Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 22, 1934 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 22, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR KOSStttH COUNTY ADVANCB. ALQONA, IOWA •HTBBEJD A9 SECOND CLASS inatter December 31. 1908, at the FWMofflce at Algona, Iowa, under the *et of March 2, 1879. Alilj subscriptions tot papers going *o points within the county and out- •f-the-county points named under No. • above are considered continuing •ubacrlptlons to be discontinued only «m notice from subscribers or at publisher's discretion. Subscriptions going to non-county points not named under two. 1 above will be discontinued Without notice one month after expiration of time paid for, If not renewed, but time for payment will be extended U requested In writing. Farmers Pay More But Receive Less Washington, Feb. 17 Iff) — A slight increase ,in prices paid by farmers for commodities and no change in flie prices they received during (the last week in January were reported by the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. The index of farm products prices on January 81 was 71 per Cent of the 1910-1914 average, compared with 70 in mid-January and 51 in January, 1933. The general level of prices paid by farmers was 116.5 per cent of the pre-war average, compared with 116 during the previous four montlis, and 102 in January, 1933. SHALL WE WAIVE INT1USTATE EXEMPTION FROM NIKA? The constitution gives congress the power to regulate commerce (between the states. The Federal government has no powers except Buch as are conferred upon it by the constitution specifically or by necessary inference. Therefore it lias no power to regulate intrastate las distinguished from interstate commerce. Intrastate commerce is BUch as is originated, carried on, trend was already , against them long before Nira Sharpened the claws of the great corporations, and what little advantage they have left th'ey should be allowed to keep. The fact is, and no one who stops to think can fail to see it, that wlhile Nira may have been motivated ;by the best of intentions, it is inevitably, in effect, a device to make agricultural states like Iowa pay_tribute to the manufacturing sections. We are asked to support it on the theory that in return the manufacturing sections will buy our products. But if in the hope that the Hheory'will work we have to beggar our own small shops and factories, what will be the gain in the end? • • * • One more aspect of the question which the Advance has considered in previous discussions needs to be envisioned again, and that is that under Nira the prices of manufactured goods sold by retailers are being raised constantly, while despite every effort of the administration the great lack of parity between agriculture and industry continues. By way of illustration flhe Advance recently cited three letters from _different paper houses in one morning's mail announcing price advances of from 25 to 36 per cent on printing papers. Retailers in all lines have been receiving such notices as fast as codes became effective. In turn they are expected to pass the (increases on to consumers. Bat in an agricultural state like Iowa, where practically all consumers The Colyiitti JM's Not be too D—d gerloui SOJVG OF THE PIONEERS By Badger Clark. A broken wagon wheel that rots away beside the river— A sunken grave that dimples on the bluff above the trail; The larks call, the wind sweeps; the prairie grasses quiver, And sing a wistful roving song of hoof and wheel and sail. Pioneers, pioneers, you trailed it on to glory Across the circling deserts to the mountains blue and dim. New England was a night camp; Old (England was a story. The new home, the true home, lay out (beyond the rim. You fretted at the old hearth, the kettle and the cricket; The (father's little acres, the wood lot and the pond. Aye, better storm and famine and At The Call Theatre A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. SPECIAL CINEMA ADDICTS interested in the unusual, we recommend part of the Richard Barthelmess picture Massacre at the Call next Saturday. Some friend of studio letters' and completed Btate. •Wholly within a When the NRA campaign to impose codes on all industry was inaugurated last summer it was pointed out that the national industrial recovery act could not apply to factories and other establishments doing business only within their own states, but the objection •was pooh-poohed, and in the mass psychology of the moment local industry yielded. There has been time since then lor sober thinking, and now that federal court after federal court ihas upheld objectors, General Johnson finds himself obliged to capitulate and call on the state 'legisla- fcures to impose Nira on intrastate commerce. A uniform (bill has accordingly been submitted to the estates, and recently it was ".by request" introduced in the Iowa senate by .Senator Doze. Presumably at Uias also been introduced in the touse. * * * * The bill opens with the same