Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 19, 1977 · Page 27
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 27

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, September 19, 1977
Page 27
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ON THE "CHiPj" ON THURSDAY nights, with "CHiPs," NBC is obviously trying to meet the letter as well as the spirit of the old "family hour,"! despite a California court ruling, now under appeal, declaring it null and void. A harmless, if not entirely witless, hour, it combines action and police work without gunfire. Its leading characters are two very personable California Highway Patrol officers, Larry Wilcox and Erik Estrada, who are young, single and as cheerful as all get out. They roar about on motorcycles, make innocent passes at pretty women motorists and carry on a good-natured dispute about Estrada's capabilities as a cyclist and officer of the law. In the premiere they came to the aid of an attractive crash victim, broke up a sportscar theft ring-by chasing their van loaded with stolen cars into the parking lot at the county jail-and Estrada managed to fall into a mess of glue escaping from a ruptured tank truck. Although it just could catch on with the younger set-and motorcycle enthusiasts, to be sure-it is hard to escape the conclusion that NBC is simply tossing in the series to fill the hour opposite ABC's popular "Rotter" and "What's Happening!" and CBS' "The Waltons." Taking no chances, ABC expanded "Kotter" to an hour against the "CHiPs" premiere. "Carter Country" ANOTHER THURSDAY premiere, at 9:30 on ABC, was that of "Carter Country," a half-hour situation comedy based loosely on the Sidney Poitier-Rod Steig-er feature film, "In the Heat of the Night." With Victor French in the Steiger role, a reluctantly "reconstructed" police chief in a small Southern town, and Kene Holliday, as his New York-trained black sergeant (Poitier), Bud Yorkin, the Pittsburgh-born producer who also directed the premiere, appears to have a hit on his hands. There is a genuine respect between the two men-even if the chief sometimes longs for "the good old days." As the series opened they were preparing for the arrival of the President of the United States, which gave the writers an opportunity to introduce the relatively large supporting cast. These include the mayor (Richard Paul) who ran unopposed and almost lost a redneck deputy (Harvey Vernon) who makes no pretense about his racial prejudices "The only thing worse than one of them without ambition, is one of them with it" a young cop (Guich Koock) whose guilelessness is matched only by his stupidity; a man-chasing female officer (Barbara Csason); and Vernee Watson, as the mayor's black secretary. Writers Douglas Arango and Phillip Doran provided a finely honed script, loaded with barbs at both blacks and whites so well-handled that it is difficult to imagine members of either race being offended. It's meant to be all in good fun and it turned out exactly that way. "Redd Foxx" THE FINAL Thursday debut was "Redd Foxx." Noting that "the dirty old man finally got his own show" and that the ABC powers decided that "the only thing I could do from my nightclub act is smoke, Foxx seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, as, indeed, was I and the studio audience. A clever beginning featured Jimmy Carter and Queen Elizabeth look-alikes and a brilliant routine about two inventors of identical blenders closed it out. The latter was worthy of Ernie Kovacs, depending very little on dialogue. The other inventor, by the way, was played by Byron Paul, Dick Van Dyke's longtime producer and close friend. Some of the jokes worked very well, some were just so-so, all were at least a cut above par for the variety show genre. Redd even gave a surprisingly engaging rendition of "Easy to Love" and opened nis continuing "History of the Negro in America" with a wacky "explanation" of how Yuma, Arizona, got its name. ' Variety series can be extremely uneven, but if Foxx can keep coming up with shows