Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1934 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, February 26, 1934
Page 6
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fAGE FOUR K03SUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA j^bttant* TEBMS OF SUBSCRIPTION I—To Kossuth county postofflcea and bordering postofflocs at Armstrong, Bo.de, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Cor- wlth, Cylinder, Elmore, Hutchlns Llvermore, Ottosen, Rake, Ring- wed. Rodman, Stllson, West Bend and Woden, year $2.00 i-^To all other U. S. Postofflces, year j2.50 ALL, subscriptions for papers going to points within tho county and out- JW-the-county points named under No. 1 above are considered continuing •ubscrlptlons to be discontinued only on notice from subscribers or at pub- Usher's discretion. Subscriptions going Jo non-county points not named under No. 1 above will be discontinued Without notice one month after exptr- •Uon of time paid for, If not renewed, out time for payment will be extended If requested In writing. by enough to keep ihim when he is! old? It is a disagreeable task to argue against the cause of the poor and the aged, but it is time that something was toeing said in ibehalf of the taxpayer; also high time, and imgih indeed, that voices were raised against the constant legislative tendency to listen to specious pleas of one kind and other involving increase in the tax burden. Is there no lesson in the fact that between 191.0 and 1930, only '20 years, property taxation in Iowa rose from $32,000,000 to $107,000,000—234 per cent? THE BILL TO SADDLE PENSIONS ON IOWA TAXPAYERS The state senate has passed an ttld age pension bill, and the same is now pending in the house. The TIMELY TOPICS The Colyum lot's Not be too D—d Serious At The Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. CROWDED HOURS, by Alice ^ .Roosevelt Longworth, is in the library. The women there were somewhat doubtful about ordering it, bus Chris, we abetting, .prevailed, and when it arrived Mrs. Sanders let us read it first to see whether the .princess was telling things which might corrupt Algona youth. All of which Mrs. San- Play S reviewed this week! I've Got Your Number, Bedside, Carolina. I'VE GOT YOUiR Number, as the ' name implies, has to do with the telephone business, and it proves an exciting and entertaining little picture about wire-tapping, lers_ will deny violently, and for dark deeds, and the grand (business >articulars of our defense you are of talking over wires so much in •oferred to the anotto of this Col- vogue in our modern world. The yum. cast includes a trio of favorites— And, take it from us, Alice's foook Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, and reel of suffering and misery culminating finally in the suicide of Uncle Bob, following a life of frustration over a love affair 40 years before. _ Janet Gaynor's life is a succession of dizzy rapture and morbid melancholy. tFirst she sig'lis blissfully in the arms of love. Then she languishes miseraibly in throes of Family pride and haughtiness which bring her only grief and suffering. If you go in for this sort of sentimental drivel, if you still believe in Santa Glaus and the course of 6 IllllLd.Il L is that the criticise , .nuic a 'UUUK wv«i» jjiuuuuu, tjricjiitu. rautm. HUU«J.,.,._ . • *• . . , 7 a— You may not Pat O'Brien—who carry this innoc-i™" 5 , ,5'A 1 . 11 sh , ort ' you . en ov a her, and you may savagely uous little tale to a stirring and cli- good ' old - fa shioned romantic "Jag," :ise things she did and her mactic finish. I've Got Your Nu . m J>' ou were probably one of the many is a 'hit of all right, like ' 'MAKE UP' IS STUDY TOPIC AT LU VERNE Lu Verne, Fet), 27—An unusually UnitoresMng program was given at tho meeting of the Progressive Women's club held nit Ithe homo of Mrs. F,, I. Chapman Friday aflter- noon. Good plays for children were named for roll call and Mrs. P. C. Liohty gave a review tot the play "Allisons House". Mrs. Ray Stone Iraxl the topic "Secrets of Make up" doalng with both stage make up suid make up for women 'In every day life, Mesdames Harold Phillips, Want Atb POTATOES FOB SALE. — W. Meyer, Algeria. Phone 3303, 'Lone Rock. 10p24 FOR 'SALE-m/EQISTERHD ford bull yearling. — Carl Paetz 9p24-25 OUEAN COBS FOR SA-LE 7 will deliver.