The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 18, 1900 · Page 3
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The Times Leader from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 18, 1900
Page 3
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J at. c; :i 13,. 12i3.' THE A7ILKE3-BARRE RECOKD I THUKSDAT. , ocTorsra 13, 1: 3. BASE BALL.. Comments. . Z. "HIT WHERE, DEY AIN'T." Lew Hartman.' th thlr KMm,n h ... " " 4W H V 111 V . UIL .... waukee sines relessed by New-York, tells funny stories about the'tferman fans up , in Milwaukee. Ha was once an the rata ; ' up thers and was giving out rain checks. , One (an came through the turnstile and o was as lAitch as sauerkraut " ,-. "Rain qheckT" shouted Hartman. "Get a ram checkl" ' . . , , , "I wants no rain, check, what (or dot I have mine umbrella mlt ma," answered the Dutchman. ' . There Is a Qerman fan la Milwaukee , who continually calla out "Weiir w.ii'" Ha enlivens the game by Jils yells and It Is amusing. One of his principal slogans ., sj 10 can out: . ..'i . .. v , i "Now shust hit der bsll vera dy ain't!" k a pretty roi savice, at that. "-' ... a a -a r"j- v v . 1 LEAGUE HISTORT. ' ' -' V' '.-' -. This ..year winds up the twenty-fifth season of .the National Lagu...In , tbitt ' period there Jiave been twenty-four cities , included in the clroult, and during all of these changes only two of the (eataa this - year fighting for the National pennant were In the organisation when It was , started. Ail of the cities m the old league circuit, with tna exception of Fhllodtl. . phla. Cleveland. Cincinnati and Pittsbura. Brooklyn was the only Aab to win tlie - championship In Us first season In the - circuit. The tall-enders were Milwaukee In 178, Syracuse In 187, Philadelphia In .,1881 Bt. Louts in 1885, Washington In J8M, , Indianapolis la 1887 and Baltimore In Ml, ; were all tall-enders In their first season. . Chicago and Boston are the only two clubi that have been members ot ' the - league since Us beginning. In the quur- ir ai a century of its existence Boston h has won the pennant eight times, while Chicago has won the flag six tlnins. This city has the credit of ha vine scoured the highest 1 percentage ol 'victories, gett3f .ip in WSO, the lowest being that of the present year, when Brooklyn leads by .403. ..'- 'i""' yi . ., . W W .W ..... ... -f ; ....... JACK KEBNAN'B TRIUMPH. The' Cincinnati: National 'Xasgue. team ; played a number of games with minor :' league stubs during ths past year and lu every inatance suffered defeat, and that, . too, .with the regular team in the field. These reverses, while not counting against tha club, did count against them "at home, where tha fans regarded them . as a weak outnt to go through the fight sjn tha big olrcult. Among the minor league teama that defeated tha Reds were s th Frovldenoe and New Haven clubs In - ew England, and also clubs In tha Inter. ' State League. : Then came an all-absorbs : tng contest locally between tna Reds' anil ,. .Mayor Fleischmann's Mountain Tourists, -an amateur team which made a Una rec ord la tha Catskllls. Our old Jack Kaenan - ' was the pitcher who went against the Reds and won out , Ren Mulford, Jr.. printed this comment In connection with vAHniai victory: "Those Red comedians offered them' ;alves up to sacrifices for Harry Weldon's . k. benefit. They thought they could play 'tlddledywlnka and beat tna . Mountain "Touriata. Instasd Max Fleishoraann and leaguers in every . department of the .gam. Their fielding. was perfect and their . . Dauing strong. Black Jack Keenan out. '. pitched "The" Breltensteln, -who showed up like a hamstrung selling plater in -comparison. All that la needed to crown the Reds'; glorious memory 'of Palnes- vtiie, vayton, rroviaence, New Haven - and tha Tourists Is for Will WhlU to take av day oft and pitch for the Hornets , against them, Clnomnatl would get stung to death." - - "'"J?- it -m,- - i : Keenan held the leaguers "down to five scattered hits, while he received perfect support He was pitteoTv against the arrest southpaw, Theo. Breltensteln. who was hit for eleven bingoes and soma ot them were long ones. -1 append the score I tna garnet. ., ;t . , Cincinnati, , . , . ab. r. h. o. sr. t. Barrett,1 ef ................... 