Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 8, 1934 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 8, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO JleciveiUsed in the Cooking School *• ——~~ TI~« m:«.t..io6 itiw water and cook until thicki Monday Mint Apple Bings Stuffed Pork Shoulder Texas Sweet Potatoes Date Pudding Layered Cheese and Apple Salad Short Bread Cookies Jelly Roll Peanut Bread Golden Gate Pie Vanilla Ice Cream Old Golden Sauce Ham and .Lima Beans en Casserole -it—teaspoon Four Kossuth Brides c—cup T—tablespoon Old Golden Sauce % cup strong hot coffee 1 cup granulated sugar 2 tablespoons corn syrup Combine all ingredients and cook lor 10 minutes. Cool, then chill. May be kept in a jar in the refrigerator and used as needed. Stuffed Pork Shoulder Wipe, salt, pepper and dredge with flour, a pork shoulder in •which a pocket has been cut, and tooned. A large tenderloin, split, may be used. Fill with a stuffling as for fowl or fill the cavity with saner kraut. iRoast 30 minutes per pound, 375 degrees. Jolly Koll 3 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour % t salt % t lemon % t vanilla 3 T cold water 2 t baking powder 2 t melted butter Beat eggs thoroughly, beat in the sugar, add flavoring and water. Fold in the flour sifted with (the salt and baking powder. Add the melted .butter. Spread in a shallow pan. Bake 12 minutes, 425 degrees. Turn on a cloth or brown paper dusted with powdered sugar. Spread with Jelly, preserves, or a Etiff custard and roll. Texas Sweet Potatoes Pare and slice sweet potatoes in 8, casserole. Cooked potatoes may (be used. Imbed in the potatoes, 10 to 12 marshmallows, % cup pecans, salt and dot generously with butter. Bake 1 liour, 375 degrees. Uscallopcd Ham and Lima Beans Arrange in the casserole layers of cooked limas, and pieces of Armour's smoked ham. Moisten with 1 cup of the liquor in which the foeans were cooked. 2 tablespoons chopped green peppers or pirnen- toes. Top with crumbs. Bake, 375 degrees. Peanut Bread 2 c flour or 1% c flour and 1 c bran % c sugar % c peanut butter 1 t salt 4 t baking powder 1% to 1% c milk Combine flour, sugar, salt and "Ibaking powder and cut in the peanut butter as you would shortening in biscuit. Add milk and stir thoroughly. Pour into a greased loaf pan—let stand 10 to 20 minutes. Bake 50 to 60 minutes, 375 degrees. layered Cheese and Apple Salad 1 pkg. lemon gelatine .1 red apple diced 1 .pt. boiling water 1 t sugar "2 T lemon juice 3. pkg. cream cheese 1 t salt ' % c nuts Combine apples, salt, sugar and 1 T lemon juice. Chill. Dissolve gelatine in hot water. Add 1 T lemon juice and chill. When slightly thickened, combine Jialf with the apples and chill firm. Whip the remainder, fold in the clieese and muts and pour over the apple layer, with mayonnaise. Serves Pea Tlmbales MRS.STEPHEN LOSS .S^XSVT/S r^ro- ' J.MAASDAW <7A" llZVtPJOfOM Of l*YrJt*tVJLl~& -PETKKtSO*4 PHOTW- -TVUBtt. PHtfTO— —<Courtesy D. M. Register. _ '"pHERE ARE FOUR Kossuth brides in this group, which appeared in J- Sunday's 'Des Moines Register. Mrs. Kilian is Caroline, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Richard Garmann.and her husband is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kilian. The marriage took place at St. Joseph's church, Wesley, January 23. . . Mrs. Bierstedt is Lucinela, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Hannover, and her parents-in-law are Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bierstedt. The marriage took place January 24 at the Whittemore (Evangelical Lutheran church. The new Mrs. Hogan is Agnes, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Origer, Whittemore, and