Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 7
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6,1*84. OCALS teacher, junction {week "at home. Mason City, Dr. and came with her Ames relatives. . W ent to Mason for several days »n. Alfred Chapm. __ Mrs . William Bad- ie Kne S« dinner guests ?v anise's Tuesday. Kenefick, Minneapolis, -,,'it!.,.,* ^nmA TU6S- PAGE BHVHi William, ' at the Klaseie garage tomorrow afternoon, conducted by Neil Mouw, Sibley, and Devere .Fields, Spencer, S. D. An advertisement appears in today's Advance. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Qchaap, Shel- r * don, and Doris Reynolds, of Swoa City, were week-end guests of Dr. and Mrs. C. D. >Sduuip. .Doris is a sister of Mrs. Schaap, and the C. C. iSchaaps are parents of the doctor. Mr. and Mrs. J H. 'Bailey, Mason City, and their daughter Jean came Sunday to visit Mrs. Bailey's mother, iMrs. C. W. Hopkins. iMr. Bailey went .home Monday, Mrs. Bailey and her daughter remaining for the week. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Handier, of plover, brought home their grandson Lowell Sunday and spent t ho day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Handier. tLoweM had spent his school vacation with his grandparents. Mrs. Lloyd Bohannon and Mrs. J. Saturday evening at the auditorium of Uio Algona lii s h school. Hands orchestras, and pupils in V ocal work will practice at the auditorium in tlm forenoon and afternoon, lolzi .Lehman, who is doing Hocro- tarial work at. DCS Moiiies, sipoiit the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lehman. S'no re- lock, Minn., Friday to keep house for her brother 'iBud," who is nanager of a .lumber company here. En route she, stopped at lull to visit ihcr mother, who is "pending the winter with Hull rel- itives. Philomena had been employed at tbe Cummings store hero. announces a paint •1T1L >3« JJiV J V* JJWHH.HHWH Hi m iTi.1 o. ij , | , A. .Raney got home last Thursday J9'\ llles from several weeks in California. irio "ds. contly won first place in an ideal Des Moincs husiness girl contest conducted by the Register & Tribune. Malono McOrudcr, recently underwent a major operation. Her mother, Mrs. 0. IB. Malonn, Colorado Springs, Colo., formerly .Algona, is now with the McQruders. Mr and Mrs McGruder have a hoy and a girl. Mrs. G. W. Stillman and her daughter Ann went to Maxwell Tuesday to visit. Mrs. Stillman's mother. Catherine Holland, 'Mrs. Slilliuan's sister, will return with them this week-end and go on to Sjiencer Sunday to resume tcach- Dwight Hoy, Des Moines, was a week-end guest at the T. IT. Chris- chillcs homo. He recently moved to DCS Moines from Chicago, and is in the employ o£ an insurance company. Mr. Hoy and Mr. Chris- are old Beloit college Mrs. Bohannon visited a 'brother at •Mary Mitchell, now in the em- Holiywood, and Mrs. Raney rela-| ploy ° r a Mason. City law firm lives at various points. They trav-! Si>cnl tnc weck-enu at home, and eled by bus. Harold Falkenhamcr, employed at Mrs. E. C. M vidge, of Perry, th his deceased 5S.M? and Mrs. Hugh French was sick with rlv in the week and un- at work at the Botsford nan. by Mr. and Mrs. John G. McDowell and their Ibaby son Allan returned Sunday from a week with Mr. McDowell's mother at Waterloo and Mrs. McDowell's parents at Shell Rock. Mr. McDowell is principal of the high school. Kenneth Frankl is now in the employ of the Akre grocery, running the delivery wagon. He suc- a. owa City, where he » at- the university, lunty Agent Bonnstetter spent the was l ,duced as a new member of the ,ry club at last week Monday ,i's luncheon, r and Mrs. Adrian iBurmeister Led Sunday from Menominee, L where they spent a week with flatter's parents. ioland White, Iowa Falls, spent Iday with his grandparents, Mr. Mrs. Ellis McWnorter. He is siding I. S. T. C. jelores