Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 9
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Nelson Hardware ALGONA, IOWA lenwick Hatchery KEN WICK, IOWA Compliance Certificate No. 3C3C IOWA niPBOVEME> 7 T ASS'N ACCREDITED Baby Chicks all-electric incubators which insures that will grow into money for you. iBrin $1 '° 0 P ° r Hundred Books Tour Order lrsday! US y ° Ur eustora Aching. We hatch every Monday and . White Leghorn* 100 chicks 600 chicks Mode Maml I';? * 7 ' 00 * 34 ' 00 Rocks ' Reds 7.60 36.50 • Orpington's 8 -°° 39 '°° "Assorted 8 ' 00 39<0 ° UUM 7.00 34.00 BEARINGS on bearlngs for tractors> f timpkin roller bear- bearin es. We save you Perent Joe Greenberg PHONE 118 1 • ^^^*!lP(MHIIH^BBiiHMJMj||MBMM ^^•^^ """ ""^^^^^^^^^^W^^^WW^IBIW^M^^^^^B GLASS . OEGREENBERG farco, Safety First, next SiUvmlay iind Sunday nights at .the Llvormoro hlR-h school buildlnpr. There are ten cha.rae.tere, five pirls and five boys ami tho play is being- directed by Aloyslus Gales ami .the Ucv. Gonrge Theobald. Tho proceeds will go to the parish fund. lum- her for Lawrence and Raymond Becker, and, it i« rumored, the Becker 'Bros, are planning ito erect an oil .station and a combination garage and repair shop. An acre of land has beon leased from Frank Hubert on ST, JOE GIRL ISBRIDEOF VOLLMER St. .Too , i ,, wlillo PCHH. Woro fijj Hiiklo-1 dross, cn|>-sh;ipO(l veil acrossorlnsi ,1 0 match. Sho tvir' "•J^""!": 1 ° r _ '•»*»< a».1 BW.KA ho " e ' slstor ITolon KPi-vod cow and „ which got a toot wire. Alvin nnd his hens which hold her interest. "^ SaH rlos. Tho brick-Broom ' Joseph 'Scilifid. A wwldlim' dinner , vi Iho Inimetlln.lo fdmllipH served to Susan Na. - iiin.-.-i, oii^Jin iN'l' ber. and tho n,, v . v nUm . Tln'obald. wed,lin K <iunon w i," i „ hn """'""• "''" uils , L 01 ,'""«, canned a sum- °i grasshopper bait. H o w«* Bc^ a ^ ; , H, B vc " al ,°J ""P."'* of P or k last week Tues- includes large towns id MIW. vXor^Sno., ' t * ? 0 "' fl0 *? was grieving be- 'Huron, AVatertown, Mil ^ A\ octnesday oven- cause he was tied up due to the bridge, and .Aberdeen Mr. o.nd Mrs. Vollmor .,,-„ u-,n J>n,nLff° J ln , :P1U '» .. Cre . ek antl L r l_ th ? re are . makin S « tho and Miw. Ins. Hi 1 . Mf'Guli-o farm, is employed. Shower for I.orona 8)a(lloinan_ A mlsr-olbneoua and Ri-ocery pro- , -7° U " (1 Marc "S Holm, five nuptial shower was trivon Snndnv -11 S northoa st o£ Burt, sawing a St. Joseph parish hall •honoring" Lor SU ,", lmo . r su l'Ply of wood when «"> ena StaLtlomnn. Thero was an njt- " tondanco or inn, and the afternoon was spent at cards, bridge and r.OO bong played. ,Mns. James Reding won the GOO prize, Mrs. John Alt- m M , man 'tho bridge prise, .. e ar . ames Becker the door prize. The Shipler farm, east of Burt about '' .Arm. i, n,T'°'' C tllilpliiywl on «• tho 'c,™ H Servod " y lho tno close. Comody Fnrco in I'lannoil— Announcement was ra a.de Sunda some of tho young people parish will present oC comedy OH Sfatiou Humored— Mllco Marso recently sawed t Last week Tuesday the Earl "-ler farm, east of Burt about miles, was the scene at a saw- ng bee Lewis Fisher had his iawmill there, and his brother Rus:ell was helping with tho work. lumJber they were sawing was i cottonwood trees, and Earl plans on using it for repair work around the farm. * + * Waif Waltman, four miles east and two miles south of Burt, was getting ready for spring work last week Wednesday. We lound him sharpening a disc in the barn. Russell 'Shipler had stopped there "to pass i the time of day" and was sticking around to see that every- :hing went o. k. Waif had built a frame around the disc to hold it in ?lace while it was being sharpened. The Waltmans have one child, a son of 5, and Waif hopes foe grows up to >be a good farmer. Girl for Henry Kohlhanscs— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kohlhaas are parents of a girl born last week Tuesday. There are five children all boys. Tho infant was baptized Deloris Rosalia at St. Joseph's church Easter Sunday and sponsors were Mrs. Frank Bormann and Frank Texas Farm Hnml Returns— Richard Hoberer, known 'here as "Scotty" of Gainesville, Tex., arrived last week Thursday for tho summer and will be employed ait the Matt Kirsch farm. Ho worked for Poter Erpeldlngr last year. Other St. Joe. Matt Bormann Sr., who had spent several weeks with his daughter, Mrs. Anton Becker, left Sunday to visit another daughter, Mrs. Alex ISlsehen, near St. Benedict. The Elsehcns were recentcly lot out of .scarlet fever quarantine. Tho William Hammers, Micro, and Viator Hammei. .