Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
Page 5
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16, »34, L L THEATRE O wfnc [SYSTEM * WOOI Friday, Feb. 15 ft 10 Captains of iShindustry day times, gorgeous girls. iSee them make a Century Progress—in five minutes. of Ifew News Pictorial and Musical Pop Eye See dog that ...1,000 in racing 3 years—star of ftrd) the Has won this pic- and Monday, Feb. 1U and 19 atinee Sunday, 1-3, nigh February 17 A igreat program for dog lovers! And BUCK JONES in "The Fighting Code" No. 2 Wolf Dog Serial . Scrappy and Yi-ppy, his dog. Color Scrappy books, return to theater Saturday, and get one of three prizes for toest coloring—every Saturday tor 12 weeks. LAST COOKING SCHOOL PRIZE AWARD GIVEN Many Women Receive Gifts as School is Ended. Prize-winners, addresses Algona unless otherwise indicated, at the •final cooking school session last week Wednesday were: Armour Star liacon. Ersel Blanchard, Lone Rock, Mrs. Emory Crouch, Leona Punke, Wesley, Irene Corle, Mrs. L. R. Phillips, Mrs. H. A. Blanchard, Rock, Mrs. Oscar Earing Rock. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA IjQCALS Mrs. Abbie Seymour, now of Blue Earth, spent Tuesday here. Byron Burrell, near Perry, spent Sunday with his sister, Mrs. H. A. Tuttle. T. H. Chrischilles was sick at home Monday and Tuesday with influenza. 5-7-9 On the stage REVUE Lone Lone at Amos, where Mr. Schenck was ono of the Judges at the annual corn show. Mrs. Schenck vlslited frlerulH and attended 'Farm and Home week. Mr. and Mrs. 'L. M. Owen went to Des Moines Monday to see their granddaughter, Barbara Housh, who is sick with pneumonia. She is the three and a 'half year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. iHoush, and Mrs. Housh is the for- ["BIG CITY .6 RL Featuring Sally Olttally Fan Bancet Tap Dancers Violinist Yodelers 3 Comets Dancing Tea Accordion Players and On the screen a big fun lOAN BLONDELL PAT O'BKIEN GLENDA F in "Pre Got Your Numl [Laurel & Hardy in "Dirty Cara Nome Face Powder. James Drug Store. _ Mrs. Roy Larson, Jerry K. Dan- lelson, Elva Ewalt, Mrs. C. D Chase, Mrs. Orville Crouch, Arlene Jones, Mrs. L. Scull, Mrs. Arthur «elberg, Mrs. George Hackman, Theda Smith, Mrs. Adeline Rickard, Mary L. Krantz. Mrs. P. H. Shackelford, Mrs. Dennis Pratt, Frances Rutledge, Mrs. Leslie Jenkins, Mrs. Otto Falken- liainer, Mrs. Roy iSteinman, Mrs. F. M. Sterling, Mrs. W. B. Laird, Mrs. Agnes Brophy, Sexton, Mrs. John Kohlhaas. Morton's Salt Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaaa, Mrs. W. C McDougal, Mrs. George Petit, Lone Rock, Canrie Wernert, Mrs. W. T Daughan, Mrs. Glen Raney, Mary Guderian, Mrs. C. E. Roupe, Edith Reed, Mrs. Eva Hartford, Mrs. Fred Czapp, Sylvia Lanning, Mrs. Frank Seeley, Lillian Bahling, Burt, Mrs. V. H. Coffin. Snlmla Tea. Mrs. Matt Lamuth, Mrs. F. Ka- Jewski, Mae Martin, Mrs. G. R. Coleman, Lu Verne, Mrs. Lloyd Steinman, Mrs. W. A. Dutton, Mrs. Harvey Johnson, Dorothy Schneider, Camilla Reibhoff, Mrs. Mary Nolle, Mrs. Peter Jenkins, Mrs. R. F. Donovan, Mrs. John S. Thompson, Helen Witham. Leona Lichter, Mrs. DeHa Troutman, Minnie Barker, Adelia Frank, Helen Schore, Mrs. Gene Wray, Mrs. Claude Samson, Ora Jones, Alice Rist spent Tuesday morning at Cylinder, coaching declamatory students. Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer meTlierTeVwen went to Minneapolis Tuesday to at-1 Mr. and Mrs.' Charles Kennedy, tend a drug show. - - • The H. .R. Rosewalls, Blue Earth, spent 'Sunday with H. 