Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 12, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, April 12, 1934
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Weather show- ALGONA, IOWA, APRIL 12, 1934 12 Pages Number 30 PLAN [COUNT Y MUSIC PROGRAM HERE [j Kossuth Musical Event Saturday at High School. jte third annual county school J c festival will take place Sat iJnightatr.SOat the high C itorium here. Music pu- in junior and senior higlh M ]5will.take part under super, ion of fle music directors, re *ill be approximately 14 J Tin a boys' glee club and 280 i B iris'gleeclub ; 2&5inamix- s-135 in a junior chorus; lestras; and 200 in bands. I not be a contest, and no i will toe made. 'All numbers' » ud given by combined groups ,om the sdhools represented. Addon charges of 16c for adults 10c for school pupils wil'l be ,<ie flhe event is expected to ing large groups to Algona from 1 Kossuth towns. Bchcarsnls Saturday. Inehearsals will begin Saturday owing at 8 o'clock, and there will _i instrumental rehearsals in the forenoon and vocal rehearsals m ! afternoon. The program, with iies and towns of directors, fol- _re: Jrchestra— [llardhe Romaine, Sidney Wilcox, I Grant township. I Urgo, \V. A. Barrett, Ledyard. {Chanson Triste, iSiguard Fardal, I Grant. Girls Glee Club- fin the Time of Roses, Frances: I Dahl, Swea City. I Butterfly, Butterfly, ilrma Camp- I bell, Titonka. I Hear tlhe Bees A-<Humming, I Candave Packard, Wesley, •unior High Chorus—i 1 Cradle Song, Anna Overgaard, •Burt. A Merry Life, Mrs. Viola Bishop, } Lone Rock. Boys' Glee Club— I Edhoes of Woodland, 'Irma Camphell, Titonka. Song of the Sea, Earl Josten, 1 Swea City. Song of the Open Road, Grace j (Miller, Algona. Mixed Chorus— As Torrents in the Summer, .Mre. Opal Morrison, Lu Verne. Kerry Dance, .Esther Smith, Fen- j ton. • •• Short'nin 1 Bread, Grace Miller, | Algona. Band- Military Escort, Hugh Croft, Fen| ton. | Dawn, D. Wane Collins, Algona. > The Magic Garden, Earl Josten, Swea City. Sbenandoah, Wilcox, Grant twp. PAVING PROJECT TO BE BEGUNJN APRIL Tearing Up the old paving , Papers ALL KOSSUTH SIGNERS ARE IN THE LIST Names in Five Townships Appear in the Advance. Corn-Hog Statements A complete and official list of corn-hog contract signers in Union, Riverdalc, Prairie, Shennnn, and Springfield townships will be found on page 0 of th's section of today's Advance. Percy Kuhn, Algona Youth, Brutally Beaten by Pair of Maulers Sunday Night 'Percy Kuhn, porter at the Clement & Briggs barber shop under the Algona ihotel, is in critical condition at his home as the result of a severe beating Sunday night in which Ihe suffered a fractured skull, with probable (hemorrhage of the (Names of the corn-hog contract signers, with, numiber of acres of corn in 1932-1933 and number of hogs raised or purchased in the r „ on L , ---- from Jones to Phillips gnd thence a block south to <Mc» scheduled to start soon) •*. . 20> when a Paving crew |s expected. Either of two methods may be «ea tq remove the old paving, paving plow hauled by uty tractor may be used. \ furrow and (breaks the, wivV^ 1 "*" in . muca tne w _«»y that an ordinary plow in a field, method would be hand •ouirt *;'" , piclc and maul - Tnis ke mnr 0 V ab ° rious P rocess *e more time, but it may bf «ler to give idle A« -;--- n ent. Arter the navinz has ibe hauled i trucks. _ must ibe 20. .It will ibe ful -- McGregor, bul to the fair grounds When the m ° n "* will be only one °f paving on ''eas the Ma- same years, are ibeing published this week in Kossutlh county newspapers. The list for five townships —Union, Riyerdale, Sherman, Prai- rei, and Springfield—appears in today's Advance. One object of the publication, which is made by the corn-lhog allotment committee for the entire county, is to let farmers check up on any mistakes and correct er- approved. This applies to t)he figures for both themselves and others. The number of acres set aside under the corn reduction program is also given for a similar check up to make certain that each signer lives up to his contract. Form for 'Corrections. The county corn-hog program has been entirely fanner controlled, and tlhe management consists of contract signers. In many cases workers !had no means of being certain that farmers signing contracts were giving facts,, and in a number of cases the signers themselves were