Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 30, 1919 · Page 25
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 25

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 30, 1919
Page 25
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. ... jw - . --VOLUME IrXXXXfc- OALAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 30, 1919. 0 PAGES 1 to 8 NO. 44. LocalMotorCarBranchesand AgenciesGrganize Strong BETTER THAN OLD, PROMISE DKTIIOIT, March Unlike that mythical student, Frankenstein, Henry Kord loe not Intend to bo destroyed nor hatked hy that creature of his own making- the Ford Motor Company In the realization of his newest dream child, the production of an automobile to bo inaikeled for f-'"0 to $j.',0. In llainillon, O, a new oril plant is in course of contrui tinn and very likely the lirst of the. lowest priced automobiles nor built will be turned out. Tl is-'plant was originally intended to bo a tractor factory. There has been a belief In many tiuar. icrs that Kord Mould have to surmount many difficulties In the production and sale of his new car; that he would have trouble In Retting the. necessary raw materials; that automobile manufacturers everywhere would bo actively opposed to his proposition and would make thla opposition felt. THE PRESENT- CAR? The question of what would happen to the present Kord car now within the, reach of people, of moderate means has bceti asked. Another question is, will this new and cheapest car be as Rood or better' th.an the presnt automobile that bears his name? An answer to these questions was sought from Kord. but l.ejbold answered for hhn. Consequently the Interview took the form of a seris of questions and answers as follows: Does Mr. Kord really intend to build a car to sell Tor $2T0 or $350 or is this proposition a club with which he hopes to 'orce the.Kord Motor Company stockholders k cleave closer to his personal desires?"- NEVER THREATENS. "Mr. Kord never threatens,"' said Lie-bold. "He is following out his original Idea of producing an automobilo cheap enough to enable every family to have one." "If he succeeds what will be the fate of the Kord Motor Company? He can-hot make a car to sell for t-0 or J:i.r0 without practically pj.it t in his original company out 'of business can he? "Mr Kord is not Interested In that phase of the problem. If such a thing should happen, being the greatest stockholder, he would be' the greatest loser and if he Is not troubled about -that question, whv should anybody else be? WOULD KILL INDUSTRY. "To bo frank. Mr. Lb bold, the production of a $-'.'.0 or M''0 automobile would kill the Kord Motor Company, would It not?" I would not go so far as to say that, but It Is Mr. Ford's belief that when anv corporation or organization, dealing In 'commodities consumed by the'public, ceases to serve the public, its usefulness is ended and It naturally ceases to exist, Mr. Ford's ideal is service to the public." , "Then we are to assume that with Mr. Ford It Is service that is the ideal, and with the stockholders of the Ford company not in accord with him, the question Is clearly one contined to -dividends?" A DIVIDEND QUESTION. , "That iH-rie-way-etie-mlght -eeiWtfus it." "Can Mr. Kurd produce a cheaper car without having difficulties with the Ford Motor Company over certain inventions and improvements upon wmcn the Ford car was built and marketed, and which might be regarded as the property of the company and not the personal possessions of Mr. Ford?" 'The Ford Motor Company has no mortgage upon Mr. Ford's body, soul and brains. It has no control over what he may do In the future. We sec no reason why any assumed claims of the stockholders in the present company would have any influence upon Mr. Ford's new plans." "Where will Mr. Kord obtain the raw materials .ueccssary for his new car Can he tap tfre sources of supply of the presnt company? Where will he obtain the steel necessary for the work?" .Had' there been any difficulty in obtaining steel there would be plenty of , scrap steel to be had. It would be a good way to use. the" scrap material and It "would be better than the raw material." ' -Then I take It, Mr. Furd means to utilize scrap materials in the