Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 13
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i, 195-4. Demonstration •ttht Kossuth County Advance COOKING SCHOOL ,, KOSSUTH r.Q UNTY AnVA»n, .. 9ONA . IOWA Sg CougeCelebrate Golden PAGE THRBB H " SALADA TEA Largest sale of any package tea in North America WIFE MARRIED 50 YEARS AGO s Coming Home Hy ttcorgo If. Free. jECk Two? ° Ut WeSt 5n Nineteen As boys is' mighty apt to do, And now and then he dropped a To tell us he was doin' fine; He d sometimes write «h e boys and home some >twas J U8t the west of Wesley in 1902. In 1Q2 born at ,Ri ch 7a*d I. b °r- °" e and another, Mike ma n, July ' — • He promised still, but never came. tay€d behind ' tied back in the old home WHITTEMORE COUPLE WED JANUARY 23 Whittemore, Jan. 30-A church wedding took place at the local Lutheran at 2 p, of Mr. Kep> We seen him climbin' up to fame " 16 Pe ° Pl ° ^ pcak ™* name, , And one and all felt proud of Jack And looked to see hin? comin- bS£ But seasons went, 'twas Just the same, And still old Jack be never came. T > Mrs - (Loretta Louis Ooetz, and Mrs The Caroline Gorman is Bride- Caroline, daughter of Mr r? 1 nf I £ ard G , aman ' and , son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kilian were married at St. Josephs church last week Tuesday morning, the pastor, the Rev. Father A. j.Wae- ma« Cen f brati "S the nuptial h i|i mass TOe y were attended , |_ H ^ 'j an ' Mmnea Polis, sister of the bridegroom, and Arthur Garman, brother of the bride The bnde wore an ankle length sown of white satin, and silk Trailing veil, and her bouquet was of -has got back home today, •here in town, and come to 5C3,y j The folks turned out in spite rain And all went down to train. Nobody give a shout or cheer, But some tihey was that shed of meet his is ihearse, They fetched Jack in the baggage church last week Tuesday m., when Berfiha, daughter Bontt. nf*? MrS> August Vaudt » south of town, became the bride of Louis, son of Mr. and Mrs Ed ward Oreinert, of Fairville chnrif, * nd £ par ^ entere <l thi church to the strains of Pomp and C rcumstance, by Elgar. They took places before the altar. bids for a new well. The present well has not been adequate for a long time, and water has been purchased from the city. County Barbers Meet Here-^ A meeting of the county master barbers association was held Mon * l vemn s at the William Rusch shop (here. Other WMttemore News 'Father Hyland and Patrick Culen drove to St. Paul one day last week, returning Friday, accompan- Anniven brother of James Oeelan and Mrs was Ifter °^' Alter the pink and • and after an address ring ceremony was read by Iove was Perfect w£m sermon Oh ..__ sung by Mrs. 'Miner cousin of the hrMfl^i-nr.™ SST J« Si "« 'heTride, r'££l? Bridesmaid, and Edward trremert, brotflier of the bridegroom, was groomsman. if °'l™ ng . th « fremony the wed- to the ihome of the where a . who attend a St. Paul sem inary and are spending a midyear's vacation at home. James Meyers also came and is visiting Sister M. (Ernestine. Geelan . T*™ . Henry James, Mrs. Henry Geelan, and Margaret Fandel drove to Ruthven I 3 rf, 3 < ; d . nesday to vis$ t relatives, r, ;. aves, and William Geelan, of that town ,, , came her< them. The Edwin Behnkes, of Bennett were here part of last week. They came to attend the Vaudt-Greiner v g< *?*?• Behnke - <ormerl 5 Vaudt, is a sister of the bride James Fleming and Truman Cadwell were over-Sunday guests of Wie former's .parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph FJemuig. The fooys attend ti n «,'ii ,. B * uc 'ouys attend Hamilton college, Mason City. (Mr. and Mrs. Leo Walters, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blbert, Minnie Elbert, and Richard Vaughn attended a bridge .party Saturday eveming at Ralph Elbert's, Algona. Mrs. H. C. Meyer was taken home from the McCreery (hospital >aturday. ,She had been at the hospital two weeks following ani operation. The JR. O. BJustroms, Algona, were Sunday afternoon and even- «* w« VWA4&WVM1, CfcltU Wdi M ing guests of Mrs. BJustrom's par- • ^••••Mb- ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. & Walker. 