not certain, having kept no records. A form in today's Advance provides for reports to the county allotment committee by farmers who otice errors. The names of all whc eport corrections in a statement ill be kept secret. Farmers agains 1hom corrections are suggested be asked to appear before the ommittee and prove their figures re correct. Corrections will be made when appropriate. Payments in Installments. [Payment of Benefits will be has d on 30c a bushel for the estimat d yield of land set aside for non reduction. Thus if a farmer ha et aside 20 acres with an estimat d yield of 30 bushels .to tlhe acr e will receive $180. Payments wil e made in installments. Benefit payments under the ho; eduction program are based on th .verage number of hogs raised ii 932-1933. Farmers are allowed t raise up to 76 per cent of the aver age and will be paid $5 a head fo he 7'5 per cent irrespective o rfh«ther t!hat many are raised. Thus if a fanner had an averag >f 100 hogs for 1932-1933 he wi' •eceive a hog benefit of $5 on 75, o 376 no matter whether Ihe raise any number under 75 this year. H pre- the the Swift plant cers Looking Bail Jumper or v oun *' ' Oharles faile <» when a a case of wi Ib0en heard - two weeks ago to Chwofcee, Past Masters Will Confer 3rd Degree The annual past-masters meeting will bo held at tlhe Masonic Temple tomorrow night. Dinner JOINT LEGION & AUXILIARY MEETJS HELD 3ne Hundred Eighty are Registered at Titonka. brain. The beating left" his face a mass of pulp. A temperature of 104 was reported yesterday, and the young man's condition was described as serious, but if meningitis or oUher com.plica.tion does not result there is a chance that he will recover. Kesenls Stranger's llemark. Kulhn was blackjacked by men who then kicked him in the face 11 Ihe was unconscious. Four men ere parked in a car near the site f the old brick and tile factory cross the track from the north nd of Thorington street. They ere talking with a girl with wlhom Culm had a date, and wlhen he re- ented something that was said an ngry argument ensued. Jn the 'heat of argument Kuhn. •as hit on the (head and knocked own, whereupon two men kirked im till he was insensible. Most of ne blows were directed at his face, tlhich was so pounded as to be un- ecognizable. Attackers Escape. Tlhe men in the car then drove . will be served at 6:30, but work will begin at 4 ,p. m. dn the evening the master Mason's degree will be conferred on candidates by tlhe past-masters. An invitation to attend this meeting has been extended to members of Convith lodge, and delegates are also expected from the Burt, Buffalo Center, and Armstrong 'lodges. Kermit Forbes and R. J. Harrington will receive the third degree. A joint county Legion-Auxiliary meeting was held at Titonka Tues- ay night, and 180 registered. Ida jarson, Swea City, county Auxil- ary president, and .L. M. Merritt, ounty commander, presided. W. E. McDonald, member of Corn-Hog. (Continued on page 8.) Barry Installing New Bar Fixtures W. A. Barry is installing this week a new system of counters and >eer taps. This replaces the beer ap installed last year when beer became legal. The new system consists of two counters with four faucets to give patrons quicker service. Beer ia cooled in a special cold storage room in the (basement and pumped cold into the faucets. Just before; t reaches the faucets, it runs through coils in which it is further cooled. The new counters are the latest .bing, and are considered a great "improvement. Two From Kossuth Win AmesNumerals Two Kossuth boys were awarded honors when George Veenker, athletic •director, Iowa State college, gave out announcements in winter quarter sports at Ames Friday. Edmond Norton, Algona, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Norton, Algona, wa| one 'of .ten 'boys wlho received wrestling numerals, and Burton Thomson, Swea City, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomson, former Algonians, was one of 14 who won basketball numerals. ff, and when Kuhn regained con- ciousness lie staggered up Thor- ngton street hill, then cut across! o 'soutlh Dodge, where he collapsed after ringing tihe doorbell at G. D. Shumway's. iMr. Shumway is act- ng county attorney, and Kuhn vanted him to get out a warrant or the quartet who beat him up. IMr. Shumway was up town, but neighbors were called, and Ihe was