The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on May 24, 1953 · Page 48
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The Decatur Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 48

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 24, 1953
Page 48
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48 RADIO DECATUR SUNDAY HERALD AND REVIEW Decatur, Illinois, Sunday, May 24, 1953. Better Radio Programs for f he Week By Walter Kirby Sunday, May 24 v 11:15-11:30 a.m. WSOY MiDilin Brings You Musical masterworks; Joe Williams, commentator. ' Gemu Dance Mozut Symphony No. 36 in C major (Presto) Mozart 11:45 aim.-noon WDZ Listen, In dies We Need New Sewers" Dr. W. D. Hatfield, Alex Van Praag, Miss Barbara Hill.' 11:45 a.m.-Noon WMAQ It's a Small World Some of the changes wnrcn nave taken place m Japan since the war, including the attitude toward the emperor, will be revealed by sterling Takeuchi of Kobe, Japan. " Noon-12:15 p. m. WILL Best Short stones James Ihurber s The Greatest Man in the World." Noon-12:30 p.m. WMAQ Eternal Light A Memorial Day tribute to the courage and faith of Joe Press, real-life paraplegic Army veteran and thousands of others like him. 12:30-12:55 p.m. WBBM Invitation to Learning Euripides' tragic drama "Medea , as illustrative of the extent of the ''passion" of hatred, discussed by John Mason Brown, Saturday Review of Literature, and Andre Michalopoulos, Greek Embassy. 12:30-1 p. m.' WDZ I Was a Communist for the FBI Matt Cvetic (Dana Andrews) thwarts the hijack of bloodmobile by a Communist front group who gave their blood to mi 1 1 " .'.' ' f V Is" X Martha Scott stars with Wendell Corey in "Kate Fennigate" on WMAQ at 7:30 p. m. today. hide behind the whitewash of a patriotic act. 12:30-1 p. m. WMAQ University of Chicago Round "Table "One Thousand Round Tables" Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff, Laird Bell, T. V. Smith, and recorded excerpts, of past broadcasts: Pandit Jawaharlal iSehru, Indian prime minister, and Jan Masaryk, Czechoslovakian statesman. r : 12:30-1:30 p.m. WILL mini Fac ulty Concert Series Chamber mu sic concert by faculty members of 1-1:15 p. m. WDZ Book Peddler- Will, be off the air until June 7 at 11:45 a.m. 1-1:30 p.m. WBBM String Ser nade Alfredo Antonini, conductor; Maurice Wilk, violin soloist.' .Allegro ma non Tronrto- ' (Concerto G rosso) . : Handel Pavanne Byrd, Collins . . Violin Concerto in E minoz (3rd movement Bach - Minuet ' ' Havdn The Mill . Raff Lullaby V - Chopin Little March (Four Character istic Pieces (or String Quartet) Kroll Uncle Remus MacDowell 1:30-2 p. m. 1 WMAQ American torum or the Air Should We Adopt a ' New Foreign Economic Policy?" Sen. George W. Malone (R-Nev) and Rep. Jacob K. Javits In-JN.I.) - .... 1:30-3 p. m. WSOY World Music Festivals James Fassett, music com mentator. Overture to "Egmont" Beethoven Symphony No. 3 in C major Sibelius " A Siegfried Idyll Wagner , Don Juan t . , R.Strauss 2:15-2:30 p. m. - WMAQ Youth Brings You Music- Soprano Jane Ann rackham, 17; of Blacktoot, and pianist Marvin Blickenstaff,; 17, "of Nampa, both of Idaho. - Let My Sons Fill Your Heart Charles - - When Love Is Kind Moore :: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 Liszt 2:30-3 p.m. WGN Northwestern Reviewing Stand "Are Depres sions Inherent in Our .Economic System?" , Maynard Krueeer,' Uni versity of Chicago; Roland Robin- Sunday's Radio Programs 7 WSOY-FM 102.1 MC CBS WSOY 1340 KG CBS AM News :IS Karama Quartet :3 Morning Gathering WSOY-FM Special-St. Louis Cards vs. Cincinnati Reds Game Time 1:25 p. m. WDZ 1050 KC Air Chapel VVorM News St. Francis Hour Living Faith WMAQ 670 KC NBC WGN 720 KC MBS News; Firm Remt Farm Revue Ernie Simon WLS-WENR 890 KC ABC Re viral Hour 7 8 9 AMNazarene Hour' It -1 " .Comic Weekly News Roundup News; Simon ' -Good News Snnday School Lesson Comic Alan Ernie Simon Radio Bible Class Favorite H.mns Health Talk OS ,l:,miJT Y1'0"1"0 GoT Lombardo Radio Parade :l Pilgnm Lutheran " . " J rlhythms on Request Shonnine Memo Art f T " Camera dub Radio Par.V News; Simoa Ernie Simon Funnies Little Brown Church 9 10 it 111 World News Sunday Pop Parade Sunday Devotional We're Downtown News; Simon Ernie Simon Voice of Prophecy The Christian 10 SS'F.'S?,'? MtIodT.. Sunday Devotional ii Millikin Brings Too ' Keys of Melody " - Lom iaaies , Men Who Sing Small World News; Simon Ernie Simon Jim Mills Show Mesage of Israel Reform Church 11 :IS :lt 12 PM Sunday Serenade tIS serenade; News ) Matinee Melodies ?4S ' World News Eternal Light Drama of Medicine " Communist for FBI Round Table News; Melody Memos Voice of the Terkel Lanny Ross " Musical Moods Amateur Hour Musical Moods; News " 1 PM Record Varieties :IS M :4S St. Louis Browns Catholic Hour Cleveland Indians Summer Music Festyl Doubleheader American Forum 12 ,rkPM 2s : Commentary Music in the Air Sen. H. Ferguson Wings of Healing 1 3 Salon Silhouettes Syncopation Piece Critic At Large Youth firings Music To Be Announced Elmo Roper Music Market -i Reviewing Stand Lutheran Hour Herald of Truth . 2 CI Jo The Golden Fleece Music Market Revival Hour 4 Memory Time Sammy Kaye Remember When 3 Th e Chase Counter-Spy The Shadow True Detective; Light & Life This Week in Music 5 Sunday Almanac Our Miss Brooks 4 Final News Hi Gardner Meet the Veep Washington Report Music Market - Monday Headlines . " Don Cornell . Billy Graham 5 6 WSOY 1340 KC CBS Mjack Benny '-39 Amos 'n Andy WSOY-FM 102.1 MC CBS Jack Benny v " Amos n Andy WMAQ WGN 670 KC NBC 720 KC MBS Youth Wants to KnowLutheran Hour My Son Jeep Voice of Prophecy WLS-WENR 830 KC ABC Church in the Horn National Vespers 6 jo My Little Margie My Little Margie Theater Guild ' . Back to God Folk Music as 2 " 8 PM Playhouse H. Playhouse News: 720 Club Walter Winchell :3e December bride December Bade Dragnet. - - folk Music ' 45 - " " " 9 PM Telephone Qua Telephone Quia Batiie Craig News: 720 Club Paul Harvey News JO Godfrey Hour - Godfrey Hour Meet The Press Enchanted Hour HevivsTime -f A?? r'Zl c. . ,w' On Wings of Song Folk .Music llira",St? Guest Star UN Story " " Pastor J. C. O'Hatr 3t Europe Story Europe Story Backpase Bulletins News Songs in the Night ' JLr I Day's End Lutheran Vespers " nPMNews; Band News; Band New, - Z Youth on the March :l Dance Band . Dance Band ; The Chex Show Musical Portrait " 3J Dance Band Dance Band Dance Band As We See It Business Voice Monday's Radio Programs 7 8 9 10 11 6 WSOY-FM 102.1 MC CBS WSOY 1340 KC CBS Rooster Club M omins; Devotions News; Sangamon Sangamon Special WDZ 1050 KC Neighbors; Arnold Neighbors; News American Quartet Neighbors; Sports WSOY-FM Special-St. Louis Cards vs. Chicago Cubs Came Time 1:25 p. m. WMAQ 70 KC NBC .Norman Rots n Ross; News WGN ' 720 KC MBS Farm Hour Bill Evans Show WLS-WENR 890 KC ABC Farm Bulletin Board Dolph Hewitt Health Talk News ' 71 World News RoundupRhythm Ranch Morning Herald World News TT. Local New,; Musle T. N. T.. Local News Musical Clock 6 8 News of America Musical Seconds Tello Test Norman Ross Ross: News 400 Hour 400 Hour; News Bill Evans Show Red Blanchard News; Weathet News Nancy's Notebook Breakfast Club Youx Neighbor Music That Sings -News 7 News Johnson Family Breakfast Club 9 AM Arthur Godfrey Je Kitchen Club Welcome Traveler T&C Reporter; News " Back to the Bible Double or Nothing My True Story 10 AM-Arthur Godfrey 30 Bettr 1mm' r4S Rosemary lVews V ire nil Gale Victor Lindlahr Whispering Streets Tour Figure, Ladies When s Girl Marries 8 9 11 K & About ... TT . Jiiuti iLju Sumner Vt glen 7? , . Dr. Crane i Woman's