Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1934 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Board Proceedings March 22, 1934. KOSSUTH COUNTY. TOWA. T Motion by Balseman and seconded I only to tho registered holder, his le- 1 prill" representatives or assigns. Such Iregistorod bonds shall bo transferable | to another registered holder, or back to bearer, only upon presentation to the County Treasurer with a legal ns- siiinnu nt duly acknowledged or approval. Such registration of any of by Cosgrove that $500.M soldiers' ex-1 said bonds shall not affect the nego- niption be Riven Edward J. Fergande i liability "f the coupons attached to bonds, but such coupons slmll per Riven Martha Gellenfeld beginning April 1. 1934. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded met pursuant to ad- by H.>Iken thai Pauper notice he In resular session. ! served on Forest Mathes. Ayes: All. 1934. Alfiona. Iowa, March 22. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, journmenl 1" th called, -. Present: Charles Morris, Chairman In the Chair, and the following named The meet!< was called to order by | Motion by Balgcman and seconded 10 Chairman, and the roll being , >y -McDonald that the following reso- [Uled, there were- Ultlcm be nt '°g l jS; ™,~^Present: Charles Morris, Chairman ,,.,»„„„.„..;-„ 11( -*- N .n the Chair, and the following named UITEREAS. the Board of SupervisSupervisors: CosRrove. Heiken, Bal-! ors in resular meeting of January ieman, and McDonald. 3rd: 1P34, passed a resolution naming AvVcpnf None depository banks and the maximum J^U^CMIL. i^l'll^. „,*,,.,. ^f „„....,*,. (...„,]„ „..*! ..,_„.! * „ aount of county funds authorized to Matters were discussed relating to McDonald introduced and caused to ; vl K°» a . Iow . a - being named as a de- bo read the resolution hereinafter set Posltory w.th a maximum amount of out, entitled "Jlesolutoln to fix a date j'^oslt from the County Treasurer of Board, the Chairman put the niies- the resolution duly adopted. Upon motoln and vote the meeting adjourned. SSrU" V»™o,r >n£ caHed, « ^reas^and ^reafler the I public funds in said depository not ex- Thereiipon the Chairman declared i {'ceding the maximum amount here^ iit.j 1,1.i ', *••* ln-hpfnr« miHinH?nrl In thu Konlr en Chairman. Board of Super-risers. E. J. BUTT-EIR, County Auditor. in-beforo designated. In the bank so Adopted this 2nd day of April, 1934. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that resolution passed March 15, 1934, granting R. Chafee and retirement as of May 1, 1934 date,l numbered, and bearing Interest as f °X'te lumbers Int. Rote Aug 1, 1!>-S 57G-Too incl. Oct 1 If'iS fW- 835 Incl. ' '--- S3G-1030 Incl. May 1, 1929 and WHFIRiRAS, responsive to File Numbr-r 10'p of the Acts 4»-2% 5 Vr, Extra the Senate of the uixint CM-.--I".. of the'Forty-fifth General ^K-sembly of Iowa, Iowa State Highway Commission has prepared and adopted a comprehensive plan for the financing of county primary road bonded Indebtedness outstanding No- veber 1, 1»33. which plan contemplates that said outstanding bonds to the amount of SIM.OOO be refunded as of May 1, 19"I. and, WHEREAS. It is deemed to best Interest of said County that said outstanding bonds in the sum ot $452000, bearing interest as aforesaid be refunded by the Issuance of a like amount of Primary Road Refunding Bonds bearing a lesser rate of interest and it is necessary at this time to ilx a date of meeting of this Board of Supervisors whereat it Is proposed to take action for the Issuance of such Primary road "Refunding 'Bonds and to give notice thereof as required by Chapter 2-1 of the Code of Iowa: NOW, THKRBFOa'E. Be It Resolved by th" B'Wird of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa: Section 1. That this Board of Supervisors meet on the 2nd day of April, ID.'M. at the Court House at Algona, Iowa, in said County, at 10 o'clock a. m., at which time and place proceedings will be instituted and action taken for the Issuance of Primary iRoad Refunding Bonds in the principal amount of $-152,000 for the purpose of retiring and refunding as of May 1, 1934, at a less rate of interest, a like amount of existing indebtedness of said County evidenced by bonds issued for primary road improvement purposes. Section 2. That the County Aultor Is hereby directed to give notice of the proposed action for the Issuance of said bonds, setting forth the. amount and purpose thereof, the time •when and the place where said meet- Ing will be held, by publication once at least ten days before said meeting In the Kossuth County Advance, a newspaper published in the City of Algona, Iowa, in said County, and of general circulation in said County. Section 3. That all orders or resolutions, or parts of orders or resolutions 1 , to the extent same may be in conflict peak-d. herewith, are hereby re- Section 4. That this meeting be and the same is hereby adjourned to meet again at the time a.nd place hereinbefore fixed, for further consideration of tho matters herein set forth. Passed and approved March 22. 1934. OKAS. MORiRIS, Chairman Board of Supervisors, B. J. BUTLEtR, County Auditor, April 2, 1934. Algona, Iowa, April 2, 1931. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, met pursuant to prior action of the Board and to adjournment in regular session. The meeting was called to order by the Chairman, and the roll being called, there were Present: Chas. Morris, Chairman In the Chair, and the following named Supervisors: Cosgrove, Heiken, Balgeman, and McDonald. Tho matter of instituting proceedings for the issuance of $452,000 Primary Road Refunding Bonds was again brought up for consideration, and the Board having Investigated and found that notice of the proposed action for the issuance of said bonds had. according to law, and as directed by this Board, been duly published on the 22nd day of March, 193-1, in the Kossuth County Advance, a newspaper of general circulation within said County, and that no petition setting forth objections to said proposed action had been filed in the office of the County Auditor. Thereupon Supervisor McDonald Introduced and caused to be read the resolution hereinafter set out, entitled, "Resolution providing for the issue of S452.CCO Primary Road Refunding Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa," and moved Its adoption seconded by Supervisor Balgeman, and after due consideration thereof by the Board, the Chairman put the question, and upon roll being called, the following members voted: Ayes: All. Whereupon the Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted. Upon motion and vote the meeting adjourned. CHAS. MORIRHS, Chairman IBoard of Supervisors. E. J. BUTLTOR, County Auditor. RESOLUTION PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUE OF $-152,000 PRIMARY nO.VD RHFCiNiDINK} BONDS OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA WHEREAS, the. County of Kossuth, in the State of Iowa, is a body corporate duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws and Constitution of the State of Iowa, and, WIIIOREAS, sa4d County now has an indebtedness outstanding evidenced by bonds issued for primary road improvement purposes as follows: Bonds Numbered Date Issued Interest Amount Rate Auditor's Office, April 2, 1934. [Board of Supervisors of Kossuth •county met in regular session with all members present. Board proceeded to read minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions. , , Motion by Heiken and seconded by Balgeman that minutes of the last regular session and all adjourned sessions be, approved as read. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by .Balgeman and seconded by Cowove that the following resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, Kossuth county has entered into a contract with Margaret Dutton Brayton and Kenneth Brayton, her husband, and fNina Dutton, widow, to convey U)t Two (2) and Lot Four (4) of Government Lot Four (4), Section Eleven (11), Township Ninety- five (t*5) North, 'Range Twenty-nine (29) to Kossuth county, Iowa, in consideration of the above conveyance, Kossuth county has agreed to pay the said Nina Dutton the following: Ten dollars OflO.OU) per month ns long as she may live. Kossuth county agrws to pay cost of last illness and burial of said Nina Dutton. Be It Resolved by tills Board of Supervisors that the Doeil to said property be accepted. Adopted tills 2nd day of April, A. D., 1984. Ayee: All. Motion by C'oserove and seconded by Heiken that $,mOO bond of E. II. Bearduley, assessor. Algona Inc., be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that Martin F. Kain taxes for the year 1K13 on Lot 31. Block W, Range 28 NWy. East , . of H'y be suspended as recommended by Town Council of Algona, Iowa. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. in. One o'clock p. m.— Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment With all members present. Motion by M( Donald and seconded by Balgeman that Board of Supervisors purchase, seven tons fertilizer to 57C- 755 incl. Aug. 1, 1928 180,000 tvjYo 704-835 Incl. Oct. 1, 192S 72,000 4i/,% S3G-1035 incl. May 1. 1929 200,000 5 % which bonds by their terms are optional for retirement as of May 1, 193-4; and. WMHREAS, said indebtedness was contracted and Incurred by order of tho Board of Supervisors of said County for the purposes authorized by law, and In the form, time and manner as required by law; and said indebtedness was incurred in full compliance with all laws restricting and regulating the contracting or the incurring of Indebtedness of that character and in particular the law as now contained in Chapter 241, Code of Iowa, and, WHEREAS, none of said indebtedness has ever been adjudicated to be invalid and no litigation Is pending, prayed or threatened involving tho vaUdlty of any of said Indebtedness, and said indebtedness thus evidenced Is a legal, valid and binding obligation of said county, and said Indebtedness thus evidenced is In such form and of such character that it can be legally retired and refunded (and In the manner hereinafter provided); and, WHEREAS, It is deemed advisable and for the best Interests of sold county that Primary Road Refunding Bonds of said county be issued as pro- josed and notice of the proposed ac- .ion by this Board of Supervisors to 'nltlata proceedings and authorize the ssuanco of Primary 'Road Refunding !3onds in the amount of Four Hundred Fifty Two Thousand Dollars 05452.000) has been duly given by publication of such notice at least once n a newspaper of general circulation within said County at least ten (10) days before this meeting, and no appeal pursuant to said notice baa been filed. NOW THEREFORE Be It and It Is Hereby (Resolved by tho IBoard of Su pervlsors of Kossuth county, In the State of Iowa: .Section 1. That for the purpose o: retiring and refunding the Indebted ness of said county In the amount o: iKour Hundred Fifty-Two Thousam Dollars ($-152,000) referred to and pro posed tti be refunded in the preamble of this resolution, there are hereby au thorlzed to be issued 452 negotlabli Primary 'Road Refunding Bonds o -said county; to be numbered consecu lively from 1501 to 1952. both number Inclusive; to be of tho denomination o One Thousand Dollars ($1,600.00) each to be dated the first day of May 1934, each bearing interest from anc after the date thereof until paid at th rate of Three and Three-fourths pe cent (3 3/4%) per annum, payable No vember 1, 1934, and seml-annuall; thereafter on the first day of May an be used by county on potatoes from Algoua Flour and Feed Co., Algona, Iowa- Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cossrove that a soldiers' exemption of $3.000.00 be Hiven Mrs. Willlam- Ine Dickinson on S 1-2 SK 1-4 25-%-29. Lot 1, Block f.7, Original Plat, Algona Inc., and that County Auditor issue a refund of $29.07 for first half of taxes paid in 1834. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Helken that quarterly report of fees of K. J. Butler, County Auditor, B. J. McEvoy, Cleric of District Court Carl Dahlhauser, Sheriff of Kossuth county, J. J. Dooley, County Recorder, be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that Class "C" beer permit bo issued to August A. Nelson, Seneoa, Iowa, B. J. Sankey, Gnl- braith, Iowa, and Wm. IB. Devlne, St. Joe, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that H. M. Hansen be given refund of GOe head tax because of pay- ints same twice in 1933 township. Ayes: All. In Wesley Motlmi bv McDonald and seconded by Helken that refund of DOo head tax and 19c Interest be given R. 3. Stewart from Algona Inc because of paying November of each year, such. Interea to be evidenced by negotiable coupon attached to each of said bonds; bot principal and interest of said bond are hereby made payable at the offlc of the County Treasurer of said coun ty, in the City of Algona, State o Iowa. Said bonds shall become du and payable in numerical order as fol lows: Bonds Nos. 1501 to 1610 incl.. $10,000 o May 1, 1943; Bonds Nos. 1511 to 1532 Incl., $22,000 o May 1, 1914; Bonds 'Nos. 1533 to 1002 incl., $70,000 o May 1, 19-45. Bonds Nos. 1003 to 1072 incl., $70,000 o May 1, 1916; Bonds Nos. 1«73 to 1742 incl., $70,000 o May l. 1947; Bonds Nos. 1743 to 1S32 Incl., $70,000 o May ], 194S; Bonds -Nos. 1813 to 1882 Incl., $70,000 o May 1, 1949: Bonds Nos. 1883 to 1952 incl., $70,000 o May I, 1900. Section 2. That upon presentation a the office of the County Treasurer o any of said bonds, same may be regis tered as to ownership in the name o the owner on the books of said Coun ty Treasurer, such registration to b noted also on the reverse side of th bonds, and thereafter the principal o such registered bonds shall be payabl hereby author- The meeting wns called to order, by the Chairman and upon the roll being called there were •Present: Chaa. Morris, Chairman In the chair, and the following named members of the Board: Helken, McDonald, Cosgrove, and Balgeman. Absent: None. The County Treasurer presented his report of the sale of $452,000 Primary Road (Refunding Bonds and same was duly considered by the Board. Whereupon Supervisor McDonald introduced and read the resolution next hereln- tantially as follows: (FORM OF 'BOND) UX1TED STATES OF AMERICA STATE OF IOWA, COUNTY OK 1 KOSSUTH PRIMARY UOAI> REFUNDING BONDS so. KNOW ALL MEN $1.000 BY THESE RESENTS: That the County of Kosuth. In the State of loa, for value ecelved, promises to pay to bearer, r if this bond be registered, to the eglstered holder hereof, One Thous- nd Dollars (Jl,(XXr> lawful money of 10 United States of America, on the Irst day of , 19 , nd to pay interest on~sakl~sum~from he date hereof until paid, at the rate f per cent ( rj,) er annum, payable Novembe 1, 1934, nd semi-anntially thereafter on the irst days of May and November of ach year upon presentation and sur- ender of the Interest coupons, hereto ttnched as they severally become ue. Both principal and Interest of His bond are payable at the office of he County Treasurer of Kosguth ounty, In the City of Algona, Iowa, nd for the prompt payment of the rlncipal and interest hereof when ue. and for the levy of taxes suffl- lently therefor, the full faith, credit nd revenues of said county are here- y irrevocably pledged. This bond is one of » series of bonds ssued by said county pursuant to and n strict compliance with the provls- ons of Section 4753-al4 and Chapter 266 f the Code of Iowa, and all laws mendatory and supplementary there- o, and in conformity with a resolu- ion of the Board of Supervisors of aid County duly passed, for the pur- ose of retiring and refunding a like rinclpal amount of the bonded In- ebtedness of said county Issued for rlmary road improvement purposes. This bond shall be negotiable and ass by delivery unless it has been eglstered In the name of the owner n the books of the County Treasurer f sold county and evidence of such egistration endorsed on the back lereof. Thereafter no transfer of his bond shall be valid unless made n sold books and similarly noted ereon, unless the last registration hall have been to bearer, in which ose transferability by delivery shall e restored. The registration of this ond shall not affect the negotiability ' the coupons hereto attached, which mil continue negotiable by delivery nerely, notwithstanding registration ereof. AND IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED NiD RECITED: That all acts, con- itions and things required by the onstltution and laws of the State of owa to be done precedent to and in IB issuance of this bond and preced- nt to and In the Incurring of the ndebtedness hereby retired and re- unded, were and have been properly ad done, and performed in regular nd due form and time as required y law, that the Indebtedness hereby ;tired and refunded was a valid, sub- sting, legal and general obligation of aid county, that adequate provision (is been made for the payment of the rincipal and interest of this bond as 10 same will become due, and that, 10 total Indebtedness of said county, icludins this bond, does not now and id not at the time of Incurring the ndebtedness hereby retired and re- inded exceed the constitutional or tatntory limitations. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, said ounty, by its Board of Supervisors, as caused this bond to be signed by he Chairman of said Board, and ounterslgned by the County Auditor, f\th the seal of said county affixed nd the coupons hereto attached to be xecuted with the facsimile signature f the County Auditor, and said coun- y Auditor, by the execution of this ond, does adopt as and for his own roper signature, his facsimile signa- ure appearing on each of said con- ons, all as of the first day of May, OHAS. MORiRJTS, Chairman, Board of Supervisors. Countersigned: '. J. Butler, County Auditor Kossuth County, Iowa. (FORM OF COUPON) To. $ Kossuth County, Iowa. On _., 18 le Treasurer of 'ounty, Iowa, will pay to bearerIII_ 'Dollars at the of- ice of the County Treasurer, Iowa, for semi-annual inter- st on Its Primary Road Refunding ond dated May 1, 1934. Number E. J. BfUTHEIR, County Auditor. Section 4. That each of said bonds hall be registered by the County 'reasurer as to date, amount, rate of nterest and maturity and a certlfi- ate evidencing 1 such regietraUon shall e endorsed on the back of each bond n substantially tho following form: tate of Iowa, County of Kossuth. I hereby certify that this bond haa een registered 1>r me In a book kept or that purpose in my office, such egistration showing the date, amount, ate of Interest, and maturity of said ond, all as of tho 1st day of May, M. J. DUFFY, Kossuth County Treasurer. Section 5. That on the back of each iond there shall be printed provisions or registration of ownership in mib- tantially the following form: Date of Registered Signature of Registration Owner Co. Treasurer and recitals sub-| a f' er s °t out, entitled "Resolution confirming sale and award of $152,000 Primary Rond Refunding Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa," and moved Its .adoption; seconded by Supervisor Bal- Beman and after due consideration thereof by the Board, the Chairman put the question and upon the roll being called, the following members votd: Ayes: All. Whereupon the Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted: OHAS. MORRIS, Chairman Board of Supervisors. E. J. BUTLEIR, County Auditor. etc. . E. N. Taylor, fuel Haggard & Waller, pub. proc. 61.20 , . etc. ...................... 287.20 Bancroft Register, pub. proc., etc. Sperbeck Printing Co., sup. — Lee O. AVolfe, printing financial report Clarence Vaske, assessor Ed Chambers, assessor W. H. Patterson, assessor J. W, Bolllg, assessor 0. W. BerRgren, assessor E. H. Beardsley, assessor J. P. Cunningham, assessor „ Arthur Cogley, assessor Frank Elbert, assessor Clare M. Erlckson, assessor !D. C. Trills, assessor „ Oscar Frandle, assessor W. G. Flalg, assessor Leo H. Guerdet, assessor R, E. Goddard, assessor 1. A. IGerdes, assessor Jay D. Graham, assessor James Hogan, assessor Chas. Haas, assessor 'Ray E. Hansen, assessor . J. E. Kell, assessor John N. Ludwlg, assessor KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. iWKIOREAS, notice of sale of $452,000 Primary Road Refunding Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa, has heretofore been given In strict compliance with the provisions of Chapter 63 of the Code of Iowa, by publication of notice for two successive weeks In one of the official newspapers of said county: and WHBREAS, tho County Treasurer has filed his report ot the sale of said bonds pursuant to said notice and has requested that his action In the sale of said bonds be confirmed and approved : NOW TH.E1REIFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Jvossuth county, Iowa, as follows: Section 1. That all action of the County Treasurer In the sale of the $452,000 Primary IRoad Refunding Bonds of said county as authorized by resolution of this Board on April 2, 1934, entitled "Resolution providing for the issue of $452,OdO primary Road Refunding Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa," be and the same Is hereby confirmed and approved. Section 2. That the said bonds shall be delivered to the purchaser by the County Treasurer and the proceeds thus derived shall be credited to the Primary -Road Bond Redemption Fund and applied by said County Treasurer directly to the purpose for which said bonds have been authorized. Section 3. That all resolutions or orders or parts thereof in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. Passed and approved April 2, 1934. CHAS. MORRIS, . .. . Chairman. Attest: E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. W. C. Stumer, assessor . J. E. Smith, assessor A. J. Seller, assessor Herman Ubben, assessor Leon J. Warden, assessor J. J. Anderson, trustee mts. ._ J. E. Kelly, trustee mtg. Geo. E. Butterfield, trustee mtg, (Peter Looft, trustee mtg. B. F. Edwards, trustee mtg... Paul Hertzke, trustee mtg. J. H. Warburton, trustee mtg. Bert Coder, trustee mtg. O. B. Johnson, trustee mtg. ._ J. H. McGregor, trustee mtg... ?arl Hutchins, quarantine April 2, 1934. Algona, Iowa, April 2, 1934. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to law and adjournment at the Court House, Algona, Iowa. The meeting was called to order and there were present Chas. Morris, Chairman in the Chair, and the following named Supervisors: Balgeman, McDonald Cosgrove, and Heiken. Absent: None. A resolution entitled ".Resolution calling for redemption $452,000.00 'Primary IRoad Bonds of Kossuth county Iowa, was introduced and caused to be read by Supervisor McDonald, who moved that said resolution be adopted: seconded by Supervisor Balgeman and the roll being called, the following voted: Ayes: All. Whereupon the Chairman declared said motion duly carried and said resolution duly adopted. On motion and vote the meeting ad- Vera E. Schwletert, labor 11.40 Kossulh Co. Farm Bureau, appropriation 106.60 A. D. Adams, dental aid prisoners 8.00 E. J. (Butler, adv. bty and exp. 24.39 P. S. Norton '& Son, sup. 26.98 COURT FUND P. A. Danson, J. P. fee _._ 17.00 Carl -Dahlhauser, sheriff 25.00 Mrs. C. Li. Flteh, wllness _ .CO Mrs. Li. I. Way, witness . .60 Mrs. L. I. Way, witness " ,GO Chas. Slagle, witness _ .60 Frank Green, marshal .85 F. A. Neville, constable .90 Wllda Blngaman, witness 1.20 C. F. Specht, mayor _ " 3.00 F. W. Green, marshal _ 1.25 Bernice Rickard, witness .60 Bernadett Gunder, witness .CO H. B. White, J. P. fee 15.50 Frank Green, marshal _ .95 Peter Mertz, witness J. P. KIsch, witness Henry Klepper, witness Carl Dnhllmuser, sheriff Frank MeFall, witness _" John Gramenz, witness ~I~I H. F. Warner, witness H. B. White, justice "court costs C. D. Montgoniery7"marshal ROAD CONSTRUCTION FUND J. V. Elbert, grading proj. No. 