Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN <S<mjrta Do Your Glasses <p Fit Your Face • We have glasses to fit every type of face . . . glasses that bring out your best points, as well as provide better vision. Let us help you. A. W. AMUNSON Optometrist. First door south of Call Theater entrance. SCHOOL HERE FOR COOKING OPENS FEB. 5 (Continued from page 1.) Baptist Church CHICKEN SUPPER Saturday, February 3 3IEMJ Baked Chicken Dressing Mashed Potatoes Baked Bean Salad Pickles Ice Cream and Cake, newlywed style Coffee Admission, 35c; children, 25c See this Frigidaire at the Advance Cooking School FUST ONE FEATURE OF THE NEW ALL- PORCELAIN FRIGIDAIRE No sticking ice trays if your refrigerator is a Frigidaire. These trays release automatically at the touch of a finger. ^And the Super Series Frigid- aires are lifetime porcelain inside and out. Interiors are electrically lighted. There's »/< more food space in the same sized cabinet. Defrosting is automatic. Shelves are adjustable to any height. There are double Hy dorators and a cold storage compartment. The new All-iPorcelain Frigid- airw are the finest ever built. You'll agree when you see them. Why not come la—today? FBIGI1IE A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE • Easy Terms Bjustrom's Algona Phone 520 well posted on old favorite recipes ot our grandmothers as on the newest things in cookery. Many little quirks in cooking learned through her years of sdhool experience will be given to the women by Miss Looney. It is no easy task to stand up before 300 to 2,000 women, many of whom are themselves expert cooks, and prepare food. Miss ILooney must be right every time, or she will be caught up promptly by someone in the audience, would be embarrassing. which Miss Looney ihas therefore studied cooking intensively. She has attended other schools when not at work herself, and she keeps posted continually on the newest things. She knows she has to be good to put over Iher line, and she is good. Lessons Will be Practical. All women who attended the school a year ago were greatly pleased with Miss Looney, and will be more pleased than ever this year, for she will offer an entire new set of recipes not expensive or difficult to prepare, Just common sense cooking recipes that can be and will be used by everyone who attends. Kossuth county women will get the benefit of a great deal of good, practical cooking experience whidh Miss Looney has learned in her years of cooking school experience This will be given in the hour am a half of the school proper, and in the next half (hour she will answer questions. There may be some she cannot answer, -but that contingency is rare. If she cannot answer correctly, she will say so. Grocers Cooperating. _ Besides local firms cooperating m the school will be Armour & Co K. C. Baking powder, Salada tea, Tone -Bros, coffee and spices, Morton's salt, the Genera! Electric Co the Monarch Electric Stove Co tlhe Skelly Skelgas Co. Novel Hirthday Party at Congregational Church— A novel birthday party, planned for an annual event, was given by the Woman's Association of the Congregational church Tuesday evening, with Mrs. W. B. Laird's and Mrs. E. ;R. Morrison's divisions I in charge. The guests were seated at 12 tables, one for each month of the year. Each table was presided over by a diostess who had decorated the table to .suggest the month represented, typical decorations being orchestra and.string trio; Educa tion for Americanism, Supt. Otto B. Laing; reading, Alice iRist; selections by double trio. Mrs. Harold Bockes's division will serve. Cong'I Women Meat Tomorrow— The Woman's Association o£ the 'Congregational church meets tomorrow, afternoon at 2:30 instead of today, and Mrs. J. W. Little's division will serve a 25c luncheon. A play under direction of Mrs. O. D. Paxson, Packing the Missionary Barrel, will be given. This is op• vwu ..t, uut i,j £s*vt*i v*<_**vjj.uui.v,ii£j wcnifa u_mi luij will ut; g-tVUI1, i Ilia 13 C>p~ an "old swimming hole" for Aug- portune, for-at this meeting a mis- ust and a schoolhouse for Septem- sionary barrel to be sent to South ber. . Dakota will be packed, and mem- iBy coincidence the date fell upon bers are asked to bring donations. the birthday of President Roose-1 velt which was being celebrated j Farewell foil Mrs. South— throughout the country, so January j Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles entertain- was represented by a large paper; ed Monday night at a farewell par"blue eagle" stuffed with cotton, ty for Mrs. Gladys South, who which centered the table. Napkin, leaves for Cedar Rapids today, rings were of red paper held to-[Guests were employes at Chris- gether with NRA seals, and blue chilles & Heribst's. The evening candles completed the decorations. 