Hr; Weather Man on the Street Shopper's Serenade Strike It Rich Ladies Fair - ,f .... Hospitality Program The Phrase that Pays Queen for Day Bob Hope Show - Kitchen Club News; Notes Turn to a Friend 10 News , Curt Massey Time Victor Lindlahr' News Here's Norman Rose Tello Test -Ross: News News Jack Berch Show The Buccaneers Charles Antell 11 12 1 News; Jack Carson r World News II lac parson SOow News; Markets M "0m news , Music Farm Newt 41 xmyunns- n nanaom farm Reporter The Bookshelf Chapel of the Ait Perry Mason Music Nora Drake St. Louis Cards Brighter Day Chicago Cubs Mary Merry field Cedric Foster. News News; Markets " Musical Carnival Markets; Farm Note Luncheon Antics Market Reporter Dinner Bel Tiro " News ' " ' Wed Howard Howard; Newi Dave Garroway Jane Pickens 12 Your Favorite Sons . Harold Turner Charles Kaiber - - Noontime News School Time ' Bob Atcher Presents 2 Around Town; News House Party Aunt Jenny 3 PM Hilltop House :lt Koac; of Lite 31 Ma Perkins r4l Young Dr. Malone Life Can Be Beautiful News: McBride Bob Archer Presents Road of Life M. Margaret McBride " . Pepper Young Family Feature Foods Right to Hippino. . " ' - ' I M M Wr4f jon, Northwestern; Robert Vander- pool, Chicago Sun-Times. 3-3:30 p. m. WMAQ GI Toe The soldiers of Baler Company fighting in Korea find themselves involved in a new kind of battle, but oppos ing the same Communist enemy in The Lotus Cup. 4-4:30 p. m. WMAQ The Chase A mild-mannered man, for years a conscientious employe and a brow beaten spouse, undergoes a Jekyll Hyde metamorphosis when he takes a drink ot 1 lget Lily. - . 4r5 p. m.- WILL Little Orchestra Society Concerts Saramae Endich and Beatrice Krebs, soloists. - Backstage Wife Stella Dallas Widder Brown Woman in My House News Earl Nightingale 4 fM Guiding Light The Showcase, Just Plain Bill News; Simon 'i!001 BrT1Nony ,. c o. ' Ttont PS TmS toie Simon M Bar None Ranch Tim Seaney Show Lorenzo Jones " rttUnde Remus The Doctor's Wife ":"-' Cal Tinner M Charles Antell Paul Harvey 31 Beulah Kamey Hits with Hubbard 5 PM Scores; Crosby Jim Seaney Show , News :IS Crosby; Your Policy, ' Wed Howard :M News: Record Album Snorts: New " , 45 Lowell Thomas. final News News 4 -Bobby Benson Wild BUI Hickok Hickok; News News; Hubbard Hits Hits with Hubbard News; Hubbard Hits Onenins Scene fTnrtiDehia in Tauris) Cluck Two Psalms and Interlude tor Soprano and Orchestra . Bloch 5-5:30 p. m. WBBM Quiz Kid: Master quizzer Joe Kelly and the panel of knowing youngsters will be presented ,at a new, earlier hour. 5:30-6 p.m. WMAQ Pre-Corona don Series -"Who Is Queen Eliza beth?" 6-6:30 p. m. WMAQ Youth Wants to Know Leonard Hall, chairman, Republican National Committee, an swers the unrehearsed questions of 40 -teen-age students. .' ' 7-7:30. p. m. WSOY Bercen-Mc Carthy Show Gordon MacRae and Charlie perform their own souped- up version of '.'Casey at the Bat" with a specially prepared musical score by Ray Noble. GAL. 2 SUNDAY RADIO 7:30-8:30 p.m. WMAQ Theater Guild on the Air Wendell Corey and Martha .Scott in Booth Tarking-ton's short story of a man who has the pleasurable predicament of hav ing to choose between two beautiful women, Kate rennigate.. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Hallmark Play house True story of Reverend Hannibal Goodwin, of Newark, NeW Jersey, whose , invention of celluloid photographic film and the process for producing it opened new horizons tor the photographic art. 9:30-10 p. m. WMAQ Meet the Press Secretary of the Treasury George M. Humphrey is interviewed by Richard Wilson, Cowles Publi cation, Mae Craig, Portland (Me.) Press-Herald, and Frank O Brien, Associated Press. 