-® D. Schichtl, phone HF21. Ilp24 ' — a —•• *• ••"•"ft) *«J inui/ L11CJ ---o" u4«\^ 11AU. ttllU m;j- i ii*i*v*i*i\* -LiiMCMlt j. VC \JTW L I. Ul*l AN U'lll" A. J. i ~--»r corn-hog campaign has been con-prejudices, but you'.ll have to admit her is the first picture we recall ,°- e(I P atrons who saw Caro- ducted by the farmers themselves " f i™.-*— .•—•—•, . ... i_i— ± .. . r . . . mnn. wonf on/7 in,,o(i,<v,i .-.I.*.—i.. fei^d-"^'readable, about the phone industry, tout Its» ^JSfJ 0 ??"* i^! 6 ? 8 ' 5 !' word «nm,« nn » i f • l^n* ' S - a " h ? peful " augurylo7agrT-| and .the only"thing'thaFiniVht"once IiniW "succMsrwVopfa£''will U lead 5? dn the £ S^l *.? S6e what tha * word pension does not appear m culture's future. The trouble ihere- —alas, no more—have corrupted other producers to build movies darned T-H-C-had to say about it. the Inll. To soften the shock for tofore has always been that farm- vout h is her calm admission that with this as the central theme (no " taxpayers tihe pension is called ers woula not present a united sne was among the first American Pun intended), "assistance." | front.^ if they will continue to stick women to smoke cigarets. After a short introduction of any _|^You get a humanizing view of switchboards, phone girls,-and re- Mayrtard iS,pooner, Masliei' LOST—'WEST OF A1/GONA on the gravel road, mattress and guitar Crouch. Burt. 14p24 front. If they will continue to stick women to smoke cigarets. The bin as passed is not at hand, jthfn^he "wUTn Uils^untry 3 ^-'' ^ ** * hUm - anJZing ^ " " ^ aCt 42 al lntro e • * 8tate l '^° r •">"• ™ -* «P Acconline tn ln A ' g ° na and «feewhere in Kos- Moines Register nil SUth ' what wi " ' be the reacti ™ on "-'" *u t L I8t !!'_- at1 - 1 l«o.''nty sentiment? The will of course depend last Sunday's !I answer e voted eeems to ayes. The ibill creates a state old age I win assistance commission of three per- of such stores' Sons; also a. state superintendent, and a board of three in each county . , , ,- A 'ice when you find that she re- pair men we get down to the plot hetei ™ other as a real which starts innocently enough, ?°, r AIlce ' s own mother about a simple request to transfer '£, childbirth, and the present U long distance call from one hotel Theodore Roosevelt was the room to another. second wife • who ,™e call happens to be a tip on ^memoers of the senate win „, course depend argely on i" ,, ,- ' R 'f second ™fe • who The call happens to be a tip on n I* ™ i Patterson resnlt8 of the new liquor policy b ?'' 0 ° hls ° the . r children. You the horse race, and the misplaced o have been among the Nevertheless there will be many £ lso . a ? miro h «r intense loyalty to information leads to Joan Blon,,. w ? l ° regardless of favorable resultsL^J*-.!' e ^f n T hen .. his . Political dell's dismissal from the switch- FARMERS MOVE AT BANCROFT DESPITE GOLD and Laura Zwelfel presented a. one act pay "Dlttle Toy HeUrt". (Mrs. Chapman sei-ved a dultch lunch wMh lappropnlnite, table decorations! Wt which the children who had taken part In a recent dranmtlsuaitlon for the club and Misses Norma Paift- Irldge and iBernlce Swanson were also guests. Mrs. A. L. Bpooner Is to bo hostess at (the nexit favoraWe resultsjfortunes conflicted with existence band Nick's future. . 27 ~ T ^ cold did What will the government do named toy the .board of supems- next with a " tlle corn pledged for teresting as any novel. «rs. One member of the board ? a " s j , Th , at win ^ a live ques- • which involves her in a robbery" ? ot stop the folks around CBancroft ,book| f rom which only the super-heroic £ 0m moving Monday. The Mrs. J. You will find it as in- efforts of the muscular .Pat nrpl Ha . 1 J pert . Sr - family moved on the i B. et in line for the an d read it. must be a woman. The state com- tlon next Au gust when the *nissioners get a per diem of S10 ? ome due a , nd the time and expenses, the state " ""''- "- tendent gets a salary of year, and .board members . 6 ^ t C A -,J, «- - ~,~... j , luv , penses. The state superintendent .. e , s ? aled corn IS marketed, what | tisement. and the 'board may hire and nayII • lt; *° nex * fall's corn assistants. loans! I WISH I WAS going ton's dance, .but "*• «."i- uiuouuitli :lra,li arc i, ij? .. I."*- aJble to 'free Jier. Then (Pat rounds section farm northeast of >Ban- - '""""• vacated Iby the James Dunn Thorn- inorn up a band of swindlers by tapping i-, vac f ted ^y the Jai .wires, and wins his bright-eyed ??_^ ™!..<P? n ? *«?