Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN CHRIS JENSENS, OF IRVINGTON, 20 YEARS WED Irvkiirtoii, April. a—Mr, and Mrs. Chris .Tendon on.torlalni'd last week Sunday ovc-tving-. the occ'.islon their 20th w<Mlditi!? anniversary. Guests •were Messrs. and Mosdaincs Charlrp Eifd, !'•. If. Ktirllnsramo, Cliris Chase, T. 10. Wlckwli-o, Frank Ki- Eeiibartli and William Dunlap. -Mrs. Jensen's fatlicr, Thomas filaln, near Sexton, find her brother wore also f^uost.s. The evening was spent at cards after which lunch was servod. Later In the evening the youngor Jlr. Blain, Jtr. .Tenspn, and 'Mr. K( entertained at Mrs. .lenson ai violin music, ; accompanist. with The elder Mr. lilain gave Scottish readings, ono of which was "When Man Was Hade to Mourn." Mr. txnd Mrs. Jensen received a number of gifts. English Preaches Sermon Scries- THURSDAY, APRIL 5 Wilmn l'ate is Bride I month is child welfare, Mrs. May Wilma Pate and Laurence Brown!Fox chairman, Mrs. Cora Sterling were married at the C. L Ingersoll i assisting. There will be ft vocal home at 2:45 Sunday afternoon.' solo by Berniee Wilson and a read- The single ring ceremony was per-ling by Kathleen Evans. Mrs. John formed in the presence of 40 rela- jKohlh.aas will be in charge of relives and friends by the Rev. Win.'freshments and bridge. 'Baddeley, Lu Verne. Master lilies,! palms, and snap-dragons furnished 'Light; Hearers to Jlect- deconitions. Betty Gunn played I The Presbyterian Light Bearers Love You Truly. will meet at the church Saturday at The bride is a daughter ot iUr.n : 30; hostess, Ayada Bingaman and Mrs. Samuel S. Pate, Wool-[Dorothy Dailey will lead devotion- stcok, and was graduated from theials, and the study book will he in. Woolstock high school in 1931. She 'charge of AVilma. Moore. Bean bags wore a dress of blue crepe and cat 1 -land holders will he turned in, and ried a bouquet of roses. She was attended by Mrs. H. 0. Nail, Woolstock, and was given away in marriage by Mr. Ingersoll. something new will be started for the mission box. 1). A. It. to Meet Tuesday— ST, CECELIA'S SENIORS WILL PRESENT PLAY Next Sunday evening at 8 m the Academy auditorium the seniors of St. Cecelia's academy will present their class play, Who Wouldn't Bo PENSION (Continued from page 1.) Crazy? This is a comedy in three acts. The plot 1. contero,! »l>oul . young the poor in their districts respectively. The old age pension law will add to his duties. Mem'bers of the county board will receive expenses, hut no per diem. They will receive traveling expenses, which will probably include a mileage allowance. The iboard may appoint one or more "local investigators" and fix their compensation. (ONGHKU/Vi'lONAti, Ilnbt. interned forj mild mental cases, and his father ]Vcw State Head Tax. To provide funds for old age _ t ______________ decides to let him stay there to be j pensions a new state head tax of a cured ot his speed mania. j dollar on all persons over 21 has How "Speedy" makes events takej.h een provided for in the new law. Mrs. Arthur Brown, Mitchellville, and was graduated from the Prairie City high 'school in 1930. At Simpson college, Indianola, 'he was a member of the Commons clu'b. The .special passion week sermons He is now employed at the Swift last wwk Tuesday. Wednesday, a ml'plant here. He was attended by 'Mr. Nail. (Following the ceremony, ice cream and cake were served to the guests. The couple are now at 'home at 15 E. Harlan. Out of town guests were Mr. and Mr. Brown is a son of Mr. and j The D. A R will meet next Tues- a most unexpected turn is worth. 1 seeing and hearing. Exciting events Women as well as men must pa_y this head tax. The dollar tax is .Thursday evenings by the Rev. A. English English wore wcl attended. Mr. took his listeners stop by step through the trials and triumphs of tihe Savior from the time He entered. Jerusalem till after the betrayal by Judas. Tuesday evening the characteristic of the phasiaed \vus service Savior em- day at one oclock with Ella Thompson at her home. A covered-dish luncheon will 'be served. Assisting hostesses will foe Mrs. W. L. Whitney and Mrs. L. E. Fairbanks, and Mrs. D. D. Paxson will have charge of the program. Guild Circle WH Meet— The iPresbyterian Westminster Guild Circle will meet at the church Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock; 'hostesses, Edna Johnson, spinal Mrs. Arthur Brown, Mitchellville,[Annette Hanson. Devotionals will Ome J Tr e ii v * U n T 1 f.,. .1 /-i „. .1. n « f n . ii,. /~i,,....