9:30-10 p. m. WGN Enchanted Hour Kuth slater, mezzo-soprano; Walter Steindel, conductor. Intermezzo Mascseni . . Selection - Brahms . ' Scherzo ' .. . Dvorak Song ' '''-t- Shaw . Light Opera Selection Herbert Danse Bohemienne Bizet 10:15-10:30 p.m. WMAQ UN Storjr "A Man and Wings," the story of Albert Roper, who devoted most of his life to making aviation sate ror everyone. 10:30-11 p.m. WSOY Europe Story Hugues Le Gallais, Minister to the U. S. from Luxembourg, is interviewed on questions ot international and domestic importance. Monday, May 25 8-8:45 a. m. WILL Illini Time-Classical recordings. Concerto in C fin the stvle of Vivaldi) Kreisler Excerpts (Romeo snd Juliet) Berlioz Capnccio Brilliant for Piano and Orchestra Mendelssohn 1-1:15 p. m. WSOY From the Bookshelf 'The "Trouble 'Maker" by Benjamin Lpstein and Arnold rors ter, an appeal to thoughtful citizens to help stem the evils ot witch hunt ing, is reviewed by Muriel Perry, head librarian, Decatur public- library. 1:30-2 p. m. WILL Folksongs and Footnotes "A Review of Favorite Folksongs of the English Speaking World. 5-6 p. m. WILL Music of the Mas ters Recorded classics. Symphony in E flat maior (Drum Roll) - Haydn Harp Concerto in B flat maior Handel Song of Destiny Brahms 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOY-FM You and the Coronation First of a series of seven previews of the went featuring Wells Church, Howard smith, Paul . Niven, . Edward R Murrow, Robert Trout, Ned Calm er, Richard Hottelet, Alexander Ken drick and David Schoenbrun. t-r.ivj p. m. vv au I . suspense Singer Dick Haymes cets stuck in an elevator, overhears a murder, and then is discovered by the killers who decide they'd better dispose of him, too, in Pigeon m the Cage. 7-7:30 r. m. WMAO Railroad Hour Gordon MacRae and soprano Dor-otht Warenskjo'ld in Harry Tier- neys, Irene. Art of OeneaJogy Irene Alice Blue Gown . "- Castle of Dreams Worthy of You Last Part of Every Night 7:30-8 p. m. WMAQ Voice of Fire stone tleanor Steber, soprano of Metropolitan Opera; Howard Bar low, conductor. Paree - ' i ' PadiHa So in Love (Kiss Me Kate) Porter . Recessional DeKoven . hm t Dream (Lohengrin) - Wagner Stardust Carrnichael Jig and Finale (Henry VTU Suite) Saint-Saens v My hero (Chocolate Soldier) Strauss 7:30-8 p. m. VVGN Hall of Fantasy "The Twisting Weeds of Death." 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Telephone Hour Lucile Cummings, contralto; Donald Voorhees, director. xntrodoctioa and Lilac Fairy (Sleeping Beamy) - , Tscbaikowslry Air de Lia (Prodigal Son) Debussy Cavatina - Raff Uddle and I . Good ere Danse Bohemienne (Tolie FHle de Perth) . " Bizet The Lord's Prayex Malotte 8-9 p.m. WSOY Lux Theater- Jean Peters and Jeffrey Hunter m "Lure of the Wilderness," in which a young girl and her father, unjustly accused ot homicide, seek rehige in a Ueorgia swamp and find a sympathetic friend. 8:30-9 p.m. WMAQ Band of America Paul Lavalle directs the band and the Green and White quartet.. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty Sousa Columbian Fantasy Rogers American Heritage March Lavalle America, the Beautiful Ward The Trumpeter Dix United States Overture Lavalle Washington Grays March Crafulla 9-9:30 p.m. WMAQ Northerners June Browne, soprano;. the octet and the ensemble in a program of Komberg tavontes. Zing Zing The Riff Song (Desert Song) Romance (Drsert Song) ' Deep in My Heart ( Desert Song) Drinking Song (Student Prince) Stouthearted Men (New Moon) 9 Lover Come Back to Me (New Moon) Song of Love (Blossom Time) 9:55-10 p. m. WSOY Sen. Paul H Douglas and his wife, former Illi nois Congresswomari, ; Emily Taft Douglas. 1 r 11:15-11:45 p. m. WMAQ Faces in the Window "Pickman's Model" by H. P. Lovecraft. 11:45 p. nj.