Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA THURSDAY. Am.., LuVerne Couple Married Quarter Century Ago NEIGHBORS IN SURPRISE FOR WERMERSENS Lu Verne, Apr. 3—Mr. and Mrs. D. II. Wermerscn were pleasantly surprised at their home last Thursday ove.ninia, when njne couples, Intimaito friends, arrived to help celebrate their silver wedding. A throe-coitVKp dinner was served at two long tables, the largest centered with a huge decorated wedding 1 cake on a bed of rose a.nd lavender sweet peas and smilax. Other table decorations consisted of a lighted candelabra and rose and silver wedding belle at each place, which served as menu and place cards. Aijter dinner a. mock wedding -was enacted, with -Mesdames A Uurtis, P. Lichty, II. Lichty, A. Zwclfel and R. Sitono 'taking parts -as bride and bridegroom, minister. soloist, and pianist respectively. The bridal procession moved down the stairway to the strains of Lohengrin's wedding march. The principle characters were in elaborate costumes and the- ceremony proved extremely en tertatnhig. The soloist rendered tw Belectione; one a parody of Her Comes the Bride, the other Show M the Way to Go Home. Rook w;is played at five table Mrs. John Ramus .and Harry Lich ty winning the high scores, Mrs Lewis Pearson the travel prize. A a late hour lunch consisting of th wedding ctilce. black-walnut chocolate sundaes and coffee was serv ed. Mr. a.nd Mrs. Wormersen wen then prscnted with a gift of silver LOANS (Continued from page 1.) liu $030 Julius Kunz, Sec. 23 Buffalo, 360 bu $1152 Julius Knn-/,, Sec. 28 Buffalo, 500 bu $225 .TiihiM Kunz, Sec, 27 Buffalo, 400 bu $180 Julius Kunz, Sec. 27 (Buffalo, 700 bu $315 Adulph Mlssiil, Sec. 35 Buffalo, 1000 bu $450 Adulph Mlvsul, Sec. 35 Buffalo, •100 bu $lSO Burt. Arthur Phillips, Sec. 10 Burt, 350 bu $158 Arthur PhHUps, Sec. 10 Burt, 850 bu $3S3 M. Bacon, Sec. 12 Bunt, 1COO bu. $720 Crcsco. John T. McG-ulre, Sec. 1-1 Cresco, 000 bu $405 W. 12. Lane, Sec. s Cresco, 260 bu. $117 Isnbolle Hutchison, Sec. 18 Cresco, $113 Sec. 5 Led yard, $113 Hoc. 5 Lcdyard, $•150 5 Lcdyard, $30 n! 700 bu. Eagle. $3.15 Cantata UrliiRs Out Crowd— The. Methodist church was we-1. filled Sunday evening Tor an Maste cantata given by a union choir foi the Presbyterian, Methodist, and 12v- angolicul churches. Mrs. Opal Mor rieon was director, a.nd Mrs. Harry Lichty, Mrs. Ray Stone, Muss Ruth Smith, Florence Hot', Maynard •Spooner, Forrest Raney, Irvin Chapman, and the llev. Wm. Baddeley were soloists. Irene Swenson was accompanist. Backwards Party is Given— The Girl Scouts anil -their captain, Norma Partrids-e, had a backwards party at the city hall last Thursday evening. The girls \\-ore dresses back side to, entered by the back door, and in erei-y other way possible did things -the opposite from the accustomed way. Phil Lichty and Bobby Smith served lunch, which included a birthday cake for Maxine Smith. Veima and Ethel Bowman and Irene gwenson were guests Iowa Food Products Studied— The Tuesday club met at Mrs. W. F. Godfrey's last week, 16 members and two guests attending. Iowa food products was the subject for the lesson, and after many had been named at roll call. Helen Kuebler read a paper on the subject. Poems were also read by members. Mrs. TtoRae Godfrey and Vera Big-ings .helped serve lunch. Mrs. H. E. Peitzke will be hostesn at the next meeting. College Students Como Home— Among college students and the •teachers art home, for Easter were Carl Lang, I.eroy Meyers, Doris and Wesley P>nd de-ley, Betty Hoklcroft, Leonard Henderson, and Jea,vme Jenningi,-. None of the local teachers went home except Norma Partridge, who went by train to Owatonna, Minn., and Hazel Leupold, who went to Superior, Should \Voiiieu Hold Office? In spite of dee]) Know n members were present Friday at a meeting of the J. j. club at Mrs. J. R. Farroll's. A discussion -look place on Should Women Hold Political Offices? Mrs. Harold Soreiwon was leader, and many points were brought out. Mrs. Lawrence .Miller conducted a social hour. Nt'w Repair Shop Here— H. E. Newton, formerly, Eagle Grove, is opening a repair shop in a building recently purchased by A. L. Jones, amd the Newton family has moved into the C'ady property, formerly occupied by William Green. Store Gives (iroecries Away— Two baskets of groceries were given away at a demonstration of syrups and eiarches at the Lichty and Ross store Saturday. Mrs. Flora Raney and David Huff were the lucky people. Epwortli Ixtigue Has Party— The Senior Epwoiith League had a social evening at the city hall last week Wednesday night. