Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 7
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'governor received of the iered W a little above eady market e banks began at above When we rate for govern,S f n 1941 bear- selling , pointed out that 1 exempt from taxation, Don M. Stiles, C. H. Klnmp, Field Importers Vf. J Payne, Contributing are as so- The. Sankey brothers, Lu Verne, discovered that five horses were missing last week Sunday. Tho animals were located last Thursday at theiH. M Thilges farm, eight miles south of Hodmrton. One of the Sankeys had reported his loss to the sheriff, who was watching all outgoing freight cars for horses. At an Algona produce station Mr. Sankey told of his loss, and Mr. Thilges, overhearing tho conversation, said, "Sounds like the horses that came to my place and that 1 shut up a week or so ago." Upon investigation the animals proved to he the Sankey horses. * * * * iMr. and Mrs John Brown, who lived 2% miles south of Algona till a" year ago, when they moved to Algona, have now made Britt their home. They occupied the 'Harrington house here till April 1, when they left Algona. Mr. Brown is (building up a dairy husincss there and featuring pasteurized milk, which is something new for \Britt, the same never having (boon available there before. tbc Travelers insurance company. Mr. and Mrs. Willrel.t have three children: Frederick, 10; Tliehanl, 7; and Donna Joan, 4. The boys go to the Schonck school and like their teacher, Kathleen Price. Miss 1'rice will teach there again next year. Mrs. \Villrctt had been canning meat for summer use, and Herman was away aftor feed for his cows. He is milking ten, and this, with a lot oE lambs coming soon, will keep him plenty busy. • • * * Mr. and Mrs. C. 10. Denrchs, four miles south oC liurt, have a fine family of four girls and three hoys. Two of the hoys are old enough to help on the farm, hut. both are in hiRh_ school now. Mr. Doarchs was helping his wife can moat for summer use, but said ho would soon be out in the fields if the sun stayed out to dry off the ground. ions are not avi l[ 0 farmers lc the corporation Kf their district. — .. — " ^— — Wesley * * * Vcrn Hiebhoff, two mile.q south Nelson •* Ben Hopkins anfl were Reltemnen visitors Saturday. y ,vl,ose permanent Worn* visiting rel- "We called recently at Ray McWhorter's, southeast of Hurt, and found him busy with his potatoes. He raises thousands of bushels of potatoes every year and has a huge underground pit where he stores them near the potato field. Three men were sorting potatoes by machine, and a truck •\yas loading up. Kay said he was shipping out two or three loads a day for eating and seed purposes, ibut he still has several thousand (bushels for sale. * * * * •William Ukes, who works for Vipond Bros., two miles southwest of Algona, informed us that oat seeding would start early this week. He has worked for the Vi- ponds at different times for three years, but recently he was employed at CWA work at Algona. months, and recently 'has ' , Mends. She lived here HfrTnenry Kunss were ftp Minneapolis Oils week (o visit a few days with Clare, there, and their B W l Marie, at St. Paul. Wins will stay with Mrs, of Burt, has turned dairyman, and is milking 26 head of Guernseys. Two hired men and Mrs. aiiehhoff help with tho milking. Kenneth Cook is employed at the fliebhoft home. Vcrn thinks the outlook for dairymen is promising. * * • » We met F. W. Bacon, three Tniles south of Burt, just going out to seed oats Friday. He was using £ new endgate seeder. "Wayne Felters works at the Bacon farm. Mr and Mrs. -Bacon have two children Merrill, 9, and La Vonne, 7. There are 13 cows to milk, and F. W. ha? farrowed toy 1- Matt Kelly, two miles south Algona on No. 169, where J. 92 young pigs, sows. DREYER HERD HIGH AGAIN IN TESTING HEPORTFOR MARCH In March A. A. Droyor, T/>Os >rok, luul ilihn hl» ? 1, rta| ry ] K , r(1 for lio lililrd (•onKPoul'ivo month, sicciord- HK to Chewier J'.oiiKon, 1 ester for lin K.ossuilli No. )1 Cow Testing as- ,w.l;i,Uon. C. H. Scbohy, six miles oulli of Algrma, 'hurt rwcoml lilgh, .Iso tire Iwo lilprh COWH in tho IISBO- Intlon. l-'ollnwlnpf Is Uie average mlllc and niUcrlVit. production of all herds in lu- sisKooiaAlou -.wei-agins 2!) pounds ir hnH.fr of hiitlnrfat for the month: V, A. Divyrr, 7 cows 11.S5 -lTi.3 '. 