Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 3
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE THRR-I T IDEAL BUT BEST THAT ICOULOBEHAD aor Law i» Also '"Trail Blazer" for lowans, BRIDES BT A , H. Bonnstetter. . ..«,. Des Moines, Mar. 3— 4 »«» STATE SALES TAX LAW HONOR PUPILS AT LONE ROCK AREUSTED 'Lone Rock, Mar. G-T>upil s in the «ar- prom- 7 desired in the way of re- l but I think are as near my ' M to the views of other leg- and since laws are largely ,il? of compromise I am fied- . , Criticism to be Expected. ! wish to impress on. of readers "relative to and liquor laws is that herislation with such. linf effects is bound to i adverse reactions. , the new tax law, for Every principle of taxation Edta the bill has already toWta Iowa, hence there By is nothing new. However Combination of these principles their application will compel doption of different business ds to comply with the law, iis perhaps will stir up oppo- f New laws Trail Blazers. 1 otter words, we all love to w beaten paths, and the new Imeasure will more or less; Ige our course of travel and , adjustments on our part to , the new picture. ^ same thing can almost foe I with reference to the new liq- llaw. Remember, these meas- M KS. LIMBUKG is Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Henry iFranzen, Titonka, and her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Limlburg, near Titonka. The wedding was performed February 14 Iby the Rev. A. Killian, pastor of the Immanuel Lutheran church, near Titonka, and the couple were attended by Esther Meyer and Edward Limburg Jr. They will farm near Woden. Mrs. Hudson was Elsie Egel, southeast of Algona, whose marriage February 12 was reported in the Advance. Cuts from the Sunday Register. TWO EX-ALGONIANS ON WORU) CRUISES Mrs. Nellie G. J3owyer, Los Angeles, fiends news of former Al- gonians as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCoy (Mattie Robinson), Minneapolis, are spending the winter here, as has been their custom for several years, except last year, when they took a world trip. --/ • « .. «yllC3 nt | local schools receiving an avei-igu of !)0 per cent or above in regular subjects for the last fi ix weeks were: first grade, Helen Jensen, T 0a ^ ™-,, Uath ' Willard Thompson, Jean Wilberg; second grade, Luella Ackarman, Harvey Godden, Eugenia Mae Hofius, Robert Marlow, Caroline Schaumberg, Lavcrne Schroet er, Betty Ann Sharp. Third grade, Cat-herine Mae Householder, Virginia Frye, Don- Nowbrougb, Everett Ackerson, Ruth pnebo; .fourth grade, Dorothy Hobson, Maxine Flaig; fifth grade Dons Mae Blanchard, Lucille Gen- nch, Mary Jane Hofius, Dorothy Jensen, Wilma Marlow, June Rahn; sixth grade, Mary Ann Flaig, Wallace Hobson, James Rath, Viola Sprank, Vuanita Wegener. Seventh grade, Jesse Blanchard Marian Jensen, Marjorie Jensen! William Knoll; eighth grade, Bernard Genrich, Betty (Marlow, Arnold Reilly, John Sprank; ninth grade, Shirley Marlow, Bernard Reilly Delina Rogers; tenth grade, Helen Lewis, Beryl Sanders; eleventh grade, Margaret Gladstone, Coila Jane Hollister; twelfth grade, June Bierle, Ruiby Cherland, Philip Reilly. Mrs. Knack's Birthday Observed- Mrs. Fred Haack entertained last week Wednesday evening in honor of her 29th birthday, and BOO was played, Frank Schueller receiving the high prize, Louis (Hackbarth low. Lunch was served. Attending: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hackbarth, Mr. and Mrs. Frank SchueWer, Mr. and Ms. Leo Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Krause, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Laabs, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Priebe, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Will, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. August Peterson, Swea City, Mr. and Mrs. John Jacobs, William Murray, Reuben Luedtke, and John Leininger. New Books at J Several interesting new books wo been received at the library. Short reviews of a number of them follow: The Man of the Renaissance, by iialph Roedor, is an exceedingly readable series of biographical sketches of four lawgivers, each a spectacular figure in modern Italian history, made animate with action and ideas. Beside the history one gets a vivid picture of the politics and literature of the periods. In Walter Pitldn's book, More Power to You, he answers the question that comes to each of us, how can I get the most out of my life? How can I have a happier, more efficient life? Life planning calls for energy planning— you can double your efficiency with a little training. The average man or woman never exercises more than one-seventh of the brain at a time. Ox Team Bays. Ox-Team Days on the Oregon Trail by Ezra Meeker is a book that makes the story of the Oregon Trail live again. Every turn in the Trail holds some tale o£ danger, daring, or romance. 