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Harold Phillips and Forrest Raney. I..U VKRXE NEWS Mr. and Mrs. Archie Sanford, Mrs. Arhur Hof, and Mrs. Jesse Lind-ebak took their mother, Mrs. Josephine Sanford, to heir home at Ellsworth iaet week Tuesday. She had spent two mont-hs lie-re. A group of friends met at J. L. Lichty's Monday evening in (honor of Mrs. Lichty's birthday. The evening was spent at Progressive Rook. Addie Thompson, who had visited her brother Peter a month, left Friday for -her home at Morrison. Martha Kabole, DOW.S teacher, was a truest of her sister, Mrs Irvin Chapman, last Thursday. A boy waw )x>rn to Mr. and Mrs. LaVerne, Jeffers Sunday, the first child. Mrs. Nellie Gregory is making an extended visit with relatives at Rut. land. Mrs. T. L. Williams, airs. Lloyd Zeiitner, and Dale and Donna Zentner spent lust week at Fort Dodge and Otho. U. S. Grant is slowly recovering from two weeks of pneumonia. Subscription Ilate Kaise. Last week's Garner Signal gave notice that it can no longer stand the increased costs of production brought about Iby Nira and other federal means, also l>y the new etate sales tax, and that on May 1 its subscription rate will be raised. Bank Paying Biridend. The receiver of the 'First National bank, Titonka, is paying a 5 per cent dividend. This is the fourth dividend and makes a total i *°,» er «ent since the -bank waa closed three years ago. W. O. Bulges, Sec. 13 Eagle, 340 bu $153 A. O. Anderson, Sec. 25 Eagle. 1-tSO bu $653 T. L. Thoreen, Sec. 29 Eagle, 1300 ton S5S'5 Sam A. Larson, Section 21 Eagle 350 bu $|5s Sam A. Larson, Section 21 Eagle 150 bu $fis John I-Iaisman, Sec. 10 Eagle, 1500 John Halsman, Sec. 1G Eagle, 1000 b » $450 Fenton. Martha Rath, Section 23 Fenton, 300 bu $135 Martha Rath, Section 23 Fenton, 300 bu $135 Martha Rath, Section 23 Fenton, .TOO bu $135 irl W. Priebe, Sec. 22 Fenton, •100 bu ? iso . L. Cotton, Sec. 12 Fenton, 950" b" $423 Theo. Weisbrod, Sec. 30 Fenton, 700 bu $ 315 Theo. Weisbrod, Sec. 30 Fenton, 1000 bu 34.5,, Grant. C. TI. Blair, Sec. 22 Grant, 900 500 bu $225 Frank Wlemcr, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 500 bu $225 Frank Wlemer, Sec. 5 Lcdyard, 500 bu $225 Frank Wiomer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, ir.no bu $G75 Frank Wiomer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 1500 bu $075 Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 250 bu Frank Wlemor, 250 bu Frank AV'Ieiner, 1000 bu Frank AViemer, Sec. SOO bu Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Lcdyard, SiOO bu $3(5 Frank Wiomer, Sec. 5 Lcdyard, 300 bu $11-3 Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 300 bu $|]'3 Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 400 bu $is Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Lcdya.nl, 400 bu $1SC Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ledyard, 2700 bu $121 F. A. Knyer, Sec. 15 Ledyard, -500 bu $n R. H. Thome, Sec. 9 Ledyard, 500 bu $22t F. A. Kayser, Sec. 115 Ledyard, 250 250 bu $|H3 Delia M. Smith, Sec. l|[ Ledyard, 450 bu $203 Lincoln. Irving Applegate, Sec. 1 Lincoln, 1500 bu 5675 Anna Rippentrop, Sec. 29 Lincoln, COO bu $270 Geo. M. Baumann, Sec. 21 Lincoln, 270 bu $112 J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. 8 Lincoln, 500 bu $22S J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. g Lincoln, 500 bu $22 J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec, 8 Lincoln, 650 bu. $29:3 J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. 8 Lin- Hatcher Who Scorned Code Seeks Job as Congressman coin, 350 bu. §158 b " $405 ilichnrd Newton, Sec 29 Grant, '13-10 bu 5503 ^rod Selberg, Sec. 25 Grant, 4GO bu $203 5. P. Eckholm, Section 9 Grant, •100 bu ?lso 3. P. Eckholm, Section 9 Grant, 850 bu $ U S3 Samuel Strauss, Sec. 17 Grant" 1-100 bu jG3o •nmuel Strauss, Sec. 17 Grant, 450 bu $203 $300 GOO Samuel Strauss, Sec. 17 Grant, $203 450 bu. Samuel Strauss, Sec. 17 Grant, »0 bu ..................... 5203 H. Mayne, Sec. 25 Grant, 475 German. ohn A. Sleper, Sec. 12 German, $225 18 German, 0(1 bu f. F. Schlclfer, Sec. I. F. Schlelfer, Sec. is German, bu ohn Cordos, .See. 17 German, 450 - .............. 5203 Section c German, J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. 