„ Easier Sunday at John Hammer's, near Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Oclell, Bancroft, were there also. Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Thilges took near Bancroft Sunday homo ing. Tho children and the teacher the St. Joseph parochial school re- oC sumed operations Tuesday, uUter an Easter vacation since last T<hurs day. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Sheplee, Hunt- - -- . Icy, Minn., spent several days last e Sg case week with their daughter Mrs. ' """ B. McNelll. Win. B. Devlnc, -HENRY PIBIjD'S STAMOUS Seeds are now available at your Gam- fble Store. See these quality seeds that will save you money. We also carry a line of Field's nursery stock and garden seeds. Good seeds are moving fast. Buy yours now! Algona. 40-29 COSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AmONA IOWA Bon M. SUlw, ('. H. Klamp, Field Reporters "• -' I'ayno, Contributing Hn Jllilnq nmfl, f t> • OS '' /2 m "l'5L no . lU , 1! ,?., t : B . urt .-Alvlnha8beon It plants. She has a Christ% mas castus four feet in diameter. 'avini? livestock i . i , , . tir TOW h W h«ul hcen there a nf 01 says it now has enougti, - .teep (blossoming till May. m the The Dittmer son Watson, who is boys, Ar- county agent in .Brown county, Abaro milk- erdeen, s. D,, is in charge of a » * * * war would be started on the posts in April and will continue for five months. He has 24 counties to care for, and will use 4215 tons n MM n', 1 '! M r s - E - 0. Mann, four -" <•«'•* "ur, mm win use 4215 tons , nr «„;;,' °/ f '?"5, t ', ca r neda ««m- ?1 Stopper bait. His dmtrict hip and h as lived in that neighbor- nootl since pioneer times. * * * * . such as , Milbank, Mo„..„ bridge, and Aberdeen. The farm- ami ers there are making a strenuous campaign against the hoppers. Mr. and Mrs. Watson Dittmer have two children, a boy, Edward, '5, and Dora, the daughter, 9. They live at Aberdeen. Watson .has county agent there seven * * * 'Ben iReid, lLone . - ' ' Burt) tur »islied the ma°' antl a cou Plc of neighbors lin1i-.;« *iiji *-*t3".MWA o ueipmg withthc sawing. We saw Tony Seller, who lives a * mile south of Sexton, Saturday 'Rock farmer, night at 8:30, and he said he waa — Kossuth ihos- going home to fix up some Easter , Algona, a week ago Friday eggs for his children. One of his lor a major operation. little boys had brought to the * * * house all the hay he could carry Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown, Jud- for a rabbit's nest and had written son, Minn., visited at Algona last on a slip of paper the color of the week Wednesday, and Mrs. T. W. Ea »ter eggs >he wanted. " - - - • .* • * * !•!•••"•.;?<. , seven miles south- east of lBurtl ' Sl G - has been both- the care of to Emmetsburg once a month from Chicago. The daughter, Mrs. G. C. Hood, who ir her home with her parents, been having trouble with lives of Mr. Hood. Then Donald , blooming just after ™ anl "* lvln .g ]ast year, and has Injuries Fatal to Rural Teacher Who Had Auto Accidenl Titonka, Apr, 3—Velma Tutton Buffalo Center, a rural school teacher near Lakota who was ibadly hurt recently when on the way to or from iher school alone in a car she had an. accident, was thrown out against a pile of stones, and suffered internal injuries, died at .he home of her parents last week Wednesday. iShe was a sister of Mable Tutton, 8th grade teacher lere. been cow died. Jack told us of a story n the Des Moines Tribune about lis father-in-law, Jolm Splitt. Mr. Splitt did not have a pen with which to sign his corn-hog con- ract, so Mrs. Splitt caught a hickon and