1 was spent at bridge and anagrams There were 12 guests at each and Mrs. C. J. Scanlan won a cut table, and the ihostesses served prize. Other guests were Mrs. from the table. Each guest con-' Anna Frankl, Mrs. John Hardgrove' tnbuted a penny for each year of Madonna Quinn, Gladys (Rising, and age, the receipts totaling $76.01. ' Maureen McCullough. Table hostesses in the order of months were Mesdames W. D. Join* Birthdays Observed— Howie, S. B. French, F. E. Saun-| Diane Falkenliainer and Virginia L. G. Baker; travel prize by Mrs, F. E. Kent. Mrs. A. E. kresensky entertained her .bridge club Monday afternoon. Contract bridge was played at three tables, Mrs. H. M. Hauberg winning the high score. Mrs. M. J. Sttfeit anil Mrs. H. M. Smith were club guests. Mrs. F. E. (Sawyer entertained at dinner and bridge Monday night. Dinner was served at G:,30 to 12 guests seated at three small tables Hebron—'Sign-tip meeting row fof the north half di the township, and Saturday . fof ; the .south half, both at the Center schoolhouse. 'Springfield—Sigh up meeting next Monday for the east half, and Tuesday for the west half, both at the Dutton schoolhouse. Portland—JSign-up meeting for the north half next week Thursday, and for the south half next week Friday, both at the BUrt Legiffifi Swll^e^esT^S!!' iWaM Signs Next Monday. ritt, M. J. strait, and w. rp. Wench. I German—'Sign-up meetings next 'Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Scanlan and Wednesday for the northeast quar- •- and Mrs. K. ,R. (Hoffman, Ban- ;ter at the .No. 1 schoolhouse; next nft- in in«j-nJ» n j «i- £_.,„ x_i,i _j* WOftlf flllirarlav ff\v* fT\n Ttnvf.fitimaf JJr. and Mrs. K. ,R. Hoffman, Ban- ' ver al me .UNO. i scnoomouse; next croft, entertained at .four tables of weok Thursday for the northwest bridge at the Hoffman home Sun- quarter at the No. 3 schoolhouse; day evening. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. next week Friday for the southeast •Hemphill won the family prize, quarter at the No. 7 schoolhouse; and Mrs. Jos. Harig a travel prize. an(1 next week Saturday for the Mr. and Mrs. Hiram White and southwest quarter of the township Dr. and Mrs. H. L. McCor'kle enter- at the No. 9 schoolhouse. tained Mr. and Mrs. N, Victor Lowe' Lincoln—ISign-Up meeting tomor- and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Smith, row for the north, half of the town- Burt, at dinner and bridge last sl "P' nnd Saturday for the south week Tuesday night. i nalf » both at the Center school- The Alpha Delphians met last llouse - , • week Wednesday with Mrs. MeEn-! Wesley—Sign-up meetings by roe. Mrs. A. E. Michel and Mrs. D.' 'School districts: Monday for Nos. D. Paxson were in charge of the I" 2 ' Tuesday for Nos. 3-4; Wednes- nrneram. nnlhinh nrao nn TOM»nn n day for NOS. 5-4i'. next, wfifllr Tliiirn-' half j today at John lCain'« f«* the east half; : Lu Verne—di&ri-ttjj) iwsetlrijs today for the first 12 sections; tomorrow foiv Sees, 13 to 24 inclusive) Saturday for 'Sees. 25 to 36 Inclusive; all at the Lu Verne hall. 'f.rvington—sign-up meeting for •Sees, 13 to 24 today; tor .Sees. 25 to 36 .tomorrow j both at the No. 5 iscnoolhoUse, The first 12 townships were signed Up Tuesday. I Want Adt | WANTED—ABOUT 50 TONS HAY. —Chas. Patterson, Burt. 8pl9-20 EXPERIENCED JAlNITOR WANTS work.—Joseph Dubaski, 132 Putnam St. 10p20 FOR SALE—200 BUiFF 'LEGHORN pullets, good strain.—Mrs, Grace Watkins, jBurt. l2p20-21 FOR SALE OR TRADE FOR livestock—1930 model A Ford truck. —Call Advance. 