4 1 I I 1 0 Haruell, - .. 1 j i i a a Oeler, rf 4 e 1 '0 felts, in ........v....... I v c lid Irwin, lb ....... 4 a t 0.0 Corcoran,. as 4 0 1 i t Stelnfeldt, lb Kahoe, o ....... .:..i..4.... i 0 0 1 11 Breltensteln, p i. Hit . Totals ' r Tourists. -- ab. r. h. o. a. a, Wiseman, cf lllltl Proctor 2b .................. 1 0 0 1 7 0 Valdols, ss ( 1 1 t S 0 Rohe, tb I 1 I I S 0 Oeyer, if rtlsSeMttt 9 W W '.Nle, lb 0 1 n 1 0 -Doolnt, o ............ .... 4,0 100 0 senan, p a v i i s a TotaU ....... i ......1.J7 "d U tl 16 0 ' BCORS BT INNINGS. Cincinnati 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0-3 .TTourlsta .....1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0-4 2 Two-base hlt-Valdois.- Threa-bsss hits . Rohe, Nle, Oeyer, Barrett, Hartael, Oeler. . Double .plays Mie: ana vaiaois; mrreit, HarUel and Oeler. Passed ball Kahoe. Btolen bases Hartael, Flelsbmann. Bases . on balls Off Breltensteln 6; oft Keenan & Struck out By Breltensteln 4: by Keenan S., Time of game 1:40. Umpires-Ewlng '.. and McPhee. . Base Hits, ... Boston in' drafting Pat Dougherty and : J. Conner of Bridgeport, according to - rumor, geta two good men. The annual end of the season story that N. E. Young will be deposed from the big league presidency Is traveling the : rounds.".. .,?"':. w .v - Litigation was the result of forthcoming back salaries due Byracuse players. Things are jut a bad mix-up tbla year In that city. ' . "Cane Patten of Kansas City is still a ;Red farm hand,4 says Ren Kulford, Jr K ma case sail speciauai, u ine vincinnau ... poat. .- ; .i Ren Mulford, Jr., recently remarked that the Cincinnati team could not climb aboard of Black Jack Keenan'a alow ones. Other clubs have more than onoa suffered like fate. - Our old Jack Menefea got a chance to do only k-little for Tom tortus this year, ut he did that little welL : Rett Mulford, Jr., characterises Menefea as ' modern Maut Pink Hawley has demonstrated that ha la still a Valuable pitcher by hie wonderful work with,, that crov.,of, Freedman misfit. With tha. Brooxlyns , he would have made a great record. Black Jack Keenan had a slow ball that tha Reds couldn't hit. Keenan pitched ' for Cincinnati back in 'SO. Ren Mulford, Jr., In Cincinnati Post r ; ; At Q. Field, the minstrel man, is 4 native Buckeye and tl-callbre fan. No Cinu clnnatlan roots for the Red cauae more . faithfully than this disciple. of bursa sork one of whose stars, Xrthurk Rigby; Is a Porkopolltan. Tha Reds were guests of his. at the Biasu, In Pittsburg, and he was one of tha regulars at Exposition Pafk-i In his chaff be tnleoted . lot of diamond hlta that t took as welt as any ' thins In the show. " stopped st a Wheeling hotel where the ' Walters talked noth ; Ing but baa ball.''-said he - "When I ar dered a plate of pork and beans, tha coo a yelled, "Cincinnati and Boston one double-header.'" . . f Base ball Is bigger than the National League and -the maladministration of. tha national pastime by ths major league magnates; bad as it has been, has not destroyed pouplar Intsreat In It even :u communities which have been grossly lm posed on for a decade-of years.. It Is Idle for those who have the welfare of the game at heart to look for an Improve-meat" . In . conditions while the present monopoly continues. Competition Is as necessary for the proper . conduct of ' amusements aa It is in any other Una of . business. - The Ideal form of tha game's government Is to be found In the national agreement, but the privileges It affords Are abused and the opportunities It otters are neglected. The Magna Charta of base ball la theoretically perfect, but It la per 1 verted Into a meana of keeping thetnliW leagues in slavish subjection; and making them abjectly dependent upon the majo? organisation. It -forcea them to accept government without representation and compels them to suppltcats for a renewal o Ufa at tha expiration of each season. ..ooxLYrirJg'.iUTpiJT, PITTSBtTRO WINS THIS THIRD GAMS -" fF THE CUP SERIES. -; "' By'Assoclated Press.l H Pittsburg, Oct. 17,plttsburg played ball In old-time form and did not leave Brook, lya A leg to stand on. Phillppl did good work la tha box and was gives) gtlt-edge support, the -only error or misplay being Williams's tow throw to first base hi the ninth Inning. Only one Brooklynite reach ed third and he waa killed at home plate by a brilliant play of O'Brien on Dahlen's bunt. In no inning did Brooklyn make mora than one Mt, and their errors were responsible for two runs.