pulled a tail feather or an old-fashioned ^en. Some people yet living can remember when goose quills were generally used for that purpose, and everyone kept a sharp knife handy for occasional trimming of the point. Jack said he had the Tribune's, story tacked up on the wall in his home. » * * * , . ' B r°wn, Frank's mother, went home them. She ,had spent a week Edward Hackbarth, who lives on relatives at lAIgona. the first place north of the Good * * * Hope church, must have had a Miller, one of the committee 'hunch that we were to call on him the Cresco corn-hog program, 'Saturday, for he had hitched onto spent last week Monday and Tues- a widetired wagon and had driven day at Lu Verne, substituting for U P an d down his driveway to pack OTlf* n~f "fill Q /I/^VM v»ii f 4- >-m«t ,-.« j,i T.11 C\ .cjtin-rir ~fm* n rmfirj 4-H« ™1- * i T • m one of the committeemen who was sick. there the snow for a good track. At Lemuel MarJow's, three miles west of Burt, the boys were out with a Herman Leeck was shelling corn team and a scraper, removing snow las week Tuesday. He farms four m the yard and driveway. miles past nf ,nnvf .Tio^oiri /-<-„„„,. * * * * . ™iles east of Burt. Harold Grover furnished machinery for the work. Herman said this was one of the first cri'bs of government sealed corn to fte shelled and sold. * * * * 'Last week's Advance carried a note that Peter Besch, near W'hit- temore, had lost a hog, and Saturday Jens 'Sorensen, four miles north and four miles west of Algona, notified the Advance that <he thought he had the hog. The Advance dropped a card to Mr. Bescli. to advise him to visit (Mr. Sorensen l ' l - as een both- vs r. orensen e , red witU rhoumati sm and is under f nd f e if the hog is the one which , lho Mvo nf n ^^,. o^.,,..,. ------left te Besch farm. * * * * Otis .Richardson, who lives ter, Mrs. G. C. Hood, who makes miles west and a mile north of El- - f arms 16 o acres, and has liv- Paign jinder the_ leadership of the clipsheet issued by the commission. Shelters have ibeen constructed and two a ^guter feeding plan carried out. rru>i —'— has 21 scouts in the cam- has more, her j.—-»».u ^. uu u^i. \*& t cum ,110.0 iiv this place six years He and ~-~.* «n»j, ifo HUULUC vviin. iner ^7 uli um& piciuc tax. y«ciis. xie ancl throat, and Mrs. Hood's daughter, his wife 'have two boys and a girl. --- • —Ruby Irene, four, Jias (had infec- Harold, 7, was happy, for his par- ^ m< Ba(Jdel ey, ^^, „„,,„ tion from a case of measles con- 6n ts had saved pennies ever since ' Clty " as 33 > wlttL *&•* &W. George • • *- '• - - - - R. MoDodell as scoutmaster; and P. A. Banson is scoutmaster for an «~.. **.*jin t». vcvoc uj. mucisies ton- w -» i ^^> "»vt au-vcu pennies ever since traded while the Hoods were visit- he was horn, and he invested them i"" at Aberdeen, Miss., with rela- in a Shetland pony, for which, his , ., father added a saddle. Harold goes A1 S° na troop of 12 scouts. "-~u ui UYA*. UAUUU. iuieu uunaiu, -"-"m^*- cmucu a aauum. naroia goes 8 - ha s been sick with an infected to school, but in vacation he spends +>,*««+ ^ — *•- .1 *»,»*. tv** Ji-ll-CVj^Ctl t ~ ' *"•»•* *** F b«v/cvl>XUlI. 11C 'OJJCI1U.& throat. Lewis Hood, a brother of his time wittfan aunt, Sadie Rich- G. C., has returned to Iowa and ardspn, who keeps house for her will help with the farm work this cousin, Walter Richardson, a half summfir. mile north of Otis's place. Walter owns 80 acres where he lives and rents 80 acres. He has Mr. and Mrs. G. 0. MoFarland, —"". ;" «"-*«.• nt ed, are new tenants on the on hls farm 4 <> years 240-acre farm of Mrs. Elizabeth * * * Ringsdorf, six miles southeast of Burt. They have four '.children, Wednesday with E. R. Sheldahl, two boys and two girls. The" son w ^° lives three miles east an d two Doyle spent his 14th .birthday. miles south ot Elmore. He showed March flu. Doctor cared for him, his 14th ibed with and .birthday, intestinal of , Wednesday we found the boy im' housecleaning easier hereafter for °Y er L the . m - E - R - also showed us Mrs. McFarland. hls fjowi "g well, and he wanted to » • » * know why it was that whenever the Mr. and Mrs. 