Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 15, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 15, 1934
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ALGONA, IOWA, FEBRUARY 15, 1934 ANDITS RIZEAGED ENTBYCWA NDCWSHERE iney Helped Stimu [late Increase of Business. Itotal of 143,178.41 in govern- cash has been paid out to county, and federal CWA and laborers in Kossuth, accord- Ito figures released Monday. fcivll Works project ends to' according to original plans, iction toy congress to extend it peeled. j largest wage earners .list in ith CWA projects incolved a expenditure of $32,638.01 for on 19 .projects. State CWA cts called for an additional "$8423.37; federal OWA proj- IDO oo. an d the county CWS ). f iUUOt 10* . . fcse figures do not include outer work to be completed this r , For this the pay rolls will •warded to Dea Moines today, dig will be the final pay roll /the original set-up, [projects and Amounts. Je (projects, and the amounts [for labor, follow, showing dis- throughout the county: <. Amount •oft $1209.50 FARM COUNTY-OWNED TO BE SITE Level Tract of Land on Highway No. 169 Is Proposed. _ An airport built by CWA labor is m prospect for Algona, if plans are approved Under the proposed plan he county will permit a field to lie leveled off on 130 acres of sandpit ground owned by the county nm*i+ 4ii*i4> « A ..i.i. . . m . . 0. \\. ERgleston, t'liairman. buid SHE ^llnfln ••--•"- OI.IIUU, rmn(l_ ^Sunday evening, February 25, a , massed choirs and orchestras ( 1S rtwi Thl *coyest will havo nothing to Fve™ nh • A 'P na music festival, it h« n n f™ orchestra - whether H nas a contest or not, if it practiced sufficiently to sing regular Sunday service, £ & to enter the Algona festival. churches music for at a It/lull/ ____ _ __«_.. _f l«rv«J.UV mty road work 1989.50 , Algona __ €667,60 Verne —,.—_ 1075.50 D sley 860.00 ikota 1500.00 — City, 2 projects 1493.25 imii —, ___ 753.00 fitonka 1112.50 J Co. road and sand- 1 work '5382.26 Lu Verne 406.75 1 County road work _ 5317.00 fVhittemore '. 1053.00 ! idyard 1591.75 "nty road and ditch 2127.50 Binary of State Projects. e projects in Kossuth on local labor was engaged, '""out of atate CWA .funds, --.,,„.,, wuouucuon is a lederal don Je r C Ln?L a £ fe l ted * y ^y limita- B — «• i. *«*sv« tjy LUC CL point just southeast of the road which branches off from No. 109 to Irvington. A Mr. Keefe, airport engineer in charge of CWA airport wo?k. spen" Monday evening with members of the board of supervisors and the councilmen and discussed the pro£1*21 nil No Local Cost Involved. Neither town nor county would have to spend a cent. Where land 22ii.M * publicl >: owned is unavailable a community desiring an airport must lease a field for five years. With suitable county-owned land here this fa not necessary r^:r'LT^ r "^ io . n is a ^eral tnurcnes which wioi, t -b-districTconteT 'cholrTand orchestras which achieve "super- 1 7.n 1 1 (in cf ».«—_:___• izations will n.. «^™*S! E^^^SKSMS Every lover of good music will TWO MEN GET SENTENCES ON LIQUOR CASES West Bender Gives Bond on Attack Charge. _ -aymg LQe . ol ; ard Johnson was sentenced to the pro- 1T ° , 90 davs m jail last Thursday •' :tivai Judge Davidson in rKat,->/.f „«„,;.. , , --0 "WJ.ll. this contest will orchestras in three other districts. used ials. • "—— •"* pci <_cut tan 'oe ml Purchase of mater- M •^••«,U C WJ> J The government will aeed "- 1 *~ alfalfa, furnishine- all Primary, road -repair, Amount 7045.3 «. - «rnsng all seed and lime necessary, and the crop will -belong to the leaseholder To Hare Two Bunways. Two runways for taking off and ndln "e required, each approri one orest mapping, etc. _ 1054.0 .lustration — Office ptographs of complet- | projects, history of ree federal""CWA" project! pt in a small total as fol Decking tax delin- «cy on rural property I compilation of fig. Is on rural debt AOA'M luaness census enu- ors ^l Mntenance""n"a"tional ^'^ •nployment office ... 