Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 22, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 22, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THPR8DAY, •RE FRIDAY The Sioux City Seed Co. has opened a brr.nch office bore for Oklahoma Sports Writer Pulls One on 'Doc' Janse Dr. <P. V. Janse got home yes-1 "If you run across a six-footer tonlay from Oklahoma City, where of about 50 years (he doesn't look he spent a week with 'his (laughter, Mrs. H. T. Miller, and her husband. more than 40 aside—charming liar!)—who gets all hot and bothered over the Classen team, just Thp object of the trip was lo at-1 stick out your paw and say, ''Hello, state Doc.' Kei'by, Sioux City, in charge. His wife and son plan to conic soon. Tho concern handles all kinds of tend the annual Oklahoma lin.'Uotball tournament. Doctor Jansc's son-in-law, known - Algona, Iowa, and he's 'Skimmer' "Skimmer" Miller, is coach of Miller's paw-in-law. He's been 'Cause I/hat's 'Doc' Janse, from farm and distributes to re- tailors in this territory. Tl Produce Co., o£ which . M-':ie Classen, Okln.. basketball (iiiin-, hopping TOO miles down here every which prior to the tournament!year that 'Skimmer's' boys get into John; 'had a record this season of 24 wins > the state meet. CLUBS HONOR ALGONA H, S, BASKETEERS Prospects are good Tor a winning •high school track team this year, Coach Kenneth Mercer told a joint meeting ot the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs at the Algona 'hotel Monday night. 'Members of last year's team are now practicing daily for meets Algona Invited to Join Eight-Town Ball League Drcesman is manager, is local dis- j his homo on north Thorington street of ^^^ He^ad _ ^ been in poor hea but was abed only two weeks. Funeral services sports umn in glimpsed Doctor Janse and iimpcenship, Classen team j "That done, Doc probably will give the gang a lesson on how to r",,,p,l 'him the following mention: were performed. a at the home Fri-j day afternoon at 2:30 by -the Rev. Wachholz, Lutheran pastor at Bri'tt, and burial was made in Riv- evview. Pall bearers were E. J. j Murtagh, Conrad: Herman, August ! Brtmer, E. J. Party Honors Wesley Woman— Hough, C. R. La- ji,. s . w. E. iBell entertained Sat- Rarre, and }I. P'| ur day afternoon in honor of her ^ThuT passed mother, Mrs. E. G. Ely, Wesley, from the Algona who was celebratig her 62nd birth- stage one who day. A green color scheme in Had for more than honor of gt> Patrick - s day was ear . who edits a col-: use the stiff-arm. The last we saw Daily Oklahoman of him, he was trying his own stiff- gave arm, 11)00 vintage, on Wes Fry out in 'Skim's' kitchen." ..0, g. HEISE. go years been one ried out in the luncheon. Mesdames Guests Nannie of the town's .best known figures. To T. S. OS Years Ago. j setchell, Mary Runchey, H. A. Mor- _ Born AuRUst 15, 1849, at Naen-lgan, Thos Douglass, Henry Doug- dames"M."c."McMahon,"c. N'. sen, 'Braunschweig, Germany, Mr. lass, Clayton Sill, George Wesley, I a nd Carl Pierson. ' was won by Lucille Peterson. The club will meet next week with Lucille Peterson. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pierson entertained their dinner-bridge club Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. White won the liigih. scores, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Aalfs low. Mr. and Mrs. H. B White entertained at breakfast Sunday morning Guest were Messrs, and Mes- Heise emigrated to America when'Albert Met/gar, all of Algona, and lie was 19. He spent the first year,Mrs. Edw. Wildin, West Bend. at Stcubonvillo, Ohio. Two years' •at Madison, \Vis., followed,' and • 1'ehnert IJirthday Observed— * nonce in 1S7! lie came to Algona. I Mrs - Wm - Dehnert entertained For many years Mr. Heise *con- !last week AVednesday evening in ducted a harbor shop here. Mean- : honor