9 FOH SALE New five house. Rents for from to Vinol or elderly people. I would not take a thouasnd dollars for the good it has done Mrs. Sarah J. Windrom, of 111., writes: is library seven a Godsend to old people. I ani 76 tax up HOW TO OFT I PUBLIC LUR! IH OHIO -----lf There ie a Private Library Association 'n the County This Is Easy. Library possibilities in Ohio! under the present laws are practi- i cally without limit, There is noj community in Ohio, large or small, the people cannot! easily have a public library if they desire it. The Common Council of any city or village is authorized to establish a library and appoint trustees to manage it. So also is the Board of Education of any school district. Either of them is authorized to accept gifts and bequests for P) ten dollars. Price $525. years old but I Telephone or write John T. well to the vitaliz- Harhine, Allen Building, ing effects of Vinol.M Xenia. 2-9 i Mr. Joseph Bank feel active and library. In any purposes and to levy a mill to support the; FOH SALE Cottage of rooms on South Detroit street, Joseph Banks, Decatur, 111,, writes: am in my 78th five I and owing to the cod liver oil preparation, Vinol, I feel bet- with woll and cistern water and tor end stronger han I have for fruit. Cistern water in the house. Price $1200. Call on Mrs. Sandigc, 713 S. Detroit St. BOR SALE A desirable resi-l deuce of nine rooms, lot 72x1 IX). Excellent neighborhood. Two blocks from court house square, "Paved streets, etc. Inquire at McDowell Torrence Lufnber office. 9-19dtf Wanted WANTED Everybody their wants in these columns, three days for 25cts. woman for general housework, north-west corner King and Second streets, Xenia. 2-11 years. Vinol is not a patent medicine, but is a real cod liver preparation from which the useless, indigestible oil has been eliminated and tonic iron, a needful constituent for the blood, added. Vinol tones up the digestive organs, makes rich, ced blood, healthy body material, and sound, steady nerves. In this way it repairs worn tissues, checks the natural decline of the aged, builds up the run down, tired and debilitated, anti never fails to replace weakness with strength. If it fails we return to the I ii' purchaser every dollar paid for I it, Sayre Hemphill, druggists. we are sole agents i for Vinol in Xena, it is now for sale at the leading drug store in nearly every town and city in the country. Look for the Vinol agency in your town. WANTED Position in small I family as nurse girl by com- petent young lady. phone No. 7G. 2-11 cook, either man1 or woman, at the Frank McClain restaurant, at Yellow Springs. Apply at once. 2-8 WANTED Man for branch manager or traveling salesman in your locality. Experience not necessary. Salary or ic mission. The Monroe Cigar Toledo, 0. 2-11 disceijRn- eous. LESSONS on mandolin, guitar and in chirognomy during the Lenten season, 25c per lesson. Mrs. Harry, 201 W. 2nd west side. 2-8 WANTED TG RENT A farm of BK) to 150 acres to work, or farm on the thirds. Everything furnished. Good references given. Address George W. Harrison, R. R. No. 7, Xenia, WHY yoiir next policy with the Union Central Life Insurance Co. Palmer G. Hewitt, Gen. Xenia. 0. dtf community having a Library Association there is an and ample method provided I for converting the Library Association into a Public Library and having either the Board oh Education or the town council pro- vide a library fund with which to carry on the library. For such purposes either of these bodies i is authorized to make a levy. if sin any community neither the I town council nor the Board of Education shall he friendly to the supporting of a public library. appeal may now be made to the township trustees who are authorized to levy up to a half mill for library purposes. By another amendment passed last winter two Boards of Education may unite in an agreement with a Library Association to levy a tax for its support. It is therefore obviously true that in any community where there is a library spirit alive and active a public library may be easily established in some one of the various ways provided by these several laws. In counties where one or more libraries are already in existence the new county law furnishes an easy and practical way to create a county library system through enlarging the field and scope of existing libraries, if there be but one, if more uniting them all in the greater work assigning to each its proper place as an integral part of the system. The best missionary for the library cause in any community, is a library book in circulation. If you can not do any better at the start send to the State Library and get a traveling