Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 3
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COSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. I OW A Corn-Hog Contracts Being Signed in Union Township 1. Klcktefs, See 360 IV. H. JUckleffl, Ulph Hurlbutit, See lorn HSrlburt'/Sec: M Buffalo," 660 • . ,,,,... «4t«i«« f**5 Henry Anderson, Sec. 30 Buffalo, «7fi bu ........••••'•••--'• $269 Harm D^nbush, Sec. «3.But- falo, 320 bu *H4 600.. j. l/owman, Sec. 5 Cresco, bu 1225 Sec. 6 Oeaco B Haynes, bu ........... Sec. Good Hope, Feb. G—The corn-hop, program la moving ateadlly forwarc In Union township, though more «lowly <tWan was antlclpate<l m ml ditlon to an Instruction meeting a, Itho Good Mopo Community Room January 23, sign-up meetings WCT -c meld there January 25-20-30 and February 2. To date all but about (16 farmer* eligible to sign have accepted the contract. There are but few opposed to the plan, tho trouble being mostly tho dlfClcuRy In curing required Information. Tho farmers involved in the plan owe inuoh ito the temporary committee members of which havo given un- Istlntedly and cheerfully of time, and at considerable financial ' 'outlay, ,to make this project a cess. suc- Ostehgarrd, Sec. 13 Eagle, BOO . |j. J. Anderson, Section 28 Eagle, W larsen,"sec. '26 Eaeie, 1100 Sec. 2* f 496 Eogte, ..... |360 tti4 Eagle, 1460 bu. Pm. . 800 bu foe Groczkowskl, Sec. 1000 bu. .......... GroczkowsW, Sec. Qi4 Eagle, 1800 bu ........... 1810 , of Honor Protective AeSn., Sec. 24 Eogto &50 bu. . 1.... $248 i of Honor Protective Assn., "S«J. 24 Eagle 600 bu. ...... |226 i of Honor protective Assn., 'Sec. 24 Eagle 1160 bu. ; $518 i of Honor Protective Assn., [flee. 24 Eagle 600 bu. .... $270 Fenton. C. Klauss, Sec. 20 Fenlton, [900 bu. '. 1405 C. Klauss, Sec. 20 Fenton, 570 bu. ,. .\......__........ J |275 h n W. Hartman, Sec. 19 Fenton, 350 bu $168 iptvn W. Hartman, Sec. 19" Fen| ton, 650 bu. ....;.... $293 H. Brass, Sec. 30 Feriton, »50 |bu $423 J. Adorns, See. 1 Fenlton, 1900 |bu $846 L. Smith, Section .1 Fenton, Jbu .. $846 lenry Tienan, Sec. 17 Fenton, Quarterly Confcrcnco is Dated—. Thi« week Friday evening- at 7:30 a quarterly conference and community meotiner will lie held «jt tho Good Hope church. Diat. Supt. Muhlc- man will present one of his illustrated travelogs, probably tho Cen- tury'o£ Proerross, .though a change may be made. The public is cordially Invited. No admission c hn.r K o Will be made, but a USo lunch will bo served by the I.. A. S.in tho din- •nlngr room. It is desirable that all church officials bo present ult tho qujarterly conference-. Two Clilldren Critically Sick— Two cases of pneumonia, Beverly Ann, Uttle daughter of Mr. and Mrs Bnwin Turner, and La Vonne' youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs' Clarence Rlebhoff, have caused con. cern during the past (two weeks .not •only to parenta but to friends of the Uttle patients in the community. The Turner child la well on tho road VVoo.1 SIs(cr who Loan List PARTIES ARE NUMEROUS IN BURTSOCIETY Burt, Feb. 6—-A number of pre- Lenten bridge parties were held win ' f ° r , Frld ^. an H «i lwrvlcos WCPB hcld Week ' are week her illness in November. Frefl Pliiml)K Tile Fred Plumbs ready ito move .to "Sexton, where tlio 'arm. Mr. and Mrs. G. entertained seven tables br j d *e. Mrs. J. T. Heaney re- 3COre »i'f! making 1 ;i. new 'homo at • have Last