to match the quality of the premiere he should have a hit. "Operation Petticoat" A HAPLESS little stranger titled "Operation Petticoat" was turned loose by ABC on Saturday night, 8:30-9, and promptly bombed. Unfortunately, for him and for us, a fine actor named John Astin plays a submarine commander named Matthew Sherman, who sets sail in World War II with five Army nurses and a load of explosives to be delivered somewhere in the Pacific. The sub goes aground on a sandbar. The wonder is that it ever surfaced in the first place. VERY BRIEFLY: The latest report on Danielle Spencer, the 12-year-old costar of "What's Happening!" injured seriously two weeks ago in an auto accident in which her stepfather died, is that she will be unable to work for six to eight weeks. Meanwhile the series is being filmed around her role,, with the hope that the episodes can be completed upon her return. There were seven shows in the can prior to the accident. Movies 9 p.m. (EMXE "Gable and Lombard." (1976) Story of the strange romance between two of Hollywood's biggest stars in the 1930's. James Brolin, Jill Clay-burgh. (2 hrs. 30 min.) 11:30 p.m. rj "The Girl Who Came Gift-wrapped." (1974) A MARMADLKE J II. "How did you get past my secretary?" 'OR WRITE TO: CBS, P. 0. BOX Void in Missouri and wherever AIR - Win Fanning New Season Reviews on TV country girl comes to the big city in search of a husband. Karen Valentine, Richard Long. (1 hr. 35 min.) 11:30 p.m. (33 "Picnic." (1955) Life in a small town during the Labor Day weekend. William Holder., Kim Novak. (2 hrs.) 8194, BLAIR, NEBRASKA 68009 FOR ENTRY BLANK. prohibited by law. No purchase required. Television Programs CB KDKA (CBS)-Pittsburgb d) WTAE (ABC)-Pittsburga e WHC (NBC)-Pittsburgh 51 WQKD (PBS)-Pittsburgh fffi WQEX (PBS)-Pittsburgh B WPGH (Independent) - Pittsburgh (E WJAC (NBC)-Johnstown CD WTRF (NBC-ABC) Wheeling CD WSTV (ABC-CBS)-Steubenville WTAJ (CBS)-Altoona Black and white. . 6A.M. CD Projects (H) Quest CD PTL Club 03) Summer Semester 6:18 A.M. (5 News 6:30 AM.' CD Summer Semester Dusty's Treehouse (0 Radius 55) John Riley 7 A.M. CD CBS News CD Addams Family EXECS Today ' 0 Little Rascals ' GD good Morning America & Sesame Street 7:30 A.M. CD CBS News (Cont.) CD Flintstones GMXD Today (Cont.) Q Rascals (Cont.) S) Good Morning (Cont.) QJ Sesame St. (Cont.) 8 A.M. 3X5X3) Capt. Kangaroo GD AM Pittsburgh QMXD Today (Cont.) -6J Good Morning America 8:30 A.M. CD Kangaroo (Cont.) 00 AM Pgh. (Cont.) QMXD Today (Cont.) Good Morning (Cont.) 9 A.M. 3) Lucy Show GD AM Pgh. (Cont.) CQXZXt Phil Donahue SI Life in the Spirit Cfi Leave It to Beaver 9:30 A.M. CD That Girl GD AM Pgh. (Cont.) 53X1X3) Donahue (Cont.) 700 Club ' CB Electric Company GD 700 Club (Cont.) 9:45 GD General Hospital 10 A.M. CD Yvonne Forston GD Gen. Hospital (Cont.) (D) Shoot for the Stars CB CD Sanford and Son 700 Club (5)5 Here's Lucy 10:15 53) Far and Near 10:30 A.M. 5X1)5 Price Is Right GD Edge of Night GMXD Hollywood Squares O Measure Metric SI 700 Club (Cont.) 10:45 Stories Without Words 11 A.M. SX5XBS Price (Cont.) ( Happy Days GMXD Wheel of Fortune a 700 Club (Cont. 11:30 A.M. 3X5X1 Love of Life GD Family Feud (DXBCD It's Anybody's Guess gj Dinah! 11:55 SXD5S CBS News NOON (3) Local News GD The Better Sex (fj) Marcus Welby, M.D. Sesame Street O McHale's Navy CB Shoot for the Stars CD Young and the Restless 12:30 P.M. 3X5X1 Search for Tomorrow GD Ryan's Hope CO) Welby (Cont.) Radio Highlights 10:45 a.m. (KQV 1410) Meet the Cook. Spicy green bean salad Oriental. 9 p.m. (WJAC-95.5) Boston Pops. Fiedler plays the 3 Corned Hat Dances. 10 p.m. (KDKA FM-92.9) Classic Nights. Franck's Le Chasseur Maudit; Schonberg's Pel-leas and Melisande. 10:07 p.m. (WWSW-970) Radio Mystery Theater. "The Wind and the Flame," starring Celeste Holm. An elderly man, certain he is finally to be united with his lover, discovers that his bliss is interrupted by phone calls from a dead man. Broadcasts in Stereo. TV Key Today's top shows as previewed by reporters in Hollywood, New York and Pittsburgh. 