construc-. tion of his car?" "We do not. say so, -but It answers the question relative to tho shortage of aupply." Will this car be as good as the present one or as good a car for the money as the present one?" "This new car will be a better car regardless of the price. There pave been many developments in the automobile construction and in materials since Mr. Ford designed and built the present car. This' Car will be all that aay person could ask for in a modest automobile." . "Will Mr. Ford pay as good wages ' as he Is paying now, and will be continue the same employment .system, with its welfare advantages? Can he do ft and still sell an automobile for $250 to 350?" "Absolutely. It will not be necessary for him to make any radical changes in his employment policiess or his wage schedules?" "What will the car really sell for?" j ."We don't know yet We cannot tell . until we begin to .produce. There is LANCASTER Wiregrip Tires embody the highest attainment in tire construction, outlasting all others in mileage -traveled. Seeing is believing. . Let us. show you. Walter E. Hyde .; -.8127 Broadway. OU TERES MADE LIRE XKW. OAKLAND'S MOST PICTURESQUE DRIVE, THE SKYLINE BOULEVARD, IS FAMED THROUGHOUT THE WEST BECAUSE OF the magnificent panorama it unfolds to the eye. With clear atmosphere prevailing the vision tafes in a good part of Oakland, a portion of both Alameda and Berkeley, and a wide' sweep of San Francisco Bay. Tamalpais and the Golden Gale are easily discernible in the distance, so too, is San Francisco and a large section of the Peninsula. Visitors motoring over it for the first time extoll the grandeur of the drive in exulting terms. The memory of the ride lingers forever. No - municipal investment by According to an1, announcement made last night by W. Li. Webber, chairman of the Automobile Deal ers Division of the Alameda County Automobile Trade Association, the ordinance passed by tho city coun cil on Friday forbidding the sale of second-hand merchandise, from 6 p. m. Saturday niprht till Monday morning, will not affect motor car firms selling used automobiles on Sunday. It was directed, according to a statement made by Mayor Davie to K. Wells, chairman of a special committee ... of automobilo, dealers against pawnshops and second-hand clothing stores, and Js not intended to restrict automobile sales. Mayor Davio advised the dealers to continue doing business on Sunday as has been the custom of most of those firms since the close of the war when the ban on automobile manufacture was lifted. Every agency and branch along Broadway and Twelfth street will be open as- usual today. Guarantee Battery Co. Opens Oakland Branch The Guarantee Battery Co., one of San -Francisco's oldest electrical automobile firms, has opened an Oakland branch on Broadway between 25th and 2Gth streets. Completely equipped facilities for recharging and repairing batteries and overhauling ignition systems have been installed and the branch is managed by competent .mechanics. A number of ignition lines Including Gray and Davis and. Splltdorf systems will be specialized in -which work is to ba sought on all makes of batteries. a leeway of $100 allowed in the announced price radius. It will not sell for more than J350 and it may sejl for less. Production cost will determine that" - GEO. L. STURDAVANT RETREADING URY and -STEAM VULCANIZING liberal allowances oo year eld eating) in exchange for new -Firestone Cord tnd Fabric Tirea. "A written guarantee of 5000 mile on fabric and 10,000 miles on cord casings. -Meet George at 2835 BROADWAY LAKESIDE 17 - i . - . . . - . . Jr , ' ; 4 ' - k - - ' V - ' K ' , - 5 ii:.; :f ' :'::i:?S;:sy?;0 ' - ' '' '; " r lllilM . - , - x " ? - ' "i lilSllllillllSK ':Vi-. - ?,;V ... . I : svit jr"-r:r 4w v';i-T.:v" 'i'4 ' -r ' ... ( il - 7 - - vCtSv rf JMz: , -HJ.. hum iiiiiii, -mwsimrmnniiMwiiii- i iiii-wiinw iimiu nmutMimrvtewm,r AUTO ABIES TO STAY DPEH OKI SUMY the City of Oakland has ever paid bigger dividends. In Seven Enter For Liberty Sweepstakes -0 0 Driver Chevrolet Plays Waiting Game IVDIANAPOIJ.S, Indiana, March 23. Seven drivers, all well known in the racing world, have filed their entries for the 500-milo Uberty Sweepstakes of tho Indianapolis