Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 5, 1934 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 3
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hfrflti i'Calce jws- -r~~" is, mixed, 24c 25c Gen- hologna, I ' |r Sausage, i'Superb No. 2 1-2 can. [Sugar, arch, 'oasties, B« Nuts, i Seeds, IOC 15C 15C 13c 12c 16c ..46 25c 25c I Oak 1 pound j Toilet |4 big rolls — |d Yellow On,s, pound I Harvest 97 f» peed, pkg di*» £_ 43c fallows, J bag ['We Buy Eggs" 15c .KOSSOTH oomnr I/ at a woman asks [yhen buying salt ania. \ in America, 2/3 Hi women ask for pen's because— fHEN IT [RAINS POURS ""—•N^ "',>'»•» \fV-i- 'Ot/S; PICTURED BY PASTOR'SWIFE Wesley, Apr. 3—(Easter services were held at the Methodist church at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Bouquets of roses, Jonquils, and daffodils contributed to the decorations. The pastor's wife, Mrs. McNulty, who is an artist, prepared a crayon picture of Jerusalem, showing the three crosses, a dark cloud representing the darkness of the crucifixion, and a rising sun. On tho cloud were the words, "The Light of Victory." "Master," in letters of purple and white, (hung in front of and above tho picture, and streamers connected it to the latter, wfaich was on the wall hack of the pulpit. The picture measured five toy seven feet. (Eighteen or 20 young people formed the choir. Mrs. McNulty sang The Holy City, and the choir sang The Awakening Chorus. Six girls and four hoys were received into preparatory membership, and four adults and eight children were (baptized. In the evening the Epworth ILeague, Johnette Looft, leader, presented a program, The Meaning of Easter. Maurine Hanson sang, and Evelyn Erickson, violin, and Maurine Hanson, piano, gave a duet. Ohurch services will .be held every Sunday evening at 8 o'clock during the. summer, and the Epworth ^League will meet at 7:15. A Methodist preparatory membership class will meet at the church every Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Bible' study will be held Tuesday evenings at 8. Combined Program is Planned— A combined program to be given by the Methodist and Congregational missionary societies at the Methodist church next Sunday evening follows: iPrayer and remarks, the Rev. I. C. McNulty; song, Methodist and Congregational societies; History of Missions, Mrs. E. Goodnow; solo, Mrs. Arlo Dawson, My Experiences in China, Marion Paulson ; Late Gleanings from the Mission Field, Mrs. Marion Paulson; vocal duet, Mrs. Lawrence Hansen and Marie Harris; Necessity of a Missionary Society in the Church, Mrs. Jorgen Bkow; song, Union Young People's choir; song, quartette, Mesdames McNulty, Lawrence Hansen, Carl Hansen, and James Hodges; free will offering to be divided between the two societies. To Obsorvo Auxiliary Birthday— The local Legion post and the Auxiliary unit will hold a joint meeting this week Thursday to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the organization of the Auxiliary unit. The entertainment will be a birthday party, and the amusement cards. The unit recently sent a 30- piece layette and a comforter to the supply -shop at Des Moines, and the president, Mrs. Anthony Jo'hnson, received a letter saying the shop had a call for the layette the day it arrived, and it went to the family of a needy veteran. Hall Sisters Visit Here— Leota Hall, who teadhea at New Richland, Minn., went back Sunday, following a 10-day vacation. The earn a rlmr 1ir\» nlnl-m. T~\.-_tn*<•,. i, l _i. 