Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 12, 1934
Page 4
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fAGE FOUR KOSSDTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA THURSDAY APRIL 12 "What's a Good Suit Going to Sell For This Spring?" We've been asked this question so often that ~e are publishing the answer. A good suit of fine fabric, authentic design and journeyman tailoring is going to sell for from -527 up ... and everj- clothier knows it. And you can't send a boy on a man's errand and expect SIS to -?-0 to buy you anything worth wearing. Pay Si'7 and buy a Zender & Caldwell suit . . . but pay Si;7 . . . even though you buy another make. If ~e can't sell you satisfaction . , . ~e ~ant you to have it anyway. Now Is the time to Buy Work Clothing Plav Suit* for Bovs Fine qua:::y pin an overall made to sell a: _ &Sc _ Work Shirt* stouts. resrular=. All a: one price. Men's Work Shirts Blue and gray cnan:- bray. full cu~ and well made. 59C Boy's Overalls iiO ~e;g:i" blue a*id you"-Hi nici -hezi'a; 69c "tt~ork Glores 69c 0>h—Eosh The T-rorld'5 best over- ill. Buy a sood ganneni We say buy good overalls. They COST. *nore— v."or".h more. Zender Caldwell GLASS REPLACEMENT SERVICE — We replace broken glass on all makes of cars while you wait. Model A Windshield $3.00 installed JOE GREENBERG The Coiyum L*V« too D — 1 S*rtwi At The Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. D 3 ; 5AFN3S5 PREVENTS I'S from ?-.-.ir-r rc - i.:h cat of state press 3..^.>::iii'5n jr^eracs. bat we ^go After tie for; 3. while, tiea Plays reTievred this week: Personal Observations Bottoms Up Death Takes a Holiday Wild Carco i tine his usual duties for a brief hoi- [ | joay with mortals .almost transcends; [ the' mind. But Frederic March, with f «;-«= siis-btsy Darkened to giv« only a D . A. R. Here Ten Tears Old— jnight, and following business a ot sinister appearance., ; both in vofc* and deportment ; completely ad^uate to :he A R { Ttlesd ed, Mrs E. R. Morri tSie high score F •»,, low. ' " t:11 a .Mrs. Roy Jensen <;ntr. rt ,: n day at her home nor,' U '" e ' •Rock in honor O f Dehnert, Algona, th«> tfce latter's birthday B«Jw.Hauptman.Mr' Willson, and Mr. D» er guests. u - nor , ° cca-i Mr ;lon I aDJS Mrs. W. E. McDnnaM the Idle Hour ' ' (eon and bridg i,= ~~3Z —^ ILL- -amirs: --•: t. A. M •;=.::-:-.•. •::' :ie MirsiaU-c?— ic-ivr. Mr. it" •-••crip -=rri:rs tie !•«!: Ir-Tie wVlY "--iri-.c'i tie *CO-;T. 7Te ter, Seward, N'eb., who had been a guest of the club during the winter, which she spent with her son, H. M. Potter. This meeting was . ?"f! program was giren: solo, Bernice covered <toi m * U ££%*'&\™»»'> -*"*, Kathleen Evans; STTCS wv-i BEEN another beetle ^'^ i committee: Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks,! papers on local child welfare work,: d an( , Mj .- m*. ..-•*- y=,jTt-- Of course, he finds love, a rather iMr _ w L . Whitney, and MissiMre. Cora Sterling and Mrs. Mae| won the travel -bes-. pur*, heaver*;.- !