Speedway, May 31. One name Louis Chevrolet does not appear In tho list Of these who have declared themselves In on tho dash for $50,000. The famous Franco-Swiss Is playing a wailing game, lie Intends to race at Indianapolis . but also be has strong convictions regarding a car's antecedents. Chevrolet was born in Switzerland and raised in France. For a decade he has been building motor cars or racing them" In America and. .while , he is . a dyed-in-the-wool American, he has strong French leanings. Since the 1!'16 season opened Iouis lias been driving his own earsthe. "Ffoiilehacs. For the coming season he has one that be be-lieves will take the winnc.r'a end of .Urn big purse,, but he Is going to pass up his chance if a car, built by a factory in the Domain of the Central I'owers, should start. lie maintains that if such a car is entoied after he files Tils blank that he will withdraw from any Autoists Fight & Judge Threatens As a result of t"he first prosecution undertaken by the California Htate Automobile Association in Its campaign to abate the evil qf broken slass on the streets of (3an Francisco, 1'olice Judpe Oppenheim served notice in open court last week that the next offender brought before him on a charge of leaving broken glass in the streets cfuld expect either a heavy fine or a straight Jail sentence. This ultimatum by Judge Oppenheim was delivered following a scatching lee ture which he read to the driver of a brewery delivery truck who appeared before him on complaint of a member Goodyear CORD-FABRIC TIRES All Sizes Carried In Stock Rellnera. Vulcanlz. Ino. Ribbed and Non-Skld Retreads with Goodyear Ra. Hogaii & Leder J31 14TH ST. ,LAKESIDC,221I Bet. Wsbster and Harrison Streets race as ho will not countenance the appearance of a Herman or Austrian racer on the same- track with his mount. Thus be has not entered, although tho cars named to date consist of six American and one French racers. It is possible that Txmls may see fit to stay out of thfvblg race this year. It is not improhibki Jjiat one of me cars that irwie racing iiktory the German Mercedes that Italph De Palma used to win the last 500-mile race on the track, four years ago will be a starter when the flag falls May 31. This is the only car of worth from a Central Powers factory that could hope to show anything in the race and Chevrolet has learned that there is a possibility of its..ntry. - This car Is owned by a Detroit sportsman. It was Imported in 1314 and was raced for two seasons, and. a. ..halfititlt success but today all that remains of the original car Is the chassis and radiator.. .Trie ..engine, as it stand,, was built In tills country. While Chevrolet objects strenuously to such a car,, it must be admitted that portions of the Dlberty engine, which played such an important , part In the war, can be' traced to this engine Glassy in Streets o o- o to Fine Offenders of the automobile association that the driver had refused to pick up the remnants of several bottes which had Jostled off his truck and broken on the street at the corner of .Sutler and Oc-tavla streets. This case was the first one brought into court since the automobile association instituted . its .campaign against the broken glass evil; and the association was represented at the hearing by Attorney Hugh F. , Keon, jr. This defendant was allowed to go without a fine, but heard a severe lecture at the hands of Judge Oppenheim, who gave the word that the next offender trould only expect a heavy penalty. VEEDOL Motor Oil HEAT RESISTING Federal Tires GIVE EXTRA SERVICE Double Cable Base Cord and Fabric A. E. BERG Distributer 2023 BROADWAY .': Lakeside J52 the foreground is to be seen pnrat IS DOUBLED IN FEBRUARY DKTIIOIT, March 29. Trodiil-Hon or cars In Michigan and Ohio during February was double that of the preceding month. This Is shown In the production reports from thirty-eight leadirig manufacturers. These plants produced 4S71 cars a day last month as compared with 2833 a day In January. Nearly every big company is nearlng normal production, and the last of March will find them all back at their regular peace-time stride or setting new production records.