't 10* IODIZED OR PLAIN Years Ago JiulBo Quarton announced candidacy fo, congress In all newspnpcn, in 'the Tenth district. lie wa« in run «n tho Bull MOOHO l iokol a , t Congressman p. p. Av ' "can, Ksthcrviilc, Tho boon tui publican of ronub- had a prospect for rc- BALL SCHEDULE GIVEN OUT FOR L Urn bridge and Perl on <Uilr it * * * « Algona lost a •li-Iagnlar debate -it &P«*ncer, but won from ShoWon hort Flvo grade child'rcn were to sonit pro- .... . Andrews, E] me , Klchai-a Robinson, «"-, Vivian Wiiltc™, and chot. Nearly loo other c •to .take part as fairies * * t • W. II. Koteliam liart . Insane, at Pont lac 111. H« of paresis, one oMho cha were of great er- of which Is altcni porio< s ° tllc up over ono ontcrpriso or ° rpr other to Iho great dlstre. s h| s or . s rc UI . to Uwteht ho ln,n ff himself, and ," body wa H not f ound till it had bo come badly decomposed. One good he Dohnert hotel, ored 01 cd w no\v the consid- s- s the democratic candidate for 7r ° f 8UUa H ° ra " ^ ^ho office two years before, and camo within G .493 votes of w n nrng Mention of his runnlnff , n had been made in the Dos Jw,,« Kcwster. but Mr. Muitagh had made no plans. * * '* A speeial ]j ( >t a .t u ti-ain tod AlR-ona, and " 'hart visi- ....,„ ,, • '" 7ii persons s.uv tho exhibits an,| heard lectures A beef production .special was due to arrive tho following. Monday. ...- g onay. .Special trains wit], exhibits and lectures looking crop quantity Incroawo of and quality and improved conditions on farms then common. were * * * * i. and .Mrs. L. G. Wilson's son vu-l was to represent Algrona In an ntoi-hiyh school declamatory con- tost at Dosteon. He had won B ec- attend a meeting of Methodist min- weeks before, but the girl TC ho won her place. was sick, so -ho was to Uike * * * * Leo, son of Mr. and arrs Ole Pe- torson, Sexton, had l>een killed when a locomotive he was firing- ran . •- "^ >»".-> in uit^ ran into a doub!e-h«uler freight train Hoclc, Apr. NINE baseball tournament at „ Burt : April 27, Fcnton, there- May 1, Bancroft, ,i,cre; May 4, Seneca, home, returned to her work at Coe college, Cedar Rapids. Tie in Town Election— A spirited election of town officers was held last week Monday. Two tickets, the Citizens and Independents were in the race. The lollowing were elected: Mayor, Theodore Krueger; treasurer, N. L. Cotton; assessor, W. G. Flaig- councilmen—J. M. Blanchard, L. R. Roderick, Charles Morris, Alex Krueger. A tie for the council be tween Arthur Priebe, Frank Flaig and Oscar Earing will be settle this week. Seniors Cliooso Class Play— • Mnvo TP,, i " ' ' ,' Scniors ' have chosen for thei , May 8, Fenton,liere; May 11, class play, Fingerprints, to be <pre Bancroft, there; May 18, Swea City, scn , tocl tho \atter part of this mont ttGrC. T .nr.4- )„ 1 Untlfil 1 li.'Tlf* HI fnr»f inn n-P ,-»«•—_ r» r . i out a^ Wesley With Unusual Program Tommy Long, Roy iLeeper, f ne!bc ' Kul3 y Cherland, Philip Rei — - — o, -.*wj -J. Russell Gross, Philip Reilly, 'Dacken, Gordon Priebe, and ' "Eugene 'Blanchard. Others who are out this year are: Dale Earing Jack Tibbots, Leon Larson, Harold Farris, Bernard Reilly, Robert Lewis, and Glenn Burtis. Lone Hock always has a peppy nine, and the boys hope to give a good account of themselves in this spring's games. I'.-T. A. in Spirited Meeting— The local parent-teacher's association mot last Thursday evening tho high school gymnasium. ThI 8 ? n VCr ? SUn JJ 1)y tlle audience. The following officers were nominated _ for tho coming school year- president, E. M. Jensen; vice presil dent, Mrs. W , j. Cotton; secretary, Mis. Eugeno Hofius. The remain- dei of the evening was spent in the form of relay races. J. M. Blanchard and A. A. Krueger were presidents of "Obadiah" and ' Ws of lep colleges respectively. Basil college competed in various stunts, some of them proving diffi- v u',, but were conquered. "Oba- . w , on the • tr °l*3 r . T M ™ , •3 r . wc J. M. Blanchard proudly took home. The program was under the supervision of Mrs. Eugene Hofius, the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, and Mrs Myrle Milligan, to whom credit for the evening stunts should be given. Eatscr Guests Entertained— 'Many Lone Rockers entertained Easter Sunday. The Glenn Sharps were guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Dempsey, Fenton; Dr. George