327.00 ^Work in Kossuth. of 873,00 298.00 other eas ys must be --.«-- ~-™«rt«, but crops mav <ht* raised on the rest of the land ^Planes can land in high alfalfa but cannot take off because —„ _„ the wheels, hence must be cleared runways. All •.! ««^_ _ ••• * _ of there ; —- ^^« Auiirraj'fj. All plans -win be drawn by CWA SBTI^J:?* * ^ ««. ' the ' ' e co ^ni may sub-leaae hangar space or - =-- privileges. y* the government is to ,-,.,— fields throughout the country so that a -plane will not be ™°T e ^an 25 miles from an airport. To Abandon Present Airport. ag .° an on Lewis H. Smith GETS PAVING WORK ON STATEJT, HERE •iSfrt™ ° f Booth & OIson . of bidder on Al- Tuesday at to a report Rist and M. ^ofn.-rT"""" Icl -" n K' As soon . details have been completed, it is believed, the Siou* City concern will be awarded the contract All paving on State street 'from Jones to Phillips, and on Phil ,i™ from State to McGregor, will be re- DlOVftd. *T'hp T1011T nn* r ;^_ ',, 'Fortune Teller as Given Here, is Rated as Big Hit Favorable comment is universal concerning the presentation of Vic- at^hP M i**' 8 ,/" 1 ® Fort "ne Teller davl^^fl 0 .? 1 ^^^ Mon- , new Pving will or a t(xtal f« i ••—-', «> a wiiii wiatn or feet, from Jones to Phillips on State, and on Phillips to McGregor The rest of the paving on S lips from McGregor to the city limits midway p ast the fairgrounds on No. 169 w ,n be the regulation 20- 'been their *•"" -- .-- &il IS^MUUI ttUUltO day and Tuesday nights. TI,. <,-„. - d choruges weeks, and the results of The n. are difficult, particular? g? ££ waTain^ th % woi : k ot the £* ™,,T™ .professional. to show a T j *" "' J" 11 la si rnursday 'by Judge (Davidson in district court on a plea of guilty to a charge of driving while intoxicated. Time Johnson had already serv- rtn^B i 3a "' * aitl T trial - will be deducted, and Judge .Davidson re- tamed Jurisdiction for iparole nur- •poses on an understanding that the remaining jail sentence would be suspended during good behavior, if Johnson can find a job tr>Tn 1 H r B . unkofske Pleaded guilty to bootlegging, and was fined $300, FJlw a V' h T re l monfchs ]ail sentence Edward Juchem pleaded guilty to illegal possession and was fined pended ith ^^ m ° nths in Jail sus Divorce is Granted. Th^r^ diVO / Ce ^v W . as Stated last Thursday to Christopher McWhorter from Lewis V. McWhorter on £±EL» of «™ e '. ^1 inhuman - ROBINSON .pictures in today's Advance were tak- f" *y a staff photographer for the Register & Tribune, Des Moines, who, with a reporter was brought to Algona by Good nitr 8 I X' tne , w R> & T - Bellanca Plane piloted by Charles Gatchett. They arrived in 45 minutes, m a strong wind, arriving before 1 p. m . The Register correspondent, Eleanor Payne, and an Advance writer took them, to the Robinson farm and they left for Des .Moines at 2:16 P. m. The pictures appeared in the Tribune that evening, less than 24 hours after the crime CORN LOANS IN A SPURT PASS MILLION MARK CORN LOABTS BECORO. Monday Night, Heretofore Bus Amt Reported 2,114,922 $ 953,260 Today's List 20 2,531 91136 Totals 2,317,453 $1,044,399 3 TOWNSHIPS COMPLETE HOG- CORN SET-UP C r e s co, Springfield Sherman, Ready for Payments. Three