~l 1 i _•__ _ 1. _* 'Tlii *1. 13ii +-fe> on/1 Vlllcl .IXC j t the Lloyd Genber family, Carroll,!be in charge of Ruth Butts, and Wednesday | Mr atl( j Mrs. Gaylord Sexe, Hum-[chapter 8 of the study book in. evening, prayer; and Thursday even- [h o ldt, Hazel Pate, Port Dodge. charge of Glendora tBurhank ing,, humility The story of >ihe crucifixion which Mr lhavo told Friday dropped because of drifted roads. English was to afternoon was I'.-T. A. Wil Elect Officers— The April meeting of the P.-T. A. i. will l>e held at the high_ .school chicken pie supper at the church .- jTinilrlinp 1 novf ATnnrlnv nio'lif n f ! ~ . , " Chicken Supper Saturday— The Baptist Aid will serve a Sunday Mr. English preached on In- (building next Monday night at I Saturday!" from curtain call to Between acts clever novelty dances will add to the entertainment. The cast follows: Inmate No. 1, Raymond Jennett. Inmate No. 2, Mabel Kohl. Pluribus, general utility at sanitarium, Joseph iLichter. Pendie, Miss Meredith's colored maid, Anna Schick. Miss -Lavelle, head nurse, Catherine Seilzer. 'Mr. Higgins, superintendent, fallible Trillins uf the Resurrection, 7:45. After election of officers,! using as his text Acts, 1:3. There there wil'l be music by Mrs. M. A.' was a large congregation, and a sne- .gjostrand, and Dr.Verplanck Magd- clai ottering of $17 was received. l s i c k, Charles City, one of the state Mr. Marshall, of the board of directors, Joseph Dalilhauser. Jack, alias "Speedy," his son, Vernon Kohlhaas. Lois Meredith, visitor, Irene Capesius. Reggie Smith, admirer of iLois, The quarterly communion •will be held next Sunday morning. service P._T. A . v i ce presidents, will speak Scarlet Fever Closes School — School was closed here last week Tuesday because of scarlet fever, and will remain clo-<ed all this week. Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kay Sankey, so far is the only one suf on children's summer "roundup" which will be conducted here this year for the first time. Doctor Magcisick is an able speaker, and the local P.-T. A. invites all patrons and other J _ friends of both schools here to at- Other Society. fering with the disea.sc. However, • tend. cy. and tho director, Armour Lem- Aurill.., 1. ITeet- Leg . ] ° A " xlllar >' kc*. thought it best to take prccau- tions. An ICuster party which the teachoiK had planned for last Thurs- , session. day had .to be given up. but sacks ! Of Easter candy fouod tlieir way to each of the 37 pupils and their Email sisters and brothers. tomorrow night at 7:30, and a 30- minute program will follow a busi- The subject this The W. C. T. U. meets with Mrs. Andrew Peterson next Tuesday, , and Mrs. Jane Clark will lead. All i women interested in prohibition are urged to attend. The Baptist Aid meets today with Mrs. R. Coleman; assisting hostesses, Mesdames E. J. iRawson, R. Cook, C. Johnson, and J. A. Freeh. The Methodist Aid will serve a 1:15 o'clock luncheon at the church today; Mrs. Arthur Helberg's division hostesses. Elizabeth Nugent entertained her bridge club at a theater party last night. BANCROFT BOWLERS DEFEATED HERE IN 3 GAMEHY 'RATS' Woman is Honored— Mrs. M. L. Honey entertainpd this week Monday in honor of her mother. Mrs. Alidit RohKson, wh o was celebrating; .a birthday. Guests were Mrs. Robison's other daughter, Mrs. Nina Sc-liichtl, her eldest son, Home N j ne Bancrofters came to Algona a «T U ';, and s °" r>onaW and u - T - last Thursday evening and howled Smith, Alsona, her only brother, agamst the Courthouse Rats. From ?T' , KaJl , Hpon ' M ,T" y ° UnS " 'Bancroft were Ralph Weber, "Lud" est son, has been unable to return jammers, [Russell Saunders, F. R. lor a v^t m many years. M«. Rob- Runt> Frank Roker _ ^ Sa (, nderSi Dick Underkofler, and Coach Pohl- Em'burger to Speak. The Baptist 'Brotherhood meets next Monday night at the church, and dinner will be served by Messrs. and Mesdames C. H. Taylor, R. A. Clark, and J. A. Freeh. R. W. 