'CrOWdftfl Tenure. TITT Alnnrt t5/\rtort_ many wi ,ions are cutting 1 lies and rather do Clii The H Wain, is a story t< Phi'tn ' V^lllilc*. China 20 describe quaint ci sympathe As Hoi aristocrac Oil for tt T. Hobai class, wl sharp coi respected Ec< The Ti Ohase, is which tl" wastes o and cons arrived s half of sheer wa In nev gonaut, rriifQO d-Vi nd practical sugges- ,ions are given for developing and ractical use our hob- talents — work you'd n play. Chinese Life Described. of Exile, by Nora Wain, is non-fiction, but reads like a story telling of the aristocracy of ~hina. The author has lived in hina 20 years, and BO is able to describe details of family lite and quaint customs in an accurate and As House of Exile describes the aristocracy of China, so the novel Oil for the (Lamps of China.by Alice T. Hobart, describes the merchant is in sharp contrast to that of the highly ited aristocracy. Economics and Fiction. The Tragedy of Waste, by Stuart n informing book in author discusses the wastes of .production, distribution, and consumption. Mr. Chase has arrived at the conclusion that one- productive man-power is . ,ste. In new fiction we have The Argonaut, by Honore Morrow, which , -„ gives the experiences of a woman yelt iLongworth, consists of remin- in the Klondike during the gold iscences of contacts with notables rush; Golden (Rain, by Widdemer; all over the world from her girl- Jonatthan's Daughter, 'Larrimore; hood down to the present. A most The Greater Courage, -by Pedlar; readable book, according to one Comrades of the Storm, by Kyne; who has read it. Men Against the Sea, by Nordhoff ; In the book "God Lights a Can- and Hall, a sequel to Mutiny on the die, iby Anne Shannon Montoe, Bounty. Margaret were Sunday guests at W. J. Cotton's. The "William Fischers had as Sunday guests the Harold Fishers, Swea City, Grace Peterson, and the Ralph Priebes. Verne Dacken, Robert Gladstone, and Harold Krueger attended hristian Endeavor at OPenton Sun- day evening. ' *f" Ernest Krueger, Burt, and his daughter Ruth were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris. Hugo Worthington, in camp at Milford, spent the week-end at the maternal Mrs. Lillie Worthington home. The Otis (Sanders family epenif Sunday at iRenwick with Mr. San-. ders' mother, Mrs. Claus Helmke*. The Glenn (Sharps were Sunday; guests of Mrs. (Sharp's parents, Mr* and Mrs. John Dempsey, Fenton. The Jack Quinns spent the weekend at Pipestone, Minn., visiting- Mrs. Quinn's father, Mr. Kerr. Big Reduction-Tire Prices ^^B-^^ When others are talking higher prices we again offer big reductions on Nationally Known Tires We are simply endeavoring to do our part in keeping the prices of merchandise as low as possible in line with the income of our customers. We will continue to do this just as long as we possibly can, especially while the farmer has to pay more for everything he buys. Look These Prices Over 3i _ i_.$2.9S 450x21 . $3.57 475x19 $3.95 450x20 $3.79 32x4 $7.95 Sturdy 6-ply, 2 plys under the tread 440x21 $4.79 450x21 $4.95 475x19 $5.48 500x19 $5.48 31x4 ___ $7.80 are "trail 'blazers." They are perfect. They will annoy and pvenience you till you have ad- fed yourself to them. ia \vill find mistakes. You will injustices. Perhaps tjhese .ures will not do exactly what General Assembly intends; but ! aim at Justice and temperance, (succeeding legislatures can al- hem towards the goal of per- Pension Bill is Up. \ this -writing the house is con- the old age pension bill, [measure was'passed by the a few days ago, but to thei ie it appears an impractical, rlomerated bundle of hay. ; pe bouse worked almost all day ay on the measure, and finally «d it to a committee of five) atch it into something work- which could be brought be- I the house tor consideration. Loan Sharks Active. |ie small loan bill was returned he house after the senate had nded it to suit the loan Sharks. •this stage the house must pse between concurring in the! te amendments or losing the 'e bill. 1 do not know which is Ilesser " Everett, youngest son of the late W. W. Johnson, died at (Long Beach recently. His sister, Mrs. Gus Peek, Portland, Ore., and son William 'came for the funeral. Mr. Johnson owned a lumberyard at the Milwaukee depot right after the first railroad was brought to Algona, when that was the social center of Algona. Later he moved to Minneapolis and continued in the same business, in which he became a great success. His former Algona house was moved downtown and still stands, I believe, Just south of tfc'3 Methodist parsonage. My son Ambrose and his wife, after a few days here, left on a world cruise January 25, on the Francisconia, to the South Seas, Honolulu, New Zealand, Australia, (Batavia, Singapore, Madras, Co- lumlbo, Port Victoria, Madagascar, Capetown, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Barbados. They