townships, Cresco, Springfield, and Sherman, have practically completed signing corn-hog contracts. Only two or three farmers in each township remain to sign, and they have indicated willingness to do so. As each township is held up.till all WITH HOT ie ON Trio is Held in as Suspects in ,the Crime. —*• • ••••*» 1*11. fajiY signed who intend to do so, the con tracts have not yet been officially filed at the Farm Bureau office It is estimated that there are 250 names on these three township lists. It is believed that most oth er townships will complete signine this week-end. A Ufti^. _i 0^,^111 — f-i ° A fcti.ea co snow a small profit. A check-up was in progress yesterday. — - • tw two The ° f . plus the rental of a few costumes totaled nearly $200 A °' ed greeted fboth -—„„„ Ui ^ IUKI jmj, inmiman Mr ™ e ± A . cordin e to the decree Mrs. McWhorter, is to receive $3000 as 'permanent alimony. 'Following report of the .grand Jury last Thursday, a patfrnity charge was dismissed against Arthur Raney, Lu Veme. Thilgeg Thug Arraigned. Byron Groves, West Bend, pleaded not guilty to beating up Nick Thilges, near Whittemore? in a robbery attempt last October. The charge was intent to commit great bodily injury. <}. D. "' performances. ft. paving. as the voo, iZ r i 6 , " ' utj la 'Q as tne result of a federal grant of $30,000 P' us an additional but smaller amount contributed by the state highway commission. The onlv local *»««,.. „.:„ be Jn conne ^j r ,_ ,.... wo 1|f t;un/ lt ; Ctl on --- water intakes at the new edge of the paving. The work is scheduled to start Jt later than May 1, and the completion date is June 15. The old paving will' be torn up ntirely and hauled away, and a r\f\v >i»H nn'll !,„ i_:j this week-end. A little cleanup ™!L^. c ° nl }f tion ™th estates noiders, and landlord- .; e.-«.«- "«»ucia, ana lanaior Kosuth county corn loans have in tenant relationships may remain, lie last week gone over the million Enumerators Named. -JP py a margin of $44,000, and the Helen Dingley Aljrona " »-na TO week follows: Buffalo. UUllfUU. bu" Ed6n ' Se<3 ' 35 Buffalt> ' I 1300 Mrs. Frank '»= IIOL 01 ""..li ux xiaiicron, nave bee: the last enumerators for Kossuth' by S^tir?? itt€e / and as soon ( ^' Ct , U ™ S ° n ^ age8 2 ' 8 ' 5 ' 6 ' 9 » 10 > -n^, ~ . .^ Ne j g j Day j Sj . all of -whom hpM ,•„ «T~ addresse s, are oemy held in the county Jail on suspic- on of connection with the terror- obhery attempt at Mr. and Mrs. C ^. Robinsons, two miles east of Al» ona, last Thursday night. The men were each given 15 days? n jail on charges of drunkennes* aturday which will hold them all Jivestigation can be completed. Three men entered the Robinaoit TnLn^ 7: * 5 ,. p - ^ and d emanded $10,000 in cash, which they belies ed the Robinsons 'had hidden in th* house. Threats With Stove Poker. On denial of possession of mom than pocket cash, Mr. and Mrg.^ Kobmson, both more than 70—they observed their 50th weddinjr ann^- versary .last fall—were tied u» with ropes, and handkerchief gaK» were tied into their mouths The trio of bandits then made M thorough search of the house practically wrecking all stuffed furniture, slitting couches oW clumping out the contents of book- , i work ln ea <* township Pleted they will compile ' win also a as corn- Mrs. Frank was land * Community , but the project waa later tak- main• ; »e a™"*-! WIKWJI juuiii- an airport on No. 18 west of llmtt^r j«l«.l. <_ i .... —• —— —>»i»««t uu rno. ii the^country club grounds cently The , airport was miles from town, will ' new bed will be laid. The extension of three feet CWA were a few Page 4.) , T 'ere Mild 1 