3 ojo 83 J. V. Elbert, grading"~proj7~NoT 5 102 59 J. V. Elbert, grading proj7~NoT 120.37 E. J. BUTiLER, journed. RESOLUTION . DBMPTION $452,000.00 PRIMARY Section a. That tho bonds hereby authorized shall be signed by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and countersigned by the County Auditor, and sealed with the County Seal, and the interest coupons thereto \ttached shall be executed wltb the 'acslmile signature of the County Aud- tor, and said officials are hereby authorized and directed so to execute said bonds, and coupons, and when so executed, they shall be delivered to .he County Treasurer, and that said County Treasurer be and IB hereby directed to register said bonds aa heeinbefore provided In Section 4 hereof, and to sell, In accordance with the provisions of law, all of said bonds and apply tho proceeds to the payment of a like principal amount of the outstanding Indebtedness of said county herein authorized to be retired and refunded, provided, however, in the event the debt limitations of said county so re-quire, the said outstanding bonds herein authorized to be retired and refunded shall be simultaneously cancelled and paid with the Issuance and delivery of the Primary Road Refunding Bonds hereby authorized. Section 7. That in conformity with law there shall be and there Is hereby levied and there shall be collected each year a tax upon all the taxable property In the county, in addition to the levy authorized for other purposes, a sufficient sum to pay the Interest on the bonds hereby authorized aa and when the same becomes due, and alao to create and maintain a sinking fund which shall be sufficient to discharge the principal of said bonds at their maturity, and the moneys arising from such levies shall be known as the primary road bond redemption and interest fund, and shall be used for the payment of interest coupons and bonds and for no other purpose whatsoever, provided, however, that the annual allotments to the county of the primary road funds as provided by law shall be used to retire and pay the interest on said bonds, and only such portion of said tax, if any, shall be levied from year to year as may be necessary to meet any deficiency Section 8. That all resolutions and orders or parts of resolutions and orders in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. Passed and appoved April 2nd. 1934. CHAS. MORRIS, Chairman Board of Supervisors. E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. April 2, 1934. Algona, Iowa, April 2, 1S34. The Board of Supervisors of Kossuth. county, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment la regular session. WHEREAS, there ore now outstanding Primary Road Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa, in the amount of $452,000.00, as follows: Bonds Date Amount Interest Numbered Issued IRate 576- 7551nci. Ocl. 1, 1928 $180,000.00 764-835 Incl. Aug. 1, 192S 72,0000.0 •..*"/„ 836-1035 incl. May 1, 1929 20,000.00 5 % which by Ihelr terms are optional for redemption as of May 1, 1934, on notice; and WHEREAS, dt is deemed advisable that said oustandjng bonds be called for redemption as of May 1, 1934, in order that same be refunded, and in order to effect sueli redemption It la necessary that notice thereof be giv- "i: NOW THBRIDFOR-E Be It and It Is Hereby [Resolved and Ordered by the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, as follows; Section 1. That the outstanding Primary 'Road Bonds of Kossuth county, Iowa, as referred to In the preamble hereof, In the amount of $462,000.00, are hereby called for redemption as of May 1, 1834. Section 2. That the County Treasurer be and he Is hereby ordered and directed to cause to be published in the Des Molnes .Register, a newspaper printed and published In the City of Des Molnes, Iowa, and having a general circulation throughout the Stale or Iowa, a nollce of redemploln of primary road bonds. fieclion 3. That all resolutions or orders or parts thereof in conflict herewith be and Ihe same are hereby repealed. Passed and approved April 2, 1934 OHA'S. MORRIS, Attest: Chairman. E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written' SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND P. J. Helken, com. and session* 188.40 F. J. Balgeman, com. and session --- - 172.50 Cbas. Morris, comm. and session W. E. McDonald, com. and session - 187.25 229.00 5.75 B5.44 101.50 O.SO 122.90 5.70 7.00 3.00 3.50 5.20 4.00 5.SO C.OO 7.00 4.60 0.70 4.SO 4.20 4.00 4.20 7.00 5.20 4.10 4.40 3.80 3.25 6.70 5.10 6.00 4.00 c.eo 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 3.20 3.20 3.20 S.20 3.00 3.00 4.40 — Roek Incorp. sup. 'entral States Elee. Co,, light service - Enrl Butterworth, sup. leg^Ft. 'Dodge Co., slip. owa Mach. & Supply Co., sup.' barton Warner Co., sup. lentral Battery & Electric Co., sup. sup. ___ __________ _ ___ .._-. D. Adams Co., sup. ________ 74.55 tandard Bearing Co., sup, ... 17.30 Ceuffel & EsserCo., sup. _____ 54.64 'eerless Oil Co., sup. ________ 114.75 400" Oil Co., sup. ..... 1288.89 loyal "400" Oil Co., sup. ..... 903.48 -. W. Guilder, drag. ________ _ 4.37 DRAINAGE FUND Dr. 23- 'Paul N. Loomla, audit ______ 10.00 r. 29— Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ 5.00 Dr. 30- Pnul N. Loomis, audit ..... 