Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1934
Page 9
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JUT DEVIVAL \fflV 13—'UJiiuii. rSVlVBl V ? SlCy ; o rtc Congregational and |S- i-«*« *»» ' begin sun con- held -. sub-district ramis- this week t Packard J'a'nd'"director. A large KWra ME , d Between acts Robert Diek- ji only seven, played ;his vio- a^d Robert, with Dons Phi Sylvia Gerdes, and -Lowell iman, swung in time to music, the form of songs by Lavon Ger\ and lone Syverson. i, Studer Critically Sick— _ Irs. Nathan Studer, whose sick- s was reported last week, is I Te ry ill, and requires a docs care. Her trouble is flu and locations. Mr. Studer tele- Hied to Fort Dodge, where his inddaughters, Clara and Mane chmeier, are taking nurses' iiing, and was informed that c o! them would arrive Monday M or early Tuesday morning, to [lain and care for Mrs. Studer. .. llansen's Birthday Observed— (jr. and Mrs Homer Andersbnf-of jona, entertained Mr. and Mrs. -mence Hanson and the Gordon ICiddings family at dinner Sun- jr. The gathering was in honor Ithe birthday of Mrs. Hanson, p, Anderson's sister, which was Way; and of the birthday of the persons' little son, Richard, and It of Mr. Giddings, which fall, Ipectively, on the seventh and 19th of March. |Isons 25 Years "\Vcd— [embers and friends of the Con- gational church held a party at Herman Carlson home Sunk to honor the Carlsons' 25th Jlding anniversary. Nearly 60 ins attended. The Rev. Mr. sten, pastor, was present and part in the program. Im- mptu speeches were given, and re was music and singing. Sup- I was served cafeteria style. Ul Election Held Monday— Phe school election was held Nay, but returns were not Klable in time to be included. py Sherman was a candidate I a three years' term, and Hans Tisen was put up for a two years' m, to fill the vacancy caused by )s. Nelson's moving away. Ihno •lies was the candidate for treas- . Party This Evening— ne Epworth League will hold a, p, sponsored by Mrs. McNulty. Vat's wife, in the Methodist rch basement this week Thurs/ evening. There will be amuse- pts and refreshments. Young •eons having an interest in the >gue are invited. Is Lose to AVeSliond— le Wesley girls basketball team we first section tournament i«M=T,5 0(lnian at West B end, « last Thursday evening, hut the second game to West Bend I LkeZ'n"' 33 - 16 ' This ends [ Basketball season. fc^^^'fl- is at the KOS- ii!H|A ' , trw m ,. AlBona ' taking ra- R- Morrison, Fred revio ,^ 1 S- i Mr> Hutchison Paine, Mr. and — " tw ° operations work. is I'''I>roved_ |^, is better, of the 1 ajiart of every day? Gwels tli« Streets- done a P* may now leave' •aveled road. Other te'aTxor^ ^° hn Amesbury fc •taSyWoS 111 *^.*' Vyersary O f v • wedding »"•' The V v k ib lan ' and Mrs - f-Cecelia ami*, Kmans> daugh- I'Mason'cRv?' Alvin Ha &e- lasasu^P'anned the If, the parents. wifiT^r 6 Evan selical ' and s ome members house was Volume 33 ALGONA, IOWA, MARCH 15, 1934 12 Pages Number 26 IS HELD AT LOSJNGELES Many Former Kossuth Citizens Meet at Big Reunion. By 'NeHio O. Kowycr. Holly-vvoocl, Calif., Mar. 8—The Iowa picnic postponed on account of tho ground too wet from ft recent rain, was held March 3rd at Lincoln Park, L/os Angeles. Although the weaUher was a perfect California day there were not so many present as usual because of n, largo number going tho