'Newell, superintendent of schools at Emmetsburg, will speak. following each other fast and furi- f ot . tll ; s yeal . only, payable before ous give the audience a wonderful |j u ly 1; after July 1, 1934, the an- eveuing in which big laughs chase j nua] ] leac j tax against both men and women over 21 will toe doubled to $2 a year. Men will get credit for their head tax against their road poll tax of $3 a year. Women have no road poll tax, so there will be no offset for them, and the ?2 a year is a new tax against them. Men are subject to the road poll tax only between the ages of 21 and 45. However, the old age head tax follows every man and every woman to the grave after 21, so after 45 there will be no offset for men either, and after that age the old age head tax will also ,be a new tax against them. New Job for Assessors. County Auditor Butler has a copy of the new law. The state board has not yet given out the regulations which will govern its operations. The county board will have to operate under the state hoard's rules, and, besides, may o.perate under additional rules of its own. Lists of persons subject to the Leroy Stoffel. Friends of (Lois—Beatrice, Catherine Streit; Marjorie, Margaree Lichter; Janet, Rita Booley; Lota Lucile Dole; Rose, Frances Winkel; Irma, Laura Hansen; Eileen, Adeline Erpelding; Hazel, Emilia Erpelding; Virginia, Elizabeth Leners; Cecelia, Bernadine Mahoney. Evelyn, wealthy patient, Marita Bestenlehoer. Hardiboiled McCafferty, policeman, Wesley Behlmer. Edward Gordon, Evelyn's fiance, Wade Hansen. Attendants—Bill, John Bestenleh- ner; Bob, Donald Skilling. Poppy Contest Announced. The local Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a poppy poster contest in the local high and grade schools. Four prizes will foe awarded, and the winning posters wil be sent to the state department. State winning posters will be entered in a national poppy poster contest in, which cash awards will be made. tax will he compiled 'by the assessors and certified to the county treasurer, who will spread them on his toooks and collect the tax with other taxes. This will add to the tax records the names of thousands o£ women in every county who have never paid taxes 'before. The county treasurer may have to employ seasonal extra help on this account. All Over 21 Taxed. Assessors have heretofore had to report all men between the ages of 21 and 45 for the poll tax, but now they will have to report all men over 45 also, and, besides, all women over 21. Employers are required to see that the head tax against every employe is paid. If they do noi do so they are themselves liable. Homer, 1'nstor—The Easier 'IMvank- offcrlng meeting ot <tho Woman's nssoclatlon will be liekl In (the offering meeting association will church .this afternoon. Mrs. Harrington's division will have charge of one o'clock luncheon, and following there will bo special music 'and a play. Mrs. Livoly's operation. The Little Thentor Guild will mecit after choir practice' .tonlpht- A luinscry class for children bi>low four Hws bron organized and will moot during tho church service 'hour every Sunday morning. Services for next Sunday: church school, ]0 a., m.; communion, 11; Young People's meeillng, 7 P. m. METHODIST. C. V. Htilso, Pas- ior—The church was filled Easter Siinduy, and extra. chailrs had |to be placed. Tliere ware 30 ba.ptisms, seven babies and 23 adults. Seventysix new members were received, by lotter, 03 by confession of The Aid meets this afternoon for 1:15 o'clock luncheon. Three .now teach era wore elected by the Sunday school board a|t a mooting Monday veiling. Mrs. Wallace McDougal Is new teacher of the biglnners' class, ind Mrs. C. M. Davenport and Lu llle Black are new teachers of the unlor classes. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. Sjos- rnml, Pastor—. The confirmation class meets Saturday morning ait 10. Sunday school next Sunday, II a. m. At 7:30 p. m. itho Woman's Missionary society will sponsor Its annual home festival. Two pageants Mirlst in America and Radnbow o iervlce, will be given. Remember the lublic supper next Tuesday. TRINITY LUTHERAN, V. J. lira- nor, Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school and BBlble class, 10 a. m.; German service, 10:30. The Aid meets this afternoon at Mrs. J. C. Krescnsky's. Quarterly business meeting of the voting church members Sunday after the forenoon services. Confirmation instructions for children Saturday forenoon at 10. PRESBYTERIAN, C. Paul Carlson, Minister— Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; morning worship, 11. Christian Endeavor, 7 p. m. evening service, 8. Annual congregational meeting next Tuesday ing, 7:30. Dr Henry Olson, president Buena Vista college, will preach Sun day evening. Ison revived many gifts, besides a shower of birthday greetings from friends. .She is one of the pioneer women of Irving-ton. man. The first five played in the first game, the last five in the sec- |ond game, and the better players Jesse liakurs In Hard Lurk— iin_the two rounds played in the A recent letter from the Jesse third and final game. Bakers, Selah, Wash , reports that Playing on the Courthouse Rats the whole family han boon having- team were Carl Dahlhauser, Carl severe oases o£ 'the flu. Mr. Baker Pearson, H. B White, E. J. Butler, was sick first, and went to work and Casey Loss. The Algonians too soon, had a rdlaxpe, develop- won all three games: S52-721, 774- ed pneumonia, and was under a doc- 662, and 796-7G4. The totail for Altor's care for some (time. Mrs. Uak- gona was 2422, and for Bancroft, ci-'s father, s. U. Honey, Grand view, 2147. stayed with the Bakers dur- In the bowling league the Farm- Thcy ore former ers have resumed their position at the top, having won 32 games and Jng their illness Irving-ton peopl Buy In Spelling Contest— : lost 22. -Monday night they added three more wins to .the list by TI- n . . 1,111 ^C 111W1C W1I1D LU 'LUC 11SL UV Uc- r^ T ' ' ^ I f" Ot ' an<1 featin ^ the Coryell team in three i* Jxnvis hc-hichtl represented _ ame . The fc , lirfl _._. hafl tn ,,,„ the Irvingtun school in a Spelling contest tut 'the court- „„,.;„„. house, hist week Wednesday. He is i,,"^. In the fifth snide, and he made an games. The third game had to county p] a y e( i over, a tie holding up the round of the tournament excellent lowing, not being spelled be ayed next Week ' ™ (1 the Late Flashes In the Day's News down U,i he was" in the.sever h **™ T ? lead * S ™ a vict ° r ^ grade words. He lost out on "gram- ruesu j»y evening the Court House mar." 'Rats defeated the Barry BowJers in . three games. Only three of the Telephone Officers Roelectod— Bowlers played in the first two Officers and shareholders of tho games, and only two in the last] No. 14 telephone line met ;it the ele- one. A John Doe score is given to vator office last week Tuesday for each player missing. I the annuaj business meeting. ot'H- Last week's bowling standings cers were re-elected; M. L. Roney, Were: j president; Ralph Lage, secretary- "Won treasurer an,l lineman. Directors are Farmers 32 U. B. PranM, a. j. Skilling and Mr. Phillips 30 Roney. Hank's Colts 29 Truck Driver Laid 1'p- .Courthouse" Rats ill Norman Crawford, who operates Barry's Bowlers " " '20 the Algona creamery truck in this | » vicinity, IK off it he job, suffering from blood-poisoning in one leg, the result of a dog bite. The attack occurred at the John Bc-liulz farm early last wet*. Howard Shore, Algona, is substituting for Mr Crawford. Isabel Greenberg to Take Part in Humboldt 'Declam' As winner in the dramatic class in recent inter-high school declamatory contests, Isabel Greenberg, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Greentierg, Algona, will give her selection, The Alien, in a northwest Iowa contest at 'Humholdt at 7:30 next Monday night. There will he three other contestants in her class. The oratorical and humorous classes