11. Hchohy, 28 cows 1IMG 38.2 Ir.s. I'/. Droyor, Hi cows 1033 3-1.7 f. ST. Pn.Uptron, 20 cows 991 3-l.a 'fiyw & WillrcU, 20 (iowsSSO 29.» \V. ,1. K:\n-, 1.0 COW.M 047 29.4 "!nn. W. (JortCrcy, lit cows 7«1 29.0 Cows which made 00 pounds or noi-o of butU.irl'at during- tho n in nth ivore: Rose, (Soholjy) RS.2 Aggie, (Schoby) 70.3 PoiiUac Skylark, (Drcycr) 74.7 IXii.sy, (Dreyor) CO.3 1'a.tny, (Schoby) (iO.O Tho row yielding- the highest return above feexl cost wan Rose, (Schoby), $15.09. The, herd returning the highest, average income per ro\v over feed costs was A. A. Dreyer's, $5.9$. A question dairymen tire asking a.t pro.se.nt IK, "Does it pay to feed a balanced ration til prnswit prices?" For answer ta-ko tho grain ration fed to the Dreyei herd: Corn—200 pounds. Oats—100 pounds. Bran—100 pounds. Cotton seed meal—150 P olln ds. Mr. Dreycr is cci'tainly receiving ii good price for hi« feed. PAGE acres tin's year, and he was figuring out the acreage he was going to let lay for the government when we called last week "Wednesday. * * * # Wo had a short visit Saturday with Nick Eehrends, hutt.ermaker at the Dakota crcamci-y. Nick has hoen there seven years. Well this writer as known him ever isince he was a ttle chap, and he has always been ic kind who sticks to the jab. He corked in a creamery at only $10 a eok, hut he could see a future in , and so stayed right with it, till ow he has a good position. Mr. nd Mrs. I3chrends have one girl, /ho is attending high school. Tn Equity No. J2.183. OF APPLICATION J'OIl AUTHORITY TO SKLL AND ASSIGN .H.KAL ESTATE MORTGAGE In tho District Court of Iowa, in nd for Kossuth county. D. W. Bates, Superintendent of •Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. ounty Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, Defendant. To All Depositors and Creditors of the County Savings Bank, of Algona, Iowa, and to Whom It May Mrs. Kunz's i are gone. mother iKouba, who 'lias an office at Fort Dodge, \vte at home ay. At home also were i DeBtta Anglo, also Font and Mre. Henry Rles, (Grove, and their son Itev Sunday guests of Supt. . Rowley. j Mrs. Wm. Henderson, Eo sons, and Mr. Henderskm's [ Mrs. Charles • spent the Favik, Em- week-end at Mils. The Vee Mullln family |lvan Mulltn at Kleanmo, idy club will meet with rich this week Thursday. "Give a character sketch Ifevorlte book." Mrs. Ammon fell review tho book, Miss j by Bess Streeter Aldi-loh. Flom, who rcccnitly com- i course at Amee, left L Monday for Mornlngslde, a lias a position in a citam- Uhlealuike, brother of ) John Ulilcnhake, Sr.. ds i-e- of T. Graham lived last year, has had ,his share of had luck recently. He (bought a team of good horses at a farm sale two months ago, but one died two weeks after the purchase, and last Thursday the other one fell sick and died. A veterinary examined the body and found a perforated intestine. Then one of Matt'a hest milk cows fell in the (barn and broke her neck. Feeling pardonaJbly blue, Matt was wondering whether he or the place was hoodooed. * • • • When we called the other day at Kenneth Foster's just south of the bridge on 169, a mile south of Algona, we found him with a severe knife wound starting from he- low his left eye and running well down his nose. Upon inquiry we learned that while he was skinning a horse at the Vigars rendering works has knife slipped cutting his face. He was rushed to Algona, where (Doctor Cretzmeyer used four clips to close the wound. Ken- Kenneth, 5-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. Albin Schneider, a hal mile cast and two miles south o Burt, showed us an Easter baske filled with eggs when we called ! Friday. The little fellow had just recovered from the measles, after only three days illness. Al'hin, who has boon breeding Hampshire hogs for seven years, has 25 young pigs from fiivo sows, and four more sows are to farrow soon. He is milking six cows. * * * * Ben Reid, who had (been a patient at the Kossuth hospital nine or ten days, following an operation, was taken to his home in the