1 Linda, daughter of Mr. aid Mr* William Roeber, was at home or«t at lLouis Henry, son of Mr. and Mra. Albert Behnke, is a new clerk at the Zu- (Mrs. Henry Kueck, Lone and her daughter Ruth apent Norbert Zumach suffered a cut on one of his (hands Saturday, and it took four stitches to close the! wound. The Fred Baileys, Iowa Fall*, spent the week-end here and at "en ton. Vera Mae, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Semon, has been! 1C1C« William Higgins has been taken o a Sioux City hospital. wMl' pon was held. Later the couple left for a honeymoon in Wisconsin. Poor Jack, knowed Whut love us folks on stowed, How back here in the old town We watched his goin's down; at the s'pose he never him be- home up and i southwest of Whittemore. Robert Braatz 62; Party— B A surprise party was given ' ' ~ evening at One feller'd good," . store, or round the door, say "Jack's makin' Pink snapdragons. The was of pale v Pr were of brides- "epe Accessories her pansy, and her 'bouquet of bronze snapdragons. (HE cooking school demonstrator w«l .m to you why Tone'. Old Golden Coffee I Coffee House Coffee are two of the best frees you can buy. She will also tell you how u can make better coffee with these coffee* . coffee that will win praise from your nJy and friends. With both coffees, you me valuable coupons, enabling you |« KC | e« of beautiful silverware absolutely ?ree! wore A wedding breakfast was served J? the bridal P ar ty at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Kilian will be at home on a farm near Irvington. Mrs. Sylvester Brnunger Dies- Mrs. 'Sylvester Braunger, 67, of Morgan, Minn., formerly Wesley died suddenly at 6 o'clock p m Saturday, and her daughter, Mrs! Julius Wingert, with Mr. Winger* lert tor Morgan 'Sunday noon. Funeral services were held at Morgan 1 at 9:30 last week Wednesday. The Wingert children, Julius, Delores, Tj>;,i m i;~ .T-* * *. . _ * Another "Yep, I knowed he would." They never think, tlhe ones -that go, That we who stay look for 'em so Keep watchin' down the windin' •track In hopes that they'll be' coming back; For if they knowed, they'd set more store By friendships made in days of yore, they'd leave their business to run down And visit in their old home town. A.fgona, Iowa. GEO. H. .pRBB. (Editor's Note: A poem entitled ° "— Paper" by recently re- birthday. Guests were Simon Webers Sr. and Simon ., 'Ongers, the Henry stetters, the Peter Weyderts, Elmer Ludwig, and Mr. 'and Mrs Werner Braatz. Cards were played. _ Many Attend Academy Party— S A.L 3. P.flrrl navfir .nj. AT. _ * _ _ -. !^^ Home Town George «. Free, was _,,._, IC produced in The Scrapbook department of the Star-Clipper, with some interesting comment about the au- —-- Party at the Academy Thursday evening bridge was Played at 12 tables and 500 at 26 tables. Prizes at .bridge were won Mr. and Mrs. John Uhlenhake, 'Earl of the Kos - ,' - ! ' ae ay County Advance. Another was christened, with Mr Bell as a U as a u?h sutn . poem from the pen of Mr. Free, an sponsor Algona, la., man is contributed tfhis week by T. C. Sherman, of Algona, •who made many warm friends in Traer during the several months he •was in charge of the closed Traer State bank. Mr. Sherman in submitting Mr. Free's "Going Back " writes: "Free was a genius for rhymes, and they rippled from his ' lo w; at 500, hy Mrs, Shepherd and Jos. Faber, „ , Mrs. 'Frank Elbert and George Winkel, 'low. Two Babies Are Christened— The William Rusches Jr. were Sunday dinner guests at otto Runnke's, Lotts Creek. The Ruhnke paby was christened Edward William, and Mr. Rusch was E sor. The Otto Be'll family Sunday dinner guests at Hugo and the <Jade baby Don't Bake Bread—Buy It I f* mm. m-m. ' *^ S a SDon- | Says Miss Looney It is foolish to spend time baking bread when it can ° Uht in Ajgoaa sliced ^ ead y ««? the teWe tim ! ° n other items of yo^ meal. The bread sold here is the equal of any vou can bake yourself, and is much more economic^. please your famil y save Properly preparing ** If"* •>/ the Xd'i C *T? Co g e * »««« Coffee, an excellent / «, <*««„ rower'/te™' 0 /- fo ^ °»«» economy a . tve ll as '%'• v ccuum comoiner Wt^i Altfo >' 1 """""-fresh in *.-'•• nigh Vacuum cantntnar / V. J "/• t t*w«fsr«y rea «• nigh vacuum container. .iHl^te! l n . lowa h ' ve ^Pendcd *• Bcs'lde."",!."* 1 ' 1 ' «*«»«!