8 Lincoln, 1300 bu $585 J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. S Lincoln, 700 bu $315 J. H. Mousel & H. J.., Sec. 8 Lincoln, SOO bu $3Go John Johnson, Sec. 34 Lincoln, 700 bu $315 John Johnson, Sec. 34 Lincoln, 700 bu $315 John Johnson, Sec. 34 Lincoln, 070 bu $302 John Johnson, Sec. 34 Lincoln, 070 bu $30-2 Walter Sachs, Sec. 116 Lincoln, 800 bu Garri-t Gray, Sec. 1-5 Lincoln, bu 5270 Roy & Ray Budlong-, Sec. 17 Lincoln, 1850 bu $793 Lotts Creek. Carrie H. Dm-ant, Sec. 24 Lolts- Creeik, 650 bu $293 Emilie Luedtke, Sec. 2 Lotts Creek, 400 bu $180 Carl E. Vigdol, Sec. 9 Lotts Creek, 950 bu $423 Be-n Schmidt, Sec. 4 Lotts Creek, 600 bu ^270 Leo Jaskulke, Sec. 1 Lott Creek, 375 bu Lu Verne F. J. Niemoji, Sec. 10 Lu Verne, 120 « b » $540 Matt Baurnffartner, Sec, 30 Lu- Veme, 850 bu. $333 Irving Apple-gate Sec. i Lu Verne, 1500 bu $075 Walter Hunt, Jr., Sec. 20 Lu Verne M. E. De Wolf, Spencer hatchery operator whom a Kansas City code official threatened to put out of business for selling chicks under the code price, has announced candidacy for the republican nomination for congi-ess in the ninth or Sioux City district. In a lengthy letter published in last week's Reporter he scatchingly denounced the New Deal as a betrayal of the principles of Thomas Jefferson, founder of the democratic party. Besides a hatchery at Spencer Mr. DeWolf conducts four or five other hatcheries, including the Kossuth Hatchery at Algona. Two investigators were at Spencer last week: Berley Winton, senior AAA marketing expert, representing the secretary of agriculture in connection with the hatchery code, and iR. C. Lankford, field investigator. The Reporter said neither of them had approached either iDeWolf or his attorney, Geo. A. Heald Jr., son of Judge Heald. The Spencer News-^Herald says DeWolf and his attorney refused to -let the investigators audit his toooks. Presumably the investigators wanted to find out whether he had shipped chicks across a state line at less than the code price of 6.30c. At the time complaint was made he was selling at 5c, -but it was claimed that he was not selling any at that price outside Iowa. The codes apply only to interstate business. According to the News-Herald, DeWolf claims the Be offer was a special to rid himself of a temporary surplus, and this having been accomplished he is now selling above the code price. DeWolf is also charged with failure to pay code wages and withi misleading advertising, according to the News-iHerald. LOTTS GREEK MEN HOSTS AT A CARD PARTY Lotitg Cre«k, Apr. 3 — The men of a 500 card club composed of Messrs. and Mesdames Geo. AVlnkel, Willlam Lauck, Andrew Elbert, Connie, Arnold Md-ne, Louis Hackbarth, Frank Sheller Julius Will, and John Jacobs entertained the women a-t Ixmls Hackbarth's. 500 was played, and the high score for mon was won by Mr. ShoHer, for women by Mrs. Alex Reding, the travel ito Mr. Wlnkel. Louis Hackbarth and William Lauck served wlches and coffee. hot dog 1 sand- Guests of the SOO bu. bu. A. Pa.ne, 170 bu A. Pane, T20 bu A. Pane, '50 bu A. Pane, '30 bu. Sec. Sec. Sec.' German, $324 German, $338 German, $329 Garfield. J3u-.isti_M.avlc.k, Sec. 35 Garfield, $540 like Coyle, Sec. 35 Gorficld, 11000 bu - •; $450 enry Mem, Sec. IG Garfield, 800 bu t Q p ft , ,, , ?obU arl Kreb-s, Sec. 23 Garfield, 1300 bu ?585 Greenwood. Barbara Doyle, Sec. 34 Greenwood, 550 bu 5243 Harrison. Peterson, Sec. 18 Harrison, (JOO linnell College, Sec. 9 Harrison.-, $270 . W. Kennedy, Sec. 27 Harrison, 420 bu | 189 .. W. Kennedy, Sec. 27 Harrison, 500 bu £2<>5 .. W. Kennedy, Sec. 27 Harrison" 500 bu $225 . \\ r . Kennedy, Sec. 27 Harrison, 500 bu j225 Hebron. rant Baldwin, Sec. 28 Hebron, 1000 bu. ?45o Arthur AV. Goeke, Sec. 32 Hebron 700 bu ?315 Irvtngton. Rome Robison, Sec. 4 Irving-ton, $326 725 bu. E. E. Castell, Sec. 18 500 bu j22 Ledyard. C. M. Sullivan, Sec. 17 Ledyard, 550 bu. $248 C. M. Sullivan, Sec. 17 Ledyard, ?248 C. M. Sullivan, Sec. 17 Ledyard, 950 bu. $423 Albert K Rosenau, Sec. 12 Led- yfird, GOO bu ............... $270 Albeit B. Roeenau, Sec. 12 Ledyard, 400 bu ............... $1550 Albert E. Roeenau, Sec. 12 'Led- 350 bu Albert E. Roeenau, Sec. 12 Led' 250 bu . ...... Gentrude Schissel, Sec. 27 Led.