Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THURSDAY APRIL • A, S, B, FINAL CHECKS STILL AWAIH1WNERS Sum of $852 Has Not Been Called for by Payees. Iowa Production Credit Districts Established; Officers Ready to Make Loans Harry Hull, examiner-in-charge of the Algona State bank, announces tlhat there arc 'Still scores of depositors who have not called for their final diviclenel checks, and that it they do not call soon tilie money will bo turned into the state treasury as uncalled for. The total of checks still in Mr. Hull's hands is $852.75. A complete 'list of persons entitled to the checks follows, and Mr. Hull asks anyone who knows the address of any party in the list to let him know: Earl Adams, Alffona I ml. Basket Ball Tea/in, Alffona Mfgr. Co., Guy Anderson, Keod Anderson, Carolyn Andrews, W. L. Ayres. John Balir, Florence Banscher, Louis Bansdher, C. "\V. 'Ba.rreitt, Glen Beard, W. IT. Binframan, JIiw. Will Bingnman, Mrs. Agnes Blinfcman, August Bollinger, Mrs. A. D. Brou hard, Burms Bros., Edward Burtis, J. Francis, Jr. Butler, Lewis Butter, field. Helen Carney, Myrtle Christensen, N. C. Chi-irfenscn, V. E. Christ, ensen, Roy Cline, D. D. Coleman, M. H. Condon, W. E. Courtney, C. M. Cox. R. B. Creech. Eleanor Dalileen, W. B. Davis, J. B. Day, W. S. Dennison, LeRoy Diteworth, Elmer Dole O. F. Daugih. erty, J. H. Dunn, Martha Dunne, Alan Duramt. Check for Doctor Glasler. Freda EickenberKer, Mrs. L. S. Eclwsmls Mrs J M. E]lx?n, Frank t , , . x , ,. „ •,, i Ellison, Wm. Ennls. Thelma E. Kr . | throughout the U. S. will soon be- nst, Vc-da M. Ernst, John Erpeld- \& m drawing posters for tlhe Legion. Ing, F. M. Etherington, Theo Ewart. ; Auxiliary's annual poppy poster contest, according to Mrs. H. W. Post, poppy chairman for the local unit. The posters will depict the Auxiliary's memorial poppy pro- IOWA. Iowa farmers and stockmen who are Interested In a Production Credit loan can easily locate the association that will serve themj best by the above chart. By writing the secretary-treasurer In the specific district, those Interested may obtain the Information desired. , Production Credit loans are now available In Iowa, E. R. Beaton of Omaha, president of the Production Credit Corporation, an-, nounced. The secretary-treasurers of the local associations attended a school of Instruction In Omaha last week. In the Sioux City district, three Nebraska counties will be serviced. They are DLxon, Thurston and Dakota. Graduation Season Looms: Many Events in Prospect Many events are on the high school schedule in the next seven weeks before commencement on May 28. For commencement exercises Supt. Otto B. Laing has engaged Dean Geo. F. Kay, of the _ Liberal Arts college of the state university. Dean Kay is an excellent speaker. Many Algona students have been in liis classes. Besides being dean of the liberal arts college he is head LOANS Burt. JJibblo Treptow, Section 32 Burt, 550 bu $2-1 Ltbble Treptow, Section 32 Burt, 100 bu $4 Llbblo Treptow, Section 32 (Burt, 550 bu *24S CHILDREN'S POSTER CONTEST ANNOUNCED Pupils in grade and high schools J. L. Fnrrell, Dave Farrow, Dun can Fraser, Mrs. Inez Fuller. John Jr. Goffnpy, GurU Gaitts. Jack GUtes E. L.' Glasler, E. S. Glasler, Ooru Green, Gentrudo Guehl. Esthea- Guest, Mllfred Green. ]gram in w1hich , po ppi es made by Frank Hagff. Ed. \V. Halllnan, ,.,,'. Corn-Hog (Continued from page 1.) Mrs. MyrtJo llarclin, R. T. Harr, disabled veterans are worn to honor Sam Harr, TTawkeye Filling Station, ithe war dead and the living vic- Hawkeyo Tire Co., Heller & Meyer, jtims of the war. John Holmer*, Olive Hennessey, Ge o | Local stat and * ' -TT' 1 , -,~. ... T . , .UV/W«l.Ol,<*.t.C( fill LI 11CIU1U 11(11 \.UU Hagbie, Dave limes, Hobart School tf n , Pn r.HiirtP,l with two ibi.