aken to Dr. P. V. Janse's office, vhere stitches were required to close the wound in his head and split corners of the mouth. .He was .hen taken Ihome and immediately jecanve dangerously sick. Local Youths Arrested. George Willey Jr. and M. F. Duffy were arrested 'Sunday evening on warrants issued by Justice Wnite in connection with the beating, but they claim it was two traveling men with them who beat up Kuhn and tlhat they had nothing to do witlh it. Hearings were held Monday before Justice White, who sentenced Willey to ten days in jail on a drunkenness charge, and assessed! a $10 fine, plus $-5 costs on a drunkenness charge against Duffy. Warrants are put for the traveling men, who skipped out, and they are charged witlli assault with intent to do great bodily harm. It is reported that they were making a canvass of the town to obtain vacuum cleaning repair jobs. Girl Not Enlightening. Duffy was with the vacuum cleaner repairmen, and is no relation to the local Duffys. The girl. Hulda Worthington, of Lone Rock neighborhood, was questioned by Marshal Frank Green, but sihe could add no cause for the fracas. iShe had been going with Kuhn some. She was not held. The Ihear- ng established pretty definitely hat Willey and Duffy had no part n the beating of Kuhn, and she ubstantiated Uhe. testimony. The girl has been employed at several lome in the northwest part of town! as a maid. ^ Spencer Hatcher is Not Candidate According to the Peterson Pariot, the story in last week's Advance saying that M. E._ 'DeWolf, Spencer hatcher who got into NRA .rouble, would be a candidate for Ihe republican nomination for congress was in error. Instead the candidate ia the hatcher's father, and it happens that they have tihe iame initials. The elder De Wolf s an Indianola bank receiver, but maintains his legal residence at Spencer. Thomas McBride, Sioux iity, is a candidate against him in ATHLETES AT H, S. ARE IN TRAINING FOR TRACK EVENTS High school athletes were getting into shape last week for the track season. There are six meets on the schedule, the first at the State Teachers college next weel Saturday. The Drake relays are set for the following week, on Fri day and 'Saturday, April 27-28. The 'North Central Six conference meet is scheduled to be held her Saturday, May .5, and the distric and the state meets will take place in the next two weeks respectively 'Coach Kenneth Mercer plans t take several contestants to th South Dakota state relays in May The prospects favor a good loca team. In the dashes Charles Cretz meyer, Hilton, and Sands are show ing promise. Guderian, Shackel ford, and Sarchett will be th mainstays of the team, in the 440 yd. dash and the half and mil runs. tJhe loard of supervisors, and Mrs. Lar- pn talked on the emergency re- ief gurden program of whidh the Auxiliary will be in charge this fear. Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, of Britt, eighth district auxiliary president, Britt, gave a report and review of tate and district Auxiliary activities. Joe Gralbam, Forest City, Winnebago county commander, alkecl on activities in his county, and Lester Prewitt, Forest City, raves registration director in this li strict, gave a talk on Ihis work. The Legion is making a permanent record of the service .record, iburial places, etc., of deceased World war veterans in Iowa. Disabled Veteran Introduced. Tony Sorensen, Rich Point, disabled World war veteran who makes all poppies which will be sold in the county before Decoration day, was introduced. Edw. Dehnert, of the Hagg Post rifle team wlhich has just placed third in a state championship match, was also introduced. SHORT COURT SESSION IS HELDJERE FRIDAY Melvern Craven, Titonka, was sentenced to six months dn jail Saturday by Judge IF. C. Davidson! on a charge of desertion of wife and child. He pleaded guilty, and after sentence was paroled to Sheriff Carl iDahlhauser. O. D. Castleman was granted suspension of the remainder of a sentence imposed on a charge of driving while drunk, and was paroled to W. E. McDonald. Castleman was .sentenced January 29, and had iserved two months of a three months sentence. Judge 'Davidson held court Saturday for a few hours to sign orders and complete defaults. Judges Heald and Davidson are taking turns at holding short sessions of court in counties scheduled for Judge DeflLand, whose wife is