library, put this in a public place, stor Danderine Grew Miss VV all Hair and wk can PROVE IT. EVERYBODY CAN HAVE NICK NOW, and you have to wait around weeks and months (or results either. You will see improvements from the very first application. Her (air Takes on New Dife and Cr Fret linger than It Before uVf.H'N I ou? entitle IM made my hub grow pi than it waft when ft ti tong end right to fairly raw out of rn end nice too. a hav I ti hest tell es TP WKTTK WA MJI I' This GREAT HAIR GROWING REMEDY can now be had at all Druggists in three slates SOC. and $1.00 pcr bottle. FREE JEANETTE to 14th Street. WALLICK. NEW YORK CITY. slims him quit UU r.n int ill si a beg sump flee It, return until 'muon, wl eel lins ti I in, to Ii iMio linn I tit with the name intl address and ti ti cents Isl silver or to Way (DUBLE COLORED HAS JUST TREBEINS. PISSED turn, O. For lie int FOR half of house I at corner of Market and Collier streets. $12 per month in advance. Apply at Gazette Job Rooms. tf FOR RENT The first of March, a good bouse of ten rooms, with both kinds of water in the house. A stable and carriage house, large garden and chicken lot. Address at once Box 33, Xenia, 0. 2-9 REAL ESTATE AND W. Prugh will buy or sell your property. Money to loan. Office No. 6, North Detroit St. INK is the greatest trade puller there is. If you found this out you are losing one of the greatest aids you can possibly have for business success. G. W. BROKER, XENIA, ODIO. Room Allen Building. Deals LOANS, INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE. MONEY to loan at 5 per cent, interest. 9-19dtf Columbus. 0., Feb. James Poindexter, aged 87 years, died at his home on North Fourth street to-night from pneumonia, rteceased had been identified with the cause longer than any America, not'excepting Booker T. Washington, and was well known as a leader among his race. Pie was born in Richmond, and came to this city in 1838. For years he was a barber and studied Shakespeare and the Bible during his leisure. For 55 years he was pastor of the Sec-; ond Baptist church. Dr. Poindexter was a lifelong! Feb. 8, 1907. Miss Bull, of Xenia, is the guest of J. E. Jackson and fam- i ily. Miss May Fogwell and Harry Rev. I Stine, of Belmont, spent Sabbath with Mrs. Margaret Fogwell and family. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Harshman left Wednesday afternoon for of the negro the South, where they will spend other man in several weeks. The Missionary Society of Beaver church held a social at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Miller Tuesday evening, there being about ninety in attendance. Refreshments were served and a very pleasant evening was spent. DEATH IT CEDARVILLE OF MISS MITTIE IRVIN i Republican, and aside from being Aln post-office, a member of the local people may get a hook. Ohio people believe in education and the library is the The library we are to get and is fre-j quently discussed. But it is not helping this generation of men and women nor the boys and girls who are growing up now. Every town or village wants a library, for its own people, for; its neighbors, for the good name of the town. Why not get it now, be getting, the good out of it? Copies of the library law may be had of the State Librarian. C. B. Galbraith, Columbus. The Ohio Library Association of which Miss Mary Parker of Elyria is secretary, will be glad to help in any way it can. and School Board, was often elected as a delegate to the State conventions, and went in that capacity to the national convention in Philadelphia in, 1872, when Governor Dennison was a candidate for Vice President. He counted many of the prominent men of the country as his friends. One of his pet instdtu- was Wilberforce University, of which he was a Trustee for years. Two grandchildren survive him. I GUARANTEED REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. A Retort A lawyer in Washington was telt- pome colleagues of neat retorts he had heard in eourt when ho was reminded of the interchange of compliments between a western judge and tx Giarp tongued attorney from Chicago. The judge, a quick tempered man, had had several with counsel when suddenly ho observed, can teach you law, Mr. Perkins, but I cannot teach you is true, your retorted the Chicago lawyer. Miss Mattie Irvin died at her home in Cedarville, Wednesday even ing, of pneumonia. She had been nursing and caring for her brother, Frank Irvin, who was down with the same disease, when taken, and died in a short time. Mr. Irvin, however, is better. Miss Irvin was an aunt of Mrs. Eli Burrell, of this city, and is survived by three brothers, Frank, Geo. and James. The funeral occurred Friday