-' - One of the feat urea waa' Tommy Leach's good work. He reached first every time he came to bat, made three hlta, scored four times, batted in another run and made three nice catches in left field. , Attendance, l,80( Scorat..r , Plttaburg. -v: ;' ?i,; ab. r. h. o. a. a. Leach, It ...4 4 till Beaumont, ef Rltohey, Jb mil Wagner, rf 4 0 1 4 0 0 CBrlea, lbv;v.....i........ 4 0 0 0 1 0 Williams, 8b 4 0 0 1 1 1 Zlmmer, 0 I 1 14 10 Kly. II MIUUMIIMIMM.MM, Mill 0 PblUppI, p , t 4 1 0 110 Totals Brooklyn. " Jones; cf Keeler, rf ................... Jennings, lb ................ Kelly, If ..,.........,. Cross, 8b. .................... Daly,. -.... ,., Dahlen, ss McOuIra, a .................. .84 10 IS IT 11 1 ab. r. h. o. a. a. 0 It 0 I 1 111 II 1 0 0A 1 0 0 1 0 1 7 0 0 0 "Totals .............. .;......10 0 I MM ll; BCORE BT INNINGS. . , . Plttaburg ..... ...I 0 10 10 11 -10 Brooklyn , ... 0000 0 00-0 Earned runs Pittsburg t Three-base bit Cross. Bacrlflce hit Beaumont Btolen base Beaumont, Wagner t, Ely. Double play Jones and , McQulre. First base on balls-Off Phllppl 1; off Howell Hit by pitched ball Zlmmer. Struck out -By Phillppl 8; by Howell 1 Passed ball -Zlmmer. Wild pitch Howell. Time of game Two hours. Umpires Hurst and Bwartwood. - The Markets. NEW' YORK GRAIN AND PRbVISION. New York, Oct 17. Flour Market was neglected at old prices. Wheat Spot steady; No. red. 7 f. o. b. afloat and 18 elevator) No. 1 Northern Duluth, 85H to. b. afloat; options again very firm nearly ail day; finally yielded to realising, and closed easy at unchanged prices; March closed 88; May, October, 77Vi: December, v 794,, , Corn Spot steady; No. 1 7V4 elevator and 8 f.,o. b. afloat; op-tlona dull btit firmly held throughout the day; finally eased oft and closed partly Mi lower; May closed 41H; October, 44H; December, 42. Oats-Spot dull; No. 1, IS; No. IV 24Vt; No. I whits, 17; No. t white, track mixed Western, 14Ha2(; track white Western and State. Mall; options very quiet, but held steady. Butter-Firm; creamery, Man; factory. Half; June creamery, ltall; imitation creamery, 14al7H; Stat dairy, IBaKHs. Cheese Firm; large white 10; email whits. U: large colored,' WAfwmall colored. It Eggs-Firm: Bute- and Pennsylvsnls, - 1U12; WeeUrn, regular packing at mark, IgalO; Wsstern, loss off, XL : ; . . . .'; OIL MARKET. ' ' Oil City, Pa., Oct. 17. Credit balances, KM; certlflcatea, no bid. Shipments, 74.848; average, 80,461. Runs, 111,710; average, 03,. 891.", " .. .: .. v - ':, , ' u. CttlCAOa CATTLE MARKET." ' Chicago. OcV 17. Csttle Receipts, 14,-000, Including 1,000 Westerns sad 760 Tes-ans: good medium steers stronger-, heavy and-common steady to alow; butchers' stock steady; Westerns strong to 10 cents higher; Texsns firm; natives, best on sals to-day, 1 car at B 86; good to prima steers, 8 15a 5 85; poor to medium, 4 85a5 30; selected feeders, choice steady, . others slow, 8 80a4 10; mixed stockers slow, 1 75a 8 SS; cows, 1 75a4 10; helfera, 1 80a 65; can-ners, 1 00a! U; bulla, 1 (6a4 80: oalvea, 4 00 at 25; Texsns Receipts to-day, 7 60; best on sale, 1 car at 4' 80; Texas fed steers, 4 00a4 00; Texas grass steers. 