'J. 'H. Zanke, one ^ nd blo ,Y s from tne nort h or it 1,1 rvo.vmif miioo ooct nf .-Rnvt turns cold a few days the water ." and oe-half miles east of Burt, t " rns ^ old . a f e ^ ^ys the water ' have some real White Leghorns. ; ^ ops Bowing. As soon as the wind I | Thev are cettine nearlv a 30-dozen " tilo ' vf s irom the south the water """ ~^^~ m ™"~~~~~~~——. ; esff case full of e™ every day fl ° w * ^m. We told him the prab- 'CBRB3AN mBATMBNT FOA oats full of eggs every day Last Thursday they received COO ' ibaby White Leghorns from the 'Cot- fIfe .l dnla P' ' but down a * the Advance 'm. B. Devlnc, who operates tho ton hatrihery at Lone IRock. The °" lce « wa s suggested that maybe c-i-al merchandise store hero ro- Zankes, who are well known for- tne ,?' ate j come . s from an opening •i.r *r.r>!.- nut ... n ,vo,.^i f *«'^n mf>r Aiimna ifnrmfivs. iiavo n finp. on lne snore ot a lake and when C i>ermit to'b-ell mer Algona farmers, have a fine farm, and it keeps Mrs. Zanke (busy to look after her chickens. * * * We went by the W. D. Keith farm, southeast of 'Burt, last Thursday and noticed that the Keiths were (broadcasting wheat. Stanley was helping W. D., and ., _ Powers, of Burt, was disk- i ng . iBy Friday moi-ning there was a deep blanket of snow on the took out beer. Nicholas (Becker, Trinity college, Sioux City, came late last week to spend his Easter vacation hea^e. * . Titonkian Escapes Death in Fall Ten Feet /With Tractor ———— a ueep uiaiiKeu oo. suuw uu uic Titonka, Apr. S^While he was field, which will be a good thing helping load a tractor in a railroad f or jh. e wheat, freight car J. IF Fisher accidentally drove off the loading platform and Mrs. E. B. 'Dittmer, 4% miles with the tractor suffered a 10-ft. northeast of Burt, has .beautiful drop. He was thrown out of the seat directly in front of the tractor, and if it had gone a little farther it would have crushed him to death. He did not have the emergency ibrake on, and he was trying to put in the clutch, but the tractor was new and the clutch worked hard. Mr. Fisher suffered chest bruises but no important injury NORTHERN SEED POTATOES 90c bushel. Growers (Exchange, 612 Cherry, Des Moines. One block west of county court house. 18U28-31 lake and when the wave_s are running away from the opening it is not covered with enough water to maintain the flow, * * * * Jack Miller, 1% miles west and A NEW SERVICE—HENRY Field's a half mile north of istevens, in He- nursery stock, field seeds and bron township, had lost a cow garden seeds right here for your when we called last week Tuesday, selection. Don't wait. Buy Field's She had eaten too much com, and Famous quality while prices are though a veterinary was called he still reasonable. — Gamble Stores did not arrive promptly and the Algona. 31-29 TREAT OATS FOR SMUT WITH formaldehyde.—(K. D. James. 8u29 SEED OATS We still have some 105 Seed Oats for sale. ANDERSON GRAIN & COAL CO. Phone 808 Extra Special! fi MMS NO. 10 FRUITS $2.58 ONE EACH OF THE FOLLOWING— Red Cherries, Blackberries, Peas, Peaches, Apricots and Prunes, White's Grocery flows again. We todd him the prab too deep for a newspaper •but down at the Advance 'Ernest Busch, five miles southeast of iBlmore, has hauled more than 16,000 tile to the farm and plans to have them laid as soon as the frost goes out of the ground. County Boy Scouts Feed Winter Birds Eighty-one Kossuth Boy Scouts have been actively engaged in the winter feeding of birds program sponsored by the state fish and game commission, according to a Rev. Fremont Faul, scoutmaster; ILu Verne has 13 under the Rev. Loans Limit Extended a Month announcement in According to „ ~.*,^m~^* *„ lived last Thursday's daily papers, another extension in time for corn loans has ibeen granted by the We had a short visit last week fe(1 ? ral government. The original expiration date was (February _„. An extension to March 31 was then granted, and the .present extension how he^had madTusToFsonie la 'ge tile for a yard fence. Thev > , the county c ? nt r ac * si e™rs only. The time for oqrnJhog. contracts was month of April. ,— _„_. _ v . ; of course, for corn-hog 46 inches high, engineer rejected them as defec- ~~"—° °- .