still critically sick, and one of them is expected 'here next Monday for a week of petit jury and other cases. COMMITTEES NAMED FOR COUNTRY CLUB; DUES NOT CHANGED Candidates Have 3 Weeks to File Candidates for state office, congress, and the legislature have till a week from next Wednesday, or April 25, in which to file nomination papers. Candidates for county office (have till Saturday, May 5 The primary election takes place June 4, and the republican and county convention June 30th. In field events Dick Post an Bruns will fill vacancies left b Cowan and Nordstrom, who las year won honors. Guderian, one o the best distance men Algona ha had in recent years, will be lost t the team after May 8, when he wi reach his 20th birthday and auto matically become ineligible for fur ther competition in high schoi athletics. Coach IMercer was planning las week to begin spring football practice as soon as snow was gone from the athletic field and it became dry enough for use. Nearly 30 athletes have been out for spring football practice. Coadh Mercer is spending most of the time practicing new formations and getting the players acquainted witlh, new football rules. 'Four important new rules have been adopted. Now the players can pass from anywhere back of the scrimmage line instead of having to drop back five yards as before. There is now no 5-yard penalty for a second incomplete pass. Another new rule gives the passing team only loss of a down instead of losing the ball when it is •passed over the goal line; also, now, when out of bounds the ball is brouglht in 15 yards instead of ten yards. Tlhe principal speaker was Attor- new Donald Hutchison, Algona, who spoke on membership in the 'Legion and refuted erroneous -statements in newspaper news and editorials, including a few county paipers, that the bonus bill was .passed over the president's veto and that checks would be mailed .within a short time. Speaker Corrects Newspapers. The fact is, Mr. Hutchison said, that no .bill relating to veterans adjusted compensation had been passed over the president's veto, and apparently the bill referred to was the independent offices appropriation bill, which did include a clause for a raise in compensation lor disabled World war veterans. After the program refreshments were served by the Titonka Auxiliary, and after lunch there was! dancing. Algonians who attended were Messrs, and Mesdames iL. M. 'Merritt, V. V. Naudain, JoJhn Dutton, G. 'D. Brundage, Harry Hargreaves, W. E. McDonald, Joe Bloom, M. J. Country club committees named at a meeting of the board of directors Monday evening are: House—iF. L. McMahon, chairman, W. F. Steele, F. D Mathes; greens and grounds—F. E. Kent, Albert Ogren, M. J. iPool; tournament—!R. J. Harrington, Clifford Frane; membership—P. J. Ohris- tensen, R. H. Miller, G. W. Stillman. The house committee is to appoint a subsidiary .social committee which will lhave charge of parties. There was some discussion of dropping afternoon parties because of low attendance last year . 'Dues for the year were fixed at the same rates as in preceding years, $20 for regular members; ALGONA'S NEW WATER TOWER NOW IN USE Pressure Higher and Leaky Faucets Are Expensive. Algona has been using water from the new tower since 8 o'clock Monday morning, when the tower was connected with the water mains for ,t)he first time. The .tank has been painted in aluminum, with the six legs, the braces, and the catwalk in black. Two coats of the aluminum were laid, the first with bruslh, the second with paint guns. The inside of the tank was painted and thor- ougihly cleaned before being put into use. The tank was first filled some weeks ago, when the workmen) came back to fix any leaks which might have appeared. Testing of the tank was not possible last fall, when it was erected, because the water would have frozen and filled cracks. Tlhe tank has been filled and drained several times since then, the last time last week. Tower 140 Feet Higlu The tower rises 140 feet in air and has a capacity of more than. 300,000 gallons. The tank, the filtration plant, and the underground reservoirs at the rear of .the power plant now bring the total supply of water always on hand nearly to 800,000 gallons. The old standpipe held only 100,000 gallons. The height of the tank is 40 feet more tihan the old standpipe's, so water pressure in the