8 Ka4 10; Texas bulls, 1 75a! IS. Hogs Receipts today, 81,000; to-morrow, 80,000; left over, 8,000; 10 to 18 cents down; top, 4 OS; mixed and butchers, ' 4 40a4 86;. . good to - choice heavy, - 4 65a4 80; rough heavy, 4 S0a4 40; light, 4 60a4 86; bulk of sales 4 75a4 86. Sheep Receipts, - 10,000; sheep steady; choice and feeding lambs stronger, others steady; good to choice wethers,'! tea, 4 80; fair to choice mixed, I (Oat 00; Western sheep, I 80a4 20; Texas .sheep, 1 30a 8 0; native lambs, 4 ZSaS 80; Western lambs, 4 Wa6 60. . ., . - NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. By AssoclatedJPress. j , New York, Oct, 17. Some continued effort was made In professional quarters to advance the prlcea of stocks to-day, but ths bull forces were considerably depleted and It was evident that the manipulation for advance, la some quarters was taksn advantage of to realise- In others. YeS-terday'a market fairly demonstrated that the outstanding short interest had been reduced to such proportions as to maka their demand ineffective In - continuing the advance in prlcea. To-day It looked very much as though some of tha Important bull Interests had taken early cognisance ot thia fact and had promptly taken their profits. Soma of the recent influential bull operators had fairly re verSed their, position te-day and were openly large sellers of stocks. There waa sufficient show .of strength in yesterday's market to attract considerable accumulation of buying orders from other sources this morning. ; In spite of opening recessions this buying .encouraged the bulls to resume operations for the advance. The sharp twist to ths short Interest in People's Gas waa an Influential factor In their behaviour.' The definite announcement that the People's and tha pgden companlea had adjusted their differences and . had come under control caused excited ' trading in People's Gas. Orders- were simultaneously executed at quotations running from V&k down to' 01 on ths sale of 8,600 shares at the opening. The price waa later run up' on extreme ft. Owing to tha amount of long stock which, came out at that level, tha price fell back and the stock closed with a net gain of only 1. - Tha reaction In People's Gas and tha satisfaction' of the outside demand ' for , stocks made -. the I tatter manipulation for the advance Ineffectual. Southern Railway preferred and Louis villa Nashville were pushed up 1 and 1 and .there waa eager- buying of tha Reading stocks on. the company's settle ment with its miners. Lake Erie 4b West, era had a striking advance of 8 points and Consolidated Gas rose ; 44. There were soma- substantial gains In a number of less prominent stocks, and amongst then) a few net game wera aaved w tha day. But the -dosing showed a .reaction ary. tendency throughout and was heavy, with many stocks at the lowest of the day and net losses the rule. Total aalea, 43S. 900. aba res. ,V' There waa falling off la the aetlvlty'ot the bond market and increased irregu larlty. Total ssles par value, 81.600.000. United States refunding and tha old 4'S advsnced H on tha last call. x - v Opening, highest, lowest and closing, aa reported by J, J: Bolton Jb Co.. brokers. rooms M and 11 Weltaenkorn building, s -, American Bteel Wire.. 13U MU Am, Sugar Ref, Co., .121 111 . i9U aw Aicnison, pia .......... u Chesapeake as Ohio.... Ghlcaio Gas .......... 03 C, B. 4b Q U7 fj c. u. tit l....... a C. MIL 4b Bt. Paul... .11414 . tm4 uH C. R. L 4b PaciAo-..107lt 100 i .V ,UL 03 SAtf "v-..a in t3 824 K4 .S44 IS 73 M7b 74 tela- 6214 Kt. W.......J . it New Jersey Central. .,.1344 New Tork Central..J31V U5& W lSi( 1111 Met Traction 165 10 65 64 62 61 66 66 Leather .... . Brook. Rapid Transit.. 64H ......... iTa Northern Pacific North. Pacific, pf ch . .v. 71 Ontario & Western.,., tl Phlla. Reading...... 17 Southern Pacific .....Y"34 South. Railway, ptd... 65 TemwCoal & iroa..rrr ?H Texas Pacific .......... 16 tlnlon Paciflo .......... 41 Wabash, pd ..,.. 1 Western" union ........ 7v Pennaylvania ... ......133 . Tobacco ..... .......... VI B. 4c O. 78 Mo., Kan. 4b Texaa.... 1H Rubber 20 --W ..v. J' UK .... 18' 79 79 1M liU 93 92 J31 K ft 8i 11 ' ! NEW' YORK STOCK MARKET. WHEAT .v.-..-;:r--:--f-:-May ........ 8S 83 mi .... 7y CORN .;: ,. "iVv1'-- May ....... December .at" (ii.M 41 -.asp The Bon ? Ton Stock Company will open at the Grand next week with "The Black Flag." This company Just finished a very successful week at the urana ana made lota of friends aera, The repertory for the week will con- aist of nearly all new plays.