Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 7
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s, Used ;, Financed itir present u high we will refi- vo«r car for you. apt and courteoui ent. H.N.KBUSI! FRANCE AGENCY lione 125, Algona, Iowa OANS UP TO $800.00 la personal loan of 1100.00, or $300.00 help solve your al problems? . /ite you to investigate our Ll loan plan on your furni- hito and livestock. As long hty months to repay.; Mil find our service prompt, |ical, and confidential. In- for details without ob- —See— eral Finance Co. i Moines Bids. Des Moines, la. N. KRUSE Algona, low* llNGLIKEBUCItLEIf'S COUGH^AND COLD lillings, of Colonsay, Sask., •to know, for he has takeni •EYlS MIXTIpB for years. tea: "There is nothing on Jrket to equal it. Its flash- ition is sudden death to a batter how stubborn or long Ig your cough or cold, try OPERETTA TO BE GIVEN BY TITONKA H, S, •' Tltonka, Feb. o— A iMgh school operetta, Peggy and the Pdrate, in two acts, directed by Irm a Campbell, will bo jrlven late in, February at the high school auditorium licrc SSL*"^ WlU lncUlde Vcr "o Bacon,' Wilbur Schram, Helen Beod i^la Helfner, Relnhart. Fritz, Loralno Peterson, BomJce Larson, Herman Rlggort, Herbert Rakow. There will be a chorus of boys and girls. Party Honors Girl's Birthday— A surprise birthday party will bo given In Mnor oe Loralno Peterson Ithl's week Tuesday nigWt, and attending will be Helen Bowl, Wilbur and Kaithryn Schwun, Donald Col- Mes,, Arthur Askln., John Gartner, Feme Mildred and Harold ICrantz Edlthtnoe Budlongr, Edith Reynolds, Lewis and Vern Bacon, and George Bplktelman. b Surprises Honor Alice Franzen— Two surprise showers wore given in honor of Alice Franzen, one last week • Tuesday afllemlooul at Mrs Dick Franaen's, the other at uMa-s' Henry Franzen'e given by members of theXuither League, 50 attending. ^V* 1 ? 8 , lncludc<i a decorated clothes basket presented by Lucille Smith and Helone Finny. Lono Rock Quint Wins— .The Lone Rock basket ball teams Played hero .last Thursday night £nd the local first team lost, 34-13' but itflie Tltonka seconds won 28-3 A number of Lone Rock rooters attended. Lasjt week Wednesday night Ithe Tltonka firsts played Woden at Woden, and also lost, 30' mtTMTT APVANOtt. AT^OMA PAGE W. J. Payne, Editor. Clmrlos Klnmp, Field Reporter. Walter Coarly called at the office Saturday to pay hia father Walter Coady's subscription. The Coady* d on the O eo. W. Boevers farm the paving north of Algona e years, but now live on the P. '• -ierfass 400-acro farm norfli d ^ ''»'•' ™° ast * over the line in Han- sprin £ t^VSni estate farm tfin> the flu. Louis, his younger broth er, looked after the choree. Mr Wildin was reported up and abou Monday. * « * * to acres^ south a half pavement, on Titonka road. the tenant enan governor of Iowa it Har Jan and m wartime cried purebred livestock sales here. Anterfcanizatlon The Legion Auxiliary . m eit at Julia and' Nellie Nelson'e last week Tuesday night, and aa Americanism program on Washington and Lincoln was given, with itablsau, poems wlli be tut Mrs. M. s. Craven's. Eighth Orador»~Taiie~Testfi_ Nine standard schools we're (represented in eighth erade (tests at the Buffalo Consolidated Bchoolhouse here Friday. There were Itwenty-two student* taking: ithe, examinations under the direction of Mrs. Lee o. Pannkuks to New Home— The Anton Pannnuks left Monday for ibhelr new home at Blooming Firairle, Minn., where they will farm They formerly ran a store here. The John Woods, family has moved into the house vacated by the Pann- kuks. WOMAN AT SEXTON DIES IN ILLINOIS 1924 and *' and + , together. Wife died l James Besides th . s son James there are two daughter Mrs Vern Rebihoff, near Bun an at - Des Moines - Jaines 1S a Daughter of M ™ i and th l > oe ' 'P Ium ee ana they have two boys and tw gn-ls the hoys being in School. Th Coadys sealed 3400 bushels of and , have s ,g ne d a corn-hog tract. corr con ° e When you drive south past St P Sexton Sr. _ Feb. c-Mrs. John Huff Wednes- brother, Charles Me- Peorla, 111., had died the Monday afternoon before. Mr. Me- Mullen vns born September 11 1859 at kllwood, III., and was past '?4 at death Mrs. Huff was unablo to attend the funeral. Ho is survived *l 0 ^™ th * r ,' ' two slsters . * aaugl.