week before, not having lieard of the postponement. Tho following Is a list of former Kossuth people present: Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Swanson, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.Holdrldge, (Mrs. Harriet White, Mrs. Christine Gerhards, Mrs. L. Stockwell G. W. Brunnor! Mr. and Mrs. O. L,. Harper, Nellie Gray Bowyer, Gwendolyn Bowyer Norrle, Horace Mann, Mrs. Lou Nic- oulln Qulnlam, Viola Mann, Fannie G-rumnrons Mrs. A. D. Clarke, Mr. land Mrs. C. W. Waldo, Mr. and Mrs! "Jharles McCoy. John Van Ness Attends. Bertha Manm, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McFarlamd, Theodore H. Hantsiow, Sadie Miller Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dinner, James, Tale, John Van Ness, Eunice Parrish Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. Alex White H. J. Thompson, Alico Anderson Ghoslin, Emory Reoser, D. Roascr, Elizabeth Fellows, E. J. Eddy, Mrs. Lloyd Smith, M,rs. Vesta, Andrews, Mm. Eleanor Blong, Jeanette Cooke Barker, Mrs. R. D. Temple, Maude Kinyon Hull, Mr. and Mrs. Klnyon. Henry Whelan, F. B. Lloyd, Lenore Sheffield Stephen.son J. H. Stephenson Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Kimball, Lloyd Keith, Kyle Keith, Geo. Luther, Mary King Pumas, Anna Jacobson Ong, Will Sherman, Emma J. Kelllng, Margaret Goklcn, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Hanna, W. F. Juergor, Mra. Katie Blackford Jones. A. L. Petersons There. Helen Hayden Denman, Mr. n.nd Mrs. E. E. Ballheim, Mr. amd Mrs. C. C. Smith, Mr. and airs. A. SENEGA GIRLS ARE DEFEATED BY MAPLE HILL Seneca, Mar. 13—Seneca's record in basketball tournaments this year was not as outstanding as last year's. However, in the girls' sectional tournament at Armstrong ^. w. »nmn, Mr. ami flirs. A. I, lj f s * week-end the team scored a Peterson, Mr. and airs. C. j. Amler- victory, last Thursday evening, win- son, Mra. P. E. Orthcl. Georgia At. 31ln S ovo >' Ringsted, 24-21. -TOGETHER Twenty Years Ago ' MI) roiiiuy Kii|H<HnlriitU>nr "ru^h'! 0 '' 1 • Kh ' nV ''' 1 """• 11 ( '"' a ''~ r * * * * MriTn ' r?' 1 '" l " ffhlc| - <* Ml '"'f'. U. (,. Arnfelt, hail '•'<•<! to Edwin li. Ward, north of Wenlov nn,l farmer The anmial .school election was » l!ilti> place. J. T. Chrischil- ''' S '' 0l|il " Jn H' from the b oa ,. (] oV T c -" nrlman wii *s a-.-a,,: •<-. >••. J. Cfllmorc was a candl- to .succeed himself ;us * • • « Tho high school domestic science ca*** were to ho hosts lo tho Home fcoonomlci, club. Miss Collins now Mr*. C. H. Bearclsley, was ,ea*eT * • * • '•• S. htltl lost ; -o Spencer, 30-2G. T-he team was to pla.y at Fort Dodge in a two-day tournament. A 1s- Fairmont, M, AVhittornore. Justice S. W.'crowell had fined one ••stove" Kennedy $ 90 and 'costs on a charge of bootlegging. The same week tho justice fined Herman Mcyo $r,0 and costs on a like charge. Neither was able to pay und so was given 25 days in jail! O. A. Brunson was sheriff, and Geo Hackman city marshal. Mr. and -Mrs* F* "s. Norton were going to Iowa City ,to attend a debate between university forensic societies in which CM. G. Norton was participating. The question concern Morse, Pearl Fisher Erickson, Free M. iBacon, Mrs. Helen A. Norton. Mrs, Annia F. Tjaden Bacon, Albert Ericksom, C. J. Anderson', Mi and Mra, Stin Molinder, Chos. A. M 0 - iindcr, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Edgren Mi-, and Mrs. w. H. Horam, Miss Agda Swanson. "" Mary 'H. Hoffman Dugan, C. L. Vorhies, Anna Mamilton, Ellen Gal- raiith Knoll, Harry J. Winslow Dr C. M. C. Walters, Mr. amd fttrs. B. Peck, Lulu Hoflus Belton, Jcnmie M. Anderson, Mra. Ross StebMns Mra. Cecile W. Asher, Mrs. Hanna Dolley, Mr. and Mrs. Ai-nie T. Hov«y, Clarice M. Hovey, BLhelmae Hoy ey, Mildred Peterson Jacobson, L P. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Chios. L Dillnger, Mrs. F. Henderson, Emmy Eriokson, Charlotte Harsoh, L *~ sd Erickson, Laura Mrs, Longley, ftlr and Mrs. R. H. Miller, Mrs. j. A. n tin. ,•„* , . . . , r t ,"! ' nterv als he is up and Raney, Mrs. H. p. Hanncss. 1 8nd eve Fred M. Curtiss Too. W. C. Ecces, Mr. and Mrs. George — «iii|'iuf dl—— • • ^* --»W*^»*M| iii.».. u.it\i. i?i jo. uc^ri fe^ wy Kunz, who has heen ill Sne11 - Mrs ' w - J - McAnthur, E. E "ttlammation of the iris of Mlller . J - A, rxxlson. Mr, and Mra Ks, is better, and now comes Ray B Tuttle iMrs. D.-E. Howe '« office of the Kunz firnin Mr - and Mr a. T. E. Stull, Elizabeth E Tuittle ,Mrs. D.-E. Howe, ana (Mra. T. E. Stull, Elizabeth Stull, H. C. Adams, F. M. Curtiss, Mr. and Mrs| Chares McCoy. F, iM. Curtiss who was a, lawyer In Algona 30 years ago, has been liv- «6 O\VA ^'»-»*-vyta— *.-. uu. \^uiiu?o >viiu wuo a JU.w^trr in '"Ugh loi* 0 * 1561 ^ 8 ' la . ve ^°ie a AI &°na 30 years ago, has been liv- ifits inn ^raveling Wesley ^ ans ' n *- >oa Angeles the past year ler'mav as every house- and te not ln the best of health place on havlln & suffei'ed a stroke. He and his wife have been separated for some itime, Mra. Curtis, the- former Marian Robb, ds wilth her daughter Who is married aind is Hvngr in S-an -*• led. >e Earl t Wesley the Joe «me da . '•efreshments can<J les, and were e was tuder va- , at thP stre c \ sthe * 6 Doctor Hi,, was known g^- house' , - c . 0 .raer of Main Ro ">an s at thejr .last a. ra- W, H, BAKER, FORMER ALGONIAN, IS DEAD The Kanawha Reporter two weeks ago reported the death of Wm. H. Baker, 81, who had lived at Kanawha 34. years, or ever since the town was started. His parents brought him to Algona in 1865, and the family lived here till 1870, then moving to Missouri. In 1877 Mr. Baker married Margie Ann Shackelford, sister of the late P. H. Shackelford. They lived at Roscoe, Mo., till 1880, then moved to Algona and lived here till 1899, when they moved to Kanawha, Mrs. (Baker died in 1931. At different times Mr. Baker was in the harness, hotel, and variety store .businesses at Kanawha, and for 17 years he was a rural mail carrier. . Mr. Baker was the last of a family of 12 children. The late David Baker, who used to farm west of Algona, was bis brother, and he was an, uncle of Mrs. !P. H. Shackelford, M. G. Parsons, and other •members of tie Parsons family. Relatives here did not know of his death till inquiries were made by ao. Advance reporter. Two daughters, Mrs. George Mc- N,eisli and Mrs. Archie Ames live at Kanawfca. IMjere are four sons: Wnj. F., Bruce, S. J>.; George G., Mebraska 0ty, Neb.; Jesse £1., Ee- 'as. Wash,; and Mark L., Pes ttoines. Another daughter, Mrs. O. a, j-ajrroll, died Iw "" Other games Thursday were- 'Lone Rock vs. Maple Hill, the latl ter winning, 2-1; Haifa vs. Ledyard, the latter victorious; Dolliver vs. Armstrong, Armstrong winner. Friday night Senewi lost to Maple Hill in a