Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 11
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2i i Iwatjl \'" Jean I 'tinnl eorgJ 'tori, I H, %l dul lilt COhL In get our our cellar and dollars ved in your pocket! are certain of the highest grade when you full fuel value coal. ANDERSON GRAIN & COAL CO, PHONE 808 ^aamimmmsssam^ !njoy This Finer Quality SIGNED UP TO JOIN NEW ORGANIZATION u Vorne, Feb. o-_Ti tcre )Ut tnnni,J»o»r.«.:_ .,_ 3 aOCldod to ° nce * ™onth .ugh Vou Want to be Busy Try Being a County HDA ^ ——————_______. The following abbreviated resume o£ tho annual report of Mrs Paul Leaverton, H. D. A., for the year ending December 1, 1933, will as •nil mler anc l Lyle -o--. 'Heiroshmenls were servprl lever «^J erBan , do ' and " H. tD TEA "Frcih from die Garden*" MISSION! lission is a sin, that is if we neglect duty or do something nice that we should do. .icn I was a young fellow •! was delivery-boy big grocery store in Kochester, Minn. On my rounds I delivered besides groceries a kiss or five or six different girls that were always at tcheri door to receive the groceries. Wift.-a pair of red lips upturned to your own Anl no one to gossip about it, Can you pray for endurance to let them alone? wejll, maybe you can, but I doubt it. course each girl was the only girl I ever I have no regrets in this matter as all par- ire pleased, but in after life I often wondered - was other girls on that route if I omitted «f«« "• de ? J ° f - th - is kind * would hate to o 6 E uilty of the sin of omission. In the shoe business if you omit luying certain shoes, if you are out of certain iSe" tVd y ° Ur " n ° fc ful1 and ^mplete yotf f*«jtv>i, train-_J, total attendance, -.-" clu h meetings, 85, total attendance, 2773; other meetings }V nte "«t °* extension work, 127; total attendance, 5789. Total number of farm visits in Conducting extension work, 797? to" Ills™? 61 ™ 53 ' 5 ° 1; total a "endance, fiefesT' 1>n ° ffiCe ' 721; in Nows .stories published, 214; let- +f« S Toi ' 1045; circ ulars written, 121; bulletins distributed, at blue Sclf-Denial Week Observed— The Evangelical missionary soci- V6d wook T| V6 Self r denial ™* last week The regular meeting was held -last Thursday at Mrs.V c . - ro " ca " was BITin8r experiences for a daily so to the k i either personal or some- else's. Florence Hof had charge the lesson on Movement Towards a Higher Health Level, taken from the study book, Eastern riHhr,r, mi.-— ^"i'""iuu uie niue nbbon. This was unusual, in that WHlffEMJJRE SOCIETY TO STAGE PLAY Whtt'temore, Fob. 5—The Old-Fashioned Mother, will uo m ve next Sunday evening at g o'clock a tho Lutheran school hall by th tS Pcople ' a soolat y of the loca Lutheran congregation. The cast in eludes Linda Rocber, Eldora Dai Bernice Balgeman, Lillian Heiden with, Matilda Vaudt, Matilda Wag nor Ra y Balgeman, Herbert Vaudt M prlwtTT »y > i«....„ U TT . ,_ Belhnke , week closed Sunday with a day of prayer. The society had charge of the morning services Mrs. Fred Merkle .presiding. Mrs Lang and Mrs. Henr> Marty T,,, 011 prayer ' Mlss nd the ;Rev. David ta lk on " What u ra y er Missions." This was followed * ° f ? rayer for mission , 16 vanous misaion fi elds. oaring amounted |25 Mrs. Henry Geishccker Dies— , V, Henry Geis hecker, 54, died and complica- Hke the ried ney y pea to "ate so far t?me i The at her home west of Lu Verne Thursday. Funeral services t Jop, on t. Joe, Saturday. Mrs. Geishecker was well-known in this community a bn - have been a^iving at Shoe Store is proof that I bought plenty --d anythin^I would is - We ™ w have shoes to Northern Iowa. f a y have more shoes