of J I r - Delhnert's birthday, while he invested savings in farms Tlle evening was spent at "500," and town property and gradually | Martin Vinaas, Burt hotelkeeper, •hecajno well to do. He had keen ' winning the high score, Mrs. L. A. business insight, and was one of Miner second, and Mrs. Vinaas low. the few who escaped the effects of Other guests included Mr. Miner, •the depression of 1920 and 1929-34. ^' Ir - ant ' Mrs. Cooney Herman, Mr. On August 19, 1S74, Mr. Heise, aml Mrs. Anton Anderson, Mr. and •was married to Sophia Louise Thie- Mrs. L. G. Wilson, and Mamie Durmann, of Marble Rock. Four sons y 63 and four daughters were born. Two „, „ , • ,. T 7— '. —~ sons died in infancy, and one S(> ' a(l , s Part y Given— daughter, Mrs. F. W. Logan, Blue e WalUan >' a ns entertained at The O. B. S. past matrons club will meet for luncheon next week Tuesday at one p. m. Mrs. Minnie Long, retiring past matron, will be initiated. The Girl Friends club met Monday night witih (Betty (Barry for bridge. Earth, died seven years ago. Remaining daughters and ,a St. Patrick's day party last week Monday night at Mrs. Anna -Mar- .iv^iiiu.iiiiii^ uau^llLCiS ilUU SOILS i , . . „ „„ .. are: Mrs. A. Arent, wife of a Hum- ? h s> A 1 . G:3 ° d ™ ler was served, af- boldt doctor: Arno HPISP T.nmnr i ter w '"ch there were games and boldt doctor; Arno Heise, Lamar, Colo.; Dr. Reinhold Heise Em- games : stunts. Guests of the club were *-"-""•» i-"-1 ai.*-.iiin.un.i a iciat jiiiii- , r i'ti i aiotsburg veterinarian; Mrs' B A ' Meretllth athrop, Brasilia Caugh- Seeley, wife of an armv veterinary "' An £ ea Dresman, Louise Mag- coloneljit Fort Benning, Ga.; Mrs. on> and Gertl ' ude Norman. ' of a storm Lak e ' Candlelight Bridge Club Meets— veterinary. Mrs. T. C. Sherman entertained Mrs. Heise also survives. There' the cknale-fight Bridge Su at are ten grandchildren. August Br9-, G: ;> 0 Dinner last ~ ' Dinner and -there is a niece at'steu-benvYlIe! i hies, ^nd'the M f Supervisor Eight Years. I by Mrs. N. C. Rice. Mrs. A. K. Mr. Heise served on the board of fliff. Ames, and Mrs. Dice were supervisors from 1907 till the close guests. of 1915. In 1010 ihe served as'., , -,> , ,. chairman. For many years he was; A1 ''! la 1> f ] J>''"»»s to Meet— a member here of the Odd Fellows : Alpha Delplnans -meet next the Knights of Pythias, and the Wetlnesday aftern ° on at 2:30 with Ti_i-»» * I ATVO fl.T T lCP-+itn-i4- «-n-l -\lt~.~ A 1-1 METHODIST, C. V. Hiilse, 1'us- tor—Noxt Sunday is Pailm Sunday, a.nd tbe sorvlces are planned to cor- .rpspond with its spirit. We ar& confdilontly expecting a record attendance at Sunday school and worship. The evening service will be held at the Baptist church, and will be the first of -a series of services continuing -through Passion week. Tho services will be held under tbe ;uispice« of the Baptist, Congregation, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian churches, and each pastor wll speak at one service. AVe most earnestly urge not only members and friends of this church but all year ago, will 'be lost in mid-season, wihen he becomes 20. Members of the 'basketball team were introduced by Mr. Mercer including Sellstrom, iShackelford, Cretzmeyer, Spencer, Bob Post, Medin, Dick Post, S-hilts, Bruns, Spencer, Medin, also Little and Mitchell, team managers. The football prospect for next year is encouraging, after two ott the most disastrous years the Algona liigh school has suffered. Players (handicapped by undersize and lack of -plunging ability have been the rule. New material coming on this year to whom blocking and tackling has been taught two years will put new life into the team, and with the prospect of ligihts and night games, next fall's season promises to ,be one of the Ibest in recent years. Opening the after-dinner program W. A. Barry recalled old