• lo make good ueslde«. they «o farther and last longer. - v.ttiiuii.ij, u unua, .LroioreS) •**«v««.v*j, emu mcy nypieu irom nis 'Francis, and Reginald, at-. P en lik e running water. He would tended. Mr. Braunger survives,' ' often brin s ttiem to me to read be- also one son, four daughters who fore tlhe y were published. "Going are^ Catholic Sisters, and two mar-; Back" tells a story with which we are all familiar. Traer .has sent forth many of her sons to sit in the high places of our people. Some; come back to the home town, but many do not until they come to rest in her soil. Mr. Sherman is a scrapbook fan. He started one 'way back in 1886 while teaching a rural school in Humboldt county, and it is still one of bis most prized possessions!) Business Applies MwWne »ol! Paper, 9 sizes Cash Register Bolls Salesbo <*s (biwik in gtoek, printed at small «ost—jet our prtee.) Carbon Paper, pencil or typewriter, Second Sheets Typewriter Bibbow* lor all machines. FROM $23.50 COURT80VSB FWNMMHB| ^p^^lfO PHONE 254 ried daughters, besides Mrs. Wingert. Study Club Meets Today— The Study club meets this week Thursday with Mrs. Leo Bleich. Mrs. Arlo 'Dawson will have charge of t'he program, and will give a group of vocal selections, accompanied by Maurine Hansen. Each member will respond to roll call by naming her favorite song and composer. The general subject is American Art and Literature. CWS School in Progress— The adult education classes are progressing smoothly under Br. Brown. Eighteen or 20 persons are enrolled. The subjects are typing, business arithmetic, and English. There may be a class in 'bookkeeping later. The classes are held at the schoolhouse, and the Ihours are from 3 to • 6, and in the from seven to nine or ten. Boys Win from Lu Verne— At basketball games with Lu- Friday to attend a convention of Maytag dealers. Mrs. Leo Bleich will entertain the evening bridge club this week Thursday. Miss Packard was a Two B. B. Games Announced— Two basketball games are yet to be played by the public school •teams before the season closes. The first will toe this week Friday evening, when Lu Verne comes, and the second will toe next Tuesday evening, when Ottosen comes. The girls' county tournament will be held February 16-17 at Ledyard. Three Boy Babies Born— A 9%-lb. boy was born Friday to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Twait near 'Cylinder. He was named Robert Eugene. A tooy was born Sunday to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Thomas, who have two other children, both girts. The D. Ostwalds also have a new boy, William- Jofan, .born Friday. They have one other son. Quilting Bees Are Held— A quilting bee was held last week Wednesday and Thursday at Mrs. Nick iReding's. Attending: Mrs. Peter Mueller, daughter Viola, Alice Mueller, and Mesdames, Mike Thill, Carl Ebert, Clara Mueller, and Mike, Mergen, Edna TheAlg cake or cookies and spend the time on the meal Bakers of Dairy Mai a , BIue Mw , 011 , anfl H<mey Krust Bread and the Better Pastries. luuiBuajr. jyiitsa t-acnara was a lc *, ana JMIKC, Mergen, Edna Sunday guest at Carl Pranzen's. Schultz, and Mrs. John Reding St ' ,Verne last week Tuesday evening, January 23, the girls lost, 5-31, but pur boys won, 34-24. (Friday evening, January 26, the boys lost two games to iRenwick at Renwick, the second team score being 11-20, and t'he first, 24-33. Corn-Hog Meeting Held— A corn-hog meeting for Wesley township was held at Kleinpeter's! County Agent charge, and Next week Tuesday evening, February 6, our final home basketball game will toe played, again Whittemore academy. Thirteen local members attended ty Legion and Auxil- at Burt last .week iary meeting Wednesday. faall Friday evening. Bonnstetter was in , gave instructions to the farmers. Declamatory Contest Tonight — The declamatory contest will take place at Kleinpeter's hall this week Thursday night, February 1. Admission will be ten and fifteen cents. There are 16 contestants. Two W«bley Girls to Wed— Banns were called the first time at St. Joseph's church Sunday, for The John Ormsby family visittd Mrs. Ormsby's mother, Mrs. Sarah McOroden, Forest City, Saturday and Sunday. The Methodist Aid will meet Wednesday, February 7, with Mrs. Vee Mullin, Mrs. Wilbur Fisher assisting. Margaret Bernsten, Britt, daughter of the Congregational pastor, spent the week-end with Ethel Flom. Supt. Rowley and Coach WiWret entertained the basketball boys at the Rowley home Saturday evening. Joe. Seniors Hare Pictures Taken The public school seniors drove over to Algona last Thursday for graduation pictures. There will be only four graduates this spring: Lydia Meyer-, Leo Dogotdh, Edward Mallory, and George TayJor. After the pictures were taken they attended a matinee at the Call. Attend Funeral in Illinois- Peter Mueller, daughter Rosella, Mr. and Mrs. William Mueller, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Elbert, and -Peter and Charles Kollasch drove to Lenore. 