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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 12

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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IUA1IV 6, A -HYIINI-Ni; if! hi in s. hools than they if schools were closed v. ere allowed to go to rr.o- iFOItCES ASSIGMED city prison for invent it; reffaja tr.g his sanity, was found gui'ty carrying concealed weapons in PO lice court this ly Jud Ifortimer Smith. Ser.rnee will be HUMOPylST TO TELL UFE IN ARMY OVERSEAS 1,1 an Guilty cf Hcvinj Ccncealcd Weapons Walter Goodnight, who was arrested several days aro after he had made threats against the life, of his fimi'v. ami who was taken to the 766 IN UKFr.LY TOTAL.

LEHKELET, Feb. 6 Ir.f luwa crises since the made its appearance ca January 12 totaled 76 5. but 13 deaths occurin? In the entire period. Ko deaths have nniiTin WW uii an the ti'in pieturt tbeaters and run about the streets. The attendance of physicians nd trained nurses tiie schools, together with tlaity inspections, provide the greatest care for pupils.

JJoctoc 1'ease, who urged that the schools remain open at least until other public places are ordered closed. thn I sinn nf th Kit lilimii ICS mm LOllE Saner in ten den" I-Yed Arkrr te. Alt OcDERUflTT-Ht-EIARKET Opposite KDJEMA Theater 1539 Broadway, Corner 16th I 1 Grand Opening Specials ForSATURDAY r.iV'T. poacher, st tritien-w itie the foremiist in trct-r? ire.i. foil i.eht at the l'ir-t ireh OnUar.3, ll-'l Los a vi.

itli eh i i ixsrrar a At noon I Hrottcher H'oKe-before the Athenian chub or subject "The Uj2ad-ilii--i 4te ti) iiris and the eveii-more-so -nisht life in Brussels. Me rel.ued incidents of auto Jind stranu-r trips ur ami down the Tthine. He depicted soldier life in France only on "the humorous sl'e. his art of telling the comical side of a sad story having established his reputation among-the troops. Rev.

BroUKher was formerly an Oakland lie played half-' Lack on the famous old Alert football teani of Oakland, and is well- Jipown abtwt-thc I ay district While in Oakland he is a puet of C. Lyon, manager of the. Lyon 1-1 rep roof Warehouse company. Hearing on Garage is Set for Monday Hearinit of protests by property ow ners in the vicinity against the permission granted to P. J.

tiregor to establish a public garage in the ol(j National Guard armorj' building jn Twenty-fourth street, between Telegraph avenue and Grove street, WAS todav for Monday morning. The council this morn ing by Oakland Chapter of American lied Cross of the willingness ot the organization to co-operate in the influenza campaign. The communication was referred to'Coinnns-nioner of Public Health and Safety F. Morse and a letter of thanks drafted to the chapter. Hunter supplied the board with a report showing the percentage of absences among pupils to be 23 per i ent- while rnongteachers is cent.

Evsry. ihin for your ParrtaA MEAT DEPARTMENT Shoulders oF Yearling Mutton per pound ....18 Mutton Stew, per rr occurred within the 21 hour. according to health onice r- pons. Fifty-two new cases of influenza were reported' this morning in i dition to the 43 cases of yesterday PntMC MF.KTING B.VRRFJ. churches, schools, theaters and other I public gathering places were closed and public funerals were prohibited in an effort to check the influenza epidemic.

JkTT and T.D TJieQlersj DELICATESSEN DEPARTMENT SPECIALS Saturday Only Combination Salad, lb. Cold Slaw, 2 lbs. for 35t Cooked Spaghetti or Macaroni, lb. 15c Block Swiss Cheese, lb. 58 Imported Roquefort Cheese, lb- Camembert Cheese.ach Liberty Brand Kraut, Bulk Kraut, 3 lbs.

for 250 DALLAS G. BLACK1ST0N, Proprietor ORSI CO. (Successors to Fred Phillips) Finest Roasters, Frer and Fricasee Hens at lowest prices. The bert fruits and vegetable the market affords at the right price. FREE DELIVERY Thone Oakland 6017 11th St.

Entrance opposite T. A A tt rav 1 I TD USE OF HALLS between rival women's war organization an to who shall use 'Memorial! in the city brouL'hr to the" city council for arbitration th.a morning, being pre-envd in tmn of a lolnnuiincation from Mrs. Kosa B. sturtevanl. 1021 Sixtieth street.

'secretary of the Women's Relief orps of the U. A. calling the council's attention To the tact mm the Women and Girl Workers of is not affiliated ith the Ki. A- K. or the women's relief body of hat or ganization.

1 1 he protest as referred by the council i mittee. to the Memorial Hall com- David Ball Funeral Tomorrow Morning Funeral services for Iavid A. Bail of i'iedniont will bo held tomorrow morning at lOtSO o'clock from the family resilience. Ball, who was It years old, was a victim of influenza. He is survived by a widow.