afternoon at 2 from the M. E. church in Cedarville. To stop a cold with is safer than to let it run and cure it afterwards. Taken at the Preventics Will head off all colds and grippe, and perhaps save you from pneumonia or bronchitis. Preventics are little toothsome candy cold cure tablets selling in 5 cent and 25 cent boxes, lf you are chilly, if you begin to sneeze, try ventics. They will surely check the cold, and please you. Sold by Sayre Hemphill. Little Early Risers, safe, sure pills. Sayre Hemphill. I nteresting Statement Lazier. by W. D. PUBLIC SALE OF FARM LAND Near Harveysburg. will be sold at sale, by the Sheriff of Warren county, at Lebanon, 0., at IO Monday, Feb. 25th, 1907, A FARM OF SEVENTYSIX ACRES, known as the Martha J. Hamer land, in petition to partition. It is located on Ceasarcreek, about three miles nor' from Harveysburg. Appraised at $39 per acre. Terms, one-third on day of sale, one- hird in one year and one-third two years. 2-22 MONEY LOANED on chattels, first or second mortgage on real estate, insurance policies, personal security or anything, in any amounts. REAL ESTATE of all kinds sold or exchanged. NOTES BOUGHT, HOUSES RENTED on commission. FOR acres level Midland county, Michigan land valued at $500. SPECIAL BARGAINS 170 acres good level land and good buildings $12,225. $4,000 cash balance in ten years. 20 acres, nine room house, all convenience, almost in Xenia, 8 000 Several country home from 4 to 8 acre, price $1,000 to $2,000. IOO acres and good buildings, near Xenia, $10,000. Eight room good frame house on Orient Hill, $1,450. Easy terms. Several tenant houses pay ing ten per cent, on the price asked. Eight room, central, modern house, bath and furnace, $5,600. Eight room house, West Second street, $2,500. JOHN T. HARBINE, Allen Xenia, O. Telephones: During day, Citizens 319, and after night, Bell No. 331. sacs- Ok Subscribe for the Daily Gazette. 10c per week. jfrtirrrPTiwiTiiiti'it. inwmnmiini'tn" When a man comes into this and calls for any particular indigestion remedy, we alwayi give him what he asks for. but in case he leaves it to tis we us- i ually recommend Pepsikola tablets. Here is a preparation we have neen selling right over the counter for years, arui from actual observation we know it must do good, and really does relieve and cure indigestion and dyspepsia there would be a steady stream of people coming back for their money, as every 25 cent box is sold with the understanding that i you must be decidedly benefited or there is nothing to pay. simply try Pepsikola tablets with the understanding that I they will steady your nerves, improve your appetite, relieve wind coated tongue, sour stomach, fullness after eating, I weakened energy, and other symtoms of indigestion or W. D. Dftnyv main on Dayton iii, Lazier is Arcady at anytime to Notice To Contractors Is hereby given that sealed bid be received by the Boarded Direct nr" of I tie Greene ('minty Inflrroary. at tie Audi tors otil cc, iii Xenia, Ohio, on Hu turd March ti, nut H'J for the Tut nighing of the materials and labor nice- gary in the construction of a water-main i Inches In diameter, from tho water FMItHtMMtfMtttfttitil the Dayton pike to a point near the main entrance to said infirmary as per plans and on. (He lathe Auditors attice, (I mane Jaunty, Ohio, The tight is reserved to reject any or till bids. The successful bidder to give bond satisfactory to said Board of Directors for the faithful performance of I he cont met. .1. B. Fleming. B. Stevenson.Infirmary Directors J. Br Lucas, DPtiM RURAL MAIL BOXES. Gavanized iron government approved Rural Mail Boxes, with name and number painted on, at Gazette office, for $1. tf pay back your money without the least argument. W. D. Lazier, 37 East Main St. Tile Simple (fni'vtlon. Prosecuting Attorney Now, sir, md you or did you not on ti (lute in question or al. ail oilier time say to the defendant or any one else that the statement imputed to you and denied by the plaint iff was a ut of no moment or rn owe i An me, or no. Bewildered tues-' Ye; OI no whuff-Harper AVege table Prep aration for As slmilating thcLoodandReguta- ting the Stomachs andBowels of I nfants hilimon Promote ness and Best.Contains neither Opium Morphine nor Mineral. ot arc otic Seed Mx, Senna JRotAelU Smite Aru it Seat mujit Mm A perfect Remedy for Constipation. Sour to mac I) iarrhoea Worms and Loss OF SLEEP. Facsimile Signature of NEW CASTORIA For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears the Signature Alb olrt j5 oses enis EXACT COPY CTP WRAPPEB, Use For Over Thirty Years CASTORIA VHI OtHTAUR lOMMNV, MMV CITY.

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