El- viclge, Perry, and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Herman, Algona, at Roy Jensen s; the Henry Schultzes, Emmetsburg, and the Fred Kulows, at Ii.mil Kraft's; Eugene Hofius fam- Uy, and I. W. Nelsons, at Floyd Bacons, Algona; Andrew Thomsons, at Herman Madsen's, Ringsted; Mr and Mrs. A. A. Krueger at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone's; Mrs. John Rath son Lawrence, -the William Raths, and the Ralph Humberts, at Chris Shaser's; the Frank Flaigs at Mrs. Caroline Ackarman's, Burt; Mrs Jay Godclen and sons Ellwyn and - ^ .....HH.-I i.n;iijnL tram ""•' "UUUCU iuiu sons auiiwyn and m the M. & St. L. cast of Oskaloo--j Ger ald, Vera Morris, Esther Nelson n i-h» „„,.,„„.. ,..._.. .. . . ' and Irene'RoMins, Ames, at Charles Morris's,- .the Claude AVhitehills at . «a. The engineer forgot that he liacl orders to wait for two trains at a siding, and instead waited for only one. * * * 0«o. W. I-Ianna had Isauccl his THE THE 5URE ACCESS etaportantintroduc- * e your garden more proatftbie • new. d ,ua%, same day, her sister DeEtta, ihigh school principal at Forest City, came for a week's vacation. Mildred Benton, Emmetsburg teacher, was at home a week, going back Sunday. Her sister Erma D., Minneapolis nurse, spent the week-end at j home. Town Officers Are Reelected— At the city election last week Monday the old or Citizens' ticket -vas elected throughout. The New leal ticket ran well, Preston Chapin for mayor being- high. John Hutchison was elected mayor; Henry Kunz, treasurer; Ihno A. Gerdes, assessor; Harry J. .Braley, A. L,. Kleinpeter, Matt Laux, A. M. Lease, and tEmil Wester, councilmen. Mrs. Pelt in Accident— I Mrs. Bertha Looft received an Easter message and brief letter from Mrs. Ben Felt, Rockledge, Fla. Mrs, Felt said that ehe and her daughter, Mrs. Earl Ranck, were in an automobile accident February 22, and Mrs. Felt had since not been able to exert herself much. She was badly (bruised but no bones were broken. , Joseph Curran's, I,u Verne. College Students Home for Easter College students spending Easter . ™ '*v>ui.-u uis uuiii-fcc ai/uueiius spending master >parly statement of condition of ,tho with their parents were- Vera 'J-.-i.ni>. of J.,u Verne. The bank then .Morris, accompanied by Esther Nel- "vvncd i,,G3o aci-oa oC farm land In son and Irene Rollins, students at vossuth and Humboldt counties.! Ames, at the Supt. Charles Morris besides *2UO,000 In other property .home; Mainard Genrich, also at and deposits. It W;LS ibouffbt .that Ames, at Fred Genrich's; Don" ,'r,™ a ?~ ls worth moro than aid Olanchard, student at Teacher's i,uu», and he was rated richest (college, Cedar Falls, at J. M. Blanchard's. They all returned Marietta 'Christenson ac- , ng the group to Ames, and she will enter a Des Moines hospital for medical attention. Beulah Gladstone, who had spent the past man in the county. Congregationals Observe Easter— Easter services were Iheld at the Congregational church Sunday evening. A group of young people from [Houston, Minn., accompanied tine pastor's family here from Britt, and four of the girls sang- as a quarettte. The Rev. Mr Bernsten delivered an Easter sermon, and the choir sang special numbers. School Plays Tomorrow Night— .The higfc school and faculty will give two one-act plays at the Kleinpeter hall this week: Friday evening. There will foe muscial numbers by the Glee clulbs. The high school will present The Dummy, and the faculty and high school Sauce for the Goslings. School Children Have Vacations— The public school was closed Good Friday afternoon, and no school was Iheld at St. Joseph's Monday, the day being a holy day. tegular Sunday services were held it Qt. Joseplh's church on Easter. No school was held last Thursday and Friday. Albert Beno Loses Hotter— The mother of Albert Reno, Wes- ey_ hotel proprietor, died at her 9 