5.00 Dr. 51— Paul N. Loomls, audit ______ ; 10.00 Dr. 73- Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ 5.00 Dr. 92— (Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ 6.00 Dr. 93- Paul N. Loomls, audit ______ 10.00 Dr. 98— Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ 10.00 Dr. 108- Paul N. Loomls, audit ____ 10.00 Dr. 113— Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ 6.00 Dr. 114— Paul N. Loomls, audit _____ _ 10.00 Dr. 116- F. H. Lathrop, rodman ____ 62.48 Clarence Huff, labor _______ 51.30 J. M. Weaver, labor _____ 68.40 'Hugo 'Gnde, labor _________ 28.80 •Dan Gles, labor ___________ 4.00 Botsford Lumber Co., sup. 13.35 Wilson Concrete Co., sup. Dr. 121- Paul N. Loomls, audit Dr. ISO- Paul N, Loomls, audit Dr. 153- Paul N. Loomls, audit Dr. 154- Paul N. Loomls, audit __ . Dr. 158- Paul N. Loomls, audit Dr. 159- Paul N. Loomls, audit Dr. 161- Paul N. Loomls', audit Dr. 16S— Paul N, Loomis, audit . Dr. 172- Paul N. Loomis, audit Dr. 174- Paul N. Loomls, audit 1.95 1.93 1.95 1.80 6.25 .50 .50 3.00 2.10 60.90 -----------------J. V. Elbert, grading proj. No. M. T. McGu1rer~grad!ng~~proj- ect No. 1G _____ _ 411.79 M. T. MoGuIre, grading proj- .eot N °- 21 -------- ..... ____ 524.62 M. T. McGuire, grading project No. 11 M. T. McGuire"gradlng~~pr~6j- ect No. 20 166.86 443.61 352.70 M. T. MoGuire"grading""proj- ect No. 19 M. T. McGuire7"iradIng r "proJ- ect No. 7 __ 4515 Jules Seifert, grading Paul J. Cody, rd. mtg. 130.00 1.50 Chicago, N. W. (Wy Co., fit!" 521 49 Burt Monitor, pub. notice State Farm Mutual Ins Co.,"ins! Barton-Warner Products Inc , sup. T. B. ERADIC"AT~ION"FUND H. R. Gibson, vet. serv. L. W. Fox, vet. serv Leroy C. Ball, vet serv" J. B. Winkel, vet. serv 12.20 8.77 19.95 80.20 89.10 89.50 H. E. Woodward, vet. serv.' 821C Walter C. Pelerson, callle 1n~ demn. 13 95 DOMESTIC ANIMA£,"FUND Henry C. Nelson, listing dogs 990 R. F. Hawcott, listing dogs ~ 10 20 B. C. IG'reen, listing dogs 8 20 Thomas Crahan, listing doirV"" 7.00 Henry Klepper, listing dogs 8.SO I* A. Barslou, listing dogs 820 0. W. Berggren, listing dogs 4.30 Jay 'D. Graham, listing dogs 8.00 Fred c. 'Wegener, Usling dogs 92( James Hogan, listing dogs 920 A. J. Seller, listing dogs """ 870 Chas. Haas, listing dogs """ 4 CO H. L. McEnroe, listing dogs""" 6.80 Ray E. Hansen, Haling dogs"" »;40 W. H. Pallerson, listing doga. 9.60 W. J. Bourne, llsling dogs 1060 John N. Ludwig, llsling dogs" 7.30 D. C. Ellis, listing doss " 220 Andrew Elbert, listing dogs 10 4< Mrs. Clare M. Erlckson, listing- dogs J. E. Kofl, llsflng'"dog8 E : 3( R. E. Goddard, llsling dogs 2a( Leo H. Guerdet, listing dogs"" 800 1. A. Gcrdes, listing dogs "" 170 Oscar Frandle, Hating dogs 8 W E. H. Beardsley, llsllng dogs""" 14 30 Herman OJbben, llsling dogs"" Clarence Vaske, listing dogs Leon J. Worden, listing does W. C. Stamer, listing doga J. E. Smith, listing dogs Arthur Cogley, listing dogs Ed Chambers, listing dogs "" J. P. Cunningham, listing doga Northwestern Beff ~Tef.~""co" tel. serv. G5.66 J. A. McDonald, postage 9.00 Henry 'Nelson, adv. salary 3500 Mary K. Sanda, salary ~_ 75.00 A. J. Seller, adv. salary io 00 Town Mutual Dwelling Ina'co." ins. _ 380 M. J, Duffy, Co. Treas., asssi! Dr. 78 _ 5687 rCHpto Loose Leaf Co., sup. 120.17 3. H. 'Beardsley, adv. salary 100.00 J. A. MoDonald, poslage 700 J. A. McDonald, postage " 18 00 Ted Hoover, bounty 6.80 J. A .MoDonald, postage 450 B. II. Luedlke, bly. " 12 SO 3has. Clapsaddlo, bly. __ " 7.80 Helen Becker, salary 67.59 IFrank Clapsaddle, bly. " 6.SO Cily of Algona, llghl and water efi.46 Chas. Clapsaddle, bty 5.50 W. S. Cosgrove, com. and ses- al on 159.40 Henry C. Nelson, assessor 105.95 Eleanor J. 'Rahm, salary 52.50 Margaret Blossom, labor 10.00 E. J. McEvoy, office exp. 13.70 J. J. Dooley, office exp. 64.90 Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff 207.58 Wm Shirley, exp. "" 85.48 Maurice C. McMahon, expT 123.6! R. F. Hawcott, assessor S4.8C Fred C. Wegener, assessor "II 34.80 12.30 £.89 3.GO 1.20 8.10 8.00 8.8( A. E. Ogren","~lTs{m'g"do«s' """" 26( J. W. Bollix, listing dogs B70 Eleanor Potter, listing dogs'II 8. ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND City of Algona, llghl sorv. 934 Mike Qengler, right-of-way""" 5o'« Cenlral Stales Elee, Co. light service 100 E. J. Butler, adv7~rd.~exi>! w'm Strobel Bros., damages, clmd" Norlhwesi e rn-BeTrTeT-Co.,"?ei aUOWe<1 service Inlerstale serv. C & N. W." RTy" CoTffi! Edward Hogge, drag. John Simmons, drag. ~~~ Joe Mayne, drag. "12 " Power "Co"" llgEt «7-l,-,-.-*--- 7- 1-00 108 22 Geo. C. Schultz, draff ----Chas. L Kwallek, drag? -----Peter N. Thllgejn, drag? ----John Kohlwes, drag: Leander Vaske, drag. Albert Wlttkopf, drag Wilbert W. Richmond, "drag" -arl Zumach, drag Rich Potratz, drag' --------Loren Byers, drag John 'Rodmaker, drag --------Louis Scott, drag. ------C. E. Dearths, drag" ... Wilbur A. Fisher, patrol ..... W7 ? J ei ; X- OUne ' patro1 ..... """ Albert Young, drag. ---L. A. Lamoreux, patrol"! D P ..... , . W. J. Bourne, assessor ___ . 4.75 Thomas Crahan, assessor 4.2« Eleanor Potter, assesor . 37.85 L. A. Barslou, assessor " 89 5C J. A. McDonald, del. tax collector ______________ 646.18 ______________ Geo. L. and D. E. Miller Co., sup 3.16 Perkins Bros., sup. 41'if Frye Mfg. Co., sup, '75 Pacific Carbon Co., sup. i o( Zeller Printing Co., eup. I 2164 Henry Klepper, assessor 14405 Hammond & Stephens Co., sup" 18.24 Metropolitan Supply Co., eup 721 Crescent Printing Co., aup. " ' Lorlng-iFarmer Co., sup. I Acrea-tBlackmar Co., sup. 44 o( A. H. Borchardt, sup. """ ' National Safe Proteetor""'bo." sup. Koch Brothers, sup?"!"!""" 6661 United Chemical Co.,~BUp7 " 24« E. W. Lusby, sup. 'QJ Andrew Elbert, assessor"mtg"~ 4 - 3( Botsford Lumber Co., sup " K'SJ Midland Chemical Lab., eup"" 4fi'(M 'Beck Coal Co., sup. X'w Kohlhaas & Spilles, eupT '5 Joe Fisher, bty. ' Advance 'Pub, CoT, "pub."proo" l.OC 8.00 13.00 4.50 8.2 8.00 12.6C 6.0C 8.6C 6.T 8.GO 3.0C , patrol ..... "— ™ , Chester Alme, patrol .HI"— Will Leeper, patrol «, Oal i ar Kanng, patrol"! ....... 432 J. F . Qulnn, patrol ........ J?'? G ......... mery. patrol ---- 604 6875 -rC ,° *'• J-'rtl-rOI 70% er Ewlngr palrol ol», «• U ° D Huntef Ironwork,""!CoV! * l aup. John S. « aro MT J ?° vlck . Patrol M. L. Worby, patrol L. W. Miller Sftnf ~ Clifford , B. D. McDonald, ' patrol ....... pat ...... patrol pa ro ....... " ..... paro Wm p. Ludwig, patrol ...... Fred J. Coon, patrol ...... 1 Puchsen, palrol Joe M. Esser. palrol" ~ Thomas Weir, labor John Hanselman, palrol C arence Wood, 'labor Glen Swanson, labor 47.2S G2.1 6.90 ;otsford Lumber Co., sup. -—_ '. 