Good Hope neighborhood Saturday, March 31, and is recuperating. Ben as one of the steady, reliable, always good-natured farmers whom it is a pleasure to meet. » • * » M. 0. Richards, two miles east and IVt miles north of Lone Rock, was cleaning his barn yard Friday. We always find him busy, and the stock as well as the premises show good care. Mr. and Mrs. Richards have three boys: Guy, 12; 'Frank, 8; Kenneth, 5. The children had made stilts, and they showed us how well they could walk with home. The Krosches farm 1G( acres, and they have four dau-gh ters, three of whom are married. * * * * flex Austin, who was near Ti tonka, lately moved to the Herman Wirtjes farm, I'/i miles south o iLone Rock, where he is working for Mr. Wirtjes. Mrs. Austin, wh is a trained nurse, is at presen Concern: You are hereby notified that s The North' Cresco Telephone Company, and its principal place of )usiness is in Algona, 'Iowa. 2. The general nature of business to be transacted by the corporation is to own, operate, manage, build, maintain, lease, buy and sell a telephone line or lines, to buy and sell all materials and sup>lies therefor and used in connec- ion therewith, to secure telephone connections with the Northwestern 3ell Telephone Company, or other .eleplione companies or any other .elophone exchange, and to buy, sell, or rent telephones, and to >uy, own, lease, or otherwifie ac- luire, own and encumber real es- ate and to sell and dispose of the same, and to permit land owners ilong said telephone line to connect their respective residences .hereto, and to fix the charges and .crms therefor. 3. The amount of the capital stock authorized is Six Hundred Twenty-five Dollars ($625.00) divided into twenty-five (25) shares of Twenty-five Dollars (?25.00) each. That the corporation may commence business after a Certificate of Incorporate has -been issued by the Secretary of State, and when Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) of said stock has been issued and fully paid. No stock caring for Mrs. Hiko Bruns, Ti tonka, who had an operation fo appenclictis on March 31 and has since been in critical condition. * * * # Lawrence Newhrough, a half mile south and miles west of lone Rock, -moved to this 100-acre farm March 1. Before that he and his wife had been living with his 1 father, a half mile east. Lawrence is milking three cows, and he has five heifers. Two Belgian colts are on the place. We found Lawrence cleaning his barn Friday. * * *» H. R. Smith, buttermaker at Lotts Creek, has been on the job many years, and before coming here was buttermaker at Ceylon, Minn. The Lotts Creek creamery ships an average of 35 tubs of butter a week. Mr. and Mrs. _ Smith \ave tlu-ee boys and one girl. H. have died at jiunlay night. Danbury, lich Point News 'Be group of friends were \<A 5 o'clock dinner Satin-day ! at the home of the llcEn- pi«w, east Jlt'Cregw street, i and after dinner were en- Iwith a musical program by Mierlne, Frances, and Dor- fcEnrre and Leo and James 1 Mrs. William Hedlnff, St. former a brother of Mrs. jCapesius, and Mrs. S. J. left Sunday for Rochester, 1 . Reding was to take mod- neth's face was plenty sore, hut he could still smile and say "It could have been worse." » * « "We spent a -few minutes Sunday lat Ralph Brown's, 2V6 miles south of Algona, and made the acquaintance of a new -Shetland colt which belongs to the small sons. 'Ralph •showed us a litter of Spotted Poland China pigs a few days ol'd. One sow farrowed 12 husky little fellows. Ralph has three boys, all in school, who will soon be old .enough to help with the farm work. ; The bafby, a girl, ds already the idol of the family. * * * • We called on Ted Hoover, four miles north of Sexton, last week Tuesday, and -found him (busy with his hogs. Two sows had farrowed April 1 with a total of 15 pigs. Ted hadn't expected them for a couple of weeks more, so he had a real job of finding a dry, warm place for them. He also has some fine horses, which he will soon put into the harness. One -year-old sorrel will weigh close to 1650 pounds, and he told us confidentially that he might them. There are 21 cattle on the place, but only six cows are now being