at Spencer Monday morning, nad ibeen sick; though appar- ./ not seriously, and she -suf- ered a stroke. Mr. Reno left for Spencer Monday. Hitchhikes from New York- Maurice, son of Matt Monson, La?na, N. Y., formerly Wesley, ar- ived Fnday to visit relatives, and will gojtrom here to visit his mo*ht Jamestown, tf. D. He hitch-hiked on the way spent 'but 48 cents'. Mrs. Nallian Studer Better- Mr, and Mrs. Ed Studer, Excelsior, Minn., will visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Studer, this week. Mrs. Nathan Studer, who has ibeen sick five weeks, is now able to be up. Breakfast for S. S. Class- Margaret Looft served a three- course Easter breakfast to her Sunday school class of 20, and the group then attended services at the Methodist church. Other Wesley News. Clare Wolf, attending Conception college, Conception, Mo., went back Monday, having visited his parents since last week Wednesday. Linus Eisenbacher, studying for the priesthood at Sioux City, went back Sunday, having spent the week-end , with his Spanglers, parents. Everly, The George visited Mrs. . Spangler's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George >Benner, Sunday. Mr. Willert, high school teacher and coach, spent the week-end with his parents at Reinbeck. Four teachers from Gillette Grove, former home of the Rowleys, visited at Supt. and Mrs. Rowley's from Friday till Sunday. Margaret Haverly, Fort Dodge, and Clarence Haverly, near Garner, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haverly, Margaret from Saturday till this week Tuesday, Clarence from Saturday till Monday. John Hofl, Nachusa, 111., son Edgar, Freeport, 111., and the Buell Tripps, Ames, spent Saturday and Sunday with their relatives the Lease families. Gordon Kunz, who has a Job at the capitol, Des Moines, spent Sunday at Ihome. Julius Kunz, Davenport, was at home also. Mrs. Bertha Looft entertained Supt. and Mrs. Rowley and Editor and Mrs. Sturdivant and Opal at dinner Sunday evening. Leila Wester, employed in the extension department of Iowa State college, spent Friday and Saturday at home. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Pannkuk, Burt, with their children, Marjorie and Duane, visited relatives here Sunday. The Methodist W. F. M. S. meets with Mrs. McNulty this week Friday, Mrs. Ohas. Kraus hostess. From now till fall, services at St. Joseph's church. Sunday will be held at 7:30 and 9:30 a. m. A daughter, the first child, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Hil- toert Sunday morning. i week at the Rev. S. M. Gladstone - *• *..»...», j. jjiiAjj XVCli ly, Harlan Mat-low, Dorothy Biei stedt, Imogene Roderick, Margar •Householder, and Verne Dacken. Teachers Are Reelected— At a meeting of the school boar last week, the following teacher were reelected: Coach V. V Fryc superintendent; Mrs. Viola Bishop Jr. high and music; Evelyn Behr niann, fifth and sixth; Mabel Howe Ward and fourth; and Florenc Householder, first and second. Reception for Ex-Lone Rockers— The Andrew, Thomsons attende a reception at the Knud Thomse home in Ringsted last wee Wednesday evening in honor of th Fred Thomsons, who are makin their home in Grand Forks, S. I They formerly were Lone Rocker Ir.i Ncwbrough is Dead- Ira Newbrough, who recentl moved with his family to Hum boldt, died at his home Saturda atternoon at 3 o'clock after a lin genng illness. Services were hel in Humiboldt Tuesday, with buria at Bancroft. Killiam Krause is 68— (Mrs. Kathryn Reed and children Florence and Junior, and Mr Wi hams, Dakota City, and the 'R L Padgetts were entertained at Wil liam Krause's Sunday in honor Mr. Krause's 68th birthday. Former Lone Rocker Dies- Word was received here Sun day evening of the death of Mrs Richard Walsh, Fonda. Death wa caused by heart disease. They re cently moved from here. Birthday is Observed A large member of friends an neighbors gathered at Mrs. Willian