«ifPt ««.,vii M T." T.T™.™ r, TT. tests \\iii oe conducted witn two Basket 8«.ial. M. K. Horan, D. F. |' Hosmer, Clms Hossman. ' •- - • - - •- Elizabeth Jergensen, Olga Jergen. sen, A. IT. Johnson, Chris Johneon, Ruise Johnson, P. D. Jones. One for Historical Society. the other for higlb school pupils. Local contests will close (May 10 in order that the posters may be displayed before poppy day on May 26. Winning posters in local contests will F. A. Kins. Lawrence Koppen, jbe entered in a. state contest, and the state winners will compete in a national contest at Miami, Fla., October 22. The posters must measure 14x20 inches and will be judged on appeal (the force with wlliich the poster drives home the message of the veteran-made poppy), 40 points; artistic ability, 20 points; attention value, 20 points; neatness, 10 points; originality, 10 points. _. The local academy and the public school pupils have entered tihis KopulOH & 'Barlumos, Koswuth Co. Historical Society, LeRoy Kristofferson. Laymon, Elliot Leyman, Lester Lehman, John Leininger, C. M. Lewis, Mrs. Emma Lohse, Ivan Long, Harold Loss George Luney, Esther Lusted, Bue-lah Lyon, Herman Lyon, Herman Lyon, J. AV. Lyon, Kenneth Lyon, Marie Lyon, J. P. Lyon. Naomi Lyon. Robert Mi-Evoy S. A. McF.idden, Mrs. Edna D. McVey, R. J. Marty, Mrs. J. A. Mainsmkh, C. R. Mason, Lyle MatJie.s, H. H. Matzener, J. H. must not go over 75 per cent of average for tihe two years. Mistakes May Happen. In some cases, in the published list, there are two or more contracts for the same person. These cover separations of Che farming units, and persons checking the same should be careful to see tiliat they include all contracts in their calculations. Every effort has (been made toy the county committee, its employes, and the printers to avoid error, but the work is extremely technical and moreover had to be rushed. Farmers who may find errors in their own listings for which they are not responsible are asked to report the same and due correction will be made. Killing from Washington. A. E. Clayton, dhairman of tlh* county allottment committee, has received the following ruling from Washington: 'The hog base of a retiring producer may be divided 'between two or more new producers, at the discretion of the county -allottment committee. All such transfers must be made simultaneously, and tine total farm acreage of 'tlhe new producers must he iequal to or greater than the acreage of the farm operated by the retiring producer in contest. aged the roof. Michael, Clayton M'iller, Kittle R. I If"""' Miller, Ray Miner, H. P. Moore, A. F. Morton Blden Mosier Arlo W. Munch. ] Another for R. P. Norton. Oharles Nelson, E. P. Nelson, F. C. Nelson, Richard Nelson, Now Way TMre. Mfg. Co., R. P. Norton, Clarence Nordstrom. NeaQ Olson, Johanna Oslond, Owa- eeeka Campfire.. E. J. Palmer, F. J. Palmer, Orvllle Palmer, H.. C. Parson estate, s. R. Parsons, J. AV. Pexitoeost, D. J. Pentacost, J. W. Pentacost, D. J. Perkins, J. H. Peterson Marie Peug- net, Lloyd Phillips, M. V. Plessinger, .Glen Plymeeser, Mrs. AV. F. Pcvst. Don Powell. Thelma Sankey, Leonard Schmidt, Iza Selleck, J. A. Selts, Neva Shipler, Sam Shipler, Harry Shoemaker, M. E. SHvuns C. AV. Simmons, G. AV. Simmon.s, R. J. SkilUng, Helen Skow. Ralph L. Smith. Also for Kdytlie Wright Burrows. Martin Sorensen, Sons of