** a farm near Ledyard. and Mrs. Richard moved to Menke - . — o~- «"«^ ni^ii a. • —i -«-. .in i/ncac Liiret; sen 150 per cent increase in charges for " e ha s committed five errors news cuts have climbed part way cultured people do not make down off their high horse. All they Three, perhaps four of these w want now io t,,,;,,,. *.».„ -•-_ .,. / vn^ n „,.:. JT_:_, . . ^ lnf =se er want now is twice the I 6 "" 8 - The y price theylrors, are fairly obvious. One in ask|volves a fine point in gramma rpr ,, n gramm £ General Johnson how to get it. which few know. The Colyum wi in pay anyon in this line. It is quite * .* * . 1>>otl nff a sudden surcease of bus- £°°d English, but if she knowi In general "assistance" is to be ! n ess, the cocky engravers who Mulish any better than he <?hp {«u .granted to every person G5 years Bought they could get away with a pained, for in these three sentences' " tuu or older who can meet certain °" ner cent, inorpnoo in /.u,,,,— j- lhf> vmo /./v.v,,,,ui_j ^;_.^ ^iraiyc residential qualifications, has no child or other person obligated to furnish support, and does not have an income of a dollar a day. No one as to get more than $40 a month, including independent income, but independent income under $100 a year will not .be counted; nor can •assistance be granted to anyone who has property worth more than $3,000. When a pensioner having property dies the amount of assistance •plus simple interest at 3 per cent may be recovered from the estate. The commission may require transfer of property beforehand. The money comes half from the Bounty and half from the state. The aegislature makes an appropriation lor the state's half, and this appropriation will figure in the state tax levy. The hoard of supervisors makes a direct levy for the county s half. News reports last week indicated that there may have fceen some change in this part of the original till. A tax of a dollar a head like a poll tax was mooted. * • * * This sort of legislation comes to America from Europe, particularly Irom Germany, in books and lectures devoted to social uplift it has long been discussed in this country on the eighty acre farm va- _. . , T °y tne iHaupert family. W. A, •bet in any picture. Glenda Farrell ™ rav , owns this f ami. Mr. and It is a young man speakine to a geta .' a ra ther poor break as a mind- r' s .' 'Glaus UWben moved to Minn- lovely girl. He thinks he is nshie r? ader i and . tlhis j s *er flattest f. sota ' and the ^ton Kardoes fam- , _ . aniKb ne is usintrio-u <.„...•-_,..•._ ]ll y moved on the farm they vacated characterization. j.i » v*-«,y i Review ' adde ^ at- th ™ e n " les ea st of Bancroft. Sunday The .Fred Kadows, , Minn. General Johnson has set aside next Monday for a great meeting at Washington at which complaints against NBA will .be heard. The hip- fellows will of course be there force. They .have the money to the expenses of their representatives. Jew, if any, will be there to speak for the little fellows. A bill in the legislature for a non-partisan Judiciary deserves general support. The scheme by which we have in effect limited the judiciary to republicans has al- S' ays ,u b . een a Political monstrosity. Republican leaders ought to be the fact now , cnat the democrats are in the sad- die. - " « «* Li*JO VUUJ1WIJ, wut the discussion had never reached a practical stage in Iowa till this winter. It is one of the modern governmental ideas which have always been considered theoretically desiralblo in this country but Irom a practical standpoint have •neea regarded with doubt. Proponents of the legislation ar- Opinions of Editors ----- ••• •••"e'Vjvi be pleased to .hear from who can point out all five. AS A .RULE we avoid vaudevill and other non-movie talkies at th t-all because the hearing system for the deaf quits cold wfoer T the come on. However, we did see th dancers a week ago, having wan dered in forgetfully, believe it o not. Audience mostly men, and n compliment to them, for they were dance. and must be growing old At any -rate tiie" exhibition," t^ notion, was f ar from entag Women who look charming in the ne near altogether are rare if OU enticing - gue that m effect the expense to be lorne out of taxation will be NRA and the little Fellow. Knoxville Journal — The little business men, little industries, low cost producers under former conditions, are making themselves heard m congress, demanding the repeal or amendment of the NRA to able them to continue to exisr. 