will have five contestants each. Algona, Estherville, •Humboldt, Madrid, Moville, Onawa, 'San'born, Rolfe, Sergeant 'Bluff, 'Sibley, Sioux City, and Webster City high schools will be represented. "Webster City will be represented <by two contestants, one in oratorical and one in the dramatic class. Employment Office Here Gets 17 Jobs The federal reemployment office over the Iowa State bank has been kept busy registering unemployed. Seventeen men were placed in jobs last week, and the office had 62 callers Monday. Persons who register may be called to work in some other county, this being the only office in this part of the state. Applications for concrete workers, such as slab finishers, form setters, etc., have been received from outside. Housekeepers and-cooks are most in demand, and registration in these lines is low. The unemployed may register with T. A. Trauger, manager, for lines of work in which they excell. Employers in other counties have been writing for workers in specialized fields. Mr. and Mrs. Rofoent Ixwuon, lear Burt, are parents of a eon, >om last Thursday. Mr. Reason Is i brothcr-ln-law of Edward Mawd- loy. Mrs. Southwlelc, Mars-hnlltown, vho 'had been with hor sister, Mrs. Tteorpv .Whnpon, rotvivnett to her iomo last week Thursday. The Aid meets ithls week Thurs- lay wiibh Mrs. Bon Torhune, (Mrs. T. T3. Wlekwlro assisting hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Roy I^eo, Alprona, are parents of a daughter, Betty born last week Wednesday. FOR SALI 2 3-lburner oil s to vcg 2 Stumer IMS m n , good condition ° VC8 ' Monarch r anj , 0 ,„ tion. 2 sewing machines 1 Oliver typewriter place M !w( nf Lj|)| irat, CUT RATE Friday & Saturday Special WHEATIES i FOR. 21 c PUFFED 1H CE 25c MACARONI, SPAGHETTI, EGG NOODLES 3 Packages, 19 cent WASHING POWDER lOc size • 'FOR- MILK Tall cans. 6c TOILET TISSUE 1,000 sheet roll • FOR. 1ft CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP, ., 7 large bars ...t| NAZAREKE, A. W. & Hazel Ir. win, Pastor—Next Sunday: 'Bible School, 9:45. Morning worship, 11. Young people's service, 7 p. m.; preaching, 7:30. Jell Powder, 6 for 25 cenl 2 PKGS. GLOSS STARCH _ 13c NAVY BEANS in 'LBS. ORANGES L 29 "Busiest Little Store in Town" Mrs. Benj. Hynds Loses Her Father Academy Girl Wins 2nd in Iowa ;Fidac Essay Competition The local Legion Auxiliary recently sponsored a Fidac essay contest in Algona puMic and Academy schools on Peace With Security, and two local prizes were awarded, first .place 'being won by Margaret Nelson, second by OL/ucile Dole. This contest was part of a state, national, and international contest, and the first <prize essay \here was forwarded to the Iowa department of the Auxiliary, where it won second honors in state competition, which carried a $7.50 cash award for Margaret from the state department. The Algona Auxiliary is proud of this honor achieved by a sophomore in St. Cecelia's Academy. Jonathan Helm, father of Mrs. Ben Hynds, died at the Kossutih hospital last week Wednesday of cancer. He had been an invalid 15 months since he fell and fractured a bone in the knee. He was iborn at Darlington, Wis., September 20, 1849, and was 84. (He retired from farming and the meat business eight years ago at Plymouth, and ihad since Jived with the Hynds family. Funeral services were held Friday at the Methodist church, Plymouth, in charge of the pastor there, and -burial was also made there. Mrs. Helm lives at Mason City, and a son lives at Huron, S. Dak. Doctor Bourne Speaker. Dr. M. G. Bourne read & <paper on colitis (before a district medical meeting at Clarion last week Tuesday evening, and Monday evening he spoke at Burt on The Conquest I Disease. Lost 22 24 25 28 29 84 Two to C'. C. C. Camps— Dick Watson and Joe 22 Corn Loans Are Made for $7134 to Ex-Ledyard Banker Among corn loans listed this week are 22 for Frank Wiemer, formerly iLedyard, and still, it is be- Ramus' lieved, a leading shareholder in leave this week Tuesday for ilason tlie Ledyard State bank, in which. City to be assigned to re-1'oreatation . he an d the ' a . te E. G. Rich were camps