Thursday evening Mr. and — 61X and Mrs. John Long •or - ? lly prize > Mr - and n , r,Y y0tt St0tt 10W fami ly ana Charles Scott a Mrs. J. G three will bo and Mrs. i. w. Hansen won Other Good Hope. prizes for low score. atrday Mr. and Mra. Chester Robinsons Wedded 30 Years; Neighbors Call Four Corners, Feb. 6—A large nvimber of relatives and friends surprised Mr. and Mrs. Chester Robinson Saturday evening in honor of their 30tih wedding anniversary. The evening was spent at i500, and lunch was served at a late hour. Present were Mr. and Mra. John Rich, the Arthur CruUwihanUs, Wm. Drayton, Louis Lowman, Edward Rich, John Sabln, Carl Selp, Everett Wltham, Pearl Potiter families, and Mr. and Mra; Lewis Bi-oesder, Howard Wlth- am, Joseph Elbert, and Earl Itloh, Ralph Wltham, and Elsio Lindeman. Student Nurse Visits Here- Pearl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Walker, got homo Saturday morning from Chicago, where she ras been taking nurses training. She is in the best of health and Gardner xihpol at Alfcona and tho Monday. and.Mrs. (Roy W w "™ — -"^-^'A'S^SASSa-S ood Hope parsonage Workmen are busy at tho odds wiring house and g for electricity. ThojJood Hop 0 Aid meets Mrs. this s. Jen! Wnaon, Mra. A. M. Gustafson assis- 30 Porit- $101 1400 bu. $630 Garfield. kenry J,,Solimidt Jr., Sec. 21 Gar- Jfield, 750 bu $338 luth B. Peile, Sec.- 10 Garfield, [2400 bu $1080 Gorman. ttendtte Geerdes, Sec. 7 Germani li.000 bu '....... $450 (tlencftte G'eerdes, Sec, 7 German, bu .........$473 dker Stecker, Sec. H9 German, bu $203 lenry Geerdee, Sec. 7 German, [ 1000 bu .-.;.' $450 Greenwood. falter Thompson, Sec. 31 Green- wiod, 360 bu. .-|162 G. Hamilton, Seo , ; 2T" ;Green*,- |wooa, 1900 bu. ............. $460 L. Cotton, Sec. 8 Greenwood, |1800 bu ,."... |ino L. Cotton, Sec. 32 Greenwood, |3« bu $153 L. Cotton, Sec. 32 Greenwood, |400 bu. .;_ jjgO L. Cotton, Sec. 32 Greenwood, IMflO bu. $460 I L. Cotton, Sec. 8 Greenwood, |900 bu HarriaOB. H, Kesler, Sec. 7 Harrison. W. H. Schwletert, Seo. land, 225 bu W. H. Sohwieitert, Sec. 30 Portland, 860 bu | 387 Prairie. Morris Daley, Sec. 20 Prairie 1400 bu " '•• $830 Ramsey. H. S. Wellington, Sec. n Ramsey 3200 bu - ...; $1440 Riverdale. Pauline Wonster, Sec. dale, 400 bu Anton Hansen, Sec. 31 Riverdale 700 -bu M =SF 1<3 °' • Rahan ' Sec - 7 Riverdale, l>u. .. $270 Seneca. F. Mueller, Sec. 33 Seneca, 575 bu $259 Lester F. Mueller, Sec. 33 SeW, il>2 River- 350 bu. ?168 George Jenitz, Sec. 33 Seneca.',565 bu. j 2 ,- 4 . O. Schrtebter, Sec. is'seneca, 376 bu 700 bu Sherman. Mary M. I>ev4ne, Sec. 33 Sherman, 2600 bu _ ?1125 Wm. j;. Glea, Sec. 28 Sherman, $315 Mrs. H. B. plathe, Sec. <Tsher- $540 650 bu. $248 E. Ridge, sec. 3 Haprtoum, 700 $3tt|B s:^| A. Stenstrom, Sec. 3 Harrtoon, f<08 Hebron. P. Olson, section. 28 Hebron, B50 bu. $158 $423 P. Olson, Section 28 Hebron, " DU. ........,..,...,,.'•• ti Mlohaelaen, Sec, 12 Hebron, ^ou bu Mlchaelsen, Sec i •60 bu ' $42 . M. Smith, Sec. 32 HebVon, iOO bu. ,.., Sec. 32 Hebron. .. _ Iningion. Fk Groh, Sec. 26 1200 bu Mi-s. H. B. Ptoithe, Sec. 6 Sherman. 2000 bu ........ .j Mrs. H. E. Plathe, Sec! e'sher- n>bn, MOO bu ........... »g Ray Guy, Sec. 13 Sherman," 900 ~ m l'±l ................. * 4( Kuhimon, Sec. 7 Sherman, ting. 650 bu. Minnie B. 850 bu. $293 Drake, Sec. 22 Gtunt, Wedding Anniversary Celebrated— Mrnn^ 611 Wedn esday evening Mr. and Mra. Ivan .Long were reminded of their seventeenth wed- dmg anniversary by having a group of relatives come to their home for ertained Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Sfcill- nan, >Dr. Melvin Bourne, and Mrs. Opal Morrison, Algona, and Mr. nd Mrs. W. A. MacArthur at diner Saturday evening. The (E. A. Hansens, Bricelyn, Minn., spent Sunday at the George likes her work. She plans to stay about a week. T. & T). Club Meets Tho Moth-en* and Daughters club will meet today wi,th Mrs. Maude Robinson. Roll call, Quotations from Lincoln; paper, Bills Island and tho Harbor, by Mrs. Ida Nick- •erson. Surprise for Louis r.owmans Jr.— A surprise party was held at tho Louis Lowman Jr. ,homo last week Tuesday evening. The Lowmans moved t o tho L. J. Lowman farm on the pavement last Thursday. Lewis Brocsder Has Birthday— Relatives gathered at the Lewis Broesder home Friday evening in honor of Lewis's birthday. Other Four Corners. The J. p. Nickersons spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Fern Huling, Britt. The Huling children bu J. Tyson, Sec. 30 Grant',' Sec. 800 $360 10 $846 Kathorino G. Oliphant, Grant, 1900 bu .......... Out of the'Couiity.' liquidating Corp., Davenport, Sec. 24-93-33 (Emiwft county) 1000 Anna Nurre, Adni., Sec'.' is-lOO-sl (Emmfet county) 1&50 bu. $ 6 98 i'- L.. Adams, Sec. 29-98-26 CWm- nebago county) 350 bu ..... $158 i'. L,. Adams, Sec. 29 96-26 (Han). cock county) 480 bu ...... * 2 11 F. L,. Adams, Sec. 29 96-26 '(Hant cock county) 1180 bu ....... $531 The guests the parents, brothers, and sisters, and the families of both "'; ^ Mr |- 'Long. Mrs. Long is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N Holding. m Hcar sta *e Program— The Woman's club met Monday M 6 ^" 8 ^* Mrs> Maude Banna's; Myrtle Hanna, assistant hostess. This was the third of a series of on the sta K e stage I'SOO bu. $67 Charley Hanselman, Sec. 26 Sherman, 1200 bu 134 Thomas D. Coleman, Sec. 33 Sherman, 2500 bu « n 2 Gottlieb Grbbach, Sec. 29 ' Sherman, 1800 bu '«8l Gottlieb Grobach, Sec. 29 'sker- man, 1600 bu. Gottlieb Grobach, Sec. 29 Sher- naai. looo bu. Gottlieb Groboch, 'sec. $450 29 Shermon, Uioo bu, ...... . ....... $495 ^ Gilmore Barnes, Sec. fteld, «00 bu, 16 Spring. M, E. Smith, Sec, 13 Springfield, $383 Irvlngton, I I&85 | Buchanan.'S^c'.'ii'i^i n ^*J : Bu^an^V Sec'. H 'i^niJf'° Du bu. L p Doocy, sec. la $450 850 bu. lAffeman, Seo. 20 Spring' *leld. 1000 bu 1450 Lagemau, Sec. 20 Spring- 600 bu. ....__ |2J Lageman, Sec. 20 Sprlng- fieM, 700 bu j 3l5 red Lagreman, Sec. 20 Springfield, 400 Du |lgo Equitable Lite Ins. Co. Section 20 Springfield, 600 bu $270 Equitable Wfe Ins. Co. Section 20 Springfield, moo bu $495 Equitable Life Ins. Co- Section 20 Springfield, 600 bu $270 John Haas, Sec, 24 Springfield, 600 bu. ff , $22* John Haas, Seo. 24 Springfield, JMOO bu. $ 450 Slgvant Oswald, Sec. 17, Springfield, 900 bu «4p- a a*vamt Oswald, Sec, 17, spring- field, 1500 bu |678 August Busch, Sec. 20 Springfield, «00 bu |270 SWOB. Mllten Jensen & H. N. Wllberg, »». « Swea, 82.5 bu $371 Mw. Jennie Carroll geo. '30 Swea, 900 bu ,.„ |405 B. A. yWren, Sec. 24 Swea, 700 b «» $315 H*«*er»on, Sec. 3 Swea, 760 bu $»38 Union, jonn l(png, Jr. Sec. 12 Union. bu. ' (-ii Albert B>, Gould, Sec. 27 Union" 476 bu |214 R. Call Ex., Sec. 26 Union, 950 bu $423 Call Ex., Seo. (26 Union, $473 WMlty '" Wesley. $405 Wesley, Sever paw»», bu. 8«v«r Pwfon, Wesley, $270 Westey, $360 $*Y<W FWfWWJ, igeoV 17 W«stey. 1WO by, , .,... $608 B. H. -|fm«r, Sec. 90 Wesley, 1«00 $676 Estate, Seo. 82 Wes$630 , fieo. 4 Wesley, bu, .....',,' $450 . Seo, &5 Wesley, bin, ,.,...