- Paw Peter E rpeklin adjoins the i SOU i h V on the west si de of the Peter owns 24a acres half n Kossuth, half in Humboldt coun ty. Some years ago he lost his ' Eli ^beth Puhrman and T man and his sister, Eva Erpeldine keeps house for him. He has four ±, Idre £, two . daughters and two . ,, . sons The lg . lrls are pY'S MIXTURE (tripld Ih). Like a flash Buckley's loughs. You will be amazed •instant relief it affords. The Tirst sip relieves the cough, I no time at all clears up the ion soothes and heals the mflammed membranes and Is them against future at- Iley's acts like a flash — A Isip proves it. 45c and 85c at Ten iDrug Store and all good pts—guaranteed. BLE ALL PAPERS • * * • * • • • re's something new practical .... a Paper that can be e to look like new [merely washing it lase and pencil marks | lj y removed. 137 for full demonstration. Deal Fanners to Leave— The Charles Amas drove to Lakota Saturday and helped Mr. and Mrs Frank Tryon hold a farm sale. The Tryons will move ito East Chain Minn., where they will have a chicken ranch, J. D. Breen Somewhat Improved— J D who had been criti- op- cally stak a month following an - teratlon la& fall at Mabon Oty, was able to come down stairs last Thursday for the first time since Christmas. Methodist Aid Plang Supper-. The Aid's annual Washington «upper will be held in the basement of ithe Methodist church February 22. with all servants in costume. Other Titonka News. Mre. Jos. Hansen helped her moth- ter.. Mre. W . F. Callles, and Mrs. Rakow serve iat an Aid chicken (supper in the basement of the Luth- 8°oj news to ibusband admi?e W , church rlast Thursday. More *nan aoo, persons were served. Mrs. Roy Budlong entertained her dinner bridge club last week Wednesday night. The R. C. Balls won ithe high score. Miss Ilrma Campbell George Ama, and Loretta Larson were club gueate. The M. S. Cravens, accompanied by Mrs. Pheobe Skilling of South Danota, drove to Esther-villa for the week-end iwith relatives and friends The Cravens are formerly of Estherville. The- Max Sievers, who operate* the Collins farm west of town itw years ago, have moved into th John Falfc Sr. house, which is be tng made into an apartmemt houst Mr, and Mrs. Adolph Missal, Lee ter Callies, his mother, Mrs. w. F Callies Mrs. Obnradl, aiDd Louise Oonradl were Sunday dinner guests a* the Rev, H. w. Schoenlein's. The Lee O. Wolfes, Feme, MM red, Doria, Marion and Harol Kiunta Verw Bacon, and Edftlhma. Budlong- were Algona callers Sun day afteroon, •Mrs. Jos. Hansen, of Hutchina formerly Caroline Callies, Titonka who is assisting at Ithe W. F. Callies store here, spent the week-end wltfr her husband. Mrs, H. A. French, Mrs. R. C all, MTO. Martha Bonacker, Mrs Warry Beed, and Mrs. Homer Downs were Mason Otty callers Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Struthers, Rolfe Mrs. atruiihera being the former ffil da Poueteon, Titonka. spent Sunday at the Leonard Callies home. Ml*. H. C, Schweppe and Mrs L. B, Larson will entertain the eld- BOO group at the Larson home > week Friday nigh*. The Woman's club met last Thursday night with Mrs, Homer Downs, Mrs, Jj, A. French leader, The lesson was on Peru, The Rev. L. G, Gartners, who bad been vfel#ng the son Harold, eiptendinff «ch,ool git Iowa City, got borne Sunday, Note Nelsons, Brilt/t, were Mrs. Amy Smith is Sick— Mrs. Amy Smith is seriously ill alt ner home here with heart trouble 'Her daughter Mm. Oscar Hammond' Wesioy, came, Sunday night to care for her. Mrs. Smith has lived for many years in the fdrst house west ot