'Slowly but surely the facts abou Ah, Mr Brown, As if WE Cared. let 'eni Hare 'em. DLee Brown in Milton Herald 1 man at P resent no .poor re- u They say it will keep the indigent put of the poonhouse and let them live more healthily and hap- by themselves. Demands on the -poor fund and for maintenance of a reduced 3 ™ Wi " ' be by thttt rauch are This reasoning does not seem oecill founded. .Experience teaches that new means of expending pub- i££? , practlc a"y always means increased expenditure. New boards and commissions are prone to at- of P their exist- i by a show of activity, »eady supply of funds! There is no provision for quate publicity in this bill j£]| els required to be published. "assistance" board wil'l the dark so far as the merely foots the I.,, +1,0 !• ~'~y~7 .•• —° constructec by the big industries for their benefit, and against the interests of small concerns. Eventually NRA must be greatly modified, or all business will be controlled by great monopolies. S'eai Yoice for John Hammill. Hampton 'Ohronicle-ffieports con- toue that former governor John Hammill is receiving dozens of let" ters every week from republicans ZSt ?~ S i ate "UiWUni"to be 3 " 8 o candidate for governor at the publican primary next June one Britt man tells us that would be surprised to 3 " f '' know this situation. .Keep Away from Stewed Hunters-Theldea! .- JJarney's Own Column 1 Monday nights, included a rather are movin S to the 'Mrs. John Nem- versatile troop of singers, dancers me - rs farm ' nor ? h of town - The B. and musicians. The famed fan- yumns are moving to the old Hau- work in public, ™ , i - c °«The state commission has to make a yearly report, but there M no | proTiMon that it be printed! * Wh ° reads such n^'^i ha r S alway s been conceded that John Hammill gave the state gov n er!orf ^ adn »™tration as Are Kossuth Dairymen Guilty Too? •Northwood Anchor--Twenty-onp "If^^^Northfield.T^' 0 " 6 e poor at takes the aged out of tte hands of the (board of super- leaves the rest Where distinction? not ° «?r all poor, including the aged" S^^ 1 " 0 ? CO »>P«' fe boar? of onto a profitable basis have" agreed to sell no more , b uUer ub- stitutes m that city. But hear ye the rest of the tale: they are ask jng farmers to coooperate^by reful" mg to sell all o f their butterfat t being among the best cus- . on the lists of the button substitute dealers! NBA foTcattle Feeders. Bepublican — Way ™ .u "Jf . avera e e value of on the Chicago live stock 1 was $65.35 a head And in, the average value of a head only $52.57, when after the ^•Ll 63 ' came al °"e the the per per diem as vuo « provides no pay at all for 'board members, which will and waste. meffienCy ' care!e ssness, than a11 else » this bill ' • »° s « n y a Chicago daily newspaper. Thev are official and correct. Add Interesting, if True. Plain Talk. Des Moinei - T], si -. ' <ous and the provident '»">«'- others? ime from laying Iowa's World's Fair Exhibit. Atlantic News-Telegraph — We do not believe there was any B raf? m connection with the Iowa « it. The figures would indicate i mnnpv KQC. i^« that n ti CGUntPfl -fnn l A. -j» "^S ac to cannot make any r^ayiJ any exhibit at afl The THIS SPACE repress an attack of the Hu wWch exclusive attention yesterday and the day before. It was the flu, not a cold. No mere cold interferes with the appetite or confers immunity to the charms of My lady Nicotine. dance by one "Sally" Mallory is a tame affair, but the young lady warms up to the hula-hula number with a great deal more enthusiasm, wtach^ reflects her early training ..o i, „ --j apparent that this Sally" didn't get her training on the midway of the Century of Progress, ,but rather in the lesser avenues of the county fairs, where she wiggled her way to fame for the benefit of more rustic audiences. Then, too, the high moral tone of ihe astute Call proba/bly put • a crimp in ^Sally's" gyrations, though we did think that she could have hidden that belying shoulder strap, which proved that she had on a complete costume ,beneath the waving fans. We don't mind .being fooled, but there isn't any use of rubbing it in. HE BIG ROOSEVELT pow-Wow at the high school last week Tuesday evening made it impossible for _us to give a full report of he dubious proceedings at the Call he same night, since it is difficult o be in two places at the same ime. Suffice it to say that such