close game, 15-12 Armstrong won from Ledyard In the finals Armstrong met Maple Hill und won. The local girls had a bit of ill luck this season. They lost star players last year by graduation, and this year the star center, Bernice Jensen, was unable to play in the _ tournaments because of rheumatism. Out of the nine games this season, the girls won four and lost five. Many Movers in Seneca— March brought many changes in sen; A J. Meyerfarm vaca I vacated by Albin Nelson; and the Nelsons to the old August Nelson farm. Otto Wilberg moved to a farm vacated by Harold Goetsch; the latter to a farm in Minnesota. The George Jentzes moved to a farm vacated by Walter Jentz, who moved to Graettinger to operate a restaurant. Farewell for Seneca Visitor— A few friends gathered at Mrs. J. H. Jensen's last week Tuesday for a farewell party honoring Mrs. Jensen's mother, Mrs. Jorgenson Attending: Mesdames Jens Halvorsen, Albert Ullstad, Anna Osborn, Jennie Jensen, Sande, Christina Jensen, and Linus Jensen, and the latter's daughter Beverly. Mrs. Jorgenson, who had spent a few weeks with her daughter, returned to another daughter's near Blue Earth. Millen Jensens Dinner Hosts— Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen entertained at dinner last week Monday evening, and guests were the George Jensens, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wilberg, and Mr. and Mrs. John Andraeson, son James, all of Kingsted; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft, son Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson, daughter Betty. Girls Hare Rheumatic Trouble— (Bernice Jensen was confined to bed seven weeks with rheumatism affecting both amis, five weeks of which she was unable to feed herself. 8he has recovered sufficiently to return to school. Her sister Do reel la now has the same disease affecting (both legs and one arm. Donald Wilberg: Much Improved- Donald, youngest son of Mr. and Mra. Martin Wilberg, is rapidly recovering from a serious case of the chicken pox with complications. The little fellow had a fever of 104% to 105 frequently during his illness. Doctors Kirkegaard, Ringsted, and Mueller, Fenton, attended. Jfrs. Alton Nelson Home- Mrs. Alfoin Nelson is convalescing ™nii«?s™ H11 r cnt -"° r a Uiirti '^rc also t« Kn t() Amcs _ " ™ ] ™.* M iliuiKiiUpr I'nullno, now widow «on, KooUuk, was then'a'& L ?S Ion ?,'"?M CKl ° m OTivt >™ity, Eviuns- • 1U1 , n . ^° rt0nH thus ha<1 *"«"» UilUhon in C oii eKO at tho s;lme tjm ^ tnlt^ho^H^fho 00111111 ^, a h i-iiat «e was losing nov on both corn and oats as of President Wilson's - ln lUll ''ffs. Both corn ami oats u V uty frco" <UlmUtC(1 t0 tWs Countr y «* * * b y th ° bonrtl or county had ., the legis- anti state checkers under the f . ~.~ ...,»>. time. They were back flve years. * * * * go .,„-, fop filing and re- SOD? 0 Conskl ^ion S totaled * * * * The Wliittemore State bank had received a stuffed ' ' former ciMzen of that town then connected with a circus !„ W hich -the rimmal, when alive, had per- lormcd. * * * * C "R TTtlfnl, Jv, ^. i^. -uutcmns, rfepreisentative (Had written a defense of tho legislative action on taxation following- a scries of criticisms in tho Advance * * * * h,,m °' Dlck ' ns °n was planning to build a new house, and had been at Mason City to inspect pebble-dashed homes. There were none of .that type in Algona at that time. where she underwent a minor op. eration. She was brought ' ambulance. "*- " • at the Wednesday to take^Mrs!