*ve in the beauU- Thomp , on _ The tab i e was center-!j, AfieT i unch bridgc was p i ay . Hovrie was ' ful and r««-v«-i Lvelyn \ enabte ^ with a , arge bouqae t of cut' icd -rbCTi at tost, rx-ath fe about to f]ower , ^ g^ of Mrs Ida p ot depart ati'if resume his usual duties fpr R< ,. varfl Xf>h w - ao had been i oi •iepvpulatin? the Earth, his sweet heart goes with him. In this brief swerve. "••-•• found much to ponder ^WwwMKv. thai l^er- Beth her mother and Death ^ - anniversary ot the f ou nd- rtttol 4---1W c.f *v«i a*tee_th«r r«P*«.ve pi**. &te ru-us ing Qf thg ^^ chaptw rf {he D A. R., and Mrs. J. O. Paxson gavel a resume of the club's activities.; I^-ce .tnmqulllhv. the unbroken The "** ° f *f. P™F, ara included; 4«em of happiness which sh, esper- a readin ? ^ Alice Hist, a group of, ten«,i in the moorJlt guni^ with P°« ms by Raymond Kresensby, read i her tover Which shaU sh* chocs*? b ? -> Irs - Fr ? d Gel ? e! - ?" d a r ^ e ^\ Is death always tc, be feared? Per-, of a magazine article by 'Mrs. D. P. j haps it is more hwriH« to live ch-an! Smith. j ^J^ ; Mrs- Coffin Heads P. T. A.— ! i.ies*. ar.d many other thoughts,; Tne p. T- A met at tfc e high! a™* in the- mind as Death Tfckes a ^j^ and itorium Monday night,! ri.jii-jay unx><es Kselt; it is a picture and O ff-, cer3 were elected: Mrs. V.f •r *,} -.i.~ sr.»i tranquil in. '.hfe "bes*- .^f ail -KK?:-:Oe —ort'i?." ;-:-~etkr.<r* eW sUrbt'y hajTrtre: «v*-nt.? ot PTT^I in-.p':-rt:?..-:e ar,4 ciranti-? wr.- Jt .. ^. ._- s^-juer.:-- t-*5- i-t,> the tr.trica.te pst- Seve-'y-fi'Va ^^rr. -^-h:?-!-. ^~e s.r* -wxi; to call th* ,j.^.-- r -.-.:, ( r;.-r,e. Ar.'d ?o it cc-roes t*?i tr.-:- p"-"re'.v r-r. rr.-.:-*~,p-writ -.h-?rr.=-?Iv« into a or the , cs.r.e "ell*— —?-:-- SrTrj2.cn ?nt H'.-'S' d.;. ~e •iii:ti* -litter liss- a star m a if ii-.era.ry meiiiccrlty. .ii:- fc-ss; ifor's? vrr.eti thrr."* s-re e£'-5-:' r .e..i of us—• —•'-•--- '.he crisis c-oni-as? Or wfveo- ••(.-.^ir.r « -^ere a.riuiairjtanc-e on the ?trwr.. ^e P'Jt a consoling ana >:" erjiictuni^errjeDt "^htcr. tiirr.s a. dull iiiT IDCO i. i'.r.r.;.- one? rta^Br nvav ijjsrf- everything to live for, arg-ues mat- ""'"hM"' 0 - l?r ' k jve - "riends. 'the joy of Life; •ho can you -. rememb-r Coffin, president; Mrs. A. A.! i«a a r.e~ de- eric Murch Lone after >-ou hav- for- ; rrr."r i r^- ''''Jt the rrattre Bast- s excellent. Death Takes a Hoi'-day. v-rhiie it may not make screen history, at least show's the read to nr.ore artistic and worth.-'.vhile pro- dactions. -. :crcoi~a:i:" ".iJrji r.i'i? ^ —e i^nrte •!•:•--i.;i •:•; c.:~-?rir.i ir:c«:L-er — ~ a: -^ r , f m'--ih o* life U ios. Mr. D. D. Monlus is retiring president. The t'aird grade, which Lauriae Peterson teaches, received a pennant for 'having the most mother visitors since the last P. T. A. meeting, and the seventh grade CITY. Chicago, Los retained a pennant for having tie » ^ Angeles and Alsona (la.) -s-ere ^°^ parents at the Monday night ; :• the tjle - our spots in the United States meeting. | 'here Frank Buck's Wild Cargo op- Tr . , ,„ , -_.„ i y*i siauJtanecrjs'v on esactiv the ^ Toman s CTn° ^lU 3Ieet— ! „•_- —•-" o ' Chicago '"in- The Woman's club meets tomor-| the movies? ro ' r afternoon at 3 o'clock at the, ilanarer Rice v>ras a prettv 5>u.-v P a '°'ic library, hostesses Mrs. "W. | ™ian for a :e-.v days, taming the pic-. H Godden and Mrs. L. G. Baker, f -re n:asrjates a-d compelling- them R . o!I c ^n "will be on migratory '• to ship a special film bv alrpaane birds. Mrs. E. \V. Lasby will talk! frc-rr. Detroit. Mich., to Des Moines o n Iowa State parks, and a talk by'j so -.Iiat. NOT Des lloines, but Al- -' Irs - P aul Wille on trees, flowers,! sc-r.-a —aght be. the first - o witness and wild life in the Ambrose A. i this stejiar attraotion. >ir. Pac-e has Call state park vrill follow. Tue! oiten cor.:ioeil in u s the secre-t of talk on the parks was to have been' the e^tirje_jnc.vie business, there given by Mrs. Sanders. The rest of' need N"3\^c.?. c« a poor day for the the program is the same as in the | theatre Ir you get what the people yearbook. i. want. We guess this s^v-s for almost 1 ever;.