- yard, 900 bu. $403 Richard Zlelsko, Sec. 20 Ledyard, 750 bu. '. V. Kelllng, Sec. 800 bu 10 $338 Ledyard, $300 H. Herzog, Sec. 9 Ledyard, ilOOO bu Will aiabus. bu. $450 Sc. 2 Ledyard, 1000 $450 Richard Zielske, Sec. 20 Ledyard, 1600 bu. Roland B. Smith, Sec. m Ledyard $720 400 bu S. P. Powers, sec. 15 Ledyard, $180 030 bu S. P. Powers, Sec. 15 Ledyard" 284 300 bu $135 Frank Wiemer, Sec. 10 Ledyard, GOO bu. Frank Wiemer, 500 bu. $270 Sec. 5 Ledyard, $225 1'rank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ledyard 500 bu | 2 ',Frank Wiemer, Sec. 5 Ltsdyard," Frank Wiemer," gee." '5 * 225 ?3G9 Walter Hunt Jr., Sec. o Lu Verne 1450 bu $g53 Prairie. Julius Kun-/. & Henry, Sec. 9 Prairie, 1400 bu $G30 Julius Kunz, Sec. 33 Prairie 1700 bu $705 Louis J. Kutsehara, Sec. 5 Prairie, 1300 bu ?585 William Rlcke, Section 4 Prairie, •530 bu $239 William Ricke, Section 4 Prairie, 1000 bu. $450 Joe Matern Sec. i Prairie, 3400 bu. , .......................... $11530 Henry J. Arndorfer, Sec. 22 Prad- He, 1000 bu ................. $450 Sec. 10 Prairie, Sec. 10 Prairie, $135 Leo J. West, 400 bu Leo J. West, 300 bu Morris Daley, Sec. 20 Prailrde, 1400 bu $630 Herman Kutsehara, Sec 8 Prairie 325 bu. Julius Phillip Studer, Sec, 13 Prcuf- $3GO Prairie, $203 rio, SOO bu. Harroll iBurtla Sec. 24 450 bu Plum Creek. G. L. Carroll, Sec. 7 Plum Creek, 2100 bu 5945 Portland. A. Hutchison (H. L. Trenary) Sec. 29 Portland, 2'JOO bu. .. $130-5 Ramsey. Byron Robinson, Sec. 9 Ramsey, 650 bu N. S. Newman & A. W. Kennedy" Sec. 8 Ramsey, 525 bu. $23G N. S. Newman & A. W. Kennedy, Sec. 6 Ramsey, 525 bu $238 N. «. Newman & A. W. Kennedy, Sec. 6 Ramsey, 1050 bu $473 Fred Voukoun, Sec. 4 Ramsey, 1450 bu $653 C. 13. Priebe, Sec. 5 Ramsey, 700 bu - $315 H. H. Kading, Sec. 16 Ramsey, TT875 bu S394 Henry Dontje Jr., Sec. 22 Ramsey, 3200 bu $1440 N. S. Nemmers, Sec. 6 Ramsey, 1000 bu 3450 Riverdale. H. L. Gilmore, Sec. l Riverdale, 2000 bu H. L. Gilmore, Sec. 1 Riverdole, 1200 bu H. L. Gilmore, Sec. l Riverdale, 500 bu 1225 R. L. Kuhlman, Sec. 19 Riverdale, 1300 bu $5g5 Frank N. Know, Sec. 3 Riverdale 3000 bu fl350 Frank N. Kulow, Sec. 3 Riverdale field, 1500 bu $(J75 Seneca. John E. Murray, Sec. 31 Seneca, 850 bu. $383 Elizabeth Murray, Sec. 311 Seneca 900 bu $405 Elizabeth Murray, Sec. 3a Seneca, bu Elizabeth Murray, Sec. an, Seneca 900 bu ?405 Elizabeth Murray, Sec. ai Senoca 825 bu | 3n Elizabeth Murray, Sec. 3d Seneca, 720 bu. Elizabeth Murray, Sec. ai Seneca, 570 bu. $257 W«V «-*« «•«.«•!»•»,, »2 Elizabeth Murray, Sec. ai Seneca. K'Jrt K.. 570 Elisabeth Murray, Sec. 3/1 Seneca, 370 bu. Clem 1167 Sec. 4 geneca,' 1100 club were; Mr. and Mrs. Raddg-, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Gengler, and Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Blerstedt. Party Ifonors Two Girls— Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs Herman Voight and Mr. and Mrs Henry Schultz, and in the evening a card party was given in honor o BoSella Voight and Edith Johnson students at a Mason City business ollege, at the Schultz home. Five luhdred was played and the high scores were won by Lawrence Mey er and Mrs. Herman VoJght, low •Irs. Voighjt and Alfred Meyer. School Pupils Have Vacation— Pupils of Lutheran school are hav ng an Easter vacation week. Teach er Wiliam Schmiel is attending a .uitheran teachers' conference at i\>rt Dodge. The pupils of Olivia Kressin's school ore also having a spring vacation. of Lutheran Church- German services will be held Sun day morning at the Immanuel Lutheran church. The quarterly church meeting will be held in the afternoon at the church. The church council will meat Friday evening at the church. LOTTS CREEK NEWS Tho Hugo Faulstiches were Sunday evening visitor's of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Meyer, Whittemore. Mrs. Faulstich is a sis-iter of Mrs. Meyer. The Noah Reiseners were Sunday guests of the Mrs. Reteener's mother, Mrs. Chris Stems, Whdtte- more. Tho John Schmidts, Petersbui-g, N. D., Fred Wolfgram and the kut- ter's daughter, Mrs. Kreuger, Nia- agara, N. D., arrived recently to visit John's brother William Schmidt and other relatives. Mrs. Arthur Zumach helped her mother, Mrs. Karl Peter, Boone, with housework at the Rudolph Peter home in Burt township, Mrs. Peter being at the General hospital, Algona. Mr. and Mr. John Jacob enter' tained their 500 club Monday evening, and the high scores were won ou $495 Joe Madden, Sec. 30 Seneca, 425 bu. $ 190 Swea. A. C. Hageman, Sec. -5 Swea, 47'5 bu $214 A, C. Undo, Sec. 26 Swea, 700 bu. s $3|L5 Dledrike Tropp, Sec. 9 Swea, 500 bu $225 Ole Rorn, Sec. 31 Swea 850 bu. $383 Harvey Knudson, Sec. 31 Swea, 650 bu $293 Lincoln Nat. Life, Sec. 9 Swea, 500 bu $225 Springfield. C. M. Sullivan, Sec. 27 Springfield, 9-50 bu $433 W. E. Ley, Sec. 3 r > Springfield, •550 bu W. B. Ley, Sec. 35 Springfield, 5bO bu $248 Frank Wiemer, Sec. 20 Springfield, 250 bu