allegation of "emergency" which was successfully used in the national act to get around the constitution. Bee. 3 provides that no person, linn, or corporation shall refrain trom complying with a code on the ground that he or it is not engaged *n interstate commerce. The codes are to be considered 'standards of fair competition" in all transactions within the state and violations shall ibe misdemeanors punishable by a $500 fine for teach day of non-compliance. Any person in affected industries or any county attorney may institute suit to prevent or restrain violations. Finally it is provided in Sec. 6 «hat no public body or official shall act contracts for the construction alteration, or repair of public •works, or for the purchase of materials or supplies lor public use, except to persons who agree to use or supply only goods supplied by establishments operating under codes. This section would put Iowa into the boycott business. Amusingly enough, if somewhat grimly for persons affected, and by way of illustration of the inexpertness of Che Jofhnsonian expert who presumably concocted this bill, See C miglit prevent the purchase of nearly _ all home-manufactured goods in towns under ,2500 inhabitants, because Nira does not apply in such towns. The Hancock county board of supervisors, for example, could not buy a penny's worth are eifther farmers or people who live on .farmers, ihow can this be done before agriculture is brouglht ;o parity with industry? Let this be pondered in the light of the fol- owmg paragraph from Agricultural Economic Facts for February published at the Ames State c olege: "The farmer got less for his products during December than he did the month (before, but he had to pay more for the things he buys for use in consumption and production. The U. S. D. A. index of prices paid iby farmers advanced trom 117 to Us, so that the Iowa fanner's purchasing power dropped irom 53 per cent of pre-war in No vember to 48 per cent in Decem the arrow from, the thicket, Along the trail to wider lands that glimmered out beyond. Pioneers, pioneers, the quicksands where you wallowed, . The rocky hills and thirsty plains —they hardly won your head You snatched the thorny dhance that others broke the trail followed For sheer joy, for dear Joy, of marching in the lead. Your wagon track is laid with steel; your tired dust is sleeping; Your spirit stalks the valleys where a restive nation teems. Your soul has never left them in their sowing and their reaping; The children of the outward trail, their eyes are full of dreams! Pioneers, pioneers, your children will not reckon The dangers on the dusky ways no man has ever gone. They look beyond the sunset where "Chuok" iNicoulin at the painted his name in large across the front of a white frame building in a small western town, shown in this picture. DM you are interested in seeing a local name on the screen, watoh for it. The funeral of Dick's father is just over. He goes outside and finds a native Indian girl who has been seduced. In a rage he gets into his car and goes to town, and the first flash there shows the white wooden building at the extreme left of the picture, on which is painted in large iblack letters "C. W. Nicoulin, Lands." Ingenious Manager Rice, always quick to capitalize a situation, promptly wrote the Des Moines film exchange and got some 60 feet of advertising film which he will insert after this shot and complete the surprise. M you are interested in suoh "monkey-business" plan to attend Massacre (Saturday. one good lattgfa Is worth the efforts of any cineman. In fact you can count the movies on the fingers of one hand all that contain even as many as one laugh. There were girls, too, headed by the voluputous, slender-legged Thelma Todd and the dark eyed, sensitous Dorothy Lee. Some catchy tunes livened up the proceedinga, the best and opening one of which was contributed by none other than our leading blues singer, Ruth Etting. absence from the Call emphasizes several observations, chief among wfaich is A A DOGGED and irresistible at- z * tack of our arch-enemy, General Influenza, following our return from Chicago, marked the second consecutive week of our cinema inactivity. After four years )f_ conscientious, unflagging zeal, :his column of criticism presents a rather pitiful appearance this week. beckon, ber.' As -we pointed out recently th corn loan is a temporary affair. In bhe same connection we said: "It is not much of an answer to explain that AAA is going to take care of the farmer with its corn- hog plan. The wheat plans of two administrations have failed the processing scheme looks like a :lop, and nobody knows whether the corn-hog plan will work In any event the farmer and all who ive on him, if they are to face fancy price boosts on all they have to fouy may be long past resuscitation before relief arrives." These are facts for the Iowa legislature legislating for Iowa people, not for General Johnson's eastern manufacturing section to consider before it