Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1934 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 15, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Herman Mechler Passes at Titonka AGED FATHER OF ALGONIAN DIES AT Titonka. Mar. ler 'ilrt Fr:.!riy at the BOB CJar^nc-. s^ith •:: body wT4.« >,ur cemt-tery. ^t.-". of to Mr. M«.h^r. who Edw. Droessler Reelected To Bancroft School Board Mir. -Tr.-? soh-jol el-' T. M-i-r.'iAy wis a QU:-?: affair. ausri-jter. aiso bom Saturday. Other Bancroft Sews, Mrs \\"n:i>m Quir.r., three ters-. ar. J i Madj. Tr.istr.ir spenc Sun- at C. W. MH'er's. LM Veme N -J. - a: Kars:?r. receive..! •- in hy 7;.:h • he -A-as rrci: er, ar.d three cr.ildren. E'.rr.er, Car- r.c- other votes were cast. ence, and Verc.. vrere i-;rr.. : ' In lic-5 the Mechiers moved to *t. John's Quintets to Tourney— Kcee-iXh ir.d settled near Tro-xa. Ir. The Rev. J. F. sc-huit*?. Coach K. 1SCC they moved to Cr.»K5'.o-. Pohlnuin. .Vasisiar/c C»:<ic-h Richard j MSr.n.. where *h~y farmed six years. L~r>ier>:of.er, and Frank Saker. Her,- : : In ISvJ. they returr.ed an-i lived on r.eth E>evi-~, Laivrerjce. Becker. Ur-> a farm so'j:h of Tr.or.ka till IJli. ban Kramer. I^a-i-rer-joe j>?:terins. L, R, BABE IS DEAD, VICTIM OF PNEUMONIA in th« afternoon were the Arthur HeSdenvriihs. and Uoyd "Walker, of WhlKemore. Mrs. Emma HeMen- with, Lotts Creek, i Kuocfcs. Mr. and Mrs. Is. and the Henry E. Godfrey and auction will be as follows, to-wit: Said sale will be made subject to the mortgage of the Union Central Life Insurance Company, but free and clear of all other encumbrances Said sale will be for cash. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 6th •daughter -Bernadlne. drove to herjjay O f March, 1934 jhome at Truesdale Saturday after- inoon, Bernadlne remaining for u ' week's vfe=it with her grandparents, tMr. and Mrs. Henry Steinhildber. | The Carl Raths were Sunday ! gwsts of the Harvey Raths In Al- ! cc-na. Gertrude Eichenberger, (had epent the past week Lone Rc«:k. Mar. i3—Etta Elaine. | ^ ij-months-old daughter of Mr. ami i ' VA "' ji r '"\viniams. Mrs. Qjinn ars-i her dauebter Mor- Mrs. Fral Rath, dieti hist Tuesday, visited Mrs. Quinn's sister. Mar- of a 21 day «'• : March 6- p.5 a result garet Mi;}-:--. Mason City. Saturday. who at Fred Hash's, returned to her home in Algona with them. Kathryn son Junior and daug-hter Flo- of Dakota City, spent Sunday and ar.-d his wife. Mr. and Mrs. Ak>yslus • township cemetery. She is survived >rt>=«5Ver. Pir*? Btufts. Wyo., who i by ber parents, three brothers, spent two we^ks here, went to James, Frederick, John and Marvin, Moir.es with them and are now . . . Vii - !in S Ecim-ey : \~aiencir.e's. ar.-i Thec-Jor* Bunkers. rt»y move>3 to Mr. Mech'.vr's health d:-ed IX-cemi-rr 30. 1S thit Mr. Meth'.er li ch'.Wre-n. On Frt-iay. ^!arch 1. Mr. Mechter ruf'er-rd a strc-ke, which brc-ucht about his d«?a.:h. The t~o sons live near Tator.ka. and the daug-hter. wht? is r.o-.v Mrs. Merle Schwletert. lives at Alg-or.^. -.vhere her husaind is a nev,-poipe-r '^r liv« •&. E-er.ver. Maynari 3-:-lster Hamrrul Murphy Sundav evenir.s of pick. Jc-e- Sauntlers. ar.d, Rerasen. visited their sisters. Mrs -ere dinner e-j*s:s' H. J. I>=icer;nz. and Mrs. P. J the Rev. Henrj-' Schifcz Friday. Herman Deicerins- i^cK. Sutherland. The toys are metn-1 R«r-sen. and his son Gregory visitors of S-t. John's basketball team, "ted the Henrj- Deiterings last Thurs ——-— j dy. Herman is a brother of Henrj Double Operation I» Performed— ' Entering-. lira. Clarence Neninwrs