Sexton on the paving. Three Frnsor Children Sick- Eleanor. Phyllis, and Virgil, children of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Fraser, have been seriously sick with fche flu and pneumonia. They have been under the care of Doctor Janse, Algona, and are better. Wennersens in Family Reunion— The Harvey Stevens spent Sunday with Mrs. Steven's faither, John Wermersen, Algona. A family reunion was held, dinner was served at noon. Other Sexton News. Mrs. Harvey Steven, Mrs. W. C. Taylor, Mrs. J. w. Harris, and Mrs. A. L. Greenfield were guests of, the Wesley Congregational Aid last week Wednesday at Mrs. Jergen Skow's northeast of here. Fifty persons were present. Mrs. John Harris, daughter Mary, and Edith Greenfield were Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hansen, near Wesley. Mrs. Hansen is a daughter of Mrs. Harris. Betty and Doris, little daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Miller, spent Saturelay and Sunday with theJr grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Aleo Miller, Lu Verne. A number from hero attended Cecelia's academy, Algona, and the boys are 9th graders in the St. Joe parochial school. Peter is feeding tn P«I M . o monthg to a year ^B He usually has nearly •nogs, but is not caring for that many at present. * ** * across the son, M. A. D. Richards, who lives retired at Algona, was at his farms near 'Lone iRock last Thursday and Friday. North from that village a mile and a half and two miles east ne has two quarters acre road from each other. His „„„, „. O. iRichards, lives on the old home quarter, and Lawrence Dittmer waa the other. Mr. and Mrs. .Richards have four sons. Charles is farming near the Good Hope church; Floyd near Blue Earth; and F. A. near Wyanet, (III., where his wife was horn. The elder Richards couple came to this county from Wyanet m 1904 and lived on the home! quarter till they came to Algona ten years ago. A. D. sealed corn last Thursday and signed a corn- hog contract Friday. • • * • N. D. Mitchell, of the four corners neighborhood, northwest of. Hobarton, is a eon of Mr. and Mrs. 'Etna Mitchell, of the same vicinity. He married a North Dakota girl, and for the last six years they have lived on an F. S. Norton farm, where they will remain another year. They have five children, three sons and two daughters, and all but one attend the Union township No. 7 school. Two of the boys are twins. N. D. is milking nine cowa. He had no corn to seal, for he always feeds all he raises. 65c, and farm machinery at fair prices. This sale was advertised in the Advance. The farm consists of 120 acres and is owned by Julian's brother (Phil, a single man, who will live on it this year. Julian plans to move to Algona and work by tihe day. The '5-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Kramer, who now live on the Stewart farm, three miles south of Algona, has been sic^a week or more with pneumonia, but was better Monday. Her name is Magdaline. • * * * Paul Palmer, on the old Clark farm, two miles south and a half mile east o£ Algona, has two of the finest thoroughbred -black Perch- erons to be found anywhere. One is Bondy Pride, coming six, weight 1900 pounds, and has been a blue ribbon stud at many fairs. The other, Pat, coming three, weighs 1600 pounds and was sweepstakes stud at the Kossuth fair last year. Mr. Palmer raised both horses from colts and is rightfully proud of them. He will either sell them or take them on the road this epring. * * * * Mrs. John Bierl, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. 