fastens iNira on ontrastate business. Let us not act will of wlhat the rest of the alphabet later show promise of restoring parity between agriculture and industry it will be time enough then to debate this mil. In the meantime ttie exemption of Iowa's little shops and factories will not be likely to wreck *""" alphabetical scheme of things the better countries With the old faith, with bold faith, the faith of pioneers. High Lights of the Cooking School at E. G. [Ward Barnes in E .G. Eagle 1 The writer got a lot of mas notes and fan letters during th question period of the cookin school. One of the .ladies asked: "Why don't Mr. Barnes have a night cooking school for the men?" Miss looney remarked — "I had a night school for men once — and liked it!" The Rotary club once tried a Fathers and Teachers" night but the wives at home did NOT like it Duane Deyell,* of the Advance, and Glenn Cook, of" the Algona see be sug- TIMELY TOPICS A recent Advance editorial commented on the price boost which NRA with its abrogation of the anti-trust acts let engravers K et away with, and now come the two Waverly ,papers with announcement that they are through with pictures at the new .prices. Tally another one for government butting in on private business. Douglas Fairbanks Sr. has been m ,N^corespondent in a divorce suit filed in England by Lord Ashley. The same dispatch Marion Monitor, were here to how a cooking school should ^ onducted. Did they find out' And HOW! Another fan letter writer ^ K - gested that the publisher must be a pretty brave man to face 350 women every day. The answer is: Facing 850 women in a group does not require bravery; but it does take courage to face one wild woman alone. Ask the man who married one. *Asddo from DED—Mr. H Ward Barnes will hear from that one. If Mrs Keller's excellent letter adds a distinctly foreign touch, however. Towards Friday, our drooping spirits were somewhat revived after a new "low" (for us) Tuesday, and we were privileged to witness Wheeler and Wooley in anotfher hodge-podge of musical asinity called Hips, Hips, Hooray. We found the program rather diverting, and the young ladies of the chorus easy to look at, which may be accounted for by our weakened condition following the flu We even .went BO far as to register the best chuckle of 1933-34, a loud resounding belly-laugh, which! scouts report, was heard in the furthermost confines of the Call, even unto the projection booth, where Colonel Will holds forth. The occasion for this outburst of fu * ^ M a Bame of Pool in the irresponsible balls be- laved fashion. stran £ e > was as unheard-of . as the historic game of e olf g in at whioh n ™ n i > o ™e eater nec6Ssarv to leave the •Wheeler and Woolsey ,had noth- ng else new to offer, but, after all, , the force of habit which prompts us to 'see and review the entire output of movies shown locally. A habit grows on you quietly, unobtrusively, till you have no certain knowledge of its power and its strength, ilt ia only as you try to break it that you realize what an integral part of your daily life it has (become. On the other hand, once the spell has been broken, it is even more difficult to get back to the old order of things. Thus as we viewed Hips, Hips, Hooray, in a mellow frame of mind, surrounded by the most congenial of companions we seriously considered the advisability of giving up these critical ravings so fraught with toil and arduous labor, and going again to the movies, as we used to go in the good old silent days Just for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment. But Habit, more powerful than weak resolve, whispered in a sympathetic ear, "Think of the discomfort and annoyance you will give patient, unsuspecting readers by your contrary, harsh views." And so_, then and there, we made up our mind to continue in tine same low, base groove. And we ruminated long and earnestly during the golden days of convalescence on the value of good health. Though most of our .best writers, poets, musicians, men of art, were creatures of ill-health and near-invalids, we still cling to the notion that a good liver and a clear head are the two most important things in this world. Not only that, but the kind cheering messages of friends—some rather disguised under a .good cloak of "razz." What indeed would life be without the few tried and true mends wttio hasten to your bedside and give you words of cheer and the ttiope of the future? (Perhaps it is this sympathetic word which encourages so many of pur modern men and women to "enjoy ill healtih," We'1'1 admit, it da a temptation. We wish to tfliank the "kind friend" who wrote the review last week, as well as all who are constantly reminding us that life is worth the struggle and nothing is ever gained whidb. is not fraught with sacrifice and effort. FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. 