her marriage took place January 16 at St. Michael's church, Whittemore. This picture is genuine. A week ago Sunday the Register printed some other bride's 'picture as that oJE Mrs. Hogan. Mrs. Stephen Loss Jr. was Virgie Halsrud, well known Irvington- St. Joe girl, and she was married January 18 at the St. Joe church. The other two girls are also good to look at, but they are not known here, though there are Maasdains in the Irvington neighborhood. ' 1 cup milk Mix and drop batter by the spoonful into the brown sugar mixture. Bake 25 minutes. Tuesday OLD RECIPES AND NEW (Barbeque Ham Baked Oysters Apple Fruit Cake Dumplings Sour Cream Cookies Iowa Maid Salad Dressing Hot Slaw Spoon Bread Suet Pudding Golden Sauce Baked Onions Cubed Steak with Vegetables Opal Salad Lemon and Orange Cream Barbeque Ham Place a thick slice of 'ham in a shallow pan. 'Rub over with: a teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce then V 2 cup catsup. Bake 325 degrees, 1 hour. Pile grated cabbage in a baking dish. Top with the butter, season, pour the vinegar over all and bake until well heated through, 20 to 30 minutes, 375 degrees. 2 beaten egg yolks, 1 T sugar, and 2/3 cup sour cream may be added to this if you like. Baked Halibut Thick cut from near the tail, 2 to 3 inches thick. Salt, pepper, strip with bacon and 'bake 1 hour, 350 degrees. Tomato- sauce 1 can tomato soup 3 T 'butter 2 T flour 1 cup tomatoes 2 small onions 2 or 3 cloves Salt, pepper Cook slowly 20 minutes. Pour half over the fish as it finishes bake. Use the rest as sauce. Raspberry Mousse 1 t gelatin % cup raspberry Juice 1 pt whipping cream c sugar 2 cups drained and crushed raspberries Soak the gelatin in the cold Suet Pudding c suet (chopped fine) 1 c dates or raisins 1 t salt 1 t soda oz. candied lemon peel c sugar 1 c flour 1 c sour milk 1 egg Mix dry ingredients, add fruit and milk. Blend well, into covered greased cans. Steam 2 hours. Serve with hard sauce or golden sauce. raspberry juice and melt over hot water. Whip the cream, add the sugar, the crushed raspberries and the gelatin mixture which 'has been cooled. Freeze in the tray of the refrigerator. Hot Water Pastry % c boiling water 1% c flour % t baking powder % c lard 1 t salt Blend the lard with the hot water, stir until the fat is melted and the mixture lias an oily appearance. Add the flour all at once and stir until it leaves the sides of the bowl and forms a ball. Spread in a half inch layer on oiled paper to cool and chill. Pickled Peach Salad Fill the cavity of a pickled .peach with cream cheese. Serve with french dressing and sprinkle with nuts. Sunshine Pie % c cold water 4 egga ?'"::••£ Grated rind % lemon % t salt : •. % T gelatin 3 T lemon Juice 1 c sugar 1 c whipping cream Soften the gelatin in cold water. Put the egg yolks, lemon rind, juice and -sugar and whip over boiling water until firm and creamy. Fold in the egg whites beaten stiff with half the sugar. Pour into a baked pie shell and chill. Top with whip- •ped cream when ready to serve. ing water and cook until Cool and spread on cake. Pastel Icing egg white c .Jelly Beat egg white until stiff, then beat in the Jelly until the mixture is stiff enough to hold shape. Spread on cake. MnrslimalloTT Cake, 2^i c flour 1 t salt 2 t baking powder 4 egg whites 2 cups sugar 2 t vanilla 1 cup milk or water Sift together the flour, salt and 1% cups sugar. Stir in the hot milk and beat smooth. Beat the egg whites stiff and beat in the % cup sugar, add the baking .powder and vanilla and fold into the batter. Bake loaf, 350 degrees, 40 to 60 minutes. Layers, 375 degrees '25 to 30 minutes. Fen Timbales