mains and at faucets is now greater, the aver- SEEKS G, 0, P, CHOICE FOR LEGISLATURE Hot Battle Looms ilk the Campaign for Election. Interest in county politics wadt stirred Tuesday by announcement that C. R. Schoby, ol Riverdalet townsfoip, is a candidate for th€t republican nomination for representative. (It is expected tihat Represents)-, tive A. H. Bonnstetter, West Bend,, who served in the regular session! of .the 44th General Assembly and. in the regular and extra session of the 45th G. A., will he a candidate^ for a third term on -fine democratic* ticket. Tihis will assure a lively battle^, for both Mr. Schoby and Mr. Bonn-- stetter are able, of high standing 1 , and widely known. It is assume<£ that there will be no opposition t<* either in Uhe primary election. G. 0. P. View on Bonnstetter. There lhas been no complaint aa regards Representative Bonnstet* ter's service in the two regulaij- sessions. A good many republican* feel, however, that in the late extrai session he was not voting independ* ently, as he .did in tihe regular ses>«- sions, but as a state administratioa democrat. Evidence of this partisan bias iak alleged in (his votes in favor of the unpopular sales tax against neces- sides as well as luxuries and in bis, favorable vote on making littltt shops and factories subject to N'RA r as well as in his vote for the $2 old age head tax against everybody Eleanor Rahm Out for Recorder ?30 for club-privilege members the first year, $25 a year thereafter; ?10 for associate membership; and $12.50 for non-resident members. Green fees are $7.50 a month and do not include (house privileges except slhowers. Three memberships have been transferred to the cluib and the certificates cancelled. These shares; had been inactive for some years. The numiber of inactive memberships has been materially reduced, some haying been turned back for cancellation, others having been sold to new actives last year. A few have been reinstated as actives. The demand for new memberships has had an effect on prices for remaining inactive memberships, and nominal sums at wlhich inactive memberships were transferred last year are no longer in effect, double or .triple last year's figures now being asked. Streit, Charles Hutchison, John 'Bamnger, Mr. Momyer, sister Eleanor Rahm, St. Benedict, has announced candidacy for the democratic nomination for county recorder. This is the first and may be the only instance this year of opposition in the same party for a democrat now in county office. tfiss Rahm is the daughter of the ate Jos. Rahm, St. Benedict, and 'or some years she worked in the People's Savings bank there. For a time last year she _ was employed n the recorder's office. iMaxine, Mrs. CH. L. Gilmore, Mrs. Maurice Bartholomew, Estelle Arnold, and Mrs. Fred Bartholomew. Bowling at End; Farmers Victors The Algona bowling league, wlhich. ibad toowled three nights a week all winter in the basement at Barry's, ended the season last night, with the Farmers team well in the lead. Tlhe alleys .will be closed Saturday evening. The Barry team and Hank's Coltsi bowled their last match Monday evening, the latter winning 1 all three games. Jesse Schmidt was the only regular member of the iBarry's team present, so three "John Does" bowled with 'him. John Doe scores in the tournament count only 145 regardless of higher scores. ;.H* , he primaries. The present congressman is Guy M. Gillette, Cher- >kee, a democrat. Avery to Run for Legislature Again A H. Avery has announced candidacy lor renomination on the republican ticket for Clay county representative. If he wins and is elected he will serve his third term, but only his second term consecutively. He served in the 43rd G A. but was defeated for renom- ination, and his opponent was in turn defeated by a democrat in the fall election. After tlhe session a year ago the democrat resigned to ^another state job and Av ery chosen to fill 'the vacancy. Plant Highway Trees. Workmen from the maintenance department of the state highway commission are planting trees this . ,^ .