'R.'s mother, Mrs. Chas. Rosewall. Mrs. S. J. Backus and Eleanor and Beth spent Sunday with relatives at "VVinnebago, Minn. J. F, Overmyer and other Masons have been repainting the hall and pool ro&m at the Masonic Temple. SHERIFF Tuoiday, February 20 | Would you trust a doctor~who^iJ FATAUTOWOM|>L2 Agnes Walker, Eda Walker, Whittemore, Mrs. H. D. Neuman, Dora Mitcliell, Mrs. Kittie Kain, Mrs. John J. Dutton, Luella Walker, Whittemore, Mrs. M. P. Haggard, Mrs. Ida Blbert, Mrs. R. E. Ladendorff, Mrs. George M. Miller. Tone's Coffees. Mrs. C. V. Barker, Bode, Mrs. A. Dodds, Mrs. George Spongberg. Kellogg's All-Bran. Mrs. May Harris, Sexton, Mrs. P. Borman, Mrs. Howard Beardsley, Mrs. W. D. Nugent, Mrs. Carl Walker, Mrs. C. E. Heise, Mrs. Henry Becker, Mrs. E. J. Rawson, Mrs. G. C. Barton, Mrs. T. J. Halpin, Mrs. J. F. Overmyer. General Electric Cookbooks. Mrs. F. W. Dingley, Elizabeth Post, Mrs. Marc Moore, Mrs. James Patterson, Mrs. A. T. Tweet, Mrs. W. A. Vigars. K. C. Baking Powder. Mrs. W. J. Sigsbee, Mrs. Oliver Bakken, Verla Butterfield, Burt, Mrs. J. A. Freeh, Mrs. Paul Baker, Erma Stehle, Mrs. W. C. Irelan, Mrs. G. D. Brundage. Opal Brand Fruits. Mrs. A. D. Richards, Mrs. W. A. Mrs. F. L. Tribon will conduct a rummage sale at the A. H. Krause store, Fenton, tomorrow and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Aalfs spent the week-end at Sioux City, attending a convention of Armour salesmen. 'Dr. George F. Elvidge and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crist, of Perry, were Sunday guests at Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Herman's. Mrs. Viola Bishop, Lone Rock, 7th and 8th grades teacher, also music teacher, spent the week-end with the A. A. Bishops. •Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith, Mrs. John Laing, and the Fred Geigels were Sunday guests of the George 'Hackmans, south of town. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Free, daughter Suzanne, and Mrs. George H. iFree spent Sunday with the latter's sister at Mason City. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. iPletch spent Sunday and Monday at Des Moines, and Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Mann, Burt, stayed with the iPletch children. Mrs, Jos. Nurre, 'Bancroft, and her daughter Rosemary spent yesterday with Mrs. L. J. Nelson. The Nelsons are former Bancrofters. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Clark, ,R. E. Morgan, and Mrs. Lillie Basken, Omemee, N. D., spent Sunday fishing for ipickerel through ice at Fairmont. Peter Chubb, in the employ of the federal coast and geodetic survey, a CWA project near .Forest City, spent Sunday nad Monday at home. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Closson, of Mason City, and their sons Wilbur and Davis spent Sunday with Mrs. St. Paul, went home Monday, after a Sunday viait with the flatter's parents, Mr. and Mrs, John Goeders, where they helped Mr. Goeders celebrate his 80th birthday anniversary. Mr. Kennedy is a brotlier of Mrs. J. J. Dooley. Mrs. George St. John 'has been sick with gall Madder trouble since last Thursday and has been abed. Early in the week it was reported she was slowly improving. Her parents, Dr. and Mrs. !F. :P. Klahr, who live with the St. Johns, have been caring for her. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kreaensky, the former's 'brother Raymond, and Jeannette Goeders spent last Thursday at Minneapolis, and Mr. Kresensky and Jeannette bought spring goods for the Goeders store, Raymond remained ithere till Tuesday to give addresses. A note received Monday from Milder Schenck, 707 5th St. N. E., Minneapolis, reported tier mother, Mrs. Myron Schenck, in a hospital, where she had been for a week. The trouble was not stated, but she was improved, and her discharge was expected sometime this week. The ID. C. Mahans went to Guthrie Center Saturday for a short visit with Mr. Mahan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mahan. They also called on D. C.'s >brother Beryl, patient at the 'Iowa Methodist hospital, Des Moines, returning Sunday night. Beryl lives at Guthrie Center. .Mr. and Mrs. George L. Platt, Neosho, Mo., arrived Monday for a week at Howard Plata's. George has a spray painting outfit which he operates in and around Neosho. The boys' father, George Platt, who died recently at (Neosho, was for many years a well known Algona painter. Mrs. Archie Hutchison got home Monday from Chicago, where she —Courtesy Des Molnee