basketball days, 'when a team was first organized, purchased its own suits, _and scheduled games, after financial backing had been secured from 'business men. lihe first year, ,he said, ended with a cash •'balance M. J. Pool, J. W. Kelly, M. H. Falkenhainer, and Stewart MoPad- clen attended a meeting of -baseball men at Fairmont Sunday at which plans were discussed for a baseball league \vthich it is hoped Algona will Join. The league, if formed, will have eight teams from the following towns: Spencer, Es- tlicrville, Mason City, Charles City, Algona, Fairmont, Albert Lea, and Austin. The league will be operated under the National League rules and regulations under the direction of the famous Judge Landis. Formation ot the league must be completed within the coining week, and in order for Algona to join nearly $1,000 will have to be pledged -by Algonians. Some $371 of this amount will ibe for a bond in the league returnable at the end of the season. The rest will be used to hire players and pay organization, expense. The 'bond is figured as one-half of a club's monthly salary. Thus on hand of some which was spent in the purchase of seven pictures for the high school. Mr. Barry was a member of the team, Which had no substitutes. A. W. Amunson, optometrist, and L. J. Rice, of the Algona Bakery Co., were introduced as new 'members of the.Rotary club. UNIONHOFWEEK OBSERVANCE HERE A new venture in religious circles here will be inaugurated with un- on Holy Week services at Protestant churches next week. The Metfli- odist, Baptist, 'Congregational, Presbyterian, and First (Lutheran churches are cooperating. The series will begin with Palm Sunday services at the (Baptist church at 7:30 -Sunday evening. Monday night's .services will be at she Congregational church; Tuesday night's at the iFirst Lutheran church; Wednesday night's at the if Algona's club could be hired at $500 a month, only $250 (bond would be necessary. Once the club is started it should be self-supporting. The bond is for assuring the players' salaries. Four games a week will be played by each team, or more than 60 games in the season, which starts May GO and continues till the last week in August. Two games a week will be played on the home diamond, one on a week day, possibly a double iheailer Sundays. Before tbe first games a training school of two weeks will be held. Various local business men have been soliciting the necessary organization funds, and it is expected that Algona will Join the league. Spencer, Fairmont, and Estherville are already organized, and the other four cities are organizing this week. Another meeting is to be ihekl at Mason City Sunday, when final arrangements for the season •Will be made. Attorney E. C. MaMabon spent Tuesday at Rock 'Rapids. W. -H. Cummings, Des Moines, spent the week-end at ihomo. The Presbyterian church supper at -the Legion hall Saturday evening had a large patronage. St. Patrick's day decorations are used. Mrs. E. C. McMahon is spending the week at Corwitih, teaching Latin and English. The regular teacher is sick. Mrs. MdMahon also taught there a few days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Doyle, a Mrs. Walsh, and a Mr. -Plase, all of Minneapolis, visited from last Thursday till Saturday at Mrs. Nellie Me- RABIES (Continued on page 8.) is exposed to the bite of a dog much more than older persons. When a dog 'has rabies it will bite anybody, no matter -how afifection- ate it may have seemed. In Portland and Plum Creek no dog will be allowed to run free during the quarantine. All dogs must he tied up. Fanners who use cattle clogs to help drive herds must do the work themselves. A muzzle is not permitted as an excuse to allow a dog to run. Zittritsoh also visited relatives at Chicago and Joliet. Algonians who attended ordination services for Father Robert