Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 4
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA, IOWA EfiBRUARv SHOES Just received—a large shipment of "early spring" styles of ladies' pumps and ties— $2.45 to $5.00 Misses and children's sandals and ties— $1.00 to $3.00 Men's oxfords, a variety of styles— $2.45 to $9.00 Boys' and youth's oxfords— $1.00 to $3.50 Dependable Shoes—Dependable Service BROWNELL SHOE CO. DON'T FAIL TO LEARN .about the matchless uniform goodness of Armour's Fixed Fla- yor Star Bacon at the Advance Cooking School this week. TO ENJOY Armour's Fixed Flavor Star Bacon—by itself, or with eggs, griddle cakes or waffles in your own home. ARMOUR'S FIXED FLAVOR STAR BACON Your dealer has Armour's Fixed Flavor Star Bacon sliced in half-pound Cellophane rolls. Buy some today and see for yourself how good it is. The only bacon with Fixed Flavor. Armour and Company, Chicago. THE I -PURPOSE ... COAL CUE THE GENUINE CONSOLIDATION MILLERS CREEK Famous For Years-"The Dealer Knovr»" IN grates, furnaces, heaters, ranges, Grenadier uniformly gives more heat, greater comfort, and the highest satisfaction. Over 95% combustible matter, less than 3% ash. That means real economy. Your first load of Grenadier will quickly prove it is better. Thousands stick to Grenadier season after season. Follow them! You take no chances: every ton is GUARANTEED to satisfy. Order yours now. IN ALGONA: Anderson Grain & Goal Co, In Wesley: Kunz Grain Co. Fenton Has Typing Classes NiOHT SCHOOL FOR ADUTS IS CWS PROJECT Fenton, Jan. 30—An adult school Twenty Years Ago last week, and Alice Glaus, an unemployed Fenton teacher, was put in charge. Classwork began last week Tuesday afternoon. There are three classes, one from 4:30 till 5:30 p. m., one from 7:30 to 8:30 p. m., and one from 8:30 till 9:30. They are held for a one- hour period every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Typewriters were not available to take care of all the enrollment. At present 25 persons are taking instruction. If -sufficient interest is taken, other subjects may be taken up. The enrollment from 4:30 till 5:30 consists of Mrs. F. H. Bohn, Nettie Weisbrod, Lucille Weisbrod, Mrs. F. J. Weishrod, Mrs. F P. Newel, Florence Barton, Mathilda Kressin, and Alice Dreyer. Tilio class from 7:30 till 8:30 consists of Lucille Hantleman, Paul Eigler. Alma Kruger, Clara Gra- inenz, Dr. S. W .Meyer, Frank Dreyer, Lester Weisbrod, Walter Ohm, Lawrence Glaus, and Dr. E. W. Ruske. The 8:30 to 9:30 class consists of Editor J. A. Schwartz, Howard Ul- A story In a series on taxes car ried n. table showed taxes for botl 1913 and 1914. The taxes had in creased 27 per cent over 1913 n» result of a change In tax valutlon forced on the state executive coun for typing, operating under G. W. cil by a mandamus requiring actua S., was opened at the •schoolhouse valuations to be used. Before thai 1 ]niu1 bc(>rl assesse rt regardless o nnd equally, but tax levies had no been reduced In accordance will Increase made necessary by the mandamus action,, and as a. resul there was the 27 per cent increases The taxes collected in the county in 10il3 'totaled $404,148.81, but In 1!H 4 would be $S14, 730.-55, an Increase of $110,582.24. * * * * F. A. Bronson, then a furniture dealer here, hud gone to Spencei had been married to Mrs. Alllo C Hawn, a sister of Frank Clark, now of Garner, ono of the publishers of the Advance! * * # * L. Leffert, then of Supervisors Newel :ers, Mrs. Arthur Mueller, Beatrice Cramer, Howard (Reeder, Derwood Eigler, and Shelby Weisbrod. Bees Arc Held— Mrs. W. E. Stoeber was hostess .0 the Dorcas Sewing 'Circle last veek Wednesday. Mesdames Madge Hartley, Emmetsburg, C. F. Gib- >ons, Hawley, Minn., and 0. H. 3toeber, Armstrong, were out of town guests. The afternoon was spent at quilting. Last week Tuesday and Thursday the following- group helped quilt: Mesdames Emma Curry, Mike Weisbrod, John, 1 Bellinger, Chris Ruske, Herman Luedtke, Frances Laken, H. Shuett, H. C. 