in Iowa. They are the first! personally active in the days whenj Ledyard was the world's hay cen- ;r. Mr. Wiemer, who now lives much of the time in a summer home at in this vk-inity chosen for this work. Shilling Has I'olson Ivy— K. J. Skilling is suffering from a severe case of poison ivy. IKV1-NGTOX NEWS Guests of Jlrs. Bui-bank at Jacob Maasdain's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Harvey, Mr. and Jlrs. Elmer 1'hHlirics, and Mrs. Burbank's 4a-ug-htea-, Edna Hell, all of Algona. Mr. Harvoy is a. brother, Mrs. Phillips a niece., of Mrs. Burbank. Cuciits at the Maasdam homo a week ago Bunday were the Frank DRsworths and the Vernon Robisons. Dorothy JVlawiteley spent a few days at Paul Divnimel'a last week Effie Egcl is spending this week with her sister, Mrs. Oi-an Hudson, iu«ar Burt. Jeannie Lofing, Mason City, is upending an Easter vacation -A-ith her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs (i.. McLean. Mr. and Mi's. Charles Deibtej- were Sunday guests at Uie Egel home. The sons and daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Chua-les Egel, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Chase, Mr. and Mrs. T. E. VVlckwire, Mr. and Mrs. William. Punlap, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eiaenbanth recently hod a parity at th« B. M. Burlingume home. The Frank DUsworths spent last week Tuesday with the Edw. Diite- woKhe, near Burt. Ruby Keopke bp«nt .the day with liei- aunt, Ali-s. Bert M.OI-IOW, also near Bunt. Ruby Is upending this we«k at Algona. the Okohojis, stiM owns acreage of farms near RED CLOVER SEED.—KOSS CA'L- houn, phone 4F11. 7u26tf FOR SALE^-105 SEED OATS, real good quality.—Mike Loss. 10u26tf FIVE FEEDING STEERS 'FOR sale.—nCharles Egel, Irvington, 8u29 GROW, sure to YIELD HEAVY — get Henry Field Seeds at the Gamble Store, Algona. 25-29 FOR SALE—MODERN 6-ROOM house, good location; very reas- FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT acres —grass seed at 60c to 75c per acre. Postal card us today for circular and samples. Hall Roberts' Son, Postville, Iowa. 2Sp28-29 CURIOUS MTTLE WORILDS in the Sky We Cannot iSee! Prof. Lu- ien Rudaux, iDistinguistoed French stronomer, Discusses the Vast lumber of Planets, in The Amer- can Weekly, the Magazine Dis- ributed in next Sunday's Chicago Herald and Examiner. »5u29 onahle.—Call Advance. 10p29 FOR SALE—NORTHERN GROWN soy beans, manehu and Illini, germination tested, $1.75 hu. at FOR SALE — SHETLAND PONY, I farm 1% miles north of Corwith.— Holstein bull, Shropshire huclc.— |A. E. Mullins. H. G. Hamilton, Bancroft. Ilu29 22(2)25tE large Ledyard, EXPERIENCED MAN WANTS 'farm work. Married or single.— IS E. McGregor, phone 323-J. Ilp29 WANT TO BUY—SECOND HAND harness stitching machine and shoe stitcher.—Lars 'Loge, -Eilmore. 14p29-30 SEED CORN IS GOING. OLD customers are ordering. Send 'postal for circulars. Special prices in quantities. Two good Duroc brood sows for April farrow.—A. A. Carlisle, Whittemore, % mile east. p29 and the corn loans in question foot up to $7134. This, it is believed, is the record in Kossuta county, barring the [Sank of Lu Verne receivership, G. S. Buchanan, Algona, which some weeks ago filed corn loans aggregating some $13,000. FOR SALE—1-5 HEAD horses and colts.—Harley Hanson, 2 miles east and 2 miles north of Wesley. 18p27-29 RAWLEIGH MEN MAKE GOOD money. Supply everyday household necessities to Rawleigh routes of 800 family users in Algona. Ambitious men can start earning $25 weekly and up. We furnish everything (but the car. Write immedi- FOR SALE—TEAM OF WORK horses.—Geo. H. Johnson, one mile east of Rich Point elevator, or 6 miles southeast of Algona. 20p29 USED RUG FOR SA!LE.—Call 777 6p28 GERMAN PEAT MOSS, $2.50 per full bale. Chick starter, $2.00 per cwt, feeder free.