J. Mahon's, and called on relatives ._ from tomorrow, services will be held at Red Men The passing of Mr. Heise is Mrs. M. J. Streit, and Mrs. A. will have charge of E. the loss of a landmark for Algona" l' pl ?. sram ' . wh jch will be on inter- Hc was widely known in the county lestlng editorials. and had lived here so long that he'woman's was regarded ns n normsinnnf civ. I ™ _ v;. ture. «s regarded as a permanent'fi^ " The"woman's^ub^ets at the , was lent Mason City Globe-Gazette. This Is the week for a imeeting of th-f Bible Searchers class, and Mrs. ishop was ihostess Tuea- isirs A D' Adams Mrs arternoon ; and the public -schools Harold Oilmore will be the leaaw] ^"ii^to^tt^d' 4 ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ' The schedule of pastors for eacli service ilvas not been announced, Chris Wai- but no P astor wi H Breach in his own c'hurch. The sermons will center on the Passion week theme, and each church will furnish its A giabi F B Seelev s A W ore- N<>nt lukalt. C'ONGBEG.-VTIOXAL, J. Robt. lloerncr, Pastor—The L. O. A. Sun- the| givon under Ule direction of Mrs | "-inffton's, Mesdamee Haggard. Dick- JA. E. Kresensky, and officers will ' lnson - aml Herbst assisting- hostes- @r LOCALS! |be elected. Shower for Aunt Jen- Friends of "Aunt Jen" Wadsworth, who is spending the winter | ci5. Xext Sunday, church sdioo'l, 11} a. m. 'Morning- worship, 11; sermon :topic, The Drawing Power oC Calvary. Special Holy Week services bog-in at the Baptist c'hurch Sunday Mr. and .Mrs. Don II. Stiles are! a-t Birmingham, Ala., are surpris- oven 'ns. New hymnals will be used parents ot a boy, born Tuesday, i ing her witih a birthday card show- I cluu ' ch aiul teacher Burmeiater will They have another boy and a girl. Mrs. Stiles is the former Ruth Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brown, south of town, for whom tibis is the igth grandchild. Tho baiby -weighed S ;j-4 pounds. •Mr. and MM. George El-bert attended the first mass of the Rev er planned to arrive today. Other Society. Mrs. P. V. Janse entertained j eight women at bridge 'Friday afternoon, and the high scores were by Mrs. W. D. Andrews and Mrs. A. D. Adams. Other guests Edward l<andel, Wlnttemore, at! were Mesdames D. D. Paxson M Whntemore Monday morning. Fath- H. Falkenhainer H W " Ple'tch er Landel, who was ordained Sun- Forrest Twogood, L. C Nugent and day at Sioux City, is the son of Mr. J. L Bonar ^"gent, ana and Mrs. Mike Fandel, Whitte- Mrs. W. P. French entertained rnore and Mr. Eltoert and Father eight women at dinner and ' Fandel :ire cousins. i last week Judge Davidson signed an order high score uus won oy Mrs A H Monday granting to Mrs. Ruth U'-Stock; low ,by Mrs V V Naudain Davidson. Plum Creek, custody or and Mrs. I-\R Sawyer won the her two children, Ronald, H, and I travel prize pons, 9 pending divorce proceed- j Mrs. A. W. Amunson entertained s rxi=; LS'O™™^ iafss „«•* O f 3» pr M ^- srsrsas: sri±,s. ^ss.—"~ treatment, beatings, and drunken-[members of the club. ness. Frederick, G-year-old son of the Mrs. L. G. Willson entertained a-t one o'clock luncheon Friday Mrs. •T T -,,. . i 1 "••" u wiuv-iv JUlli,JICUl L. I. A\ ay, Algona photographer, Rlanchard and her sister ±f r ^,,?,,^ Ct ^ P iS" el lL 0 * S?*' ™'™?°' M - ^ard, came out of the alley Laird & McCuilough's. alongside The boy sister, Mrs. Mrs. morning'. TRINITY M'THERAX, P. J. Bra- nev, I'nstor—-Xext Sunday, iPnlm Sunday: SunJay sc-hool and Bible t:!uss, 10 n. m.; divine services, both IniiKuiig-e.s, 10:30. The Y. P. S. .meets next Tuesday evening at 8 at the church and Teacher Bur-meister will K'lve a talk on Niagara FVilte. 'Kng-- li.sii I^enten service nex:t Wedncsiiay evenilnpr, 7:30. German communion on Good Friday; English communion first Easter day. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. lA. Sjos- The ! <rail(I ' Castor—The Contlrmntion 'class meats Saturday, 10 a, m. Morn- iiiR worship next Sunday at 9. Please observe chtinge of time. The lord's Supper will be celebrated. Un,ion Holy Week services begin .Sunday evening, 7:30, at -the Baptist church. Plan to 'attend all services, during Holy Week. Sunday school Sunday at 10 a. m. I'RKSIIYTERIAN, C. Paul Carlson, Minister—Next Sunday: Sun- clay Kclioo-1, no a. m.; morning- worship, 11; Christian Endeavor, G:30 p. in.; Union evening- service, 7:30 p. m., Rupitlst church. was on roller skates going south, and the decline prevented him from stopping. George St. John, driving the truck, stopped it before the boy was run over. _The local calf club met at the -city hall Saturday, and officers were elected: president, Frank Schoby; vice, Floyd Bode; secretary, Eldon Shaw; news reporter, Lowell Samp; critic, Verle Putter- son. Membership cards were filled out for fine following new members. Leroy Nauimm, Leroy Shipman, Arden Orton, John Miller, Paul Miller, -Ridhard Klein, and Donald Orton. The club has 17 members. Boys 12 or over are! eligible. j Tonsillectomies were performed! at the Kossu-th hospital on' Mrs. George Free, Algona, last Thursday, and Dell Neville, Algona, yesterday. Two little girls, Delores Brown, 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown, Algona, and Helen Johnson, 7, had appendectomies Sunday and Monday respectively. Mrs. Mike McEnroe, Algona, had a major operation Tuesday, and Mrs. Ted Harr, Irvington, a minor operation last Thursday. Mrs. H. G. Grandgenett, St. Benedict, and Fred Plumb, Sexton, entered the hospital Saturday for medical treatment. The Belle bridge club met with Genevieve Hartshorn last week Monday night, and the high score own music. LONG'S FOOD SHOP MEATS AND GROCEUIES. Creamery liiitfer (none better) Ib. 27c Gelatine Dessert (all flu.) 6 pkgs. 25c Milk, 4 large 05,, Brooms 3g f 49^ 53,, lOc I'umUins, 3 cans ' ' j>5c lOc Sal Sorta, 3 phgs. 25c lOc BakiiiR Sodn 3 pkffs 25c Haisliis, per pk ff . (•> Ibs.) 150 HnnoUvss (iodfish, Mb. box 25c Farnu'r: Uring us your We pay big in tnulo for eggs mid your eggs wll buy more here. TEA n's Gr. Tea, Mb. pkg. Cut Kale Special Tea, pkg. Tea SifliiiKS, i-ib. v \i K '_'_ jjg c j>8c in the Park hospital following a nasal operation. Mr. Larson drove to Mason City for her. Mrs. Edna iForst and Marjorie Berry, Cedar 'Rapids, spent Sunday here. Mrs. Forst visited her sister, Bertha E. Johnson, 'and Miss Berry visited Bernice Morris, physical training instructor. The annual high sdliool operetta will be presented at the H. S. aud-1 itorium at 8:30 tomorrow night.! Members of the -cast and choruses 1 were published last week. "Lele-1 wala," or The Maid of Niagara, is! tlhe title of the production. j Bertha E. Johnson has disposed i of most of her household goods, I and has rented her house on easti North street to H. A. iNorman, of the Modern Dry Cleaners, who will take possession April 1. Miss Johnson has reserved two rooms on the second floor. Mrs. Ann Zittritsch returned Saturday from Odell, 111., where she had been since early in the year, visiting her parents, and her daughter, Catherine Doran, who is doing private nursing there. Mrs. Lawrence Winlcel, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice McMalhon, Mr. and Mrs. John McEnroe, Julia McEnroe, Mrs. George Holtzbauer, Mrs. R. E. Kain, Mrs. L. A. Matern, Caroline Wornert, M. J. Duffy, County Auditor E. J. Butler, the Frank Essers, and the Emil Stoffels. Chrischilles & Herbst So, You AY ant To Flatten That Tummy f If you're honest with youtself —there's one sure way. But soft elastics won't do it. A few- months of wearing one of Gossard's corrective front-lacing corsets will work wonders—then • you can go back to your Lastex girdles. But you must wear your front-lacing corset continually to succeed. This one is of peach brocade with twin gores of elastic at front for freedom. Model 556 ' GOSSARD FOR SALE—BAUED STRAW. — Harry Ward, Algona. 