milked. There more will come fresh soon. Forty-three hogs are being fed. Mr. Richards is one of the sons of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. R. keeps the creamery in tip-top shape. * * * * J. R. Thompson has moved to the farm where Fred Rath used to live, a haU anile south and a mile west of Lone Rock. He is fanning 220 Richards, who live retired at Algona. * * * P. M. Christenson & Son, a half mile north and 1V 2 miles west^of Lone Rock, are among the leading cattle men of the country. They now have 125 head of beef cattle ,on the farm, including purebred Polled Hereford bulls. They showed Macaroni, Spaghetti, NOO- .Ticro is now on file in the office of ihe Clerk of tlhe 'District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the applica- .ion of D. W. Bates, Superintend- nt of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings bank, Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized, empowered and directed to sell and convey to S. H. CMcNutt Jr., of Ames, Iowa, the Balance remaining unpaid on a note of Lars Sorensen and Clara H. Sorensen for the sum of Fifteen Hundred Dollars (!?1500.00) and that he toe also authorized to assign and transfer the mortgage securing the same covering the West One-third (W 1/3) of Lot Five (5) in Block Twenty-two (22) of the Original Plat of Algona, Iowa, and that 'he also be authorized to assign and transfer a collateral mortgage of Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) covering Lot Eight (8) Block Eighty-one (81), of the Original Plat of Algona, Iowa, and al' assignments of rente held by him all of said assignments to be without warranty or recourse, as shown by the Application, now on file to which you are referred for further particulars. You are further notified tlbat the hearing on said application will be •had at the Court House in Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 18th day of April, A. D. 1934:, at two o'clock 'p. m., of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause if any you lhave why an or- ler should not be entered as prayed n'said Application. D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa. By HARRY V. HULL, shall be issued until the corporation has received payment in full therefor at par in cash, and when o paid for said stock shall ibe non- assessable. 4. Incorporation period shall be jin on December ( 5, 1933, and terminate December 5, 1963. _ '5. The affairs of the corpora tion Shall be managed by a Board of five Directors to be elected an nually from among the stockhold ers. A majority of said boarc shall constitute a quorum for th transaction of (business. The Boar< of Directors shall elect from thei number a President and Vice J Pres ident, and elect from the stock holders a Secretary and Treasurer 6. The property of the stock holders of this corporation shall h exempt from corporate debts an liability. Witness our hands this 28th da of March, A. D. 1934. W. H. KING, PHILDIP ROETHLER, B. F. SPARKS THOS. METCALF 28-31 SIMON HENRY. POULTRY RAISERS We are now prepared to hull oats and crack and bolt corn for chick feed. We also have a full line of chick feeds and supplies, including Hygeno Poultry Litter This litter is fire resistant. Does not become dusty. Absorbs heat. Treated to control disease, and is cheaper than other commercial litter. Give us a trial. Anderson Grain & Coal Co. At M. & St. L. elevator Phone 308 PUBLIC SALE At the Riddle Sale Pavilion in Algona, east of Northwestern tracks SATURDAY, APRIL H AT 1 O'CLOCK SHARP On Saturday we will have our usual amount of live stock consisting of horses, cattle and a number of brood sows and some fall pigs. A number of good work horses, including one bay gelding, well broke, coming 4 years old. If you have horses to sell or want to buy a good horse ibe su' re and attend .this sale. A number of cattle have 'been listed -for this sale, including milk cows, bulls, yearlings, and calves. Could use a number more. A lot of good machinery including 8-ft. Deering binder with tractor hitch, cultivators, discs, two tractor plows — one double and one triple, one 60-ft. eight-inch belt, seed corn, and other articles not listed. All kinds of furniture, including one walnut dining room suites, also chairs, (beds, dressers, and one Kitchen Kook gas stove, like new. A few good ice boxes. Seed potatoes and sugar cane seed. A lot of good chickens, all breeds. Terms are cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. Riddle, Auctioneer PHONE 79 List property with Jess Kiddle at the Coryell Oil Station, or auctioneer, phone 93. Special GRVNOW Demonstration (Examiner in Charge. 