Veterans, H. R. Spencer, G. AV. St. John, Ohns. Stavely, Sandy S-tebritz, E. T. Stevenson, David Stewart, Lucy R. Stumbo, Marion Stumbo, Ralph Stumbo Fred Swans, \Vm. Swanson,, Francis B. Sweaiilngen, Geo. N. Swesiilngen. Otto C. Taylor, Joe Thayer, Thomas Frank, M. C. E. Thornton. Treos. John Urch. P. J. VamaJstine, R. L. Van Nacker, Ked Vajice. J. H. AVagb^ener, A. AVaHace, \V. J. AVallace,. R. J. AVallace, F. G. Waterman, J. C. Wendell, Jane Wen- *t, C. S. Whitfield, Mgr., Donald AVilley, Margaret WilHams, AValter AVillams, William AVilliams, L. J. Wltham, Mrs. R. A. AVood, Adelaide F. AA'right. Edythe Wright. Frank YaU's, 13. AV. Young, AV'al- ter The local prizes in and a each slaughter (Item 2a), and all otlher items to be entered in Table V of bhe new producers' contracts must be divided into the same proportion. In the contract file for each of the new .producers there should be filed a copy of the retiring producer's work slheet, with a notation tlhereon of the names of the new producers involved, and their respective percentage divisions of the retiring producer's hogs base. "iNew producers who did not farm in 1932 or 1933, but who expect to farm in 1934, should get in toudh with their townsJhdp committeemen if they have not previously made arrangements for the transfer of a hog base." 1933. All of .the other requirements of 20 wlhicli is working out a reduction program in cooperation with the government, and Ihe is a member of a sub-committee of five in direct charge of this program. (Mr. iSchoby had three children by Ihis first wife, who was a daughter of Mrs. R. E. Brown, Algona. Later he was married to Mrs. R. G. Dodds, who was Eva Taylor, daughter of Trace Taylor, deceased, a. August Becker 84; 40 Help Celebrate August Becker, Algona, celebrated his 80th (birthday Friday evening, when 40 relatives and friends arrived to extend congratulations. Short talks were given, and games were played. A grandchild sang Happy Birthday to You. After the entertainment lunch was served. Mr. Becker is enjoying good health and still likes to go fishing. He has three children: W. J. and Henry Becker, of the Elk Panta- torium, and Mrs. Charles Kuchynka. will be held in the high school gymnasium Saturday evening, May 12. The senior pi-ay, They All Want Something, by Courtney Savage, is scheduled for Friday, May 25, and flhe baccalaureate sermon will .be given in the high school auditorium Sunday, May 27. The annual senior breakfast will take place Saturday morning, May 26. Parts for the senior play were .chosen yesterday afternoon, and practice is to start immediately under direction of Mrs. D. H. Goeders. Other events will toe a sectional commercial contest at Emmetsburg Saturday, April 2-8, for students of footlhi typewriting and Shorthand; Tuesday, May 17, a Normal Central Six typing contest at each town, results to ibe Bent to a tabulator; May 18, style show and a May day- program, when the domestic science girls display their sewing during the year. Senior class night this year, Monday evening, May 21, is to -be "different." .Students will take part in •a iprogram interpreting ;Bheir school work to the public by means of short talks on a series of topics showing how they have learned to spend leisure time. Legislature (Continued from page 1.) Black Cat pioneer. In the corn loans program' Mr. (Schoby is sealer in Garfield, iRiverdale, and Sherman townships. Klassie Garage Entered. The S. H. Klassie garage at 'Renwick is a favorite visiting point for burglars, according to the Livermore Gazette. On a recent visit they were rewarded with approximately ?5. Mr. Klassie, who lives at Renwick, also conducts tihe Motor iSales garage next south of the Algona hotel. 