Ryan, Webster City, and tad McGregor, Sterling, 111., nt the Easter week-end with ir aunt, Mrs. \F. B. Mathes. [r. and Mrs. W. W. Sullivan ht to Oes Moines yesterday, and Peter Chubb came home Monday from Forest, City, whore ho had foi a month 'been at work for the coasl and geodetic survey bureau of the federal government. This survey is made throughout the country to find elevations above sea level and other data. •Herbert 'Mathes won the Scrappy cartoon conte.st at the Call theater 'Saturday. Esther Luedtke, Fenton, won second, and the following children won other prizes: Maxine child" at ""the "Kossuth hospital last ,'Brundage, Max Bartholomew, Juan- Thursday. The hoy has been nam-jita Wagner, Lone Rock, Mary Anne ed Vaughn Eugene. Mrs. Love is a 'Hough, and Marilyn Tweet. ceeded Hugo Johnson, who had been similarly employed for eral years. Kenneth is the son of Mrs. Anna Frankl. Mr. and Mrs. James Love, Garner, became parents of their second the statehouse, Dos Moines, was also 'hero. Harold Clayton, metsburg, was another visitor. week-end and Mrs. Ralph Lamutih, of Mr. ^ Waseca, Minn., and' the~"'f'orrner^s sister Eleanor, of Rochester, spent Sunday with Ralph's and Eleanor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Lamuth. The Ralph Lamuths, Who had been it Faribault, Minn., were transferred IT Waficca a month ago, and llfilph is now manager of a Swift plant there. Eleanor is taking nurses training at St. Mary's hospital, Rochester. Two unusual pictures have been booked for the Call this week. One is Death Takes a Holiday, last night and tonight, depicting a fanciful story of 'Death in the form of a ihuman being who finds a girl willing to die for him. The other, tomorrow and Saturday, is Frank Buck's Bring 'Em Back Alive, of which much has been .printed since his cargo of wild animals arrived recently at Now York. Mrs. Archie Dodds, Algona, had a major operation at the Kossuth hospital last week Wednesday, anc Mrs. L. T. Griffin, Algona, a majoi operation Thursday. Mrs. Myron Ludwig, Algona, bad her teeth extracted Thursday. Harry Deibler Algona, had a major operation Tuesday, and Durwood Potter entered the hospital Monday for medical treatment. The 'Raymond Reids, who hac been living at iHobarton, it the sectional basketball tourna- nent here this year stood 14th ram highest in 42 sectional tour- laments. It is thought that the nterest shown here will justify se- cction of the local gymnasium for oth sectional and district tourna- nents next year, Kyle and Lloyd Keith got home ast Thursday from two months in Jalifornia, where they visited cous- ns at Englewood. En route back .hey visited cousins at Spokane, eaving there last week Tuesday norning and getting here at 1:30 ). m. Thursday, having traveled 2000 miles in a little over two and i half days. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Akre's son Charles, who recently resigned from the Library of Congress to accept legal work in the Farm Credit ~!orp. there, has now accepted employment in the trust department of the Riggs National bank, Washington, fie was graduated February 22 from the law college of George AVashington university. When Mr. and 'Mrs. C. N. Aalfs left a dance at Clear Lake Sunday evening they found a door window in their car broken. 