-l:30 a. m. WMAQ Promenade Concert George Stone plays classical discs. . Anacreon Overture Cherubim Concert Piece for Han and - Orchestra Ssint-Ssens Doric String Quartet Retpighi Adagio for Strings Barber Slavonic Man Janacek Tuesday, May 26 11:30-11:45 a. m. WILL This Great Wide World "Celia Fiennes Side-saddle English Tourist." 4-5 p.m. WILL Humanities Lecture Part 6 of "Christopher Mar lowe and the English Drama of the Renaissance" Professor Harry Levin, V V . jtiarvard. 5:15-5:30 p.m. WSOY-FM You and the Coronation Second of a series of seven previews of the event, featuring such voices as those of Robert Xrout, Edward R. ftjurrow, Wells Church, . and Howard K. Smith. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Mr. and Mrs. North Impressed bv Pam and Jerry's leniency when he is caught in a purse-snatchinz attempt, an ad olescent "Pocket Edition Pickpock- acxKs uinr aia wncn involved in a payroll robbery. .., , , , 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar When Johnny, fab ulous insurance investigator with the action-packed expense account, in vestigates "The Costain Matter", his main hope is a ted head with green eyes. 8-8:30 p. m. WMAQ Martin and Lewis Bedtime stories with cops- and-robbers themes will be enacted by Dean and Jerry when they host screen star Debbie Reynolds. 8-8:45 p.m. WENR America's Town Meeting "What Is the Fu ture of Japanese-American Rela tions?" Kenneth Young, Northeast Asian Affairs of State Department, Frank Gigney, former chief, Tokyo Bureau, Time magazir' Harold La- vine, associate editor, Newsweek magazine. ' , 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Fibber Mc-Gee and Molly Fibber gets into a fight with a neighbor over a garden hose and seeks revenge. 9:15-9:30 p.m. WSOY Choral Symphony Dr. Frank Black, conductor; Floyd Sherman, tenter solo ist. . We Kiss in the Shsdow Rodgers Summertime (Porgy and Bess) Gershwin . Bells of St. Mary's Adams 9:55-10 n.m. WSOY Thi, T Be- v 1 . : , neve Laura eucnan, writer, educa tion specialist. luesdav: Killv Frt a ' J ' J stine. soDular sincer. Wednesdav: Brig. J. W. F-lTreadwell, vice pres- 1- T- l'l rt I. vt - iaenr, cngiisn - apeaKing union, Thursday: Henrv Beetle Houph. co- editor, Vineyard Gazette, Edgar- town, Aiass., r-nday. V Wednesday, May 27 10-10:30 a. m. WILL Library Pre sents What the Coronation Means to the British People Today Mrs. . Jack Powles, clerk, Under graduate Library, U of I. 1:15-1:30 p. m. WSOY Listen, Ladies "To Teach or , Not to Teach.". Miss Virginia Schoby, Miss LooAnn Moeller, Miss Barbara Hill 4-4:30 p. m. WILL Studio Theater Mhe Vicar or Waketield Part 3 by Oliver Goldsmith. 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM You and the Coronation People directly involved in the pageantry are beard, including ' bell founders, the man ager of a dress suit rental company, the chief of the beefeaters at the Tower of London and members of the Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace.; 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY FBI in Peace and War 'The Old Sourdough," an elderly miner weary of unsuccessful gold prospecting in the Canadian mountains, sells bars of phony .ssr- PI Twit Michael Redgrave portrays Horatio Hornblower at 8 p. m. Thursday on. WENR. precious metal to nearby resort visitors. 7:30-8 p. m. WSOY Dr. Christian Jeam Hersholt in a presentation of the $2,000 prize-winning play. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Broadway Play house John Lund in "Salty O'Rourke." . 8:30-9 p. m. WMAQ Big Story- Story or the work of John McGuire, reporter . for Valley Times,. North Hollywood, Caul., whoie new lead in a baffing murder case led to so lution of a crime. Thursday, May 28 8-8:55 a. m. WILL Illini Time- Recorded classics. Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone Vellones Music for String Instruments, Percussion and Celesta Bart ok La Creation du Monde Milhaud 1:45-2 p. m. WILL Musician Com ments "How Old Musical Instruments Sound" Marion McArtor. 