car- A- We ha y e more 1934 shoes than any ° £ *«»*•*«• You get new shoes, shoes> - nd you get at honest Prices. No blare are n ? fc sellin e a lot of service; ™ 8 ^^ values that make ^ nm. « ,, 1S easy to sel1 snoes th at are up- this I" £° UJjht - people want ^em. Trade year * nearly d ° Ubled over the 6ame immie Neville Shoe Man Algona, la. 0 U SHOULD WAJCH »w Armour's Stur vance * at the Cooking week. USE Armour's Star Pure Lard in your favorite recipes for baking and deep.fat frying and taste the delicious flavor it gives. ARMOUR'S S T A R D II B -•;• • . » . -" --— •* '"He-milts resident - her husband on the Geishecker homestead. Besides the husband, two daughters, Irene, former Lu Verne teacher, now teaching in the Des Moines township consolidated school near Rolfe, and Mrs. Frances Hilbert, near Irvington. Dr. and Mrs - A - J- ' E? ?°n. J- E. fLindebak, H. iDelinert, and Bernice >Swenson were among Lu Verne people who attended the funeral. Progressive «ook Party Given— At a Progressive Rook party at the city -hall last week Wednesday night the iLloyd Smiths won prizes Mr. and Mrs. Smith winning the lamily low prize, and Mr. Smith winning both door and travel prize Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Evans won the high score prize, and Bob Zweifel the chair prize. Thirty-four were present, and the committe serving were Mesdames T. ,L. Williams, Lloyd Zentner, A. J. Evans, Jesse Lindebak, ,Bob Zweifel, and Charles Wolf. Pastor Begins Aid Talks— A large crowd attended the February meeting of the Lutheran 1 Aid, Mrs. Paul Phillips hostess, last called to La Forge, Wis., Friday by L. Wittenburg, began, a series talks on Luther's smaill catech after which the women spent There . •*" «• v'iui«e cnoir con sisting of Alvera Behnne, Dorothy Hteidenwiiilh, June Wehrspan, IB tan Heidenwlth, Herbert Vaudt Herman Behnke, Louis Vaudt an Lawi-enco Gade. The time is 2 years ago and ,the place the village Of Canton i n northern New York. Week's Basket Hall News— The public school basket ball team Played ait Bancroft last week Tuesday night and lost, 40-16, to the high school team there. Three good games of basket ball were play^ in the public school gy m Friday evening, in the first the town team defeated ithe West Bend town team, 2.D-17. Lester Quinn, star player here when he was in high school, also played on a college team at Iowa Falls, played with the local boys. In the second game the public school girls again defeated Lu Wrne, 26-15. Matilda Waener made ""'-*-,, and Alvira Behnke Wagner; was — ..—=-.-., ,,uo vyuuuiemoro captadn. In ithe first quarter Lu Verne did not make a point Whittemore scored four. At had 4 and the and — ~mo uau i scores and Whittemore had 114. In the third quarter Lu Verne did belter, the quarter ending 16 to 13 in Whittemore's favor. The local boys lost to Lu Verne 37-12. Two Quilting Bees Held— A qiillting bee was held last week Wednesday ^ Mrs. William Henry's. Attending: Mrs. John Henry, daughter Esther, Mrs. Earl Sheppard Mrs. Mike Bowman, Mm. John Thill Mrs . NJck Mergreni dauffhter Ivllmteath, amp Mrs. Hei-man Voighit. Mrs. John Hanson had nilflflnrp I-iii« 1 L i _ ' also won first p b arsS;r -H project in canning members in a total enrollment of <s^ completed the project. Of 272 f^oltTsSoo 1 ,! 4 -- ln ^? 