8 p.m. (DXBCD Little House on the Prairie. "Times of Change." Not only are Charles Ingalls and his daughter Mary assaulted by the reality of changing times, during their visit to Chicago tonight, but they and their innocence become the natural foils of big city sophistication. Fans of the series will feel for both Charles and his daughter as their high hopes Charles' as a representative of Walnut Grove at the annual Grange convention, and Mary's surprise visit to the young man she's engaged to are dashed to the ground. (60 min.) 8 p.m. GD The San Pedro Beach Bums. (Premiere). "The Angels and the Bums." The kids will probably be intrigued with the beach bums of the title, five young men who've known each other since high school, who call an old wreck of a boat home. Of course, in their opener tonight, they've been given extra insurance by the network, since the three stars of "Charlie's Angels" appear as their special guests. The plot seems to concern the possible demise of the annual Miss Harbor Beauty Contest, which our trio of beauties are enlisted to save from extinction. Time and the absence of the guests will tell whether the beach boys have it or not. (60 min.) I p.m. CD NFL Football. (Season's Premiere). ABC offers prime-time network coverage of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, from Pittsburgh. (3 hrs.) 9:30 p.m. 3X5X3) Maude. Our Emmy Award-winning lady is bellowing again playing the flaming liberal when grandson Phillip has a friend spend the night. The show may be hard on the ears, but it has a plot twist that can t be revealed. 10 p.m. 3X5X3) Rafferty. Dr. Rafferty has his hands full tonight, treating a lovely blind girl; a lady psychiatrist who's been raped; and an old-timer who's worried about his sex life. Wading through the goo with a flair, series star Patrick McGoohan will charm the ladies. (60 min.) (BCD Chico and the Man Dinah! (Cont.) 1 P.M. CD Young and the Restless GD All My Children 53) Joker's Wild 55 Equal Justice Under Law Gong Show CB News CD Shoot for the Stars O News Nine 5 Bewitched 1:15 CB Focus on Women 1:30 P.M. 3X5X3) As the World Turns C) Children (Cont.) 53XBCD Days of Our Lives 55 Justice (Cont.) Merv Griffin 2 P.M. 3X5X3) World Turns (Cont.) CB $20,000 Pyramid 53XBCD Days (Cont.) 53 Equal Justice (Cont.) ) Merv Griffin (Cont.) 2:30 P.M. 3X5X3) Guiding-light (D Cross Wits 53XBCD Doctors Cable TV Laurel and Hardy 2:45 53 Let's Draw 3 P.M. 5X5)5 All in the Family (D Liar's Club 53XBCD Another World 5D Sesame Street O Abbott & Costello 3:30 P.M. 3X5X3) Match Game GD Andy Griffith GMXD World (Cont.) Ql Archies 4 P.M. 3X3) Mike Douglas GD Emergency One! 5D Sanford and Son Mister Rogers 10) Flintstones (BCD Gong Show (5) Little Rascals 4:25 S3 News for Little People 4:30 P.M. 3X3) Douglas (Cont.) REG. $139.95 OlfT W. KiMfiH z Gas I VV r 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE CARPETS JIN YOUR HOME ANY LIVINGROOM, niMiijr: adca uaii STEAM CLEANING TST C-T FURNITURE CLEANcD : iota no: " a Chnir 10 SKNIOfl CITIZEN DISCOUNT 4 GENERATIONS OF CARPET CARE EXPERIENCE! A Division of Kemper International Kemp ASSURED CARPET & I UPHOI STFRY CARF 240S SAW MILL RUN 885 - Previews Emergency (Cont.) 53) Rookies 53) Studio See & Spiderman (BCD Dinah! CD Gilligan's Island 5 P.M. 3X3) Douglas (Cont.) CB My Three Sons 53) Rookies Sesame Street ffS Firing Line 3 Ironman (BCD Dinah! (Cont.) C5) Family Affair QJ Gunsmoke 5:30 P.M. 3) Partridge Family GD Odd Couple 53) Mary Tyler Moore Sesame St. (Cont.) 53 Firing Line (Cont.) Superman CB My Three Sons CD Dinah! (Cont.) C5) Bewitched 5 Gunsmoke (Cont.) 6 P.M. 3X553) Local News Electric Company Americana My Favorite Martian CBCDCB5 News 6:30 P.M. 3XQXD News (Cont.)) CD ABC News . Mister Rogers 5S Guppies to Groupers Room 222 CB NBC News (5X3) CBS News 7P.M. 3) CBS News GD LotteryBowling for Dollars 53XD NBC News Zoom (SB Journey to Japan Gomer Pyle (B Odd Couple (5) Brady Bunch Gunsmoke 7:30 P.M. 3) Evening Magazine GD Gong Show Concentration Lowell Thomas Remembers 5 Mac NeilLehrer S3 Hogan's Heroes Patented Clean & Dye Process. Ready to use immediately. RESTORE YOUR CARPET TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR! OR CHANGE THE COLOR COMPLETELY! 