8. Norton & Son, sup. 63.97 26.25 1.00 62.7-t 73.85 612.82 87.24 a. Culvert"*"pipe"Co" "sup 2113.40 lobe Machinery & Supply Co., 2.6i Ralph Forsythe .„„...*„. ihampllii Oil Co,, fuel Roy Lee --------- . ------------- JSlort Garage, fuel Mrs, F, Klein „ .......... ..... ....... '. V. Janse, M. D., med. aid __ Henry cook ______ < _____ .75 Clara Neltzel .... ..... 6.00 <K. B. Coleman elrl ____ 51.60 Helen Benson ___ . __ ^ __ C.OO Lewis Olson _______ . 2.50 Otto Cnlllea .......... . 3.00 Chas. Johnson fam, „__ 7.50 Sub 5 of 3— 'Paul N. Loomis, audit _____ Sub 6 of 3— Paul N. Loomls, audit Sub 8 of 3- Paul N. Loomls, audit Sub 6 of 4— Paul N. Loomis, audit _ Sub 7 of 4— 42.12 10.00 5.00 10.00 B.OO 10.00 10.00 10.00 5.00 5.00 10.00 6.00 5.00 5.00 10.00 Paul N. Loomis, audit 10.00 Sub 9 of 4— Paul N. Loomis, audit 10.00 Sub 2 of 25— Paul N. Loomls, audit 10.00 Bub 1 of 60— 'Paul N. Loomls, audit 5.00 Sub G of 60- Paul N. Loomls, audit 5.00 Sub 9 of 60- Paul N. Loomls, audit 10.00 Sub 12 of 60- " Paul N. Loomls, audit 5.00 W-.K 35-89- C. H. Hanson, labor 3.47 IW<K No. 68-136- C. II. Hanson, labor 1.02 POOR FUND SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. 1 Benedict's Store, prov. O. D. Castleman 3.00 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med~ aid Roy Sankey ._ _ 48.00 Kosauth Hospital, hospT" care 'Mrs. P. Hudson 35.00 iP. V. Janse, med. aFd"Sfrs"p! Hudson 28.50 C. H. Cretzmeyer, med. aid C. Thornton • 50.09 M. G. iBourne, med"ald7";; 10.50 Ed. Wolf sibo Mrs. Sutherland"" 3.00 Ray Sankey ji .50 G. P, McBurney, med. aid Simon Mosimon _ 12.75 Kossuth Hosplta~l"hosp! care Seward Thornlon 43.00 Jeon Merrill, funeral expT'Abe- gel Hanson 45.00 Algonquin Pox 'Farm, i"e"n"l"Alb! Olson 700 ". -H. Arndt, rent Sarikey'fam- Ry 20.00 Karl Krebs, rent Fred Schnel- 18.00 8.14 MdParland i& Walker, prov! 'Fred Schneider f. K. Kinseth- & Son""provV"for Moolmnn family _ 15.27 Franlc Bros., pror."lR5!y""§an.^ key Hoe & Sjogren, pro\"~Joh'n"Fo3E Save way Gror., pror. Thoa; Molamphy Wm. C. SteeIe,."clo"lMng'"6~"'Cas~ tleman. A. H. Borchardt,"s~u~p"c"liarie3 Ternes 2525 421 S.25 .83 . Loren Brown, prov. 793. 'Mrs. F. Klein _____ 4."ao 35,50 1.00 1.84 6.63 78.00 tlons referred Port am Motion „_ Orvllle Dlxson _____ __ .76 Moe & SJogren, prov. Clara Neltzel _ W. A. White, prov. _ R. Nelson „ 2.00 Aug. Rosonau 2.00 Laura Campbell 2.00 !. H. Crotzmeyer, med. aid Nels Peterson 2.00 Mrs. Clarence 'Woods 15.00 Myrtle .St. John 18.00 Rob Smith , CO.O W. D. Andrews, med. care (Fred W. Henry 6.00 Otis Moore 15.00 'Fred Henry ~~~ 24.00 Walter 'Frnser, med. nJd" (Neva Palmer 7.1)0 Mrs. 'R. Stelnman _I 6.00 Laird & McCullough, ""funeral exp. Charlotle Slelnman M. G. Bourne, med. aid Mrs. Stoncr 1(U>0 <L. A. Davis """ 37.00 R. M. Wallace, med. aid Every! Adams ~Ti51)0 John Mahoney " 20]00 R. A, Evans, med."aid Mrs. Henry Cook "~S~W> Mrs. J, Selfert " 150 Mrs. Jos. tlmberhauer" 4.00 Dr. H. L. McCorkle, dental work Myron Ludwig A. H. Borchardt, sup. Books (MoDonald) "GO Lowell Walker "" 750 Mrs. Robt. Smith ."""" LOO Mrs. Helena Koepke, rent Aug. iRosenau Vie Johnson, rent~B~ob~Stevens Frank Koppen, rent (RJoy Leo B Ross, rent Hugh Carroll " Marie Sakken, rent Mrs. F cd SClein Mrs. Emma dison""fen : t"Teresa Norton ot al Bert Grlnnell, re"nt""j"lm~M"oGee Mrs. Elsie Cady, rent O. J. Stephenson f«Sh Post, rent C. "K"Jo'hnson Chas. Redemske, rent John Helmers E. J. Murtogh, admr7,""ren"t'Ed IBesIch Mrs. Bertha M."~M~urray""rent Clara Neltzel iLucia Wallace, fent"~wTIbur Holdren G.OO 6.00 85.00 45.00 12.00 42.30 33.50 70.00 8.50 24.00 9.10 21.00 10.00 10.00 8.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 7.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 261, 261 270, 277, 290. 291. t II'rom 5 of S i,,~r~~. i f?*m8of3toYor, 3 «"~" J From S of 4 to or ?, • l From 160 to 3 o * From 3 of 8 to 4 . From 3 of 3 t 0 s -.-; " From 7 of 4 to ,| J 'I From SO to 8 of | - 1 ^rom^Eam^Co,,,;^-,::;! From 20 toV --..I 1 ""! From 4 to 21 "I IProm 25 to 2 of'li ""I From 55 to •) „„ .* '-I H. L. McCorkie7"den"taT~work SrJSU ze1 ' clmd - $25 - not allowed SUPERVISOR DUST. NO. 3 P. V. Janse, med. aid Mrs -, Mar y S'rnons jgfl, Chas. Mareo, transp. Roaallo Dorr 45Q Dr. Pierre Sartor7"me~d.~ald 2750 'Frank S. Kauffman 2l"oO Conrad Hlgglns §50 C. H. Crelzmeyer, med"! aid Wm. Hutchison 60.00 Hllbert Severlens, digging 1 grave 'Frank Kaufman 5.00 Farmers Elevator Co., fuel"Mei- vln Abbes g 30 Farmers Co-Op. Soorety,"fuei~ ll - 95 George Hanlg g..)5 Mrs. Roblson _ 3 50 J. L. Raskopf &"co!,"Tu"el Mra Jacob Simons SUPBFavis6R~DliST.~"N6" 4 M - °- Bourne, med. aid Alvin Weaver Mrs. Augusla 53eilz"cafe"Dar- rel Gelst Elsie Meyer, relmbursemenTfc? doclor bill _ . 2500 Kossulh HosplfalT cafe'Chester Simpson 9.24 _____ , ,. C "; et;zme yer,"""med7"" aid Ralph Carroll • 7 oo M^'urn 1 ,? 313 -, 11 ^;, ho " s P""careII 60.00 Mrs. Milford Bllyou __ _ 40.00 Lorraine Gramens ~2Q~00 i £ T?/I ? C 5 lpe ' me d7"aid Albert Ullstad son ~" "' 2875 Iv °ssuth Hospital, hosp!"ca.re Chester Simpson _ 4050 Mrs. G. P. Wohnke, care CTM Teresa Sehaumberu ~Tfi~6o Mra. clarence NemmerS 32.60 Mrs. G. C. Glddlnss, care H C Ward 1500 Richard Polralz,~"fenf ~~fi7~~F! 6.00 7.60 SUPHRrvfsOR"iDIST."N67 5 •P. V. Janse, med. aid Pete Jor- Sohul ' z ' ..,rs Stella Jorgensen H. M. Dyer, sup. Mrl! Dyer, sup. "" , Mrs. . Stella Jorgenson ........ 2 25 ' ' W w „ . POOR ' A Geeler >. supplies C. W. Kennedy Broa7 "supplies" <2." W7 " f Olson i.es CP. Sloncr 210 \ S. Norlon ~&~Son"~i:uef John Stelnma.ti • __ __ R. A. Clark, prov! Lewis Olson, g'oo Fred Hamillon 300 John Schlmmel ~~~~ aw R. Nelson. 4 0g Laurat Campbell"! 3.00 Aug. Rosenau " goo (F; M.. Stoner *'oo Albert 'Fosnaiogh'IlIII" &6* Mrs. Vern Itulledge ~ 4.00 A. D. Adams, x-ray Laurilzen John N. Kenefick, med. aid Mrs. Malhlson T.'GJJ Jena Kaudsen. girt „" ~ 2.Sflt l>owell Walker m 50 Mrs. Byron Lud"wlg lo'.OO Bob Dullon a ooi y. T. PUeherTprov H. Cook - ; 7 <> 'C. K. Johnson ™~I 7T.58 Co-op. Cry .~~C~o7~ prov. 