will land in New York late in May. Marjorie Carton Harriman started a world trip January '20 on the President Hoover. Her trip will take) her to the orient, China, Japan, India, and via the Suez Canal to Europe. She plans to visit my daughter, Genevieve Field, at London. She is taking a year's sabbatical leave from teaching at Long Beach, having spent the first half Bitliday Pinner Honors Four— Mrs. Fred Genrich, her children, and Mrs. Alex Krueger and children were Saturday dinner guests at M. E. Blanchad's, Irvington, in honor of Edward Blanchard, his son Delhert, Bernard Genrich, and Tommy Long, whose birthdays fall on the same .day, except Tommy's, which was Friday. teacher, Mies Howe, last week Tuesday afternoon in honor of her birthday. Mrs. Enos Worthington Sick— Edith Worthington left Sunday for Estherville to care for her sister-in-law, Mrs. Enos Worthington, who was sick with the flu. Fred Rath Daughter Sick- Etta Elaine, small daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rath, is seriously ill with intestinal flu and complications. Shirley Visits School Here- County Supt. Shirley visited the local schools last week Wednesday. Mrs. Godden's mother, Mrs. Beitz, Burt. The Harvey Raths, Gertrude Eichenlberger, Algona, Mrs. John Rath, and her son Lawrence, were Sunday guests at Albert Shaser's. The (Sewing Circle met last week Tuesday evening with Mrs. J. M. Blanchard. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Fred Genrich. Mrs. William Leeper attended a surprise (birthday party for her sister, Mrs. Charles Olson, Burt, last week Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herman ' of the two evils. he loan shark group maintains I smoothest bunch of lobbyists |he state house. They are fine personally, free spenders, ) hear them tell it their bleed for the unfortunate must resort to loans of this "ie, of these gentlemen is so ficient that he weeps when he 'isses Wie matter with degisla- I believe the whole outfit is a i of wolves in sheep's cloth- and I am suspicious of any [smtion sponsored by them. Tax Spenders Busy. the General Assem- led the fight to reduce at the Nevada university in Reno. CutOff Paving to Be Built at Britt At the east edge of Britt, where No. 18 enters the town, the paving turns south a iblock, then runs west again. These are awkward turns, and to eliminate them the state 'highway commission was to let a contract this week Tuesday for a diagonal paved road Irom the north corner to a point in front of the Britt creamery. Houses and other buildings in the way will be moved. Girls' Sextette is Organized— A sextette has been organized at the local school under the supervision of Mrs. Viola Bishop; personnel: first sopranos, Dorothy Bierstedt and Margaret Householder; second sopranos, Evelyn Bierstedt and Dorothy Dacken; altos, Margaret Gladstone and Coila Jane Hollister. Luella Ackarman lias Birthday— Mrs. Caroline Ackarman, her sons, (Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ackarman, and Ralph Carney, all of Burt, the Frank Flaigs, the John Spranks, and Theodore Krueger were Sunday evening guesta of the James Ackarmans in honor of the daughter' (Luella's birthday. Six to legion-Aux. Meet— From (here -attending a county Legion-Auxiliary meeting last week Tuesday evening at Swea City were Mr. and Mrs. (Ralph Priebe, 'Mr. and Mrs. James Ackarman, and Mr. and Mrs. John Sprank. ][. E. Micka Brother Killed— H. E. Micka received •word Satur- lay of the death of his brother are experienc- ean difficulty in (holding' gains * he - regu ' lar session. The e ? lslature has enacted in state and local Btim.7 ° £ about * 6 .°°°.000 jraon to present the poor relief meaa- e in * one u expense as the average ses- not There, all the «3.°00,000 <*• ?° or relie * out of federal to be paid back from liquor sales , 500,000 Appropriated to conservation board to match federal funds, indirect unemployment relief 100,000 Two new police broadcasting stations 15,000 For (federal-state employment agencies 31,000 For state .printing board for printing for special session 29,000 For waterworks, etc., at Vinton school 15,000 To raise sheriffs' mileage from 6 to 7%c, estimated 30,000 To increase salaries of county deputies 6 per cent 25,000 Miscellaneous claims, exemptions to Beatty-Bennett bill, etc - 100,000 feorge at Monroe, Wis., who was killed in an automobile accident. Ir. Micka left Saturday evening or Monroe. Fonda Pastor Speaks Here— The Rev. Mr. McMican, of Fonda, upplied at the local church Sunday, also at Ringsetd Sunday even- ng. A Mr. Wiednaeur and a Miss arisen accompanied him here. Teacher's Birthday Celebrated— The third and fourth graders W'SfySSKOk 'receipts UW * e **»*>*& [list of certainly till the to re ttt^-att **?