Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 9
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ot Volume 33 ALGONA, IOWA, FEBRUA FEATUB LAW HSrlTnv Married Fifty Years I FENTON CflfiF ~~^~^^^~ — ^ * ^ If PIUPU PY • ** ^ I * L N I UH UHU L famllles atten ded a .birthday anni- ' ^ ' f IllLH Dl ^^«^^ - • J TCAIIO nrrriT I!™" 3 : ***?**» ^ Mrs. Kari-Nei- X^>l _ . •«• <•' ~~ •—- BONNSTETTEK State Direct Aid to Cost $3,000,000 Thw Year. ' By A. It Bonnstetter. iStatehouse, Des Moines, Feb. 5— ist week the General Assembly ) P ropriated ?3,000,000 for direct slief, and for work relief and ex- snses incidental thereto, for the -irpose of caring for the unem- Boyed and needy. This was a dis- treeaWe task. (However, under fresent circumstances it was a jo) lat simply had to be done in or *r to avoid serious consequences •practically every other state ha sen compelled to U<ke simila ;eps, and Iowa's appropriation i nsiderahly below that of any oth 1 state, population taken int nsideration. Before OWA wen -to effect, the state had 38,00 Imilies on direct relief. <JWA em loved 2500 people on federal proj |ig and more than 65,000 on state hd local projects. In other words AVA reduced the number of fam les on direct relief from 38,000 to 1,200. Kossuth's Poor Record. I The records at Des Moines show lat Kossuth county had 110 fam fees on poor relief in September 1 in October, 124 in November, 8( j December, an estimate of 135 for pnuary, and an estimate of 116 for february. lit cannot be questioned that JWA work has been beneficial to |any unfortunate citizens in the ate. It also cannot .be questioned at the densely populated coun- 3s received and need more as- Utance than the rural counties lonsequently, the rural counties nil contribute more than their roportional share to the |3,000 000 bpropriation. [You understand, of course, that le reason this appropriation be- )g made by the state is because bout 40 counties are bonded to the Institutional limit, and therefore |e unable to raise funds to care ' their needy. JfRA Labor Wages Denied. lln order to make this appropri- Iion go as far as possible, and •so because the code wage scale of le public works projects is consid- fed too high for this locality, the louse adopted an amendment £$• p ™ 7 i ded th <" the welfare |>ards of the various counties pay * least 25c and not to exceed 36c ifcour for relief work. ' •The senators from densely p opu- •ted counties objected to this .endment, but legislators from felt that •will FENTON CAGE TEAMS DEFEAT SENECA, 41-29 Fenton, (Feb. G—The iFenton Ti son, defeated the Seneca basket pall team last week Tuesday niirh in a conference game, 41-29, on the Seneca floor. The Fenton 'second also won another victory, 21-12 3?.! 2 firsts led at the ha >f Waite and H. Kramer were Fen- •ons high point men, each making : 5 points, seven field goals, and one free toss. Godden was leader on the Seneca team, sinking five fielc goals for ten points. The Tigers were defeated by Ledyard on the latter's floor day night, 27-17, and the local •lost, 39-6. The Fenton PI, CTU , RB S MU, CAn known former Wesley farmers who now ,f nt ° n ,- Go , etz They were married in Illinois and came t«Tthi Wo'f red ? l Wesley ' in 1992. Last week Monday they ce^ebrafpH ^ • ey , neighborhood •and in their honor their own son tho RPV £ , ^ golclen we( lding, Mo., sang high mass at St Joseph's C S w± G ° Giz .> ?°™rt™, mer pastors J. D. Fish, -Le Mars and r p w • y> asslsted by for- A. J. Wagener, present' pastor? " *™* 10 "** 8 ' and tendance, and the G oet Z es kept Twenty Years Ago - — ^^».. UUU .. 1IVJ ,^ L lull? UDrU{'4L rise in taxes In 1913 was laid on tho 3oard of supervisors, which failed to reduce tho levy in proportion to the rise caused by higher assess- mecnlta of properity. Property was assessed under a new ruling which used market values of farm and city property whereas before only one-fourth of market values was used. The levy for 1912 was 17.1, and in 19!1<3 was 16.1, which though reduction was not enough (to balance the assessment rise. • • * • A. trial took place before the ward of supervisors to select offi- ial newspapers. The Titonka Topic nd tho Bancroft Register were con- estanits. Olny four members of the »oar<I were present, and their vote was divided, so the case was con.