'Nels Peterson 186 Clara Neltzel I 504 Aug. Rosenau _IHIH [96 Amy 'Johnson " i 44 Wm. Harris _. --------- 43 •Graham'a Store, "efothlnF Fred Henry _____ M. G. Bourne, med.""c"are Lawrence Lauritson SN " 8.72 G. B. Van Dornton .. 5.85 Mrs. P. Sloner "~ 15 00 Mrs. E. P, Jonea 300 Jaa. Godden I'gs Mrs. C. K. jJhnson siffi Mra. E. Taylor ._ "~ 309 ILewIs Olson " s'ng Mrs. Roy Lee":::";;" 8.00 Mrs. Lars .Sorenson 3 00 <j. L. Cunningham . " 4.00 Theo Elberl goo Clara Nelizel ~ (us •Hank Slebrilz 300 John Schimmel 300 James MoGoe ROD Johanna Cook »'OQ Aug. Rosenau " son Prank PowlnwEiTi o'S, rank 'R. J. Dutton 33. W. Lusby. _ Elmer 'flmner Dorslon r— — 13.00 80.60 25.00 Kossuth Hospital, "hosT>7 ca"ro" Lowel M. Walker 8800 Everyl Adams ---- 83.70 W.40 10.00 2.06 . , labor ....... Helko Beenken, labor ........ James Long, labor ____; ...... ?A ^ Hen tees, labor ....... Joe Greenberg, repairs ...... " Ivassuth County Implement'co" 0.00 7.00 Geo. .-^. ana D. B. Ml if e - r c;.; 43.73 .70 .76 Vic. HlserodT 1.03 5.00 Handy Gr"oc"eVy ( Mro. Robt smith •o ir J °J ln80 ". Prov. V. V. Haueneteln p. K. Johnson Mna Dutlon Mrs. P. Klein ~ Amy Johnson";; H - R- Sorenson & Co".7"i>rov Tom 'BllsborouBh. goo G. L. Cunningham B Ou Nina Dullon Lewis Elke Dave Haas H.^R. Haya";;;;;;;;;; Amy Johnson "~ Mrs. P. Klein '"'""I" 800 _ B.OO ' 31.00 73.00 £' *• Connolly '_"; rA 15-W h Stephenson Mrs. Harry Von~DTaska,~"rent for room C W C pe'r R. Noison","sup!";;; 1.50 45.00 15.00 3.50 22.59 4.43 35.60 6.40 82.24 6.95 6.00 .70 10.00 26.00 1,70 10.00 10.00 by MoDonald tl -.-»..i iimi Kfifnt, J "' Nos.289,^^^^ /nV^'v^'V'^* 1 n by n;,ii,,._ >t!S : An ' nstructed tt) n m Prom 2 of 25 to i ofV' 1 ™. I Prom 81 to 31 ot25 -.. From 34 to 39 "I From 134 to ;>,{ I Prom 4 to 39 "I Prom B to 45 "•| Prom TVest ncmfVi'V "I Prom S3 to 93 '' & C. tojjl Prom 83 to TrfVf I prob 84 to a>. .si 1 ..;| tFrom 84 to 83 ." f Prom 85 to 105 • Prom 108 to 23 ' Prom no to 82 ""i SSS»Sy-«-^r fK«'<^n-; m f-A-K 1 to 9 1 ^-eo'orro-nco-i-^-.J Prom 6 of 3 1 0 s re .p« , Prom 8 of 4 to .Soc i!™ 1 •••• Prom Sec. Road 'to No L * rom 39 to Sec. Koiil ' —• Prom 80 to Sec. 110.1,1 & I [ 0 1-^ :::::::; gom^^-S-: Prom Sec. Road to No! $ - Pr"omwrfo""So"c""Hoid'" (From See. Road to N 0 " oKo n From 1G to Sec. Komi Road because of errors "- ments, „„. Irnv^^r^. From 45 to County fund 1 "" 1 " Frorn Sub 1 of m tn rC::: fund of 106 to cSffly .j_.u.« 160 to County fund I ssrisftw&^d fund ... because of ... 3 by the \_uiuuy t uml no -.«... County fund to 6 of 3 I From county fund to 3; From County fund to 81 From County fund to 133 because of overpayments"^'! 1 fund by drainage districts duet ble payments. ' MaU C M,,^ emlcal -°" ""P. ?i a " Murlha, sup, — Kohlhaas & Spilles "sup"" 1 Don Sttl«H. oi,Kc,»«iJL»i "'' , ..m, c prov. ----«» Graham Co., sup K. W. Lusby, sup, K. p.^James, sup. IIIIH:^~; 26.00 20.00 1.M 5.38 5.00 14.67 E. J. BTJTUEHl, County Auditor. ,iur »i present. bv Mr,n"nn ^ ?v a ' Beman ana seconded t>y MoDonald that Jim Hogan be irlv- en an opportunity to pay Pe ° nal tax of o A Rohii n w a P ro P ert y tax County fund I to D. D. No. 149 .* 670.4T S: D - and be insructBH e F ount y Treasurer -* 702.25 County fund to 1 of » *' — Counyt fund to 2 of 9 - J m County fund to H-K No's iw'S Ayes- <* March lt, On motion 'Board proceeded b i ?oo°, n g 5 8ollne '« l» used In ( In 1934 and on motion by Hei seconded by IHaigenmn all bids were rejected. Ayes: «, On motion Board proceeded toi bids for grading of roads withta| Motion liy Balgeman and K by Cossrove that Division 11 be awarded to J. V. Elbert, l more, Iowa, and Division H i ho awarded M. T. McGuire,« °, wa . as per bid. Ayes: All, Motion by McDonald and by Cosgiwe that pauper no served on F. W. Stearn and; nacson. Ayes: All (Motion' by 'Balgeman and i by iHefken that a claas "C" W mit be- Issued to IT. B. PrankI I ton, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and i by Bale-Oman: that County 1 be instructed to collect tn« I items?: 3lat. 'Railroad Yeari No. 2 C. ,& IN. W. mil No. 42: C, ST.. & St. P. _..!»I No. 42 C. M. & St. P. m f No. 63 C. & N. W. " 19!l ^o. 6T Ha. Cent. & Wcst'lHl " >. 67 la. Cent. & Western IKU -i. 67" Tai Cent. & West B" No. 68 C. & N. W. IS No. 83 C. M. & St. P~"L.U •No. 83 C. M. & St. P. ..1! No. 83 G: M. & St P. ___Bj.i No. 84 C. M. & St. P. _1« No. S3' C. & N. W. IB On. motion Board adjourned t o'dealt ai. mv May 1, 1904. E. J. I County i NOTICE OF SHERIFFS! STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. fs hereby gitent virtue of Special Execution! ed to> me from the Clerk of t|i| ;rict Court of Kossnth Iowa, on a judgment Bai'd" court on the 19th dajrofli 193& in favor of EquitaNe I surance Society of the States as plaintiff, and i of the Southwest Quarter! that part thereof occupied III lie Highway); the Southeast^ ter of the Northwest QusrM West Half of the Nor81i«M| ter and the West Ha« Southeast Quarter, all in [ Thirty-one (31), Township] four (94) North, Range eight (28), West of the &tbj containing 352.2 acres, " less, according to tbe_G<>ve survey thereof, as the sum of Twenty-nine ' Nine Hundred Thirty-«W»| 20/100 (|29,937.20) Do" coats, taxed at Three Sixty and 82/100 ($368.88)1 and accruing costs, I MJM upon the following (ksciw 1 property as the jropenr said William Kessalnne «,] satisfy said execution,J»* of the Southwest that part thereat occup lie Highway) the ter of the Northwest West Half of the Nor ter and the West Southeast Quarter, all; Thirty-one (31) Townslnp* four (94) North, Ra" eight (28) West of the ? containing 352.2 acres, men according to the ment survey thereof ,-| will proceed to sell »*"jl erty, or so much v may be necessary w "J* execution, with costs w» costs at public ar M highest bidder, for on the 27th day of at the east door of tne in Algona, in Kos Iowa, at the Hour ol MM m., ot aaid day, " due attendance the undersigned. ,-j Dated (ftto 27tn day «J 1934. Southe^

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