le mperatures "-*- » *« O • Spring -~~ f.n!.ujioiuii uj. mree zeet on each side to make the new width will not involve any great change m grade lines, and home owners on, tae streets in question will have brand new paving without cost. ' The city council Friday night ac. .... ^- cepted the paving project on for is three mal motion and complied with th new one maintenance agreement as require Iher out. bv thfi st.afo WORLD DAY OF PRAYER TO BE OBSERVED HERE ofSVlM-retS'S missionary societies of Aleona churches tomorrow afternoon a?8 o'clock at the Presbyterian church! Mrs. Fr.ni, ceigel, president of the Such a union service nually, --• ed an- v the Program. S™*»? eri « society will prel Peace m the Church of Christ- the Baptist society, Peace Wtthin the Heart; .the Congregational so' CaCe Within the Home; the Mrs. Mrs. m Ringsdorf, ' 's«j.' I,,™ " ~,.~ ? as lndlcte d by the grand Jury which reported last wee k Wednesday. He denied implica turn in the attack on TUlg?/ and a plea of not guilty was «•• • -«-v^***i,j vca 'jj bond for his release. Groves is Identified. Both Mr. and Mrs. Thilges have positively identified Grovl as the Sid 1 ^ 0 ' h . ad att . acked Mr. Thilges, and there is testimony that ~ w» .» *•.. Iowa gtate banl] days^before w3__. payment Mr. j« w one maintenance mile or so farther out. by the state. ftj * of paving on No. 169 1 road win I Herring Coming to «.""--• " •" the way of crops. Of RoOSCVelt Cllll *j_ was Purchased by the county • nine years ago. The county will Governor Clyde L. Herring wil uoi m any way be hampered by its come to Algona next Tuesday af- cornSL an .^ rp °^ t> the P its bein S in terno °n to attend a county Roose- i-orners of the field out of the way velt club banquet in the high w tne proposed runways. school gymnasium at 6:30 and give ~. •- • an after-dinner address in the Heading IB Erroneous. auditorium. The heading over the Ledyard P blier speakers will be Mrs. Alex I"™ 11 °« page 2 has the girls' Miller, secretary of state, and Leo >«my basket ball tournament foe- J - Wegman, former Kossuth citi * *•*!_ S ~ * • ™«»» •nrtnr ntf> t< A 4v>AM «»_.__ we. "; ,"' ua»»«n, Dan tournament foe- J - wegman, rormer Kossuth citi- drop nph ** tonifirht. This is an error zen » now state treasurer. ^ en n! t* rn ? ment *> e ginfl tomorrow c - B - Murtagh, state comptroller, time. "*««»• _^ Judge D. F. Coyle, Humboldt, Mrs. Satr * -— (Mary Kelleher, Fort Dodee. and FOUR-H COMMinEE e, ««5 p l lown « women were re- 8 **P°wed to serve on the 1934 13 c^wity 4-H committee : MV8, .Qua Torino. Armstrong; Ciller, Blncrtf" Mabel y 7 25 8 " : 28 9 atP^T *\\* -W^JS^J^y' '^'l"". Swea « Rockwell OirfeBS.tt.'BS? ££ W$nl the Algona Bak Sficio M^WS 1 ' (Lakot *' ex " ell Kfv\,. ? e w ibakerv ?rlfH»v ».J^._I *!' /*: warner, Swea Mr, , Mre - > ^onda? m <»*> Alic/i? l *" ati<m ^meny will be WSuSL laon ^« com, ffl. P ? yer » ^ nton ' Mtirin « PW- KlA fth/^lSKi ; 4S?V2te. «2-5!«£» in 7h ^"S for coin Cs^^rt'om.^ , o o< seats waiui I v. * <J>T~^ -«..>.v<«, *iiuiui» ym,. 7*% 0 ? p * 8Went ' < »«'*» Kent srtftwjeir WM .*«* uuu 6 t; -u. i'. vuyjo, numuuiui, Mrs. Mary Kelleher, Fort Dodge, and Editor W. T. Branagan, Emmetsburg, are also expected. An attendance of 500 is looked for. The Methodist Aid will serve the ban- miAt ! quet. Bale of tickets is in CHOSEN FOB 1934 nty 4-<H committee meet-j aay - Tne women must knov held a week ago Saturday now m any they are to serve, wcroft public schoolhouse. « . . .. » .. progress, UOIE ui nuncis js jji progress but none will (be sold after Satur- J "" The women must know then ei Dwell; the M. s. Peace Methodist W. F. ». B . fe&C6 Among Nations; and the FirsV^! theran society. The New Jerusa- of church, will read a ^f "ttTn "'"7." m Pr ayer. The theme of the meeting as a whole will be Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem The attendance of the publk fs in .Groves claims that he was work- Wa?S 0 °S,"!Sl5 e S e B^ e Sara «*?:?,££ cept for intervale. Buffalo, 900 bu." , 4(] Elmer Peterson, Sec. 15 Buffalo 900 bu,,.