8Jo» trand, Pastor—The 'Woman'a Miss- donnry slclety meetta at the parsonage tomorrow, 2:30) Mrs. B. R. Sell. Strom, assisting hotess. A confirmation class will bo organized Saturday morning' at 0:30 ot the parsonage. Anyone di4 years old and who desires to be Instructed In faith, is Invited to the Lutheran join. Sunday school and Bible class next Suday, 10 a. m. Lenten vesper services 7:30 p. m. TRINITY LUTHERAN, p. J. Ufa- ner, pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school and Bible class, 10 a. m.j German services, 110:30. 8. S. Teachers tonight. Young people tomorrow evening at 8 at church. Confirmation instructions Saturday, 10 a. m. Lenten services every Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. The Concordla Aid meets next week with Mrs. Henry Johannsen Sr. CONGREGATIONAL, J. Robt, Hoerner, Pastor—The Men's Forum meats tonight at «:30. The L. Q. A. class meets at (Mrs. A. H. Stock's tonight; Mesdames McDonald, Lusby, French, assislMng. Next Sunday- church school, lo a. m.; morning worship, -with children's talk, 11; sermon topic, "Stregithened to Carry On." PRESBYTERIAN, C. Paul Carl, son, aiinlster—Next Sunday-Sunday school, no a. m.; morning worship, lit Christian Endeavor, <t:30 P. hi,. The Toungr iPeopfe'd Communicam class media at the church SMurd at 10:30 a, tn. NO evening service next Sunday, METHODIST, C. .V Hulse, PM tor—Mrs. L> B. Putter was hostess to the Blblo Searchers dtass Tu» day. The W. H. M. S. meets itflite afternoon for a regular monthly sea- at the church, Mrs. 1,. W. Fox'i committee in charge of .^program. Apology is due from the Advance to the W. (R. 0. for accidental omission of announcement of the annual "bean supper" Saturday flight. It was set up and headed but over looked in make-up last week. Folger Coffee and a real drip grind coffee pot, all for 98c AT LONG'S Boys and girls this ad is good for a corn lolly-pop Saturday —at—! LONG'S FOOD SHOP English „. . . Rock, Fab. Ch«9tetison recently sc hsi English bulldogs to Forest City, and also «,»«""» a " 6t *"">P " Philadej hatire6t ° ° ne Grocery NO. 10 FRO? SPECIW Peaches, halves Peaches, sliced _ Pears, Bartlett _ -45c Apricots Pineapple, crushed 55,, I Pineapple, bro., sliced ...ggj Red Raspberries Red Cherries Black Raspberries _ g Blackberries , g White Cherries 53. ring l*v» First Fashion Sioux City Mother on Sex Stuff In Current Movies By Mrs. Leo G. Keller.* brings - _ f < - j w f *-**JJ.J O 01 printing done in a Hancock vuun- ty shop, and in Kossuth none could toe bought outside of Algona. * * * * The legislature of Iowa may well S>ause and consider before it proceeds to enactment of this bill. To begin with, could there be a fcidden objective? Could there be a scheme to get legislative endorsement of the Nira idea and then take away tihe exemption of small towns which General Johnson found himself forced to grant last fall? If there is no such scheme, why to it necessary to (have a state law? a he big concerns, sudh as Maytag do an interstate business and news that Fairbanks is off Spam to make a new movie. cent people may be pardoned nope that the movie will be a flop but probably it won't. The crowd seems to like movies in which the for Dethe Must Bite - ladies, Bite tin on the Elsewhere [R. H. L. in Chi Trib.] GIRL BITES Roommate's Nose. Headline. Then even if she is a nice girl, good to -her folks, and writes a nice hand, you can never convince me she's a lady. No it's useless to argue. I insist that no lady will bite another lady on the nose I may be old fashioned I may ,be out of step with the Jazz age, but I stick to my point. If a lady bites another lady on the nose she's no lady. Anyhow, that's my position and I'll stick to it. Sir, if You Abuse Me, at least Use Good English. [Clipped from Damfino ] J. T. Jensen told a just ies, and was kfnTenoue-h t^?,^? view ? on Sex and ® tuff —•- we are going to make a trip there LEAVES UNFOLDED! Turn over a new leaf! Give yourself the good things you deserve to have this spring. First we suggest and cordially invite you to come and view our presentation of all that's new and fashionable in women's, misses' and children's apparel You can look smartly dressed on little money by shopping here. Christensen Bros, 'Algona's Style Center 9 man for whom NRA codes been drafted by big fellows °° mpelled to are tones which operate in a Sand-to- aouth way and Oiave little or no reserves. These are the only establishments not already obliged to operate under Nira. " uu sed to • * * Iowa needs to look twice before it decides to risk ruin of its sman and factories b y to rules of competition nay be well enoug.li for great stars are moral perverts. The forgotten man has been discovered. Senator Capper, of Kan- f. a fl s l ys h ? is the sn »all business have _ — «- -'-a ~~**w IT o WhQ have been exemipted from the antitrust laws. Senators Borah Nye and Norris made the same discovery some time ago. in effect the scheme is to make the big fellow bigger and in the end wipe out the little fellow altogether. Colonel Lindbergh's arrogant telegram to the president concerning cancellation of the air mail contracts was in bad taste, to say the east, and what made it worse was the fact that it was released to the ?