Sherman. H. B. Plathe, Sec. 6 -Sherman, 950 bu $423 P. J. Janse, Sec. 27 Sherman, 1800 bu j 8 do Union. Robert M. Loss, Sec. 1650 bu Robert M. Loss, Sec. 800 bu |3 60 H. H. Dearchs, Sec. 15 Union, 975 33 Union, $543 33 Union, bu. $439 Wesley. James T. Flaherty, Sec. 25 Wesley, 1'SOO bu $675 Wm. Neuroth, Sec. 33 Wesley, 700 bu »jj F. L. Adame, Sec. 22 Wesley,' 420 bu JIOQ 1 f J.Ov 1000 .... $450 Wesley, Ray Black, Sec. 31 Wesley,' bu Swan Pearson, Sec. 17 750 bu $338 Joe F. Rufing, Sec. 14 Whittemore, 1000 bu. $450 W. H, Brandow, Sec. 13 Wbitite- more, 425 bu. $190 John M. Farrell, Sec. 6 wikte- rnore, 4990 bu. Wm. Baas, Sec. 275 bu Lewis WUldln, Sec. V bu $221 34 Wbitternore, $124 (94-31) 888 $445 Lewis Wdldto, Sec. 2g (W-Sl)' 400 bu. $180 by Mrs. Geo. Wlnkefl and Wdlllam Lauck, the travel prize by Mrs. W. Lauck. Tho Albert Wlibtlcoffs and Miss Alma Meyer attended the recent g-olden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wolfgram, Fenton, and Miss Meyer was a table waitress. Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Meyer attended a rectent birthday party in honor of the latter's brother Fred at Robt. Schmidt's Lone Rock. Tho Adolph Pertls and Awald Kohlwes spent Sunday and Monday n,t the Oscar Kohlwes and Dreyer homes at Austin, Minn. Walter Meyer of a forestaitlon camp for nearly a year, got home one- day last week and is now ait Frank Ponrpo's. Helen McMahon, iteacher of /th No. 0 school, had no school Frida because of Illness and the heav snow-fall. Ruth Sohmlel practiced teochln at the Lutheran school last wee Wednesday, Her father is ithe teach er. ftlantln Peril, of the State college (spent the week-end with his pai eiits, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pentl. The township trustees mot at th Center schoolhouse Monday to in sped ithe assessor's books. Mrs. Eddio Kressln a,nd Mrs. A bent Potraitz W ere laid, up last wee with the flu. Nick Gengler, of (the Lotts Cr*eeV store, has received a license to sel keg beer. Laura Mitchell, salary ___ 95.00 Badger Meter Co., mdse— 11.86 H. Channon Co., mdse. — 97.92 George iHoltzhauer, mdse. 1.08 H. W. Post, frt. and dray. 2.16 •Laing & Muckey, mdse. __ 1.60 Earl Bowman, labor 78.00 SEWiBH FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 25.00 George'{Junder, labor 2.40 Oliver OBakken, labor 10.80 Frank Skilling, labor 2.40 Erick Nelson, labor 13.50 Pestotnik Oil Co., kerosene 11.28 Elliott ^killing, labor G.40 •GENERAL FUND Frank Green, salary 108.00 (H. A. Van Alstyne, salary^ 54.00 H. A. Van Alstyne, salary 64.00 iF. W. Green, dogs 3150 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service 3.26 Thos. Akre, rent 10.42 Supreme Paint Co., indse,_ 47.04 Clapp's Master Service, charge 2.00 Meyer & Wenthe, mdse. 4.56 Jesse ILashlhrook, salary— 80.00 team EWiott Skilling, man and Josse Lashbrook, salary __ 75.00 •Elliott iSkilling, man and 16.80 33.60 20.40 Oliver iBakken, labor 16.80 George Gunder, labor 49.80 Frank ^killing, labor 35.70 Olapp's Master Service, mdse. Tire Service Co., mdse. __ team Oliver iBakken, laJbor Austin Western Road Ma- 'Oliinery Co., mdse. Mona Motor Oil Co., gas and oil _~ Kossuth Co. Implement Co., mdse. Hugh Post, frt. and dray._ Mid-Continent Oil Co., ker- 4.85 1.15 6.72 10.46 2.00 2.46 osene 1.97 Advance Pub. Co., printing 29.33 G. .R. Cook, gas and oil __ 11.18 Haggard & Waller, printing 12.78 Jesse Umfoenhower, care of dump 10.00 Frank Cook, mdse. .50 Donlon (Continued from page (i) tuents, asking early adoption of t\\L bill, as members did, you wouk have tonown that there was a genor al widespread demand for it. Tlh< governor says it is Mre most pop ular piece of social legislation eve enacted by th e Iowa legislature. H< has learned what the people a. large say about it. Kossuth county has Ms share o. needy and deserving men and women who have lost their life's earn ing-s through no fault of ith-eii- own We can safely leave to their good judgment the merits of this law for old age assistance. We can also safely leave to t'hem tflie matter of rewarding or censuring their rep resentative and senator for the i-ec ord made during the regular and special sessions. Since you were severe 'in your censure of both I trust yo u Will give your readers whait ] nave said in defense of .