3-3:30 p.m. WILL Drama of Po etry "Reynard the Fox" by John Maseheld. 5-6 p. m. HILL Music of the Mas tersClassical recordings. Suite Corelli-Kindler Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme - Suite R. Strauss Burlesca for Piano and Orchestra . R. Strauss 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM You and the Coronation A biography of Queen Elizabeth II will be given by Paul Niven. 7-7:30 p. m. WSOY Meet Millie- Mama tries to launch Millie on the sea of matrimony, literally, starring Elena Verdugo and Bea Benaderet. 7:30-8 p.m. W'SOY Cathy and Elliott Lewis Onstage "The Hang ing at Four Oaks," an adventure-drama of the Old West, will co-star radio's distinguished acting- couple as a dance hall singer and an outlaw killer. 8-8:30 p. m. WSOY Time for Love The life of Diane La Volta, played by Marlene Dietrich, is saved by a gaunt old. Scotsman, in "Affair in Scotland." 8-8:30 p.m. WENR Plavhou "Horatio Hornblower," a' historical novel of swashbuckling life on the Seven Seas by C. S. Forester, with Michael Redgrave. 9-9:30 p. mi WSOY The American Way Horace Heidt's traveling concert show originates in Helena, Mont. 9-9:30 p. m. WMAQ Judy Canova Show Judy's star boarder, Mr. Hemingway, renews his attempts to sell her a scenario for the movie she wants as a starring vehicle. Friday, May 29 2-3 p. m. WILL Contemporary French Music "Florent Schmitt.'' 4:15-4:30 p.m. WILL World in Books "It Takes Time" by Marie Rasey is reviewed. 5:15-5:30 p. m. WSOY-FM You and the Coronation Preparations tor a Coronation Day ox roast in a typical village is described. 7:30-8:30 p. m.'WMAO Best Plavs C-. ,U: I r..J....vl . I the eccentric physician who launches a sideline career as a thief in order to use himself as a guinea pig in testing reactions of a robber at various stages in his crimes, in "The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse. 10:30-1 1:30 p. m. WSOY Class of '53 A searching study of the minds, morale and morals of our teen-age generation, told in their own unrehearsed and .uninhibited words and aimed at answering the question Js this a lost generation? narrated bv U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas. Saturday, May 30 10:05-10:30 a. m. WSOY Grand Central Station Parker Fennelly, Dorothy Sands and Vaughn Taylor in "No Marble Monument," poig nant story which has a special mean ing for all who want to keep green the memory of someone dear, 11-11:30 a. m. WSOY Theater of Today "You , Live Again,' Memorial Day story, with Joan (Jopeland and Ed Jerome. 11:30 a. m.-noon WSOY Stars over (Hollywood Debbie Reynolds al- This Week in Decatur May 24-30 f (DavliftBt String Tine It listed for all events) TODAY Millikin bevccaalatireatte semces, 10:45 a. m., Wcstnuostcx Ptabytenui Church. C round brrakin r cere iBon y for Millikin science building, 2:30 p. bb., north-of School of Music Baseball, Danville at Decatur, 2:30 p. m.. Fans Field. Millikin School of Music concert, '1 p. m., Albert Taylor Hall. Decatur Hich School baccalaureate services, 7:30 p. m., Kinraer Gvre. Band concert. 8 p. so., lantern parade and sing, 9 p. m., Millikin campus. MONDAY Millikin commencement, 9: IS a. a-, Athletic Field. TUESDAY Sewer Bond referendum, poCs open e a. m. to S p. m. Church Council Tecoenition services for religious education pupils, 7:30 p. m.. First Methodist Church. WEDNESDAY Decatur Adequate Wiring Bureau kick-off dinner-meeting, 6:30 p. an Hotel Orlando. THURSDAY Open showing of cancer film to women. 9:30 a. m. to 2:30 p. m every half-hour. YMCA. Antique Show, 6 p. m., Hotel Orlando. Annual Red Cross dinner-meeting, A:30 p. ra., Peter J. Murphy, speaker YMCA. St. Teresa alumni banquet, 6:30 p. m., St. Thomas Church. FRIDAY Decatur High School commencement, 10 a. m.. Kintner Gym. . Antique Show, 11 a. m Hotel Orlando. SATURDAY Antique Show, 11 a. m.. Hotel Orlando. Memorial Day services. 