7p27 WANTED— 4 FURNISHED rooms, or furnished house, or small unfurnished house by April 1 or after. A. A. Lyons, phone 204-W. 20p27 High School Operetta "Lelawala" or The Maid of Niagara HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM FRIDAY, MARCH 23, AT 8 O'CLOCK All seats resreved. Ticket s may be reserved at the office in the high school T hursday and Friday, and the balance will be on sale at the window Friday evening. Mr. Hum—Says: "Where ur e you going, my'pret-' ty maid?" "I'm going a-shopping, s ir," s i, o said. •Wild will you buy, my p r et- ty maid?" "We- never buy when we shop," she sniil. Hhredued Cocoanut, per ._. Pears, No. ,10 cans .'. 450 VEGETABLES Carrots, large bunches 8c Corn, 2 cans gSc Pens, can 10o Peas, 2 for 25c Peas, per can 15 C Lima lieans, large can ........ i uc Kidney Deans, 2 cans . i8c Rutabagas, 3 Ibs " lOc Head Lettuce, solid " 5e lOc Celery, large stalks, ...... io c 15r 15c Spinch 2 cans 2 5 C Tomatoes, 3 large cans ... 28c Green String Ueans ....'." KW> Wax String lieans DESIRE FULFILLED Man wants but little hero below He's ready to admit it. If Uncle Sam Ueeps taxing him He's pretty suro to git it. lied Boy Salmon, l-lb can ]g c Bob White soap, 10 bars .. 25c Wooden Mop sticks (best) 150 Mac. or Spag., 4 pkgs " " 2 5c UIpo Olives, large can . " or.-. Toilet Paper, 3, 4, 5 rools 2'Tc 2i5c Pure Vanilla Bottle ...."" 190 Catsup, large bottles, 2 for -> 5c lOc Tomato Juice, 4 cans 25c Mustard, quart jars .... iL Ex. Choice Apricots Ib '' iq n Fey. Pink Salmon Ib. can n^ Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs. "" 0^ Peaches, Jfo. 10 cans '.'.'.'.'.'."" 45e Apricots, No. 10 cans " " Pure Crisco, 2 Ibs Lima Beans, 3 Ibs CHIC NEW SPRING COATS Chrischilles & Herbst There's a jaunty air about these new "windblown" coats —coats that fairly shout the new season. Sliown here in blues, toils, and attractive mixtures, with frills and pleats—loads of style at little cost. Size ranges are complete at J en 681 " 17 8ll °wing—from 14 to 52—and a nice selection in each r ang e . If you , re inter _ ested in a new spring coat, come to this stored 12,85 15,00 19,75 to be flattered on Easter wear one of these Hats the little braided turban the windblown brim Your best friends will tell you—that you never looked more charming— when you're wearing one of these very important hats for Easter. Bach is a brand new style—and we have each style in many thrilling versions. Wait until you see how well they're made—you'll hardly be able to believe that the low price is true! 1.95to 5.95 a "Doggy" hosiery color by PHOENIX This lovely Spring ehade is a grey biege that will "run with" navy and the grey beiges BO popular in costume colors. "Dog-gone" emart, ^•^^ one of the UOGGY" hosiery colors, bee them all in Phoenix with Custom-Fit Top, famous for Us "long-mileage" service and lasting beauty. •-£- Distinctive] Printed Dresses Chrischifel & Herbet You'll like these ,..._ cheery, individual printdd cs we're showing at then popular nrices. Here Is Just llio kind of j dress you're been looting ti to start the season out w a practical, stylish ga suitable for all occasions, ] Sizes 11 to 44 5.95 to The Styfct| Swagger Suits ChrischilH & Herbst Not for many seasonsj suits enjoyed the " popularity which wo accorded tliem this And they're so cbic-so« ish—so unusual. Our showing is not**"' Both nayy Wue and r are featured in a >rti of styles—both N 1 ,, and three-fourths. 1° snappy sytles forjto 11*0*? _ (sizes- well as more mature, models for the matron 18-38-40). Come in aad see.pu* ( line of swagger suits. «» • asproud to show be t* wear 12.85 to

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