- The labor situation has practically cleared up. The materials situation Is improving rapidly. Parts 'makers are getting back Into full production and are now able to meet all demands. Kvery company with tho exception of Packard Is now In production. Packard has started work on its new cars, and the first of these will leave the assembly line some time In 'AprU. ' Production figures for January and February follow; Jan Ud'rv. 100 nr. Mljirk hriwofl ruary. 400 . &0 4 10 '. ' flarlfy - r1iliue :.', 'im'imer " 'liiiiill'r " (Tli'vni'.et ' . tVtjtifiibu H Hodge . ?io IXTt ) 40 Kswr :io lonl i:xx) ;rmit 1 hirroiln . 4 HiitiDon no Hupp as Kin 0 I.lherty , , lr, Mlixwfll l.'O Monroe T, 0l(lnmf ,v loo Oljmplju r, Osmoblle .....' Overland 320 1'i.rkard, '. 0 i'alite : a .-. Wl 4 RO 4 1.-, ISO X, 1R0 110 ' 400 0 10 1XI 4 50 40 . l.Vl I'Htrrvon ..-..''. .-. . . Itro ,.., .. , . 100 Koflmer . . Hmrm 10 Kerlppd Booth .'. '.' 2) Startebaker .'. .. . Velle Wiotoo .. 5 Totili .2VB 4 .471 Installing Autos - y ' for Sales Forces Big concerns are coming rapidly to the installation of automobile equipment for the use of their sales forces, and recent events have shown that today cars of the better grades are gninlng a- strong foothold In this class of business. Within the last few weeks the Gillette Safety Kator-Company of Boston pur. chased thirteen cars for the exclusive us of their territorial representatives. Automobile Dealers Association a motoring party in a model Figures Show Growth ol Industry 0 -o- -o Big Capital Invested in Autos According to the latest available eluded often a discount. .made by the statistigs, . tho motor tar Industry represents $ 1,237, 000,000, greater by ,$250,000,000 than tho capitalization ot. the- national banks in l'Jl7. To rrutke another coinpariHon, it is rnoro thanXlwice an largo as the combined outstanding capital stock of tho entire Standard Oil group of thlrly-flvo companies, probably tho most frequently quoted example of great wealth In speaking of big business. Approximately eight per cent of' all persons engaged in manufactur ing are building automobiles, or, to bo exact. K.10.000. This number havo built anil aro keeping in regular uso,;Kr(,wh, have had an opportunity to today more than 5, 01)0,000 cars, with; carrying capacity ot 2u,U0O,OUO persons a day. ' IWSJ) 1 1 e "the fact that those figures place tho automobilo industry uu tho third largest in tho United Ktatin, there aro many in the business and out of it who still look upon It as a "game" or a "gamble," and who out of ignorance or carelessness refuse to give the gigantic industry tho dignity of a legitimate business, with which is identllied some of the greatest business men in tho world. Particularly is this attitude noticeable among car owners and prospective owners. Timo is not far distant when it was a custom for buyers of ears to go to a dealer and "dicker" with him for the best price, which in- PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR A FORD To Insure Early Delivery, H. M. Lawrence " '- -Authorized Agent : 12th tnd nekton SU. J"bon OikUnd 627 COME TO RENO 4 efrerM font Um treaties with KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES L. G. Reno Co. (DlstrOator) Twentieth and Broadway Oakland 2749 I 90 Overland louring car. dealer because of tho advertising values derived from the fact that so- iiml-so owned and drove tho car he sold. Probably no largo Industry has iindpptfone so marked a transition In tho business methods used. Much of tho slip-shod methods of the earlier days were duo no doubt to tho fact that tho automobilo Industry, even from tho lirst, grew by leaps and bounds. Plans which for tho better systematizing of tho business had been in contemplation for several years, but which., due to the enormous advance ments or the industry, wore no i nooner prepared than they were out '" developed andput into effect dur ing tho kistjcjnonths, when auto- inoniie Helling, due to war conditions, trrfiiun-iwfr to be n tivnig er tho past for a time. Tho dealers took advantage of .this lull to perfect ideas they had in mind for a year or more, and today the automobile industry is as a result on a sounder business basis than ever before. It has taught up with itself and will continue