3:30 p. m-. County Judee Gus Gresniss, speaker, Graceland Cemetery. most has "The Engagement" broken when her fiance passes counterfeit monev. 12:30-1 p. m. WSOY Gtr HosdI- ul "The Black Eye" with Santos Ortega. 12:30-1 p. m. WSOY Gty Hospital Tracy Gilliam, Pyramid Pictures movie idol, is cured completely of more than one kind of ailment, as he becomes a true-to-life hero in The Black Eye." 2-4:30 p. m. WILL Great Operas Gian-Carlo Menotti's 'The Consul" is presented in recordings. . 4:45-5 p.m. WDZ Illini Time-i U of I Concert Band, Mark Hinds-ley, director; William Gilbert, director of Student Counseling Bureau, speaker. Hail to the Orange CH:M nu . American Dances) Bennett p ' Schottische (Suite of Old American Dances) Bennett Western One-Step ( Suite of Old American Dances) Bennett 5:30-6:30 p. m. WMAQ Toscanini Record Premieres Arturo Toscanini conducts the NBC Symphony in a special program of as yet un released RCA Victor recordsi Septet in E flat Beethoven "Carmen" Suite No. 1 Bizet Finlandie Sibelius Television for the Week Information en these programs is furnished by the stations and is subject to change. All times ere "p. a-" unless otherwise shown. All times are daylight saving. KSD-TV, Channel 5 St. Louis SUNDAY, MAY 24 t-.OO Red Skelton :30 Mister Peepers 7:00 Comedy Hour 8:00 Television Playhouse 9:00 The Doctor 9:30 Little Symphony 10:00 Playhouse of Stars 10:30 My Little Margie 11:00 Foreign Intrigue 11:30 What's M Line! 12:00 Our Miss Brooks a 12:30 a. m. Film. MONDAY, MAY 21 . I:2 Cards Vt. Cubs- 6:00 Populsr Science 6: IS Dottve Bennett Show 6:30 Carl Mclntire Presents 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Paul Winchell 7.-30 Howard Barlow's Orchestra 8:00 Mama 9:00 Robert Montgomery Theater 9:30 Who Said That 10:00 Studio One 11:15 Chance of a Lifetime 11:45 Red Button 12:15 Film TUESDAY, MAY 2 6:00--Tane Froman ' 6:15 Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Milton Berle 8:00 Fireside Theater 8:30 Circle Theater 9:00 Two for the Money 9:30 Favorite Story 10:00 Toast of Town 11:00 Ken Murray 11:15 Alan Young Show 11:30 The Web 12:00 Victory at Sea film WEDNESDAY MAY 27 6:00 Armchair Adventure 6:15 Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan. 7:001 Married Joan 7:30 Dragnet 8:00 Television Theater 9:00 Boxing 9:45 Sports 10:00 Douglas Fairbanks 10:30 Arthur Godfrey 1 1:1 J TV Theater THURSDAY, MAY 28 6:00 Mindy Carson 6:15 Dottye Bennett Show 6:30 Dinah Shore '. 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Groucho Mars 7:301 Love Lucy 8:00 Orzie and Harriett 8:30 Theater 9.-00 Martin Kane 9:30 March of Time 10:00 Boston Bleckie - ' 10:30 Arthur Godfrey Show 11:00 Dsnger 1 1:30 T-Men in Action 12 m. Film 12:30 a. m. News FRIDAY, MAY 29 6:00 Sports Extra -6:15 Greatest Fights 6:30 Eddie Fisher ' 6:45 News Canvas 7:00 Dennis Day . 7:30 Life of Riles-8:00 Burns and Allen 8:30 AWrich Family -9. -OO Boring 9:45 China Smith 10: 1 5 The Big Playback 10:30 Bis Town 11:00 News 11:45 Eleven 45 Theater 12:15 Film. SATURDAY, MAT 30 6:00 Stranger Than Fiction , 6:15 Parade of Magic 6:30 Ethel end Albeit 7:00 My Hero 7:30 Amateur Hour 8r00 Your Show of Show 9:30 Wrestlins 11:00 Suspense 1 1:30 Arthur Godfrey Talent Scout. 14:00 Uuick as a Clasn WHBF, Channel 4 Rock Island, III. SUNDAY, MAY 24 7:00 Fred Waring 7:30 Alan Young 8:00 The Web 8:30 What's My Line 9:00 Chance of a Lifetime 9:30 Mystery Theatre -10:00 Baseball Scoreboard 10:10 Sanatone Hour 11:30 Sign Off MONDAY, MAY 21 6:00 Burns ft Allen 6:30 Godfrey Talent Scents 7:00 Buddies of the Airplanes 7:30 Red Buttons Show 8:00 Studio One 9:00 Mr. and Mrs. North 9:30 Westher Show 9:35 News 9 : 4 5 Chron oscope 10:00 Baseball Scoreboard TUESDAY, MAY 26 6:00 Your Big Moment 6:30 The Big Issue 7:00 Crime Syndicated 7:30 It's News To Me 8:00 Danger 8:30 The Names the Sara 9.