__.... f540 W. P. Oswald!;, Seo, g wtoW*emoire, $2259 , Sec. 5 Whtttemore, f90o MRS, GEISNECKER, ST, JOEJS DEAD St. Joe, Feb. 7—The St. Joe community was deeply shocked last Thursday to learn of the eudden death of Mrs. Henry Geishecker. She was apparently in good health till a week before, when she contracted pneumonia, from which she failed to rally. She died at 7:05 a. m. February 1 in her 55t/h year. Mrs. Geishecker's maiden name was Catherine Schreiber, and she was born December 1, 1879, in this neighborhood. She was married October 4, 1903, at St. Joe, and two daughters, Irene, w<ho teaches in a consolidated school near Rolfe, and Prances, who is Mrs. Frank J. Hilbert, near Irvington, survive, Mr. Geishecker, one grandchild, Gordon Hilbert, two sisters, and five brothers also survive. The brothers and sisters are: Lena, Mrs. James Marso, Waseca, Minn.; Sister Mary Olympia, Danbury; John Schrieber, Madelia, Minn.; Peter Schrieber, Madison, Wis.; Conrad Schrieber, Austin, Minn.; William Schrieber, Seattle, Wash.; and Joseph Schrieber, Stratford, Wis. Funeral services were held at 9 o'clock Saturday morning at St. Joseph's Catholic church toere, and interment was made in the St. Jos- The pallbearers Schrieber, Joseph eph cemetery. were Conrad „, r _ Schrieber, Jolin Geishecker," He*r- man Flathe, -Henry Kohlhaas, and Casper Kohlhaas. St. Benedict There will be another card party at the school hall Tiexft Tuesday eve>nine given by the circle No. 1, airs. John; Ludwlg and Mrs. August jiuder in charge. The Martin Blelchs, Tttonka, spent Sunday with Mrs. Blelch's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Seller, and Mrs. Seller went ito Tltonika wdth them for a few days. Mr. and Mra, Leonard Arndorfer Spent Suday with the laiter's par- eta, Mr. and Mrs. John Loebig, Wes- ey. Candlemas day was observed at .he local church Friday morning at 8:30, and the feast of St, BUuSe was observed Saturday morning aft 8. William Hanig, his mother, Mrs. John Hanig, and Jos. Hanig, Ackey, attended the funeral of Geo. last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Aman, also of Ackley, were here for the funeral. The Young Ladles Sodality had business meeting Tuesday even- ng ait the school hall. Mrs. Roy Plckens, R. N., Algona, to caring for Mrs. John Wermersen, south of town, who is sick. The J. O. Downs family spent Sunday with Mrs. Downs' mother Mrs. Mary Downs, Wesley. Neighbors and other friends gathered at Mr. and Mrs. Julian Arndor- er'B Monday evening to surprise hem with a farewell party. They lave quit farming and will m'ove to Igona soon. The evening wa» spent at cards, and refreshments were served. There was a party ait Leon Studer's Monday evening to surprise on tola birthday. (Mr. and Mrs. George Kelch and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Overhelro, all of Corwith, at- ended, „* „ — The 'Program consisted of roll call; Fashions in Musical C ? ln ? ay> »«0i Hodgson; a review nf ™- Life is in Your Hands by Cantor, Mrs. Wm. H. Vogel. Bennetts to New Home— The >F. L. Bennetts, who have been living -on the George Carroll farm for aeveral years, will move this week to ILake City, where they have hought a small acreage. Their daughter