-"-Dally matinees - will start . on Tuesday. Ladies' tlcketa and IS cents will aecure tha best seat in the house on Monday night? - Miss Ella Fountalnbleu. In tha role of Carmen, presented by the Schiller Stock Company at the Grand yesterday afternoon,- made a decided hit, and it la only (Just to say that her performance richly . deserved the ' enconlums .bestowed Upon It. - The plays presented by thla company are all of aq attractive kind, which pleass the patrons ot tnia nouae. The specialties are unique, and varied and the special acenlc effects Impressive. The matinee attraction to-day will bo "Sapho," with that . ever popular play., "Monte cbrjsto," to-night. ,v v;v . , : The Lyman H. Howe Company la to give one ot its unexcelled exhibitions of new moving pictures on Friday avenlng at the Nesbltt. Every detail of "thla exhibition has been worked ut to a state of perfection never before attempted ana many ot . the pictures shown were - specially imported from Europe Dy Mrt tiowe.. come and en Joy yourself. ,i HELP FOR WOMEN WHO AltE ALWAYS TIRED. "I do not feal terr well, I am so tired all tha time. 1 do not know what ia the matter with me." . You hear these words every day aa often as you meet your friends just ao often are these words repeated. Mora than likely yon speak the same significant words yourself . and no doubt yon do feel far from well most of the time. Mrs. Ella Bice, of Chelsea, Wis., whose portrait we publish, writes that ahe s offered for two years with bear lnff-down pains, headache, backache, and had all kinds of miserable feelinfra, ail of which waa caused by falling- and inflammation of the womb, and after doctoring with physicians and numerous medicines ahe was entirely cured by Mas. 2iaavRic9 Lydia E. Pinkham'a Vegetable Compound. . . . s If yon are troubled with paina, fainting spella, depression of splrita. reluctance to go anywhere, headache,. backache, and always tired, please remember that there is an absolute remedy which will relieve yon of your Buffering aa it did Mrs. Eioe. Proof ia monumental that Lydia E. Pink-ham'a .Vegetable Compound ia the rreateat medicine for suffering women. No other medicine has mode the curea that it has, and no other woman haa helped ao many women by diitct advice aa haa Mrs. Plnkham ; her experience la greater than that of any living person. If yon are sick, write and get her advice ; her address ia Lynn, Maas, '.C'lPtT'i"'4'' REKSff .WE HAVE IT. If you fare looking for Hardware of any sort, com-to our store. People, dree quently say: "I could not find , what I wanted anywhere else - in town." Our answer is: "Why did'ntyou come' here first and save yourself the trouble hunting all over town." ' We selL Paint. . PNEUMONIA This dreaded' disease Is often the re , suit ot a simple cold,' which being neg. lected, rapidly develops. Into Pneu-: monla. It ; M. especially prevalent at . this time of the year and should be . ,' guarded against by using - - or.:alexanoer's ; lung healer. . ..... . A. , , . .... : . ...!? '! ' yv" . ' '- ' 1 In all throat and lung affections this favorite remedy affords Immediate re-lief and cures where others fail. For - - sale by all dealers and Is guaranteed to cure. Price 86c. per bottle, ' "Rhcupatic Success" a Guaranteed Remedy. ...i Cures; Rheumatism In all Its -format .First bottle relieves or money refund :, ed. For sale by tha Valley Drug Co., Shemlsts, Northampton St., and ay H. . Tuck. Druggist, 1 B. Main flt . , , Wllkes-Barre. . 11,00 per bottle,, with guarantee. . ; . . ' Del. 4 Hudson. ........US Pacific Mail , & Federal Steel .......... 14 Lauls. . Nashville.... 74 Manhattan Elevated .. 05 Misaourt Pacific 624 66 tO 60 79 Ik '.- p al ' 1 ? V x-i a 1,'. l ; Simon o Is now at than U- r U7 . ', U fill H "X y astturtMl I ; ; ; . S 1MON LONG'S SONSf 1 sfV 'V 44)ft)(4&E4fih4fr4444l Compliments of sia Covering Co, 34 Baltimore Street, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. o- I Jhe Furnace Fire and How to Keep It. A whole winter's annoyance and many dollara may be aaved if FIRST you will have the hot air pipes and furnace covered with Ambler air celTaabestoa and- then 'observe the following rules: The furnace flre should be shaken down and raked $erfectly clear in the morning. A few shovelfuls of , coal should be put on, and all the draughts opened. The - ashes should then be taken up.