o-dads as Bedside have no excuse or being, even when placed in the apaible hands of Warren William, roirt a sketchy outline, the story as to do _with a philandernig doc- or (certainly no credit to his pro- ession) who seems to fall in love ith every likely feminine patient ho calls to consult him. This is •icky .business—in reality as much s for the screen. More important than the program as the fact that the Peve nmg first of the so-called proved a popular - - --"e houses where it has been tried. Each Tuesday night 126 is given away to someone --if the person is present. Last week Tuesday night the name of a wen- known Algona man was announced but absence cheated him out of th f"?^ 11 ! 011 ™ as then automatical •pert farm, which the Kardoes family vacated, and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ooche, who recently married are moving on the farm the Quinns vacated. _ The A. J. Meyers family are moving to Fenton and the Tom Murphy family will lire on the Mrs. Bridget _Qumn farm. Otto Swalve and family of Ledyard will move on the farm where the Murphy family j 1V ed. George Carr and family moved to Whittemore and the Dillon family who lived on this •farm moved on the farm Carrs vacated. Three Will be Ordained ^t St. pastor of ' , Catholic church here, received word that three boys of the senior class of the St. Paul Seminary at St. Paul will .be ordah,ed Priests Sunday March 18 , at of boys is o u f o Qu inn, son of Mrs. Bridget Quinn. of Bancroft. On March 20, Father ™' ' Ms first mas in Johns church .nere. The other rom Whittemore that and one the Grades In Historical Program— The fifth and sixth grades gave a clever public program at the gym last Thursday in two pants, the 'flrslt pant called The (Book of February. Helen Jean Mosher, mistress of cer. emonies, opened the cover of a huge book, and children representing famous people whose birthdays are in February emerged, and either told or sang parts .tiliedr characters had in history. Second part was a playlet, Washington's Relturn, In wihich a cub reporter for a Chicago newspaper smallowed same pills wMch translated hl m to Washington's time for an interview with Washington and Martha. A minut was danced by a group for the reporter's entertainment. Farewell for the Havcrsteins— A farewell party was held Thursday night for the Elmer Haver- steins who are moving this week to a farm near Bode. The Frank Ship- leys are movdng to tihe place left vacant by the Haver^teins. On Friday nighit a group of neighbors and friends held a farewell party for tho Rofot. Mastenson's at the home. On Tuesday evening the Sophomore class entertained at a Rook party in honor of Willis Colwell and Betty Masterson. Some of ibho children in •the fifth and sixth grade hod a parity Wednesday evening for Francis and Margaret Masterson. Community Club Meeting- There was the usual good attendance about 90, at the meeting <of itihe Community club Monday night. Music was furnished by the Lu Verne band and a stringed tiiio, Orville Ervin, Eomus and Wm. Hoepner' There was a round table discussion about having a creamery in Lu- Verne. The main talk of ithe evening was given by the Hev. Wm. Badd* ley, who gave his lecture on pottery and ohinaware. The next meet- Ing will be held March 26. Thousand (Attend Coin-ell Sale- One of the largest baes of the season was held last Thursday when H. M. Colwell, sold his stocks and Cairn machinery prior to moving to n smaller farm just northwest of Al- FOtt SAOM-mi CHEVROLET sedan, low mileage. — At Victor Johnson's, phono 643-W. I2p24 LOST—TRUCK WHEEL, 32-6 tire" between Algona and West Bend' Reward.-€all M, Algona. . I4u24 MAIBBIBD MAN WANTS~WQRK on farm; experienced.—Dwight Potter, 425 IN. Phillips, Al gOTlag \^ GETS THE OREAM. atora, (boosters, Algona. ?77.60. Users biggest Terms.-^ee Bjustrom's, I'2ul9tf BOY 18 WAiN'lW WORK ON farm", small wages, after first of - Wl ,te Vernon 'X*R SAUE-^SHORTHORN MILK cows and heifers; 38 nice 160-lb. shoats, double-treated.—J T nra ^ n*« jl1~ *' \JA**- iiam, Algona. 17p23- Whether von much or m"c monds, FOR SAiLE — ONE l-ilj. and one 2-year, old Holstein (bulls Team of 8-year old horses. — Wil liam Koestler. Burt. 11p232 FOB 'SAlDE — 7-BOOM MODEBJv 2, good condition, cistern insurance; sell for ?4,000 lown. Terms.—iJosie Thomp ^f.