Lena, who teaches the Strayer school south of Burt, will remain here to continue her school work. The Jake Smith family will move to the Carroll farm. Finals in Declaiu Held— The final declamatory contest w . a , sj held Friday evening. Darrel Riddle and.iRonald Ortman were winners in the oratorical class, ^yaia Mansmith and Dorothy Brooke m dramatic, and Sarah Schroeder and Maxine Schenck in humorous. Mrs. Opal Morrison, Algona, was critic Judge. Special Meetings at Church— Several special meetings are being held at the Presbyterian church this week Tuesday evening, the Rev. S. M. Gladstone, 'Lone (Rock, preached, and last evening the Bev. C. Paul Carlson, Algona, was the speaker. CWS Nurse Examines Children- Miss (Newton, Swea City, a nurse, who is working for the CWS, was here last week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, giving the school children a physical examination. Booserelt's Birthday Observed— A good-sized crowd attended the president's birthday ball held last week Tuesday evening. The affair was sponsored by several <JWA workers. Aid Observes 60th Anniversary— The Aid celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding yesterday afternoon. A special program was planned and a 15c lunch served. Mite Society Clears $20— The Mite society served an oyster supper in the church parlors Saturday evening. A good crowd attended and the society cleared $20. Other Bart News. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richmann, Hartwig Richmann and Amelda Peters, Readlyn, spent the weekend at the Rev. L. (Richmann home. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Richmann were married last Thursday and were on their honeymoon. Ernest and Hartwig Hichmann are Rev, Richmann's brothers. The following children took eighth grade examinations here last Friday. Jane MeWhorter, Carol Jain, Marie Watson, Arthur iLeeck, Floyd Stott, and Howard Long. Mrs. Maude Hanna had charge of the examination. Mr. and Mrs. O. IL. McDonald en^ merchant here for several years. Mrs. Hansen is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Koestler. Senator and Mrs. G. W. Patterson and son Kenneth came from Des Moines Saturday to spend the week-end here and at Lake Mills. Their son Donald, Ames student came also. Little Shirley Graham returned to her home near Algona last week Wednesday after spending several days at the J. G. Bewick home, while ,her sister was ill with pneumonia. H. J. Thompson, who had spent 'several months here visiting his sisters and looking after his farm left Saturday for his home at Los Angeles. The Elmer Kienitz family, Lakota, and Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Allen have been 'having the whooping cough, but are improving. Mrs. Verla I_.owman'a Larkin last Wednesday with Mrs. Monday afternoon with Mrs. 'peter Mueller. L. J. Ixnvmau got home Friday from Illinois, where ho spent the winter with relatives. He wa » accompanied home by his brother George. A large number of Four Corners young folks spent las/t Sunday afternoon at the skating rirvk at Whittemore. The Edward Riches spent last ™^?f y Wlth Mra> Eicih ' s folk s at Whttbemore. DRY If EAR WRECKS FARMERS IN S. 0, C. H. Bailey, Gary, S. D., who has taken the Advance many years, wrote under date of last Friday: 'The weather here is good, We have had some cold snaps and just a little snow. The" ground is Just awful dry, for we had