'Inquiry of the dance management revealed that when another patron left he mis- own make when and Shirley, son of Percy McGinis, the same day. The Herbsbs ive on north Thorington; the Mc- toolc the Aalfs car for his which was of an identical and parked alongside. Then Saturday into the Joel Herbst ten ant house at the corner of south Moore and Kennedy streets, which was recently remodeled <by Cowan & Son. Mr. Reid is manager of the farmers elevator at Hobarton, and Mrs. Reid is the former Margaret BarUett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. iBartlott. Information from state headquarters of the high school athletic association indicates that receipts his key failed to open the lock, he thought the lock was hroken, and so smashed the window. He dit not discover his mistake till he found that his ignition key wouldn't fit either. He reported his erroi to the manager of the dance anc promised to pay the damages. County Attorney M. C. McMahon (much improved, has been aibou o£ Minnesota poets. Apropos of nothing understandable, the question was asked "Does Ruth Mes- linnis family on east McGregor, senger [Algona teacher-poet] still 'Mrs. W. .1. Easterly, Neelin, Man- despise the country?" toba, left for home last Thursday, .Kenneth Knudsen and Richard fter nearly a week with her sister, Banwart, students at Dunwoody In- Mrs. W. J. Bourne, of Union town-; s titute, Minneapolis, drove home hip. Mrs. Easterly, whose ihus- ,i as t Thursday, and were accompan- innd is a railroad agent, is the j e a by Richard's roommate, Roger brmer Susie Goodwin, (Burt girl Jensen, Portland, Ore. Kenneth is .0-odd years ago. At that time Mr. i ie son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Knud- Sasterly's parents also lived at 3urt. Mrs. Easterly and Mrs. 3ourne. have a brother, James ioodwin, who is an insurance law. er at 'Des Moines, and his wife is a sister of the Smith, brothers, Burt merchants. The book page of the Des Moines Register was of especial interest to Algonians Sunday. There was a ong review of Trumpets West, new novel by Elmer Peterson, former Algona boy, now editor of Better Homes and Gardens at Des Moines. Phis book is in tbe public library. T. II. Chrischilles won the week's tabloid review contest with a review of Samuel Pepys by Arthur Bryant. Two other Algonians were mentioned. (Raymond Kresensky recently gave the main speech at a St. Paul Powwow of the 'League DISTINCTIVE GLASSES For Spring Add trimness to your new costume with a pair of theso new smartly styled shoes—J en, and is studying a ibranohi of he electrical trade, also the radio rade. iRichard, the son of Mr. and rtrs. George Banwart, is taking a akery course in pastry. This will nd in another month, but he ilans to go back next fall for a :ourse in .bread-making. [Before gong to Minneapolis Richard worked n a Spencer bakery a year, and >be"ore tlhat he worked for ttie Al- jona bakery. He and his roommate ;et their own meals. Dvmwoody Tistitute, which ifl a school lor .rades, is housed in a big building and has some 600 students. daughter of Mr. and Mrs J. M. Patterson, south of town. Rodney Van Ness, who last week Monday afternoon accidentally shot P'hylida Sonnerholm, Crystal Lake, is assisting at the Morrison beauty shop during Mrs. Ethyl Morrison's absence. She was em- SuHivan will attend a meeting [state scale inspectors there. .'.M.G. Bourne attended a med- I .meeting at Clarion last week esday evening, and was accom- lied toy Doctor Peters, of Burt. fclaiv Blossom .employed at an I company warehouse at.Minne- |lis, spent the week-end with his rents, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. 'Bios- t' Herbert French fell sick 'Satur- evening with pneumonia, and i taken to the Kossuth hospital May. Mary Kain is special Irs. J. B. Raymond, Le Seuer, and her grandson, 'Lloyd nond, spent part of Monday |h the former's sister, Mrs. W. C. himself in the leg with a .32 auto-i Ployed at the shop .before she was made, was able to return to school j forced to^giye up the^vork on ac- Monday. The bullet entered his leg in the fleshy part of the thigh, just massing the bone. The ,Rev. and Mrs. C. P. Carlson, the Rev. A. .English, and Mrs. Casey "Loss attended a monthly meeting of Presbyterian ministers in the county at Lone Rock Tuesday. The group will meet here the first Monday in May. The Milton Coonans, of Cedar iRapids, spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. Coonan's