'Lindsey, F. H. Eigler, J. F. Newel, Charles Weisbrod, F. J. Weisbrod, and iRay Stoeber. Schwartzes HosOs at Bridge— H. S. Gets History of Iowa- Through the generosity of the C. B. Paine, E Bancroft, and Fenton, Heise, Algona, and Oesterreicher, TUonka, had attended a shout course on roads. * * * * The Des Molncs Register had car ried a story that the tango dance had been forbidden at Fenton dances. Sylvia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Del-inert, 'had been married to F. B. Yates, farmer near Algona, Tho wedding gifts included two checks for $500, one from the Deh- nerts, .the ottier from Hugh Herman, relative of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Yates now live in Illinois. * * * * Revival meetings were being held at (the Methodist church and were well attended .The Rev. George Egglston, then pastor at Burt, now of Britt, was assisting. * « * * A 4-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bmil AViese, Plum Creek, had been kicked in the head by a colt, and It was thought that he had lost a spoonfull of brains, but his mental powers had not been hurt, and he was recovering rapidly. * * * * An Algona debating- team had won from Cherokee, and the iliigh school basket ball team had defeated Lu Verne, 30-15. T, P. Harrington was secretary. Receipts for tho 19(13 fair were 57000, and tho Indebtedness of the 'air had been greatly reduced. * * * * A new city well was being- dug, and already was 550 feet down. A roll went out of commission the •ear before; it was 840 feet deep. * * * * The Forest City Republican had nnounced a lawn social for January 1C, and all autolats were Invl- ed to come In their cars, so photo- raphs could be taken to advertise he mild,Iowa weather. Police pro- ection -was ito be provided for all vho wore straw (hats. * • * * The Algona creamery was moving nto its new building on east Stlalte street. »»* • The h'lg-h school had defeated the Clear Lake basket ball team -by a core of 44-3. state library commission and Uhe estate of the late B. F. Gue, once governor of Iowa, it has been made possible for school libraries in Iowa to receive a four volume set of the Gue History of Iowa by paying only the express charges. This is perhaps the most outstanding work written on Iowa history, and would cost several dollars if purchased. The Fenton school library has received a set this week, and it is expected to be of mudh use to classes studying Iowa history. Groceries at Meat Market— A. J. Krause has remodeled the interior of his meat market for a complete line of groceries. The partition between tihe office and front end of the store was removed, and the south half has been equipped with shelving. The interior was also decorated. Fred Gremmels Has Stroke— Mrs. Fred Kuecker, Julius Gremmels, and the latter's son Irvin returned last week Tuesday from Dubuque, where they had gone to see Fred Gremmels, who is in a serious condition following a paralytic itroke. Jtentzes Buy Restaurant— Walter Jentz and .Delbert Hanna have been hauling wood to Graettinger. The Jentzes lhave bought the C. W. Lauritzen lunch room there, and will move to Graettinger February 1. Other Fenton News Editor and Mrs. J. A. -Schwartz entertained .tlheir bridge club last Thursday evening. Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod won high prize, and Dr! E. W. Ruske and Mrs. Charles Newel received consolation prizes. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reimers were club guests. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham, Mr. -«••*—" "^ m= umun muugn icuerai and Mrs. W. R. Wolfe, and Mr. and £ ame reserve project. The project Mrs. _S. E. Straley attended a coun- , is n ?w in the hands of federal auth- ty joint Legion and Auxiliary meet- orities and awaits action which may ing at Burt last week Wednesday required an appropriation by con- ni f ht - gress. The tract as outlined would Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mueller en- include some 3500 acres, which is tertamed their 500 club Friday j 1500 acres short of the SCO-acre evening. Mrs. George Jentz won minimum tentatively set in original high score, and Arthur Jensen re- Department of the Interior plans ceived the consolation prize. I The success of the Union Slough G. R Krause and A. H. Krause ' plan further depends on landown- were Algona business visitors last. ers in the territory involved If an week Tuesday and Wednesday, and, attempt is made to get (high prices h-i ti asslsted in the store for the land the project will fail * * * * The Algona and Bancroft Swedish Lutheran churches had Increased the pay of their pastor, C. G. Lundell, by $100 a year. * » • • B. O. Aylesworth, state progressive party organizer, had called on H; C. Adams, Kossuth chairman. Only 200 had filed papers showing .change of affiliation to the new party. * * * * • No objections had been filed to city paving proects for 1914. The council therefore approved most of them. * * * * C. F. Sperbeck, of the Sweo. City Herald, had been married to Mrs. Lena Page, Pont Dodge. * * * * The Northwestern was still fighting resumption of two trains daily each way between Algona and Des Molnes. * * * * J. M. Moore, Union township farmer, had broken both arms at the wrist when a team started up suddenly as ho was loading hay on a wagon. * * * * A