—~ ...~. laid them end also to ex P ire March 31, but it was announced Sunday that the time had been extended one week, anc the new expiration date will be this week Want Ads -«• D- James. wara, MUR «A!LE HENRY FIELD'S DEPENDABLE SEEDS It's a sure thing you will not harvest a good crop unless you plant good honest seed. That's the kind Henry Field has been famous for during the last thirty-five years. Honest Seed, Reliable Seed, and at prices you can afford to pay. Field's Hay and Pasture Mixture at $4.65 per bushel, enough for four acres; Lyman Grimm Alfalfa, $10.76 per bushel. High quality seeds of all kinds priced right. Beautiful nursery stock and garden seeds, too. Come iri and see the fine seed and see how reasonably it is priced. Then you will know why so many farmers are glad Henry Field's seeds are for sale right here in Algona, at the GAMBLE STORES fAt TOwMHr if«f* BUD BARNARD, Jffgr. 105 W. State Agencies Britt and Humboldt ««__• mmmam^a^mmi HARNESS Auction 50 SETS OF HARNESS—Harness In all styles. Trimmed and untrimmed, natural tan and black. Every harness backed by a guarantee of 48 yrs. of harness making. A guarantee that you must be satisfied. Collars, traces, bridle lines, breast straps, pole straps, tie straps, hame straps, names, halters, everything in the harness line. , This sale will be held on Friday, April 6th, 1934 Beginning promptly at 1:30 p. m., by KLASSffi GARAGE and Implement Store Algona, Iowa These harness are all built by Nickel & Sou 0$ Spencer, S. Dak. Established in 1887. Every harness is guaranteed to be of first-class material and workmanship. i DON'T Don't talk bad about your competitor or run; down his goods. The biggest fool thing a merchant ever did is to try and run a competitor out. Every knock is a boost. Don't buy something you ihave no use for. Aa idle horse is expensive property. Don't let shoes etand on the shelf. Sell them at some price. Don't come Ibacfc to a store kicking about what flhey sold you. If you do not like their goods trade somewhere else. The merchant has some respect for a quitter but no respect for a kicker. It does not take much intelligence to find fault with anything or anybody. The fellow that has bad neighbors in the couth part of town is sure to have toad neighbors -when he moves to the north part of the city. Don't rush right in if you are out late some nigiht. First throw your hat in, if that stays, then' go in quietly. I know, I have tried it 'both ways. Don't .get too friendly with your neighbor's wife. Especially if Iher husband is a good-sized man. "Widows and old maids are not near so dangerous. Don't do anything you are ashamed of,^ for no matter ihow slick you are, the whole town will know about it in a week, or ten days. Don't put in much time invoicing the other fellow. Ee charitable, it may cover up some of your, own sins. Don't scold your clerks. A clerk will do much better work if he likes you and likes his Job. Don't .buy shoes at Neville's unless you want the best shoes made in the United States for the; least money. We handle Peters all-leather shoes for men, women, and children. iFreedman Shelby 'Red Goose, and Robin Hood shoes for boys and girls. Patricia Pat, H. and M., Air Tread, and other fine makes for Jadies. Bostonians, €ity Club, Douglas, Numatic, and Connolly Kangaroo for men. These are lines that are featured by the test stores everywhere. You get the same shoes and you! save money >by trading at Jimmie Neville The Shoe Man Algona, la. S&GCHA!HS 30x3}^ ) 29x4.40 f. 29x4.50 f 30x4.50) 28x4.75 $3.89 TIGER CHAINS 29x4.751 29x4.95 > 30s4.75 J 28x5.50) . 29x5.00 V §/. EC 29x5.25) T *flJJ Chains . . « Twin-Type Chains . Chain Repair Links . . Tighteners . . . •«-** 29< E «* Hooks 15< 15< Bud Barnwd, Mgr. 105 w. State $£, Ilgona Agency Stores—Britt and Humboldt., „,, ^,^ Pay Your AdvanceJSubscriptionNow

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