utxjer- I Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, Mrs. Mike wen; an operation for app-?rxJ>citie i DroessSer. and Margaret DeStertng and raiistor.es Sun-iiy afternoon at j drove to Des Moines Sunday. Mrs. the Wohnke hospital. Dr. R. M. > stebritz attended the convention for isr. A brother Wallace. Algona, assisted Dr. J. A. j beauty operators then? Monday anc Mr. arvd Mrs. Nemmers • Tuesiay, and MUs Deitertng visited PTA Program Is Given— A PTA meeting was held at the high Echc-C'i auditor; urn Mor-cay night, and after business meeting a program was giver.; health circus. ring- master. RuscseU French. Mother Nature. Car-;-J Reaser. performers Patty Ball. Jacqueline CalUes. : have a daughter a month ar*i a half (her sister. Mrs. L. C. Ostwinkle. old. Little Girl's Appendii Out— daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Kennedy, underwent an operation for appendicitis last week Wednesday aftem-cron. Mrs. Mar-.- Ur.de.r- Mr. ana Mrs. Leonard Cutler anc Lloyd Chambers spent Saturday anc i ; Sunday at Swea City with Mr. Cham j bers' father, Chaxies Chambers. Mrs I Lloyd Chambers is in South Caro- Betty Kokash. Alice Bud!on«. A'x-;- kofier. R, X., U caring: for her. Kucheunr'j'.her. Roc-en: Budlong-. Sigpra] Wo«3. Steven de Vries. He-r- bert Schrani. and Harris Smith; Mary Jean Rachut. Mar>:.r:e Pec-:-r- ton. Esther Frttz Ra>Tnond and Ar. nold Ricklefs, Junior Eau; scoca- phc r no solo. F^rr..^ Krantz 1 bLirk fac^ eklt. Kathr-'n S-r-hrarr. ar.d Donald CaJ'ier; dar.c-:-. Jacqueline CoJlies ar.d En<.-ayr.':- Faul. Champion Speller is Chosen A si."=;U.-.£- •;-— -,vaa held at the hig-'n s<:-ho>! auditorium la. 1 ^ wee-k Bpel:v.- for a county cor.test. Pupils irorn the fifth, sixth, seventh, ar.d Una -n-ith her mother, who is sick. Dr. J. A. Devine assisted Dr. R. M. Wallao?. Agona. in an operation at the Kossuth hospital, Aigorau Fonr to Illinois Funeral— i Monday afternoon. Mrs. Samuel McCleish. s->n Glenzi,! Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pearson and Mrs. W. A. Murray, and'james Mur- i County Auditor E. J. Btitl-er. Algo' na. spent Monday evenii^g- at AI fred Pearson's. J. F. Kramer •n-ent to Sioux Cit> last Thurs-iay to visit, three daughters who live there. Ann Walsh. for Campus. 111.,: :he death of Mrs.; Two New Babies Reported— Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kennedy have a son. bom Saturday, and Mr. and Mrs. Lav,-rer.ce Richardson have a Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richardson, Al eona, spent Sunday afternoo at Dr E. A. Howe's. eighth cra.i*s were 12 Feme Oeste till -; Stoil. Marrare; I:«=. v-> Brandt. L">na G-i-king, Lucill Peters-...-! Au'irev Brandt. Mar-.- Jear Rachut. A!x-.> Kuchenreuther," Rut Hinkvn. Jerry PJrjr.-er.-rop .and Jf-a Trj'on. MursMre-t Ites. of th- •-.'grade, V.TI.S chanir^ion. arii v.-.' ^-^ School Girls Serve Banquet— LEDYARD WINS IN TOURNEY AT MASON CITY Ledyard, Mar. 13—The Ledyard ihostess served refreshments. Thursday evening a: -.v«r-; Mr. ar.-l Mrs. L^. r, Mr. ar.d Mrs. Homer Do-.vn>C M- Other Leflyard News. i Change at Produce Station— i Herman Gabel sold his produce j station to Lawrence Mayne and left 'Saturday to take possession of a • grocery store he recently purohas ; ed at Harlan. He sold his school : bus route to his brother Ted. Mrs, A. F. Schnltz Laid Tp— Mrs. A. F. Schultz is suffering -I! -r.- ooys aaskerball team won Class B ; from an infection in her knee caus- honors at the district tournament' e d by a bruise. She has had it a; Mason City last week-end, de-. !Mced twice by_p_r_._Somers. .s~rv~! feating Graf ton 25-16 last Thursday ' >•-;<- Uus: r.ight, and Saturday nigit they v.