mild winter had given a hen spring fever, and she had hatched nine chicks January z at the Thos. Pretty farm, near Swea. City. * * » * L. N. Thorpe had bought the TJ. G. Arnfelt quarter-section a mile •south of the fairgrounds at $175 an Union Slough Game Refuge Must Await Government Action There has been no change in the status of the Union slough federal while they were away. Some estimates the value at Tni n i ------ 1 >~w...v Koumaica yui, me value at PvHn i Goeders and Geor e e Kleigl, 'approximately $10 an acre on the oynnder, were Fenton business vis- 'average, some would rate it much - ', u rae t muc i v T ?T sday - The f ormer j lo\ver, being practically valueless, his sister, Mrs. F. H. Bohn. while others would average as high .pot i QAt l vood ' manager of the as $5 for an acre. All of the land is oential States Electric company at classed as marginal Armstrong, was a Fenton business visitor last Thursday. E. C. Fauerby attended a two- day welding contest for Iowa blacksmiths at Ames last week Tuesday. The were Martin Jensens, Algona CWA Committee at Spencer is Ousted A sensation was created at Spencer last week _ Wednesday, when . . '-"* -*»-*fa<jjiaj '•"••* *t*.kjw wccn. YV cUIJcSUay \ .^±'^1 J a * ™* ?°r, ernor Herring ousted W. W Q ,I™ i. wee* uuveuiur wernng ousted W G Wednesday evening at Harry Wid- Heikens, chairman, and two oth?r W E qtwhPr »T»I v,- members of the Clay county erner- ,„;.„:, Sto ^ b ? r . and hls son (Ray gency relief committee in charge of Gerhard, and Mrs. S. W. Meyer were Algona visitors Saturday. The Harry Widdels were 6 oclock dinner guests at Harry Haase's Friday. The Hans Baagos were Fort wSesdar 85 **"" Iart ™* The R. L. Padgetts, Lone were at F. H. Bonn's Friday ing. The W. V. Yagers were Ringsted business visitors last week lues- _ supervisor was kept in a new set-up created by the gov- lernor. Lack of harmony between the committee, county officials, and others was said to be the cause of jflhe ouster. Two employes lost jobs, one being Heikens' daughter who was receiving Jig a wee k for answering the telephone calls and doing clerical work at his home. Attorney Here Was Beh Wartime Buddy „ Leg is Broken. Nedra Wolf, 8-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wolf five Sn n f'ft ^ f ° Ur »»« Sstrf No M! ° n A Ce at playin * at the rn°' 5Jplum Creek school last Thursday and broke one of her legs above the knee. She was broug ht to Algona, and the bent acre. Mr 1 . Thorpe had just sold a 120-ncre farm near Lu Verne. « * * * O, J. Stephenson had bcten eeobed assistant cashier of tho First National bank. He was then, district court clerk, and ho planned to work at the bank only Jn the afternoon till the end of his term. Ethel Strom had been hired as assistant at the clerk's office. * * * * °The city had Installed mufflers at the power plant to keep down engine noise. » * * « M. p. Haggard had sold his abstract business ito C. A. 'Momyer of Albla. Mr. Haggard and G. F. Peek, now of Portland, Ore., had bought the business 23 years before from T. B. Jones. Mr. Peek withdrew in 1909. * * * * E. A. Wolcott had been reelected president of the county fair and Children Grow Healthy With MILK Bones grow stronger, skin takes on a healthier glow, when a child drinks sufficient milk each day. See that your youngster gts a full quart a day. Our pasteurized milk is milk at its purest and best! Let us deliver to your door daily. Algona Co-Operative Creamery I She Has I Every I Afternoon lOif Automatic "turn on" and "turn off" are features on her new i Westinghouse i | Electric Stove i | have dinner ready when she returns The old Colonial Dutch oven had the secret of providing a special tenderness, a rich nourishing flavor and a delectable tastiness that has been recaptured for the Pde Attorney J. D. Lowe, of karrmg- "• & Lowe, was a wartime buddy ••"•leton Beh, Des Moines, who •leut. Gov. Kraschel was in_..— by a federal grand jury at Ottumwa Friday on charges of mis- £™ d A Ucfc , ln connection with the PWA administration in Iowa. When the war ended they were in the same company at Fort Monroe. p a . I almost ready to be sent to France. °"- tor &*/' /** /,'•,*<'" " ' -|%->/'^ •- v *<L/;ii ,'„';, *&'* :&t %'*&.*'*: *:•&&+. *-,\ V s -- > - • ' '- . In . '.' th , e e°od old days" before ± H alcal f h , eat . contlx)1 Grandma had a set-to with tears several times a week when her lovely tois, curts, or what-not, fcumed to a cnsp or were so doughy that Grandpa raised Ne^out it Sd^r J a slike *»? otter man and Grandma soon learned that the way to his heart (after the few weeks of married bliss he old lUily

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