- inued. • • * * Alg-ona churches wore cooperating a national scheme to make the ollowlng Sunday Go-to-Church Sun ay. Mayor Jos. W. AVadisworth Is ued a proclamation urging atten ance. : " •""Ktnuc aoout tho country .there. Ho planned to return n tho spring- ami wanted someone to hatch somo chickens for him * « * « i^', B " McCormJ <*. of tho Ketcham hotel, now known as the Dehnent hotel, had attempted to commit suicide by firing- a .s, ^1^ rifle ln . . re ito his chest. The attempt was un- ho was able to sit up in bed. The bullet went clear through his chest, with little damage to any vital organ, and the only fear was blood-poisoning-. * • * « Editor J. F. Temple, or tho Bocto Bugle, had come to Algona the woek jeforo to get Judge Quarton to run for representative dn congress igainst Congressman Woods on the republican (ticket. All other ef- orta to get the Judge into the race KUI been made by tho Bull Moosers. The Methodist W. F. M. S. met at the church last Thursday, with Mrs J T. 'Snyder and Mr.s. R. C. Goetsch. as hostesses. The devotional leader was Mrs. C. G Humphrey, and the program topic was Woman and Progress, .leaden Mrs. Elmer Weisbrod. A Miniature Biography of Isabel Hwang was given by Mrs. C. F. ,Ruske, and Altar -Lights by Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod. The program was closed with a duet by Mrs j. H. Newel and Mrs. "•. G. Goetsch. 1V * lt f; r Jentzes^Dinner Hosts— Verlina Marinus Nelson, and E. C. Fauerby attended a birthday anniversary surprise for Mrs. Karl -Nelson, Ringsted, last week Wednes~ g " « was also the birth. anniversary of Mr . Kra use. Charivari for the Arbogaab- vari nPw Cr ° Wd atten ded a charivari . Cen er S preceding Sunday. OOier Fenton. A. J. Krauses • Ayrshire, werp ' ThA .wn=o« "*"" a " - c "' m Haase's. „,„„?:. C< Wewbrods were ho home, Albert at vewels, aimutjy and Mr Newel, Spencer,'spent the G.3. Johnson's and Charle"s~New": SSSS IK 1 ?.-?. •»"!*». er, t Voettler drove to TIT-; C. """"• » "uiner aro Winnebago, Minn., one day Il e £*° * ttend ^e funeral of wnomy of the v _ for 1934 with any ° f ' , otteme ss. Mr. and Mrs. , Ronald Rehmer, Alma „ ^, ----- „„„ ima. wuaries Newel, son Lyle, Mr. and Mrs. E. J Frank, Mrs. George Jentz, and the were dinner at h ™ a the Walter Jentz home Saturday evening. Bridge was played after dinner, and the high prizes were and ,., *s Smith, [Ronald Rehmer winning a ut prize. A midnight lunch was m entertained her soivin^ the same day in the aS noon. G. E. Van Dorston was at San Antonio, Tex., for -his health, am con in H»w Raise the Moneyl wTth? n before us at fi money to lbe r the appropriation bill for consideration was « , another . le and as PamlesB as 0oBBi- appropriation, '^x plan, for do1 - U8ed much desired legislation. In the 45th General Assembly ome 50 tax reduction measures •ere enacted into laws. Since thai time many attempts have been made to amend or repeal them. I admit that it is perfectly possible for some of these well intended measures to increase rather than reduce public expenses. No one can tell just what laws will do until they have been tried, but I believe they are entitled to a trial before we start to amend or repeal them. House Irked by Senate. "aiH not in sympathy with plac- — the «tate in business which interferes with private enterprises. (However, since a number of such measures have been enacted into law .by the 45th General Assembly, I feel that they should be given an opportunity to prove'their worth. I question that such, legislation will reduce public expense over a long period of time. However, since there is agitation for this type of legislation, now is as good a time as any to see what it will do. _ The House members are marking :ime. They are becoming very im- Jatient with the senate, and have for adjournment sincerely hope A cartoon that week showed the American eagle and tho English lion shaking claw and paw in celebration of 100 years of peace. * * * * A bear in Father P. M. Dobberstein's park at West Bend had given birth to twin cubs. * * » « William Richard Ferguson was born January 27, 19IW. He weighed seven pounds at birth. * * * • B. HofiiLs had written art- Icle for Hoard's Dairyman about the Algona creamery, and It was r&- printed in the Advance, a column and a half In ileng-th. The Alg-cma creamery was ithen already well known. Tho article had been ™quested by Hoard's Dairyman. President's Birthday Celebrated— The Fenton community took part in commemoration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's