One can of peas put through a sieve to make a puree (1% cups) 2/3 cup of crumbs salt pepper Grating of onion 1 T sugar Z eggs- Heat the peas, add tlie seasonings and the cracker crumbs. Fold in the slightly beaten eggs. Pour into greased molds, set in a pan of hot water and bake 25 to 30 min., 350 'degrees. The Advance:— Does mimeographing that can hardly bo told from the original typed copy. You will bo amazed at tlie superior work done at such reasonable price. "Salada Tea" Miss Looney used this fine tea at Cooking School— i/2-lb. Brown Label black 29c i/£-lb. Green Label Japan 29c America's largest seller. Children Grow Healthy With Bones grow stronger, skin takes on a healthier glow, when a child drinks sufficient milk each day. See that your youngster gts a full quart a day. Our pasteurized milk Is milk at its purest and best! Let us deliver to your door daily. Algona Co-Operative Creamery egg, Pour Baked Oysters 1 pt. select oysters 1% c crumbs 1% t salt Dash of pepper 1/3 c butter 1 egg beaten with 1 T water Wash, examine and drain the Golden Pudding Sauce % c butter 2 T cream 1 c .powdered sugar 1 t vanilla 1 egg Cream the butter and add the sugar. Beat in the egg and cream and beat light and Huffy (over hot water) add vanilla. Serve hot. Serve •eight. Short Bread Cookies 1 c butter 1% c flour 6 T powdered sugar % cup pecans Cream the butter thoroughly and cream in the sugar. Work in the flour and nuts. Chill the dough, pinch off and roll into balls. Flatten with a spatula, on a buttered cookie sheet. Start in a cool or cold oven, let temperature rise to 325 degrees. Cookies should not brown or they will have a browned butter taste. Golden Gate Pie 1 cup cracker crumbs 3 /4 cup butter 1 cup cheese cracker crumbs 2 T water Roll crackers fine and mix with the softened butter and water. Press -firmly against the sides and bottom of a. buttered pie plate. Filling: 2 cups drained cooked apricots; % cup sugar; % cup ishredded cocoanut; 1 t corn starch; 1 cup apricot syrup; 2 T lemon Juice; % t salt. •Arrange apricots in the cheese lined plate and sprinkle with the cocoanut. iMix the sugar and corn starch, Wend with a little syrup. Heat the remaining syrup and pour into the sugar and cornstarch mixture. Four over the apricots. Bake 25 to 30 minutes, 375 degrees. •'*"* Tanilla Ice Cream. 3 eggs 2 cups milk % cup sugar % teaspoon salt 1 cup cream 1 teaspoon vanilla Beat the egg whites stiff. Beat oysters. Mix salt and pepper with the bread crumbs and add to the melted butter. Dip the oysters in the crumbs, the egg, and again into the crumbs. Spread on a buttered glass or enameled pie plate, one layer only, dot with butter or minced bacon. Bake 15 to 20 minutes 450 degrees. Cubed Steak With Vegetables 1 1'b. steak (cubed) 3 onions 1 green pepper Salt, pepper 5 carrots 2 c celery 1 can tomato coup c fat Brown the cubed steak in the fat, also the onion. Add the tomato soup, carrots, celery, and green pepper. Cover and cook slowly one hour. Serve on Blatter, spaghetti, noodles or dumplings forming the center. Siwon Bread 3 c milk 1 c corn meal 3 t baking powder 3 eggs 2 T butter 1 t salt 'Stir the meal into two cups o: milk and bring to a boil, cook a mush. Add the rest of the milk, beaten eggs, salt, butter and baking powder. .Bake 30 to 40 minutes, 350 degrees. Spanish Corn 1 can vacuum packed or kernel corn, drained 2 T green pepper chopped 2 T red pepper chopped Saute slowly in butter Ham Short Cake Chopped cooked ham White sauce Green pepper Pimento Grating of onion browned in the butter 'before making the white auce. Serve on Ihot making power biscuit. Refrigerator Bolls qt. milk scalded c mashed potatoes