13p20 program, was on Eugene MOTHER OF WESLEY WOMANJES AT 68 Mrs. _ Sylvester Braunger, Morgan, Minn., died Saturday, January 0, at 6:30 p. m. at the iLoretto hos- ita , New Ulm, Minn. Death was Mden and unexpected. It had been xpected that she would be taken ome last Monday, following her ecovery from an operation ormed two weeks previously Mrs. Braunger's maiden nttmc •as Agnes Anna Stanek, and she ™ bo ™ Januar y 11. 1866, at Neu- per- name — .,„*,, oanuaiy ij., ism;, at Neu- aus, Bohemia. 'She came to this ountry in April, 1886, and settled t Norfolk, Neb. An April 12, 1888 he was married. Eleven children ere born, and eight survive. Two aughters died in infancy, and a on. TTVant T ,i,'n.i c ... on, Frank J., died four ago. months The children are Mrs. Julius Wingert, Wesley; sister Mary Wini- Trort n««^ — T-.I-; __ . J TT IA ( Cross Plains, Wis • Mary Reginald, , . . , . . r a rgna tiers, Albert Granzow, D. iP. Smith, LOU Scanlan observed their fourth T. H. Chrischilles, H. R. Lewis (as- birthday anniversaries jointly yes- sisted by Edith 'Reed), V. V. Nau- terday afternoon at the home of the dam, Bert Deal, A. D. Richards, D. former's .parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Paxson, and J. W. Neville. (H. Falkenhainer, and the children The program follows: play, It were entertained at games and re- Sometimes Happens, Alice Rist and f reshmeats between 4 and 6. Ouests John Momyer; play, Mrs. M. J. were Joan Pletch, Ann Stillman, Poole and Leota Zeigler; ten min-:Rosanne Reding, Sue Hutchison ute talk by J. L. Bonar on Presi-' Arlene Bingaman, Joel Herbst dent Roosevelt; two organ num- Donald French, and Billy Becker. 0'iNeil's play, "Ah, Wilderness!" | day for Nos - 7-8; and next week Mesdames Carl Pieflson, N. Victor Fridav f° r No. 9 Lowe, and 'Raymond McCorkle en- " ' "' tertained 26 women at bridge last Thursday night. Prizes were won by Mesdames Marguerite Kenefick and J. M. Herbst and Inez Potter. (Mrs. Vincent Kleinpeter entertained at four tables of bridge last Thursday evening. Mrs. Albert East Plum Creek Today. Plum Creek—Sign-up meeting yesterday at H. J. Bode's for the bers by Mrs. Sylvia Cfunn. Family Reunion Here Honors Mrs. E. A T . Taylor- Girls GiTe Theater Party— Betty Kohlhaas entertained six their daughter n*rt mris w»r. ™ e , P> . J : K oWh&as a lome . The .guests Granzow won the high score; Mrs. H. L. Hoenk, Jow. The C. L. Blileys entertained their bridge club last Thursday night, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Barry winning the high scores, Mr. Bliley himself the travel prize. Kathleen Holtabauer entertained at five tables of bridge Tuesday evening. Mrs. Carl Pearson won, the higih score; iLoraine Tierney, 'Second; Meredith Lathrop, low. The Delphians meet next week Wednesday with Mrs. A. E. Michel and Mrs. D. p. Smith will have! charge of the lesson, which will be on George Inness, American artist. their dauhter firtrude wr« e " < o "«w me. uests 0 ' guests N.ayohomat o tzue , ***' B li ey lll€y ' . Algona Sunday. They were attending a family reunion in .honor of Mrs. Brown's motlher. This was the ' first time in eight years that all i Parties at Saunders E. Saunders and Mrs. Ed Johnson, son iRobert,' Curlew, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin. Butcher, sons Leland and Sylveser, Fairmont, Mrs. (Edgar Koch, Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Brown, I daughter, Emmetsburg, Mr. and I Mrs. Walter iRays, daughter Elea-' nor and son Walter Jr., Mason City, George 'Patterson, Rugby, N. D., Mr. and Mrs. Edward Taylor, laughter Mona Bell and son Ed Jr., Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Merril Web- ter, son Ridhard, Algona, and Mr. md Mrs. Charles Grier, (Blue Earth, Minnesota." Birthday of Twins Observed— Lucilel and Lyman, twin children if Mr. and Mrs. L. I. Way, observ- d their ninth birthday anniversary Tuesday afternoon by entertaining a group of children between 4 and " at games and refreshments. The wim ' arty access °ries W ere in keeping Sister vith ' St ' Val entine's day. As a feature of the party the group's pic- enter The twelve guests were seated a three small tables centered wit candles, and a two-course luncheo was served. The higib. scores wer Jackma - . Mrs. Minn.; Sis- .. .... — ture was taken. Guests .i.u^i,, M-loner, Morgan, Minn • Sis **• >y "-° maon. vruests were: ter Mary Ruth, Winsted, Minn • I ° onna Jean 'Phillips, Opal Cook, 'Mrs. William Zaske, More-an prances Fra ser, Arlene Baas, Bar- Mrs. William „«»„, Mft Minn.; Sylvester Braunger :^_ City .L sist «-.Mary Elaine! _,. , —. — —v-i.