/ es ^. b j£ ore the 'President received or wrong, the .president — good story when he stopped in to pay f 0r his paper A n old_ fellow who had pledged a certain amount to the church failed to pay in spite of numerous polite requests to settle Finally the treasurer became exasperated and wrote again. The following day the old man saw his minister on the street, handed him oney he had pledged, and 'Reverend, I believe we a change in treasurer, •i -. tne present one i<* quite fitted for the office." "And minister, man re- •Machine »ouU the it Don't believe , — — — - vitu V1.L. ^ y ,, not? " asked th e Well surely," the old n iall replied no man with any education would spell -lousy' with two L's and a z, and 'skunk' with a C in it." as yours. After a much as the utter the screen. With tlie ceMo wondering what in the °° '-called dramas of do leave us A series of I can weep and thoroughly joy myself closing the mortgage- but the tr™h?« c r close the mortgages Tany more i anrf herself to the villain toVave the o bis mistress, because he has a lood with his "m " S star t fore- don>t fore - even give , i 8m - ply beco ™s "manliness " and she ls intrigued NELSON and DOUBLEDAy INC write about a new book on reduc-' tion of bay windows and address business. »«» «» count Nicoulin works favori tism in con~~"""s.™o exemption from Nira *f iTtihatI C0nce ™ s ' "h? answer in the game. i ., ", '..". ••-""&, me 'IJIBSmeiH of the United States is entitled always to respectful treatment. Kossuth certainly seems to have got its share of the corn loans, and then some. The whole sum allotted lor loans in the corn belt wan $150,000,000, and in Iowa it is nnn {K *«£ total **" be ^-~ 000,000 by the end of February. Kossuth's total is now on the wav to |l,2. 5 p,000, and this is only OM of Iowa's 99 counties and the corn belt's 500 or therealbouts. The government's doubtful monetary and spending .programs have hit long-term (bonds a stiff wallop, rhe treasury itself now dares try to innvlrot -M/\+k:«_ ^..^ .* . , J personally, explaining that re- IC ±£ °r- a paee advertisement in the Literary Digest was denied because sensitive subscribers objected to the title, Pot- and Collier's and Time aUo models life that court is it not so Z tt sentto-Mrs. Keller, and this ier rep&he Editor^' " ture . .. the book is called Culon thn "A » A1 l domen . with accent on the "do," not "doo," and will we order one my return mail? BU unfortunately the name of the who guy f w s .", g p sted . us as a candidate for said book is withheld, so there « no first-page fight atory this Burt Woman's Club Has a Guest Night Burt, Feb. 21-VThe Woman's clulb held its annual guest n£ht •banquet at the Methodist chufch Monday evening. The national col- ors were used for decorations. The week. market nothing but Acai . d from short-term m «°vernment. H w en. backed -Home Owners Loan Corporation bonds at 94 and sell at 94%. It is too early to condemn the administration's program is toto, but by the same token it is also too Speaking of the Qualifications. of a Master Baker. [North Carolina Paper.] Man wanted, to work in bakery who is well bred, an early riser! a ° m th the if he will not loaf he will get his doueh every Saturday night.-Quality Bakery, 2220 North Liberty street clffl "ShS ^^ feet f — b ' head n oo early to endorse it and predict success Economic law works slowly over a period of years, and no one feet "7 b , e SU - e ° f «»e ultimate rf! feet of what is being done today. tha 1 : a fall a minor ac- he said now with t we are breaking Whither is for the to disclose. cident? CITATION for most amusing .political pun last week to- P town T Moscn ' p ' ° f the Marshalltown 1.-R., who remarked that Turner, m the dash for the eovem orship, might be led oft the STOP 440x21 450x21 475x19 PHIL STOWS NEW PICTURE These 30 Years" <! % POUR SHOWS: 1 and 3 o'clock; 7 and 9 o'clock Wednesday, Feb. 28 —at the—5 CALL Theatre You'll enjoy this picture. Written and produced for your entertainment. The story begins In a small count™ town of thirty years ago - an d bui S an m eresting life story of the average Amencan-his experiences ambifi the American business man. • « A GALAXY OF STABS YOU KNOW THEM liked him in the iw~ , ~ Lieutenant'—He pleased in Morning Becomes Electra" — He's >*>n.n i i— 1 « • ft mi --»-»-» -» A«.w M his "These Thirty Years " we—played the lead in A • ,,« Alwft ys Juliet"~Was lauded m "Camille" with Jane Cowl-He is even better in this latest thrill packed drama—Don't miss this. w^sras? ite -etc., and performs' su- These Thirty Years" — You'll remember it. *,**"A^ n ^. the Theater Guild, for Arthur Hopkins and Charles Proh- sne won acclaim—Ynii'n agree hits as and , . ., screen hits—: terizations |n these are -is, known for per< Interlude'', other charac- Years'' And many other stars— JOE GREENBERG THESE THIRTY YEARS -Kent Motor Co.

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