c shortening . c sugar Mix and let cool. Add: cake yeast c warm water 2 t baking powder 1 t soda 2 t salt Flour (about 16 cups) Knead well and put in refrigerator. As needed, remove and make into the desired rolls. Let rise 1 to 1% hours. Bake, 400 degrees. Braised Chicken Hawaiian Steam a large chicken until tender. Cool, dip the pieces in flour •and 'brown in hot fat. Or brown the chicken first, then finish in heavy covered skillet or oven. Serve on'd. mound of buttered rice with slices of pineapple, drained, dipped in sugar and fried gently in the chicken fat. Make a gravy of the fat and stock. ! She Has | Every | Afternoon lOif *l *'l whole Dumplings egg yolks until thick and creamy, then beat in the sugar. Fold in the egg whites. Whip tlie cream, but not stiff. Combine with the egg mixture, add salt, vanilla and milk. Turn into freezing tray and freeze S to 4 houra. Stir frequently. Mint Apple Kings 1 cup sugar % cup water Green coloring 3 to 4 drops oil of peppermint Cook until sugar is dissolved. Color as desired. Pour over thick elicea (half an inch) of apples. Cook until the apples are tender 1 egg (well beaten) % t salt 4 t baking powder 1 t sugar 1 c sweet milk (scant) 1 pt. flour to make stiff dough 1 T butter Combine thoroughly but lightly. Drop by small spoonsful into boiling liquid. Cover and cook 8 min. Meat stock or fruit Juices may be used to cook these dumplings. More sugar may be used if to toe used for dessert. Sour Cream Sugar Cookies 1 c butter, 2 c sugar 4 egg yolks (or 1 egg) % t soda % t salt j --. 1 t baking powder ' : •'•" 1 c sour cream '•'"; 4% c flour Cream the soft butter thoroughly and cream with the sugar, beat in the eggs, add the cream, then the flour sifted with the soda and baking powder. Make into a soft dough. Chill. Roll and cut, sprinkle with sugar. Ma'y <be cut into small pieces and made into balls, flatten with a spatula. Place on a greasad baking sheet. Bake 10 to 15 inmates, 400 degrees. Iowa Maid Salad Dressing 1 pt. salad oil 1% c vinegar 1 t salt »nd glazed. oven. May be cooked in the Bate Pudding 1% cups brown sugar 1% cups water Let dissolve in the baking pan in Which pudding is to be cooked 1 cu p sugar (granulated) *" cup flour cup dates cup nuts teaspoons baking powder teaspoon vanilla % t powdered garlic or 1 small clove. 1 onion, grated 4 or 5 stalks celery (cut fine) 1 can tomato soup 2 to 3 T sugar 1 t mustard Combine in fruit Jars and shake thoroughly. Makes 1 quart. Hot Slaw % head of cabbage (medium size) grated 2/3 c vinegar J 4 c butter salt, pepper Opal Salad. 1 pkg. Opal lemon Jell Opal 'black cherries (drained) Nut meats Salad dressing Prepare Jell in usual way in a rather shallow pan. When set and ready to serve, cut into cubes. Remove pits from the cherries and fill the cavity with filberts or other nut meats. Arrange Jell cubes and cherries in lettuce cups and garnish with boiled salad dressing combined with whipped cream. Lemon and Orange Cream. Juice of 1 lemon and 1 orange (strained) % c sugar % cup of corn syrup % t salt 1 cup cream Mix thoroughly and add enough milk to make one quart (1% to 2 cups). Freeze in tray of refrigerator, stir several times. Apple Fruit Cake 2 c chopped apples c butter 1 c molasses 1 c raisins Cook until the applee are tender, then cool. 1 c sugar 1 c sour milk 3% c flour " - . . ;. •-•• 1 t cinnamon '"": ' "" 1 t clove "••'• , 1 egg '?•"; ; : 1 t soda . ': 1 c nuts Beat the sugar into the cooked apple mixture, beat in the egg, then add the milk and flour alternately. Soda and spice are sifted with the flour. Bake 40 to 50 minutes. 