&£ ** ' Total $6,445.000 I might also say that in addition the members of the state board of review are asking for $900 increase in yearly salary. Economy Watchword Forgotten. Outside of the more or less Justifiable expense increase growing out of poor relief, it looks a little as though the present legislature had lost the flair for economy manifested at the regular session last spring, when it enacted eo anany economy measures. Thirty- five measures foave been introduced which would directly or indirectly increase public expenditures of which 16 were passed and 20 foave {ailed. This may .be my last news letter fpr the session. In closing I wien to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the people of Ko*suth county for suggestions criticisms, and words of encouragement during the trying days of the session. I realise that at is im- jwssiHe to please in every w- atance, but I want it known tha even if my batting average is no 100 pe* cent lw* of diligence and effort 09 my part is not resppnsi We. ave a party to surprise their Other Lone Eock. Mrs. Agnes MoBride and her son Amby spent the week-end at Waterloo with their daughter and sister respectively, Mrs. iRobert Speed, and her husband, also visiting Mrs. McBride's brother, John Cahill, Charles City, who recently was in an automobile accident and had (both knee caps broken. Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, daughters Kathryn and Gladys, and the Melvin Hawks family drove to Mason City Sunday, Gladys returning to her_ school work at the Hamilton business college after a few daya here. Mesdames Otto Jensen, (Roy Jensen, Ernest Jensen, and W. J. Cotton drove to Armstrong Friday, Mrs. Ethel Benjamin and her son Jackie returning with them for a week-end visit at Roy Jensen's. Mr. and Mrs. Harry JElahn and the Glen (beepers drove to Fairmont last Thursday, Mrs. keeper and children remaining to visit Mrs. keeper's mother, Mrs. John Buchan. The Clifford Meyers and Mr. Meyer's parents, and sister Anna, all of Corwith, spent 'Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Meyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Krause. Mrs. J. M. Blanchard and her daughter Ersel helped Mrs. Blanchard's mother, Mrs. H. A. "Whitehill, Burt, entertain a Birthday Circle last Thursday. The Busy Friday club met with Mrs. W. G. Flaig, 11 present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Arthur Priebe, Mrs. Frank Flaig assisting. Louis Arbogast and Louis Schoft, Watertown, S. D., were callers at Glenn Sharp's last week Tuesday. Mr. Arbogast is an uncle of Mrs. Sharp. The Bert Goddens, and Mr, and Mrs. Al Smith, Algona, who were Ringsted, and her children, were Saturday evening supper guests oJ the Andew Thomsons. Mrs. Ben Guenther left Saturday for Davenport to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law, Mrs Henry Andreason. The (Emil Krafts spent Sunda: visiting the R. G. Borchardts, Eas Chain, (Minn., and the Otto Laabs family, Fairmont. Mrs. M. H. Schloeman, Esther ville, son Worth, and daughter We save you dollars on every tire you buy from us. Chippewa Pullman, needs no chains, '•*&"{ \ 440x21, 450x21, 475x21 __ '__________ INNER TUBES-RED STURDY-MOLDED 30x8 1-2 79c450x21 _ _ 85c 475x19 •___ 99c Paints and Varnish 49c See us first on your paints. Eggshell wall painty 49e quart, per gal. $1.79 Flat Wall, interior paint, £4 Mf% gallon— «J> I •H5I Household Enamel 10c Varnish, 4-hour fast drying, qt._' Gallon, $1.39 Barn Paint, very best, in five 0*7 ft gallon lots . 511 G Floor Paint, jCQf* quart 5)31C Motor Oil, S9c gallon Coast to Coast Store JOE BLOOM, Manager. ALGONA, IOWA We will not be undersold GRUNOW visiting there, spent Sunday with BUILDING MATERIAL PAINT FUEL To serve the needs of this community We are carrying the most complete line of BUILDING MATERIALS and FUEL at any time in our his- tnrv We are prepared to render a service to the public promptly and satisfactorily. We will continue to act accordingly in the future. Yours for service and quality, F. S. Norton & Son CALL 229 • Be critical when you start out to buy an electric refrigerator! Find out "what's inside." Have your dealer show you what freezes the ice cubes and keeps the cabinet at the proper temperature. We'll let you smell it, and hold it in your hand. We'll let you freeze ice with it in a few moments' time yourself. We'll make other amazing tests of safety and efficiency which will thrill you; And then we'll let you If you come to our store we will gladly examine the other Grunow features of show you the refrigerant inside a Grunow. beauty, convenience, and sanitation which We'll let you see this magic fluid, Carrene. are certain to please and delight you* ^H^f r ^MP^Mp .^^P^tlP^pr SUPER-SAFE REFRIGERATOR <HW W^P ifl_^^ fl^i^B ^M ^-fffMP ^pp^F ^gf^f ^__F ^Pl^^^^ WSUP^ ^ff^ ^P ^P flp T-BIF' wfc|i^ Algona, Iowa Phone 493

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