Register. S HERIFF JDAHDHAUSER was kept up all night in search for the Robinson bandits and looking for evidence to connect the men arrested with the crime. This picture, taken at the farm, shows him watching a state agent examine furniture for finger prints. •jjl PAGE FtvB funeral of Alexander iPeddie, former Iowa grand commander who died at Kansas City. -The body was cremated there and the ashes iburied at Emmetsburg. Last night a number of local Knights Tem- plars went to Emmetsburg to see Marshal F. W. Green take the first degree. Charge of the closed Woden bank was recently transferred to J. M. Herbst, who also has charge of the closed Lu Verne State bank and the St. Benedict People's Savings. Mr. Herbst spends every Tuesday -and Thursday at Woden. Final Lu Verne State dividend checks will soon be ready for distribution. Harry V. Hull, in Charge of the County Savings, Kossuth County State, and the Swea City Farmers Savings, spends every Wednesday and Friday at Swea City. Marriage., licenses have been issued to John >C. Doocy, Swea City, Mary Margaret Sennett, Waverly; Walter Banwart, Esther Keller, both of West Bend; Leonard J. Klocke, Wesley, Eleanor Nauman, Igona; Harding Richmann, fmelda Peters, both of 'Readlyn; ernon Casler, Algona, Emma E. chueler, Sw<wi City; Oran Hudson, Isie Efrol, both of Irvington; erry H. Boeckelman, and Emma ouise Fritz, tooth of Titonka; Sias Parsons, Bradgate, Lottie J. mith, Algona. The men of the Doan neighbor- ood will stage a three-act play, enry'e Mail Order Wife, at the pan church tomorrow evening ith the following cast: Henry utobons, Bryan Asa; Abe Smith- rs, Ted Hoover; Jim Jones, Heran Bussie; Becky Simpson, Harey Johnson; Mrs. Tucker, mail or- er wife, Clifford Hoover; minis- er, 'Raymond Moyer. There will e music by the Martineks and ames and Frank Asa. This pro- ram opens at 8 o'clock. The Doan id will serve doughnuts, pie, nd coffee after the play. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Kruse were . Welcome, Minn., Sunday to see le former's mother, who has had neumonia 'but is now improved. Ir. Kruse's sister, Mrs. George mith, Iowa IFalls, who had been aring for her mother, came here 'ith them, and Mr. Kruse took her "tf> Livermore Monday to catch a 'ain for home. There are two other daughters, one at Welcome, other at Minneapolis, and Mr. llruse has three 'brothers, one managing a creamery in Wisconsin, one running a lumberyard at Pukwana, S. 'D., and one at Fox (Lake, Minn. The elder Mr. Kruse died six years ago. New Water Tank in Use at Emmetsburg (Following a recent test, Emmetsburg's new 280,000 water tank, which is like Algona's, has been! rat into use. At first citizens no- iced an oily taste in the water, but City Supt. MoCarty said this cam* from a disinfectant and would shortly disappear. Patrons were! advised to see that plumbing connections in need of repairs were! :ixed, pressure having been greatly! increased. A 500-watt light in tt red 16-inch globe has been installed on top of the tank. The! old standpipe, erected in 1890, will je iput to some use not yet decided upon. •Frequently seen in Algona in B Jason is a cabin on a truck chassis in which Maasdam sorghum is sold. Many have taken it for granted that the truck and contents belonged to Jacob Maasdam, of the Irvington neighborhood, 'but the owner is Jacob's cousin, 1L. W. Maasdam, Lynnville, 40 miles east of Des Moines, who farms and annually plants about 25 acres of gar cane. The truck was here G.&B. Special NOT JUST OCCASIONALLY BUT ALWAYS A CJOOD :: SMOKE :: The Cigar that always maintains the highest quality that is |>ossiblal to be rolled in a 5c smoke. IF iday for the last time this seas- o . iLast week's Advance publish- a Des Moines Register picture a week ago Sunday in which six lib:ides were featured, four of them jb ing from Kossuth county. It was id that the other two -were un- khown here, but it now turns out tlat one of them, Mrs. [Leonard J. ft aasdam, of ILynnville, is the bride a son of L. W. Maasdam. Pastorate for Priest The 'Rev. Henry Pick, assistant S1. John's pastor at Bancroft, has been assigned to a pastorate at Sutherland by Bishop Heelan. >irit WARREN WILLIAM • JEAN MUIR KATHRYN SERGAVA • ALLEN JENKINS — <Also — ack Denny and Band Heart of Rock-a-Bye Tune De Wednesday, Thursda} Matinee Thursday, 2:3( JANET GAYNOB LIONEL BARRYMORE in "Carolina" See tie Comedy "Champ". milking contest. New News •• Paris ective and Cow•' ••«.