- buataess bat Manager Rice Bridse Party for BirthdaT— f applies the pru-rtple to His business ^fs. TV. P. French entertained f pay. vrhich is some- a€rr bridge club last Thursday ! NO PRICE ADVANCE —on the— AINLY SOUT ALC ^ o: B-ottorrus Ur. THTIXG -.0 - * o: B-ottorrus Ur, is it Jacks sc-tne- <":iar'-T \f~ —.3.^:1. pr ; ^ - 1 --"".----^ ^-^^ big scene 'tbe r<irvt:e Tium'c-er) hs.c •:-^" i z-2.5'~n-ir,- corri-ior "here c.6 ^•^•n oeLete^i by the hungry cenisors. 5-.j.-i "r-isj'-ire* " eo vr^ci'-'E ha* """^ c "" : ' ru '~ r.U'n:'cer frcsm 3ott->rr_s Up HSsys^ si s l§Hf Stln^ thin? else again, as the siaagsters nigh", the occasion being her birth^ :- "- day anniversary. At 7 o'clock seven ! WILD CARGO Ls the rr.ost beau- ??~ sr - s '- a< ^ dinner at State's Cafe, ti:uSy phiatographe-i of a3 the so- after which bridge was played at: oaK-ec ariroal pictures; there are t-ne Drench home. The high scores' ''shots'• iwith canvera.i lookine up in- ' ivere ' w " on "°- T >Irs - H . L. Gilmore to the silvered, branches O J the tropi- and iirs - F - E - Kent, and Mrs. E. C.: ca.i fcHase or across the lans-jid Hancher won low. The guests pre-i te-zv waters of some meanderine seated Mrs. French with a gift. i a^raatn that alone justi:'-.- this re- • . i markabLe nature studv in -vhinh "in- Bnd ?e Luncheon is GiteB— | terest selSotr. Jags as "we* tc.-IoK- the ^ !rs - C - A - J .°ynt and Mrs. W. A. 1 intrepid animal trapper through Ba . n T entertained 34 women at a< dense and lurorioijs' junsfes ' ov^ bridge-luncheon last Thursday treacherous, mysterious utters and 2oon - T ' ce S^ests were seated at into the very heart of the Unknown, s™ 2 '- 1 tables centered with spring T.ie pythort ar.d the cobra give *' ow "ers, and two courses were the picture its cli-nases, although s6rs "M. The higi prizes were won FOOD W VALUES . . . and by Food Values vre mean ''GOOD FOODS" plu= the best service we know how to sive. Basket Grocery "Algona's Finest Food Store" Y. C. Golden Bantam Sweet Corn, 3 No. 2 cans __83e Monarch Catsup. 14 oz. bottle loc Monarch Cake Flour, 4o 02. pkg. 23c Van Camp's Pork and Beans. " f'^ 1 Ib. can wC Yacht Club Tuna Fish D 1 U 1 U 1 0 Fancv vellow fruit. DANANAo e IDS. Oranges, sweet, juicy. Extra large, QQ*% Dozen OOC Gelatine Dessert arch, all flavors, 6 for Pineapple. No. 2 1-2 cans, broken slices, 2 for Monarch Red Pitted"" Cherries, in 60 per cent syrup, * Q No. 2 cans 1 ww FRESH Ring Bologna, home made, Beef Tenderloin, fresh. Ib. Cookie Assonme plain and fancy, bag MEAT 3 for 15c 29c , Mon- 25c __-35c nt, 15c _ 25c •>nP Try a Hormel Steak or Roast Beef for your Sunday dinner. Choice quality, very tender. For your garden — a complete assortment ity seeds and seed potatoes. of qual- 'iJl"- •; ^ !"( -3 " • i r: ~ •Z.*' * •" Ji \f ^r'r*^ ~~- - — .-.. — . i^. f •,— _ „•_. _ .._ ' '-'- '-• l-*^r; _>•'.—ITJ .r ..'u.'S.j'" mvJTIi.iTi? :ectrng <-ur<iie won iae high score, Mrs. ta - l: * tr ' e "- =' :t a • I «^!c<V: an either arm. Ly!e Mathes low. Other euests •-c.^si^rao* atTete,-. M ti-.eimigir.- COMEDY RELIEF is aiford^i bv > vere »&"& Welter, Bertha Kuchen- i nuniature wrestling tnatch be"- 'earner, Betty Backus. Grace Kou- ^-•twiri a fctcje cub bear and D!av;ul ?'^. : ' r' : '" i:ey v -' r - rj P-^nime;" theci- ^-'.^ '•' r - r '- 1 ''?'"