sister, Mrs. M. J. Streit. They were en route ihome from lEmmetsburg, where they visited Milton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Coonan. Mrs. F. 05. Kent and her son Fred Jr. took the former's mother, Mrs. E. Graham, to Indianola last Thursday and visited there till Sunday. Mrs. Graham had spent several weeks with the Rents, who formerly lived at Indianola. •Naomi Kenefick, Eagle Grove, and her sister 'Ruth, Iowa City, the house since Sunday. He was quarantined for scarlet fever a week ago Saturday. .Russell Pickett, quarantined a week ago, is now at his grandfather John Wermer- sen'is. T\he Muckeys (his foster- parents) had to move April 1, and the change was made on that account. Two chickenpox cases were quarantined last week: Theodore Herbst Jr., G, a week ago Monday, A. W. Aiming on Optometrist. Byes Examined Glasses Pitted Accurate Optical Work First door south of Call Theater entrance. C. S. 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S. 'Blossoms, who had •lived in Mrs. E. J Skinner's house on south Minnesota during the winter, have moved to the Dr. M. J. Kenefick estate house on east Call and Mrs. Skinner, who has spent ihe winter with her daughter Kate, ''ort Dodge teacher, will return :o her home. Mrs. H. P. Gramley, Lewistown, Mont., came last Thursday for three weeks with her sister, Mrs. G. Baker, and iher mother, Mrs. Mary Jane Lucas, Kanawha. Mrs. Lucas was a guest at Dr. 1L. G. Bakers from last Thursday till Sunday, when she and Mrs. Gramley went to Kanawha. F. D. Mathes was called to Wichita Falls, Tex., Sunday, iby news of tbe serious illness of bis brother Lynn, who suffered a ruptured appendix. According to word received by Mrs. Mathes Tuesday night, Lynn's condition bad not changed materially, and there still is a chance for recovery. Mrs. Nona IButler left last week Wednesday, after several days at tered the General hospital Mon" for roedical treatment. Tues' Melda Valentine, Burt, under- nt a tonsillectomy. Krs. Susie Engler, Arnolds Park, me Friday and visited the M. A, ta, she still keeps house for |r brother, Fred Munch, salesman ^ a biscuit company. George Oatman, chef at State's "• resigned Tuesday to accept a i at the Tangney hotel, Spen- Mack. Borland, Des Moines, i succeeded him here. ,,l r i!; R J> Skinner and her «Wter Kate returned Monday to "t Bodge, after a visit here since •Thursday. Mrs. Skinner will Pen her home here soon. a feature of the Cut-Rate •rys first anniversary sale, h ended Saturday, a rub'ber- coaster wagon was given a- and V. A Spear was the winn- terest to new members. The talks pertained to the Rotary organization, national and international, its- history and purpose, rules, etc. A county inter-school music festival will take place ' '" iher son County Auditor E. J. But« ler's. She was en route home from 'Shaw, Ore., where she had 'been visiting a son Guy, and she is now visiting a sister, Mrs. John Erue, Whittemore. Mrs. Butler owns a farm near "Wihittemore. next week Philomena Quinn went to Wood- CALL THEATRE Mercer and M Des Moines ' and er s parents liv and Ml . Mercer , g at tecmc SYSTEM = New selection ••• I Tucktite *••• I Bags = The smart zipper top == soft bag in fine new fab- •E rics, plain colors or har- = monizing color combina- =5 tions—a style leader. 1 $1 H Others to $1.50 S New selection 1 Neckwear S Smart new shapes and styles that freshen up apparel—pique organdie —silk, white and colors. 59c Others to $1.95 After Easter Appare! Sale J& ^H Fresh new garments just bought—the established fashion successes, extremely low priced Swagger Suits $10.95 $15 $19.50 NEW DRESSES $5.95 $7.95 $11.75 Only Western Electric Wide Range in Kossuth Co. or Northern Iowa. It is your guarantee of 100 per cent entertainment. 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