30 Soda Crackers, 2 Ib. box _19c Toilet Tissue, 6 rolls 25c NOTICE OF RENEWAL OP ARTL CLES OF ^CORPORATION ; of the NORTH CRESCO TELEPHONE COMPANY To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have renewed this corporation for a period of twenty (20) years, under the provisions of Chapter 384 of the 1931 Code of Iowa, and have adopted new and substituted Articles of Incorporation, which provide as follows, towit: 1. The name of the corporation Mrs. Reding: is ithe | Gertrude Carman, St. Ben- I tomes Blacks • Swea C'.ty. Sunday 25c 87c us two extra-fine yearling bulls,'. ( j legj 5 also 12 others six to ten months old. The Christenson herd makes. j3 roomS) each many fairs in season and has long been widely known in many states. | c orll Meal, 5 Ib. bag lie Another product of the farm in thei animal line is English bulldogs, jp anc y Oranges, Irg. Size, McEnroe was brought II, i, » k , Tutt * lay f lx)m * ho I' 11 ' os " ita l, Algona, where she " ™a a serious operation. Black, Irvington teacher, mU-wcck for a fe w days sohool was I Clark and: Mrs- T, - . - Bntt ' went Monday o£ of the Johnsons who hw ''Unchanged. for sometime, the ^Minnesota. Geo. «* week-end to 'be induced to part with) it. * * * * 'It is reported thta "Cap" Smith, well known Cresco farmer, is critically sick at his farm home with heart trouble. The Smiths have two children, (Harold, at home, and Mrs. Frances Rutledge, Algona. The Cresco Embroidery club was scheduled to meet with Mrs. Cleve 'Stewart, two miles south of Algona this week Wednesday. A feature on the program was to he a plant or seed exchange, each member was to bring a house plant or garden seeds to trade with another member. Chester Srletfru Jr., of the Lone Rock-IFenton neighborhood, returned to his home Easter Sunday, following a week at the J. M. Cox home, south of AJgona. He was operated on seven or eight weeks and at present there are two litters, nine puppies in all. The pups were having a lot of fun at play. -Boston bull pups, purebreds, are also raised. P. M. was born right on this farm of 400 acres. He and his wife have two children, Mervm and Marieta, and the latter is now a patient at the Methodist hospital, Des Moines, where she had an eye removed last week Wednesday. She suffered an infection in the eye last fall. Marieta is a nurse and she took her training at this hospital. * * * • Sidney Krosch, four miles east of Elmore, was glad last week Monday that his wife had come home, the Saturday before from a visit with her parents at Los Angeles. She drove home in five and a hall days. She found lots of snow m the mountains, but it had (been pushed off the highway. There was also snow from the eastern part ol W. Godfrey, CLlOU •OJ1UVY A* w»" -Nebraska all the rest of the wav dozen 38c Fancy Grapefruit, Irg. size, 4 for 28c Tomato Soup, Strong Heart, 3 cans 21c SEED POTATOES Complete Line of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats,. TOP PRICE FOR EGGS H, R, SORENSEN & COMPANY Phones 138 and 139 We Deliver STOVES 1 Usonia stand-on legs with reservoir. . Majestic. 1 Monarch 1 South Bend Dining room and kitchen chairs FURNITURE EXCHANGE First place east of library. Many People Call This the Safest Refrigerator You can easily prove its safety yourself. Just come tomorrow and ask us to open the mechanism to let you see, smell and hold in your hand the refrigerant which freezes ice cubes and keeps the refrigerator cool. In the Gun- now, and in the Grunow alone, you'll find safe Carrene, the refrigerant that's simple as water itself yet so efficient that it shortens the cube freezing time and cuts down your electric bill. Look Inside- See for Yourself! Tlhere are no secrets about what makes the Grunow so smooth-running, so silent in operation, so