-on i .---•.-n.iir.g from Aplington 26-19. Local" fans ^ Ir - ^d ^rs. Henry Gray, Baxter, at Thursday's game were the came ' ast %y eek Wednesday to visit Messrs. Drew, Lloyd, Yahnke, Wil- tbeir daughter, Mrs. Glen Beyse, _ .. i£r - and Mrs son Brack. Barrett, L. W. and Bill ^^ to lo °k after property here. Hc ^r\77 r ~'^", ft r'- :pt " d -y rs " C A - w i«ier, Dunn, D. A. and Elvini D. A. Carpenter and Mr. Ech- mire'v'-"-"'^;';"' tS'.T,-* 1 '-* p un " Carpenter, Peterson, Mayer, Scare,: lome . Swea City, attended an im,. v /!','.^'.' !!""'...."'.'."'.', •,. .IV 1 "?.. f '!?:'" an(i Pau! ^-z. and Alice Moulton Plemeni dealers meeting at Hum- T"-.--!V"V'.'.- T 1 ^ -". - i .'."!!"!"'"'"""'•' Tr '" anc ' Lillian Sanders. More than boldt last week Monday. ,'.7.V"...'l'.":"' ''^:' r :~~"~ ''•.-; n .-"'••"••~ : :x '*'^ lOO local fans attended the game N'orma Kelly visited relatives at Saturday night. The boys go to Charles City over the week-end at- t-e s:a:e tournament at Cedar tending the tournament at Mason Fails, where they win plav Mar- City Saturday night. trll, a Class B school, in the open-' .Henry and Bertha Entleking, El- ir.g game oi the meet. The girls': 5 l e Klemme, and Fred Lenners, all basketball team went to a sectional °^ Hubbard, visited relatives here Tttor.ka". ^' ; urr.anien: at Armstrong last over . the week-end. :• Mor,.ds.v Thursday and won from Haifa 16- : -^ ! ' ce Hagge came home Saturday •••' fr:*T.*.!s 13 - ' Dat w ere defeated Friday night i^ rom the Bancroft hospital where Mrs. Kruse— Kr:jiv'i the Armstrong girls. she _undenvent an appendicitis op- ! C*T**3 f 1 f\V\ William i k«T.. ri-n ar.d Mr*, brothers r Au.-dliary Ma.--hi:'..!: ur.ii hv:v an.l c, .W. Vett-rur.s : uso in in ""•• _. . . eration. were" Mrs!" B. Anita Gelhaus is Bride— i The Wm. Garr>-s and Mrs. Walsh -n. -h* Kenr;.- Anita, daughter of Mrs. Ella Gel- i s P en t Saturday and Sunday at i-<. the &;:e:"t :>1 - a ^. and Lawrence, son of How-! Rochester with Mrs. Garry's "rela- rf.vhniiits. ihe arc l ^Ia>*ne, were married by the '. ti v es. •. -Soph:;... Eaade. Rev. Mr. Steck, pastor of the Evan- 1 George Moulton and L. TV. Wie:'. Herman Be^r.- gelical church, at Fairmont last imer attended the basketball tour- Ojr.rad Muyk^r.d '•'•'eek Wednesday afternoon. They lament at Esthemlle Friday night. a.--; M~. Kruse'.s %v «re attended by the bride's sister j Juanita Underkofler spent tte Luetta and the bridegroom's cous- f w eek-end at Britt with her parents. — in, Donald Mayne. The young cou-l^ er father is in poor health. p!e are at home in the Gray house j Mr - an ^ ^rs. A. E. Lauritzen recently vacated by the Roy Links.! W . 6 P* to Klemme Friday night to They were given a charivari by > Y ^'t the former's parents. Ledyard friends last Thursday i -- - • wi n ^i STOPGASPAINS! GERMAN .a.gradu-, ^^ fl|yK ^^ Acting on BOTH upper and lower bowels Adlerika washes out all poisons that catise gas, nervous- „ . „ Helps Knoxvllle Veteran- i'.-ri : r. f.-ash to iht- U. 3. -!.-::.i: ;..-. Knoxvii!.. for •n a-.viu-de.i -.j Gertrude i w.s.i.y in a Fi.lac c->n- i-xu! «!io.>U. The unit purcha.-5e for the Iwal ated from the Grant school and the bride is a Ledyard graduate. Leon Worden Loses Sister— ook to be. ch^en bv Meyer for tes: \'-. :h' ha* V...-..HI library, ir. the hbrar;/ hospital, Iowa City, St-huni ()p»-rt-tta Tunlght— after ten months illness, all of i-^fe'h 7-o:-.c-,i ,-.i>.