birthday anniversary with a dance at the! Legion pavilion last week Tuesday night. The proceeds go to the Warm Springs Foundation hospital for victims of infantile paralysis oroginated by the president at Warm Springs, Ga. Oil Company Holds Meeting— The stockholders of the Fenton oil company met last week Monday to reorganize the old Home Oil company. A majority voted in favor of the change. The new company _ was organized when the depression was at its height, and plans then to sell new shares were not as successful as hoped for. Mrs. Minnie Dreyer Honored— Mrs. Minnie Dreyer was guest of honor at a birthday anniversary party at her son Everett's last Thursday evening. Attending: the lid , T E MIUS PER KMim * ho " «•« y~rt model. Last year's Ford w an Q decld.dly economical car. This year's Ford is even mo« ' Dd u develoi>8 a fu " K% m °« M ORE cylinders give the Ford V-8 for 1934 an effortless flow of power. Flashing pick-up. Expensive car smoothness. But they do not mean greater gasoline consumption. This car is the most economical Ford that has ever been built! The Ford V-8 for 1934 goes 2 to 3 miles per gallon further than last year's economical model. At a speed of 45 miles per hour it travels 20 miles to the gallon of gasoline. But fuel saving is only one Ford economy ... Aluminum cylinder Heads and aluminum-alloy pistons virtually ban carbon formation. Tungsten steel exhaust valve-seat inserts make valve grinding practically unnecessary. Brakes need reliningless frequently because the Ford V-8 for 1934 has greater braking surface per pound of weight than any car we know of. Among other reasons for Ford econ- omyis Ford resale value. The record of The Car without a Price Class Many features of the Ford Car are found in no other Car under $1,000... Other features of the Ford Car are found «n no other Car under $2,000; for instance, the V-8 engine. Ford ,s the only Car under $2,000 with a V-8 engine-the type of engine that holds the world's automobile, speedboat, and airplane speed records. Buy a Ford V-8 ««d you S e ta car of proved dependability Buy a Ford and you get IMMEDIATE DELIVERY LISTEN/o the Ford program, Columbia Network. Sundays 730p.m. Thursdays 8:30 p. m .- Fred Waring and guest artists. Before you buy any car at any price drive the Ford V-8 for 1934. IOWA FORD DEALERS for 1934 and Frank Dreyer. families, Party Honors Ringsted Woman— a niece of Mrs. Schroeder .. M "- Ray Sfcoeber was hostess td r^ rS- , A l vin . Zuma ch entered the General hospital, Algona, Sunday or operation George Goetsch shipped a carload of stock to Chicago Saturday and Harold Goetsch accompaSedJt: «£ » * H> S . chmidts . of Bancroft, v^n Fel l ton ™itors last Thursday lormer Fentonites Lose. Daughter The Rev. J. T. Snyders were dinner guests at the S. W. Mevem home Friday evening. y Mrs. Arthur Frederick was hostess to the Fairville Aid last Thursday. G. S. Kufcn, Algona, was tuning pianos here last week Wednesday. piiiiiniiiiiiiiiiHiiiniiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH DON'T Be mi8kd by "trick^ advertising claims and two-for-one tire sales on unknown makes when you can buy Tfrestone SENTINEL TYPE TIRES ? Buy one tire at Standard List Price And get the Second for $1.00 | Don't Bake Bread—Buy It I Says | r«ally flirt ypur present cof- Iff t«t«|Iy cuiti your ta§U? How ?*^w*_BwWfr.Nul:? H»v« you tried »ll lhPUi»n()f »f our customer* °{l«5t u»ed »orne other brand-until ^Wty *«»t§4 Butter-Nut. Try it I yo ur »elf-let flavor decide. Looney "It is foolish to spend time baking bread when It can be bought here in Algona sliced ready for the table Spend your time on other items of your meal The Dairy Maid bread sold here is the equal of any you can bake yourself, and is much more economical. "You can please your family by properly preparing foods that must be cooked correctly with the time saved by buying bread. "The same holds true of the trimmings of the meal that must be prepared hurriedly, Buy the dessert cake or cookies and spend the time on the meal" Compare these Prices Size SaSfreS ' ' ' "^ "^^ 2sxt'Si« • r • 8 - 40 >•«*' ifxsAJf ' ' • lao ° '-oo 31x5.25-21 . | , u.oo |.oo Buy Now Before Pricey Increase LUBRICATION Coffee The Algona Bakery Bakers of Dairy Maid, Blue Ribbon, and ~~ Krust Bread and the. ~ • - Phone 856 Tiresrone ONE STOP SEHVICE

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