(Jlie bill, anc the members Who supported it. Council Minutes Algona, la., (February 23, 1934— City council met In regular session on this day at the city hall, am among other things allowed the fol- owlng bills: ELECTRIC FUND \. W. Kelly, salary $ 145.00 129.00 120.0C eo Bellock, salary .Valter Gorman, salary „ Tom Halpin, salary 12o!ot -I. E. Stephenson, salary _ 115.0( lay Barton, salary 115.0C C. C. Wright, salary 70.00 Adah iCarlson, salary 125.00 Srnst Thael, meter reading 24.60 Forbes Petroleum Co., gas, Milwaukee iR'y., frt, on'gas and oil ( 187.3S Industrial .Che-raical (Labs"" Inc., mdse, 44 4 llectrci Supply Co., mdse. 115 08 Terry Durin Co., .mdse. __ 27 43 W. D. AMen Mfg. Co., mdse 65 4 White Eagle Oil Corp., lubricating oil i 37 . 81 -Uton Iron Works, mdse. 61068 Kennedy & (Parsons Co., mdse. Standard Oil Co., gas and oil tfestinghouse isiec~'&~<mg. Co., mdse. Quality Cotton Products Co., mdse. Iowa (Machinery & Supply Co., nidse. Edwin L. Wiegand~~~Co" mdse. urroughs Adding~Machine Co., contract 1673 . 00 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., mdse. 25(> Terry Durin Co., mdse. Westingnouse Elect. Sup. 14.0-5 19.06 2.57 21.S6 240.00 ply Co., mdse. lobert Tait, labor'™ Mallealble Iron Bange"co~ mdse. George Holt*auer,~~indse" am J. A. McDonald, p. M.. envelopes „,. H. W. Post, frt. and dr'ay" 4048 Ry'Express Agency, express Q 07 Spencer Cement Blocks Works, tile .. d9nn Western Union, service"" 4 « Norton Machine Works, repairs __ V. W. Bell TeircoTsendce Lapp's Master Service re•pairs _ kel'ly oil Co., g~a7~and~~o"il Mill Owners Mutual Fire Ins. Co. of Iowa, ins WATER FUND" W. Kelly, salary _ 'rank Ostrum, salary Harry (Barton, salary 98.82 1.38 701.42 Kent Motor Co., repairs „ 1.10 FIRE FUND C. C. Wright, salary Clapp's Master Service, mdse. 45.00 31.60 '5.50 Algona Fire Co., 5 fires__ 180.00 C. F. SPEOHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, Clerk. Misbach Co., mdse. LEGAL NOTICES shall be a President and a Vice President elected by the Board of Directors from among its members and a Secretary and Treasurer to ibe elected by the Board who shall not ibe members of the Board. KOSSUTW COUNTY AG1U- CULTUlRAiL ASSOCIATION, By J. M. PATTERSON, President. E. L. VJNOENT, 27-30 Secretary. NOTICE OF RENEWAL OF ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION of tho '' NORTH CRESCO TELEPHONE COMPANY To Whom It May Concern: Notice is hereby given that the undersigned have renewed this corporation "for a period of twenty (20) years, under tihe provisions of Chapter 384 of the 1931 Code of Iowa, and have adopted new and substituted Articles of -Incorporation, which provide as follows, towit: 1. The name of the corporation is The North 1 Cresco Telephone Company, and its principal place of business is in Algona, Iowa. 2. The general nature of business to be transacted by the corporation is to own, operate, manage, l)uild, maintain, lease, ibuy and sell a telephone line or lines, to •buy and sell all materials and supplies therefor and used in connection therewith, to secure telephon connections with the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company, or othe telephone companies or any othe telephone exchange, and to ibuy sell, or rent telephones, and t buy, own, lease, or otherwise ac quire, own and encumiber real es tate and to sell and dispose of the same, and to permit land owner along said telephone line to con nect their respective residences thereto, and to fix the charges anc terms therefor. 3. The amount of the capita stock authorized is Six Hundrec Twenty-five Dollars ($625.00) di vided into twenty-five (26) shares of Twenty-five Dollars (?25.00; each. That the corporation ma,; commence business after a Certificate of Incorporation has been issued by the Secretary of State, an< when Five Hundred (Dollari ($500.00) of said stock has been issued and fully paid. NO stock shall ibe issued until tihe corporation -has receive_d payment in ful therefor at par in cash, and when so paid for said stock shall ibe non- assessable. 4. 'Incorporation period shall begin on December C, 1933, and terminate Decemlber 5, 1953. _ >5. The affairs of the corpora- lion Shall be managed toy a 'Boarc of five Directors to be elected annually from among the stockholders. A majority of eaid .boarc shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The Boarc of Directors shall elect from their 1934. Sheriff 0 ? UL Plaintiff s Attorney. March Board of orn,., M.irc|, 'Motion by Mrtn,,',',','iT' U ??., "I'BPninn that • l "" 1 and advertising taxes of <F, ,,„, ""Hy, * ' s '"• ..... " e " : pi-op,,,. tv . , ' f - - -- i" »'| -i.-i i 57, Alffona ilnn Motion by Tl c Cossrovo thnt 1334, at 10:00 a letting for gl , Bl , In AlRonn, Iowa Motion by MC'DI,, ' ii" by 'BalBemnn that ••',,', 1934, at 1:30 p m ].,.