efficient in freezing ice cubes and keeping food at exactly correct temperature. When you look inside a Grunow, you'll he delighted with .the rounded corners for easy cleaning, with the roomy shelf arrangement, the automatic ice tray releases and the other convenient features that make the Grunow outstanding in every way. A demonstration will be held at our store on Friday and 'Saturday, April 13 and 14. A machine will be completely torn down so that you' may see for yourself Just what is inside of a Grunow Refrigerator. Ask us About Our Special Easy Terms. $13.50 (LAWN MOWER PRISE. Each lady'visit- ing our store Friday and'Saturday will be given a free ticket on the lawn mower. KOHLHAAS & SPILLES, Hardware, Algona ago for appendicitis at the suth • hospital, and had to Black Whittem. of Mr. and Mrs. Sunday 'Sr. Ptovw. Wood- Mrs. Joseph •ward has beejj on bus- her ecm Kos_, r t have minor operations twice afterwards. He stayed at the Cox home to be near his doctor. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Srletfru, and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller were last week Sunday dinner 'guests at the Cox home. Mrs. Miller, who is a daughter of the Coxes, lives six miles southwest of Algona, on the John, Daub farm. * * • « Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Patterson, who live four miles south of Algona on No. 169, are grandparents, a son having ibeen born to Mr, and Mrs. James Love, Britt, Thursday, March 29. Mrs. Love is the former Wanna (Patterson, and the new arrival has been named Eugene. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Raymond iReid, of Hobarton, have moved to the Herbst tenant house at Algona. Mrs. Reid is the former Margaret (BartletC, and Raymond is manager of ths (Farmers elevator at Hofoar- ton. Neighbors and others there surprised the (Reids with a farewell party Wednesday night, March as- We called at*Herman Willretts, six mile? south of Burt, (Friday. H3 lives on a iiQ'Opre farm owned SEEDING TIME ALMOST HERE And «by buy and use anything but the best, when it 85c pr bushel. $1 25 Ruby Wheat, per bushel -------------------- J g , OO King Starting M^, per 100 ------Jj Ful-0-Pep Starting Mash, per iuu -— ---- j Anle? Reliable Starting Mash, per 100 -— --{"J No Corn Chix Feed, per 100 ------------- __ j^ Fine Chix Feel, per 100 ---------------- _ $2J5 Rolled Oats, per 90 -------------------- ___$1.50 Pearl Grit, per 100 _ _.- --------------- ~ Chix size Oyster Shells The World May be Searched for Another Cloud With a More Substantial Silver Lining W HEN destruction comes roaring down upon the farmers' crops the white shining name, "Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Association of Iowa," stands out in silver letters between that destruction and the crops of its members and policyholders. Despair is turned to rejoicing by that potent name and its benign influence. It has taken this Association 41 years to build its reputation of square dealing, and it stands out today as the most successful farmers' mutual cooperative association of the age. It has paid its members $11,666,240.50 for losses, and has saved them as much more in the cost of their protection. It has also during the past five years furnished full coverage automobile insurance. It protects owners from loss by cyclone or windstorm on buildings and their contents. It also issues a standard fire insurance policy on town dwellings, covering fire, lightning, tornado and hail. While many institutions have crumbled under the severe test of the last few years, the Old Farmers Mutual has paid all its heavy losses and come through with over $600,000.00 of actual surplus on hand Jan* uary 1, 1934. Trust your welfare with an association which shows 1 ability to weather any storm. Algona Ins. Agency By C. E. la Burr? F. H. Boh» and J. A. Schwartz Iowa. B. B. Butledge Fort Dodge, la. fleo, J. low* W. B. Garnuun "Wesley, Iowa Art Lester Lakota,Ia. Otto jr. Nemmera Bancroft, la. Farmers Mutual Hail.Insurance Association of Iowa Fifth Floor, Valley BMkBuHdlng, C. F. Berggren Sweft City, la. A. D. Brogan WWtteiiiore, 17. A- Dreesman Ja,

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