'Fisher, drove to Ben Dwenger's, four miles west and two miles south of Algona, last week Monday. Mrs. Dwenger is the daughter of Mrs. Bierle, whose tiome is at Templeton. The visitors went home last week Wednesday. Mrs. Bierle, who is a former resident of Kossuth, is a new subscriber to the Advance, which she says is like a weekly letter from home. * • * « Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Germann, wo miles south of the county farm and Arthur Brodsen drove to St. Paul last week Wednesday to visit Urs. Clifford 'Dehnert, sister of rtrs. Germann. The party planned ;o return this week Monday, The Jermanns will move March 1 to a arm two miles south of their present home. The farm they will have s now occupied by the Lawrence Jlsons, who will move to Algona. Lawrence's father, S. L. Olson, now )f Humboldt, owns the place. * * * * Mr. and Mrs. Loren Brown, their aughter Jacqueline Ann, and Mrs. "ens Kirkgaard spent Friday at 'ort Dodge. Mrs. 'Kirkgaard, who s the wife of the herdsman on the Brown dairy farm, visited friends here. The Browns live on the A. . Brown dairy farm two miles or more south of Algona. * * • • John, eldest eon of Earl Miller, our miles south of Algona, spent ast week with his grandparents, dr. and Mrs. John Cox, three miles outh and one-half mile west of Alona. John is now taking eighth rade examinations at Algona. The chool he was attending was closed ecause of a scarlet fever scare. Mr. and Mrs. Aage Hansen, on the Quarton dairy farm, two and a half miles southwest of Algona are parents of a 9-lb. boy, born January 26. The baby has .been named Howard Wayne. This is the £&?£• butAth ? Hansens have two Iters. A former son, second M» w m 1I)fanc y- Mr. and Mrs. Hansen used to live on the C. K. Schoby farm, five miles south of Algona and once lived on the Brown dairy farm, 2 % miles south »*»« The Harry Sabins, four miles southwest of Algona, have been Se k wf h t the fIU) bUt are the way to recovery. this out. . • « » » 'E. J. Marlow has moved to the! farm two miles east of (Lone Rock where his brother Kenneth, who died last fall, lived. This .farm is owned by his father, Lemuel Marlow. Last season E. J. worked for John McGuire, southeast of Algona. He and his wife have a little girl named Delores Jean. SEED OATS We still hare some 10S Seed Oats for sale. ANDEESON GRAIN & COAL CO. Phone 808. * * * • We dropped in at the Wallie «™ 8 Jfe am *!* south of AN ay night, and he and o^thnc, i - Jr> a nei s n &°r, were enthused over a catch of carp from the river. Some of them weighed eight pounds. » * * * Mrs. Ralph Brown, two miles south of Algona on No. 169, has been critically sick with rheumatism, and at this writing Monday was not much improved. She is under the car of Dr. W. D. Andrews, who gives her treatment every other day. * * * * ,. w - J - °odds, a half mile south of the Good Hope church, is always busy when we call. There are lots of chores to do on the Dodds farm, (including care of 19 red .polled milk cows, of which ten are at present being milked. Besides there TGTI all Mr. Dodds raises a few" colts" every year, and he has two now which will soon be a year old. One of them won first prize and the championship at the county fair last year. There are also three 2- year-old colts. The Dodds family takes pride in the horses on the farm. One span of mules is kept. There are more than 90 hogs and ten young pigs which are doing Calves and 26 Wlch sllow the are of care Coast to Coast Store Specials For This Week 59c Alcohol, 188 per cent, No. 5 formula, bring your container 13-plate batteries ____ Exchange B. Batteries, 45 volt well. • * * • ~ • • • * Bonna Ray. 2, and Gerald, 6 Ernest Nimz * * * and his wife' Sunday guesta at H. B. Rachut's. Mm Fred Wentz has been criti- illy 8>ck. Rfljph Hanson, who was with the Ma^ero-stlunan show, now at Lake City, 'has been visiting: his brother Mautfce. WJUUam Batt, of the Batt barber here, Is working' at the aher- Sfoop, Wesley, this week. Earl Hansen, Swea City, Titonka, to at Pes Moines medical [treatment. _ aajd (Sirs, William Rioklefs and l^he Max Silvers were Mason Ofty shoppers Saturday. BJvina DanieOson spent the week~'' -•— ' ••' at Armstrong iemployed at tor a few days. Coule Married. iBoherts an4 Margaret ih