™ 0 ' CA N BUY YOUR* tire with the money you save on oi A S ™ b l e ' Stores ' Guaranteed B lbufk?5 r gtts driVing - 993 - 4C FOR SALE — KODAK IN ffood condition. Takes card VERY post H ^™r™liODEiriSart: B Baldwin piano Company Wholesale Dept., Cincinnati™o.' 40023-24 *-J< r *^*W?™™a HIM- tion f renomina- appreciated. Your pn- support will 34(2)24 I WILL BE A CANDIDATE !F\DR the nomination for sheriff inThe ne June une primaries subject to the win of the republica 24-28 quality n #^ W\ monds that WEHLER'S JEWELY STOEE Phono 240 Diamonds, Watchej. Silvenvnrc LOAN$I TO $300.00 nn « loan $200.00 or $300.00 help financial problems? We invite you to investigate , personal loan plan on you tore, auto and livestock. as twenty months to repay You will find our service r economical, and confiden ia for details —see- Federal Finance Ce.l 320 Des Molnes Bldg. DCS Moines, J H. N. KRUSE Appraiser Algona, I, n | HIDES AND Highest market price paidfoi Hides and Wool JOE GREENBERG assistant here tionw, tion which ,has 1914. Six New Babies Here- were Ban- we <*'> Purse mak the total of ?50. All that is necessary for a patron to do is to sign the register in the lobby of the theater, and then attend the Tuesday night shows. H EGAiROLBSS of personal preju- *• dices, we are forced into the unhappy admission that Carolina s a well directed, beautifully mounted and authentic picture of he South sympathetically treated with special emphasis here and background. wees f time and 40,000 feet of film we « pent m getting the proper setlfng or Carolina, taken from the book The House of Connelly by Paul UT66JI, Director Henry King, with a carefully selected group of camera^ dlrec ' ors . a" d architects bhe Carolinas typical four other It la estimated that nearlv a thousand were- in attendance One inorso sold for $182. A free lunch was served at noon, and Mr Col well's brother Leon and Herman" Brummond were auctioneers. Pupils WJI1 Give Program— thfT'i Tuesday evening pupils of the 3rd and 4th grades under the direction of their teacher Ber-nlce Swenson will present a declamatory program. The speakers will be Jn costume and will be classified just as older pupils In declamatory tests are. The High School tr l wi» furnish music, will be 5 and io c . Admission Dlimor-Rook Club Meets— The Ro-ok club met last week Monday evening a,t the hall for 6-30 din *»r. after which Rook\£J I ait ni ne tables', Mr. and Mrs. my Stone winning Ithe high score fam % Prize, consolations going to Harry Lichty and ExT w r£] •a. Harry Liichty won -, phi I- OP^C 1 ^ '»""»"•>"- "A Specialized Insurance Service" ^^ __ff\ TT Tpl INSURANCE AGENCY * K. La Barre Bon^" 1 ? Clalm S«*«ement 8 Bonds - Loans . Investments i 4. •*> Phone 55 1st Door North of I owa State Bank a^gOT EVJI-*- ^ M ,, 5^«^^ffl^|ssji=ssias Pick Visits Here— a daugh-|.th« box social ,he",T affthf ^ _ „ piano A miscellaneous: pro- and iFebruary >28 Mrs ' Arthur Hof Mrs xi , (North and South) for 5 of Colonial , 11UU1CO , . lanes, and views of the to- industry. He then reproduc- the House of Connelly in California and completed the tli ere. And the lure of Carolina is the quiet (beauty of the swaying fields and fragile eerieness' of mystic nights, and the haunting melodies ^ ' rs Add Untold Stories at the Roosevelt Banquet. [Another One from Damfino.] The fellow who defined status quo as meaning a hell of a fix SL1?_ likel * to say that the HAD Register —ALIEN. Well, diddy? of the negroes singing folk song under moonlit skies. No picture I recent years has been so rich background, so faithful in setting so convincing in locals Unfortunately the n JO r i s s so sue f , . , ., roman that only persons completely steeped m Idealism can sit through the long performance without quiver. And iere served at a late hour The choir took honor of Mrs. A. to a farm 1- The Aid were were gue nd an audience ap ne». « v. peal we have never r wt production which seemed e Girl Hurt at Basketb she 'C' igh school here' a that's his business— vm,M vi " that's her business— youd hke a windmill, that's my : business. H. L. WALSH Lone Rock, Iowa 31 years experience. Phone 505, DWIDll RECEPTIONJ on a SINGLE Dial/ in the poverished southern marry Will. All this happens, after reel upon Other Bancroft -- heart attack to tZ&KX'ZStt «= ">. ixto B,X "tT ^^°* rogranu, but all th« of short-waw World-WideTlleception, Stew- Rouna-the-WorW $140,50 STEWART ^S»iS M " Bower, .«vHU 8 '^ MA S^-««^ RADIDI Other Model* $28,50 up SERVICE

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