350 degrees. Wednesday MEALS AT SHOUT NOTICE Braised Chicken, Hawaiian Baked Halibut Ham Shortcake 'Pickled Peach Salad Hot Water Pastry Sandwiches Sunshine Pie Refrigerator Rolls Raspberry Mousse Marshmallow Cake Lemon Filling cup water (boiling) t salt T corn starch c sugar Grated rind and Juice 1 large lemon 4 egg yolks Mix the corn starch, sugar, lemon Juice and rind into a paste, stir in the egg yolks. Add to the boil- Specials • Week End Specials Sliced Pineapple, 4 Q«« large No. 2 1-2 can _ I UC Council Oak Coffee, per pound Save the bags, they are valuable. P. & G-. Soap, 6 giant bars and one cake Kirk's Hard Water Castile, all for Vanilla Wafers, per pound Chocolate Graham Cookies, 2 pounds Crackers, 2 pound box Cut Lunch Herring, 8 lb. pail ___ Norway Herrings £ 4 A A K. K. K.,81b. pail$|.U9 Postum, Instant, 4 oz. can oz. can 39c Cocoa 21 c 15c 35c 22c .39 23c Kellogg's Whole 4 « Bran, per pkg. | £Q Lamp Chimneys, 4 »•_ No. 2 size 1 DC Cervelat Summer 4 »• _ Sausage, pound I PC Lard, j «• 2 pound pkg. | OC Salmon, i%f 2 tall cans C&C Calumet Baking O<1^ Powder, 1 lb. can __ C£C Pearl Barley, «| B^ 2 pounds 1 PC Automatic "turn on"and "turn off" are features on her new Westinghouse Electric Stove have dinner ready when she returns The old Colonial Dutch oven had the secret of providing a special tenderness, a rich nourishing flavor, and a delectable tastiness that has been recaptured for the first time in modern stove history by the new Westinghouse electric stove ovens. Westinghouse also gives you more freedom from the cares of the kitchen, and banishes that fear of burning, and of spoiled baking because of improper heat control. Westinghouse heat control is accurate and positive. With a Westinghouse there is no more worry whether the oven was turned off before you left— there is no need, for it is turned off automatically when the temperature it is set for has been reached. No wonder the modern housewife can be so carefree as she goes to her bridge club— she knows that her Westinghouse will have the evening dinner ready. The new Westinghouse electric stoves feature a new low shelf t condiment set and mirror, towel rack, new attractive switch panel, smokeless broiler pan (a boon that is found here only) a new tray, new clock, new attractive aoor panel, and a new quick-cook unit. ™iti, the ^ ew reduce( * electric rates you can cook with electricity as cheaply as with any other form of heat —and you keep all the goodness, the rich flavor, and that tastiness that featured the old Dutch oven of our ances- I OPS* t™. And n in additi ? n y° u S et the afternoon off— for bridge, for a walk, or to do with as you choose. ""vis^ See this wonderful stove at the Kossuth Countv Advance cooking school-then call the dtj ? hall tor IIIIIIIIIHIIIIlllUllllllllillllllllllllllllUdlllllllllllllll in "the good old days" before electrical heat control Grandma iad a set-to with tears several times a week when her lovely biscuits, or what-not, fo\irne4 to a cmp or were so doughy tb%t Grandpa raised Ned aljput it, Grandpa was like any other man, and Grandma soon learned that the way to his heart (after the first few weeks of married bliss gay* way) was through (the old toy's Btomacfli. But to reach that happy state Grandma had to spend Hioura over a hot stove or ov«n, with the heat' ed air from the inefficient stoves and ovens doing "things" to her complexion. Now thanks to electricity which puts the beat on tiw cooking utena.1 instead oi 1349 jtae air, and to WestuighowBe fry this wonderful range, the Grandnia, pf tomorrow is "reaoMng 1 ' the (?«e» irritable and depressed future Grandpa, and still takes her afternoons off, and keeps her day

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