-,-e:t;.i. Pe??y ar.d, w ^ich time she was bedfast. She better known here as Grace t Worden, having lived here in ear-i .- and Thuri- ! i er ^^- Leon Worden and Eu- ! ir« Vern Ea- S*ne Wordens, Elmore, and an i WALTBR L. HBERDT, as Administrator of said Estate of Adam Heerdt, Deceased. By Hutchison & Hutchison, His Attorneys. 26-26 : £^" e ;J*" be Sf!" John Thomsen's. OFFICIAL SOTICE Before the Board of Railroad Commissioners. To the Citizens of Palo Alto and Kossuth Countiea: Notice is hereby given that a petition for a franchise to erect, use and maintain poles, wires, guy wires, towers, cables, conduits and other fixtures and appliances for the purpose of conducting electricity for lighting, power and heating purposes has been filed by the Mr. and Mrs. Andrew ThomsenjTown of West Bend, Iowa, in the and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rogers office of the board of railroad drove to Royal. Sunday visiting- at commissioners of the State of ty-six twenty-four (24), township ninety- five (96), north (N), range thirty- one (31), West (W) of the Fifth p. M.; a distance of approximately five (5) miles to the northeast (NE) corner of said section twenty- four (24); thence east (E) on the highway on the north (N) line of section nineteen (19), township ninety-five (96), north (N), range thirty (30), West (W) of the (Fifth P. IM., Kossuth county, a distance of approximately one-half (%) of a mile. Beginning at the southwest (SW) corner of section twenty-five (26), township ninety-five (»5), north (aV), range thirty-one (31), West (W) of the iPifth P. M.; thence east CE) on the highway on the •south (S) line of said section twenty-five (25), a distance of approximately one (1) mile to the southeast (SE) corner of said section twenty*-five (26), .Beginning at the northwest (NW) corner of section seven (7), township ninety-four (94), north (N), ' "' of were Lyla and Eunice Priebe, Clara | Eierte. and Mary Ann FTaig-. Those] who csine from a distance were Henry Rath and brother Fred, and Theodore Arm«E«?n, all of Spicer. Minn. Mother's Club In Meeting— The Mother's club met last week Wednesday wKh Mrs. Victor Rogers, Mrs. Andrew Thomsen hostess. Scripture was read by Mrs. Thom- een, followed by the Lord's prayer Roll call was answered by an Irish joke. Mrs. Fred G«nrich. rave a paper on how movies are harmful to children, and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard! a reading on how movies are beneficial to children. Lois Whitehill and Lillian Angus sang a duet, Mother ilachree. The nen meeting- will be with Mrs. Fred Genrich, Mrs. V. V. Frye assisting:. Rev. Gladstone Comes Home— ken. Mrs. Meryle MilKgan, and Margaret Gladstone drove to Fonda Sunday, the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, who has been assisting in evanga- listical meetings there for the past two weeks, returning: with them. The Fonda pastor, the Rev. McMi- can, supplied in the Ix>ne Rock pulpit Sunday. Mite Society to Elect— The Mite society met Friday afternoon with Mrs. A. A. Krueger. Scripture was read followed by the Lord's prayer. Lillian Angus and Lois "Whitehill sang a duet. It was voted to give $75 towards church expenses, and $20 to missions. The next meeting will be with Mrs. A. Krueger and election of officers wiJ! be held. Attend Festival at Ames— Fred Genrich, son Bernard, Mier- vyn Christenson and Mrs. X. L. Cotton drove to Ames Saturday, returning Sunday evening. The Genrichs visited their son and brother, Mainard, student at Iowa State college, and Mrs. Cotton visited her daughter. They also attended the military circus there Legion Auxiliary Meets— The Legion Auxiliary met last Thursday evening with Tena Jensen, 11 members and 4 guests present. Mrs. John Sprank gave a report of the state convention in Des Moines, and also a meeting- held at Swea City. library week will be observed, played. Lueh was served and 500 Karl Ewoldts Are Surprised— Forty friends and neighbors surprised Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ewoldt last week Wednesday eveslng in nonor of Mrs. Ewoldt's birthday anniversary, and 500 was played". Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schroeder received lig-h prizes, Delbert Hanna and Mrs. I. W. Xelson low. Other Lone Bock. The Raymond Bierstexits were. Sunday guests of the Fred Wegen- ers, northwest of Lone Rock. Callers L. Tt. Roderick made a business trip to Winner, S. D., last week Wednesday, returning Thursday. The Frank Householders have moved into the property known as the Sadie Thompson residence. Mrs. Frank Dacken attended a county Sunday school convention In Bancroft Friday. Christian Endeavor met at Will Christenson's a week ago Monday evening. LEGAL NOTICES | NOTICE OF SALE OF SEAL ESTATE In the District Court of the State o£ lovra in and for Kossuth county, in probate. •• In the matter of the Estate of Adam Heerdt, deceased. To Whom It May Concern: Xotice is hereby given that, by authority of the alwre entitled Dourt, the undersigned Administrator of the Estate of the above named Adam Heerdt will, commencing at two o'clock p. m., on :he sixth day of April, 1934, at the 'ront door of the Court House, in the town of Algona "in Kossuth county, Iowa, proceed to sell at public auction, the following real property of said Adam Heerdt, deceased: The Northeast Quarter ^TSM) of Section Twenty-one (21), Township Xinety-seven (97), Vorth, Range Twenty-nine (29), West of the 5th P. M. The terms and conditions of said right to construct and maintain said electric transmission line over, along and across the following described public lands, highways, streams and private lands: (6900 volts) Beginning at the west (W) corporate limit of the Town of West Bend, Palo Alto county, Iowa, where said corporate limit is intersected -by an east (E) and west (W) highway on the east (E) and west (W) center line of section thirteen (13), township ninety-four (94), north (N), range thirty-one (31), West (TV) of the .Fifth P. M.; thence west (W) on said highway through said section thirteen (13), a distance of approximately three- fourths (?i) of a mile to the west (W) line of said section thirteen (13), and beginning at the northeast (>JE) corner of section one (1), said township and range; thence west (W) on the highway on the north (N) line of said section one (1), and section two (2), said township and range, a distance of approximately one and one-half (1%) miles to the northwest (N"W) corner of the northeast (NE) quarter of said section two (2), and 'beginning at the north (N) corporate limit of the town of West Bend where said corporate limit is intersected by a north (N) and south (S) highway on the east (E) line of section twelve (12), said township and range; thence north (N) on said highway on the east (E) line of said section twelve (12), section one (1), said township and range, sections thir- the Fifth P. M.; tnence east (Jfl) on the highway on the north (N) line. of said section seyen (7), a distance of approximately one-half (V4) of a mile, and beginning at the northwest (NW) corner of section eighteen (18), said township and range; thence east (B) on ttJ highway on the north (N) line of