Mrs. Jen nie Ball and two sons Townley Bait and Garrison Ball. The family recently came to California from the East. Bank is Appointed Children's Guardian To conserve the interests of motherless children, Superior Court Judge E. C.

llobinson has appointed the Central National Bank as guard-1 ian of the estates of Alta Viola Mor- rill and George Darwin Morrill, aged: 6 and 14. ELEVENTH WASHINGTON STREETS will move about of Ninth Street, Oysters, California Oysters, Crabl IHIIIJECT i I :h.t' the Vivt bits of ivl street where a raid J5 cn. J.tst eight, were not lui.f ry but leaves from, the work- of thn irreat Confucius, thir ty-eight offered something new in the way if defense in police irt thin morring. UU 'unf they explained, was a mitral man Je did not o-er- h'trer -trrt cumed the Americans know thai he 1 tnajiy venrsacrii and that his ords ihe forever. Tho thirtr-eieht hid taiherirvl Xjk reaj j.omh yh hen these words rjteant K.

J. I a-d lytrulrran. J. A. Itiley.

ho auniitvn Knowiedse encernine i conducted a lottery raM and arrested cryone in sijrht. 1 was very distressing, said the olunce. they knew the judge understand. Ju.lg Mortimer Sm4th looked over! ilie exhibited pages Confucius reniarf.ed thir similarity Jo things hum i.een'tnown nun neiore as lottery tickets, and fined each of tho thirty-tight $10. Attorney John acting for the Chinese, says he ill take the eat uii to the superior court.

He wisiies have determined, he says, Yihat is a lottery ticket and what a. page, of Confucius. The Best ELEVENTH WASHINGTON STREETS I Pot Roasts of Beef bet eutsjClub HoD5e SalaJ- 2 or.35' Boiling Beef. 15c Rump Roast. Round Steak.

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Absolutely the ben quality the market. Ifi FLU CAMPAIGFJ between Jr. Foiiuwinst a conference iisl 1 afternn.m 'na-'ili rrv'a American Rd Cross "thiT' morning took charge of the nursing phase of' the Influenza tuatiou and preparations! for the establishment of i a nursinir b-irenn an mea-sure. Arrangements for the of the bureau and the handling of urgent cases throCgh the Itea Cross Chapter were completed this morning at a conference between Dr. Crosby, Joseph R.

Knowland. chair man of the chapter. Dr. Herbert J. -Samuels, secretary of the chapter.

and a committee from the organiza- 1 tio 1 The, nursing bureau will establish I headquarters in the Health Impart- ment and will work in co-operation with the city department staff. Aj 1 a result of the' appeal for aid sent to the Ked Cross by the city council I several days ago, the chapter lias i agreed to render every possible as- sistanee In the suppression of the epidemic. V1HLD XrRSKS PROVIDED The Ked Cross campaign will bo handled through the chapter's emergency nurs-ing service, by a corruii't- i tee consisting; of Mrs. A. C.

Smith, Mrs, lterha, Wright and Dr. U. S. May. The plan includes the furnish- ing of tield nurses who will iiuk calls at stated intervals under the1 direction of physicians in charge oi cases, and will Tender the proper' All of the nurses in that service have hud training in the treatment and care of influenza, and they will work under the direction of physicians and co-operate with the municipal health department.

Today the Ked Cross chapter supplied ten equipped beds to the loc.if Japanese colony in response to ah appeal for assistance to combat the epidemic in the colony, where there are more than TO eases. Health officer Dr. Crosby has granted ly for the leaders of the colony to convert a Japanese church at Fifth and Alice streets into a temporary hospital. The policy of the kcal health department will be not to close anything in the city because of the epidemic, according to the announce- merit niadt. tlusTini ni(t by -Doctor Lrosnv.

CLOSIX(. HELD ISFLFSS. "Cities that closed up tight played to same influenza program as those tnat remained open, said "Doctor Crosby this morning. "The closing did not modify the epidemic, and the foremost heiilth authorities decided that closing is useless. This was brought out at the recent convention in New Orleans of the National Public Health Association, which I Doctor Crosby issued the further (Statement that the present situation does not approach in degree extent or severity cither of the of the epidemic of last j.year.

"We are taking this step," he said, " in caring for those that are ill at tUe earliest moment i and permitting the least numbrr to i suffer neglect, we will save hiore lives than by possible developments." The health department records today showed 229 new cases yesterday, bringing the total number to 1,4, and 79 additional cases up to noun today. Six more deaths were reported vesterdav. SCHOOLS MA IX OPF.X. Oakland schools ate not to be closed for the present because of the infloenjH it was decided lant night at the meeting of the board of education, when the board members acted upon the recoiii- mendation of br. J.

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