«^.n the funeral iheir father also survives. There are 22 grandchildren. T,r T ,? e funeral to °k Place last week T ed ," 6SC ! ay at st - Michael's church and interment was 1 Catholic cemetery made in the there. Academy Boys and Girls Victors in Games vs. Wesley The St. Cecelia boys' and girls- basketball teams won on the local floor Tuesday evening from Wesley. The girls wons 16-14, after a fast hecond half which opened 13-6 in Wesley's favor. The Algona ZMke, Morgan, bara Harvey,'Hefen'stewarTA^ Rooker, Doene Kohlwes, Nila Smith, Georgina Way, John Johnston, Ben Sorensen Jr., Craig [Frederick, Junior Sawyer, iFrederick Way, Wallace Adams, 'Robert Ancell, Irwia Forbes, Duane Wallu- kait, Arnold Boettcher, Malcolm Lund. One More Parish Party— The tihrd St. Cecelia parish party was held at the Academy Monday night, and bridge and 500 were Played at 40 tables. The high bridge prizes were won by Mrs. James Elbert and Webster: Gillespie; the 500 prizes won by Sylvia Haupert and (name not learned.) Lunch was followed by dancing. The last of the pre-CLenten parties will be held next Monday night at the Academy with the following committee in — and Mrs entertained four couple at supper and bridge (Sunday nigh Radio Sewing Party Given— Mrs. Leo Phillips and Mrs. M. T McGuire entertained the JLegio Auxiliary at a radio sewing part Friday afternoon. While the guest worked on a quilt for use in wel fare work, an educational program on legislative matters was hear from the Ames station. Party Celebrates Birthday- Mrs. Wm. Hawcott observed a birthday anniversary last Thursday by entertaining ten women at the Mrs. Agnes Tibbetts home at lunch eon, after which the group went tt the Hawcott home for 'bridge. Mrs W. P. French, Mrs. F. E. Kent, and Mrs. R. H. Miller won tilie prizes. Party Given at Hotel- Mrs. C. F. Frane, Mrs. George Elbert, and Bernadine Barnes en tertained at five tables of bridge at the Algona hotel Friday even ^ .. **j „ J.M, r i/i. i ne -f\lKOIi3L i, -m — ~~-******4i/t,t*o jin girls made ten points to the Wes £ -, r , ge: Messrs - an d Mesdames Leo ley girls' one in .the second half. *, p i es ' J \ M< Herb st, H. M. Smith, TMni Vk/\im> . • . M. Li. IviPMnnn-n "DViili-, m 11.1 _• . . The boys' game was fairly even throughout, with the Algonians only a point or two ahead most of the time and with Wesley tying them every few minutes. The half ended 7-6 in Algona's favor, and the final score was 17-15. Wade Hansen was the high point scorer for -St. Cecelia's, sinking four baskets and one free throw , . . , - c - McMahon, Philip Roethler, Charles Hoffman, and Hal Skilling. Joiat Legion-Auxiliary— There will be a Joint meeting of the Legion and the Auxiliary at the 'Legion hall at 8 p . m . tomorrow ™e ht - ^d a program planned by Mrs Merle Griggs will be followed by .lunch, cards, and dancing The , -™-.j -^j iv * V4MJ.*V/lJlg ( J^ HIT program follows: music, Legion , C3 — -.— _.uv*,* i.- A X^*C*Jf CTTill •ing. Mrs. Kay Setchell won th« high score, Mrs. N. V. Lowe second Mrs. F. E. Saunders, low, and Mrs Opal Morrison won a heart prize. Officers of C. E. Jfam«d— The (Presbyterian Christian En deavor met last Thursday night at Mrs. Dennis (Pratt's, and officers were elected: Evelyn Smith, president; Esther Pratt, vice president; Etta Bacon, treasurer; Georganna Geigel, secretary. Other Society. . % (Presbyterian Westminister Guild Circle will meet Saturday at 3 p. m. at the churcfa. The hostess will be Doris Jones, devotionals will be led .by iErmadine Hanson, tftie study of Chapter 5 of the study book will be conducted by Edna Carroll, and Louise Smith will tell about Sheldon Jackson, Mrs. W. H. Cummings entertained at luncheon and bridge last week Monday, and the guests were seated at two tables centered with flowers. The high score was won by Mrs. Wm. Hawcott; low by Mrs Miss Looney, Cooking School Demonstrator Will Use MANDALAY FLOUR Made by International Milling Co., of Minneapolis Three Free Deliveries every day Deliveries—Two in morning, one in afternoon. We feature Richleau and Baby Stuart Groceries in General Thos. Akre CORN-HOG HORSES FOR SALE AT THE OLD Cosgrove barn.