—Algona Flour & Feed Co. FOR SALE—MANOHU Soy Beans 1>est heans for Kossuth county Last year yielded 34 bushels per 19u29-30|acre. $1.05 per bushel; $1.60 in lots Bank Footings Here, Elsewhere Compared As announced last week the footings of the Iowa State bank at the close of business March '5 exceeded $2,000,000. There are two banks at Emmetsburg, and their combined footings were under $1,800,000. The Iowa State bank has more deposits alone than the combined footings! at Emmetsburg. Estherville's one (bank had footings of $1,429,8G7, and the two hanks at Spencer, a larger town than Algona, had combined footings of $2,110,787, or less than $100,000 over the Iowa State's. » Swea Cityan Insane. August Hoeck, Swea City, was declared insane by the county insanity board Tuesday, and was taken to Cherokee by Sheriff Dahl- Uauser yesterday. HATCHING EGGS WANTED^Will |of 10 'bushels or more. Also me- pay premium for White Wyan- dium red clover to sell, $9 per bu dotte hatching eggs.—Call Algona Call or see Loren Brown 3F31. Hatchery, phone 104. 16u28 FOR SAiLB — BAILED HAY, $8, $10.50 per ton. • Can be seen at fairgrounds till 9:30 a. m. and after 4 p. m. Call 3-J, 635 N. Minn. 40U28-29 ately.—iRawleigh Co., 114-A, Freeport, 111. Dept. I 41p29 & 31 ANNOUNCEMENTS I HEREBY ANNOUNCE MY candidacy for the office of county recorder suhject to the will of the republican voters at the 1934 primary election. Your vote and suppor will be appreciated. — Harley E Bartlett. 33(2)28-29 I WIDL BE A CANDIDATE FOR the nomination for sheriff in the June primaries subject to the wil of the republican voters of Kos suth county.—W. H. Ricklefs Ti tonka. 24t SEED CORN FOR SALE — HIGH- yielding, early maturing yellow; tests 97 to 100 per cent. — Hugh Ttaney, phone 15F21, Algona. p28-33 FOR SALE—ONE 3-YEAR OLD registered Polled Hereford tall; one breaking cart—new; hackpad harnesses.—J. Skow, Wesley. 18p28-29 FOR SALE — PERFECTION FIVE burner stove, good oven, clean and in best condition. Priced reasonable. Inquire Advance or call 745-J. IF YOU AVANT FIELD SEEDS, garden seeds that are SURE TO When l tt need ot ?Iiu»8e» h« V e your eyes thoron^Wy examined. DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, low Irvington The George Go wens, Mason City, loved into the bouse on the John chulz fann house. The house has &en untenanted for some time trs. Gowen is the youngest daugh er of Mr. and Mrs. Wlllam Green- ield. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch were Sunday visitors at George Johnson's oy, 20-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. ohnson, is reported sick one n critical condition. I(t is reportoc hut the disease originated from niLk. Here's How To Save on Drugs) If you're a thrifty shopper you'll recognize economies represented below. We've slashed or ary prices to make these offerings the most extraoi inary values. Klenzo Facial Tissue, large size 1 box Jasmine face powder, and one bottle mine perfume, both for _': Hobart's Aspirin Tablets, bottle of 100 Charmona Cold Cream, one pound jar Dr. Hall Borated Talcum, one pound Slater's Antiseptic, full quart Price's Epsom Salt, one pound Haskell's Milk Magnesia, full pint . Colgate's Tooth Paste Parsten's Tooth Paste, 13c or 2 for Dr. West's Tooth Paste 2 for! Dr, West Tooth Brushes Le Clair's Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, full pint j Mascals Almond Lotion, full pint Master's Cod Liver Oil, pint 49c, quart Lamson's Mineral Oil, full pint Grayson Russian Mineral Oil 50c HygenoVHair Oil Kord's Ilubbing Alcohol, full pint K. D. JAMES ALGONA, IOWA Banquet Dresses J5 We are pleased to announce that we are now showing = a complete and exhaustive line of light colored silk S dresses suitable for banquet and general summer use. s inese beautiful garments are in the very latest styles = and have just arrived in this store from the leading =j fashion centers of the United States. S We have purposely waited until the new models would S£ embody all the newest and latest style features and rnp Cone au f hori " ve display will please you. this week and next and select your new H You will find all the pastel Bhades represented here, f K r ° Se> blue ' yellow > sreen, and the darker °i brow1I i¥ ldnavy - M any have separate jack- lt be im Possible to describe their Priced to meet every purse 5.95 8.95 $12.85 ni

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