•_ *ka "V I E" formed by tne week in intersection of Nos. 18 160 north will be elms. Used Clothing is Urgent Necessity At the request of Antoinette Bonnstetter, the local 'Legion Auxiliary unit will sponsor another used-clothing drive. There is great need for used'clothing for tooth children and adults, Miss iBonnstet- ter reports. The clothing will be collected April 18, and anyone having donations may call Mrs. E. R. Morrison, Mrs. T. T. Herbst, Mrs. T. iL. Larson, Mrs. Glenn McMurray, or Mrs. G. D. Brundage. Dividend at Swea City. H. V. Hull, Algona, who is examiner-in-charge of the (Farmers Savings bank, Swea City, as well as the Kossuth County State and other banks here, is paying a ten per cent dividend at ISwea City. This is the second dividend, and the first was also lor 10 per cent. The amount now released is $14.600. * Novel Golf Scheme. A group of traveling men plan to open a private golf cpurse on the Hugh McMahon larm, hear Irvington. They will use a pasture wita nine sand greens and expect to got by at an expense each of f 10 to Tuesday evening the Coryell and Phillips teams bowled, Coryell winning two of three games. ILast night the Farmers bowled the! iourthouse Rats. Standings of .tlhe tournament up ;o last night's final between the Farmers and the Courthouse Rats Won ..'20 -32 were: Barry's .—•— lolts Phillips 34 loryell £7 Farmers 85 tourthouse '28 Lost 40, 28 26 32 22 29 Kittenballers to Meet to Organize for Summer Play Kittenball players and others interested in a local league are invited to attend a meeting at the Legion hall tomorrow evening. Organization of a league for the season will be discussed and officers elected. An opening practice kittenball game took place Sunday between the RCA team of last year and the Sinclair team, wlhich lhas been reorganized. The game ended 8-2 in ROA's favor. Another practice game will played next Sunday afternoon 2:30 (between iRlCA and Skelly, will take place at Athletic park. Fishermen Tempt Trout. Nearly twenty-five local fishermen traveled to eastern Iowa Saturday and Sunday to fish for trout, the season (having opened April 1. A number of other fishermen have been to nearby .lakes for bullheads. Amon'g the eastern Iowa sportsmen were A. W. Amunson, D. H. Goeders,-G/lenn MdMurmy, G. H; Ogg, and Mr, and Mrs. G. F. Towne. ~ ; ' age being nearly ten pounds more. The business district faucets formerly had about 40 pounds of pressure, 'but now there is nearly BO. At the foot of the swimming pool hill the pressure is now nearly 85 pounds. Leaky faucets wthich only dripped before will now run almost a steady stream, because of the increase in pressure, and it stands everyone in/ hand to see that they are fixed. Wrecking Old 'Standpipe. Tearing down of the old .standpipe began Monday morning. Forty feet or eiglht rings will be taken down, and the rest of the standpipe will be used as a cooling plant for water wlhich cools the big power engines. The wrecking will cost the city $95, but the debris will be sold at $70, whidh will leave the actual cost only $25. A different con- .ractor is doing this job. It isi ;hougiht that the work will take! less than a week. A canvas is be- ng used above the ground to pro- :ect .persons below from falling rivets. Light for New Tank. The water in the standpipe is be- be at It ing kept at only a few feet below the workmen to break a possible fall inside the tank. The men work on scaffolding attadhed to the sides. A 1000-watt light will be erected on top of the tower inside an 18- inch red glass globe. .This will make the light visible nearly ten miles. 'oved 21. This head tax will continue for life. It is said that Mr. Bonnstettep entertains speakership ambitions int case of re-election, wlhich may explain his party regularity in the» extra session. W_here partisan 'blast is not charged, his Ihigh ability, integrity, and legislative usefulnesst are not in question, and this is aa true .among republicans as amongj democrats. Schoby Against Sales Tax. Mr. Schoby is in general sympathy with the aims of the national democratic administration, but he ist opposed to ,tihe general sales tax on the ground that it is a burden on the necessities of the poor an& lets the well-to-do and .the rich o£ff too liglhtly. He is also opposed tot new taxation whidh does not servet to reduce the property tax burden. His attitude on state questions will be developed as the campaign proceeds. Mr. Bonnstetter, who is the son. of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bonnstet- ier, Algona, is farming in Garfield township, and was born near West Bend 'November 20,1893, being now in his 42nd year. He was educated there, at HiglMand Park college-., Des Moines, and at Valparaiso university, Indiana. He took a four- year course at Valparaiso. In 1919- be married Charlotte Anderegg, and they have one son. ., , Schoby is Dairy Farmer. Mr. Schoby was born in Illinoii County Will Again Have Potato Patch Tihe county owns a 40-acre tract of land adjoining the Curran farm in Sherman township, and the board of supervisors has made the same arrangements witih Mr. CUT- ran and his sons for planting 30 acres of 'the tract to potatoes for the poor that were in effect last year. 