- As soon aa the coal begins to burn well, and the flre looks clean at the bottom, put in enough coal to come almost to the top of the fire pot.. Keep the draughts open until all the gas haa burned oft; then close 'them, and later, IF THE HOT AIR PIPES ARE COVERED, open the checks. ';,-;,'..-;-. Except In extremely . cold weather this is all the attention that will be necessary (IF THE HOT AIR PIPES ARE COVERED) through the day. The flre must be raked down and fresh coal put on InUhe evening, but a small amount of coat will answer lor the night, IF THE HOT AIR PIPES ARE COVERED. - All tha clinkers should be removed when the flre la raked down In the morning. The water pan should be replenished in the morning. Some careless people leave the aahea for days at the bottom of the furnace, where they abaorb the heat, robbing the house ot it share and often burning out the grate. -t- " If the furnace flre be allowed to burn to a white heat it will be - ruined for that day, unless some coal be put on a little later. ; The cold air boxes must v admit enough "air to drive the hot 'air through the house, but not more than can be heated; BUT 40 PER CENT MORE AIR CAN BE - HEATED ON SAME FUEL. CONSUMPTION. IF THE AIR PIPES ARE COVERED. 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SECOND Mats of ones sabmltted mast be plaialy written in ink, on one side of piper only, and method of each use separately stated. LUf ta aw mailed tm Thm Z,ntl Camnaiir, it Hmdtmn St , New Vara: on or before thirtieth day of November, 190c, and . must be signed by each competitor and I. O. address gives. THIRD-The lists submitted la a'ccetdaMe , with the conditions will be passed on by the ; Committee and their derision will be final. In a case will a list submitted by any one ... connected with the Zenola Company be considered. The lits decided to be first, second .- and third will be printed in this paper. FOURTH The ZBNOIA used mast be pro. cured by each competitor from a dealer ia the city or town where competitor resides,-. sod the namcaad address ot the dealer mess be stated. . Any grocer et drursrist has ZItNOLA or cas supply it. , Tha Committee will consist of Haasnar M. Ho was oftheJtortM CM. .'.-.-.-, Paor. Buana Ctratts, -. Fonrer Inspector ofTeschers' TnlnlncClsasei ,- tar the State of Kew York, M. T. Bansoir. ef Tkl tturih Amtrinu, rhltadelphla. .' Avrardt to be ratio December 20, 1900 The zenola .company CUaHMAN BROS. CO., SMmiswreas ' .Ye Mwsaen nr., new vena err ." :. '.... ., '-t, aa a. rnenr nr.. swiutssLMia a stnTnat, sr.. Curiosity Gold Simon-LongVSons., i strongerand more original at prices no other store give as good value. v p $9M $9.90 90 -o Flannel Waists Wilt be very popular this season and we expect to do an enormous business in this one line. What is more adaptable than flannel ". for waists ? It is serviceable and looks sightly as well ; French Flannel leads for fineness of texture, and delicate .colorings. These all 'made- up in the latest styles tucked and drawn work and the sleeve has not been overlooked. TJiey have the neat little flare cuff as do all bur Shirt Waists. Popular prices are $3.39, $3.75 and $4 .98. Domestic Flannel Waists are very much in demand as they can be worn on the street or used as house waists. Of figured novelty Woolen fabrics at 98c Of French designed Domets in pink, blue, red and graysi striped and figured at 88c Lazarus L.AZARU5 BROTHERS Shirt VVaist Sale v . Tckphohc 747a - its l - 4') o . : f o- These Suits are Worth From $12 to $15. The Overcoats are wbHh $13,50 o - 11 South Main St ' Special Sale of Shht Waists for Thursday, Friday; and Saturday. Of extra .quality . Ladies' Goth, plaited front and back, flare cuff, in blue, red and black, at $2.49." .,r". . Of Plaid Flannel, plaited and tucked, worth $2.98, at $2.39." Special gray and blacltc Flannel, ; heavily tucked, flare cuffs, worth $3.25, at $2.75. . ; Extra fine quality Domestic Flannel, trimmed with six rows of nar- -row soutache braid and brass but., tons, at 2.90. - . t saamsw w wm mnF W mT ; . ; "'. : ' - ji .v-'- 'r. ' '" - " '''vi. That are bound to please. 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