<•/ letting for km,,*' r)f: Kossuth county ,!,„",, All. ' Motion by J by Balgcmnn ors of Kossiitl with Section (;, Special Session „ class ".B" permit aale of beer In •oars ""'owing ami j • All. ' ; «'l wc ?!""y in '•v I nntttfi i? t », Motlno by by McDonald All. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 3830. State of. Iowa, Kossuth county, ss. In District Court, April term, 1934. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that an instrument of writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of John Spilles, deceased, dated October 27, 1926, having been this day filed, opened and read, the 23rd day of April, 1934, is fixed inunVber a President and Vice^Pres- for hearing proof of same at the '"''""' - - • Court House in Algona, lowa.before the District Court of said County, or the Clerk of said Court; and at 9 o'clock a. ni. of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear, and show cause If any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament oE said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, March 26, 1934. E. J. McBVOY, Clerk of District Court. Alma Pearson, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon and Linnan, Attorneys. 28-30 NOTICE FOB TAX DEED CERTIFICATE NO. 2161 To the Heirs and Devisees of A, L. Anderson and All Unknown Claimants: You and each of you are hereby notified Dhat on the 1st day of December, 1930, the following described real estate situated in the County of Kossuth and State of "owa, to-wi: Lots Twelve (12) and Thirteen (13), Auditor's Plat of the Southeast Quarter (SE%) of fhe Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section 24, Township Ninety-eight (98) Norbh, Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the Fifth P. M., svas sold by the Treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, for taxes due and delinquent to J. L. Johnson; (mat the Certificate of Purchase was duly issued to J. L. Johnson, who is now the lawful holder and jwner of said Certificate of Purchase. That the right of redemption will expire, and a deed for said land will be made by the Treasurer of Cossutih county, Iowa, unless redemption therefrom ibe made with- n ninety (90) days from the completed service of this notice. Dated March 21, 1934. J. L. JOHNSON, Owner and Holder of Certifi- itlent, and elect from the stockholders a Secretary and Treasurer 6. T.he property of the stockholders of this corporation shall be exempt from corporate debts anc liability. Witness our hands this 28th day of March, A. 'D. 1934. W. H. KING, (PHIL/LIP R.OETHL-ER, B. F. SPAiRKS THOS. METCA'LF 28-31 SIMON HENRY. cate of Purchase. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to mo from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said Court on the 13th day of February, 1934, in favor of the First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank of Chicago, Plaintiff, and against the West Half (\v%) of the North-west Quarter (NW%) of Section Thirty- six (36) and that part of the East Half (iE%) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) and of the Northeast Quarter (NE%) of the Southwest Quarter (SW%) of said Section Thirty-six (36) described as follows: Commencing at a point 21 1/3 rods north of the Southwest ^f/ r x ^ the Nor «ieast Quarter (NE&) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of said Section Thirty-six (3G), thence East to East branch of Des Momes river, thence Southerly with river to a point on the forty- acre line South of the place of beginning, thence North to iplace of beginning; also that part of the Northwest Quarter (NW%) of the Southwest Quarter (SW'4) of said Section 36 lying West of Des Momes river, all in Township -ix (96) North, [Range 29 the. 5th Principal Meridian and containing 135 acres, more or less, as defendant, for the suai of | n Thousand One Hundred Six , 81 / 100 (?H,106.81) Dollars and coste taxed at Two Hundred Eleven and -is/loo ($211.18) Dollars and 27-29 NOTICE OF AMENDMENTS TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE KOSSUTH COUNTY AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION. Notice is hereby given that at he regular annual meeting of th7 • '»""*£; ttldK^ IB year 1933', C011 Motion by MeDomM , by Helken that InxoH ? » M( on following property t™ Jens •Knudtson-W, tX Block (2) 'Stacy's nd liu ' Iowa. ' ""ion i i5? P . r « ?