p|,^anJi»to, were JTu«tJce P. 4. the, Advance's cooking school at the old high, school building at Algona. Mr. and fMrs. Dale Thompson were guests at a party at the HeniV Phillips home, Wesley, Saturday night. Mrs. Edward Francis, her eon Morris spent Sunday with 'relatives a.t Corwtth. iMinnio Kutsch'ara is able to be about again, after a serious attack of the flu. The choir mot with Mario Harris Saturday night. Academy is Beaten by Corpus Christ! Friday Night, 28-18 (Held from last week) The Academy basket ball team lost to Corpus Christ! Academy, Fort Dodge, there, Friday evening, 28-18. The score at the half was 11-6 in the Dodgers' favor. Wade Hansen was high point scorer for the Algonians, sinking four baskets and a free throw. Tomorrow evening ILivermore comes. The Academy record to date fol- brother, John iHing, botih of the El more neighborhood, were Algona visitors iFriday. They are Minne sotans, John living at Ehnore where he is at present, doing CWA work, and Ernest living a mile wes in a farm tenant house. Ernest who quit farming a year ago, is al present unemployed. Last summer ihe fell 24 feet off a strawstack and broke both wrists, when an extension ladder .buckled under his weight. He is now ready for work again. JHis wife was a Ceylon Minn., girl, and they have a son ant a daughter. Mr. King wants to buy an improved place of 15 acres somewhere in this section and wil! be glad to hear from anyone who has such a place for sale. * • * * The .Rev. Peter Stahl, of the St Francis hospital, Burlington, was a guest last week of his nephew Paul Stahl, who lives on one of the Banna estate farms north of Lul Verne. Paul's father and the visitor were brothers, and Paul has his Uncle Peter to thank for a year's subscription to the Advance. low: Algona 37. 9, 27 12, 13, 27 18 Pocahontas Wesley, Cylinder X«u Verne Sacred (Heart Hodman Corpus Ohristi Opponents 17 28 20 17 31 46 27 The Sacred Heart Academy is at Fort Dodge. FARMS Bdw. iHackbarth, who has the iret place north of the Good Hope hurch, was busy building a power lant for sawing wood when we ailed 'Friday, and he had mounted Model T Ford motor on a small ruck with a short shaft and a pul- ey to operate it. This makes andy power plant for farm use. Mary Lee, 4 -year-old daughter of VIr. and Mrs. Sumner Parsons, was aken sick Sunday, January 28, dth pneumonia. The Parsons faro- y lives on the old Parsons home- lead, three miles south of Algona. [ary Lee has heen under a doc- or*s care and was improved Monay. * • * » Gladys, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. , A. Matern, who live across the oad from the Ambrose A. Call tate park, has been seriously ill or a month. She is a nurse at Ann. rbor, Mich., and has had mastoid- is. (Her ears have been lanced ;wice, and «ie is on the road to ecovery now. Julian Arndorfer, a mile north and a half mile west of St. Benedict, had a sale last week Tuesday and reports satisfactory results. He had four horses, and the highest brought $96. The high cow was sold at $38. A bull was knocked down at f!9. The brood sows and other hoga commanded good prices. Twelve tons of alfalfa went at! flO to $12.76, yellow seed corn at months, children of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Weydert, of Algona, were taken sick with pneumonia last week Tuesday. Doctor Janse, of Algona, has been attending physician. Donna (Ray was reported better Monday, but Gerald was still under the doctors' care. . » • • * The 35th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Anton Malecek, six miles northwest of Wesley, was observed Sunday by their children and friends. Children present -were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Malecek, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown, and Anna and 'Emma, at home. Friends and relatives from Pocahontas drove up for the day. • * • • Mr. and Mrs. James Watts, who have a truck garden