-, Radio and vaudeville stars on programs. Friday February 21-22-28 Coming, Feb. 24, Saturday — Oick 'Barthelmess in Indian epic massacre. Bolero— <Last iRound-TJp. Olark Gable in K '^Happened One Day." Frank Buck's Wild Cargo. David Harum, Moulin Rouge. White, Mrs. Zella Nugent, Mrs. George Yeoman, Inez Potter. Cooked Food. Mrs. Jos. W. Kelly, Mrs. Harvey Crouch, Mrs. E. S. Skililing. Credit for Equipment. Among equipment loaned to the Advance for the cooking school was kitchen equipment on the stage by R. G. Richardson; bowls lor display of fruit by the Graham Co.; Skelgas stove from Bjustrom's; Westinghouse electric stove by the city; General Electric refrigerator by Pratt Electric Co. The prizes last week Monday were drawn by Ersel Blanchard, iLone Rock; Tuesday by Mrs. Matt Lamuth, Allgona; and Wednesday by Mrs. C. V. Barker, Bode. Chairs were furnished by courtesy of St. 'Cecelia's academy, the Methodist church, and the high school. Closson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hertig. Mrs. Alfred Jergenson, who has been seriously sick three weeks with pneumonia, is reported recovering. She is -being cared for at her home. At a meeting of the Baptist brotherhood at Gordon Ogg's Monday night H. W. Miller ,gave a talk on the advantages and disadvantages of being a lawyer. Members of the chorus of the Fortune Teller, presented Grace M. Miller, who directed the singing, a basket of roses Tuesday night, following the second act. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Johnson and Mr. and Mrs. IR. O'. Bjustrom attended a state hardware convention at Des Moines Tuesday. The code was up for discussion. J. D. Lowe, of Harrington & Lowe, spent the week-end at his old home, River Falls, Minn., and en route home stopped at Minneapolis, on a business mission. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Smith returned Saturday from two weeks with MT. Smith's relatives at Dallas and iFont Worth, Tex. They returned via Louisiana and (Arkansas. Kossuth visitors at Flarm and Home week at Ames last week Included Aarom Steussy and Arthur Look, Lu Verne, and E. R. Mawdsley and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh. Raney, Irvington. had for two or three weeks been with her daughter Isabel, Mrs. Quincy Drummond, While the latter's children were sick with mas- toiditis. The little girl, though stiM weak, is now well on the road to recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Godfrey, Ames college, were Saturday night and Sunday guests of the former's mother, Mrs. W. H. Godfrey. By •proxy Mr. Godfrey is still a farmer, for George Hale, who came here when the Godfreys left, is running the Godfrey farm under Mr. Godfrey's supervision. Ben Swanson, Buffalo Center, and his children, Margaret, Eleanor, and Wallace, spent Sunday at T. L. Larson's, where Mr. Swanson's mother-in-law, Mrs. Andrew Larson, has been since she was released from the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday. Viola Heller, R. N., is caring for her. Mrs. G. 3D. Van Dorston returned Saturday from Iowa City, where she spent a week at the university hospital. She has had pernicious anemia two years, and examination at the hospital revealed her condition greatly improved. She was taken _ito Iowa City and brought back in a hospital ambulance. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Godden at;ended a state monument dealers' convention at Des Moines last week Monday and Tuesday. They returned Wednesday via Waverly, where Mr. Godden made up Rotary attendance, and Waterloo, where a call was made on Mr. Godden's sis- O THER Cigars mar come and go but the 0. & B. SPECIAL is the same forerer. After a fair trial you won't need to be told that it's a GOOD CIGAR. Once a "Special" Smoker— Always a "Special" Smoker! Just ask for a "Special" (with tM yellow band) if you want 7010! money's worth in smoke enjoyment Sold by All Algona Dealers. Get Some Cheer Out of Life with These First White Elephants Gene is quitting for sure. He has a bunch of tail ends left that 1 must be sold. I have a few white elephants in my own stock," things that I do not want to carry over— men's corqiiroy pants, men's and coys' sweaters, ihaclUnaw blazers, leather jackets, men's di[ess overcoats, about 400 pairs of ladies' slippers, and a few other Knn that ' w * n ! to cloBe out » am° n e them wo to 600 pairs M children's oxfords. m puttlnd these things over with tail ends knd close the whole mess ust what tare can get for them— his ends and my White elephants ought to e a vhale of aisftle, One thing sureV we will not let price stand in the way of selling them. They must sold, and we are willing to take what we get for them. 7 Just arrived, ^0 dozen wash dresses, a lot of ladies' underwear that Gene c,?i got to owwel These will go into this saie as I do not handle these things in my own store. ' First come, first served. Prices will be DP :°V hat you v Iu kave to buy. Sale will De at Gene's store, ' until ends, i Shake Starts Friday, February 16tb We have to jjay rent on the building That is when our lease hen this sale will end. some real bargains. 9f ^F wW|P W ^^^WP-^P^^^^? T.C.Sherman Will Be Candidate for Liquor Dispensor What to do about liquor control in Iowa is at the fore in the legislature. Sitate dispensation seems to be favored, and a 'biW therefor has passed the house and is pending in "the senate. County or other local option seems not contemplated. Whether there will be more than one dispensor in a county, if this •bill becomes law, is not known here. 'In any event T. C. Sherman, Algona, will be a candidate for appointment as dispensor. It is felit that Mr. Sherman's known high character would be a guaranty of every precaution .against liquor abuse that would be possible under the law and that since a dispensor would toe inevitable his candidacy could well >be endorsed by ithe strongest liquor foes. Mrs. Walter Moran and her son- in-law, John Galvin, ©t. (Paul, spent Saturday and Sunday at Mrs. Nellie McMahon's and with the S. E. McMahons. She is a sister of S. E. McMahon. June Adel Aman got home Sunday from Des Moines, where she has completed training at the Iowa School of Beauty Culture. She ibe- gan work next day at the Morrison beauty shop. Dr. and Mrs. R. M. Wallace drove to Rochester Sunday, and were expected back yesterday. Mrs. Wallace had an operation there last fall, and this trip was made for check-up purposes. The A. L. Petersons dropped a card one day last week ito ask that the address of their paper be changed from iLong Beach to 358 The Elite Arms, South Hudson ave., Pasadena, Calif. Robert Harvey, Union township, has been in bed two weeks with a back ailment of six weeks duration. His son, James Ray, is still weak from a threatened attack of pneumonia two weeks ago, Mrs. M. J. Kenefick spent last week with her sons Eugene and William at Minneapolis, returning Sunday to stay till Tuesday with Gertrude and Paul, who are here. She returned to Minneapolis Tues- ter, Mrs. James Frambach. The Midwest-Timmerman Co., Local Grocers Will Be in 6th District A state grocers' code meeting was held at Des Mones one day last week, and the state was tentatively divided into six districts for code enforcement. Kossuth county is in the sixth district wnth Emmet, Palo Alto, Dickinson, Clay, Osceola^ and Lyon counties, "~—'" OTwl Lyon are the two $7-95 day. Osceola and northwestern- IJJT UIK s**^* »*»•— , most Iowa counties bordering on Minnesota. To llun Gamble Store. Burt, Feb. 13-iFielden Perry has secured a position as manager of a Gamble store at Manson. The perrys have been keeping house for Mrs. Perry's brother, Henry Bahling, a year, but will now move to Manson. Buy Produce Business, South Cresco, Feb. 13-ttarold Clayton and Fernley Runohey have produce 'business at 'Eto. Harold went to En"»ets- Monday, and Femley and his will go tills week Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hutchison drove to their former home at Cedar Rapids Saturday, returning next day. Mrs. Hutchison's mother, Mrs. Frank Schultz, of Cedar Rapids, who was visiting here, took care of the children. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Bailey, nonth of town, entertained neighbors last Thursday evening 1 at five tables of cords. Mr, and Mrs. Frank HofduB also entertained at cards recently, and Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gardner entertained. The Revs. Robt. Hoerner, M. A. Sjostrand, and C. Paul Carlson were guests at the Rotary club's luncheon Monday and, following a Rotary custom, gave auto biographies. Both the ministers and the .Rotarians got a lot of fun out of the talks. Martin Bleich, Titonka, and Mrs. Emil Stoeffel, Algona, entered the Kossuth hospital Friday for medical treatment. Nedra Wolf, Wesley, who suffered a fractured hip some weeks ago, was brought to the Kossuth hospital Tuesday for treatment. Mr, and Mrs. A. B. Scheneik, Union townsMp. returned last wee* Thursday from, a sevw&J <toyfl Des Moines, writes that Milton Dahl, who operates the Kossuth Radio & Electric .shop next west of the Gamble store, was recently awarded a citation for outstanding sales of Majestic radios. Such citations go only to dealers whose records are out of the ordinary. Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Martin recently moved here from Estherville and are occupying the upper apartment in the G. D. Shumway residence. Mr. Martin is a block- man (collector) for the International Harvester company. The Shumway apartment was recently vacated by Mrs. Gladys South, who moved to Cedar Rapids. Edward Shaekelford, who is a member of a conservation camp at Eldora, spent Saturday and Bunday with his mother, Mrs. F, H. Shaekelford. He and three other boys in the camp, one from Ledyard, one from IFenton, and one from Bnnnetsburg, hired a Ford for the trip up and iback. Edward lias lost 1'5 pounds, and looks the better for it. He likes the work. Senator Dickinson had a recent Advance editorial entitled Educating Self-JReliance Out of the People inserted in the Congressional Record, and .Friday's Chicago Tribune reprinted it in the Editorial of the Da_y column. The day before the Chicago Journal of Commerce reprinted another recent Advance editorial, entitled How Will Gold Devaluation Shrink Your (Debts? Friday noon at assembly high school pupils heard American folk songs and folk lore interpreted by the American Literature class under direction of Ruth Messenger. Yesterday morning a Mr. Anderson gave a short program in the auditorium on southwest American Inr dians. Mr. Anderson is an Indian himself, and his talk was of great interest to pupils. He also spoke at the Bryant building. At an Iowa Agricultural Experiment association annual dinner and business meeting at Ames last week, vice presidents from even- numbered districts were changed, and Paul Blumer, Lu Verne, is newly ejected vice president from this district wUdh. is No, 2. A* an I0wa Corn and Small CvWn Growe-rs as- sodation annual dinner and business meeting, A. B. S.ctoencik was re-elected vice-president in No. 3. F, Rice, of the Algona Bakery, Pert Madson, and Hugh Herman, Knights Templar, went to Emmetsburg Monday to attend the A brilliant spring] a colorful spring) the most clothes-conscious spring you've ever seen. Start right in with these print frocks, and prim-trimmed frocks, They're honeys, and they re so different from any oth* er prints you evet sawt Other prices from $3.95 to $17.! if ^^^BBJ

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