said section eighteen (18), a distance of approximately one (1) mile to the northeast (NE) corner! of said section eighteen (18). The board of railroad commissioners has fixed the third day of April, 1934, ten (10) o'clock a. m. in its office at Des Moines, Iowa, as time and place for hearing said petition. Any objections to the granting of such franchise must foe in writing and filed in triplicate with this Board at least five (5) days before date of hearing. The Board suggests that the objector toe represented at the hearing toy someone who has full authority to act tor it. Dated at Des Moinee, Iowa, March 6, 1934. BOAOH) OF 'HAIL/ROAD COMMISSIONERS O iF THE STATE OF IOWA. Attest: Geo. L. McCaughan, Secretary, File E-2190. 26-27 HERE'S THE OPENING GUN FOR Gamble's 9th Anniversary Sale, beginning Mar. 16th. 2 tires for the price of one — buy one Pharis 6-ply tire at the Standard <Laat Price and get the second tire FREE. Inner tubes, 49c and up. 30x3% tires as low as $2.69. 47-26 Lone Rock ^^ Community DAY SALE Thursday,March 22,'34 SALE STARTS AT 11 n»nTnriT.- ^ SALE STARTS AT 11 O'CLOCK GROUNDS \ H. W. POST \ Dray and Transfer | STORAGE OFALL KINDS Long Distance Hauling. Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHOXE 2SS Algona, Iowa High A the Piru-..-. bell an.i A: en :hL* v.v» day rjvr.tri con. V.'ilbL Lois He-Jr. '•y Irma Camp-or.. will l~ g:v- chorus Schram. Helen Eevil. aunt, Mrs. Montgomery, of Forest RrtnhiL.-a Fritz, Lor- City, left Monday for Oxford, where E-m;.v. Lur^n, Her- funeral services were held Tues- Dor.aM Cu.!!ies, ar.J tiay. •••'.-. Thore will be a -<= and pirate. First* I»M- t,, The \V,.-».l.,v d:i.y nijrht ur.<l -.;-...- '.cx-i! s. won, bm ih- fi!-s;.s ;,«-. Tisis -,v last fe -.an» L .f the season. .S..-nii..r r^vs on th.- tram wh.j will U- i,.,s; !.y grailuitti.jn th:.- y«, r are William Kenn..ly. A;-:h'.u- Askins, C,^A-^~ Ledyard Schools Commended— j D. A. Carpenter, secretary of the school board, received a letter from I *•*- R. A. Griffin, state inspector of! «- schools, following his visit here n !ai: week Tuesday. The letter coai- .. ne is Celebrated— M.. •!....•• ,.,f Mr. ui'd Mrs t-:uh '.vftlJinj,' an- Harms home, more Tin XVeddliiL- A S'J!•',.;-.-•,- day uJSJii in Henrj- Hani: niversary iit than 4U rthitives ;uid frk-mi.s attending. A ixx'king- t -h;i;j. \^.s pi-e.sc-nte.1 to Mr. and Mi-s. Hai-nis. Dnjgglst IK'iitdn Has Birthday — r=, ftilmorc- City, -njamins. West .s on the good condition of the , scnoolhouse and the school in gen- jeral. A C. Vf. A. project to redecorate the interior is planned. :3fuhleinan Preaches Here i The Rev. W. G. Muhleman, Al- sona, Methodist district superintendent, delivered a splendid sermon here Sunday morning on The : Religion of C'ain. Following the : sermon about 40 attended a pot : luck dinner in the church ba=e- ment. faster Cantata is Planned— .st choir practice was Ralph 0 ei Air. Jjentuii iv!<.•!.nue ;L birthdny. Gasoliiio IX'nioiislrutlun Given Last Thursday nijjht a demonstni- itlon of D. V. f,';usoline was given by John Blvit-h aiul Humor Downs ;i"t I'ho Paiinluik coliseum, llc-fresh- ments wtiv .soj-vej ao so men. Case of Erysipelas I{cpor(0(]-_ Horm.-i.ii J-'ritz and .K«hn Kippon- troji liavn li,,,'ii .sick, julm having a wrioii.s time \viih oi-ysiplu.s since Friday, anU Jlc-nnan liavin.y tlie flu. Other Titonktt News. Mrn. (!)ji.*itor L.-i.nioreux, who had vliiu-d n-lativc.s two wtok.s at CWl- /noro C'ity, niturnod .Sunday. 