two miles south of Algona, near the Ambrose A. Call state park, entertained last Thursday evening at three tables of 500. • * * • Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Harr, two miles northwest of ilrvington, entertained Mr. and Mrs. Homer ILindhorst and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brown at dinner Sunday. These families are neighbors. • • * • George Wildin, .two and one-half miles south of the Cresco church, was confined to 'bed last week with William .Nelson, 1% miles north and 1% miles east of Lone Rock, owns and farms 120 acres. He bought the place -21 years ago this spring and moved to it in 1919 from Eagle Grove. Mr. Nelson remarked he had not forgotten the times when he started. (Farmers then were paid $20 cwt. for hogs, and corn_ was $3 a bushel. He showed us his barn^ which has an 8-ft wall two feet through built of nigger- heads. Oscar Norman, Algona, built this- wall, and it makes 1 1 warm barn for stock. Mr. Nelson showed us two Percheron horses which would bring a high price on the market hut are not for sale. Mr. and Mrs. (Nelson have a family of eight girls and two boys, and they lost three other girls who died 30x3 1-2 tires While 50 last. Tubes, Red Sturdy, 30x3 1-2 Motor oil, S. A. E. 10, 20 or 30, M gallon _________ O9C * * * • Nick Gengler, of the Lotts Creek store, showed us a stoker that lie made for his furnace. He used the tube of the drive shaft on a Model T Ford and fitted it with an auger which feeds the coal into the furnace. An old cream separator electric motor runs the auger and a fan to fill the hopper with coal. Nick arranged three alarm clocks to regulate the feeding, it some mechanical genius to took work 30x450-21 tires, monwealth." This week — "Com- Model T head gaskets Johnson's wax- Flash light batteries Radiator solder Paint, flat wall, quart Johnson's Glo-Co wax See our varnishes and paints 4 f|J_ table, choice I UC Bulbs, No. 60 ___i 3 for Paint brushes—- 10c25c49c Barn paint, red, gal. Felt floor mats Coast to Coast Store JOE BLOOM, Manager AIGOUA, IOWJL If a boy likes a girl, that's his business—• If a girl likes a boy, that's her business— > If you'd like a windmill, that's my business. H. L. WALSH Lone Rock, Iowa 31 years experience. Phone SOS. IpiliiH CLOSING OUT FARM SALE Having decided to quit MM Tuesday, February 13 SALE TO COMMENCE AT liSO O'CIOCK Head of Horses "Salada Tea" Miss Looney used this fine :ea at Cooking School. y 2 -lb. Brown Label black 29e 1/2-Ib. Green Label Japan 99c America's largest seller. 6 PUBLIC SALE At the Biddle Sale Pavilion in Algona, east of Northwestern tracks SATURDAY, FEB. 10, AT 1:30 O'CLOCK SHARP On Saturday we will have our usual amount of live stock consisting of, horses, cattle and a, number of brood sows and some fall pigs. The following farm machinery will be sold: Emerson corn planter with 80 rods of wire; single row cultivator; 16-wheel disc; Hoosier endgate seeder; eight-inch feed grinder; light wagon, with box; n«w wagon box; narrow tire agon and medicine box. The following re-possessed furniture will be sold: Bath tub, kitchen eink,_ bathroom stool complete, bathroom lavatory hot water 'tank. This is all new fixtures and has never been used, also a number of 'beds, tables, chairs, and other household goods. One Shaw piano, dresser, American gas heater, like new. ' Some harness and other articles too numerous to mention. Bring what you have to sell and buy what you want. If you are looking for furniture or stock come and make this your sale. ' * w Terms are cash. No property removed until settled fpr. C. O. Riddle, Auctioneer PHONE 7» Ust property with, Jess Riddle at the Coryeil Oil Station, or auctioneer, phone »3. ^ ' _ gelding. 10 yrs. old, wt. 700. geimng 1^ yrs 11 Head of Cattle fa; Head of Hogs 32 Farm Machinery, Etc. or 10 4-horse many plcked fros " • slaek oi

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