•- Thornp.son-w 2 , >" «i n n u House File .No .) refund $1.00 to till ty poll tax durli Ail. and nil Call's AddltolS to A fec^l '» B « Vornon Hahn—I,nt - iiV *"• • jnal Plat City of \i m ' ockT52 '0«J last half of taxoR for w 7om '" menrlecl by City Council .. Iowa. Ayes: All. o'clock 1 °n. 0 m.' Boar ' 1 ncl - lollr M to t •n,IM. I. l'"'0"!Ull 10 (irll w 'th all members present Mo - ' by , M ^^± y _ ffil'7'"" and' Ethan Light: county road po], tax ,, f Ins and working same in All. 19S. An by road poll tax of Sl.lm'.'v abated for second ilcllnqui Jordahl tuaiea lor year 1930 bncaiiw nf Inff same In Wlnnelmgr/coSy ,S All. Motion by •Balpreman and by Helken that a [ given Fred Schmidt, of J300.00 at $2500 lrur Marchi. A v Motion by McDonald and by Baseman that all bids ™r election supplies be rojeotS. served on Geo. Gale a Motion by Helken ami LEASE AJGiTHEEMENT 'red! atuplicate . lease made and tt-l '. 1934, by and between 1^1 county, Iowa, party of the Part? , .-.-- Curran find Kegidl of the County of Kossuth dl flrst party for tne ren(s C -° St have upon orporation were adopted' ' " T , h . e Qualification of -be as follows- voter Kos- of fiv e Directors f ? follow ? n £ described (Real prop*"* «f the property of the P said lf U £ 1 o, Zentner> Gertrude Harrison .Robert B. Harrison, William H Harrison et al, to satisfy • * tbe 'Northwest Quarter of Section Thirty-six (36) art of ^ East Half *pr ter Northeast Quar- of the Southwest Ofsaid the a point i as follows: com- 1/3 rods thvni corner of tv S °L theast Quarter (NE%) of Two for one yeari three years but regular term dull be three years. the for <«" „.•,. • — '" or less* will proceed to sell s S£-sR32s« "" J tai« iith ^ tf and the performance of fcl ovenants herein contained has tel nn 'il n » y t t ese n^osents. docs heietil mv^, "/, t0 th ? Se00ntl I" lrtiM t 116 '*! owing described premises .situated hi ho County of Kossuth ami Stale oil T owa, to-wlt: I The Southeast Quarter fSEK) olthll Northwest Quarter (N'Wv.) of Secltajl T wen 'X;thrne (23), Township -N'lneti-l '""'• W) North, Ranpe Twenty-eWll 2S), West of the Fifth P. M. I or a term from March 15th, ISM til T anuary 1st, 1935. I As rental for sold premises snail >arties agree to plant potatoes 1)1 arm and cultivate said premises aril o care for said potato crop to ttl aised and grown thereon In a gxtl na workmanlike manner and to lil-I i!sh at their own expense and or all. labor, and board of lata ised In connection with the propa operation, management and cultlH-| Ion of said premises except as o wise provided, in this agreement . o deliver over to the party of tUI Irst part one-half (y,) of all the I* atoes rasled on said "premises In III nanner and as provided In thlsasrs-l nent, and it-'Js /JGiRKEC that Illll i-case is made upon and subject to '.hi I following mutual covenants, agrwl mcnts and conditions, to-wlt: I 1. The party of the first part htifrl bp agrees to furnish one-half (tt)P*l tatoes for seed and to furnish all fci-l tillzer and furnish all dlslnfectwl used on premises free of any expeM' to the parties of the second part, W the parties of the second part hereW agree to pay to the party of the m I Part for one-half fertilizer and one- 1 half disinfectant used on said prep* I es In potatoes. Said potatoes to W I taken In by the party of the first P»t| at the market price of said potato* I at the time when said potatoes an I dug. The party of the first part furtW aerees to furnish labor for iweJW said potatoes. rf 2. The parties of the second P» are to furnish at their own expew and pay for all horses, implenw machines, tools, and other means wj appliances necessary for the PJ*?I conduct and operation of eald and will pay for all necessary tlons to or repairs and replaceafJJ of such Implements, machines, too* appliances, etc., and will keep «J< sae In proper repair so that far™ 1 " operations can be conducted at proper seasons of the year wlthoj lay In waiting for the repair ol' mahlnery and enqulpment. , 3. That .said produce in the WfJ I tlon of said farm Is to be hauIM»l the first party by the second pa""! free of expense to the first part? w | the second parties yard. _.. KOSSUTH COUNTY, lO"* By Chas. Morris, Chairman Board of Siinervlso"i (Party of First PWl OURIRAN BBO*. Parties of Second W Ayes: All. On motion Boara »" journed "Sine BEER SPECIAL SALE $2.85 per case, 24 pint* VEBA SERVICE STATIC*] Phone FURNITURE AND First class work guaranteed. UM KAUFMAN Dehnert Hotel 777 .

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