2-piece Living Room Suite 49.75 Foster Furniture Co. BUILDING MATERIAL PAINT FUEL To serve the needs of this community tpry. We are prepared to render a service to the pub- We wm Yours for service and quality. F. S. Norton & Son CALL 229 10 68 HEAD of LIVESTOCK 68 Head of Horses •^ ^ k ^ reb ll d .l ercheron , sta " ion ' ^iug 2 ; 10 old Head of Cattle 18 Brood Sows """"^^I^MK^^«—__ Head of Feeding Pigs Farm Machinery t 1 f>V OT*Q 1 •*-» l-i {», J •„ , ^f tion,i n ^f P S^^ 8-ft.disc; Intema- a^new; Baylor 2-row cultivator 4-hoSeS? lng corn P lanter - as good torse hitch; Moline single-rmv cultivSor ?oh n DeT' 1 "- 2 ; rOW culti vatorf 3- ft. McCormick grass mower; 16-in Emerson Silv f W S1 ^ le - r °w cultivator^; 6- er; McConnick-Deering 3-hors" e power easolinpl; ^ Y new; sma11 fee ^ grind- OTlf^ Cli?lor\T^* XT.-, i f* *w~i T i* rf **«* o'*^*'imc6llP'lT|fX Ho €*r\f\A n m uue season, Pso. 17 De Laval cream separator as e rt Uew> en used ™ ^S^JS^ZSS^K^ T&p ** CJSS&tti C;tSoS g f^SfS|^ Cr»»Q C!C3 ft^^^l «AJ. 1_ . _ "-"*-«. i-*CCl 1H^ (11*3.2" f*J) l»f » fJr\r\r,: _ -. . * °CV»V*UU. Household Goods time. The best town in the county for Community day have a if you're cause. Take one half KRUSOHBN hot water c», weeks get on — energj-_-y olll . skin you feel vouncor » , - SOHBN will R iv e '" H- Joyous surprise. ytat » Get an 85c bottle O f i SALTS from R. yf f ' leading dru R gi S | America (lasts ssx^\r^ est way to lose'foul? gladly returned. 20 POUNDS OF] HER DOUBLE( Gained Neutralize Dr. Brail's Adi a TabletT serious stomach trouble «u you want Adla gives n L*l money back.—A. H *" Druggist BUSH DIRECTORI '-—, KOSSUTH C00NTI __, Weekly Newspaper FounWil OEntered as Second-Ciaa y December 31. 1908. at thehJ at Algona, Iowa, Under till of March 2,187J. _ LAWYEBS W, B. Quarton QUABTON * Mttinl Law Offices. Phonea: Office 427, rejltej Algona, Iowa. J. L. BOSAB Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State BankL Office phone 468-W. AlgouJ 9ULUTA3f, McHAIlOS il f. W. Sullivan S. a L. E. Linnan Attorney 8-at-La», Phonea: Office, 261; J. W.il 3. E. McM.. 403. AlgojJ HABEINGTOX 8. J. Harrington I,],| Attorneys-at-Law Phone 2S7 a 111 Office over PostoHlttl B. J. VAN KBSS, G. W. S 1 Lawyers Office over Iowa Stats Cbone 213-W. TERMS—Cash. or see your banker. Alex Radig and Fred Flaig FLAIO * STE * R ° Ck ' Iowa & STEWABT, A«tl. The Lone Rock Exchange will 100 pound,. Bring yo»?S. Wl11 - *" COTOOK „ •1. D. Shumway El 8HOMWAT A KBUll Attorneys-nt-law 0ffJce in Quinby Btoll Phone 68 L. A. WIXKEL AtUorncy-at-l.an Office In Quinby Phone ISO B3BAH B. Attorney-at-Law Office over Iowa Slate Phone 266. P. A. DAXSOJI Attorney-At-Ljw Office over Iowa State I Phonea: Office, 460-J.; Bell CABKOL A. TTA»DB| Attorner-at-lav Offkse OTer Posto«l*| Phone 65 A. HUTCHISON DONALD C. HUTCH THEODORE C. HC Attorneys-at-La* Quinby Building Phone 251 DOCTORS JOHK K. KKNEFICII Physician and 8nrj«aj Office over Rexall ^ Office phone 300 Res. phone 328. C. H. CBETZ3IEYEB,M Surgeon and Phpio Office John Galbraithi Phonea 444-310. Ugona P. T. JAKSE, M.B- Phyilclau and 8mi«f" Office on South Dodge I Phones: Office, 666; real*" Algona, Iowa WAtTEB FBASEftM Physician and Surs««i Office In Quinby Bids, Hdfl Phone No. 12 ' * .JIEI-TIN G. PhygJclan and Office In Postottice Phonea: Office, 1 W, D. Osteopathic Physician an' 1 Located In General HO Phonea: OHlce DENTISTS PB. H. M. OLSfl* Dentist. a«a or novocalne u traction. ,„, Located over ChristensaH Phonea; Business 166. Algona, low* * B. WJK^ 1 W««t State Street, Phonea: Office, KOSSDTH DfSUBJINCK Orer f 16,000,000 worOi w« A ».

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