11000 bu. ... Elmer Glamo, Sec'Vi'n •bu 3 '' P ' Juftla McCkVrWc" '&. 1200 bu. Julia McCVfrk'l'o" 1 ^ 1 " 700 bij. ...... > ;* Cl I'ortlnnil E. M. Toothninn, s cc 91, •ISO bu. ' 21 ' H. K. 330 bu. . H. K, McCi 250 bu. . Mum Martin Knin, Sec. 31 '"ctlon 900 bu. lUverdalo H. A. AViemer, Sec. 18 'Burt. 2000 bu $900 , ISllffitlo. Rose Hetty, Sec. 6 Buffalo, 350 bu $108 Cresco. Chas. A. Fouhy, Sec. 1 Cresco, 1100 bu $495 Greenwood. •Harry H. Dearohs, Sec. 13 Green u wood, 1000 bu ?450 Gorman. AVm. Welhousen, Sec. 19 German, 1300 bu $585 Harrison. Frank SanCtner, Sec. 32 Harrison, 800 bu $360 Hebron. Syrena Larson, Sec. 13 Hebron, 1000 bu $450 Lotts Creek. Lena. Schultz, Sec. 13 Lotts Creek, 67'5 bu $304 H. M. Smith, Sec. 7 L/oitts Creek, 1300 bu |B85 Vincent Elbent Sec. 34 Lotts Creek, 440 bu $198 IM Verno Earl R. Chamber, Sec. 01 Lu Vern», 1500 bu $675 Fed. Land 'Bk, 'Sec. 16 Lu Verne, 1000 bu $450 Fed. Land. 'Bk, Sec. 10 Lu Verne, 900 bu f405 Prairie. Leo M. Amdorfer, Sec. 22 Prairie, Sffea. NeWio M. CroweH S C{ , 1000 bu ' F. J. Gibbon, Sw'" 2 'i"L bu ;/' Sw ' Springficij. Thomas Johnson, S cc u <i Weld, 700 bu ',," s Sherman, Aimllio AA r annbler, Sec man, 11,000 bu Union, Leona L. AA r ellendorf ga Ion, 11400 bu ', , Leona L. AVellcndorf"s^'| Ion, 350 bu .._ '' Wesley.' Fred P. Snyder, Sec i 2000 bu Edw. S. Moyera, Scc"«", 1000 bu ' Peter Setvburg, Sec', ii'i '2944 bu Claus DeBoer, Section"fJ 700 bu * Claus DeBoer, Section'i' 1800 bu The Advance:— Has in stock a adding machine rolls 1 pads, typewrlUcr ribbons! makes, stencil, and Lu Verne Woman Honored. 'Lu Verne, Apr. 10—It was 60 of Administrative IRuling No. must be complied with. years Sunday since Mrs. D. Voss came to this country from Schles- Lig'htning Strikes Church. I "The division of tlhe Ihog base: Fenton, Apr. 10 — Lightning | shall be determined by the county struck the .Norwegian 'Lutheran ; allottment committee and the num- c'hurcli ten miles southwest of Fen- her of litters (Item I, Table V), ton a week ago Monday and dam- hogs raised from these litters 12 I wigiHolstein, Germany, so the John Voss family, the Ed Pergandes, and the Carl Boesslers were entertained at dinner in her honor. The af- .ternoon was spent socially. Mrs. Voss and her deceased husband first lived near 'Davenport, 'hut af- | (Item 2), hogs already sold for ter ten years came to Lu Verne, I^IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIH MRS. RAY ANDERSON IS DEAD AT SPENCER Funeral services for Mrs. Raymond Anderson, wtho died Monday at a hospital at Spencer, will be [held tomorrow afternoon at the Methodist church at 2:30. The Eastern Star chapter will have idharge of the burial. The Rev. Mr. Clegg, Fort Dodge, assisted by the Rev. C. V. Hulse, will conduct tlhe. services. Mrs. Anderson died Monday after a last sickness of a few days. The cause was tuberculosis of the throat, and she had 'been in poor health for some time. Mrs. Anderson was born 27 years ago last inontlh near Spencer, and her maiden name was Harriet Tweeden. She was married to Mr. Anderson nearly five years ago. There are no children. Surviving besides the husband are the parents at Spencer, two brothers, one at homo and one in New York City, and two sisters, one at ttiome, and one at Minneapolis. Mr. Anderson, •who is tlhe youngest son of Fred Anderson, Algona, has been employed at the Algona Bakery. 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