—C. L. McVay, phone 791. , 12pl9-20 $77.60. boosters.-JSee Usors FOR oline stove, wifh. oven prke. May be seen at EXPERIENCED „„„ work in restaurant, store, or housework _ vaiice. JUST ONE "BUCK it be a $10.00 tire or a the 2nd tire costs you o Gamible Stores. FOR SALE—OOllN j? quarters, 6c and 8c 16F22, Alvin Weber, GETS THE OREAM—ViBGA Separ- FOR SALE-. Poland China brood SOW April farrowing.—Mike Hi K l miles n. w. Whittemo™ FOR SALE OR TRADE .Davidson motorcycle mod | and firewood, for a light car ' ford Pellymounter. Algnn'n IT 18 BABY CHICK TIME",, our prices. They will 1,0'J as any. All from Iowa accr? flocks. Also this year hwl pullets or males.—Hamilton H| ery, Bancroft. Ha (Continued from page 1.) township at the ILegiori hall, Swea City, and Monday for the south half at the same .place. Burt-^Sign-up meeting tomorrow at the Lone Rock Legion .hall for the west half of the township; Saturday at the Legion hall, Burt, for the east half of the township. Swea-Sign-up "meeting next ** " e east ialf - anf > Friday and Saturday Fresh Pork Chops, 2 Ibs. 23c Fresh Pork Roasts, 2 Ibs. 23c Baby Beef Roasts 12c Plate Soup Meat 7c Large No. 9 size Broiler, with heavy Copper, bottom ____, $2.69 Heavy galv. Wash Tubs _ Tn Tuesday for the west half, both at the Swea Community hall 'Eagle— Sign-up meetings next 'Monday and Tuesday at the No. 2 isohoolhouse. German Jfext Wednesday. Ledyard-^Siga-up meeting next •Monday at the Lakota Citizens Savings hank building for the southeast quarter of the township- next Tuesday at the Ledyard city hall for the southwest quarter- next Wednesday for the northeast th T ; A Dd ?*** Week Th "rsday bank f ° r the north - 83c, Calf Pails ;23c jTall Milk Pails 79c Clothes Baskets 69c Gray Dish Pans 29c Tin Bread Pans, 5 for __25c C. S. Johnson •^"•^^^•••^^••^M When Attending Cooking School 'V .A* Next Week VISIT THE A & P FOOD STORE Many of the items to be demonstrated at the Advance's Cooking School Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week will be specially priced each day of the school. It will pay you to take advantage of these and the •other food values offered by A. & p. Hello Everybody! Complete Stocks-] Intelligent Sales- menship at rthtRl KOHOMYRUUSi Now that conditions are definitely on the "up-grad this store forges ahead with renewed optimism. Bu ers are busy filling in depleted stocks and in even department there is enthusiasm for the new spriJ season so close at hand 1 For Home Dressmakers! your attention to new shipments of silk trimmings, and everything needed for yo early spring sewing. You'll find complete assc ments at Chrischilles & Herbsfs ° mplete • M8C thread or , rim r 8hade of bias tape-so difficult to match-try us, you'll ueually find] Butterick and Simplicity Patten Se Bu£±v "" es ° f P a Per patterns-the old re (25C 50c) and tne P^lar Slmj Values for this week-end 4 JTo. 2 cans lona Brand Corn : 29c lona Brand Peas : 21c I Flakes or Granules, 2 pkgs. Chipso : . 29c Del Maiz Nibletts, «e* 2 for (C*C Pillsbury's Best, $4 nf Flour, 49 lb. bag 1.95 Virginia Sweet, Pancake Plour, «% 4 3 1-2 lb. pkg. 21 C patterns-the old citv (25C £ 50c) and tne P^lar S toVe SmSr-S" the m °dern fashions right and an^n 1' We Ca , rry a 4 - 8ize stock of B^t and an even larger selection of the Simplicity. Special Prices on Special Loti Also a final Final Clean-Up of AU Winter Coats tO select Special lc Sale UPTON'S GBEEJf JAPAN TEA %-lb. pkg., I7c, add. pkg. lc Pkgs. ____ ,| ft-fc IOC Four Fur Coats at Closeout Prices garments--sl»es 87 11.95 and Sale of Remnants 6 H&YG fiTOUG OVftT AIII* a+svstW «« jt i« •* larp *• Vki our siocK carefully and pr6 V* Off the Regular Prfa NOW IS THE TIME^THIS crowds (There's a reason). look orer o«r (Jtealajr » t the Ady^ce Cooking i I «h*a5 a

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