- tr.e Long reels, appar- ^^r 3 ", I>r = 1 - : " r -' i -:^* frequ-rrat sequ-en- '-•tfc. *.»rt .i. een t:ves*e juveniles of the it wcuM at;.;.n. to wrueve that sarrour-de-i by younger ar.d less p-jDC-eru'CS male •jirr.irers put c^u'.-i -gry ;,:, r a rr.an lil-:e John. V.'e'H, perhaps life oilers In the vulgar vernacular of the day "psiss Jt." ba, Evelyn Bode, and the Mesdamea C. X. AaSis, H. B. White, Kay i Seiche!!, and Mrs. W. J. Cotton,; Lone Rock. ! The Legion Atmliay met Fridav FORD V-8 In a public statement April 4 Henry Ford announced that there would be no advance in the price of the Ford V-8, at least for the present. It is volume—the mass production—that enables you to buy a Ford V-8, the only V-S engine in a car under $2,000, at the low price. Henry Ford' has promised that there will be no price increase as long as the present rate of production keeps up. , • . i In Detroit, Mich., the automobile city of the vorld, the new Ford V-8 outsold all competition ia March more than two-to-one. In Iowa there is an increase of 600 per cent in March this year over March a year ago. The reduction made in the Ford V-S recently put "the most popular model approximately 3SO lower in price than the similar model in other low-priced cars, Ton can get Immediate Delivery ON ALL, MODELS Drive a New Ford V-8 KENT MOTOR CO, Phone 434 AUTHORIZED Algona, loni Serrlce— —Sale* put a trv ar.d ^bstre- ir.-.o. a «r-ill neched wa= no* eip-rc-.sd sack uU sometime in May or Jur.e. TVe did r.o: s.5ri lor Mr. Cowles. as.^umiiis' T-V^T he and bis wife are still in tie same part of the country, where £ --=y have spent -heir winters of upta-i-us and la:e years. A your.? mac in Har- thpiu^h the ret Ian Miller's office who was as cor- Mae West, and ^i-- £^ ice water informec us that P'-er.tv r.-^ v,-hat : :ce colytimis: was r.o: in. ; But alter you have s*tr. the show, V-.'e had iEier.ded to cs.il on E!- a: ' :er >"•-"-! -"-^-ve laughed ar.d enjoy- but you hurr.c-r any rriore than you ear. niai-;e a meiil on arjoleiauc™. — r -d that's w;iac 5i,i and Spencer specialize in. s r -ije" tsu'f, with the studios of Ko'.iywcoi rec-laoing- the stages of Ercudway. Theinia Tc-id. Hthe voi- swarfeish— stru-js s like an imitative 0 - ; .. - ^ friend Thelma ' " " rr.er P^'p--;/," Peterson, lonner Plum Creek e.i iperr.ap«s> the or.-e S'»i mustc-aS boy who edi'S Better Homes £.- Gar- ' r ' h '=' K:lr --* ^*?i, you -are forced to de-is and has just published his a<iIE ^ thar - ir - i* :-=? r - another creamfirs: r.ove!, but for la'ck O T " --'me we pu ' ; frc '- rn the kitchens of the cine- mis£ed him. We also mi = =-d r>3n- "-^— K S ht - ^ufry, rather appetiz- a!d Murphy, brilliant Wallaces' ! "= but aii:er _^_acreaai pufi. Farmer editorial writer who as a v.::.i L&rg-o U •p.-e'.l directed and '.veil audited, the sound is a!-n-«t rnent has bee-r. introduced, for once, as i.r. aid to the action rather than ^ nincr-an.:*, a^ fe the case in so n^any travel talkies. There are f*w K:u:ngs and the idea of Mr. Buck r-mcuns the same -Bring -E G; Back And so we close the book for an- vi-eek, and we rurrunate s' 1 *^." ° Ver . . the b^e-hless adven- -jrs o. tnis fcsirlese Buck seeking KI>:-iC ' ; -n:TO the civilized —-e savage junsle^ of world in Primitive .ro^.-i. Tnere is a lesson perhaps, for "-' of us, in this man's example To get away once in a while to soir-e : : cuijin- snore, far from all the. dai'v M^T' a '^ hiRSr triP ' a P ! ««uri ,^-.nt, an:.