-..... ' G. U. Embanks,' Sec'."so" 50 bu. . " -"» ****u vuiiLlclCuS lH ^mistakes_ are found will be committees list S When search failed one of the men heated a stove poker almost white hot and held it withhv a few nches of the Robinsons' faces, demanding that they tell where the> monev was inr>nt<><i «- «.i j_ - — county „„, the enumerators ijthe tabulation to the state board determine adjustments! ™~>».tb.e county Bandits Are Convinced. The men evidently knew that ""• Robinson had inherited -a a large estate in they believed she had money and 1 bu. , b S! leved , ^at it will H. Petenson & E. „, .„ , . °* *»• * v.t^>»i>uii oec. 21 Buffalo, 1200 bu. ... $540 Hurt. Wm. Eden, Sec. 36 Hurt, 900 bm Wm. Eden, Sec.'•36,' Hurt! "wo ' bu*' • •••••. •*«*!»»», ,., ((ti S^lR J. A. Strayer, Sec. 35 Burt,"76» I formation of pe Mra'A"w"w'; 1342 ship organizations m. bu US> Sec " 30 Burt ' made tin tfa e county •«•*» I'u WU, ....__ i»_H.I .*vl^&^n<3 »T _ . • : - —„ checks received. Orgpaniaation Jfot Completed. £ 0rm .^ n _^ Permanent to will not Loans. (Continued on page g.) , and while she -—•-•» with the pok- lm e rT7h aS t U ^ eeded in ? onvi ncin8 the men that the money was. not there. the bandits released her bonds and I she took them upstairs, where she them papers indicating- rast, ^^ , by the estate bejacreagVofland" Pr ° teCt a larg * * * r> I ——»- 1>*A* VUC UV1UI1LV I19Q itlAAfl AA«u. I t m •**4Al*« ¥674 Pleted. Notice of meetoL ^ Lh After having been convinced that which organization will be com U 0 J; r< L Was no mon «y on the prem- pleted will be sent to every farm- thtv hL m f n S* |6 in cash whi ch er who has signed a cm^f m | they had tou "d in the house, also Robinson. Continued on page 4.) lo- Constable Charged With Violation of Beer License Laws . The first cancellation of a beer icense in this section of Iowa took ilace Saturday, when the license of J. A. 'TTAnaWAll /mmnlAWI,* -J. i nvvit af\j outuruuy public schoolhouse, « i f .. • . • : pale or Mortgaged Goods Case is Off William Stefanski, near Blmore, was charged with embezzlement of mortgaged property in Justice White's court last Thursday, Mr. Stefanski required a preliminary hearing and was held over night at the county jail in default of a $500 bond. On preliminary trial Friday it was found that he had been misinformed concerning the right to sell tbe mortgaged property, so the court dismissed the case on payment of costs by defendant. The charge was brought by O. E. But terworth, Algona. Charles LaurUzen Paroled. Chas. Lauritzen, Graettinger, formerly Whittemore, was sentence! to 90 days in jail and was finec $300 by Judge (Davidson Tuesday on a charge of illegal possession. He was arrested last September. AH but $50 of the fine was suspended, and he was paroled from the jail sentence during good (behavior. Editor to gan Antonio. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Haggard left last Thursday night for San Antonio, Tex., where they will spend the rest of tbe winter. , „„»„. *++j t .TJICJI me iiCCuBe Of L. A. Horswell, constable at Armtrong, was revoked. Horswell's cafe was raided recently by Emmet county and state officers who eized five gallons of alcohol and ther liquors. Sworn statements were obtained from minors that hey had purchased beer. Horswell was fined $300 and costs in district court at EstherviHe Saturday, but-a -three -months jail sentence was suspended during good 'behavior. Mr. and Mrs. ILeo Singmaster, also of Armstrong and' arrested at the same place in the same raid, were released on $1,000 bonds each on charges of maintaining a liquor nuisance. McDonald Is Named Algona Postmaster i been appoint• to fill out the Backus, and „ - Groves ».i" u- '.,*"•* were TOable tc cate him till a week ago. Three Youths Discharged. Ve^^^f* «* *«»Wn* into the Vera oil station, near the fair grounds, brought against Coon, Cleo Black, and George "sy Jr., were dismissed by the grand Jury for lack of evident that a crime had been committed 3G wT S > 1 ?!l! riff Dahlhauser M^rffi 1 ™ • George (Hagge, Ledyard townshin win be a candidate for the repub- ican nomination for supervisor in tne iirtn district—Eagle, Grant Harrison, Springfield, ' - *»«»«. the T n- prngeld, Lyard, Hebron, Lincoln townahips— , accord- mg to the Swea City Herald 'Rumors forecast a lively fight i republican ranks, p. j. , He i k ' republican, Swea City, preset n 8econd will expire at the end 1934, is expected to run o Patterson Scores Exhibit at Fair d pat * ers ? n drew headlines and long stones in the Saturday a " d ^unday Des Moines Register for having moved in the senate V --.—.„ ."ounuueu are former « pervMor p. o. Peterson, fomeriy , Sa a ?*& D ^ W i faming near ** lv nf i i Holcomb . also former- iv of the Swea City neighborhood r>w „!«=„ ii,,,-«_ at OJ . u •* inves ti«ation of how appropriated by the legU- °<ff V e Iowa exhibit in 0>e of states at the World's fair, •Oiicago, last summer was spent many >t sa T the exhibit other Sheriff Of Hovey, both of the —-"•- --* *-*t c/, xiuvey, DOT Swea City neighborhood. Nothing has so far been heard of democratic candidacies. Burt Girl Patient at the U Hospital -"--r, «.. u «*n.i* UlCUiJr ,M^"n ir ° was asn amed of it. Mr. Patterson said he had seen better township exhibits. Farm Credit Meet to Be Held Feb. 23 Burt, Feb, 13-(Druggist and Mrs. F. L. Pratt received word one day last week that their daughter Mar ilda, student at the state univers irV txroci »IA!_ ._ ii •, .. ' M «, - B " . «»»»ww UUAT^iO^ in the hospital, and — there Saturday e her much im- rge Gray accom- ider auspices of the local Le-' Dakota, (Feb. 13-JFive homes in Auxiliary unit junior and sen- the oomity between here and El- recenHv S ^t°f and academ y Pupils ^^i? 11 " are under Quarantine recently wrote essays on (Peace f sma11 P° x - The cases were With Security. Bearing nu - l ™ nil "" t *-" 1 - 4 «• ? wera only, the essays were judged ^^L^L?-^McMahon, _ aa school teacher, and -«.».»nuji inter the *jj et Judges was turned in _ 'he winners were Margare't * ''5 rst 'and Lucille Dole, second, both of the academy place won a prize of S3: place, •" (Peace :°\ ^f" P° x - The case anbersr ontrac t«d at Blue Earth, and the schools there have been closed, it is reported. There are no cases . wiinams is 'busy vac- children and oth- Bo*d Meeting Today. """*"" ^om each township •" expected at 10 V* ^y 111111 ^ Papers have been sent to Des Moines and entered in a state contest, and winning state papers will be judged in a national A meeting credit &("--'-' for the tel> Interest Rate to 7 Per C *».«. VM. VMV Aaw o* y. xjauiiuo, anu i— «•«!.