little rain ast fall. It does not look promis- ng at all for a crop next year. "Our bank is in the hands of a receiver. That has worked another hardship on us. The small sum of money we had is lost, and there is ittle prospect of borrowing from, any source, because we are in the) drought area. "We have received some feed and hay from the state and federal government. Seed will have to be provided for a large percentage of the larmers this spring if they are to •nave a chance this year. Many are getting CWA work or direct relief." . The Baileys live in Yellow Medicine county, Minn., Just across the state hne from Gary. Confirming hie statement about relief for farmers m that drought-stricken area, he enclosed a newspaper clipping reporting that 53,000 .bushels of CREAMERY AT WESLEV CLOSES ANOTHER VWfr Wesley, Feb. 6—Stockholders, df» rectors, officers, and customers of the Wesley Farmers Creamery com* pany attended the annual business! meeting at Kleinpeter'e hall day afternoon. Jorgen Skow, president, preside*, and as usual gave a talk Messrs. Guy M. Butts and - -— ----- - vujvw -M v»oAi^ia vi. oats and corn and 535 tons of hay had been distributed by a relief committee to farms in eight western townships of Yellow Medicine Lu Verne Club Has Antiques Exhibit !Lu Verne, Feb. 6-The J. J. club * a social afternoon (Friday at , »"v« ATA* * »jiu. AfiiOt \jf, \j t AJ16H on 11 QTI^ *i. cnfLT'HoTdiSgTomr 518 at th6 i±!if, ^T.? a ^S° w ^ Antiques descnbe d at roll — years old i-. spoon belonging to Mrs. Harold T '~~ iSorenson; an old plate shown by <La Vonne, 6-year-old daughter of Mrs > Lawrence Miller; a marble Mr. and Mrs. Martin Griese, ' had to P tab 'e described by Mrs j L. her tonsils removed at Dr. J. G. .Eustace; and a clock by Mrs Dehn- Clapsaddle's office last (Friday. «**•. Mrs. Bernard Wolf told of a J. G. McDonald, Mrs. Maude Han-'Christmas cactus her mother has na, and Mrs. J. T. Heaney attended „ f ^ r ™. OI>e than 3 6 years, and the funeral of James Mayne Sr. at s j Larl Hans elman owns a gun T fiJ-vmm*^ T^—I J _ <•• llflfWl f\^r Vl A'H «•__„!. •» *• ,. ^ . county. Big Sale Planned for Next Tuesday Mrs. Grace Watkins, who plans to move to Jackson, Minn., will hold a closing out sale next Tuesday afternoon at the farm four miles east and 1% miles north of Burt. This will be a fairly large sale at which farm personal property of. the better class wil be offered. Six horses, 11 cattle, 32 hop, 230 Legfcorn chickens, house- ho d goods, and all farm machinery will be sold. Col. C. O (Riddle will be auctioneer; Burt Savings bank, and Wester made informal "speeches. Vincent Oaughan, secretary, read the minutes of the last annual' meeting. Paul Engen, buttermafc. er, read the report for 1933. John iLoebig, vice .president, Herman Ostercamp, John Arndorfer. and «enry Haverly were re-elected ui rectors* Olaf (Funnemark auctioned off- the buttermilk, and all three weekly ehurnings were bought by Fran* Fox at 81.5c a gallon, p. G. Enwsn buttermaker and manager, was giyi en a rousing round of applause fo« good work and management. Mrs. Nina Blythe, who has been spending the winter with, hep daughter, Mrs. John .Frankl, visited seve ra i days ,last week with Mre. Nina Qchichti. MRS. Blythe plan* to go to Sioux Palls soon, whcr* she will spend some time with another daughter, Mrs. Lebert Pack, Ledyard Friday afternoon. Mrs. H. A. Gettman and children and Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Polhemus visited Mrs. Gettman's parents at Buffalo Center Sunday. A good crowd attended the Rebekah lodge meeting last Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Gettman were initiated. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hawcott, Al gona, and R. F. Hawcott were Sun day dinner guests at the Mrs. An me Hawcott home. Helen Thompson, who has been a student at Coe college, returnee Friday. She will not be in schoo this semester. The Rev. L. Richmann and fam ily and their guests were Sunday dinner guests at the Rudolph Pet era home. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Frane, Al gona, were Sunday evening supper guests at the Dr. W. T. Peters home. The J. B. Asa family moved last week to a farm near Algona. Alvin Kluss, Gait, was calling on Burt friends Sunday. used by her great-grandfather , u the Civil war which ia now on ex- in Coal at prices that are right. Good clean coal that will give good results. Botsford Lumber Company JIM POOL Phone 356 Home of Peerless Coal, High in heat, low in ash. 'lie Advance:-" Has in stock a. full U»e of adding machine roBs, sates adding machine rolls, sales pads, typewriter ribbons for all makes, stencil, and carbon pa> per. 'He Fortune Teller' A comic opera by Victor Herbert produced by Algona musicians two nights— * Monday and Tuesday, February 12 and 13 Algona High School Auditorium seats reserved at SOe Department S fores Buy and Save Cups Saucers lOc Plates 7 inch lOc JFIHHL. Department Stores Buy and Save Childs' School Hose lOc Part Linen Toweling 14c PAST COLOR Prints 80 square cloth, yard __ Department Stores Buy and Save Work Shirt 49c Rockford socks IQc RIBBED ea_ UNIONS O9C See this value. You'll realize now is the time to buy. BOYS' PLAY SUITS 2 to 8 yrs. rlickory stripe, washes easily & assures brightness always. 25c MEN'S WOOL SOCKS Gray only. Made of excellent quality yarns — priced special. MEN'S Outing Pajamas Here's values you'll want to share in Window Shades Green and tan Opaque cloth, the most popular fabric. O-So-Easy Polish 25c One pint can for only O'Cedar Mops .$1.00 Triangle shape, adjustable handle. O'Cedar Floor Wax 50c Bias Tape _8c New shades, fast colors. Sewing Thread ___5c "Coats" black and white. Fringe Panels 40 inches *&**—; wide 33C Quality marquisette in attractive patterns. DOUBLE BLANKETS ere's a lot of blanket for little money. i OilCIoth, 50 inches «%C^ wide . OOC Highest quality, new patterns. OIL CLOTH Table Covers 48x48 inches 50c 54x54 inches 69c Cream Cans quart Heavy outside covers. Galvanized Tubs, No. 2 89c 5\>ur-sewed Brooms ____Isi c Curtain Rods curved end~s~10c Chenille Hugs, 18x36 New and unusual two- tone designs. Jersey Bloomers Rayon OC** stripe -C3C Cut large and roomy in size 4 to 16. RUFFLED. ffi CURTAINS 59C 7-piece sets, 2 curtains, 2 sashes, valance, 2 tie backs. Brown Muslin 40 inches 4 AA wide 1 UC Excellent weight, well constructed, line weave. CHILDREN'S Mtl~ PANTY DRESSES ._ 49C, Attractive styles in fast color print cloths. UNBLEACHED Sheeting 81 inches •vide, yard ... COLOR 4 •• ^ PRINT CU)TH I f C Fast- color fabric for trim purposes. Mift Looney, Cooking School Demonstrator U*ed MANDALAY FLOUR by International Milling Co., of W day We feature m mwiwng, one in *f ternoon. and Baby '^^^r' ^S^^^^^(PF iPfpi|i

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