98 50. COLOR CHANGE ADD CHARGE CLEANED ;KEM STEAM I PROCESS 5CH95 59' Hall regard- Serving Entire Tri-State Area BLVD., PGH., PA. 1S227 2.22 or Ills: for Monday GD Muppet Show CD $100,000 Name That Tune CB Mary Tyler Moore 0) Gunsmoke (Cont.) 8 P.M. O YOUNG DAN'l BOONE Exciting New Series ! lm CD Young Dan'l Boone O Charlie's Angels meet THE SAN PEDRO BEACH BUMS! New! . CD San Pedro Beach Bums GMXD Little House on the Prairie O Upstairs, Downstairs (S) Age of Uncertainty Q Candid Camera ( Making of Star Wars 8:30 P.M. C Dan'l Boone (Cont.) Beach Bums (Cont.) GMXD Little House (Cont.) 53) Upstairs (Cont.) SS Age of Uncertainty (Cont.) Celebrity Revue GD Making of Star Wars (Cont.) 9 P.M. QX5XH) Betty White. livtrfla rial --mltitimmJt3rmmmiltJI-l '...LMl'.-'.Jt!'.u-' ,. f , j-.t f J I J". "rH " Who says there s no place ,pu ? c lef1tobebacP i'A tf I'7 J$f THE GONG SHOW 1 PREMIERE Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd join the Bums A-rt 4 jS-H I to launch this hilarious new one-hour comedy. . .fun-loving $4 tv?f2 guys and their gals who work and play on a Pacific beach. " J? V'iv)i I THE 5A1M PEDRO BEACH BUMS S I saooPM w "Jm SEASON PREMIERE "Dandy Don Meredith is back with Frank Gifford and Howard Cosell! NFL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL S9:OOPM mil iiwi imm inn mil aniKirii i 11 iii ai ni unlnn r ri 1 1 inn in nnairii lanil niinai II 1 1 iliilnnii iiIhiimiiii iiii I ffl NFL Football San Francisco VI. Rltti. burgh CQXBMovie "Gable end Lombard" (1976) O Theater In America US Festival 8 Revue (Cont.) 9:30 P.M. (2XD Maude GD Football (Cont.) GMXD Movie (Cont.) Q) Theater (Cont.) (5) Festival (Cont.) (SJ It's a New Day 10 P.M. CD 3D) Rafferty Football (Cont.) CQXDCD Movie (Cont.) Theater (Cont.) In Pursuit of Liberty O L.700 Club 10:30 P.M. SXBS) Rafferty (Cont.) (D Football (Cont.) (DXBCD Movie (Cont.) CB Theater (Cont.) In Pursuit (Cont.) S3 700 Club 11 P.M. CD Local News CD Football (Cont.) (DXBCD Movie (Cont.) MacNeilLehrer Report S3 To Tell The Truth CfXH News 11:30 P.M. (DO Movie "Tha Girl Who Camt Gift-WraopaO." (1974) CD Football (Cont.) ' POST-CAZETTEi (Dl Local News (Q) ABC News Captioned. S3 Best of Groucho (SXZ) News CB Movie "Picnic" (1955) MIDNIGHT CD Local News COXiXZ) Tonight Cable TV Listings (f) WOR TV (indapendantl-NVC Bamabv 7 a.m. Nw t:30 Rompar Room 7:10 PTL Club M Corlae Snoppe 1:10 Medlx 10:10 Love, American Style Joe Franklin Pcoat Junction 10 Romper Room : Baverlv Hlllblllla 11 Straight Talk Corner Pyle Noon Nawt Lucy Show 11:10 p.m. Topper 1 Movie. "Tom, Dick and Harry." I Movie. "Paradlsa Lagoon." (1941) Burgesi MeredMi, Oh (1958) Kenneth Moore, Sally Rogers. (2 hre.) Ann Howes. (2 hrs.) I B"B Bunny 3 Ironside 310 F Uniterm ft Frlenda 4 Movie. "Madlgan'a Million." Th Flintstones (1967) Dustln Hottman, Elsa 4:10 Lm ' Martlneill. (2 hrs.) M0 Mickey Mouse Club a It Takes a Thief Bewitched 7 Bowling tor Dollars a:10 Andy Griffith 7:10 Joker's Wild ' Hooan's Heioes Penn State Football Highlights ' Elton John Special t Nine on New Jersey Movie. "Doctor Faustus." 04i) 9:10 Newark and Reality Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Bur- 10 Meet me Mayors ton. (J hrs.) 10:10 New Yori Report H Star Trek II The Life of Rllev Midnight The Untouchables 11:10 Movie. "Hell Below Zero." 1 (1954) Alan Ladd, Joan Tetzel. ( WCBS TV (CBSr-NYe (2 hrs.) 1:10 a.m. Joe Franklin TUESDAY 2:10 News (41) WUAB TV (Independent)- Movie. "A Howling m tht Cleveland woods." (1971) Barbara Edam. 45 a.m. News 1 H. 55 min.) 7 Bugs Bunny J With Jeanne Parr 7:10 Flintstones Movie. "Two-Faced Woman." I The Archies "D Or1 Gerbo, Metvvfi 1:30 Magllla Gorilla Douglas. (1 hr. 50 min.) Mon., Sept. 19, 1977-27 81 Savran on Sports 12:303) Jackie Sherrill: ' Football ; 89 America's ' Black Forum l:00(DIronside I 81 700 Club 1:05 U.S. Navy : 1:30CWSXZ) Tomorrow 2:00 3 News '.

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