*.», f ftniiiTrtguurg nexci \r/>of " «u. j. be made permanent. Mr. Mcbon-|* a ^ ve . °' ^ e production credit cor-1 an T ^° «^^. ^ a nnoun< ? e ment ii aid is a long-time resident of Al- P° ra tion -will conduct the meeting th? 0 - wa . °**™. Da . njt advertisemen gona, and he has been a faithful "^— »• ""-^- j^tf week that after March 1, th democrat all his life. The appoint- School Election Soon. on 8 ^awd by the bank ment is viewed with general ap- ^ e annual school election will oni n ' >er . cen * ' oai } s now held, an< proval. 1 ' ^ M 6350 Auto Licenses. I J. Hough, appointed to fill a~Va~ Automobile licenses up to Satur- cancy created by the resignation of day night totaled 6360. The pen- Mrs. Edna Murtagh somV weeks -14... *._ j., . mn affan-laeo. will expire. ««•«- -•• ww * 8 over. day night totaled 6360. The pen- Mrs. alty for delinquency became effec- ago, tive Monday, and is a dollar a pold month. Truck linensen tntnlintr ett I vi»c uuujiuajr, Him uj a aoiiar a month. Truck licenses totaling 671, have been issued. Goeders Home Again, |tne principal speakers atWe ». H. Goedera, w-ao has been a nual meet^ SatSy of the patient at the Kossuth Hospital Bend weamfry,rHIE* P o „=„,.!„ *,„« ^.^v™ *«M—.•—, 0 _!,_,__„„,_^Sr" i ?*'_*""* "*• f' v« Algona Butterwaker Speaks. . M. P. Chnstiansen was one of Ithe prmciual speakers at tie an- Mrs. Learerton Besigna. -o^-raij&jf-.gnsrAu* stat-Ttisaiarft ft!" Hl/v Aln»A —^ j.1. • _ at **• <dpse pf tbis patient at the Kossuto iospitaJ Bend weamiry, and Drpo n^M » •!»* Fmwral fo4a r . nearly two weeks following a stom, weiler, WM : aSS veteriLrh£" » (Pwn . er * 1 8mic W «w l|y. and ach hemorrhage, was sufficiently Husband of the fomer M^' L^"' £* >, Keitbf 9 son Bugw£ recovered to be taken how yester- «ut<^ d»iS*w 5»» -R J? d«Vh9**i,*** J w * v *& ^<S 4ay - IwutcbW nS*\S s ^:tet%r?i mo °* 8t * :8 ° a * Mrs. V. V. Naudain, unit president, and Mesdames A. E. Kreaen- £ky and M. G. Norton had charge of he local contest. 'CHEV DEALERS IN COUNTY MEET HERE A Mr. Winners, of the Chevrolet Motor company, Des Moines, district manager, conducted a meeting Tuesday at the Algona hotel, witfc the local dealers, Kohlhaas Bros., and dealers in surrounding territory, Acording to Mr. Winners, this was one of the most important meetings Chevrolet has ever conducted ihere, because it ideals with a new automobile merchandising policy, whereby the purchaser will know the exact cost of his automobile, delivered in front of his door, rather than having to rely on ambiguous f. o. /b. prices. A campaign is now being launch- 1 amnTny Phov^ni^ j«Til__ ", year. ~ — — ~. UIODV1I1K W1(U Ofjs upervi 8 ors to prepare road programs for the ALGONA Markets HOGS Beat med. wt 180 to 200 . Best med wt 200 to 240 Beat med, wit. 240 to 260 '...., Heavy Butchers 360 to 300.. S3.60 Prime Hvy. butchers >SOO to 360 $3.40 Best Paok. sows, 300 to 350 Packing sows, 350 to 400 .. Big Hvy. stows 400 to 500 .. Pies, 140 pounds $2.90 $2 7ft 12 50 ,. 160 pounds ____ .' CulTTLE Cannera an4 Cutters . .'50c to SI 26 Stock Steers Bulla $3.00 to 16.00 «3-,60 to 14.50 ,2.50^0 to GRAIN .. ...~.4r»i e u « iiuw oeing launch* retair ° n i g Chev ?° let *»3er» Mul United States instrucint* them in the new policy and giving them suggested low delivered m-ine *„ »,o No. 2 yellow corn No. 2 whjte corn No. 3 oats . No. g mixed corn No. X No. 2 EGGS. ***»•*• j ' -' Din- stated. We are going to let . everybody know —'- doors. We are iroimr tn shpw exactly what »akef *f the difference between tto «-* ™.. wi 08t. the or Caeh cream POULTBy. Springs 5 Ibe. and up"...,..„„ ... "—•--« under § u». e^S XPnJr* 0» *» »H Ibs $ up ... Heni,, under 4% ifo. Leghorn u —

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