* HaroW Goetsch and her children to a new home on a farm near there. C. 311. Thompson is Improved— C. M. Thompson has been seriously sick with rheumatism, and Doctor Meyer, Fenton, has attended. His condition is now greatly improved. Senjor-Junior Kanffiiet Dated— The annual junior-senior banquet will be held May 11 in the Ker- more hotel, Emmetsiburg. Other Seneca News. Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. August Nelson, daughter Betty, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft, and son Jackie attended a hard times party at George Jensen's, Ringsted, last Thursday evening. Millen won a costume prize. Mrs. Anna Osborn accompanied her daughter, Mrs. William Brown, Armstrong, and her family to Burt Sunday to he dinner guests at the Rev. C. B. Mitchell's. Mr. Mitchell is a former Methodist minister at Armstrong. Helen Patterson, recent graduate of a beauty culture college at Waterloo, has opened a shop above Berkland's cafe, Ringsted. _ .. - -t Mr. and Mrs. Zweifel, is sick, and Doc- Mueller, Fenton, is attending. ONLY 3 WOMEN TO SERVE AS APRIL JURORS District Court Clerk McEvoy, County Auditor Butler, and the county recorder have drawn the following petit jury panel for the April term of court: Wert Asche Lakota P. J. Aman Sexton Marion Chipman Burt Adrian easier Algona Mrs. P. M. Christenson_Lone Rock B. E. Deal Algona Prank Elbert Whittemore W. M. Geering Algona Mike Hmtz LU F. R. Haldeman Will Jentz ~~\ Paul W. Larson JSwea"'city Alphons Lensing Bancroft Geo. Merkle Lu Vern e James M. Moore Algona Olson Bancroft Fred Ringsdorf ,_ _ ~ Burt James Reding Ottosen •E, Steward ______ \Burt Ray F. Smith __ ~~r~rr~Ismith Clarence Seefeld".Wesley John W. Shiltz -"".Bancroft Henry Smith _ Burt Dick Steinhard Lakota Ralph. Yanser Wesley Two Town Tickets for Wesley Polls Wesley, Mar. 13—Two tickets are in the field for the city election, which will be held Monday, March 2G. They are: Citizens' ticket— Mayor, John Hutchison; treasurer, Henry Kunz; assessor, Ihno Gerdes; councilmen, H. J. Braley, Albert Kleinpeter, Matt mon Deal Near-Victim Here of Monoxide Gas Wesley, Mar. 13—Oliver Young, who is a road man arid works with Wilbur Fisher, was seriously poisoned by gas early last week at Algona. He and others were doing some welding with an acetylene torch in a closed county shed, and at. the same time one or more automobile engines were running. Mr. Young was overcome and taken with severe cramps. His companions worked over him for some time, and then took him to Kossuth hospital, where he remained several days. He is now at liome, and much improved. Kabies Feared at Burt. Burt, Mar. 13—Mrs. Tom Pickard was bitten by a dog Friday. As it seemed abnormal it is toeing sent to Ames for observation and Mrs. Pickard is .to be given treatment for rabies. Club Has Dutch Lunch. The Kiwanis club had Dutch lunch and cards last Thursday evening at the Algona hotel instead of the regular noon luncheon. Dr. M. G Bourne won high, A. E. Kresensky low. (Fred Behlmer is a new member. WHEN WILL GAMBLE'S 2 FOR 1 Tire Sales end? Beginning Mar. 16, you get two G ply QPharis First (Line Tires for the Standard List Price of one—(Buy 2 tires and get a set of 4. 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