'Last year 6,000 Ibushels were raised, and the board still has a large supply stored in th« basement of the Northwestern hotel, '500 bushesl of which will be used for this 'Season's seed. and is 40. He was brought to Kossuth county by his parents wlhen ha was seven, 'and has lived in tlhe Algona neighborhood ever since. In. 1911 he was graduated from the Algona high school. He lias been active in county farming cricles and for many years lhas had one of the) leading Kossuth dairy herds. At present he is living on the, S. A» Worster farm. Recently Mr. Schoby was appointed on a state dairy committe» Legislature. (Continued on page 8.) ALGONA Markets Demo Aspirant Out of Congress Race John H. Mitchell, Fort Dodge, Webster county representative in the legislature, recently announced candidacy for the democratic congressional nomination in the eigthth listrict, but has reconsidered and instead will run again,for the legislature. This, it is 'believed, leaves only one democratic candidate in the field, a lawyer in the south end of the district. It is .taken for granted that Congressman Gildh'rist will toe the only republican candidate in the primaries. Permit Blanks Here. Treasurer M. J. (Duffy has received a supply of application! blanks for use by businessmen who have to secure operating .permits under tihe new state sales tax law. They are supposed to toe filled out before April 20. Algona Rifle Team Wins Third in State Contest The Hagg post rifle team recently placed third in a state rifle match. Results were received 'by letter Monday. Tflie shooting was done on each team's own range and the scores sent to state bead- quarters, where they were compiled and results sent out. Twelve' teams took part. First was won by Becker-Chapman post, Waterloo, ecore 1402, and Argonne post, Des Moines, was second with 13&6. The score here was 1384. Otber teams in the league were another CDes Moines team, Sioux City (four teams), Jewell, Vinton, Carson, and Sheldon. (Shooting for Hagg Post were H. B. Stephenson, Algona, and four 'Lu Verne men; Edward H. Dehnert, Mike and Nick Altman, and Lyle Miller. The Altmans have for Bonne years been sharpshooters and lhave won national [honors. Mr. Dehnert was entered in, a match at Iowa City last -week, and lis picture appeared in the sports section of Monday's Des Moines Register. The locals had only 24 hours in which to slhoot when they received notice that they could enter the state meet. In such a short time no preliminary elimination matches could be held, so only the five men turned in scores. Tlhisi was tiw first match the locals lhad enterec and they are pleased with theii standing. The locals were also handicap ped by the fact that tihey are accustomed to shoot with telescopic sigfbte on a 75-ft. range, but th« match called for iron sights 01 only a 50-ft range. Against eucfh. disadvantages •&< locals feel that they did well, bu itihey plan to hold eliminatioi matches before entering a team u future state matches. 140 pounds 160 pounds HOGS $2.75 Bes,t md wt 160-180 Ibs $3.0» Best md wt 200 to 260. $3.40 Heavy Butchers 260 to 300 $3.3tt Prime hvy butchers 300 to 350 |3.'25 Bast 'Pack, sows 300 ltd 350 .. *2.7O Packing sows 350 to 600 .... $3.6,0 Big Jivy sows 400 to 500 .... $2.50) CATTLE Canners and Cutters .. $11.00 to $1-75 Fat cows $1.T5 to $2.'50 Veal Calves $3.00 to $4.00 Fait Stteeva $4.00 to $5.*Q> Stock Steers $2.50 to $3.50 Yearlings $3.00 to $4.0<J Bulls $1.60 o $2.25 GRAIN No. 2 yellow corn 36 & No. 2 white corn. 37% ! No. 3 white oats 25 No. 2 mixed corn EGGS. No. 1 H No. 2 0» Cash cream 19<* POULTRY. Stags 'large breed To Ail heavy bred hena 10) Leghorn toena , 9 Cooka __........(§).. *o Ducks over 4% 19 Puoks under , 60 , 5e Leghorn Stags Turkeys Beef Hwee

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