Bierstedt's last Friday evening an helped her celebrate her birthda anniversary. Ardith Knoll txTJeacTi— Ardith Knoll has been engage to teach the Cherland school fo the next school year. Other Lone Eock. The Sewing Circle met with Mr s W. G. Flaig last week Wednesda evening. The next meeting will fc with Mrs. Arthur Priebe nex Thursday. The Friday club me with Mrs. H. J Rice, Mrs. L. R Roderick assisting. The next meet Don't Put If Off Any longer. BUILD.REPAIR - REMODEL or Buy a READY BUILT HOME ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION C. R. La Barre, Sec'y-Treas. Enjoy this garden freshness T "Fresh from the Gardens" 589 AINT Repair and Remodel Your Home this Spring You may have your plans tucked away, waiting for better building opportunities. But don't let the cobwebs get them, for this is an advantageous time to take them out and get busy with building, repairing and remodeling and painting; for spring is right around your corner! Devoe Exterior and Interior Paint are the best and most lasting paints on the market today. We have a complete line of paints, enamels, and varnishes. See us about your paint needs this Spring, Botsford Lumber Co. JDE POOL, Mgr. Phone 256 ing will (be with Mrs. Glenn Sharp. Mrs. Gjenn (Sharp, her sister, Mrs. Chris Godfredson, Ringsted, Mrs. Alex Krueger, and Mra. H. J. Rice spent last Tuesday in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Lillie Thompson and daughter Neva spent the day in Estherville. Mrs. Lillian Worthington returned home Sunday from a /visit with her son and family, the Enos Worthingtons, Estherville. Hugo Worthington, stationed at Milford also was here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Henningsen and daughter Doris, Mrs. H. M. Osher, and Elizabeth Jensen, all of Graettinger, were at E. M. Jensen's feunday afternoon. Mrs. Osher remained for a few days' visit. Tho Alex Kruegers drove to Humboldt last week Monday evening and Alex attended a coal meet™$, ? ntl Mrs - Krueger visited at William Blanchard's. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Scankowitz, Chicago, arrived Sunday morning to visit at Delbert Hanna's. They were entertained Monday evening at George Hanna's. Supt. and Mrs. L. E. Godfrey and daughter Bernadine spent the week-end with Mrs. Godfrey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bteinhil- ber, Truesdale. •Lois and Sara Whitehill, and Cleo and William Hobson attended the play given <by the Burt Methodist church Sunday evening. Harold Angus accompanied a carload of cattle to Chicago last week and also visited relatives. He returned Monday morning. Mrs. H. E. Micka, {Berneyce and Margaret Roderick attended a birthday tea in Ringsted last Thursday afternoon. Gertrude Bierstedt, teaching at Amiboy, Mmn., spent the week-end at the maternal William Bierstedt home. Oscar Earing returned Sunday from a week's visit at his sister Mrs. Frank Parlin's, Campus, 111. Bible study was held last week Wednesday evening at the iRev. S. M. Gladstone's. The Mite society meets this Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Harry Hobson. Everine Cherland, Oakdale, is at the parental J. T. Cherland's. Esther Godden spent Monday in Fairmont. 666 Liquid Tablets, Salve, Nose Drofi Checks Colds first day, Headchcs «f Neuralgia in 80 minutes. Malaria fa ft days. FOTE LAXATIVE AND TONIQ i Most Speedy Remedies Known. ' RATES REDUCED •—OH—' , _•••'.: All Loans You can now secure a loan of $300.00 or less at our new low monthly rate. Our new plan will mean a substantial saving to you. The Federal offers you the most complete loan service in the State. No delay. Reduced monthly payments. A loan plan can be arranged to suit your needs. WHY PAY MORE THAN OUR NEW LOW RATES? If you need money for any purpose see H. N. Kruse PHONE 125 ALGONA Representing FEDERAL FINANCE CO. 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