111., one day last week to at- Elizabeth Erdman and Henry Goetz, and also for Ella Nauman and Leonard Klocke. Big Hog is Marketed— Gordon C. Giddings, northwest of Wesley fanner, on Saturday marketed a hog weighing 950 pounds; the heaviest one the dealer said he had ever received. Parsonage Driveway Graveled— The Methodist official iboard has had tfae driveway leading to the' parsonage garage newly graveled. Ernest Hutchinsondid the work. Girl's Appendix is Beuioved— Marjorie Uhlenhake underwent an appendicitis operation at Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday. Other Wesley News, Wesley, Jan. 30—iRoosevelt birthday ball will 'be held at Kleinpter's hall this week Tuesday evening, and in accordance with the general plan, any profits will go for the i u. A „.£ n-ninwin/J /*1iilf1i*{Hi nr pan, treatment of crippled children Warm Springs, Ga. Nedra, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolf, Wesley farmers, fell and broke one of her legs last Thursday. iRplfe Goodnow, Co. 1757, C. C. C., Lehigh, was at home from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Anna Hildman entered Mercy hospital, Mason City, last Thursday, for treatment of her eyes. The Gordon Carpenter family, of Emmetsburg, visited the family of his cousin, Vee Mullin, Sunday. The Methodist W. (P. M. S. meets with Mrs. Wm. Hutchinson this week Friday afternoon. The 4-H club girls held a card party and dance at .the hall Friday evening. The Bertha'iLooft family visited Mrs. Looft's son, Henry, at Seneca Sunday. Pick Winner* for Lu Verne's Declam Lu Verne, Jan. 30—In a preliminary declamatory contest Friday afternoon and Saturday the following were chosen to take part in a home contest next week Thursday evening: Oratorical — William Chapman. Earl Legler, De Rae Dichty, Edward Lindebak, .Richard Niver. 'Dramatic—ODoris mintha Johnson ff <4« AU UJ/A«u&S>f W!" Ammon and Lester Lease, accompanied by the Mesdames Susan and; i^cniy, wary aww*"* Lester liase, went to Fort Dodge Sidney, Frances Tboes, Genrich, Ar, Vernon Lang, T Lichty, Betty Masterson. Humorous—(Evan I4«fety, Virginia Lichty, Mary MoClellan, Marine tend the funeral of Anton Vogel, uncle of the Muellers, Mrs. Simon Elbert, and the Kollasches. Carl Hansens to Leave- Carl Hansen, employed at the H. iR. Zumach grocery and meat market five years, lately resigned to accept a place with the Freeman & Sons grocery and meat market at Emmetsburg. He is married but will not move to Emmetsburg till he finds living quarters. Shower for Delphine Meyer— A miscellaneous shower was given Sunday evening at the Lutheran school hall in honor of Delphine Meyer, who will be married this week Wednesday. Cards were played at five tables, and the high pme was won by Meta Ostrum, low by Clara Ehlers. Card Party at Heidenwith's— Relatives gathered Sunday evening at Arthur Heidenwith's for a 500 party at five tables, (Prizes were won by George Schultz and Mrs. William Meyer, high, 'Ernest and Selma Meyer, low, and William Meyer Sr., lucky chair. Academy Alumni Plan PJay The alumni of Presentation academy are at work on their annual play, to be presented next Sunday " w """" ™" .play is '-Lighthouse Bmnietsburg actor, Yon are Invited to Attend >MiniH COOKING SCHOOL BE SURE A.ND NOTICE Miss Looney's Demonstrations Using the Economical and Efficient AKII WTO 25 Ounces for 25c 1AME PRICE TODAY 42 years ago ' m cor* ***** evening. Nan, and the "Buster Mead," is in charge. B, B, Teams Are Defeated— The boys' and girls' basketball teL£?2&!* <&**".&* 7»* >st, the At the Mji nW "*• 1947. creamery w advertising The demonstrator will show you how this double • tested — double • action baking powder will produce Fine Texture and Large Volume in your bakings—also, why K C is economical and efficient in use. It requires but 1 level teaspoonful to a cup of flour for all ordinary baking. You will realize that it is not necessary to pay high prices for baking powder* Then try K C yourself. Give it ' the oven test and judge by results, MILLIONS OF POUNDS »Y Qil* GOVERNMENT r-,.. "yi it

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