1 dames John and Mike attended a miscellaneous has been spending a his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs W. T. Oliver. Herman Zumach and Nick Clen- gler drove to Dee Moines Monday to attend a Briai-dale meeting. Relatives and friends helped Mrs George Meyer celebrate a birthday anniversary Sunday evening. Leona Keene and her mother, Mrs. Theodore Keene, spent Sunday with Des Molnes relatives. Ernest Meyer, Mason City, son of Mr. and Mrs. H, C. Meyer, was here a few days last week. The Martin Meyers, Garner, were Sunday visitors at Fred Struecker'i and William Meyer's. Esther Behnke and Bather and Viola Heller, all of Algona, visited here Sunday. Michael Bowman and Hertnaa! vbig-ht drove to Storm Lake Saturday. Husbands Guests of Aid— meet thl. week Thursday^! KaJph Jesscn Has Blr"th,iay— D Raymond Meyer, and Iren Melvln Elbert 1 5; Party- Melvin Elbert was taken IHIS week, at the cooking school, the demonstrator will reveal many helpful hints on how to make better coffee. She will show you how, by following certain simple rules, you can make coffee that will win praise from your friends and family. The demonstrator will also give you much interesting information about tone's Old Golden Coffee and Coffee House Coffee. She will explain to you fully why these are such good coffees, why they have so much flavor and aroma, why they give you so much value for your money. She will also tell you about the coupons you find in Tone's Old Golden Coffee or Coffee House Cof. fee. These coupons enable you to get beautiful guaranteed silverware absolutely free. Other Whittemore News J. Kaschmitter, _. = — —.„, „„,,„ naiisen nacl a •-•=>•-•=, tuiu im-s, Arthur Lunsmann quilting bee last week Wednesday 1^*° Mas °n City, sons Howard nmi ^*1ff^!^ M ^fii^ SS^ d ^ satul ^ - KOJ. Balgeman, Mrs. Rav nil™.- w~<, • Mr. and Mrs. rto^,,™,, c..^^,, ------- o ...-«« iiit £D. uvfim, L) i h'ake, Mi-s. William Rusch, Mrs . J. Balgeman, Mrs. Ray Oliver Mrs.' L MT< - a "<3 Mrs. George Schultz and Ralph Bartlett. Mrs. L. w. Swan . . . . w son, and Mrs. Peter Schumacher. Do, pll , Ilc . cuz and and Mrs, Brwln Kueoker drove .last Thursday returning place the marriage of Delphine, TTRoselIa . daughter of Mr and Mrs daughter of Mrs. Edward Meier, to »«™an Voig-t, spent Sunday wtth Miint n, son of Mr. and Mrs. William her Parents. She attend Tone'* an expert Mend »f, the world'* finett coffee*, alieay* roattar- frmth In it* high MM. ««m container. Coffee Route Coffee, mother excellent coffee, offer* economy a* weitat quality. It i* altcmyt roatter- freih in it* high vacuum container. attends Hamilton quilting. Farirt Bureau Women Meet- Eight Farm Bureau md an all-day meeting, with covered-dish luncheon at noon. Mrs. lessons on The newlyweds left immediately for Dubuque and Minneapolis. Itosella Volght Is Honored- Young folks were entertained [Friday evening at Herman Voigt's, the occasion being *,, , —• Adrain, Minn., visited their matter, Mrs. Anna Schr O. J. Kaschmitter'a Sunday. A monthly y. p. g. .business ucational meeting W as held last Thursday evening: at the Lutheran school hall. It was decided to h^S the next social February 2 2 instead U RE LAR D Visitor's Birthday Honored— A group was entertained .~ a ~ Thursday evening at dinner at Mr. nd Mrs. DeRae Godfrey's in honor f the birthday of Mrs. Blanche Anderson. Mrs. Anderson will eave soon for her home in Misouri. 'wo Hospital Patients Home— Andrew Neilson and A. H. Ehmke ave returned from Iowa City, here they .had medical treatment t the university hospital. Mr. Neilon had been there three months i nd 14 days, and is to return for further treatment. Eighth Graders Write Tests— Twelve eighth grade pupils from rural schools took the examinations at the local school building Friday under the direction of Supt. Evans. Nine from the Lutheran parochial also wrote. | and prizes were won by Herbert Vaudt and Elda iBaas, high, Law rence Meyer and Elfrieda Gode, low. "' Lunsmann, Mason