-00 Amos 'n Andy . 9:30 Weather 9:35 News 9:45 Jane Froman 10:00 Baseball Scoreboard WEDNESDAY, MAT 27 6:00 Arthur Godfrey 7:00 Boston Bleckie 7:30 Man Against Crime 8:00 Boxing 8:45 Sports Spot 9:00 Doug Fairbanks Jr. Presents 9:30 Weathet Show , 9:35 News 9:45 Etchings on Ivory 10:00 BssebaU Scoreboard 10:10 Speedway News THURSDAY, MAT 28 6:00 Life With Luirf 6:30 Orzie and Harriet 7r00 Video Theatre 7:30 Big Town 8:00 My Little Margie 8:30 I've Got a Secret 9:00 Favorite Stories - 9:30 Weather Show 9:35 News 9:45 Jane Froman 10:00 Baseball Scoreboard FRIDAY, MAY 29 6:00 Johns Hopkins Review 6:30 My Friend Irma 7:00 Playhouse of Stan 7:30 Superman 1 8:00 Twenty Quern' oris . 8:30 Down Ton Go ' 9:00 Rocky King 9:30 Weather Show 9:35 News 9:45 Etchings on Ivory 10.00 Baseball Scoreboard SATURDAY, MAT 10 6:00 Jackie Gleasoa 7.-00 Strike It Rich . 7:304 Love Lucy 8 rOO Trouble With Father 8:30 Wrestling 9:00 Sports Showcase 9:15 Wrestling 10:00 Film 10:30 Baseball Scoreboard WFBM-TV, Channel 6 Indianapolis SUNDAY, MAT 24 ' SrOO Mystery Theater 6:30 Private Seueiaiy . 7:00 Toast of the Tows 8:00 Fred Waring . 8:30 Alan Young 9.-K) The Web 9:30 Who Said That 1 0n0 News Review 10:15 Dilemma 10:0 What a My Liner 11:00 Comedy Hour MONDAY, MAT 25 6:00 Weatherboard 6:05 Johnny Wins Trie 6:25 Sports Brief 6:30 Sports 6:45 Telenews 7:00 Bums and ATiem 7:30 Talent Scouts 8:001 Love Lacy 8:30 Dangerous Assignment 9:00 Studio One 10:00 Weathet Mass 10:1 0 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 TV Mailbeg . 1 0:45 Music in The Night 10:55 Sports 11:00 Twenty Question 11:30 Rogers Hour 12:30 Night Owl Theater TUESDAY, MAT 2( . 6:00 Weather 6:05 Jane Cramer Sing 6:25 Easy Gardening 6:30 Perry Cosao 6:45 Telenews 7:00 To Be Announced 7:30 Orzie and Harriett 8:00 The Rugglea 8:30 Suspense 9:00 Danger 9:30 Handy Andy 10:00 Weather Man 1 0: 1 0 Miniatures 10:15 Charles LaughrnB 10:30 Music in the Night 11:00 Red Top Theater 11:30 My Little Margj 12:00 March of Time 12:30 Night Owl Theater . WEDNESDAT. MAT 2T 6:00 Weather 6:05 Johnny Winn Trfc 6:25 Dee Sweet 6:30 Sports 6:45 Telenews 7:00 Arthur Godfrey ' 1 8:00 Test the Press 8:20 Tunc of the Day 8:25 Sports Brief 8:30 Man Against files 9:00 Boring 9:45 Sportsway 1 0 :00 Weathermass 10:10 Miniatures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Outdoor Life 10:35 Musie in the Night 10:45 Yesterday's Nrwsraal 1 1 !"Rojpcii timt , 12:00 Night Owl Theater THURSDAY, MAT U . 6:00 Weather 6:05 Songs by Gloria 6:25 Easy Gardening 6:30 Perry Cosao 6:45 Telenews 7:00 Safety riugians 7:30 Amos 'n Andy 8:00 Liberaee 8:30 Big Town 9.-00 Boston Blacks 9:30 Washington Spotlight 9:45 Armchair Adventure 10:00 Weatherman . 1 0: 1 0 Mi matures 10:15 Gilbert Forbes 10:30 Sports 10:45 Music fa the Night llrOO The Eleventh Hoe 1200 Down Yes Go 12:30 Night Owl Theater FRIDAY, MAT 39 6:00 Weather 6r05 Johnny Wins Tris 6:25 TV New - 6:30 Sports :45 Telrnew 7.-0099 HamorrJe 7:15 Kenrry Jesses 7:30 My Friend Irre -; i;00 Playhouse of Stan 8:30 Our Mis Brooks 9:00 Douglas Fairbanks, r. 9:30 Million Dollar Fleyawawa 1 0 .-00 Weatherman 10:10 Mmiarares 10:15 Gilbert Forbs 10:30 Greatest Fights 10:45 Music in the Nlsht 10:55 Sports Final 1 1 KK) Mystery Hoar 12:30 Spartan Theesst SATURDAT, MAT If rOO Groucho Merc 6:30 Best the Clock 7.-00-rJsckie Gleasosi 8r00Fsvonte Story 8:30 Ford Theater , 9:00 Wrestbng . 10:00 Amateur Fiehrs ' 10:30 Life Begins at 80 tlruo lied li 12:301 -Bed lop Tsea Bargain Theater

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