from now on to develop equally along all lines. Dealers today are in a position whero resorting to freak methods of marketing their roods is no longer recognized as Vgitimiiep. W. T. RANCEL will buy your old tires or allow liberal prices in exchange for new tests A jax Tires and Tubes Retreads Guaranteed VTHAND WEBSTER STS. PImm Oakland 679 Wurk mCmI r and pHern gkiam EXiDE BATTERY i AU makes of batteries repaired and recbarged Imperial Garage and ; Supply Co., Inc. Lakeside 2200 FRANKLIN STREET, J426 WEBSTER STREET, 1433 There is an Exide Battery for every car It's an over-sise battery v" - "-l- PLANS LAID 10 PROMOTE INDUSTRY By JIM HOUUHAJT. - One result of the recent automo bile show is the formation of a strong motor car dealers' division which will bo affiliated with Alameda County Automobilo- Trade Association an4 yet be operated as a separate orgajll zation. The first meeting occurred Wednesday evening. ' For moro than five years the local automobile dealers' have constituted! the representatives of the only big' industry operating; In the Eastbajr cities without an active organization. Tho need of such a body has been felt by the' leading distributors ot this section for a good many months,' but It was not until the motor-car show was on that an attempt waft made to bring them together. The rapid growth of the business in Alameda county and the need of a better understanding among th dealers for tho proper protection of their interests in various ways ha made almost compulsory the crea tlon of the motor car association. . These bodies are In existence In vlr tually every city and town of re- spec-table size throughout the Unite States and the general good they have accomplished for motorists Jn legislative, if in no other way, has been felt by the motor owning class. vVfcllBKIt MADE CHAIRMAN. W. Ij. Webber, manager -of the-Oakland Den Lee branch, has been elected chairman and Robert Mart' , land secretary of the new organization. Within the next two weeks various committees are to be appointed for carrying on the work doomed necessary. - Tho success of the automobile show hus already prompted the deal- ' er to lay tentative plans for a second big exhibition some time next fall, and at thia display, which will probably occur several weeks In ad vance of the annual gan Franoisco show, it is the Intent to have repre sentation, if space provisions are possible, from every automobile and truck distributor as well as accessory agent in Northern California. Part of the scheme Is to bring in visitors from all over the state. Show plans win be as elaborate as prevail at any Pacific coast affair and the com pleted gathering of cars and trucks will vie in excellence with the annual Kan Francisco exposition. ISIIOW ATTENDANCE WAS BIO. No loryrer is there any question of whether the Eastbay community will support an automobile show. 'Attendance at the first event In the Auditorium, which was assembled in record fashion, was far larger than Lany dealer cared predict vIf such crowas were possible wltn just a lew-days' notice, state-wide Interest will be manifested with more extended publicity. And this is one of the determinations the automobile men intend to carry out They are set on making Oakland known as one of the big motor car centers of the tr n i t a a e t h t awr I r -creating -an er--ganlzatlon they believe they can best accomplish this purpose, one of many In whjeh combined efforts best count. Mr. Scripps and Mr. Booth Meet McK night Harry McKnlght, local Scripps-Booth manager, while In southern California for-the recent road races, stopped' at . a hotel where were registered a Mr. Scripps and a Mr. Booth.- Some of bis friends kept McKnlght busy for two days trying to keep appointments with the Messrs. Scripps and Booth, of which they themselves knew nothing. Non-Skid Rebuilt Tires, same as new : Distributor NORWALK TIRES UAVOLINE OILS. 2155 BROADWAY Phone Lakeside 403 - KRX Brine yxrar Ford hem when It needs to be "tuned up" or repaired. We guarantee the most reliable work the genuine. Ford, make Materials and to ask Ford prices). William L Hnghson Co. 14TS AND BROADWAY SERVICE STATION COOK'S

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