City, guessing contest. Ruth , anofh- Girls Lose Only 3 Games— The public school girls have played 14 basket ball games, and have lost only three, besides a tie with West Bend. In another West Bend they won, 27-15. The total score for opponents Is 236, an average of 17 points, while the local to- la 346, an average of 25 poi The girls will play their last game this season against Ottosen this Attend St. Joe Shower— Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Elbent, Mrs. P W Kollasch, Theresa Kol- •lasch, Mrs. John Keene, daughter Bernadine, Mrs. John Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kollasch, and Mes- Mrs. Basil Eoob Sick- Mrs. Henrietta Northrup was Thursday. The pastor, the ».-,. the illness of her daughter, Mrs. Basil Koob. Mrs. Gerald Herbener accompanied Mrs. Northrup from Mason City. B. B. Game Tomorrow ., „--. The Wesley boys' and girls basketball teams will play the local •teams here Friday night. The high school declamatory contest will take place this week Thursday night. .„_„. Pastor Calls Here— The Rev. and Mrs. A. G. and. Emily Watson, Thompson, were Li| Verne visitors Friday. Tfcey came to see W. B. Mason, who i§ eerioMsiy sick, .last week to the Mud Baths at Shakopee, Minn., for treatment for 1 rheumatism. Other Lw Verne News, Elmer Oberholmer is recovering from an operation for appendicitis which he underwent, at an Algona hospital last week. Miss Esther Merkle was sick last week with appendicitis. Marie Knopf has been sick from an in- Mr. and Mrs. Fred Merkle visited the latter's mother, Mrs., Lehmann, Boxholm, last Wednesday. Noraa Partridge, Buth Smith, and Fred Graham were guests of Cedar Falls friends over the weekend. The iRey. O. I*B«T a»4 ibis fawiy ytaited rektJyee "and Criea<is ~ x George Balgeman and his sister Bernice drove to Fort Dodge Monday, and were accompanied by William Heller, who returned thence to his reforestation camp at Drair«ville. . -LTOKe- William Heller, with the refor, SS±" M S 'witn >mk T llei "* -aeurer, with another camp View were over Sunday • their respective homes Martin Meyer. Garner, came last Thursday to get his sister Selma to help at the Meyer home, In the hand on a glass faucet Bert Morris Clear Lake is £^ rk at Hl R - Zum^oh'e m'eat of tOie Freeman and ' Sons sto'rTat Emmetsburg. Ruth Balgeman, Sheffield teacher spent Sunday with her parents, and Lola Baine, Gushing- teacher, was also at the Supervisor F J Balgeman home. ' Mr. and Mrs. William Longstreet, Decorah, have been vistting- the lait- ter'a parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ushmann. Mr. Longstreet (has been The Bruners and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Jensen, Mason City Sunday with the women's i Mr. and Mrs. Robert Flnnell. Mrs. Joseph Meurer ST. and her son Lucian were Sunday dinner g-uesrta of A. A.'s parente, j Mr«. A. F. Zuroach, Feniton Harold Rota went to DELAY NOW UWM& DOLLARS LOST /// : refrigerator JZSfta? \ w M l* ?? U **"**" evef y *«<* on ^a^ttttss^asaiawsg Wg unta spring or summer when prices m»y be Wgher! Tfce greater convenience, dependable trouble-free 5wfWW»v» lifetime investment tb^Wiii ..«»I ™. yeek pernjit. __„_ I Bdi^r R. L, Burdinel R. Cairy, ^nd Mrs. M. K. Cullen at, tended ttoe funeraj ^ ^ y^SSoSm at Algvoa, fest Thursday. an ^f ^^ Balme^, DoHrw, ^ent a, dwy last week wttfc Mrs. |g?MrS. wv** &7 y& S, ^^tf.l^jaBsafasa'ts (i * iij! 4 7ii & ;| k $p I <l i 1 ^F lr :li '* fe'lf fe;* ^ GENERAX^EIECTRIC Pratt Electric Coi -, . . I *••,? "*-<-4 J'< .'.^,S t^^^^alpl mrm£L3&$&$ U^lt^ i^_iijLi^.. •^..^•^'^iML'.^y

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