-thir.g, ar.d under a new' nient for sotnethin? priced in multiples of 5c r .iie c-ierk asks whether you have the pennies (or the *ai. At home nothing raises our helpless ire ctuhe so much as ' obsession in the familv cause we are one-armed and half deaf, we are an unsafe driver; and this after 20 years of driving with only one accident, and that such as anyone might have. So we record proudly that we drove alone to Des Moines. and into the thick of the city traffic, parking at the Kirkwood garage, and drove back, a!! without incident, and not a car passed us without oar seeing it first in the mirror. All of which, we well know—and there's that helpless ire again!—will not change thai family opinion one whit. Very well: Lee 'ern obsess. We c;-.n at Uis: be a minority of 0ne_ in thinking well of ourself. Which is remindful of something we read t'other day— I am the best friend I ever had; I like to be with me; I like to sit and talk with me about things confidentially. I walk with me, I I talk with me, I I ask me right and wrong; And you would be surprised to see How well myself and I get along. —AUBX. :re to - rorg-e'. the cares of this merry-go-' round existence— we climb the diz-' ~^---».. B, ^ -r^n.«».o« in tr.e .-•ur ci«r.ory serves us rig-he. Ar.d if or ill, and whether or not the fact ., -c^r. t— then perhaps, there are is popularly recognized this i*~ a ocrxr _tnemones. We are reminded form of inflation. To 4v thi^T let b,*^ ^IrnrofmSor^^L^^ u b ^ Unders - ood . » BOt'to c«!denS half ^-ickly. securely. We go there 'co : "'" EXPERT CISTERN CLEANING Here', Huw \\> D o It First, we pump it dry, savin? 4iKt o' sot'j clt-an water tu put routine. Come, cc-nie. vou cri- ti'- wiia: ho? r\EATH TAKES a holiday is *-' a theme wh:,--h depen-is "upc.n ycuor own. mental cor.ditior. ic-r" its rr.C'it poiirnant reactions, that is if y- 1 "'- 1 - lr ^ receptive to t'c.f- i-ir.casies t>f a sltuj.tion in ^hloh L--at'-' cr.e C-ri-ii Reaper, take-; •,; .-l-. r .-- d-.-- •-'•'rising off and mingles with the earthly set throns while the s,.^st.v 1^-;.---^ o: human destract: :s ten:!»rari!y Uike -.heir- t...'.l. A luilis off the ar.d lives. It U . -.v- ever. Ls n,:f. s.;. :r.u.;t Plot which develops as in pert handling >ji this dicf:- by three- i : v t ' ; .. : . r . o P back. . .&*t%iuJ, we so <lo«-n in the cbttrn aii<l sorub and cltau it t o your sat- Mactlon and repair U if ::ie nov« . mouey back. U et->rs in. he March, Sir Guy Statdin; lyn Venible. In less capable hvir.d: of Iteath TtLkes a HoEdtty would" _, [a mere travesty. The very idea ~Jt liecith visiting the eartii and oegkc- the plot ! Guarantwd or Outside Clstenis §•» Inside CUtems $2.50 Here for only a fc- w days. R. E. QUINTUS The Woodchucfc Is Thrifty- Are You ? "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?" Open Your Thrift Account Witn Us Today! The Algona Building! toan Association You answer that question and answer this one. "How much ca$l could you accumulate if you s»T«H all the cash that you shonl Ten per cent of your ineo should be saved, if your income is | $150.00 per month. You sho invest $15.00 each montli in thrift account with this »sso*| tion. Under the present rat* earning, in 80 years you V0t I have the neat sum of $S,30<MM your credit. " H. R. Cowan, President C. R. La Barre, Sec*y-Treas. H. P. Weaver M. G. Norton, vice- G. W. Stillmau, xv « M e -"l>e« of the Board ». B. Quarton j. j. jtcEToy A. I*

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